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Disappointed and Saddened
Posted by Disappointed and Saddened on 11/11/2009
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have used Dependable Maytag in Naperville for years to buy appliances, purchase repair parts and for repair service at my house.
Most recent experience will be my last.
Bought a repair part for a dryer. Due to lack of time, I could not install the part and called their service dept, who repaired the unit the next day. Spare part I purchased was not needed. Asked if part was returnable and technician said "yes".
Got to store and was told "no problem, just need manager approval". This is when the fun started.
Manager said not returnable due to it being a custom order. Reminded them the part was a stock item when I bought it, 1 of 3 they had in house just 3 days ago.
Manager agreed but THEN said it was not returnable due to being an electrical part. I challenged this because the only electrical component on the item was a single wire and a light bulb socket. Manager agreed but THEN said not returnable because it was used. I showed the manager the invoice from his own service tech showing that the part was not used, and was still in the original box. Manager agreed but THEN said he could not take returns due to the owners return policy. I pointed out that the return policy is not written anywhere in store, just appears to be made up as they go. Manager THEN said he would credit me the repair part price toward the purchase of a new dryer. At this point I walked out with my now useless part. I am horribly disappointed that what used to be a "dependable" sales and repair shop is now resorting an ambiguous return policy to make a buck on a repair part, or even worse, force me to buy a new dryer just to get my money back. I could have bought somewhere else for less, now I wish I had. "Dependable" Maytag needs to publish a clear return policy and show a little respect for repeat customers, instead of laughing and telling them "Good Luck" as they walk out the door in frustration. (Yes, I was really told "Good Luck" as I walked out!)
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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-11-12:
What is the part?
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The Oven Catches on Fire.
Posted by Msjube1 on 02/14/2014
KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII -- I baked an apple pie. To keep the oven clean, I put down foil. The smallest piece of apple caused flames and my home to fill with smoke. Then they get you!!! You can't use the oven again until you clean it at 350 degrees for 3 hours. That's frightening, ,because to clean, it HAS to preheat to 350 degrees again, and I'm afraid that it will start to burn again..........and burn my home down. Sincerely, Juliette M. Guard
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Maytag Bravos Washer and Dryers Very Poor Machines
Posted by Tpchrist on 02/03/2014
Purchased Maytag bravos 5 years ago. Washer does a very poor job of cleaning and ties clothes in knots, and have problems with bleach leaching into the next load.
Though the dryer works ok, sometimes even with the sensors, it doesn't dry jeans well if mixed with other clothes and the unit has rust on the outside already. My last washer and dryer never had rust and I had them 18 years.
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Do Not Buy Maytag Washer
Posted by Mca.nicky on 01/08/2014
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag washer in Oct 2013 and almost straight away it had issues with the "door locked" light flashing on the front of the washer even when the door was open. I contacted the company and they told me to unplug it and start over......and admitted themselves this was only a temporary fix. I asked them to replace the washer as it was brand new but they refused. The washer also leaves powder in the dispenser and over the clothes - a fault that has been reported buy other customers. They suggested this was my fault by leaving the powder box under the sink.....which I don't. Their customer service was appalling and their inability to resolve a problem on a brand new machine has left me feeling angry and ripped off. This washer cost over $750. I will never by Maytag again.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2014-01-09:
They are not going to exchange a machine for a faulty door locked indicator light. Did unplugging it fix the problem? They will do a service call at no charge to fix it though.
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My 7yr. Old Fridge Broke Down for the Second Time
Posted by Giovanna70 on 12/26/2013
My 7 year old Maytag fridge broke down for the second time due to computer board failure. There are no replacement parts to be found until possibly February. This means I shall be without a fridge for more than 4 months. When I contacted Whirlpool customer service, I was basically told too bad. The alternative to waiting for a part would be to purchase a new fridge and Whirlpool would give me $75.00 towards a new one. That means an outlay of $2225.00 or more on my part. Due to the fact that it was out of warranty, they wanted no part of my problem. Once a company gets your money for an appliance, they don't care what happens after that. I have written twice to the CEO of Whirlpool and gotten no response. Customer service and good will mean nothing to corporations anymore.
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Don't Buy This Washer
Posted by Wjallen on 12/23/2013
I want my old 17-year-old Maytags back! I just purchased a Maytag top loader Centennial washer and a dryer. I still have the dryer even though it sticks out about 8 inches farther from the wall than my old Maytag. I live in a condo where space is precious! Did anybody at Maytag consider the design of this thing?
I sent back the washer. I don't want to annoy my neighbors who are on the other side of the wall. I have never heard a washer that is so noisy. And the vibrations lead me to believe that it is true that the life expectancy of it is about five years. I don't think there's any washer that would stand up to that amount of movement and vibration.
I'm 73 years old and had planned on these Maytags being the last washer/dryer I would ever buy. And I was happy that the stickers on the machines said that they were made in the USA. I had loved my old machines and assumed the new ones would be even better. No such luck!
I purchased an LG for about the same price and LOVE it! Guess those Koreans know what they're doing. How sad!
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Maytag Rebate - Don't Count on It
Posted by Jon.huynh on 10/16/2013
EL PASO, TEXAS -- Please stay away from Maytag. They will cheat you out of a rebate of all means necessary. First, they claimed that I didn't submit the receipt even though I included the email with the order number and the delivery receipt. Second, I faxed the email with the order number again and they claimed that they didn't receive it and denied the rebate. Once again, beware of this company's tactics involving rebates.
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Maytag Epic Z a Lemon!
Posted by Dellamaej on 09/22/2013
VICTORIA -- I have had my Epic Z washer for about 2 years. I will try to refrain from the profusion of profanity that I would like to spew regarding it and try, instead, to stick with the issue which at present is the most annoying and perplexing.

