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Out of Warrantee Service
Posted by Smoky 14 on 11/08/2011
After three years of service my 46in Samsung suddenly would not turn on, a clicking sound could be heard and the TV had to be unplugged. After researching the problem it appears Samsung had some bad capacitors.

A call to Samsung customer service got me a free in home repair, replacement of defective caps, at no cost to me.

Truly above the norm in today's market place.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2011-11-08:
Thank you for writing this. It's nice to see someone who can appreciate that out-of-warranty service is not to be expected and cursed for if not given. It's also a good nod for Samsung on this too.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-11-08:
A guy I work with is really into TVs and such, he does a lot of research before he buys and he swears by Samsung; nice review.
Posted by swimjim on 2011-11-08:
I have a Sony Bravia LCD, a month ago I got an email and accompanying letter telling me to get my set tested (for free) for a similar problem. Thankfully, mine checked out. In any event, here is the link if YOU have a SONY.

Posted by traceylynn on 2011-11-08:
We have a Samsung flat screen we bought about 4 years ago. Love it! Samsung is actually know for being one of the best brands where tv is concerned. Our next one will be a Samsung as well.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-11-08:
It's great to see a company stand behind its product instead of hiding behind an expired warranty.

I had a bad experience with Samsung many years ago and vowed to never buy their products again. I guess it's time for me to rethink that strategy.

This was very helpful.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-11-08:
i have always been told samsung has top quality products. that was why i purchased a samsung telley.

very helpful review!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-08:
This problem is VERY WIDESPREAD and affects a lot of models. My guess is Googling "Samsung tv capacitors" would be revealing.

The OP is LUCKY. Samsung has REFUSED to help what must be several thousands of customers. The repair cost is several hundred $$$, which is absurd because the parts are less than $10 and the repair is easy (instructions are online).

Samsung should have reached out to all the affected customers and issued vouchers or whatever so they could get their capacitors replaced. I am glad you got coverage, but SHAME on Samsung for NOT being proactive, and for refusing to help a lot of owners.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-11-09:
Years ago Samsung was pure junk, at the very bottom with Hyundai. Today they both produce a world class quality product. Sure there will be negative reviews, no product is perfect. These companies need to stand behind their products and offer the consumer some help when complaints are made. Don't become another Dell. Back in 2008 I purchased two Samsung HD TV's. The picture quality is stunning and I have had no problems. Glad to hear you got the free in house repair.
Posted by JoeinTx on 2011-11-24:
Just one more comment about Samsung. After one repair after another, We finally concluded that our old friend Jennair had lost their way, we traded our new Jennair Electric Range for a Samsung. We couldn't be happier! After two trouble-free years we have never had a problem so I can't comment on the customer service yet.
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Samsung Plasma Screen Burn
Posted by Samsung Screen Burn on 04/15/2007
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In September 2006 I purchased Samsung 42" Plasma television model # HPS4253. In March 2007 through no fault of my own, it developed screen burn. I purchased the product because it was represented to me as having screen burn technology. Without getting too technical, when you go from wide screen 16:9 ratio to 4:3 ratios you get sidebars. Sidebars can cause screen burn. Commercials are normally broadcast in 4:3, and are a cause of screen burn. Other things that can cause screen burn are news tickers, station logos, paused dvds, etc…. Any type of stationery imaging can burn your screen. Depending on who you talk to, the opinions on just how long it takes a stationary image to cause screen burn is quite varied. The retailer I talked to, Best Buy indicated it could take 30 to 50 hours before this can occur. Samsung offers a different version. They recommend that no more than 5% of your viewing is done in a 4:3 viewing format. How do you do that if you are watching a wide screen channels (ie., HD channel) and most of the commercials (broadcast in 4:3) are not in wide screen? Assuming there are 15 minutes of commercials for every 60 minutes of viewing, you are subjecting your television to 25% of the time in 4:3 viewing. Based on my phone call with Samsung technical support, they say change the channel when 4:3 comes on (not a reasonable way to prevent screen burn). When I called Best Buy they said I should play the Finding Nemo DVD for 3 or 4 days straight (again another not so helpful suggestion for a $1,600 television). Make sure you understand about cable boxes and HD televisions. The television and cable box (Comcast) are set up to stretch 4:3 DIGITAL signals However this does not happen on the higher level channels that are set up for HIGH DEFINITION (they continue to broadcast 4:3 commercials with side bars). The Samsung plasma TV I bought is not able to handle some of today's broadcast formats in my opinion, and should not have burned so easily. Before you buy plasma - ask about screen burn, get it in writing that it is covered or avoid making the purchase. Samsung tech support considers screen burn a result of "customer abuse" and does not offer any assistance. I would not recommend Samsung plasma model # HPS4253 to anyone, and personally I plan to avoid their televisions completely. Best Buy is no better but I will not get into that. If you are buying plasma ask about screen burn and make sure you know what you are getting into. I am out $1,600 in six months and need a new television despite a Samsung warranty and a Best Buy extended warranty. Buyers beware with Samsung Plasma Televisions! Samsung should stand behind their products and provide friendlier customer service. They need to manufacture a TV that can handle a higher percent of broadcasts in non 16:9 formats, without risking screen burn. They need to offer more clearly stated assistance to customers ie. How to break in your new plasma television. Maybe some Samsung models are working well but mine is not. Every television that comes off their assembly line can’t be perfect. They should accept the fact that "maybe" sometimes a lemon slips through. I did nothing wrong here and am VERY upset I lost $1,600 in six months. If you walked into a retailer and they said the plasma TV you are looking at can develop screen burn in a relatively short period of time, can not be fixed once it occurs, there is no protection for you if it does happen, and if it does you are considered at fault. Just how many of these televisions do you think they would sell?

