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Calypso Wahser
Posted by on
This is by far the worst appliance I have ever had in my life. I have put so much money into repairs for this washer and it's still messed up leaks all over the floor constantly going out of balance and it's only been used for a less than a year. This is a very expensive machine, yet I have had to spend lots of money repairing time and time again. I can't put very many clothes either it's always going out of balance leaks all over the floor, this is after I just put $500.00 into repairs by a very repetiable service man. This is the biggest piece of junk I've ever owned and people need to know not to buy this machine. I'm going to have to go buy a new washer after spending all this money on a piece of junk.
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L Lake on 01/18/2010:
Isn't Calypso made by Whirlpool and not Maytag? I think that I used to own one many years ago. It was terrible and my clothes would get this black goopy stuff on them. I then bought myself a Neptune washer to replace it, so I went from the fat to the fire. After those two I'm surprised I just didn't give up on washing machines and just use an old fashioned scrub board. At least it was reliable.
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Buy Different Brand
Posted by on
I own Maytag washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, microwave & refrigerator. Washer failed after just a few months and now 9 months later find it needs a complete new control board. We are a family of 2 adults. Not used much! Trying to get service with our extended warranty is horrible at best with long waits to get anyone out.

Dishwasher was used one time and it failed. Took over a week to get someone here. Now have to wait another two weeks to get touch pad/panel in so it can be replaced. I am told by service man that it was assembles wrong!?

The top oven on my new double oven in not heating correctly. Temp is off.

When they delivered refrigerator they could not get water out of dispenser on door to stop. Still working on that as well as trying to remove all the adhesive left on the door of freezer. Unit scratches using basic dish towels (black finish).

I regret my purchases and feel extreme frustration with the time involved to get help and the lack of quality in these items.

I had Kenmore appliance for over 14 years and never had any repairs on them, ever, let alone after one use.

I paid so much money and have to wait weeks and weeks to be able to use my appliances.

Consider your selection very strongly.
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Slimjim on 01/14/2010:
One of the common things here besides the brand, is the failure of electronic control panels. No doubt something your Kenmores didn't feature. I can't recommend enough going for standard mechanical controls on major appliances whenever possible.
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Product durability
Posted by on
Purchased a Washer & Dryer - 3 years ago. Family of two adults, only 1 adult use appliance. Within two years the pump went out on the washer, under warranty, replaced - now 3+ dryer stopped drying - not under warranty, have to pay for repairs. This has been an experience that I don't like. I will never purchase Maytag again. I had a speed queen that lasted for 15 years with minor repairs. Maytag washer & dryer are poorly made and I do not recommend.
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Anonymous on 12/14/2009:
Problems can happen with any appliance on the planet. Things are not made like your Speed Queen anymore.
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3 year old microwave
Posted by on
CLEAVELAND,, TENNESSEE -- Sir; In Aug 06, we purchased your over the stove Micro. We are a family of two seniors. We use the micro a few times a day to reheat, etc. We are not a family of 5, with for example, baby bottles to heat, etc. After 40 months I opened the door and the plastic handle pulled off and broke in my hand! Your quality control and material is extremely inferior. My previous micro lasted about 10 years and was only replaced because my wife claimed it was too slow A response would be appreciated.
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Anonymous on 12/08/2009:
Everything is now made with plastic instead of metal, that's why those small appliances are so affordable. Unfortunately, plastic is weaker than metal.

Posting your complaint here only informs others of your issue. Maytag will probably not see it to respond as you're requesting.
Doctor Charlie on 12/08/2009:
Is this is a letter that you mailed or emailed to the manufacturer?

I am sure the warranty is just for a year. The company doesn't care how many people you have in your family and if you have any babies.
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Be Aware
Posted by on
I like many others was going to purchase an extended service contract with DEPENDABILITY PLUS; I won’t even place the Maytag name in front being Maytag has nothing to do with them They’re a 3rd party company using the Maytag name for business (which Maytag/Whirlpool should put a stop to). First off the company is a complete rip off! I wouldn't trust them to throw dirt on a casket if we were grave diggers.

