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Admiral down after 4 years
Posted by on
We bought an Admiral Refrigerator, Side by Side approx. 4 years ago. After the first year the ice maker quit working, was fixed by service man, the next year, a fan in the freezer went out, which the serviceman said was a part that he had to replace often. This caused a loss of frozen food, which had to be replaced. Between the third and fourth year, our freezer and refrigerator quit working, loss of freezer and refrigerator food. Serviceman came and said he didn't see any thing wrong, to turn it back on and let it run and call him, if it quit again. Needless to say it quit again. He came back and decided that the compressor was going out, which he said was under warranty for 5 years. We paid the service call and fan the second year, because he said it wasn't under warranty. He said that he didn't have the tools to put in a compressor and gave us a number for another service company, by this time we had been out of a refrigerator approx. 6 days. We called and a serviceman came two days later, said it was not the compressor, but something else. Said to plug it back in and he would order parts, but first we needed to pay half of $226, so he could order parts. It was something to do with the defroster. We paid that money, and then my husband had to spend 40 minutes on the phone with the service company, who set an appointment. We now have been without a refrigerator for 9 days. The service company called me the other day to ask if we have received parts yet, (didn't know we were to receive parts) and to call them if we did. This was on is Tuesday and they called again to ask about parts (which we haven't received), said to call them in the am if parts don't get here tonite, and they will decided what to do then. Besides doing without a refrigerator, losing food and getting phone calls every day from the service company, we have no refrigerator. This is a brand new Admiral, and we are not happy with this at all, we have had 25 year old refrigerators that are still running in someones garage. Is this Right?????
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Slimjim on 11/24/2009:
I bet those other 25 year old boxes you had weren't Admirals. They've always been a low brand, even before Maytag bought them. Actually Maytag refrigs are reincarnated Admirals more than the other way around.
qualityappliance on 11/26/2009:
It sounds like your complaint should be more with the service company that can't seem to repair the refrigerator corectly. It is hard to diagnose a defrost problem if the unit is unpluged and defrosted when the tech arrives.
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Unsatisfied Rebate
Posted by on
DOTHAN, ALABAMA -- My husband and I purchased a Maytag W&D less than 3 yrs. ago...part of the initial agreement was that we would receive a 3yrs supply of Tide detergent...we got the 1st year supply after contacting the rebate center once the washer and dryer was installed, we never even used the 1st years supply up before the expiration date of that year. After that first years rebate had expired we then had to call to have the center mail out another 1yrs supply, at that time we thought we should be able to just get the remaining 2 yrs supply, but the representative at the rebate center said we would have to call back and request the 3rd years supply once the 2nd years coupons had expired...

I thought how strange why can't we just get them now, the representative said that was the way they kept an inventory of it...on 5-7-09 I called the rebate center to request my final years supply and the representative told me she would have to enter the request and then they would be sent to me...on 5/13/09 she called to tell me that the rebate promotion had been closed out and there was no way to get me the last years supply...well I then ask to speak with a supervisor, once the supervisor got on the phone she told me the same thing and I lost it at that point...I was lied to not mention the supervisor indicated that when I called in the request the 2nd years supply that they sent me the remaining coupons I was owed... Now this was my word against the person or persons who remarked their computer...but they in no way sent me all the coupons owed to me...they still owe me a 1yrs. supply...but of course like I said it was my word against theirs...but its not convenient for the company...

I was livid and won't stop until I get the satisfaction I deserve...because I know I'm would you feel if you had been jilted out of $300...companies are using this approach now...its no longer making the customer happy...companies don't care about making the customer happy...once they've got your money they couldn't care less...I have been a loyal customer of Maytag, after this I won't be...I will be making a call or writing a letter to the CEO of the company, we will see how he responds...
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/13/2009:
Oh geez I remember this promotion..I wondered how it would pan out,sounds like it didn't...

SilverWngs71 on 05/13/2009:
Unfortunately Jeff Fettig (Whirlpool CEO) will do nothing. This is the responsibility of the rebate center and has nothing to do with Maytag.

