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Samsung Health Living: Warranty Fail!
By -

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing because I just had a bad experience with Samsung Healthy Living on trying to make a claim on a desktop blood pressure machine (BSD-3007). This machine was purchased at Sam's Club 2 ½ - 3 years ago and came with a wrist cuff machine. I called Samsung Healthy Living to try to get them to honor their Lifetime Warranty and I jumped through their hoops and did their diagnostics.

The first thing they did was try to sell me a cuff. They didn't diagnose the problem and asked if I wanted to take a chance on buying a cuff. I purchased these blood pressure monitors because of the Samsung name and the promise of a lifetime warranty.

They told me they could not honor the warranty unless I had proof of purchase (receipt). There was no mention on the packaging that a receipt was necessary to have the warranty honored; however, that information was only disclosed in the manual and you had to open the box to get the manual to read the warranty terms and if you do that in Sam's Club, you have the potential to lose your membership.

I would like the company to honor their contract with me when I purchased their product. If you had to have a receipt to honor the warranty, it should have been disclosed on the packaging so that the consumer could make an informed decision. As I do not have the receipt and Sam's only keeps a record of your transactions for two years, there is no way for me to retrieve it. I have purchased items from Logitech and Microsoft with multi-year warranties and all they require is for individuals to return the product and they ship a current item to replace it. This is what I would like to happen in this instance.

Bad Consumer Service/Tech Support
By -

I have a Samsung bd-c5500/xaa Blu-ray player that would malfunction when playing a dvd. Called support, and was told to ship it in for repairs. I shipped it, 3 weeks later I received it back. A day later it is malfunctioning again, called support and asked if it could be replaced and was told I would have to ship it again before Samsung could replace it, "two repairers are needed before replacing" and "if it could not be replaced, would I settle for an upgrade." I said "I would, because when I ordered this model I thought it was built-in wireless and it was not, so sure I'd like the upgrade."

I shipped the player back a 2nd time and I waited, tracked it online, saw that it had arrived. After three weeks I called (04/13/2011) and was told it had been repaired, shipped and would be at my house by the afternoon of the 14th. When it was not at the house that afternoon, I called Samsung to find out why, after talking to four "e.c.r."(executive customer rep.) and repeating this whole story to each of them I was told by the last "e.c.r." that my player had not been shipped but had been damaged in transit to the repair facility.

I had been waiting for my player and no one bothered to e-mail me and let me know this!! I was informed that Samsung will send me the same model of player if one can be found in stock, not an upgrade like I had been led to believe. I told the "e.c.r" that Samsung could just keep the player of the same model (Samsung bd-c5500/xaa) if an upgrade would not be offered. Needless to say I am not pleased with the way it all turned out. I will repeat this story to my friends and family and hopefully they will not have to go through what I did.

Samsung's Warranty Not Worth Paper Printed on
By -

Another life lesson: Do NOT purchase a Samsung Plasma TV! 8 months ago we bought a SAMSUNG 58 in. PLASMA for nearly $2,000. TV looked like fireworks, went off inside. Wolf's Service Center sent a guy to take pics, were sent to New Jersey where they viewed & DENIED our warranty. So, we are just screwed. Why can't they just send a tech to look at it? It hasn't ever been moved or touched! There's not a scratch on it. They say it was "impacted". As I understand it, this is a common problem of denying warranties for "panels" and they will not replace it as they allegedly say they do.

The TV has never been touched or moved in the less than 8 months we've had it. It's the weirdest spider pattern INSIDE the screen. Not a scratch on the system itself or the glass. Just the inside. By examining these pictures you can see why it APPEARS something has "impacted" the screen. If you examine the glass, however, you see it's on the inside and there's not a scratch, mark or blemish of any sort from the outside. This happened on the INSIDE when I was viewing a basketball game on ESPN. I do not ever TOUCH the TV except for dusting with a blue shammy that was provided.

It hasn't been moved in any way since being set up by the store where it was purchased. What could cause such an event? Lesson learned I guess. Next time have to get a different TV, but will be armed with questions and likelihood that watching an NCAA basketball game will cause it to go bye-bye. Now I've received an estimate for replacing the panel: $1350.00.

I've also been given the option (how thoughtful) of purchasing a new one for $1399.00. Wow... BTW, I purchased the TV at Video Only here in Portland, and until this horrifying experience had great experiences. I'm not sure I can blame them for selling the flawed TV, but what Samsung is doing in my mind constitutes "fraud". Looks like an attorney will now have to be involved and we'll go after both Samsung AND Video Only.