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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-04-15:
I've always been a bit hesitant about the untested plasma technology... thanks for the review and the warning. I did not realize plasma suffered the same burn-in problem common in older TVs. We have a wide-screen Samsung 42 inch projection. However we have various settings that manipulate the picture to fit full screen no matter what mode we are in... i think it stretches it slightly and cuts some off... but we never really noticed a difference. Sounds like they have gone backwards with technology with your tv...
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-04-15:
I have the same thing in my Magnavox 50" widescreen LCD TV. You can either watch in letterbox, widescreen or several different ratios. I still try to limit the amount of time watching with the bars on the TV.
Posted by lobo65 on 2007-04-16:
That's why I'm glad I have a CRT tube HDTV. No problems with burn-in whatsoever.
Posted by bullcorn71 on 2007-04-30:
I'm having the same problem. I purchased the exact same TV
(Samsung #HPS4253) at Best Buy in Sept of 2006. I even paid a bit more for mine. I have had the same arguments with Samsung and Best Buy. Samsung even told me burn-in can happen in as little as 60 seconds but it is still 'user error'. I'm pretty sure most people watch TV more that 60 seconds at a time. Their customer service is a complete and total joke. Stay away from this TV!
Posted by Samsung LN-T405H on 2007-06-05:
Beware that if your TV has Pixels go out the Warranty does not cover it unless it is alot of Pixels. I think they say if you take an eight inch diatmeter from the center there has to be at least 10 out. Trust me it is annoying looking at the burnt out Pixels because on my LCD its bright green. But i guess this is the pay off for being able to mount on the wall. We'll see maybe Samsung will come through and fix it for me.
Posted by LDinReno on 2007-09-24:
To verify, I have the same model and the same 4x3 burn-in problem. I wouldn't have bought the if I had known that I had to watch "stretched" 4x3 progamming in order to avoid the problem. Samsung is no help. This sucks and I told Samsung so. They know about the problem, yet let people buy without clear warning. If they made cars the wheels would fall off if your made a 90% turn. I'm considering a lawsuit.
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Power-on issue with Samsung LCD
Posted by on 07/20/2009
My wife and I purchased a Samsung 40" LCD TV (LN-S4051D) from BestBuy here in Orlando, Florida, in April of 2006. Three years later, well outside of the company's one year coverage, our $2,800.00 television has ceased turning on when the power switch is depressed. We chose not to purchase an extended warranty for a couple of reasons: one, it was bloody expensive, and two, nothing ever goes wrong with LCD TV's, right? Wrong.
After calling Samsung and being told that this was an unusual problem, and most likely an issue with the power supply, I contacted the repair company that Samsung customer service gave me the local number for. I was informed that they would not be able to get to our TV for about five days and the cost would be just shy of $400.00. Aaarrgh! I did a little looking on the web and found a posiTVely reviewed local shop and called. He said he could come out the next day at 2pm to look at the set. As it turns out he had some technical issues at his shop but neglected to call and let us know. My wife had taken off from work so that she could be at the house when he showed up. Oh, allow me to back up just a moment and explain my personal situation. I was in an accident in '03 that left me a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. I am currently confined to bed due to complications associated with a pressure lesion. My 12-year-old daughter is on summer vacation right now and my wife was not comfortable with her being home with a stranger coming to the house, and