(3rd party company) Maytag rebates: 1-800-854-3943
goochegirl on 05/18/2009:
Yes unfortunately I've been dealing with the rebate center the whole time...their telling me the promotion is now over...I did get 2 years supply...but I was promised 3 can that be when there has to be more than me out there that purchased these appliances at a later date than I.... I mean the promotion went on for over 3 months...I'm not done yet...thanks for all the responses
NormaJane on 04/18/2011:
I just posted my comment, "When is a coupon not a coupon?" I got my 3 yrs. of coupons all good through 5/31/12 for Tide HE But they are for 32oz. and I cannot find that size anywhere.
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Abominable customer service
Posted by on
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- My wife went to the Maytag store in Naperville, IL (1212 S Naper Blvd
Naperville, IL 60540) to have my daughter's Maytag dishwasher repaired. The switch on the door was not closing and the unit would run (fine otherwise) unless she held it shut. The store dispatched a repairman the next day.

The repairman arrived as scheduled. He announced to my daughter (single mom, 1 kid, 2 dogs) that the dishwasher was a fire hazard due to defective wiring, the subject of a CPSC recall. Parts would have to be ordered and it would be maybe 6 weeks before there would be parts. He refused to fix the door latch/switch problem.

He then pitched a $75 voucher in lieu of the repair, plus $50 if you bought a new machine from Dependable Maytag in Naperville from whence he had been dispatched. He mentioned numerous other needed repairs estimated to be $500 or more.

I called the store owner/manager to complain that he omitted to tell my wife, who was standing right in front of him, in his store, that there could be a recall on this machine (since Feb 07), and that if that were the case, there would be no repair whatsoever. Having known this, we might avoid an unnecessary service call costing $110.00 to have the repairman read the model number posted on the door. I asked him to tear up the check my daughter had written.

He refused flatly, saying that since my wife did not think to ask him about the recall, he was under no obligation to tell her of the likely consequence of the repair call in this case. I again expressed extreme dissatisfaction (no swearing or harsh language) but he remained adamant that "the customer is almost always wrong" (direct quote), and that he would do nothing further to see to it that I was satisfied with this transaction.

It is my intention to have Maytag (or whatever is left of it) complete the repair mandated by the CPSC recall, and to operate this dishwasher as long as I can, and then replace it with SOMETHING OTHER THAN MAYTAG assuming I can find someone elsewhere who has a clue about customer satisfaction.

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User Replies:
origcool on 06/01/2008:
There are always two sides to a story, I Am the Technician that was in the home, Well when I was in the home I did attempt to repair the dishwasher, in taking the door apart I did discover that the wire were thinning, I explained to the daughter the whole process that would have to be taken to repair the dishwasher safely. The Father came in after the fact and I explained it to him as he stated, what he is not telling is that he wanted me to repair the lacth right then and there, knowing that the unit was a fire hazard, I refused and politly handed the customer the receipt and the proper phone number to get the kit sent to the home free of charge, I instructed them once the kit arrived I would come back and repair the dishwasher safely.. I was alittle shocked that even thow the customer knew the unit was a fire hazard, he wanted fixxed that minute. I feel that I and my boss made the correct decision in not repairing the unit until it could be done correctly, It was not going to cost the customer any more money. I value life and I feel I did the right thing in refusing to repair the unit at that time, For his comment, in this situation the customer was not right in trying to force me to repair this dishwasher.. I am glad to say, I slept that night knowing that the daughter and her son were safe.
Laskey on 01/12/2009:
I, too, have had problems with "Dependable" Maytag. We were not told that our Neptune 5500 washer had a class-action lawsuit. The machine is junk and the manager at the store was rude and insulting even though we had been a loyal customer for 20 years.
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Customer Service
Posted by on

