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Trouble With Tax-Free and Tracking
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- Run around on Order - Ordered Galaxy Tab S2 online 10 AM Saturday morning of the tax-free weekend. Before submitting order showed tax so-called customer service (cs) and they said to place an order and call back and they can then confirm the order, state, and tax-free eligible and would refund tax. Followed instructions and when called back cs told no have to go through tax exemption dept - explained I have no tax exemption but insisted needed to call number - so did - not a valid number! Called cs again and this time told had to wait for goods and then take invoice in box and fax to tax exemption dept.

Told them no fax need a way to email. Told they are unable to accept that Fax only acceptable method (this is an electronics company!?!). Meanwhile sent email as per "Contact Us" on the website and got a reply they cannot help have to call cs. Next day called cs again and this time told they do not acknowledge tax free weekends in ANY state and will have to pay tax. Contacted again via chat line, that kept popping up on my screen when started to try and track order which was not showing on my account (cc has been charged as of day purchased), and told could not assist -- contact cs!

Called cs again and was told the order in the system but can take several days to show on my account on the website and possible out of stock and will take awhile to restock so can ship. If out of stock why on website to order?? By now (Monday) I had already received some goods ordered after tablet online (no tax charged) and they were in use!!

When asked about tax told they are a Federal (total USA) site and nothing to do with state law. Funny is it not the state that is taxing me?!? They transferred me to their supervisor who confirmed no tax-free weekends honored. Federal law supersedes state law so they do not follow the state tax-free weekends anywhere!

Have allowed another 24 hours and still no sign of my order on the website so called cs again and this time told need to allow 72 hours for order to process and should update overnight - like told yesterday. Told them told that yesterday and they just repeated what they said and was told I needed to wait till tomorrow. I have no confidence that I will ever receive this order as get a different story each time on same questions - so do not trust anything told.

We have been a Samsung Family for years and have couple Galaxy S6 phones and previous phones all Samsung and when called with issues in past they were quickly resolved. First time ordering direct from them and NEVER again.

Tomorrow I will go to a store and see if they have restocked (local stores out of this exact model on Saturday and Sunday) and can assist. Hopefully, I can find and cancel the order with Samsung. I have missed tax-free weekend but as charged tax on cc anyway nothing I can do now. I have no idea when, or if, will receive the tablet and need it by the end of this week so can set up and it is useable as schools start back!

Samsung Dishwasher Model DW80F600UTS/AA Purchased on June 22, 2014 From Best Buy
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Rating: 1/51

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Samsung Dishwasher Model Number: DW80F600UTS/AA on June 22, 2014. Everything seemed to be working fine until November 30, 2014. We had issues with the Dishwasher, Product Symptoms: Operation/Doesn't work/Doesn't dry. This was covered under Samsung's warranty within a year.

It is now August 2015 and we're already having another issue with this Dishwasher - we had an appliance repair person come to the house and he tells me we now need a computer board for this dishwasher. One hundred something dollars and that's just for the part, that's not covering labor to install the part. The technician is telling me if you have any sort of voltage issues these dishwashers will need parts replaced.

What is getting me angry is that we have a whole house surge protector protecting our main breaker and we're still having issues. I would expect issues after several years say 4 or 5 not within the first year to year and 1/2. I contacted Samsung Customer Service and explained to them the latest issue. I also explained to them there was another issue several months after we bought this Dishwasher. Samsung's reply was it's over the warranty, period.

You used to buy appliances from Sears no less that would last years, now you pay good money thinking you're getting a good product - Samsung no less - and this is the way they treat you. It is not right. I did not realize it be this issue seems to be years in the making and it appears that Samsung ignores the issue and leaves all who purchased this Dishwasher hanging high and dry! I pray a lawyer sees this and we start a Class Action lawsuit against Samsung. It's amazing - Google this dishwasher model and see for yourself how long this has been going on and Samsung has done squat about it. I am not a happy camper!

Rotten Customer Service. the Y Have No Respect for the Customers
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Rating: 1/51

On May 23rd, 2014 I received and with Verizon's tech support set up what was supposed to be my new Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. My nightmare began when I realized that contacts transferred to the phone were missing. Thank heavens I still had most of them on my computer. However, I was missing some and had to retrieve them from the persons involved. I later learned that the backup was not happening and per Samsung customer service I had a bad data connection. They required me to send it back to them, they would test it and return a new one to me. I would have no way of charging my phone for more than a week.

