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Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 - 10.1 Is So Slow
Posted by Coccjr on 12/22/2013
SOUTH KOREA, NEW YORK -- I have a Samsung Galaxy 2-10.1 GT-P5113 and my problem is that it takes a full two (2) minutes to turn on and be activated. By contrast my Apple iPad2 takes a nano-second to activate. No problem at all with the Apple iPad2.

I have e-mailed and complained on their Facebook page in addition to calling their support phone Nbr 18552786363(WiFi). Nobody at support can explain why it takes so long and my emails and Facebook inquires amount to zilch. I will say that Samsung is 98% of the time very professional. I never have any problems with them except the long activation waiting on my Samsung Tablet. Why the hell can't they make their Tablet activate faster? I have been told that their Samsung phones activate instantly. Why can't the Tablets? Why the hell do users have to wait 2 full minutes to get on the Web?

They cannot give one satisfactory explanation and I and millions of other users are just SICK & TIRED OF WAITING TWO (2) MINUTES TO GET ACTIVATED. I want to rectify this deficiency regarding their Tablets.
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New Cell Phone Is Crap
Posted by Hoyty33 on 12/02/2013
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- For over 10 years I've been a faithful consumer of this product, until now, when I had bought the Samsung gal sg4 on Aug 30, 2013 because my previous sg2 kept malfunctioning. I had it replaced twice and didn't want another sg2 due to possible duplicate future problems. So I felt forced to upgrade to the sg4 I heard such good things about through commercials & ads, (& without any 'expected' discounted help from Sprint or Samsung), I had to pay full price. The phone freezes all the time and is much slower than the sg2. I expected it to be so much better as I read it was in articles and reviews. I think it's worse. The battery doesn't last long at all either and with "no flash support" I can barely get popular videos or animated cartoons that many others get on their phones. I got more with the sg2!
I've talked to others who have the same complaints about their sg4 also and wish they never upgraded.
Are we suppose to be having all these problems with this phone??? Is there anything that can be done while "waiting 2 years" for our contract to be up?!? :( ~ thanx
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-03:
I love my S4, The battery life is tremendous, I even with moderate use I can go two days before having to recharge the battery, I've never come across a video I couldn't view either. What videos can't you watch?
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Cannot Get Warranty Service for Dishwasher
Posted by Howard263 on 11/22/2013
NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I have call 5 times because my dishwasher does note work - the past (3) three times I have been given a work order number and told that a factory service company would call me with in two (2) days - it is now three (3) days after getting my third work order number and NO CALL!

I also own three (3) flat screen Samsung TVs and luckily I have not needed any service.

In a very few minutes, I will be calling them again.

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App I Don't Want
Posted by Daviserniegene on 11/09/2013
Every time I turn on my phone I get a ad for Samsung music hub, which I don't want and tried to eliminate, but cannot get rid of ad. Why do I have to look at this ad, just because I have a Samsung phone! Would I if I had an ipod, now I want one...
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-11-09:
Try this link. It has alot of sites purporting to help you remove this junk. Next time, don't buy a Samsung, I guess.

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=samsung music hub ad remove
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Broken 30 Days Later & Not Covered Under Warranty!
Posted by Msp729 on 10/28/2013
EVANS, GEORGIA -- I just purchased a Samsung Washer/Dryer combo on 9/24/2013. The model number on the dryer is: dv50f9a7evw/a2. I paid over $2000.00 for the set. One month and 3 days after purchasing the set I did a load of clothes and when I took the lint filter out to clean it, the little door flap that is attached to the lint filter popped open and fell onto the floor.

When I tried to put it back on I noticed that the pegs holding it on had completely broken off. So without it the lint literally falls into the dryer bottom, which can cause a fire. I called Samsung and their response was oh we don't cover physical defects.

After going back and forth with them that I have only used the washer and dryer maybe a total of 10 times, because the products had to be ordered after I purchased them and it took a while for delivery. So anyway, I told them that the product had to be defective and I had just paid that amount of money and bought an extended warranty. Their response was basically...oh well you need to go to samsungparts.com and buy a new one.

I wanted to warn anyone thinking of paying this much for a washer and dryer...shop around first. I can't believe that after only a few uses that it would break first of all and after paying that much for something they wouldn't even have the decency to send me a replacement part. So I'm now out another $35.00 for a lint filter. What a rip off. Horrible customer service!!! I will NEVER buy another Samsung anything just because of the customer service attitude I just encountered. Buyer Beware of Horrible customer service. They are so big they just don't care.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-30:
I suggest calling the retailer you purchased it at to see if there is anything they could do to help you. Also a complaint to the CSPC might be in order.
Posted by Paul on 2013-10-30:
This stinks. They should have replaced that part IMO. The replacement will likely be made the same way. I would handle it very carefully.
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Samsung Warranty & Customer Service Do Not Mean Anything
Posted by Curtswan74 on 08/12/2013
Failed Samsung SSD 840 Series after 1 month. Samsung Customer Service logged the call and support / RMA never call back as promised. After repeated attempts and excuses of escalation I'm constantly given the same story that it's been escalated and I'll receive communication in two or three days.

