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DO NOT Purchase a 50" PN50B550 Plasma TV or Anything From Samsung!!
By -

My last TV (a Sony) was still working after 25 years, but I foolishly just had to have a new TV. So I made a huge mistake... I bought a Samsung 50" Plasma TV. What a nightmare! And it is still haunting me. I'd been watching the TV for less than two months when it developed green and purple vertical lines from left to right across the screen. I submitted an online trouble ticket... eventually I was called back by someone that could not understand me nor could I understand him (or her). That person closed the trouble ticket. Oh great!!

So, this time I called Samsung and made them aware of my problem. I asked that they did not contact the same company... so they referred me to a national tech company. They sent out a non-English person (I think it was the SAME person) who said that the parts that I received probably would not fix the problem.

He and I struggled to take the TV down (it is mounted on the wall). Once down, he went through the motions and swapped out each of the three cards. Nothing cured the problem. He reported back to "the company" and then to Samsung. They said they would send out a replacement panel. I about went through the roof! I have a TV that is less than 2 months old and I have to have it rebuilt - I wanted it replaced. Everyone blew me off and said that was my only choice. (Great... took 1 day off work here.)

Arrived home one evening to find that I had missed a delivery... REQUIRED to be home to received "the panel". So take day 2 off from work! Truck delivered a HUGE box with the panel in it. That was delivered on September 1st. Anytime I have company, I have to drag it out of the hallway and stash the dresser and drawers that are in the living room - to avoid the embarrassment of needing my brand new TV repaired ALREADY!!

Sept. 9, Samsung calls me to verify that I was happy with the repair. I about came through the phone... NOTHING has been fixed and NO ONE has even contacted me about fixing it. And I now have this huge box that is in the way. Sept. 14 another call from Samsung. Still no sign of a repair person! She calls the repair company and informs me that Samsung has a 21-day (working) policy that if a unit is not repaired, they "can take other steps." That would be 21 Sept according to her. You've got it, Sept 21 came and went and I'm still tripping over the box and watching TV through the purple and green lines.

Sept. 21 called Samsung again. No one acknowledges the 21-day policy. She's going to call the repair company and see what is going on. That company calls me and asks if I want a repair person... duh!! He says it will be AT LEAST 48 hours before they can even set up an appointment. No way, I call Samsung back and find someone that offers to replace the TV. BUT it will be the same model and I have to remove it from the wall and re-install it myself. I ask for a supervisor, his supervisor is "not available" - he says he will have his supervisor call me back.

So here I sit, still watching a green and purple lined TV and tripping over a huge box. If I don't hear anything before Thursday, I'm dragging the stupid box outside! They can come and get it or not. I've had it with storing their parts. I've made a complaint with the NJ BBB, hope that will help. I've contacted our local TV station customer help group, hopefully that will help.

Bottom line, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from Samsung!! They don't care about their products, their reputation, their customers, their customer service or their repair vendors. You've been warned. Avoid them. If they are the only game in town... DO NOT buy their products. They should be out of business.

Samsung Does Not Stand Behind Their Product
By -

I bought a Samsung 50" plasma TV July 26th 2007. On Aug 21, 2009 it was on when it suddenly just shut off. No power at all, no light on front, nothing. I called and the representative for Samsung said that if I registered the TV on the Samsung website I got 3 extra months warranty so it was still covered. The website would not update however and for 5 days the regular customer service just told me to wait until it did. Finally on Aug 26 the escalations department said fixed it after I had to call in again about the site not updating and they put a ticket in for me.

On Sept 1 the tech came out and said the power supply was bad and he ordered the part. Samsung and done a software upgrade of their systems and it had caused the parts system to not work. The part did not ship until Sept 11. The tech came to my house on Sept 16 and replaced the part and the TV started working again. After 1 and 1/2 hours it did the exact same thing - no power, no light, nothing. I waited 3 weeks and 5 days for 1 1/2 hours. I called that night and talked to a customer service representative who said I would have to call back the next day to talk to an escalations person again.

I called on the morning of Sept 17. The escalations person told me they would have to do another repair. As you can imagine after waiting 4 weeks to have the TV work for 1 1/2 hours and it obviously not being the actual problem I was not willing to accept this. She said she would have a supervisor call me. I called again on Friday Sept 18 and talked to someone who came across as a supervisor. She said she understood my frustration and they had to have the tech come out and "verify the unit was not working". I quote that as those are exact words.