I then contacted Verizon who processed an exchange. On Saturday September 20 I spent 2 plus hours on the phone with Verizon tech trying to determine what was wrong with the phone. The final decision was a HARD RESET which annoyed me very much since I now had to redo everything I had done previously. This phone has dropped my email account four (4) times. I am still missing the lost contacts and Samsung's answer is I should return it and they will test and repair. So, this senior citizen should do without a phone until Samsung repairs the piece of JUNK it originally sold.

Tell me, if I fall and I cannot get an emergency service should I sue Samsung? I can assure you my son would. This kind of poor service tells me Samsung does not give a damn about the consumer. I paid for a new phone I only want one that works properly. My advice to everyone leave this company alone.

They Just Want Your Money
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Rating: 1/51

Samsung does not care about their customers or the investment their customers make in their technology. They just want your money, more money. My Galaxy Note 10.1 is less than 10 months old but I cannot fully use it because I am stuck on an outdated operating system. I have called Customer support no less than 10 times asking when the KitKat 4.4.4. OS will be release for my device and today I was told it may not be. Why? Because Samsung is so busy pushing out new $500.00 devices to new customers they fail to keep current customers updated.

Now if this were the worst, it would be digestible. But when I ask how much of a trade in value they will give me for my less than 10 month old device, in perfect condition, I am told $40.00! Really? It sounds like they just want my (your) money! Beware with your money if you are considering Samsung as your technology device provider. I will post this on every website I find to warn everyone of the horrible customer service I have received by a company that is collecting big American dollars. Thank you very much.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 - 10.1 Is So Slow
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Rating: 4/51

SOUTH KOREA, NEW YORK -- I have a Samsung Galaxy 2-10.1 GT-P5113 and my problem is that it takes a full two (2) minutes to turn on and be activated. By contrast my Apple iPad2 takes a nano-second to activate. No problem at all with the Apple iPad2. I have e-mailed and complained on their Facebook page in addition to calling their support phone Nbr 18552786363 (WiFi). Nobody at support can explain why it takes so long and my emails and Facebook inquiries amount to zilch. I will say that Samsung is 98% of the time very professional. I never have any problems with them except the long activation waiting on my Samsung Tablet. Why the hell can't they make their Tablet activate faster?

I have been told that their Samsung phones activate instantly. Why can't the Tablets? Why the hell do users have to wait 2 full minutes to get on the Web? They cannot give one satisfactory explanation and I and millions of other users are just SICK & TIRED OF WAITING TWO (2) MINUTES TO GET ACTIVATED. I want to rectify this deficiency regarding their Tablets.

Poor Quality Product - Sudden Death, Appalling Customer “support” & “services”, Refused To Honor Warranty With Excuses...
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Rating: 1/51


Purchased a brand new Samsung NP-RV520-A07UK laptop on November 2012. It suddenly stopped working - simply won't turn on (no power - battery & charger works fine). It was still under warranty so took it to the Authorized Service Centre, Samuel King LTD UK (19/06/2013) who refused to handle the laptop as I was unable to locate and therefore produce a receipt. Contacted Samsung Support (0330 7267864, as advised who:

  1. Initially denied the existence of “Purchase Date” shown on the BIOS which should have established WHEN the unit was purchased!

  2. Eventually, she acknowledged after consulting with someone else. But now she had another excuse - claimed that it is inadequate as “Purchase Date” can be changed!

  3. She then flogged me off by saying someone from Customer “Services” will call me as she simply cannot help despite the fact it is still under warranty if we go by the manufacturing date of the unit (November 2011), which she claimed that Samsung accept (I am referring to EU directive 1999/44/EC, page 7). This was echoed by an android from the Online Support Team: “I can't assist you with a repair, your case has been escalated above tech support to customer services, I am afraid you will have to wait for their decision.”

A presumptuous individual from “Customer Support Centre” ( called back just after I sent another email on 21 June 2013 16:37:06, rehearsing the same trick as the Customer “Support”:

  1. Again, she was unaware of the existence of “Purchase Date” shown on the BIOS.

  2. But wanted to flog me to the Customer “Support” again as she claimed not being technical (I was pressing about the “Purchase Date”). I did not accept so as not to exhaust my energy in an endless cycle!!! This was repeated again in a different tone by another android via email when I wanted them to explain purpose of “Purchase Date” in writing.

