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Worst of the Worst Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- I was on my boyfriend's contract as a second phone. We had smartphones, but preferred just a basic talk plan, for which we were still paying around $90.00 a month for 2 phones that never went anywhere near the use allotment. We requested that text, and data be blocked so we did not get extra charges, repeatedly, to no avail. At some point my son sent me a picture of his new dog. I told him I would not be able to open the picture as we blocked data. Somehow, no idea, that picture got opened... So they say... And they charged me $70.00. I called and asked how I could open something that was supposed to be blocked. They refused to remove that charge.

They always would say we were a month behind, and we had to keep taking in the proof that they were paid... And on time. Their error, but never any apology from them for wasting our time. We split up, but we stayed together on the contract, taking turns paying the bill. As soon as the contract ran out he told me he was going with someone else. He would shut off his phone, and leave mine on if I wished to remain, and pay the bill. My mistake, I should have ran for the hills. In January I told them I wanted to switch to a talk/text/data plan for my phone that would have cost $45.00 a month. I was currently paying $29.99 for a talk only plan.

I am not really a data user, or even a text person, but I had a smartphone, and it seemed like a waste not to be able to use it. I did not even try to use either of those things until 3 months down the road, when I called because it would not let me text and found out that they had not set me up for text or data. They said that they would fix the problem, and after hours on the phone arguing with them that I should not have paid for services that were not even available to me, they finally gave me a credit for the previous 3 months. I should have tried to use the text or data right then, but I did not try again until the beginning of June. You guessed it they still did not work.

I called and she said that the text not working was my fault because I could enable that online, but why would I know that? They said they fixed it when I called last. They did really get the text working, but not the data... Although again they said they did. Funny, it kept telling me data was not enabled. Another 2 hours on the phone over this, and I was offered a paltry $10.00 credit. When I said "What about the 3 months that I could not use the plan I was paying for?" The woman I was talking to said I had already received a 3-month credit.

Well DUH. Lady that was for January through March, what about April through June? She puts me on hold while she talks to her supervisor... She was supposed to let me talk to the supervisor. Comes back all perky and says I can offer you a $10.00 credit off your next bill, isn't that good? I hung up. Went and bought an unlocked phone, activated it with Straight Talk Wireless through Walmart, and Sprint can kiss my **.

Oh, even though I shut off the phone on the SPRINT plan mid-month, and was not under a contract, they informed me I would still owe for the entire month. Robber barons until the end! Then they had the nerve to send me an e-mail saying "WE MISS YOU. What can we do to win you back?" I am betting that they really do not want to know what I think they should do.

If You Are Considering Sprint as Your Cell Phone Carrier, DON'T!
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Rating: 1/51

BRENTWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- Background: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area otherwise known as the high-tech capital of the world. If I have problems here, you can expect you will have problems where you are. I also travel and experience the same issues.

I am one of those customers that was lured to Sprint with the promise of better pricing and service and I couldn't have made a bigger mistake. I am now being held HOSTAGE by Sprint in a phone lease agreement (not a service agreement which is important to understand) with the 5 phone I have (all having the same service issues) which will cost over a $1,500 to get out of. I have tried to work with Sprint to troubleshoot the issues and the bottom line is their network is sub-par at best and isn't capable of delivering the service and coverage you can expect with other major players.

No contracts: before you enter into a “non-contractual” agreement with Sprint, understand what that means. Most cell providers are starting to go away from a monthly contract for their service and move to a phone lease or purchase. Interesting thing is it releases them of liability to provide you a suitable network and hold you 100% on the hook on a lease of a phone.

Sure, you can leave Sprint at anytime and be off the hook for service fees but you still owe them your complete lease amount even though you give them back the phones. I wouldn't mind just buying the phone and taking them to another respectable carrier, but you can't because the technology in the phone is not compatible.

Service coverage: to be blunt, it SUCKS! Be prepared to deal with it taking up to 30 seconds to connect to a number once it is dialed. Be prepared to have long delays in text messages being sent or received especially if you have an image attached. Be prepared for slow or non-existent internet coverage especially if you are in any building without WiFi. From time to time you can expect dropped calls especially if you travel.

