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Maytag Does Not Cover There Products
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BENTON HURBOR, MICHIGAN -- I bought a Maytag double gas range in January 2013. The first thing I noticed was when I turn on the bottom oven, the top door glass steams up and gets wet. When I called them on this they said it was normal - I don't think it is. After 3 months I went to clean under the knobs and when I tried to pull them off, two of them cracked. Then in July I noticed the bottom door handle getting loose. By Sept. it was almost off so I called Maytag. They sent out a repair man. When he was unscrewing the screws the glass exploded - I couldn't believe it.

When you heat it you have to heat the next temperature up because the temperature is not right. I bought all the cleaning supplies they said would be safe to used to clean the stove and now the paint is coming off. When I called them I asked to have the stove replaced. I don't feel safe with it. They said they can't do that but I say "why not it your product". Its not costing them a thing to replace it. I guess they don't care enough about what their customers say.

Worst Service Imaginable. Avoid Maytag At All Expense. Life Expectancy Of Unit 5 Yrs.
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I cannot begin to explain my nightmares with Maytag. They have NO respect for people and do not care for repeat business. My double oven was in the house we purchased 3 yrs ago. It is 5 yrs old they informed me. We were told it was newly installed. I experienced trouble with the unit. Thanksgiving weekend it went out and there is Nobody to answer the phone on the 1-800 number they provide. I did reach someone later and asked for help determining the problem to order parts. We wondered if repairing it was worth our time and expense or if we should replace the unit. I was laughed at by the sales person on the other line.

They are unwilling in any way to offer suggestions on the repair of the unit. The only suggestion I received was to call a Maytag repairman to my house. The cost she stated would be $65 to come to our house and it would be more from there. I suggested it was the control panel as the electrical panel just went dead. The electrician stated the electric to the unit was intact. I did call the Maytag repairman to get the pieces. It was the control panel. The cost to repair was $500 plus. He stated he thought the Maytag company would help me. It seemed too early in the life of the appliance for it to go out. So..on his advise I called. What a mistake.

I called early Friday morning. They stated they would call the repairman and call me right back. I waited all day and did not receive a call back. I called them Monday afternoon. After many prompts, I did get customer service where I once again went through the entire issue. When I told them I had called because my salesperson had told me Maytag actually cares about their reputation and customers and he suggested they might send the parts if I cover the Labor.

The gentleman on the other end laughed at me stating Maytag would never do that and when I purchased the unit I should realize it might only last 5 yrs. Silly me. Seems a unit that costs $1,200-1,500 should last more than 5 yrs. The worst part in the entire deal was the tremendous disrespect I repeatedly received from the Maytag repair service. I would be fired in my profession if I treated people like I had been treated on the phone. I have nothing but respect for the repairman that came to my house... But unless you want to be treated like a dog... Don't call Maytag.

I did ask to talk to a supervisor or someone in management. Funny... they must get a lot of hostile customers because I was unable to. There is no place on the internet to contact the company and you are not allowed to talk to one on the phone. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was denied after a lengthy wait. The "customer service" people did get back on the phone and offer me a 15% discount on a new Maytag.

The replacement cost is $15,000 and they will not stand behind their product. We will have to rebuild our cabinets to replace the unit now. I think we need to look for a company with a better appreciation for their product and customer. My plan to date is to contact every customer service watchdog group and relay the service I received from Maytag.

Faulty Burners/Oven on Maytag Stove & Snotty Customer Reps.
By -

In November 1996 I purchased a Maytag gas stove from a local appliance store, paying nearly $600.00 for it. Within the first couple of months the two burners on the left-hand side would no longer light. The electric starter would click, but would not light the burners. I called Maytag. Since it was still under warranty they sent a repairman out. He looked at me as if I was crazy, and said that there was nothing wrong with it. No, it wouldn't light for him, but he claimed the hole was clogged. He opened up a paperclip, and shoved it in. Supposedly cleaning out the hole for the spark to be released. After he left, it lit twice for me.

The following day I called Maytag back. They said that it “must be something I'M doing wrong” that is causing it. I told them (sarcastically) that it was a shame that at my age I was too stupid to be able to turn on a knob correctly. He hung up on me. So I continued shoving a paper clip in the hole every time I had to light these two burners. This went on for several months. I had company one night. They all laughed hysterically when they saw how I had to light the burners. So I called Maytag for the third time. They sent another repairman out. I told him not to dare tell me to shove a paperclip in it.

So he adjusted the pipe where the spark is supposed to come out (and cleaned the hole out again with a paperclip). Once again it worked for a few days, maybe a week. However, when the repairman came out for the second time, after the third time I called, I was within a day or so of the warranty running out. By the time I called the forth time, about a week after the third call, the warranty had expired. The customer service representative said that if I wanted someone to come out to fix it now that it would cost $100.00 for him to just walk in the door- not including any parts it might need.

I told him that I had been having trouble with the stove since the day I bought it. He said that there was nothing he could (or would) do because the warranty had expired, and I could either pay for the service call or lump it. I chose the later. Since late in 1997 I have been cooking on the two burners on the right. If I'm desperate, and have to light the other two, I have to turn the starter on until it clicks, and then light it with a match. There is only one problem with this - I am on oxygen 24 hours a day. Every time I have to light it I'm expecting an explosion! Then in 2003 the oven went bad. It wouldn't heat up to the correct temperature.