me not being able to protect her in the unlikely event that he engage in criminal behavior. Orlando has become that kind of town over the years. Getting back on point, he came out to the house two-and-a half hours late and did nothing more than verify that the TV was doing what we'd already told him it was doing. He said he'd have to go back to his shop and get the price for the part he'd have to replace and give us a call the following day with a total. He was also certain to appropriate his $55.00 for the visit. I ended up having to call him the following day, around one, and was told that it would cost $385.00 minus the $55.00 already paid. Having a difficult time coming to terms with the expense involved in repairing an infant TV, I engaged in some additional research one the web.
I managed to find a fount of information on a site called "The Tech Report". Here I discovered over 140 entries concerning the same issue we were having with our set. Granted, some were by the same individuals, engaging in dialogue. However, here were a LOT of people suffering with the same problem on varying sizes of screen. After a period of delayed turn-ons lasting about a week, their sets would simply stop turning on. Whether using the remote or pushing the power button on the front of the set, the TV's relay would click and then the red LED above the power button would blink four times, followed by nothing. Many folks were finding success by going to Radio Shack, spending a little over $7, and replacing capacitors on board BN44-00134A at locations CS806, CM811, CM812 and CM817. After desoldering the visibly bulging, and at times oozing, capacitors and soldering in the new ones, the TV's turned right on. In only a few circumstances did replacing the caps not solve the problem. Oddly, replacing board #BN94-00864A proved to be the solution in these cases. Many were asking, with so many sets suffering from obviously faulty capacitors, why was Samsung not issuing a recall or offering a simple repair program of some kind, given that the solution was ultimately so inexpensive. Upon calling Samsung, many were told that this was the first that they were hearing of this problem. That reeks of pure dishonesty, as far as I'm concerned. One would expect a more forthright approach from a company as large and presumably respected as Samsung. When we originally bought the TV, I remember telling my wife that Samsung was no longer the same laughable company that it was back in the 80's and early 90's. It had become comparable with Sony in the new millennium as Sony's quality had tapered off somewhat. Now I strongly question the validity of that statement. I find it unforgivable that Samsung is unwilling to stand behind its products in this case of obviously inferior components being used on several models' circuit boards. I will be making a conscious effort for many years to avoid buying any Samsung products, while my friends and family have most certainly been made aware of our issues with the company.
Needless to say, I called the repairman the same evening and told him we were not going to have the TV repaired. Obviously, that left us out the $55 for nothing, but I was hoping the $7 spent at Radio Shack would solve our problem. My father came by and replaced the caps for me, but to no avail. The TV still behaved the same. Next is replacing the power board at $99. At least $162 is still a bit less than $385. One website indicates that circuit board part# BN94-00864A is the most commonly failed part in these Samsung televisions. We've got our fingers crossed.
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Posted by Winegirl on 2011-02-15:
Yes, we've had an identical problem with our Samsung set only 1.5 years old. It's toast.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-15:
It isn't "toast" if it can be repaired cheaply. As the OP points out, these low cost capacitors are known to be faulty. Lacking that, he has hopes this $100 board will solve the problem.