I was on the Maytag website and noticed the extended contract was cheaper than what was offered when my husband and I purchased our new washer/dryer set. So we decided to go ahead and extend online. After submitting all of my information including payment I received an error message stating there was an error in getting my conformation code but it will be emailed to me within 24-48 hrs. Something seemed a bit odd so I called and spoke with the 1st representative who also seemed a bit odd and off when she quickly looked me up and was so eager and happy to say "Oh no payment's gone through I can take that now for you!". Was she serious, I mean did she really think that I was going to pay again twice? May I add that upon calling them the 1st time I was placed on hold too many times to remember because they had incorrect information in "their system" on me such as address, purchase date names and numbers! I couldn't figure out how the even had my address listed as a PO Box when I've never contacted them before. So after getting all of that straight (so I thought), I hang up with the off the wall money hungry rep., I wait a few minutes them I call back because something didn't seem right. Now the 2nd representative tries to verify my mailing address for security reasons...uh this is very interesting. So after he looks up the account in "their system” I’m on hold again!

Here we go ROUND 2! Once again they have incorrect information, so I'm on hold again and all of a sudden we're disconnected. I call back for ROUND 3! Rep. Number 3 seems to be legit. I explain to her the issue (3rd time doing so in 1 hr). She then tells me the company has been experiencing web issues. After this blah-blah-blah she quotes me an over the top price which is obviously way more than what I thought I was paying for online. I then tell her that's way more than online and asked why. So after some more blah-blah she and a supervisor agree to honor the online price if the payment didn't go through online. I was then instructed to give it a couple of days and call back if I don't get the confirmation email. I take the reps name just in case someone all of a sudden develops a case of amnesia. OK so I wait and wait and wait, a week later still no confirmation email. I go back to the site which doesn't even let you get further than entering what type of appliance you want a quote on before giving a website error message. Here we go again ROUND 4! I call and immediately tell the representative that unfortunately gets my call that I would like to leave a message for representative 1. being she took my call and was familiar with the situation.

Rep 2 then goes on trying to sell me an extended contract costing more than the online site and more than what all 3 reps quoted to me last week! WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS! Here we go again, after going through the entire story again he tells me they can't honor the price, I say yes a representative and supervisor told me on XX date that it will be honored they would have to handwrite in the price. Once I say that he all of a sudden remembers...oh yeah thank you for saying that, yes they can. He puts me on hold then comes back telling me oh my supervisor says we can't. I tell him put your supervisor on the line! ROUND 5! She gets on and once again I explain the situation she says the same blah-blah, I tell her put her supervisor on because she's not making any sense to me!

Here we go ROUND 6! This lady gets on the phone trying to say whatever while cutting me off whenever I try to speak! Now by this time I have an outer body experience and let her have it while still being the professional that I am. I tell her it's time out for her to be talking to me she needs to listen because I'm the paying customer! She gives me the same old blah-blah then says a reps. word doesn't hold up...uhh OK! I let her know that I will add to the 200 something complaints already placed on their company within the past 4 months to the BBB. I also let her know that I hate handling business over the phone especially when the person on the other end isn't in the same state or location because you always get the run around and that I like to say what I have to say in your face so nothing gets twisted. She apologizes for me feeling that way and says she will discuss this at the morning meeting to see what can be done but doesn't guarantee anything...well go freaking figure! By the way they never put me through to Rep.3's line saying at first they couldn't when I was told they could, then after I pointed that out to them they tried to say they didn't know who she was then covering that up by saying well she's not in today.

