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Lousy Customer Service, Useless Warranty
By -

I have a complaint about Samsung. I purposely bought a NEW Sync for $100 with $50 mail in rebate just so I could have the one year warranty. I didn't get the insurance yet from AT&T because of the 1 year warranty. This was in Oct. of 2007. Now the front screen display lights up but is just black and it won't send or receive any calls. I sent it in for repair and checked status on it every day, they didn't update like they were supposed to and sent it back with a square piece of paper saying "Your phone is damaged beyond economical repair in the form of cracks on the board. The factory warranty has been voided."

Now I'm really mad. They asked about physical damage, no obvious physical damage. The screen isn't broken, there are no huge cracks or breaks or gouges of any kind. They asked about water damage. No. No water damage. How can they possibly void the warranty? Of course something is broken or it wouldn't need repair, right? I can't take it apart and see if anything is "physically damaged" or that voids the USELESS 1 year warranty, so how am I to know that something is broken?

What is the warranty for if not for the boards? What exactly do they do to repair these under WARRANTY? What would fall under the warranty? ANYTHING? I don't think so. I think that is just a way to keep from having to replace the worthless phones that they charge too much for anyway.

This was the Texas repair facility and I've already found several complaints on the Texas facility refusing to repair any Samsung products and several very angry people like me. I've talked to them twice as nice as I possibly can with no results. They are sorry for my inconvenience. Well so am I. Because now I'm going to have to resolve this other ways like the Better Business Bureau and State Attorney General's Consumer Complaint Office. I tried to be nice, but they refuse to cooperate and honor any warranty, which is why I got the phone in the first place.

AT&T wants $210 to replace the phone, when I only gave $100 for it to begin with and then got $50 back on mail in rebate. I don't even think they're worth that much. Samsung's customer service isn't worth a penny. I'm not sure what's going on at the Texas repair facility, but evidently there's not much going on there. They said the repair tech said they couldn't fix it AT ALL. What exactly do they FIX there if they don't replace boards or even REPLACE THE PHONE? If it's damaged beyond economical repair then send me another piece of useless crap that would at least last until my warranty was over.... that is if they hadn't already VOIDED it for me!!!!!

SAMSUNG the worst company ever
By -

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Do not ever buy a Samsung product unless you plan to throw it away when it breaks. If you ever expect to get something fixed by them you might as well shoot yourself in the head. They are 100% completely inept at fixing their own product. It took 3 months from the time I shipped my DVD recorder under warranty back to them to get it back. It was no less than probably 50 phone calls to get them to even work on it even though they had it because they were so backed up. Then they forced me to pay a labor charge or threatened to not return the unit. They said it was under warranty for parts only.

But they never disclosed that. And they paid for the shipping. Why would they do that if it wasn't under full warranty. Then the unit was never even fixed. It was replaced. Why was there a labor charge if the unit was replaced since no labor was performed. I finally get the unit back over 3 months from the start of this and it worked for 3 days and the exact same problem. It's been over 2 months now and they had to review the case and look at my receipts. It takes a week from the time you fax them a receipt for them to review it. Finally they tell me they will just refund my original purchase price to send the unit back to them.

Now they have the unit and tell me it will be 4-6 weeks to get a refund check. The kicker. They promised me they would refund the labor charge and never have. No that I sent the unit back for them to keep. They charged me an additional labor charge. I wrote a long letter to the president's office 3 months ago. Never heard a word. If you buy a Samsung product you need your head examined. Hands down the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. I hope their products continue to fail and their stock takes a huge dump and they go out of business.

Samsung's Quality and Service
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Samsung products are poorly manufactured and unreliable. See Consumer Reports! Samsung's customer service system is designed to be cumbersome and all but impossible to receive service. I have called them MANY times. Almost every time, I am told to call at another time or on another day. I have received conflicting information regarding when offices are open.

Camera did not work properly the third time I used it. Called Samsung and was disconnected, connected to the wrong department, placed on hold for up to one hour, disconnected again, then told the department that could handle my issue was not open. When I finally got through to the correct department and explained the problem, I was disconnected again.

Fast forward to the next weekend...called again and went through similar mis-routing and misinformation from several representatives. Finally got someone who sent out the RMA. I sent the camcorder to Samsung for service.

Several weeks later, I notice a package on my front porch. No signature required, so the box was left in the corner of the porch. It sat for over a week before anyone noticed it. I am glad I live in a reasonably low crime area or there would be no camera to complain about. Maybe that would have been a better outcome. Open up the box, take out the camera and test it out. The original problem is fixed, but now the camera will not turn off. Call Samsung, repeat all the horrible waste of time being routed to closed departments, etc.

At this time, Samsung is saying that the 30-day labor warranty on their poor service is expired and I will have to pay 40.00 to have it fixed. Although I reluctantly agree, I still cannot get Samsung to send the RMA. I have spoken to "supervisors" who "do not have the authority" to address my issue. I called the store where I purchased the camcorder. They say that there is still a manufacturer's warranty!!

Samsung is nothing but a bunch of crooks, with a system designed to frustrate consumers to the point where they give up. By the way, just after the warranty expired on my Samsung home theater system, it started malfunctioning. I will not even try to get them to fix it. Samsung's products are of disposable quality. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY SAMSUNG PRODUCT!! You have been warned.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2 - 10.1 Is So Slow
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Rating: 4/51

SOUTH KOREA, NEW YORK -- I have a Samsung Galaxy 2-10.1 GT-P5113 and my problem is that it takes a full two (2) minutes to turn on and be activated. By contrast my Apple iPad2 takes a nano-second to activate. No problem at all with the Apple iPad2. I have e-mailed and complained on their Facebook page in addition to calling their support phone Nbr 18552786363 (WiFi). Nobody at support can explain why it takes so long and my emails and Facebook inquiries amount to zilch. I will say that Samsung is 98% of the time very professional. I never have any problems with them except the long activation waiting on my Samsung Tablet. Why the hell can't they make their Tablet activate faster?