Once he verified it "was not working" they would replace the unit. She went over what would happen. They would talk about the model and I would have to agree on the model and it would take 7-14 days to get to me. I agreed and waited on the tech. On Sept 24 the tech came out and verified it was the exact same issue and the unit was not working.

On Sept 25 I called and talked to another escalations representative who now told me the unit would have to be repaired. Obviously this is not what was agreed to so I told her this was not acceptable. Their representative set the expectation that it was being replaced and they needed to stand behind that. I was not going to have them fix it again when that was obviously not the issue and then have it go out again and wait another month to have it fixed after that. She sent it to their Case Management dept. On Monday Sept 28 I still had not heard from that dept so I called again. Another escalations representative said to give them until the next day. I did.

Today, Tuesday Sept 29 I called again. Now I am being told to give them another 48 hours to get back to me and that the representative who told me they would replace it once the representative verified it was not working really meant to say only if it was determined to be unrepairable. Obviously I know the difference between those 2 things and I did not misunderstand. It does not matter if that representative messed up or not, the expectation has been made and needs to be done. I am not going to have a TV repaired again after 1 1/2 hours of it working.

In short, I was a loyal Samsung customer. I have 3 of their TV's and was going to buy one of the new led TV's. My wife and I both have Samsung cell phones. I will never buy Samsung again. I will tell everyone I know about this and recommend against Samsung. I will be all over the internet telling the world about this and not to buy Samsung. This needs to be fixed and fixed now.

Samsung Horrible Repair Services
By -

Very recently I bought a brand new HDTV. It worked great for a few weeks but then got a stuck pixel on the screen. Since I just bought it, I thought it wouldn't be a problem with the warranty. So I contacted Samsung and they told me how to mail it, and I did. A few days later they had contacted me saying that they wanted $80 to fix it. I even tried bringing up the fact that I just bought it. Well, that didn't matter so I just said "forget it, just send it back then." Samsung sent it back, but when I opened the box the bottom part of my screen was broken off and taped back together, it looks like someone had kicked it in or something.

On top of all this they didn't even send back the screws for the TV stand. This has all happened in the last couple of days. The only review I have for Samsung is that they are an absolutely horrible company that won't even keep their word. I Have told all of my friends what had happened, and all of them told me that if they aren't going to help me, then they will make sure to never purchase anything from Samsung again. I have pictures that I sent to Samsung, because now I am filing a claim. Hopefully they can redeem themselves by replacing my TV. Thanks for listening.

Samsung Is Selling Defective TVs With Total Disregard
By -

I have been for a very long time a Samsung customer and loyal supporter. In the past I had marveled at their technology and enjoyed their many products; however, I have recently I purchased a new 46″ inches LCD HD TV for about $1000.00US and had been very pleased with the unit until now. It has been a under 2 years since I purchased my TV and lately my LCD TV, for no apparent reason (model LNT-4642H), has been taking longer and longer to turn on. It's currently taking about 15 clicks to go on or about two minutes and getting worse.

I have called the Samsung customer support line only to be given the polite runaround (I feel your pain thing), that there is nothing that they can do because my set is out of the warranty period of one year and my set is 19 months old. I further insisted explaining the situation that my TV apparently had defective capacitors and was suffering from the “Clicking Sounds of Death” and the nice lady just keep telling me that Samsung would not cover the fixing cost, about $400.00 because the TV was out guarantee period (1 year).

I have never had a TV go bad on me within less than two years from purchase, the last time anything had gone wrong on any of my TVs was 30 years ago. I was planning a new TV purchase, an LED LCD TV from Samsung, but because of their irresponsibility and total disregard to their clients I have lost all confidence in this company. I plan to never buy another Samsung product again regardless of the outcome in this situation.

To Samsung, just remember what happened to the great American car manufactures like GM, Chrysler, American Motors that had total disregard for their clients, they will disappear, may soon go by the wayside like Chrysler, or are now having the hardest time trying to convince the public to purchase their products. Let's all send this so called great foreign and arrogant TV manufacturer a clear and loud message. If you are not going to take responsibility for selling your defective products, specially with your loyal crowd, we should then not buy any of their crappy products.

Pass the word around that Samsung is no longer a good company (got too big for it's own good) and we should stay away from them. SAMSUNG has made a terrible and irreversible mistake ignoring and harming its clients. There are thousands of reports all over the place indicating of your faulty product and total disregard for your clients. As a company, Samsung is a worthless pile of trash, don't buy their products!