I have had the washer repaired so many times for so many different problems that the insurance company eventually refused to pay for for any more repairs- offering me a small 'lemon buy-out' as they termed it as the cost of repairs had exceeded the price of the washing machine. This was after two of the hoses- one interior and one exterior had each simultaneously sprung leaks that resulted in my having to do a major clean-up and having to replace the living room ceiling below the washer. According to the repairman, the interior hose looked as if it had been crushed prior to installation. He replaced it and suggested that I keep the old one (which I did) just in case. It also cost me the price of two visits from the plumber as it was he, not the repairman, who eventually found that it was the machine and not the plumbing causing the leaks.

Well, so I have a lemon. I hate, despise and detest the damn thing. My biggest problem now is that I cannot get rid of the soap suds in the laundry- and I am allergic to soap. This rinsing deficiency has been a problem in the machine since day one. I use only drops of detergent- nowhere near the recommended amount. I've tried several HE detergents. I've tried washing soda. I've tried vinegar in the rinse-all to no avail. I use 'Afresh' at least once but often twice a month on the 'clean washer' cycle. I now have to wash every single load up to eight times to get rid of all the suds. I've pestered the repairman about this issue each of the 8-9 times he's been here and he has no idea what is causing it.

Have you any ideas?
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Posted by appl guy sg on 2013-09-24:
Try diluting the soap by 50% or more before using it. Use an empty bottle to dilute it in. Also dilute the fabric softener by the same amount.
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Worst Washing Machine Ever!
Posted by Lylesfarms on 09/10/2013
After years of bliss with my old Maytag washer, it was finally time for a new one. I broke the bank and bought the bravos XL. What a mistake. Hate it hate it. Not enough water in wash cycle, rinse and spin turns clothes into knots and stretches them completely out of shape. Hand wash isn't gentle enough and Every cycle takes forever.

I was sucked in by the clear lid and "energy efficiency" and missed that I couldn't control the cycles, speed, or rinse temperatures. Our clothes aren't clean, but are misshapen and wrinkled. If I could afford it, I'd set it on the curb and buy another one. Oh yeah, and you have to run an expensive " washer cleaner" through it after every 30 loads. With A house full of kids, 30 loads comes along about twice a month.

I am so disappointed in the product and disgusted that I bought the darned thing. I may be off Maytag from this point on!
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Posted by andbran on 2013-09-10:
i have been using top loaders for 30 years. they are not energy effecient or pretty but the only problem i have with them is they wear out after 15 years.
Posted by Uchu on 2013-09-21:
The washers of the Bravo XL line are actually top loaders, just that they use little water to wash the clothes.
I've seen so many complaints about these washers that I was hesitant to buy one. I took the chance, and so far I'm happy with it. They issue is that you need to learn how to load the clothes properly. The instruction manual is very clear on this. If you dump them inside and that's it, either the cycle does not complete, or the clothes don't get washed well.
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Freezer Fails to Defrost, Fridge Fails to Stay Cold, No Parts
Posted by Chasmanbugsey on 08/13/2013
Since we purchased our refrigerator, we have had one problem after the other. First, the water dispenser went then the ice dispenser. We had repairmen come out while the warranty was applicable and as well as later. Each time, in hopes that the dispenser would work, instead, would short out, usually within days. The ice maker then failed to make ice properly. Instead, we found a large leak from the ceiling on the floor below that of the kitchen.

To remedy this problem, we turned off the water supply to the fridg, only turning it on for brief periods of time....just long enough to make some ice. Then, there were times that it failed to make ice altogether. Then, we had to go to the nearest convenience store to purchase several pounds of bagged ice. The inside of the door has failed to keep its shape and could no longer support any shelving. This has necessitated the need to solicit the use of duct tape as extra support, otherwise, there were times I would open the door only to have all the contents of the door to spill out on the floor.

Over the past two years, we have found it failing to keep the food cold and the frozen foods melting as frequently as monthly. This required emptying the entire freezer into picnic coolers with ice and manually defrosting the freezer. This problem has now been occurring about every three days during the last two or three weeks along with major puddles of water on our hard wood floors which has caused discoloration, warping and stained ceilings on the floor below that of the kitchen. We had located a repair shop and parts "again" but we are now told it will take until September for the parts to be available.

We have lost our patience and faith in Maytag. Both my husband and I grew up with Maytag as a reliable product. This is why we had invested such a considerable amount of monies for such in such a product in the first place. I'm sorry, but I would no longer recommend a Maytag product again. We have refrained from going away over night in fear of the fridg failing and more damage occurring.

Because the parts that are necessary, in hopes of being able to repair it, will take into September to secure, we found no other alternative but to purchase another appliance today.....$4,000 for a 32 cu foot Sansung.....Something I had no intentions on doing, but food, floor and ceiling repair can get costly, as well as the aggravation of emptying out the freezer on too frequent an occasion. "Just where has that bored Maytag appliance repair man gone to ?
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