IMO, Samsung should have issued a recall for the capacitor problem. It seems that it was far too common, and obviously due to a material defect. I hope the relatively inexpensive (to having it serviced) circuit board solves the problem for the OP.
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Expensive repair
Posted by Terp on 11/04/2007
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- My Samsung rear-projection 50"-inch TV began turning itself off just twelve and a half months after I bought it. I had not purchased the extended warranty as it was a third of the price. Best Buy, of course, would not make the repair, which was thought to be a bad part on a board at a cost of $1,000 (two-thirds the cost of the set). Samsung is not interested in speaking with me or responding to my letters, so I am stuck with a large set that only works sporadically and still has a couple of payments left on it.

I am finished with both Samsung and Best Buy - an electronics items that costs in excess of $1,500 should last more than a year.

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Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-04:
Have you tried shopping around for service? There is a slight possibility that you might find someone who'll repair it for less. Best Buy is under no obligation to repair any item out of warranty. In the electronics biz, any store that routinely did this would likely be out of business before long. TV's seem to be like any other electronic item these days--they usually cost more to repair than they're worth.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-04:
But it DID last more than a year. 12 and a half months, were your exact words. Besides, you said yourself that you were too cheap to buy the extended warranty. If you don't want to protect your investment, don't complain about it when it fails you. I hate people who think they're special and should get stuff repaired for free just because they're better than everyone else who bought the extended warranty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-04:
From what I have read about BB's extended warranties, he probably would still have a broken set.
Posted by msnanny on 2007-11-04:
What killerklown said.
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Samsung is selling defective TVs with total disregard
Posted by Herjimenez29 on 12/25/2009
I have been for a very long time a Samsung customer and loyal supporter. In the past I had marveled at their technology and enjoyed their many products; however, I have recently I purchased a new 46″ inches LCD HD TV for about $1000.00US and had been very pleased with the unit until now. It has been a under 2 years since I purchased my TV and lately my LCD TV, for no apparent reason (model LNT-4642H), has been taking longer and longer to turn on, it’s currently taking about 15 clicks to go on or about two minutes and getting worse. I have called the Samsung customer support line only to be given the polite runaround (I feel your pain thing), that there is nothing that they can do because my set is out of the warranty period of one year and my set is 19 months old. I further insisted explaining the situation that my TV apparently had defective capacitors and was suffering from the “Clicking Sounds of Death” and the nice lady just keep telling me that Samsung would not cover the fixing cost, about $400.00 because the TV was out guarantee period (1 year). I have never had a TV go bad on me within less than two years from purchase, the last time anything had gone wrong on any of my TVs was 30 years ago. I was planning a new TV purchase, an LED LCD TV from Samsung, but because of their irresponsibility and total disregard to their clients I have lost all confidence in this company, I plan to never buy another Samsung product again regardless of the outcome in this situation. To Samsung, just remember what happened to the great American car manufactures like GM, Chrysler, American Motors that had total disregard for their clients, they will disappear, may soon go by the wayside like Chrysler, or are now having the hardest time trying to convince the public to purchase their products.
Let’s all send this so called great foreign and arrogant TV manufacturer a clear and loud message, If you are not going to take responsibility for selling your defective products, specially with your loyal crowd, we should then not buy any of their crappy products; pass the word around that Samsung is no longer a good company ( got too big for it’s own good) and we should stay away from them; SAMSUNG has made a terrible and irreversible mistake ignoring and harming it’s clients, there are thousands of reports all over the place indicating of your faulty product and total disregard for you clients; as a company Samsung is a worthless pile of trash, don’t buy their products!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-25:
That sucks, but I never had any problems with any samsung products I've owned. I have a Samsung Dishwasher and love it. Cleans anything and everything off my dishes with little rinsing ahead of time....Sorry for your problems, though. Sound's like a real headache. Sometimes you luck out and get a great product that lasts for ever, and other times you get a dud.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-26:
Out of warranty means out of pocket. There is nothing they can or will do for you. You did not buy an extended warranty.
Posted by herjimenez29 on 2009-12-26:
Dear Tennboy1981, this is not a matter of luck, I was a very happy Samsung customer, I have a Samsung Blue Ray DVD, cell phones and previously owned many Samsung TVs as well as cameras, etc; this is a matter of Samsung knowingly selling now defective and potentially dangerous products; these defective capacitors release hydrogen (an extremely flammable and very explosive gas) as they decay, furthermore I have already heard of one case in which the set caught on fire. Samsung is well aware of this situation and has decided to look the other way, by my calculations all sets with these defective capacitors are failing and all will soon fail right after the warrantee period. This situation has been a mayor and irreversible blunder by Samsung, the word is out, they have failed to do the right, morally and legally thing to do, personally I have lost all confidence (nice job)in this company as well as many thousand more that have their set failed, the many more to come. I’m going to follow with complaints, with my limited resources, to the FTC and I’m now currently looking for the best law firm to handle a class action suit.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-12-26:
'...this is a matter of Samsung knowingly selling now defective and potentially dangerous products...' Please tell us you're joking! You know this for a fact because...? If you're so aware of their inferior, defective products, why did you buy that TV? As LadyScot put it--out of warranty means out of pocket.
Posted by IhateSamsung on 2010-01-07:
I just posted a review of the worse exeperience anyone could have with Samsung & At&t Connectech! Reading these reviews are horrifying all these ppl suffering the same Samsung Repair/Customer Service NIGHTMARE!
Posted by herjimenez29 on 2010-03-03:
Good news Dear friends; finally we can all join a class action law suit here in the good old USA against this despicable and miserable company, that has been selling defective TVs without any regard nor respect for it's clients. I urge you please visit the following link to join the class action law suit:


