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Nothing but trouble
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased our Maytag Quiet Series 300 in February of 2009 at Lowes, because they did the installation themselves. Thankfully, we got the extended warranty. It started off half-decent, except the dishes never did come out dry, and they didn't always come out clean. Our hot water is set very high, and we always pre-ran the hot water before starting the dishwasher. It never helped.

About a year after our purchase, there was the recall of the heating coil. Our repair was done through A&E Factory Service, and they were good. I have no complaints there.

About two months ago, our dishwasher started making an awful noise when running. I called Lowes, where we purchased the dishwasher, to have a technician come to repair it, since it was still under warranty. This was approximately September 21st. We still do not have a functioning dishwasher, two months and a few days later.

Lowes put us in touch with Superior Electronics, the authorized warranty repair technician service in our area.

Apparently, some part of the motor is destroyed. The Superior Electronics technician came to look at it on September 25th. About a week later, the warranty repair was authorized. It was at least another week before a technician from Superior Electronics could come back and attempt to fix it.

The authorized warranty repair technician had no clue what to do with the dishwasher to repair it. He upended the dishwasher, broke it down, and eventually ended up calling in another tech to help. They eventually put all but one of the replacement parts in. The part that didn't go back in was an O ring that didn't fit. They started it up without the O ring, and lo and behold, my dishwasher leaked all over the floor.

So they packed everything back up and said it'd be 3-7 days for a new replacement part to come in.

I ended up trading phone calls with Superior Electronics over the next 3-4 weeks, being stood up for appointments by them three times, without the courtesy of even a phone call. I had to call them repeatedly to even get a status update or explanation after each missed appointment.

Each time, the wrong-sized replacement part was the "hold up." When they finally realized that they couldn't get this one O ring anymore (apparently this size of O ring is no longer made), they spent another week trying to get an authorized buy-back of my dishwasher. Just for an O ring...

Finally, the decision was made, and just last week we got our gift card to buy a replacement at Lowes, of course.

I am glad to see that this particular model of Maytag is no longer available at Lowes. It was the worst dishwasher we ever owned, even when it was "working" at its best.

As for Superior Electronics, if you are ever in a position where you are in the Pittsburgh area and have to deal with They are the worst service company I've ever had to deal with. I wish we'd bought our dishwasher at Sears. I can't bring myself to buy another Maytag, either, after all this trouble.
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User Replies:
Bingo Little... on 11/25/2012:
You do know that Maytag makes some Kenmore appliances, right? Check out who the maker is before you buy, since Kenmore makes nothing.
At Your Service on 11/25/2012:
I appreciated reading your review Jade. It brings up a lot of interesting points that are good to cover.

To begin with, Maytag produces a reasonably decent line of appliances, including that of dishwashers. However, in this category more than any other, you can find what has been termed "contractor" level products.

Contractor, in this case, is a derogatory term suggesting that builders, wishing to only fill a hole, will purchase this level of appliance. It is not desired for its better performance or greater longevity, but rather its overall cheap price. The 300 series of Maytag dishwashers fit this category precisely. As such, it is not surprising that anyone would be less than satisfied with the unit's performance even if it wasn't broken.

Your complaint against Superior has an air of credibility, in that there is never an excuse to miss an appointment and especially without the courtesy of a phone call. In their defense, however, this level of dishwasher is not meant for repair; it is a disposable. The cost of service is easy to overshadow the overall value of the appliance.

Lowes has seemed to do a reasonably decent job of standing behind the extended warranty. After attempting to service the unit, they were willing to accept the product's inherent lack of serviceability and simply qualified it for replacement. As such, in my opinion, I see nothing that Lowes did to deserve a complaint and actually should be complimented.

If anything, I would hope that there was a greater lesson learned about buying too cheaply. Buying better won't guarantee a product will not break, but it gives you a much greater chance for long-term enjoyment of a functioning product. To this end, I would add some funds and purchase a little nicer dishwasher for your replacement. Maytag is owned by the Whrilpool Corporation. Within their current product line, there is still the 300 series of products and are just as equally cheap. There is a 530 series, however, that I would suggest looking at. Don't confuse it with the 510. The 530 will get you out of the "contractor" level of products and are built will a little higher grade of parts. You should be able to find this unit for between $400 to $450 in black or white. Add another $50 to the cost for stainless. And as you've learned, consider that extended warranty. It can really help with the product doesn't live up to expectations.
HonestForSure on 11/25/2012:
Take a look at this a little differently: What if Superior Electronics is NOT a Maytag (Whirlpool) authorized servicer? What if the service company sends out repair companies that accept their fee (low) and not necessarily the best or the correct (authorized) service? What if you waiting for parts is a function of looking for the lowest price part, not the quickest delivery? What if you can buy the same appliances (at least internally) at Sears (I.e. Kenmore appliances are made by, among others, Whirlpool - who owns the Maytag name)??

What if all of the above is true - which they are? It means that your poor service was a function of the extended plan you purchased. The company that handles it no longer does business with Lowes but is contractually obligated to cover the contracts in that period of time you purchased yours. Congratulations.

Live and learn. Controlling your own service through the mfr is always the smart move for efficiency and quality AND peace of mind.
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Maytag QuietSeries 300 - Just As Bad As Everyone Says
Posted by on
We have had our Maytag for only 2 years, and it's been a sore subject between my wife and I ever since. We thought we were upgrading when we threw out the 15 year old dish washer. This Maytag has never cleaned the dishes as well, and the service people gave us the same response everyone seems to get. "The water isn't hot enough" or "Your detergent isn't very good" After buying the most expensive detergent, and tuning up the water heater too high for a house with small kids, we still have dirty dishes. Now the water isn't even draining out of the bottom, unless I manually run a rinse cycle after the dishes have been washed. I'm very disappointed with this thing, and I'm not about to pour money into something that I have never been satisfied with.

It stinks that I have to replace something that's only 2 years old. Aren't these things intended to last at least 10 years?
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User Replies:
lobo65 on 02/12/2009:
I can't comment on how good the washer is, but according to Consumer Reports you should buy a detergent that has enzymes in it that will dissolve any caked-on food. I buy the el cheapo (Great Value) brand that Wal-Mart carries, and it's one of the highest rated ones in their tests.
qualityappliance on 02/12/2009:
The most common cause of this type of problem is a restricted drain hose or a plugged air gap, provided that there is an air gap installed. It is becoming far more common lately that people are replacing counter tops with marble, granite, fancy tile, etc, and are not installing a air gap for the dishwasher because they really don't look too good. Most dishwashers do not have any type of check valve in the drain so if there is no air gap the dirty water can run back in after the drain cycle and continue to wash and rinse the dishes with the dirty water.
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Grinding Noise
Posted by on
MONROE, LOUISIANA -- About a week ago my dishwasher started making a very loud grinding/ vibrating noise when starting and running. Remove Electrical Power to Dishwasher!!! Took all baskets, sprayers out from inside. Removed step by step the plastic housing with a S1 star head driver. Finally got down to the grinder blade and found a 1/2" square plastic piece of rubber sitting beside the small grinder blade. No CLUE where this came from, but remove and reassembled. Test run dishwasher and unit sounded like a Church Mouse!!! :):)

So if having similar sounds check to see if anything is near grinder blade.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/21/2008:
Interesting post. Solved the problem and passed the info along to others. Well done!
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