Samsung never answered my questions (sent via, samsungteam@redconsultancy.Com - their press\corporate contacts):

  1. The purpose of “Purchase Date” shown on the BIOS?

  2. Why conveniently disregard purpose of “Purchase Date” shown on the BIOS even if it can be changed? If we apply the same logic, why even ask for receipt which can also be changed/forged, etc.? You have to check first and then claim whether it's changed, forged, etc.! In any case, if it is true, it simply demonstrate a design flaw by Samsung unfit for purpose. Having said this, I recall updating bios which did not change “Purchase Date”.

Very disappointed with: (a) Samsung Product - a laptop failed within 7 months with light use - it still looks practically new - not even a spot. (b) Customer “Support” and “Service” knowledge of their own product that defies reality and logic. (c) Denials & endless cycle is to ensure you don't get the support/warranty you are entitled to. (d) Unlike other decent companies, I was unable to find any complaint procedures.

I was left in the dark and treated as if I was dumb.
By -

I am sure you're not the person to complain to but I found your email online. I am having an issue with a Samsung product that I had sent in for warranty repair. Can you please forward this to someone who can? Give me some answers (not the executive office as I already spoke to them).

Here is my bad experience with Samsung. I purchased a Samsung NV40 camera in Sept of 2009. The camera stopped working on June 14 2010 which would put it in the warranty status. I called the customer service number and by the serial number they told me it was no longer covered. They said it was purchased at the beginning of 2008... The camera wasn't even manufactured then. So I argued with the man and finally went in my email and got my receipt which proved I bought in on Sept 2009.

I called back and when given proof, was finally told it would be covered as if they were doing me a favor. They sent the prepaid label and I sent it off on the 14th of June. Samsung provided in the email a link so I could follow the status and get updates, which is great from a consumer stand point. They received the product on the 18th of June as stated on the updated page. When I spoke to the customer service representative at Samsung he told me the turnaround was 5 days! I waited the 5 days and nothing... I placed a third call to the customer service number and now was told "oh its 7-10 days". At this point I as a customer was a bit annoyed but OK...

After the 10 days I call back, at this point I am very angry at the business practice of the Samsung employees there. So I ask to be transferred to the executive branch. I speak to a woman who seemed nice, she then told me the turnaround time BY SAMSUNG policy was now, Lol, 7-14 days. So I asked at this point why the web page that is there for consumers wasn't being updated with the info like it was made for. She said OK, I will call the contracted company in NJ and find out some info for you. I said great, and waited for a call back.

She finally called me back and told me they didn't answer... and she would call me back later that day as she would keep calling. Never heard back from her, this is supposed to be an executive? So today, Tuesday I come home expecting my camera and nothing was there. I just called the executive office back and spoke to a different woman. I am now very angry and want some information as to what is going on and if this is normal procedure for Samsung. I questioned her about Samsung's POLICY as to the 7-14 which I was told by the other executive and she stated that is not the policy.

She placed a call for me and told me "yeah, it's still there in the shop" and that was it. Hahahha! At this point I feel as if Samsung could care less about the customer. The woman then went on to tell me how they cannot do anything and I just have to wait with no turn around policy and no information as to "what the heck is going on".

To wrap this up, I am highly disappointed in the discrepancies between executives and Samsung employees and to be flat out honest I would never purchase another Samsung product if this is how I am going to be treated. They told me there was no one ABOVE to complain and voice my opinion to but I know there is... there always is. So can you please forward this email to someone if there is anyone there who cares? About the people who purchase Samsung products, thank you for your time.

Question is why do none of the customer service agents and the executive office not know their own policies? Why, do I have to chase the information that should be supplied to me on the link they give to "check the status" that never was. Why, do I get told 3 different turnaround times by the executives? And last... why, why should I ever buy a product from Samsung ever again?

Stay away from Samsung
By -

I own a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and blu-ray player from Samsuck. The stove died first. It was one of those touch panel control deals. Well some buttons didn't work out of the box! So we got the retailer to swap it out, 2nd one worked for a little bit then buttons started to die. Had it repaired by Samsung... twice. When time had come for them to replace the button assembly again they said no. They've fixed it too many times in the warranty period and are just going to refund us the cost of the stove. A bunch of "we never got it" bs. Later, I finally got a check for the stove.

By the way the adhesive holding the buttons to the glass face plate is worthless. It comes apart from the heat produced by the burners right under it. Take that bad boy apart and replace the adhesive with something worth a damn and it works just fine!