Victory is near, and my hope is that Samsung will banned from selling in the USA!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-03:
Make sure you show us your settlement check.
Posted by herjimenez29 on 2010-03-03:
Hey, zzrokk, whose side are you on? for your information, I will not show you any check; and second, I'm participating on the law suit on a matter of principal, I refuse to take it sitting down, like you probably are; I don't believe these foreign companies can come here, the USA and start selling us garbage products (we are not a land fill for China or Korea), furthermore I stand to make little money, if any; all I want is for my TV to be replaced or fixed like new and for all other consumers that were deceived by this corrupt company to have their issue fixed .
Samsung you are coming down, and may it cost you an arm and leg!!!
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-03:
somehow i doubt there will be a banishment of the company from the US

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-03:
Herj, stop blaming other countries for your gain.
I don't care either way and you won't be changing foreign trade policies any time soon, Larry the Lawyer.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-03-03:
i wonder... is this now becoming an advertisement?...
could be wrong but...
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-03:
Be sure and let us know how you decide to spend the five dollar coupon you get as your share of the settlement... that is if you win.
Posted by herjimenez29 on 2010-05-22:
After a very long and extremely tiring experience dealing with the Samsung customer service center, my LCD TV (LN-T4642H) is now fixed under Samsung's dime. I'm still very resentful with Samsung; this has been a lesson for me and I hope that it has been for many others as well in how to deal with these unscrupulous global companies within the new economic realities, sadly we are no longer "the Kings of the Hill". Samsung has capture worldwide a near monopoly in consumer electronics, 80% of the global TV market and we better not take it with a lame attitude, or we are all going to get screwed royally by these corrupted companies whenever it's appropriate form them to do so. Now I'm going to do my part (my small contribution) in making this planet a better place, I will NEVER EVER spend another nickel on a Samsung product, now do your part!
Posted by samsung1 on 2010-05-22:
you sure tv is not on power saver that could cause tv to take longer to turn on
Posted by ambrosia67 on 2011-07-10:
I bought a 32 inch Samsung tV 2 yrs ago at Costco. It did not come with a manual. I didn't know how to connect my DVD. Costco refered me to Samsung. They said it would cost me $25.00 for a manual or I could download it . I didn"t have a computer. I paid $800.00 for the TV. I shouldn't have to buy a manual. The second time I called, was told they would send me a manual. I never got it. I will never buy a Samsung again. I'm sorry I didn't buy the inexpensive Visio. With the savings I could have bought several manuals.
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Samsung TV Known Power Cycling Issue
Posted by SamsungSucks on 10/15/2009
JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA -- I have been trying for three weeks to get service on my Samsung 52inch television. It simply started cycling "on" and "off" without any prompting by anyone. Apparentlyy, this is known as "power cycling" and is a common problem. So common, in fact, Samsung actually has a firmware update to try and fix this problem. Except, you can't use the firmware if your TV won't turn on. Go ahead, google (Samsung+Powercycling) and see what you get.