I have been told that their Samsung phones activate instantly. Why can't the Tablets? Why the hell do users have to wait 2 full minutes to get on the Web? They cannot give one satisfactory explanation and I and millions of other users are just SICK & TIRED OF WAITING TWO (2) MINUTES TO GET ACTIVATED. I want to rectify this deficiency regarding their Tablets.

New Cell Phone Is Crap
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Rating: 3/51

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- For over 10 years I've been a faithful consumer of this product, until now, when I had bought the Samsung gal sg4 on Aug 30, 2013 because my previous sg2 kept malfunctioning. I had it replaced twice and didn't want another sg2 due to possible duplicate future problems. So I felt forced to upgrade to the sg4. I heard such good things about through commercials & ads, (& without any “expected” discounted help from Sprint or Samsung), I had to pay full price. The phone freezes all the time and is much slower than the sg2.

I expected it to be so much better as I read it was in articles and reviews. I think it's worse. The battery doesn't last long at all either and with "no flash support" I can barely get popular videos or animated cartoons that many others get on their phones. I got more with the sg2! I've talked to others who have the same complaints about their sg4 also and wish they never upgraded. Are we supposed to be having all these problems with this phone??? Is there anything that can be done while "waiting 2 years" for our contract to be up??? :( Thanks.

Cannot Get Warranty Service for Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I have call 5 times because my dishwasher does not work - the past (3) three times I have been given a work order number and told that a factory service company would call me within two (2) days - it is now three (3) days after getting my third work order number and NO CALL! I also own three (3) flat screen Samsung TVs and luckily I have not needed any service. In a very few minutes, I will be calling them again. BASED ON MY CURRENT EXPERIENCE -- I RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH SAMSUNG'S NAME ON IT.

Microwave Model Smh9270st Less Than Two Years Of Light Use And The Fan And Light Buttons Just Fell Off
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Rating: 1/51

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased this built in Samsung microwave in June of 2011 and after only just under two years, the fan and light buttons just fell off. Well actually fell into the panel. I spoke to Samsung and they told me that they couldn't help me in any way but refer me to a certified repair service. We all know that no one is going to come to the house, if they will come, and make any sort of repair under $200. So I will probably find another brand and have to pay to get a new one and have it installed.

I certainly am very disappointed in the quality of Samsung's product and their painfully "polite" continuous line of NO, No, No. They even said that there was no supervisor available while I was on the line but one would call in 24-48 hours. Such tactics to just make you go away are just disgusting.

Problem Cell Phone
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Rating: 1/51

SCARBOROUGH -- My cell phone would not hold charge and was only 1 month into warranty. Send it in 3 times to be repaired. Finally I was disgusted and asked for a new phone. Reply was they will provide a refurbished phone. This took many phone calls and a lot of patience. Now it has been 15 days and no cell phone. Customer service puts me on hold for 20 minutes and says that they have to talk to warranty dept. They promised to call me back in 24 hours but no call. This is terrible and I feel that they have taken advantage of me offering a Warranty that they will not honor.

NO Return/Non-Refundable Special Orders: Wireless Adapters/Accessories for Samsung Products
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Samsung's Affiliate Partner for Samsung Parts/customer service thereof, J & J International has a limited, if at all RETURN POLICY once you place an order. After a recent heavy snow storm with power outages/no cable/internet service and once power/cable service was restored, the wireless adapter for my SAMSUNG BLU-RAY/DVD #bdc5500 Player was not functioning, even though the DVD player was working properly.

The wireless adapter was not a Samsung Product. Called Samsung and tech said that the adapter was most likely dead (because it was not the correct Samsung accessory) and that I needed another one, preferably the correct SAMSUNG PART. Was directed to the SAMSUNG Parts website (J & J International) where I ordered the part on 2/11/2013. Part no sooner arrives in the mail, when I discover that the supposedly dead adapter is now working--difficulty was with the cable service and not the wireless adapter. Hence do not need the new one.

Call customer service @ Samsung requesting an RMA # to return the new adapter, only to be informed that it is non-returnable/non-refundable because it is a Special Order? Was not informed of this at the time of purchase. Moreover, returns on many if not all their parts/accessories are limited/restricted to extreme details that the parent company (Samsung) has no control over other than having their techs have you buy Samsung parts and accessories from J & J International. Now I know first-hand, why Apple won the lawsuit against Samsung!

Simply stated: I will not purchase a Samsung Product ever again! Samsung and its affiliate customer service Samsung Parts (J & J International) ways of doing business are corrupt and in their favor. Moreover, the return/refund policy and restrictions thereof is contradictory -- 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -- provided you meet ALL of the REQUIREMENTS.

Cheap Products but at Least They Have Lousy Service
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Rating: 2/51

I purchased this machine in December 2011. I have had one service call and had to replace both upper rack lever adjusters. I have had to call three times to try to get the second lever (including today). The company is long on apologies and short on service. The lady today said that the previous two service tickets weren't set up properly but assures me that she has got it right. I see design flaws as well. Each silverware rack has only two clip to hold it to the rack so you have to place the silverware carefully or it slips loose. I have a French door refrigerator from Samsung and the icemaker is noisy and slow.

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