The blu-ray player was always a little choppy on the blu-ray playback but I got it for the Netflix so I looked past that. Well until the new firmware for the device came out and Netflix stopped working. Turns out this is a pretty common problem for this model. Seems to be the firmware is incompatible with this out of production model player (oops). So I call Samsuck update firmware from network, usb, and disc. Oh well guess it's the player.

Now here's the thing, warranty covers 1 yr. parts & 90 days labor. So any parts that need replaced beyond 90 days of purchase will incur a labor charge. Well I got that BS sorted out right away and got my warranty extended to cover everything since it was an issue with Samsuck's crappy firmware. Got the label, shipped it off, got the thing back and all the service center did was update the firmware. It still doesn't work.

Waited till Monday and called. I have to send this stupid thing back again! Because I can't get a refund, it's against policy. But what about my oven, it wasn't against policy to give me a refund on that. In fact Samsung insisted they tried to Dodge it saying lost paperwork yadda yadda but in the end I got a check. Will I have to send this blu-ray in for servicing 5 more times as well before I see a refund?

The microwave turntable motor won't turn any more. The door handle was the first to break on it but it seems everyone's door handle broke on that model. Its successor was recalled for a frame screw touching internal circuitry and shocking people. All appliances were purchased about 2 years ago. I just hope my fridge doesn't die.

Samsung America corporate offices number is 1-972-761-7000. They won't give you that number if you ask customer support for it. They'll tell you it's a write in only thing but in fact there are two guys that work there that handle customer complaints. You can direct your complaints to ** Ext:** and ** Ext:**.

The Worse Repair & Customer Service
By -

This is the 2nd time & 2nd Samsung television Model#LN32A that has broken a few months apart & they are giving me the serious run around. 1st broken 8/12/09 because it would not power on Samsung repaired it 8/26/09. 12/14/09 the TV has No sound & black screen. 12/14/09 called Samsung 800-726-7864 @ 8:09 am s/w ** - Samsung could no longer help me with my t.v. & refused to TRANSFER CALL TO SUPERVISOR. Of course she was wrong & my television was still in warranty! 12/14 ** ext.10556 who set me up with repair service with AT&T Connect Tech & extended the warranty until end of the month.

AT&T ConnecTech 1st Technician came out Monday explained parts Samsung sent were defected & they had to re-ship parts. 12/22 AT&T ConnecTech 1st Technician scheduled to come & fix t.v. AT&T ConnecTech 1st Technician never came & could not be located (MIA) by the company who called him several times & he simply didn't respond to their calls or mine. AT&T ConnecTech 1st Technician had the parts & the notes regarding the repair issues. AT&T ConnecTech nor Samsung could contact the 1st tech & had no clue what repair issues he discovered.

I called AT&T ConnecTech about 8 times (** @2:25 pm **, ** 76056, ** 75060, **, ** 75301) to find these guys try to set up another tech to come to my dismay. I called Samsung regarding the missing Tech I s/w Samsung's ** REFUSED TO TRANSFER TO SUPERVISOR stating that the missing parts & tech was not an issue for a Supervisor. S/w ** - Samsung who tried to schedule incompetent AT&T ConnecTech Technician again. S/w ** - Samsung set up service with SmartHelp new company. 12/26 5 pm SmartHelp sends tech who says I need & he will order T-Con or Panel board &/or Main board.

SmartHelp could/would NOT use the parts from the other service company so they re-ordered parts. 12/23 Samsung's ** calls SmartHelp & they give her part need info she refused to check status of parts for me. Instead of the new company SmartHelp coming out Samsung sends AT&T ConnecTech 1st Technician again who could NOT fix the TV again. I called Samsung & they gave me the complete run around we have to give you a call back In 3-5 days & would not let me speak with a supervisor.

12/29 ** Executive Customer Service hung up on me, s/w ** - Executive Customer Service 800-522-7341 they all kept trying to make me wait again for 3rd time up to 3-5 business days to reschedule tech, 3-5days to speak with a supervisor, 3-5 business days to transfer to the "Back Office" department. I GOT THE RUN AROUND. I received a part in the mail 12/29 called 12/30 per **Executive Customer Service I have to wait 3-5 days for a call back on this issue.