I have an extended warranty, and at first Samsung claimed it was not through them, even though it's got Samsung written all over the policy. For three weeks I have been passed back and forth between "service techs" and Samsung, when all they need to do is come out and replace the power supply, per the warratny I paid $500 bucks for. By the way, since Samsung and the people they have chosen to fix the television (AT&T Connect Tech) won't actually contact me to fix the problem, the warranty is useless. I literally cannot schedule an appointment with these people to get a service call, as they keep putting me on hold, never calling back, telling me they thought it was resolved and to call Samsung for another service number, etc. etc.

I believe AT&t Connect Tech to be a scam company. I do not believe, and I have no evidence that they actually intend to fix my television. I believe Samsung is aware of this fact, and is complicit in the denial of service.

I will never buy another Samsung product again. I believe consumers should be aware of this issue, as it is a common issue, and the televisions should not be sold to people. Had I not had an extended warranty (which is actually useless in practice)I would have no leg to stand on because the TV is 13 months old.

Samsung Sucks. Period.
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DO NOT purchase a 50" PN50B550 Plasma TV or anything from Samsung!!
Posted by AvoidSamsung on 09/21/2009
My last TV (a Sony) was still working after 25 years, but I, foolishly just had to have a new TV. So I made a huge mistake ... I bought a Samsung 50" Plasma TV.

What a nightmare! And, it is still haunting me. I'd been watching the TV for less than two months, when it developed green and purple vertical lines from left to right across the screen. I submitted an on-line trouble ticket ... eventually I was called back by someone that could not understand me, nor could I under him (or her). That person closed the trouble ticket. Oh great!! So, this time I called Samsung and made them aware of my problem. I asked that they did not contact the same company ... so they referred me to a national tech company. They sent out a non-English person (I think it was the SAME person) who said that the parts that I received probably would not fix the problem.

He and I struggled to take the TV down (it is mounted on the wall). Once down, he went through the motions and swapped out each of the three cards. Nothing cured the problem. He reported back to "the company" and then to Samsung. They said they would send out a replacement panel. I about went through the roof! I have a TV that is less than 2 months old and I have to have it rebuilt -- I wanted it replaced. Everyone blew me off and said that was my only choice. (Great ... took 1 day off work here)

Arrived home one evening to find that I had missed a delivery ... REQUIRED to be home to received "the panel". So ... take day 2 off from work! Truck delivered a HUGE box with the panel in it.

That was delivered on September 1st. Anytime I have company, I have to drag it out of the hallway and stash the dresser and drawers that are in the living room -- to avoid the embarrasssment of needing my brand new TV repaired ALREADY!!

Sept. 9 ... Samsung calls me to verify that I was happy with the repair. I about came through the phone ... NOTHING has been fixed and NO ONE has even contacted me about fixing it. And, I now have this huge box that is in the way.

Sept. 14 ... another call from Samsung. Still no sign of a repairperson! She calls the repair company and informs me that Samsung has a 21-day (working) policy that if a unit is not repaired, they "can take other steps." That would be 21 Sept according to her.

You've got it ... Sept 21 came and went and I'm still tripping over the box and watching TV through the purple and green lines.

Sept. 21 ... called Samsung again. No one acknowledges the 21-day policy. She's going to call the repair company and see what is going on. That company calls me and asks if I want a repairperson ... duh!! He says it will be AT LEAST 48 hours before they can even set up an appointment.

No way ... I call Samsung back and find someone that offers to replace the TV. BUT ... it will be the same model and I have to remove it from the wall and reinstall it myself. I ask for a supervisor ... his supervisor is "not available" - he says he will have his supervisor call me back.