I would just like to let you know about my extremely negative experience with Maytag. I recently purchased all new appliances from a Maytag retail store located in Henderson Nevada. I purchased a stove, dish washer, microwave, washer and a dryer. Obviously when picking out the kitchen appliances, I choose items that matched. I though working directly with Maytag would be a pleasant experience. Well, the installation people come to the house and begin to install the products. My wife is there with the kids. They get done installing the products and have her sign off. She has two twin infants that she is taking care of and just signs off. Obviously she has her hands full. First thing I noticed is that the stove is about 8 inches from the wall. The gas line is in the way. A reputable installation person would have pointed this out. I called the store and they referred me directly to Maytag's 1-800 phone number. I call them and they tell me to call the store back. I call the store back and they tell me there s nothing that can be done. Fine, I pay a plumber to move the gas line. Second, I notice the microwave does not match the other appliances or the one from the store. The main difference is the handle. I call XCandy the sales woman and she informs me that the model has changed. This is a problem, if I am going to spend $6,000 on appliances at the very least I would like them to match. It is the sales person to keep up on their products and not sell items that cannot be delivered. So I call Candy and she tells me that she will have a person come out and switch out the handles. The person shows up with the handle from the item in the store and tries to install it. It will not fit. So I call Candy back, she tries to convince me to keep the model I have. This is not optional, for the amount of $$ I spent they should match. She says that she can give me the floor model and at a possible discount (considering it is a floor model it should be discounted) but that she has to talk to her manager. She calls today and informs me that there will be no discount and points out that by the way the install people will have made three trips to my house as if it is my falut and an inconvenience. I'll tell you what an inconvenience is, it is walking into a supposedly top notch manufacturers showroom, spending a lot of $$ on products, making arrangements to be around to have installation people come out three times, spending hours on the phone trying to get things fixed, and being told too bad you signed a piece of paper. If that is not incompetence and horrible customer service, I do not know what is. I'll be sure to let everyone I can about the type of service you get from Maytag.


Jason Goecke
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/23/2007:
It really chezzes me off,when people cannot do their jobs properly.You should have been notified of the changing models,the installers should have pointed out the gas line,and quoted what they would charge to move it,and install the unit properly.

On the micro,was the handle stainless looking plastic?
SilverWngs71 on 07/23/2007:
The Maytag store is Independently owned and is not a MFG showroom. They may have the Maytag name on them but they are owned separately from the Maytag company. They are not employees of Maytag and charge what they want as they have already paid the MFG prices and may have the product sitting in a WH, so when a consumer comes in they have a "Floor selection."
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Maytag Service Saga
Posted by on
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- As Posted on SEVERAL Forums and Chat rooms ALL OVER the Internet:

Newlyweds August 12, 1989.
Buy a used pair of Maytag Washer & Dryer (Copper colored that they stopped making sometime mid '70s).

Had them through three moves and only replaced the Motor one time and had to clean and lube the motor tracks a couple times.

June 14, 2004. Finally had to replace the washer, and based on having a ten year old (or older) Maytag for fifteen years, we decide to buy a new Maytag $365.
June 28, 2006 New Drive Pulley and belt. Two year old PLASTIC Pulley wore out and chewed up the belt. $145.80

March 13, 2007 Broke Brake needs Drive Pulley "KIT" which includes the brake and the Plastic Pulley and Belt ("Sorry can't get just the brake by itself, it only comes in the "KIT") $183.

July 5th 2007 While off on my own little Vaca the wife reports the washer quits again. Get home, Look underneath and sure enough there is a broken piece hanging out of the water pump. How do I know it is the water pump? Am I a trained technician? Well, there are three things hooked to that whazzit, a hose from the tub, a hose to the drain, and a belt around the pulley underneath it, I think it is the water pump.

Call Maytag 1-800-688-9900 and the first couple of minutes of voicemail hell you have to listen to notices about a couple of recalls on their products (this is building my confidence). One hour dance on the phone with Maytag explaining that I do not want to pay another $150 repair and have a three year old machine that I am not confident will keep working three weeks longer. I'd rather go spend $450 and get a new machine with at least 12 months warranty. Maytag says they will warranty the pump but I have to pay $65 service, to which I say OK. I further tell them to make sure their third party contract service provider shows up with the correct water pump for my model, serial number, and revision of machine (they have all the numbers) because I know it is the water pump.

July 7, 2007 3rd party service tech shows up. Looks under the machine, sees part hanging out of whazzit and says "Wow, I have never seen a water pump fall apart like that before. I hope I have a replacement on the truck.” One hour plus on the phone with several other techs and tech support and he decides he can use the pump he has even though it isn't exactly the called for part number. $218.35!!!!

