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Poor quality product
By -

For no reason that we could determine, the black handle of the microwave oven cracked in the middle of the night with a loud crack sound that woke us from a sound sleep. We could not purchase the handle alone without the door. The company would not sell us a door. It cost as much to repair as a new item would cost. The fan is very loud. It has not been a good product for us.

Maytag Sucks - Not What It Used To Be
By -

SEBRING, FLORIDA -- Model MER5875RAB is garbage! Three service calls - no one knows what they are doing. Replaced brain, replaced thermostat, oven still does not work. Large burner in front went out. It's going to the curb for trash pick-up. Maytag used to be a good product but now they just sell garbage. Over $1000.00 for garbage. I will never buy Maytag again.

gas self cleaning oven
By -

GRAND BLANC,, MICHIGAN -- We own an Amana "Big Oven" self cleaning gas range. Which we purchased about 1 1/2 yrs. ago, the same time we purchased a whole house full of new Maytag appliances. (Amana is owned by Maytag). I seldom use my oven portion of the range and when I do I was very careful with regards to spills. Considering this it is reasonable and understandable that I had not found it necessary to clean my oven up till now. We decided to "try out" the self cleaning element the day after Christmas this year Dec. 26, 2003. We followed the instructions in the manual to the "T". We experienced a terrible, obnoxious odor during the cleaning process.

We thought this must be normal not having had a self cleaning oven before. When the timer shut off and the process was over, we noticed that on the outside of the oven door, towards the top just above the glass where there is a strip of material, (appears to be a vinyl texture?) - My stove is white this piece had started to turn color a light golden brown like biscuits when they are done cooking. We thought it would wipe off but it would not as the door had actually been scorched/burnt.

When we opened up the door, to our surprise, we found that the inside of the oven door along the top had melted! Yes, melted. This must have been the odor. I assume that there must be some sort of defect that allowed the self cleaning temperature to become way too hot. Of course the company does not want to repair it without costs to me as it is out of warranty. So the battle began.

I have finally managed to get Maytag to come out at no cost and find the cause of the problem and to fix it. I don't know if others have experienced any such problem with a self cleaning oven. My advice though would be to try out all parts of your appliances before the warranty expires so as to be able to get any defects or glitches repaired while still covered by the manufacturer.

Performance and Customer Service
By -

CANTON, GEORGIA -- I purchased 4 new Maytag Appliances in 2006. All have worked perfect as expected except the range. Also I have been using a Maytag range for over 10 years until I replaced it when I remodeled my kitchen recently. It has worked perfect with no trouble experienced. It takes the lower over a long time to heat up and also the large eye on the service has to be turned on high to start it heating then when it gets hot it has to be turned down to the desired temperature. The Maytag technician said that that is normal operation for this product and also stated that Maytag new products did not perform to the standards of older units.

Maytag Customer Service only says they are sorry that I am having a problem and make no effort or commitment to correct the problem. I have primarily used Maytag products for over 40 years and have been happy with the products and service. Their Quality of Service and Quality of their products have gone down and I will look for another brand before buying another product. Also I would recommend that anyone shopping for a new appliance shop for a brand other than Maytag. Maytag Customer Service is non-existent.

Oven and Microwave Handles Fall Off
By -

Yes they do fall off. Often. Twice in the two years we've owned the appliances. We just purchased another replacement handle - this time for a MER6775AAS double oven. While installing it ourselves, we noticed that the design has changed subtly from the original - there is no longer a metal insert inside the plastic handle connection. Is this the 'smoking gun' that Maytag blew it and has been selling a defective product all along - while we suckers keep paying to fix 'em?

Poor engineering
By -

On November 17th we purchased 4 new Maytag appliances. The microwave rattles & shakes, some parts have been replaced with others still to come. Electric range has had top, back, timer, & convection motor replaced so far. Convection oven is no faster than regular oven, just costs more. Dealer is very cooperative but can't re design these units & ensure quality control at the Maytag Iowa factory.

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