So here I sit ... still watching a green and Purple lined TV and tripping over a huge box.

If I don't hear anything before Thursday ... I'm dragging the stupid box outside! They can come and get it or not. I've had it with storing their parts. I've made a complaint with the NJ BBB ... hope that will help. I've contacted our local TV station customer help group ... hopefully that will help.

Bottom line ... DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING from Samsung!! They don't care about their products, their reputation, their customers, their customer service or their repair vendors.

You've been warned ... Avoid them ... if they are the only game in town ... DO NOT buy their products - They should be out of business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
Too bad. My Samsung Flatscreen works great.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-21:
I second that, my 42 inch Samsung Plasma has been working just fine and it's older then yours. This is an isolated incidence, no reason to bash the entire company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
My Son has a six month old 50" Samsung Plasma with HDMI. The picture quality blows away any LCD or projection TV I have ever seen. My next flat screen will probably be a Samsung after seeing the picture quality.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
We have a 42" Samsung plasma here in Singapore, with no problems. But, I've been reading that plasma's will be phased out in favor of LCD/LED sets. The plasma's here are dirt cheap. In looking at the LED pictures, they seem to be far superior to anything else. I can't wait for those to go down in price :) The screens are so much thinner too, if you like to wall-mount them. It will be interesting to read reviews on the LED's after they have been out for a while.
Posted by AvoidSamsung on 2009-09-21:
I'm happy that you have functioning machines, but I stick by my review. Samsung's customer service and their product sucks! I have a TV that failed within 2 months. That is totally unacceptable and Samsung doesn't seem to care AT ALL. Two of you have 42" ... those are not what I have. And, the 50" ... what model? I would not recommend ANYONE to go through the hell of dealing with an unresponsive and difficult company as Samsung. Look elsewhere ... DO NOT buy Samsung! Great when it works ... but service and support is very important and they get ALL ZEROS on both.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-21:
Again, I think it's a fluke, an unfortunate fluke. It's under manufacturer warranty, it's going to get taken care of.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
avoidsamsung, I agree with you totally that your experience with Samsung is unacceptable. I would be upset too. I hope you get this resolved to your satisfaction.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
These plasma/LCD Tv's, will never last as long as the Tube tv's did.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-22:
If the tv is only two months old, it is still under warranty. I would demand they replace it. Assuming you still have the receipt.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-22:
If my new big screen went out after two months I would be PO'd beyond belief! To all of the others that have had good experiences with Samsung, that is great, but we shouldnt minimize the OP's experience. Obviously it hasnt been a good one. Wally, you are right. These TV's will never last as long as the old ones did. We had an old sears tube tv that lasted over 20 years.
Posted by AvoidSamsung on 2009-09-22:
I've been trying for almost a month to get this TV taken care of. I DO have the receipt ... and I never wanted it repaired - Samsung insists that they repair it. They would not replace it ... as I think they should have seeing that it was less than 2 months old. So ... I've become a storage yard for their parts with NO contact from Samsung nor a repair person.

I want a new TV ... and, additionally, I want them to either remove and reinstall it or pay to have it done. I had to pay to have it done ... and I don't expect that I should have to pay again for their failed TV and awful service.

I'll sit and wait for a supervisor to call ... and call them again on Tuesday. I want this fixed ... and will continue demanding a replacement. I'm just super PO'd that I even have to be going through this. I've lost time at work ... and gained several gray hairs.

Honestly, because of this experience I will NEVER buy a Samsung product ever!! And, everyone should consider doing the same. If this is how they treat a new customer with a NEW TV ... imagine what it would be like at month 10!

"It's going to be taken care of!" Do you have an inside track? When? How? by Whom? Their warranty seems totally useless at this point because NOTHING is being taken care of.

I'll update when I talk to them again.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-22:
I'm confused about the dresser and drawers though. You are moving them because you're embarrassed about having a tv that needs repairs?

or is it because you don't want the workers to see the items, perhaps thinking they might steal things?
Posted by AvoidSamsung on 2009-09-22:
I've had to move the dresser (with drawers) from the bedroom to the living room for the TV to be repaired. The beast is hung on the wall above the TV.