Samsung Ref. 8211440367
SSD 840 Series Warranty Claim.
Date lodged 2nd Aug 2013
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Dangerous-Turns on by Itself
Posted by Brooke9257 on 07/17/2013
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- My Samsung Microwave (SMH9187W) started all by itself! I heard the microwave 'ping' then turn on. The display window read 'baked potato.' I turned the microwave off, unplugged it and waited an hour. When I plugged it back in, the same thing happened. It started by itself every few minutes. I notified Samsung and they stated that I could return it and they would fix it at my expense. They did not appear to be concerned about the danger nor did they want to get the microwave to determine if there was a defect that could endanger others.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-17:
Most all electrical appliances can be hazardous if they malfunction. My guess is Samsung is confident this is not a widespread problem.
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Poor Quality Product - Sudden Death, Appalling Customer “support” & “services”, Refused To Honor Warranty With Excuses...
Posted by LippyK123iss on 07/04/2013

Purchased a brand new Samsung NP-RV520-A07UK laptop on November 2012. It suddenly stopped working - simply won’t turn on (no power - battery & charger works fine).

It was still under warranty so took it to the Authorised Service Centre “Samuel King LTD UK” (19/06/2013) who refused to handle the laptop as I was unable to locate and therefore produce a receipt. Contacted Samsung Support (0330 7267864, dear_customer@contactus. Samsung. com) as advised who:

(1) Initially denied the existence of ‘Purchase Date” shown on the BIOS which should have established WHEN the unit was purchased!

(2) Eventually, she acknowledged after consulting with someone else. But now she had another excuse – claimed that it is inadequate as ‘Purchase Date’ can be changed!

(3) She then flogged me off by saying someone from Customer “Services” will call me as she simply cannot help despite the fact it is still under warranty if we go by the manufacturing date of the unit (November 2011) – which she claimed that Samsung accept (I am referring to EU directive “1999/44/EC, page 7”). This was echoed by an android from the “Online Support Team”: ‘…I can't assist you with a repair, your case has been escalated above tech support to customer services, I am afraid you will have to wait for their decision….’….

A presumptuous individual from “Customer Support Centre” (uk. help@Samsung. com) called back just after I sent another email on 21 June 2013 16:37:06, rehearsing the same trick as the Customer “Support”:

(1) Again, she was unaware of the existence of ‘Purchase Date” shown on the BIOS.

(2) But wanted to flog me to the Customer “Support “again as she claimed not being technical (I was pressing about the ‘Purchase Date’). I did not accept so as not to exhaust my energy in an endless cycle!!! This was repeated again in a different tone by another android via email when I wanted them to explain purpose of ‘Purchase Date” in writing.

Samsung never answered my questions (sent via samsung@kazoo. co. uk, samsungteam@redconsultancy. com - their press\corporate contacts):

(1) The purpose of ‘Purchase Date’ shown on the BIOS?

(2) Why conveniently disregard purpose of ‘Purchase Date’ shown on the BIOS even if it can be changed? If we apply the same logic, why even ask for receipt which can also be changed/forged, etc.? You have to check first and then claim whether it’s changed, forged, etc.! In any case, if it is true, it simply demonstrate a design flaw by Samsung – unfit for purpose. Having said this, I recall updating bios which did not change ‘Purchase Date’.

Very disappointed with: (a) Samsung Product - a laptop failed within 7 months with light use – it still looks practically new – not even a spot. (b) Customer “Support” and “Service” knowledge of their own product that defies reality and logic. (c) Denials & endless cycle is to ensure you don’t get the support\warranty you are entitled to. (d) Unlike other decent companies, I was unable to find any complaint procedures.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-04:
Samsung is really not a brand of computer I would buy, based on my experience with other Samsung products. Cheap to buy, but also cheaply made with inadequate customer service. Next time, make a folder for you computer and put everything in it like receipts, manuals, etc. Label it and you will then have it when needed. As for now, I suggest you buy an HP or Dell. They are cheap enough nowadays and are better made, tho I know HP is made in China but they seems to have better quality control than Samsung.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-05:
I don't see how they can have a "purchased on" date on the BIOS, it's not like the store or seller can go around flashing the BIOS of every computer they sell. And the date on the BIOS won't mean anything as the computer could sit on the shelf for months before being sold. I don't buy the "BIOS sell date" claim, it's absurd IMHO.