Samsung Has Taken Very Good Care of This Repeat Customer
By -

KENDALLVILLE, INDIANA -- Purchased TV at hhgregg in Ft. Wayne, Indiana on December of 2006. They offered me an extended warranty (service agreement) for about $450 and I declined because of the high cost. The TV started shutting off on its own right out of the 12 month factory warranty period. Contacted Samsung and they immediately resolved the issue for me (out of warranty mind you) with no out of pocket expense being incurred by me. They sent a service tech to my home and replaced the part that was causing the issue. They even offered to provide me with a six month warranty to cover the parts and labor in case I had the same issue again. (I accepted).

A few weeks ago I started having an issue with spots appearing on the screen and can only explain it as looking like stars in the sky but only on my what used to be beautiful 1080p screen. I called Samsung and they informed me that my warranty had long been expired but offered to have someone higher up the food chain look at my complaint and call me within a week to let me know their final verdict. A few days labor Samsung called to let me know that they had decided to offer to pay for any parts needed to repair my three year old television. They set up the service for me (in home) and I paid a labor fee of $250 for the repair.

I thought it was a little pricey to get the DLP fixed until the service man told my wife that the parts cost over $800 and it included a new bulb that cost $200 or more itself. I am watching Discovery HD now on my 1080p DLP and it is amazing. I am very happy with Samsung and just purchased a 46" 1080p Samsung LCD to hang in my front room and I will not buy any brand other than Samsung because they have gone out of their way to make this consumer happy. I am getting ready to buy a couple of their Blu-Ray players to hook up to my two great Samsung TV's!

Samsung Company Bad Service PN42A450
By -

33544 -- Bought a Samsung plasma TV at Best Buy on 2/23/2009. Bought it at a local retailer at Best Buy in Wesley Chapel, Florida. And there was no accessories. Called Samsung and their service stinks and 2 weeks later I have nothing but a TV and a power cord. Issue with plasma TV and they can't seem to get it fix it right. Had a technician at my house and was very nasty and short and even had a Samsung service shirt on and when I called them they troubleshoot the issue over the phone and switched the main board out even worse now... The technician sucks...

Well so any ways I did not receive the remote, stand, or any accessories with it in the box. I called Samsung and said they would send to me and has been 2 weeks as of today. So all I have received is screws and cleaning cloth from Samsung and nothing else. Well at their 800 Samsung number no help. They get you over to their ecr department. Well so anyway they have tickets regarding my issues and that they had to reprocess my accessories today 3-9-09 and they're going to send out another tech which is a joke. And then resend the accessories.

At this point I have been hung up on every time you ask for a supervisor at Samsung. If you call 1-800-522-7311 this is a number they don't give you so I gave it to you. Samsung tech support is a joke and so is where I bought it from. There is a lot more issues with Samsung but would take so much longer to add more. I could not get no email address for Samsung but here is the address to write to: Office of the Presidents, 400 Valley Road Suite 201, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856.

I took this television back and yes got my money back. From what I understand since Pioneer is going out of business almost all of their TECHNICIANS are going to Panasonic so that means that Panasonic technology will be be even better.

Samsung Fridge
By -

RICHMOND -- I purchased a Samsung side by side fridge at Best Buy, 8/2008. The fridge was delivered, installed and we were told that it would take 24 hours to cool down. We waited a day before we put food in it. We then started to notice that the food wasn't cold -- it was almost room temperature, spoiled milk, sticky meats.

I called Samsung and they immediately took our information and got us in touch with A-1 Appliance in Glen Allen, VA. They came out within 2 days, diagnosed the problem, informed us that it needed a front control board and also a Main Control board and they would order the parts and would contact us when the parts came in.

On 12/9/2008, they were back at our house and the repair tech indicated that he put the parts in. My husband was home and said that the front control board was never replaced, the only board that was replaced was the main control board. I immediately contacted the repair shop. I've lost so much food in that fridge because it would stop cooling.

Well, the owner Jackie and I talked and I advised her that the front control board was not replaced. She said she would call me back. Within 5 minutes she called me, said she called the tech back into the shop and checked his truck and the parts were replaced. OK, I said, "I'm not a repair tech, but my husband isn't dumb either. We will wait and see if it works right", within 2 days I was calling Samsung back up.

They once again got us in touch with A1 appliance. They sent another tech back out on 12/12/08 and he checked the fridge and advised us that the front control board had not been replaced (same company, different tech). I called the owner of the company and advised her to "Chris's" findings, she said that was not accurate.

I called Samsung customer service and advised them of the problem. I was told that they were going to issue a check for the replacement of the fridge. All the dealings with Samsung have been very helpful, my problem has been with the repair companies. Would I buy another Samsung fridge... NO, I'm waiting for the refund so I can purchase another of a different brand.

