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Rude Manager, Bad Products
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NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Our Neptune 5500 washer quit working after 6 years. The repairman said we needed a new circuit board, but would have to buy a motor/circuit board kit. The cost was nearly $500 but the annoying thing was that our motor had a 10-year warranty. The repairman suggested we talk to the manager. We've been doing business at that store for 20 years. Thought we would get a reasonable reaction but were shocked when the dealer was rude and insulting. Also found out our washer has been part of a class action suit and we were never notified. Lots of problems with this machine. Maytag quality has really declined, and the service is horrible.

Waste Of Money
By -

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Purchased in May 2005. By December 2008 it is ready for the dumpster. It started making a lot of noise, the rinse cycle would not work, so the tech came. He replaced the belt and gasket, the belt is so hard to get to, he HAS NO CHOICE but to replace the gasket at the same time. It had the same problem within a day, rinse cycle still not working. So he replaced the timer. None of this was covered under the warranty (surprise surprise).

A month later I smelled smoke. There was water all over the floor, now I find out from the tech there is a leak in the top seal, large and very serious. Of course, not covered under the warranty, tech said it will take around $160 in parts and 3 hours of labor, major job. Not worth it so his advice? "Dump the piece of ** and consider a Whirlpool, between $300 and $400 easy to fix, better value for money."

I cannot believe a washing machine in moderate use only lasted for 3 1/2 yrs. Customer Service at Maytag, finally offered us a 15% cash back if we buy a Maytag or Whirlpool machine. The reason I bought this machine was because it was recommended to me by Consumer Reviews. Guess I won't trust their opinion again!

Authorized repair
By -

TEXAS -- My Maytag drying center stopped dying in its 3rd year of use. I called Maytag and was referred to a company in San Antonio named "GeneraL Services" appliance repair. The technician arrived on time and quickly assessed the problem. He told me that the part would take 3-4 days to get. After that time I called the company and asked about the part. I was informed that the part would take at least 2-3 weeks to get! I asked if the internet would help and was told NO!

I ordered the part over the internet, received it in 2 days and I installed it myself. The dryer works great. The repair company called me after 7 weeks to inform me that the part was available. The "lady" asked if I still needed the repair, when I said no she immediately hung up! I contacted Maytag regarding this poor service experience and several weeks have passed without a word from Maytag. A $1500.00 dryer should rate a little better respect and service.

Make Sure You Are Putting the Blame on the Right Company
By -

NEWTON, IOWA -- Whirlpool bought and took over the Maytag Corporation and is now the proud parent of the products and services that most people used to be able to rely on. As an ex-Maytag employee and current retiree, let me assure you that Whirlpool is treating the retirees of the founding Maytag company as bad as some of their own current customers.

After agreeing to continue to pay our union negotiated benefits that was to cover us for our lifetime, Whirlpool has now opted to file a lawsuit in an attempt to make many drastic negative changes to our coverage. If Whirlpool treats their employees and retirees in that fashion... what makes you think they care about your purchased product and your experience as a customer?

Be Careful With "Authorized" Distributors
By -

I bought some appliances from Maytag corporation in Mexico. They gave the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was forced (because they never answered my e-mails nor my phone calls) to cancel my order. Now they don´t want to give me my money (USD $6,000.00). I have this debt in my credit card, and I can't pay it. This is a nightmare. Please, be very careful when you buy something. Sometimes, even when we think we are making a deal with a good company, we find out they just want our money and they are not willing to provide the service they promised.

Maytag products
By -

BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I read with interest the reviews provided on the site, as a preparation for purchasing a commercial washer. To my GREAT surprise, the finding of customers views are extremely negative on many products, as well on the service itself, that my decision to purchase ONLY Maytag has been put on hold, and decided to investigate the worthiness of other manufacturers. The fact that a manufacturer disregards consumer's complaint about a faulty product, regardless whether the product is within or without the Manufacturer's warranty, is the a great degree, disheartening.

It is unconceivable to even think, that a manufacturer which considers its product to be of a quality, would not honor its own product, just in order to keep the reputation that has been acquired over a long period of time, just to lose it in a relatively short one. As the phrase goes: It takes a lifetime for one to build own world, just to lose it in a minute.

Warranty Service
By -

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Purchased (a former customer) washer and dryer from Dependable Maytag in Naperville (an independent family own business) as opposed to a large chain like Home Depot. The purchase took place on December 31, 2007 and had to select floor models because of needed delivery on that date. The guarantee floor models were delivered with no manuals. Later that day we noticed that the dryer door did not close properly. Maytag repair man came on 1/3/08 to check it and confirm that the door needed a new hinge and also reported that the control buttons were indented into the panel and recommended a new panel.

I called the owner Rick that evening and advising him that our preference will be get a new dryer. He indicated that they require a 20% re-stocking fee. He then proceeded to confirm that he will replace the panel (even after stating that an obvious manufacturing defect was caused by us after using the dryer two times!!!) and hinge and that the dryer will be fine after that. To our surprise, the Maytag repair man showed up today and stated that Rick cancelled his recommendation to get a new panel. This situation WILL MAKE US THINK 3 TIMES before we purchase anything at an independent Maytag supplier.

This in our opinion is lack of CUSTOMER CARE and misrepresentation of Maytag. Our desire is to return the washer and dryer to Dependable Maytag and not to make the same mistake again of using an independent and dishonest Maytag distributor.

Worthless Warranty
By -

I purchased an HVAC system consisting of a Maytag gas furnace, 23 SEER AC unit and the IQ drive controller. This system came with a 12 year parts and labor warranty. After 11 months I needed a minor repair. The company I made my purchase from told me they no longer honor Maytag warranties because the warranty service provider, Equiguard, filed chapter 11 and contractors are not getting paid. I am demanding my money back and will go to court if necessary.