They owe you a fixed laptop or a new laptop. With that said the only Samsung products I have are TV's (one plasma and one LCD) and they have been flawless. The Plasma is about 10 years old and still going strong, even if it is outdated.
Posted by LippyK123iss on 2013-07-05:
Thanks both, I am unable to send screenshot as my laptop is dead (but will get a screenshot from my niece laptop) but see here

Posted by LippyK123iss on 2013-07-05:
For the avoidance of doubt the ‘Purchase Date’ is shown on the Samsung laptops. Unfortunately, my family has purchased two Samsung laptops (NEVER AGAIN) and screenshots below (see link below) are from my niece working NP300E5A-A0GUK taken 5 minutes ago, purchased before my NP-RV520-A07UK (on 25/08/12).

I have updated BIOS on both laptops and it did not change the date! As you can also see, the date shown after date of actual purchase as it was delivered afterwards!

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Microwave Model Smh9270st Less Then Two Years Of Light Use And The Fan And Light Buttons Just Fell Off
Posted by Mary.k.alegre on 05/29/2013
VENTURA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased this built in Samsung microwave in June of 2011 and after only just under two years the fan and light buttons just fell off, well actually fell into the panel. I spoke to Samsung and they told me that they couldn't help me in any way but refer me to a certified repair service. We all know that no one is going to come to the house, if they will come, and make any sort of repair under $200. So I will probably find another brand and have to pay to get a new one and have it installed.

I certainly am very disappointed in the quality of Samsung's product and and their painfully "polite" continuous line of NO, No, No. They even said that there was no supervisor available while I was on he the line but one would call in 24-48 hours. Such tactics to just make you go away are just disgusting.
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Poor Initial Quality and Warranty Support
Posted by Lupusman on 05/12/2013
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY -- On January 6, 2013 I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from
HH Gregg in Murfreesboro, TN. The washer and dryer were both delivered and installed on January 29th. The model number of the washer is
WF365BTBGWR. I do not have the serial number of the washer. From the onset the washer displayed the error “Hr” whenever a temperature setting other than “warm” was selected. I called Samsung and told me they would schedule a service technician to come out and repair it. As the washer was only 4 days old I went back to HH Gregg and they replaced with a new washer on February 7th.

The model number of the dryer is DV365ETBGWR. On or about March 4th, only 35 days after delivery, the dryer stopped working and a service call to Samsung initiated. Since it was over 30 days old, HH GRegg stated it could not be exchanged to a new dryer and it would have to be repaired. After 2 service calls and 10+ days later, the motor was replaced and the dryer was again working.

On or about April 10th, I noticed the markings on the washer’s control panel were smearing and disappearing. Whenever I simply moved my fingers or a soft cloth over the markings with little or no pressure, the markings became smeared similar to that of writing from a dry erase board. Enclosed are pictures of the washer’s control panel. I called Samsung and was told that “cosmetic” defects were NOT covered by the Samsung warranty and there was nothing Samsung could do to resolve the problem.

I then reviewed the warranty listed in the Washer User Manual. It states the Samsung Warranty will not apply to “cosmetic damage”. What is occurring is NOT a result of any damage. It is most attributed to a defect in the embossing of the markings on the control panel. Per cleaning instructions in the manual, no chemicals of any sort have been used to clean the panel, only a soft dry rag. The markings on the control panel of the dryer are secure and will not rub off or smear even with when pressure is applied.

On April 18th I again called Samsung repair and presented my case for this issue NOT being “cosmetic damage” but a defect and again was told it was not covered by the warranty. The washer was only 2 months old when the problem was first noted! The markings affected are essential to the operation of the washer as they identify washing cycles, water temperature, etc.

After all the initial problems I incurred with the washer and dryer, and lack of support I received concerning my current problem, I would not advise anyone purchasing a Samsung washer or dryer.
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-05-12:
I know it is hindsight, but Samsung is a Korean company not known for quality anything, much less appliances. Cheaply made, don't last in my experience and from others. And, you paid alot of money for something you could have gotten for half of what you paid. All you really need is a simple, top-loading washer with the basic controls on it. They are cheap and usually last awhile. When broken, throw away and buy another. Same with a dryer. We just bought a washer and dryer for less than half of what I suspect you paid just for the washer itself. But, this is how you learn.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-12:
Based on your description, I would concur with Samsung. Markings are cosmetic and not typically covered by a warranty.

Is it shabby that they are wearing off so quickly? Absolutely.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-13:
When I was shopping for a new washer different dealers warned me not to buy Samsung. They have a poor repair history, parts can be difficult to get and many techs don't know how to service them. On the advise of the dealer I ended up buying a Bosch front loader. This is a simple machine with knobs, no digital display or bells and whistles. This is still a high efficiency machine that gets my clothes clean using only 12 gallons of water. It's over two years old now and not one problem. I bought the extended warranty for $100 bucks but it looks like I won't be needing it.

P.S. While I'll agree that Samsung appliances are problematic their electronics are not. So far I have purchased three HD TV's, two computer monitors and the Galaxy 4 Smart Phone. Absolutely no problems and I recommend them highly.
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