Didn't Even Last A Year, Can't Seem To Get It Fixed Either!
By -

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- We bought this TV in August 20, 2007 and on July 14, 2008 the picture started lagging (blurred like everything was in slow motion) and the color went off so that almost everything was red. I called Samsung and they said they would send out someone to fix it, it's still under warranty and that I should hear within 48 hours from a Samsung authorized repair person. 48 hours later, no call. I call back and they tell me that I can call the local authorized repair shop Glebe Electronics in Falls Church, VA to get the ball rolling and the customer service rep will fax the information to them.

I call Glebe Electronics who says that they will be out Sunday afternoon or Monday and will call back to verify which. No phone call. Saturday afternoon I call them back and they say they are sorry but forgot about us. They can come out on Monday afternoon. Monday afternoon, two nice guys show up and take my TV set apart. They replace one board at a time in the back and then say it's the panel itself. One guy takes a picture and they put it back it was but now it doesn't have any picture at all. They say they will order the panel and send the picture to Samsung to prove their case for a new panel.

That was Monday and now it's Friday. Again I've heard nothing. So, I call Glebe Electronics who says that they don't know if it's ordered. The guy won't be back until later. I call Samsung who says the part hasn't been ordered. It's FRIDAY and no part has been ordered. It's also now been 11 days since my TV broke...that I paid $954 and hasn't even lasted one year. I tried to call Glebe Electronics back but now they have their answering machine one.

I'm wondering if I'll ever get my TV fixed. In the middle of all of this, I'm trying to move into a new apartment. This TV has a beautiful picture, but to me what good is it if an expensive TV doesn't even last a year? And what good is Glebe Electronics? I'm soooo tired of poor customer service.

Rotten Customer Service. the Y Have No Respect for the Customers
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Rating: 1/51

On May 23rd, 2014 I received and with Verizon's tech support set up what was supposed to be my new Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. My nightmare began when I realized that contacts transferred to the phone were missing. Thank heavens I still had most of them on my computer. However, I was missing some and had to retrieve them from the persons involved. I later learned that the backup was not happening and per Samsung customer service I had a bad data connection. They required me to send it back to them, they would test it and return a new one to me. I would have no way of charging my phone for more than a week.

I then contacted Verizon who processed an exchange. On Saturday September 20 I spent 2 plus hours on the phone with Verizon tech trying to determine what was wrong with the phone. The final decision was a HARD RESET which annoyed me very much since I now had to redo everything I had done previously. This phone has dropped my email account four (4) times. I am still missing the lost contacts and Samsung's answer is I should return it and they will test and repair. So, this senior citizen should do without a phone until Samsung repairs the piece of JUNK it originally sold.

Tell me, if I fall and I cannot get an emergency service should I sue Samsung? I can assure you my son would. This kind of poor service tells me Samsung does not give a damn about the consumer. I paid for a new phone I only want one that works properly. My advice to everyone leave this company alone.

They Just Want Your Money
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Rating: 1/51

Samsung does not care about their customers or the investment their customers make in their technology. They just want your money, more money. My Galaxy Note 10.1 is less than 10 months old but I cannot fully use it because I am stuck on an outdated operating system. I have called Customer support no less than 10 times asking when the KitKat 4.4.4. OS will be release for my device and today I was told it may not be. Why? Because Samsung is so busy pushing out new $500.00 devices to new customers they fail to keep current customers updated.

Now if this were the worst, it would be digestible. But when I ask how much of a trade in value they will give me for my less than 10 month old device, in perfect condition, I am told $40.00! Really? It sounds like they just want my (your) money! Beware with your money if you are considering Samsung as your technology device provider. I will post this on every website I find to warn everyone of the horrible customer service I have received by a company that is collecting big American dollars. Thank you very much.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 - 10.1 Is So Slow
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Rating: 4/51

SOUTH KOREA, NEW YORK -- I have a Samsung Galaxy 2-10.1 GT-P5113 and my problem is that it takes a full two (2) minutes to turn on and be activated. By contrast my Apple iPad2 takes a nano-second to activate. No problem at all with the Apple iPad2. I have e-mailed and complained on their Facebook page in addition to calling their support phone Nbr 18552786363 (WiFi). Nobody at support can explain why it takes so long and my emails and Facebook inquiries amount to zilch. I will say that Samsung is 98% of the time very professional. I never have any problems with them except the long activation waiting on my Samsung Tablet. Why the hell can't they make their Tablet activate faster?

I have been told that their Samsung phones activate instantly. Why can't the Tablets? Why the hell do users have to wait 2 full minutes to get on the Web? They cannot give one satisfactory explanation and I and millions of other users are just SICK & TIRED OF WAITING TWO (2) MINUTES TO GET ACTIVATED. I want to rectify this deficiency regarding their Tablets.

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