I called in a local repairman because I knew there was no point calling the Maytag company. When he looked at it he said that it was a wonder that the house hadn't blown up. Whatever this thing was that was broken on it was leaking gas into the house. He fixed it, and the oven has worked until this past week. I had a batch of cookies in the other night. When I looked at them after eight minutes they were still raw. My eight minute cookies ended up taking 23 minutes to bake! I put a thermometer in the oven. It was off by 75 degrees. The following day I called Maytag again. I got nowhere with them.

The customer service representative said, “What do you expect from a 10 year old stove?” He didn't take into consideration that it didn't even work correctly for 10 weeks after purchasing it. Their service call is up to $128.00 now. I'm opting for setting the stove out for the garbage truck, and I'm going out this weekend to buy a General Electric one. Take my advise - if you want a good stove, DON'T purchase a Maytag one! You not only throw your money away on a piece of crap, you also get more grief than you deserve from their company if you call them.

Built to Fail
By -

I purchased two of the above Maytag wall ovens a little over five years ago. They are not used daily and are only used together on holidays. Recently within DAYS of each other the control panels on both of them failed. They CANNOT be repaired and replacement parts cost $350 EACH!

These parts were clearly designed to fail so that Maytag could collect additional revenues by selling replacement parts and refusing to provide a repair mechanism. I will never buy another Maytag product nor any oven with a touch pad control for that matter. Interestingly the only ovens built with easy to repair knobs are European.

Maytag Products Are Junk! Beware!
By -

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY -- Re: Maytag double gas oven costing $1600+. What a hunk of junk!! I was totally ripped off circa 2 yrs ago. Paint flaked off all over range top. Both door handles broke off at 1 end (repair cost = $200+ each time). Oven windows immediately became so clouded by grease/smoke you could no longer see through. Self-cleaning mechanism was wholly ineffective despite repeated attempts. Top oven soon after purchase ceased to function at all, as did 2 of 4 burners. Gas connection leaked & had to be serviced.

In all, to repair this piece of garbage over & over & over again cost me hundreds of $$ until I finally gave up in disgust & tossed it out. I wanted to sue Maytag for consumer fraud, but had better things to do. If you buy a Maytag oven, you are an idiot!!! Try Kenmore, Jenn-air, &c. - Anything but a Maytag. Good luck!

Oven will not go over 250
By -

LORAIN, OHIO -- I have a Maytag electric stove with a ceramic top, I used the self cleaner and now my oven will not heat above 250 degrees. I do not understand why this is happening. I used the oven to make cookies just before cleaning it. The broiler works on hi and low. The self cleaner still works but the oven will not heat up past 250 and that is it. I have tried to unplug it and reset the computer but that is not helping. Could the thermostat not be working? All burners work also. The stove is only 5 years old. Can someone please help me find out why this would be happening, and how can I find someone to repair the oven. Thank you very much for any help anyone has to offer.

gas self cleaning oven
By -

GRAND BLANC,, MICHIGAN -- We own an Amana "Big Oven" self cleaning gas range. Which we purchased about 1 1/2 yrs. ago, the same time we purchased a whole house full of new Maytag appliances. (Amana is owned by Maytag). I seldom use my oven portion of the range and when I do I was very careful with regards to spills. Considering this it is reasonable and understandable that I had not found it necessary to clean my oven up till now. We decided to "try out" the self cleaning element the day after Christmas this year Dec. 26, 2003. We followed the instructions in the manual to the "T". We experienced a terrible, obnoxious odor during the cleaning process.

We thought this must be normal not having had a self cleaning oven before. When the timer shut off and the process was over, we noticed that on the outside of the oven door, towards the top just above the glass where there is a strip of material, (appears to be a vinyl texture?) - My stove is white this piece had started to turn color a light golden brown like biscuits when they are done cooking. We thought it would wipe off but it would not as the door had actually been scorched/burnt.

When we opened up the door, to our surprise, we found that the inside of the oven door along the top had melted! Yes, melted. This must have been the odor. I assume that there must be some sort of defect that allowed the self cleaning temperature to become way too hot. Of course the company does not want to repair it without costs to me as it is out of warranty. So the battle began.

I have finally managed to get Maytag to come out at no cost and find the cause of the problem and to fix it. I don't know if others have experienced any such problem with a self cleaning oven. My advice though would be to try out all parts of your appliances before the warranty expires so as to be able to get any defects or glitches repaired while still covered by the manufacturer.

Why aren't some of the buttons functioning on my oven?
By -

Recently I tried to use my oven and several of the buttons on the digital pad were not functioning. However, the time is still displayed.

Poor quality product
By -

For no reason that we could determine, the black handle of the microwave oven cracked in the middle of the night with a loud crack sound that woke us from a sound sleep. We could not purchase the handle alone without the door. The company would not sell us a door. It cost as much to repair as a new item would cost. The fan is very loud. It has not been a good product for us.

Maytag Sucks - Not What It Used To Be
By -

SEBRING, FLORIDA -- Model MER5875RAB is garbage! Three service calls - no one knows what they are doing. Replaced brain, replaced thermostat, oven still does not work. Large burner in front went out. It's going to the curb for trash pick-up. Maytag used to be a good product but now they just sell garbage. Over $1000.00 for garbage. I will never buy Maytag again.

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