1/5/10 Samsung sends AT&T ConnecTech 2nd Technician again who says I need the main board because the T-Con didn't work. I explained that the previous techs already knew this & both ordered parts already, the 1st tech was from his same company AT&T ConnecTech shouldn't the notes be in the system. He tells me that the t.v. needed a main board which I ALREADY KNEW FROM AT&T ConnecTech 1st Tech & SMARTHELP TECH THAT PREVIOUSLY CAME! He re-orders a main board now for the 4th time!

AT&T ConnecTech/Samsung changed my appointment number 3 times & their notes were mangled & they are extremely incompetent. 1/7/10 I s/w AT&T ConnecTech ** @3:40 pm about the status of my repair - first he didn't know if parts were even ordered. Then he discovered that the ticket and parts order were CANCELED after the AT&T ConnecTech 2nd Tech already placed the order & gave me the invoice stating he placed the part order on his visit 1/5/10. ** says he would have to re-order the part (main board) & reschedule a tech to come out in 5 more days!

How can they give a person the run around like this? How could my parts order be canceled? Why is it that Samsung refuses to accept my calls? Why do they continue to send AT&T ConnecTech the most incompetent company I've ever experienced? This issue has been ongoing for a 26 or so days almost a month I pay for cable & my t.v. that's under warranty & is less than a year old is broken for the 2nd time & the 2nd television with the SAME EXACT DEFECT!

7-14 Days Samsung Customer Service
By -

I bought a Blue-Ray DVD player back in May, 2009. I just use it most 3 times. The first 2 times, I played it with regular DVDs. Then the 3rd time I tried it with a Blue-Ray DVD. Then after that I tried to hook up with Netflix, when I got connect with the internet, there was a message pop-up asking me to upgrade the firmware. I clicked "Yes". After upgrading it, my Blue-Ray DVD player did not work at all. Then I called the Customer Service on 08/16/09. They told me to send to them for a repair. I sent it out on 08/18/09.

I got an email on 08/25/09 that they received my Blue-Ray DVD player for repair with a tracking number and I should receive it back within 5 business days. I waited for more than a week. Then I used the tracking number on the Service Tracking website to see what happened, nothing was shown. I called the Customer Service, they said that the system just updated, and it should show something. They told me to check back the next day. The next day, still nothing was shown. I called again... The same story was told, that the system was just updated and told me to check back tomorrow.

They are such lame excuses. And I did check on the next day. Nothing was shown on the website. And the Service Tracking website is a useless website, because it shows only the Ticket Number, the Service Requested Date, the Customer's Unit Received Date, and the Current Status. After chatting, the Current Status was changed from Open to Close, nothing was actually updated. By the way, these phone calls were made on early September, 2009.

I called the Customer Service again they gave me the phone number (1-888-685-1349) to contact directly to the Repair Service department. They said that they could not find the part to replace it. They have to do the exchange for my Blue-Ray DVD player. That means they will send me a new one. I have to waited for 7-14 days for it. After 14 days, I decided to use the chat option they have to ask about the status of my Blue-Ray DVD player. The guy told me that he will put in for the approval for the exchange. That means 7-14 days I have been waiting for nothing to happen???

After that, Each time I called or chatted, I was told to wait for 7-14 days, but they did nothing. I don't believe them anymore. And each time they told me that the exchange was approved on different dates??? 09/12/09, and then 09/14/09, and now 10/01/09. This time they gave me the phone number to speak to the ECR (Executive Customer Relation) (1-800-522-7341). I called them, they said that they will look in to it and give me a call back later. I have not received any calls back from them... So DO NOT WAIT for their calls back, they DON'T.

Even with ECR, they do nothing. One of the ECR, telling me that she does not know what happen to my Blue-Ray DVD player why it takes so long... That is her answer, after that nothing is happening. No one can give me a clear explanation.

On 10/01/09, I received an email telling me that they are in the process of the exchange, and I should receive the Blue-Ray DVD player in 7-14 days... again. By now (10/09/09), it is more than 7 days, and I decided to call them every day until I receive my player. I just called this morning, she told me that I have wait for 7-14 days again... and nothing happens on the shipping tracking number.

For me, I think if they do things in a timely fashion. They do not need CSR or ECR, because they do nothing. They just tell the customers to wait for 7-14 days, that's all they do to delay and collect paychecks. They are such a waste of time and money for Samsung and the consumers. Instead of reading the consumers' calls or complaints on their system and telling them to wait for 7-14 days, they should do something and follow up with it. Now I'm still waiting and calling them every day.

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