ROUND 7! So the supervisor calls me back the next morning with more blah-blah, when she finishes I then try to tell her that It's OK because my we've decided not to go with their rip off company and will contact BBB she tries once again to cut me off so I say what I have to then as politely let her discuss anything further with my dial tone!! TKO I'm so done with those idiots and will write a complaint on every complaint board that I can find! My advice read the complaints and DON'T PAY THEM ANYTHING, THEY ARE RIP OFFS!
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Admiral down after 4 years
Posted by on
We bought an Admiral Refrigerator, Side by Side approx. 4 years ago. After the first year the ice maker quit working, was fixed by service man, the next year, a fan in the freezer went out, which the serviceman said was a part that he had to replace often. This caused a loss of frozen food, which had to be replaced. Between the third and fourth year, our freezer and refrigerator quit working, loss of freezer and refrigerator food. Serviceman came and said he didn't see any thing wrong, to turn it back on and let it run and call him, if it quit again. Needless to say it quit again. He came back and decided that the compressor was going out, which he said was under warranty for 5 years. We paid the service call and fan the second year, because he said it wasn't under warranty. He said that he didn't have the tools to put in a compressor and gave us a number for another service company, by this time we had been out of a refrigerator approx. 6 days. We called and a serviceman came two days later, said it was not the compressor, but something else. Said to plug it back in and he would order parts, but first we needed to pay half of $226, so he could order parts. It was something to do with the defroster. We paid that money, and then my husband had to spend 40 minutes on the phone with the service company, who set an appointment. We now have been without a refrigerator for 9 days. The service company called me the other day to ask if we have received parts yet, (didn't know we were to receive parts) and to call them if we did. This was on is Tuesday and they called again to ask about parts (which we haven't received), said to call them in the am if parts don't get here tonite, and they will decided what to do then. Besides doing without a refrigerator, losing food and getting phone calls every day from the service company, we have no refrigerator. This is a brand new Admiral, and we are not happy with this at all, we have had 25 year old refrigerators that are still running in someones garage. Is this Right?????
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Slimjim on 11/24/2009:
I bet those other 25 year old boxes you had weren't Admirals. They've always been a low brand, even before Maytag bought them. Actually Maytag refrigs are reincarnated Admirals more than the other way around.
qualityappliance on 11/26/2009:
It sounds like your complaint should be more with the service company that can't seem to repair the refrigerator corectly. It is hard to diagnose a defrost problem if the unit is unpluged and defrosted when the tech arrives.
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Worthless Warranty
Posted by on
I purchased an HVAC system consisting of a Maytag gas furnace, 23 SEER AC unit and the IQ drive controller. This system came with a 12 year parts and labor warranty. After 11 months I needed a minor repair. The company I made my purchase from told me they no longer honor Maytag warranties because the warranty service provided, Equiguard, filed chapter 11 and contractors are not getting paid. I am demanding my money back and will go to court if necessary.
Company Response 11/17/2009:
I represent NORDYNE, the manufacturer of the Maytag iQ Drive systems. It's true that Equiguard filed Chapter 11 (which affected more companies than just Maytag), but dealers are getting paid now for warranty work. If you contact us, we can work with you to find another Maytag dealer in your area to service your system. Your warranty is ultimately backed by NORDYNE and it is still good. Please call 1-800-422-4328 and press 4 for warranty. We'll take care of you.
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Disappointed and Saddened
Posted by on
NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have used Dependable Maytag in Naperville for years to buy appliances, purchase repair parts and for repair service at my house.
Most recent experience will be my last.
Bought a repair part for a dryer. Due to lack of time, I could not install the part and called their service dept, who repaired the unit the next day. Spare part I purchased was not needed. Asked if part was returnable and technician said "yes".
Got to store and was told "no problem, just need manager approval". This is when the fun started.
Manager said not returnable due to it being a custom order. Reminded them the part was a stock item when I bought it, 1 of 3 they had in house just 3 days ago.
Manager agreed but THEN said it was not returnable due to being an electrical part. I challenged this because the only electrical component on the item was a single wire and a light bulb socket. Manager agreed but THEN said not returnable because it was used. I showed the manager the invoice from his own service tech showing that the part was not used, and was still in the original box. Manager agreed but THEN said he could not take returns due to the owners return policy. I pointed out that the return policy is not written anywhere in store, just appears to be made up as they go. Manager THEN said he would credit me the repair part price toward the purchase of a new dryer. At this point I walked out with my now useless part. I am horribly disappointed that what used to be a "dependable" sales and repair shop is now resorting an ambiguous return policy to make a buck on a repair part, or even worse, force me to buy a new dryer just to get my money back. I could have bought somewhere else for less, now I wish I had. "Dependable" Maytag needs to publish a clear return policy and show a little respect for repeat customers, instead of laughing and telling them "Good Luck" as they walk out the door in frustration. (Yes, I was really told "Good Luck" as I walked out!)
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qualityappliance on 11/12/2009:
What is the part?
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Maytag Corporation
Posted by on
I have never liked Maytag products. They have always been noisey, leaked and break down. by the way Maytag is now owned by Whirlpool so maybe things will get better. All my appliances are Kitchen Aid and have only had two minor problems and they were fixed within a day or two.
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Anonymous on 09/29/2009:
Thanks for letting us know!