Still nothing from Samsung ... how often do you think I should call them? This is SOOOO frustrating and I'm sick of spending my time chasing them to do what they should be doing already!
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-22:
So they have offered to help you by fixing it, but you refused and wanted it replaced? That isn't how most manufacturer warranties work. They're still trying to help you, and even if it's not the exact way you want it, is that really the companies fault? No don't answer that, I know what you'll say. I know it's bad that the TV failed in 2 months, I'm not defending that, I'm defending that the company has told you they will fix it, and you are making them replace it, NOT something in the warranty. I think you're just asking a little much (I want a new TV AND them to come install it).
Posted by AvoidSamsung on 2009-09-23:
Samsung says it is THEIR policy to replace it if THEY don't repair it within 21 working days. I'm not MAKING them do anything ... it is their policy. I have not refused anything ... I've waited far too long for anything to happen.

And as for taking it down and reinstalling it ... they need to leave it as they found it. It is installed and I'm only asking to be returned to the same condition.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-23:
Has it been 21 working days? Business days. Monday through Friday.
Posted by AvoidSamsung on 2009-09-23:
Yes ... it has been 21 working days. And, Samsung concurred with the timing and their policy.

But ... I'm still waiting for a return call. Time for me to call again! I've said it before and I'll say it again ... their Customer Service SUCKS!!!
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BUY ANOTHER BRAND - their service department is really a nightmare!!
Posted by LRoach1 on 12/15/2009
Three weeks ago, I purchased a Samsung 50" Plasma. It was bad out of the box. It never worked and still doesn't. I called their customer service and they sent out the service representative from ATT, who handles their warranty repairs. In fact, the tech has been out twice, once to install a new power supply and again to install a new locic module. Neither fixed the problem. It's still DOA. THe AT&T service people twice reported it to Samsung as being unrepairable. Yet Samsung still won't replace it.

Dealing with their so called Exdecutive Customer Service department is an absolute nightmare. Nothing but stalls and runarounds. Total BS! I have spent a couple hours on hold while they "check" with whoever they supposedly check with. Actualy, I think that they just park you on hold hoping that if they stall long enough, you'll hang up.

Do Yourself a favor, buy another brand. Their service department really sucks! I will NEVER, EVER buy another Samsung product of any kind.

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Posted by CSD on 2009-12-15:
Where did you purchase it? Would they not exchange or anything since it was dead right out of the box?
Posted by IhateSamsung on 2010-01-07:
Well atleast I got to use my t.v. for about 5months before it broke down the 1st time. It's just the 2nd breakdown 4months after 1st repair that's killing me! :-)

I just posted a review of the worse exeperience anyone could have with Samsung & At&t Connectech! Reading these reviews are horrifying all these ppl suffering the same Samsung Repair/Customer Service NIGHTMARE!
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Samsung is a Lemon TV
Posted by Lemon TVs on 11/10/2009
Buyer Beware! We have a 2 year old model of this company's 46" LCD HDTV. It was represented as being one of the best on the market at the time of purchase for $3500.00. This set lost its picture and has been diagnosed with a major $850 component that has gone out. We have been told by our service technician that he is seeing this more often on this product. From what I am gathering, the reputation of Samsung is not as good as we had been led to believe. I would give serious consideration to purchasing anything other than a Samsung product if I were a buyer. I know we will not be purchasing anything else with this name. Bad product, poor public relations!
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Never buy Samasung LCD TV
Posted by Sct331 on 09/20/2009
I will never buy another Samsung product again. Paid top dollar for 2 Samsung LCD TVs 17 months ago. 3 months after the 12 month warranty expired the TV began having power up issues. The same clicking on and off reported by many Samsung owners. Online support couldn't help. Referred to Samsung repair shop. $475 later the power supply issue appears to be fixed. $245 for labor and $215 for parts. Samsung was totally unsympathetic. Any company who will not stand behind their $2,000 products for more than 12 months doesn't deserve my business. I'll be looking to Panasonic and Sharp in the future. My opinion is don't buy Samsung.
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