Resolution Update 05/28/2010:

Samsung finally gave in and authorized the repair free of charge, a courteous technician came to my house at my convenience and replaced 4 capacitors with higher rating units, and the TV is now working like new. Total repair time was under 20 minutes. It's too bad that Samsung hesitated for almost 8 months for the fix this issue. Samsung has lost an extremely loyal client, shame on you Samsung, you had your chance with me and blew it, may you get your just deserves.

Samsung TV Known Power Cycling Issue
By -

JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA -- I have been trying for three weeks to get service on my Samsung 52-inch television. It simply started cycling "on" and "off" without any prompting by anyone. Apparently, this is known as "power cycling" and is a common problem. So common, in fact, Samsung actually has a firmware update to try to fix this problem. Except, you can't use the firmware if your TV won't turn on. Go ahead, google (Samsung+Powercycling) and see what you get.

I have an extended warranty, and at first Samsung claimed it was not through them, even though it's got Samsung written all over the policy. For three weeks I have been passed back and forth between "service techs" and Samsung, when all they need to do is come out and replace the power supply, per the warranty I paid $500 bucks for.

By the way, since Samsung and the people they have chosen to fix the television (AT&T Connect Tech) won't actually contact me to fix the problem, the warranty is useless. I literally cannot schedule an appointment with these people to get a service call, as they keep putting me on hold, never calling back, telling me they thought it was resolved and to call Samsung for another service number, etc. etc. I believe AT&T Connect Tech to be a scam company. I do not believe, and I have no evidence that they actually intend to fix my television. I believe Samsung is aware of this fact, and is complicit in the denial of service.

I will never buy another Samsung product again. I believe consumers should be aware of this issue, as it is a common issue, and the televisions should not be sold to people. Had I not had an extended warranty (which is actually useless in practice), I would have no leg to stand on because the TV is 13 months old. Samsung Sucks. Period.

Poor Quality Product
By -

We purchased this TV in January 2008 for over $2000. I will allow that the picture was great and we were very happy - until about 13 months went by and we started having problems turning the set on. When we hit power, the set would click as if it were going to turn on... and it would keep clicking and clicking. At first it would take about 30 seconds before it would power up. As the days went by it started taking longer and longer, upwards of 5 minutes.

Then we called Samsung and at first they told us they couldn't help because the 1 year warranty was up. However, my husband had a friend with the same TV who was also having this problem (his eventually stopped turning on completely), and Samsung told him they would pay for the repair. So when my husband told this to the supervisor they decided to extend the warranty to 14 months and cover the repair. Now we had a repair company come and they had to take our TV set out for repair. It's going to take at least 2 weeks to repair, and in the meantime, we have no TV. Wow!

I'm sorry we got rid of our big old Sharp TV. The picture wasn't as clear, but we had it for at least 8 years without a problem. We went with this Samsung TV because it was a name we knew and we thought we were getting a quality product. In this case though, the name meant nothing.

One more thing, according to the repair company, they are seeing this same problem with a lot of these Samsung LCD TV's. If that is the case (assuming it's not a problem limited to my geographical area), then why hasn't Samsung recalled this product? I can only assume that the answer is that if they recalled their faulty product it would then become their problem to fix. Right now it is just the consumer's problem.

Samsung Customer Support
By -

Purchased a new Samsung TV in Jan. The unit kept shutting down and the only way to get it working again was to discount the power. We called Costco concierge who put us in contract with Samsung since the unit was older than 3 months. We were told by the Samsung representative that the model had a defective control unit, a problem with the entire line of the model we bought. A replacement was offered but when I read the serial number it came up as invalid in Samsung's system. We were told to take a picture of the back of the TV and fax it to Samsung before they would work to honor the warranty. Unfortunately we own a expensive 35 mm camera but not a digital.

Luckily after digging through the attic we were able to find the original box with the serial number. After sending Samsung the picture of the serial number, Samsung decided they wanted to fix the TV rather than exchange it. Since it was a new TV and would be weeks before we got it back, I asked them to honor the original promise of replacing the unit. Samsung agreed to ship one to the local UPS store which would exchange broken for new. After several weeks passed I called to see where the new TV was. They informed me that it had been sitting at the UPS store which could not call me because Samsung had forgotten to supply them with our phone number.