$65 to come out, $70.18 for the part and an hour and a half labor of which one hour plus was the research to see if the water pump he had on the truck could be used on our machine. Maytag did NOT hand off the call with the note that it was definitely the water pump (A&E Service never trusts Maytag or customers diagnosis anyway). Also Maytag DID NOT provide an authorization number for the warranty on the part. Saturday and NOBODY is answering the phone at Maytag, not even if you try to press 1 "if you are in a store and going to buy a Maytag". It is either pay the $218 or he has to take the pump back out. I say take the pump and the washer both and get the hell out. WIFE says "If it is working pay him, I have to do laundry."

July 9th, 2007 I call Maytag and after several runarounds (I will not take NO from someone who does not have the authority to give me a YES) we finally get an approval to credit me for the part but I have to take it up with A&E for the labor. I also have to submit a letter and copy of the bill to get the reimbursement. Next call A&E to see about a credit for the hour and a half labor of which over an hour was the kibutz on whether he could use the part he had. She starts to get a little huffy with me when I finally lower the boom. "This was paid for with an American Express Card, you can either credit all but the $65 or I will protest the full $218.35 and you will get bupkis."

She agrees to credit all but the $65 and the part.
We will see what shows up on next months bill.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/09/2007:
Hang in there.
poppapia on 07/10/2007:
You have already spent more on repairs than what you originally paid for the washer. Your idea of replacing the unit with a new one so you would get a warranty was valid; why didn't you, rather than continue to put more money into this unit?
SilverWngs71 on 07/10/2007:
I apologize the AE tech lied to you. The techs don't carry the parts on the truck as the parts are sent to you after he orders it. Even if you know what the issue is, they will still come out do the diagnosis, order the part and then A&E will send it to you. At that time it is your responsibility to callback A&E and reschedule the svc call to have them come back out and finish the svc call.

Also when you speak to a Maytag Cust svc rep they are not technically trained and can only put the information in, what "Might" be the issue.

Personally, I HATE A&E and would rather send you to a local mom and pop shop then advise you to call AE. Unfortunately I am given no choice.
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Glass Top Ceramic Cooktop Care
Posted by on
Commonly, I don't quote other websites for appliance info. Just today though, there was some discussion about ceramic cooktops and how to clean them.
So I though, Why not share? Hope this helps someone.
Smooth Light Colored
Glass Top Ceramic Cooktop Care

Care Note: Black glass tops are different.