Company Response 11/17/2009:

I represent NORDYNE, the manufacturer of the Maytag iQ Drive systems. It's true that Equiguard filed Chapter 11 (which affected more companies than just Maytag), but dealers are getting paid now for warranty work. If you contact us, we can work with you to find another Maytag dealer in your area to service your system. Your warranty is ultimately backed by NORDYNE and it is still good. Please call 1-800-422-4328 and press 4 for warranty. We'll take care of you.

Customer Service
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I would just like to let you know about my extremely negative experience with Maytag. I recently purchased all new appliances from a Maytag retail store located in Henderson, Nevada. I purchased a stove, dish washer, microwave, washer and a dryer. Obviously when picking out the kitchen appliances, I choose items that matched. I though working directly with Maytag would be a pleasant experience. Well, the installation people come to the house and begin to install the products. My wife is there with the kids.

They get done installing the products and have her sign off. She has two twin infants that she is taking care of and just signs off. Obviously she has her hands full. First thing I noticed is that the stove is about 8 inches from the wall. The gas line is in the way. A reputable installation person would have pointed this out. I called the store and they referred me directly to Maytag's 1-800 phone number. I call them and they tell me to call the store back. I call the store back and they tell me there's nothing that can be done. Fine, I pay a plumber to move the gas line.

Second, I notice the microwave does not match the other appliances or the one from the store. The main difference is the handle. I call Candy, the sales woman, and she informs me that the model has changed. This is a problem, if I am going to spend $6,000 on appliances at the very least I would like them to match. It is the sales person to keep up on their products and not sell items that cannot be delivered. So I call Candy and she tells me that she will have a person come out and switch out the handles.

The person shows up with the handle from the item in the store and tries to install it. It will not fit so I call Candy back. She tries to convince me to keep the model I have. This is not optional, for the amount of $$ I spent they should match. She says that she can give me the floor model and at a possible discount (considering it is a floor model it should be discounted) but that she has to talk to her manager. She calls today and informs me that there will be no discount and points out that by the way the install people will have made three trips to my house as if it is my fault and an inconvenience.

I'll tell you what an inconvenience is, it is walking into a supposedly topnotch manufacturer's showroom, spending a lot of $$ on products, making arrangements to be around to have installation people come out three times, spending hours on the phone trying to get things fixed, and being told "too bad you signed a piece of paper." If that is not incompetence and horrible customer service, I do not know what is. I'll be sure to let everyone I can about the type of service you get from Maytag.

Maytag Service Saga
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- As posted on several forums and chat rooms all over the Internet: Newlyweds August 12, 1989. Buy a used pair of Maytag washer & dryer (Copper colored that they stopped making sometime mid '70s). Had them through three moves and only replaced the motor one time and had to clean and lube the motor tracks a couple times.

June 14, 2004. Finally had to replace the washer, and based on having a ten year old (or older) Maytag for fifteen years, we decide to buy a new Maytag $365. June 28, 2006 new drive pulley and belt. Two year old plastic pulley wore out and chewed up the belt. $145.80. March 13, 2007 broke brake needs drive pulley "KIT" which includes the brake and the plastic pulley and belt ("Sorry can't get just the brake by itself, it only comes in the "KIT") $183.

July 5th 2007 while off on my own little vaca the wife reports the washer quits again. Get home, look underneath and sure enough there is a broken piece hanging out of the water pump. How do I know it is the water pump? Am I a trained technician? Well, there are three things hooked to that whazzit, a hose from the tub, a hose to the drain, and a belt around the pulley underneath it, I think it is the water pump.

Call Maytag 1-800-688-9900 and the first couple of minutes of voicemail hell you have to listen to notices about a couple of recalls on their products (this is building my confidence). One hour dance on the phone with Maytag explaining that I do not want to pay another $150 repair and have a three year old machine that I am not confident will keep working three weeks longer. I'd rather go spend $450 and get a new machine with at least 12 months warranty.

Maytag says they will warranty the pump but I have to pay $65 service, to which I say OK. I further tell them to make sure their third party contract service provider shows up with the correct water pump for my model, serial number, and revision of machine (they have all the numbers) because I know it is the water pump.

July 7, 2007 3rd party service tech shows up. Looks under the machine, sees part hanging out of whazzit and says "Wow, I have never seen a water pump fall apart like that before. I hope I have a replacement on the truck.” One hour plus on the phone with several other techs and tech support and he decides he can use the pump he has even though it isn't exactly the called for part number. $218.35!!!

$65 to come out, $70.18 for the part and an hour and a half labor of which one hour plus was the research to see if the water pump he had on the truck could be used on our machine. Maytag did NOT hand off the call with the note that it was definitely the water pump (A&E Service never trusts Maytag or customers diagnosis anyway). Also Maytag DID NOT provide an authorization number for the warranty on the part.

Saturday and NOBODY is answering the phone at Maytag, not even if you try to press 1 "if you are in a store and going to buy a Maytag". It is either pay the $218 or he has to take the pump back out. I say take the pump and the washer both and get the hell out. Wife says "If it is working pay him, I have to do laundry."

July 9th, 2007 I call Maytag and after several runarounds (I will not take NO from someone who does not have the authority to give me a YES) we finally get an approval to credit me for the part but I have to take it up with A&E for the labor. I also have to submit a letter and copy of the bill to get the reimbursement.

Next call A&E to see about a credit for the hour and a half labor of which over an hour was the kibbutz on whether he could use the part he had. She starts to get a little huffy with me when I finally lower the boom. "This was paid for with an American Express Card, you can either credit all but the $65 or I will protest the full $218.35 and you will get bupkis." She agrees to credit all but the $65 and the part. We will see what shows up on next month's bill.

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