So we ran over to the UPS store to exchange the TV and find a refurbished unit rather than a new one and the refurbished unit is missing the remote, power cord, manual and HDMI cable. In other words it was useless. I called Samsung it appears one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. One, they refuse to send a new TV as promised and will only send a refurbished. Two, they have the TV classified as a monitor in their system and therefore can't send out a remote and the other items I would need with the TV. Unbelievable. So I'm back to trying to call another customer representative to see if anything can be done. Meanwhile we have a brand new defective TV.

IMO Samsung is doing everything they can so as not to honor the warranty. They have some good looking products but if you have problem you could end up dealing with very poor customer support. I would look to buy from a different manufacturer.

Samsung Customer Service, Er, 'Lacking'.
By -

Let me begin this review by stating that has been VERY good about helping me with my problem. Their return policy and customer service are among the best in the industry. NOW: Samsung is a different story.

I bought their UN55B8000 television based on the specs, the online reviews and Samsung's own website. The screen size and the price point seemed great for us. When it arrived, it was even more beautiful in person. Sadly, the picture quality was awful. I know that electronic devices can be perfect out of the box or DOA out of the box, so I was a bit disappointed when I installed the TV and found out that it wasn't working properly. The backlight was horribly uneven (more than just the typical "edge lit LED screens are uneven" stuff... this was very noticeable on all inputs). Any all-black screen was marred by clouds of white light.

Worse, there were digital artifacts around all edges and contrasty spots. It looked like a B&W checkerboard surrounded everything, and it was also visible on all HDMI inputs (Dish DVR and XBox) AND on our Samsung BluRay player. The sound occasionally dropped out, and there were weird all-magenta screen flashes randomly happening. You get the point. This was a defective TV.

Unaware of Amazon's customer-friendly return policy, I called Samsung to take advantage of their in-home warranty service. I'm not going to spend pages and pages ranting about how awful the experience was. I'll just say it was awful. They came out three times (VERY late, two out of three of them) and could not fix the problems. I thought it would be a no-brainer to have Samsung step up and replace the TV with a working model. NOPE! They've given me the run-around for almost two months. They finally said that the service tech had not specifically written "deemed unrepairable", so they could not replace it unless he did.

Hours of back-and-forth calls later, they finally deemed it unrepairable, and said they'd replace the TV... except that they apparently do not have any of that model available in any of their warehouses. They told me I should just wait for them to contact me. They do not know when that will happen.

I checked Amazon's site, and they said they'd take back the TV right now and replace it with a brand new one. I've owned other Samsung products in the past, so I'm not overly worried about getting another lemon. I'm just very, very disappointed in Samsung's terrible customer service. It's rare to find a company who is adamant about NOT caring a bit about customer (dis)satisfaction. Google "samsung customer service sucks" for many more stories just like mine... And again, I have to say that Amazon is a stellar company. Thanks to them for rescuing me from further dealings with Samsung's corporate flunkies!

Samsung 50" TV's
By -

When purchasing this TV for $2000 we were never advised that we would have to invest $600 each year we want to enjoy it. So every 3-4 months we have to buy another lamp for $200 with shipping or a colorwheel $200 with shipping in order to watch the TV we purchased. Not only do we have to replace these items to use the TV but we also have to wait for all the backorders to be filled before we can have our TV fixed. Last time we had to wait a month before finding out we need to wait another 2 weeks before getting the part. Time runs out on any warranty when you wait for parts and not able to use the product.

When going to the official Samsung parts place online the operator will tell you the part is available for me to order but they cannot tell me if it is in stock. Going online it is clear this TV is a hassle and almost all consumers who have purchased it has had the same frustrating problems. I have a small TV, it has to be 25 years old still works great (no problems other than its size). It does not have the updated things offered now, but it also doesn't have the problems, disappointments, issues, fees, drama the large ones sell you without notice. Samsung products made today are not meant to last, not meant for return consumers. It is for a one sale customer never to return happy.

I will NEVER EVER buy another Samsung product, nor will my children. I would even go so far as leave it in my last words for the entire family line to boycott this company and any kind of products they make. Frustrate the middle class, make them pay because it just doesn't make a difference anyway. Let's face it, the company presidents, VP and CEO's are living comfortable, all getting their bonus and pay raises so if they need a large TV to watch they will just get it for free anyway.

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