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Samsung Electronics
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Samsung Refrigerator - Horrible Customer Service
By -

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- After 1.5 years of use, we noticed that our Samsung side-by-side refrigerator (Model RS267L, $1698) was not cooling properly. I went to the Samsung website to identify the nearest repairman (Day 1). The first repairman only came (Day 7) when I said my refrigerator was not under warranty (and paid the diagnostic fee myself) because Samsung owed him $11,000 for warranty repair work. His diagnosis was that the heater/evaporator was not working and needed to be replaced under the 5-year sealed system warranty – he said that if I would get the part from Samsung he would replace it for $350.

Meanwhile he de-iced the unit and told me that it would cool properly for a while. I called Samsung (Day 8) and they said that they only ship parts to authorized repairmen and the Regional Service Center needed to work out the payment problem with the repairman and would call me. They never called back. Day 27: called Samsung Executive Customer Relations (ECR) and they assigned another repairman. Day 36: Repairman #2 came after I called him myself. Immediately he said that the unit was not repairable and called Samsung – they originally promised an exchange but then said they would have to refund my purchase price.

Day 37: faxed and uploaded my sales receipt to Samsung; called Samsung ECR and representative told me that they had my receipt and that it would take 7-14 business days to issue my refund. Day 43: received a call from Samsung Refund Department – she told me that my refund would only be for sales price, not tax or delivery fee and that it would take 14-21 business days for the refund to be issued once I sent in the serial number plate (which I sent certified mail the next day). She also said that immediately before the check was to be issued I would need to send them the cut-off power cord.

Day 72: called Samsung to ask about my refund – was told that the check was issued that day. Day 75: received the refund check. I have never had a problem like this with any appliance that I have ever owned! I feel truly victimized and will never buy another Samsung product!

Samsung Sucks!!
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Rating: 1/51

My brand new Samsung doesn't work. Customer service is a nightmare and now the want me to cut the refrigerator cord to get a refund that doesn't even include the tax I paid. My experience with Samsung has been the worst experience with a company ever. I'll never buy another Samsung product.

This Thing Has a Mind of It's Own
StarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 2/51

We has a Samsung side-by-side refrigerator and it went up and down in temp, sometimes making us lose all of our frozen foods. Then it switched to the refrigerator side and we lost milk, cheese, etc. It is not a good appliance.

Poor Plastic Quality
By -

Plastic cracking all over inside the fridge - fridge 3 years old. Started to crack from first year, now it is falling apart.
Paid extra warranty of $340 on top of $3400 I paid initially. They stated this is aesthetic and physical damage... I never had or see in my life any fridge with so much breaking plastic inside. I do not even own big pots and my ketchup must move inside the fridge soon. The inside door attachments were for decoration and I did not know... really?!!!! I will never ever buy anything Samsung and I will never stop writing about their great products and special the service.

Samsung Refrigerator
By -

MT. ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- Purchased Samsung Refrigerator 3/20/2010, (Model#RF2317AB) 3 months later the unit stopped working. All food was lost. Called Samsung customer service and this person had me unplug the unit for 3 minutes and plug it back in. Then had me push two buttons inside the refrigerator to reset the unit. This restarted the compressor and it appears to start working again. I also purchased an extended coverage that included food loss. Samsung would not reimburse me for the $81.18 of food loss.

They explained that the customer service person was new and should not have given me instructions to reset the unit. They indicated that a service personnel should have been scheduled. For this reason they would not reimburse for the food loss. Poor way of doing business.

By -

I purchased a Samsung Refrigeraton on May 14, 2007, about 12 months later the fridge started making these churning noises sporadically. Contacted two service companies and both said nothing wrong with the refrigerator. On Aug-Sep 2009, only two years after my 1k investment, the noises got louder and louder, the freezer stopped working, and couple of days later both fridge and freezer stopped working. The third repair man came to diagnose; only to find out, like some other reviews I read a little to late on this Samsung Refrigerator, the "computer in it" stopped working. Long story short, and 1600.00 dollars later. I hope my experience will help other consumers.

I spent hours dealing with "the Samsung Executive offices" spoke with **, **, and lastly with **, what pieces of work. They are definitely trained to provide no customer service assistance at all. So, buyer beware.

Will Never Purchase Another Samsung Product
By -

TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA -- Our side by side refrigerator did not even last one year. The defrost sensor had to be replaced and once it was it worked for about 3 days until the refrigerator broke down again. Then, the compressor was replaced and it still does not work. I have contacted Samsung repeatedly and all they do is hide behind "policy and procedure" which the customer service representative do not have written access to???? They use this excuse to not expedite my issues or transfer me to those with the power to do so. Not to mention the rudeness. My husband spoke to an Executive Customer Service tech who apathetically told my husband, "Yeah. Maybe."

It could be another two or more weeks before anything is resolved. My refrigerator broke down officially on August 4, 2008 and is still not working/cooling to this day September 10, 2008. I am still waiting for approval for an exchange from Samsung and my warranty expires on September 28, 2008. I know of other customers with similar issues with Samsung and I urge them all to file a complaint with the New Jersey office of Consumer Affairs.

Look Up Samsung Refrigerator Complaints Before You Buy One
By -

Do not recommend or buy any appliance if you haven't checked out the complaints first. I found out that the biggest complaints for refrigerators is the ice maker ones. Go back to the old non icemakers to get better quality.

Problem With Product
By -

I have been having problems with refrige for over two years. Had a service man who replaced something to help regulate temps, but that failed. It is either freezing and icy (freezer) or melting everything in the freezer. I'm ready to buy new refrigerator, but not a Samsung at this point.

Side by Side Refrigerator - NEVER WORKED
By -

WEST HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- My Samsung refrigerator, model #RS2530BSH was delivered by Fry's Electronics on Saturday, 9/13. My refrigerated food was frozen solid by 9/14. I turned down the temperature, as instructed in the manual. My food remained frozen solid. By 9/16, the water line was also frozen. So, now I have a total loss of refrigerated food, and no filtered water because the bottles of water I bought as a back-up haven't yet defrosted. I called Samsung - they had me unplug the refrigerator for 9 minutes to "reset it," whatever that means. I did so. The food is still frozen.

I called Fry's - the earliest repair appointment is two days hence. I called Samsung to see if they could do better - their wait is a minimum of 3 days. I think that I will hire a truck and have this POS returned to Fry's. I hope this review is helpful to someone in advance of purchase since it is only in my frustration that I found that review sites are available.

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