Since heat is created only in the cooking utensil and food, this glass-ceramic surface remains fairly cool. Spills can be wiped up with a wet sponge or paper towel, and will not cook on quickly as in the "smooth-top" type. Abrasives should not be used, as they can scratch the surface.
Turn diamond rings on fingers away from the surface to prevent scratching the top. Be sure utensils have no rough spots to scratch the surface. Be sure the surface is clean before heat is turned on, and bottoms of pans are clean and dry to avoid burning on soil. Avoid spills and boil-overs by turning down heat to the lowest possible setting for the cooking task, and by using large enough pans. Wipe up wet spots promptly, being careful to avoid steam burns. Don't cook with foil on the smooth top - it could be damaged by foil melting into it. Cover pans to prevent spatters.
Pans of soft metal such as aluminum can rub off on the harder glass surface, making gray or black marks. Copper bottom pans rub off less, but do not give as good a cooking performance as aluminum. Heavier weight, harder aluminum marks less than lighter weights. Smooth the bottom of new aluminum pans with a mild abrasive. Do not slide pans across the surface; lift pan up when moving or when shaking as in popping corn. Keep surface protected with cleaner-conditioner. NEVER USE FOIL on glass tops; rubbing it across the surface also makes dark metal marks.
Smooth Glass Top Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning
Note: Black glass tops are different; see instructions for them.
The smooth glassy surface has no crevices for dirt and spills to hide, but it has to be kept clean to avoid soil burning on and staining, as stains show up visibly. Wipe when cool with a clean damp cloth or a clean damp paper towel to remove any spills, soil or spots. Do not use the dishcloth used to wash dishes as it will leave soiled detergent solution on the top, which may show up as brown streaks when heated. A mild detergent solution (such as hand dish-washing liquid in warm water) or baking soda in warm water can be used to clean it; always rinse off all cleaning solution thoroughly and wipe with clean paper towel at the end of the cleaning process.
Special cleaners sold by the manufacturer of the cooktop for just this material should be used periodically. Apply with a clean, damp paper towel, and then wipe with another clean, slightly-dampened paper towel; or follow label instructions on special cleaner, or manual instructions for cooktop. These cleaners leave a protective coating on the surface. They also remove dark marks from aluminum or copper pans or racks slid across the cooktop.
Dark marks from metal rubbing on glass top MUST be removed before they are heated. Heat can permanently cement them into the surface. Other methods of removal are:
1. Copper marks - rub with a plastic or other non-abrasive scrubber and a mildly abrasive cleanser such as Bar Keepers Friend or Delete.
2. Aluminum - place two paper towels soaked with diluted chlorine bleach (1 part bleach to 4 parts water) on top of mark for about one hour. Clean with a non-abrasive cleanser. After using a mild cleanser, re-coat glass top with a sparing application of Cleaner Conditioner. Remove excess conditioner with a clean, damp paper towel. Polish dry before heating the surface.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 11/10/2006:
What's good about your review is you address the light shaded ones. More common black tops tend to be covered predominately. Good post! I will be voting this very helpful as I'm sure you did for me.
Anonymous on 11/10/2006:
Interesting, but I've never heard of the brand, MaytagE.
Anonymous on 11/10/2006:
Good, I see you caught your spelling error, thanks for the informative.
Noneill on 11/10/2006:
Great info!
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Poor Quality / Poor Service
Posted by on
Yesterday I replaced my 6 year old Maytag washing machine after the serviceman charged me $132 (for a 10-minute visit) and told me it would cost another $400 to fix it! (My last Maytag lasted 25 years with no repairs and was still running when I gave it away.) I did some research on washing machines and found that Maytag's ratings were not very high. (Their front-loaders were rated dead last.) When I went to an appliance store to look at machines, the salesman told me that his Maytag had only lasted 4 years and that he did not recommend Maytag to any of his customers. He said "Maytag ain't what Maytag used to be". I also found that some of the big chain stores are getting away from Maytag. (Maytag's parts warranty has also gone from 5/10 years to one year--I guess that should tell us something.) I find it perplexing that a company could make washing machines 50 years ago that would last 25-30 years, but now can't make one that will last 10 years! Damn Maytag. I am telling everyone I know to avoid their junk.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 01/14/2006:
Of the who knows how many Maytag model washers available, there are probably 4-5 that are any decent quality. With those costing at least about 20%-25% higher than a comparable GE or Whirlpool, you're right, why even bother.
First Amendment on 01/15/2006:
agreed!! we spent a ton of money on a maytagy wide by side refrigerator and in less than two years time had to have the ice maker repaired twice. it's still not right. we also had to have the door lining replaced and the bottom drawer falls off of the refrigerator door. customer service is non-existent, long long long hold times and they never seem to be able to find our repair service record and by the way, their receipts for service are on small little hand held printers and the ink fades in just a couple of months so if you get maytag service and they use one of those printers - MAKE A COPY of the receipt because if something happens, good luck getting them to find a record of your service. how convenient for them!
Anonymous on 01/15/2006:
I've had a Maytag Performa top-loader for a few years and have been happy with it. The timer knob broke off though.
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Spin Cycle
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- The washer on spin cycle sounds like and I'm not kidding. It sounds like a mother ship coming in for a landing . I have to leave the house during spin cycle
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Washing Machine That Is Not
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Maytag Bravos does not clean clothes. I pushed my Bravos out the door and purchased a Speed Queen 412. I am quite happy now. Maytag does not care. I would not take any Maytag product even if given to me.
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The Oven Catches on Fire.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII -- I baked an apple pie. To keep the oven clean, I put down foil. The smallest piece of apple caused flames and my home to fill with smoke. Then they get you!!! You can't use the oven again until you clean it at 350 degrees for 3 hours. That's frightening, ,because to clean, it HAS to preheat to 350 degrees again, and I'm afraid that it will start to burn again..........and burn my home down. Sincerely, Juliette M. Guard
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