I vote Not Helpful.
jktshff1 on 09/29/2009:
Nohandle on 09/29/2009:
Are you suggesting we purchase under the Whirlpool brand or the Kitchen Aid brand? If it's Kitchen Aid how long have you had your appliances? I've never had a service call for my Fridgerator dishwasher but the Fridgerator fridge repair calls are getting a bit costly. How long have you had the appliances you are pleased with?
Slimjim on 09/29/2009:
Interesting as Maytag tends to make historically very quiet machines, at least their laundry was. Well now they are owned by Whirlpool, who also owns Kitchen Aid, and a Maytag product can be made by any one of the brands that are in the Whirlpool family now.
Nohandle on 09/29/2009:
I've got the Whirlpool Ultimate Care II washer and dryer. Never a moments trouble with either. If I had a service call it was because of the plumbing. I think our biggest problem now is we don't know what brand to buy. What was perfect a a number of years back isn't anymore. That's one of my reasons for asking how old someone's appliances are.
6ffighter9 on 09/29/2009:
I've had my KitchenAid appliances for 6 years. My original KitchenAid dishwasher lasted me 13 years and when I replaced it I discovered I didn't need to. Both dishwashers had to be repaired, technically they needed to be cleaned, my family have a habit of putting jars in with labels still attached and for breaking glassware and not taking the pieces out or telling me so that I can remove them. That's why the first dishsher was replaced which I repaired (removed pieces of glass) and my sister has been using since in her cottage. Maytags used to be great dishwashers but noisey as hell and this is not just my opinion. I believe Whirlpool makes the best washers and dryers now. Like all things, I found you get what you pay for. No matter what appliance make you buy I found the higher end models lasted the longest with the least amount of problems. My first KitchenAid dishwasher cost $1100.00 in 1990.
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Defective "New" Product Delivered but Maytag Will Not Replaced
Posted by on
I purcahsed a Maytag dishwasher from Home Depot that was delivered to my rental property located at Bloomfield, NJ 07003 on 01-Aug-09. The Tenants/Meilin Cheng and her husband Luis moved in the weekend of 8/9.Aug and discovered that they dishwasher was not working. I called Home Depot on 10 Aug who stated that they could not do anything for me until we contacted Maytag and give me Maytag's number. I called Maytag who scheduled service on 14. Aug.09. We advised them that we would appreciate them to come earlier. Maytag scheduled an appointment for American Home Appliance Service to come out of the property - they sent an individual named Luis. When he arrived, he asked my tentant' mother who answered the door "where is the good" - a derogatory name for a Chinese. At the time he did not know that the lady was my Tenant's mother who stated that "I'm the gook's mother". Prior to leaving the property on 12. Aug./luis stated that the item was defective and needed to be replaced. I called Maytag and advised them. They stated that they cannot do anything for us because luis had not submitted his report. I also called Home Depot who stated that they could not do anything for us because they had to wait on Maytag. I called American Home Appliance Service today and spoke with a jackie was was nasty-rude-ignorant among other things. She stated that luis brought the paper work into the office today. I asked her why it took so long and she stated that that is the way it is. I told her that that was unacceptable and that I would like to speak to her manager - she hung up on me - I tried calling again - she kept hanging up on me then left the phone off the hook.
jackie then called my Tenant, Meilin and told her that we have no choice but to have it repaired. I called Maytag and advised them of such. I told Maytag that I do not want that kind of business in my property again and that I wanted the dishwasher replaced - Maytag - Dana at 866-640-7146 XT 3561 stated that their contract w/Home Depot is to repair the dishwasher and that the retailer, Home Depot has the authority to replace the dishwasher - I called Cheryl/manager at Home Depot 609-585-0411 who stated that they cannot do that. I told her that my perception of this situaiton is that it is okay for them to deliver a defective product w/out the option of them replacing it. According to them, it is okay for my tenants to be inconvenience by taking time off from work for a couple of days already and for me to spend countless hours on the phone trying to deal w/the situation. I purchased a new product from the retailer but a defective product was past on to the customer who must now deal with repair issues with no recourse offered but the unacceptable issue of having to have it repaired.
I am still getting the run-around from Home Depot and maytag. Neither is willing to replace the defective item but wants to repair it but parts have to be ordered first. This situation can cause me to loose the lease with my tenants who have already been insulted my Maytag's Authorized representative, luis from American Home Appliance Service and jaskie, the rude and ignorant "customer-care" individual. A customer should not have to settle when they purchase a new product - we are concern as to what other issues we will have with this defective product. Please help us.

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Slimjim on 08/14/2009:
What is this so called defect? Why can't it just be fixed? It's already installed and more often than not, changing a bad part would be a lot easier than changing the dishwasher.

I also had a few more inquiries regarding this "where's the good(k)" thing.
Anonymous on 08/14/2009:
"I called Home Depot on 10 Aug who stated that they could not do anything for me until we contacted Maytag and give me Maytag's number."

One of the problems when buying from a hardware store

qualityappliance on 08/14/2009:
What is the problem with the dishwasher?
Who installed the dishwasher?

The answers to these questions will probably reveal what is wrong. Although it is possible to have a brand new defective unit it is very unlikely. Probably over 99% of the calls I have gone out on for defective brand new installations have been installation related problems.

I would agree that Luis sounds rude, but be aware that if you installed the dishwasher yourself and the problem is installation related the service company can charge you for the service call and repair.
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