Customer Service: be prepared to hear “sorry” multiple times when you call to complain. You can also expect to hear things like:

• "Sprint has good coverage in most area, we are currently upgrading our towers and expect service to improve soon."
• "I can send someone out to your local tower to see if there is an issue (useless when the problem is everywhere)."
• "We are doing our best. Unfortunately we live in the world of here and now and we expect things immediately. With cell service, we should expect this and it is possible for things to take 2 minutes to 20 minutes."
• "You should go to another carrier and see if they will buy you out of our phone lease."
• My favorite: "We can send you a booster to improve the signal at your house."

Interesting fact is I got a cell phone to use at other places than my house. Not really an acceptable solution when the booster is not portable. Not to mention if this is a recommended solution, you obviously know there is an issue with you network coverage. I can go on and on but if this isn't enough for you to understand then I guess a first-hand experience is the only way you will see.

Shady Sales
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Rating: 1/51

Back in the middle of May 2016 my iPhone 5s broke due to water damage (my fault) while I was in Florida on vacation. Every experience with Sprint had been great up until today 09/16/2016 when I realized what was happening with my billing. So when my iPhone broke I went to the Sprint store in 330A Mary Esther Blvd Mary Esther, FL 32569 and had them set me up with a Galaxy S7 edge. I was told by the store manager that I could pay my last bill and then upgrade for no additional charge to the Samsung, so I thought that would be great and had him do it.

He had me put signature on a few separate blank lines on his iPad and says that my Sprint monthly charges have not changed, which was true. What he failed to mention was that he actually financed my phone with a third party loan company called Progressive Rent Payments who have been billing my account $72.50 twice a month ever since I got the phone. So after Sprint and Progressive bill me for the month my total amounts to nearly $230 a month.

Before I walked in the store I was paying $89, now I pay $230?!? That's insane!! So I called Progressive rent payments and the representative apologized and said that they charge double for whatever hardware you lease, so by the time my 1 year plan ends I will have paid $1950 for my Samsung S7 edge. I WOULD NEVER PAY 2000 FOR A PHONE!!! Sprint Customer care reps say they can't do anything because it's through a third party company.

Progressive Loan reps say they can't do anything because I "signed an agreement." Which is a load of crap. I can't even begin describe how angry I am with that manager. As a result, I called the store to find out that he had left. One must wonder why he did or if he was just fired for sketchy deals. Either way I am left paying for it and Sprint can't seem to do a dang thing about. Utterly disappointed.

Sprint Are Robbers!
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS -- I bought an expensive phone from Sprint that didn't work correctly. They said it was covered under the 30 day money back guarantee, but that if I let them take extra time to try to get it to work it would still be covered. So I tried for months, on the phone with them for hours every week, and it wasn't doing anything except taking up massive amounts of my time that I should have been spending working, and thus costing me hundreds of dollars more. So I eventually canceled service and returned the phone. They accepted the return, but never gave me a refund.

Now they have my phone and my money, and I'm wrestling with the credit card company I paid them through to get it back. And they are trying to charge me for $200 worth of things that I don't recognize as well. This company is a nightmare. They are just a bunch of corrupt, thieving gangsters. Go anywhere else. You will be safer there.

Sprint Changed My Phone Number Without My Consent
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Rating: 1/51

It all started when I was telling an agent from Sprint about my dissatisfaction of cell service while visiting family. He told me that there wasn't a signal there and that I would have roaming charges. I asked, "What if I moved there then what." He asked for the address and then said I would have to use a different area code then I would have service. That can't be true. I know a lot of people that live in different addresses than their phone's zip codes. Then all of a sudden the agent changed my phone number just like that, without my consent, without any approval whatsoever!

Then the agent that changed my number upon hearing that I didn't want my number changed and I didn't authorize that hung up on me. I talked to a supervisor and they said my number could be changed in 4 hours. Those hours came and went and my number wasn't changed back. I called Sprint again and the agent claimed they could help me but alas they could not and transferred me to the tech department and they couldn't help me either and said they would call back in the morning. No call back. I called Sprint and the same scenario always played out.

The agent said they could help me but they can't, transfer to tech, drop call, start over, agent said they can help, they can't, transfer...On and on for two days and it's still going on as we speak. Meanwhile no number works on my phone in or out. No one can call me and I can't call anyone. I've never been more upset with the service from a company in all my life.

Plan Pricing on Website
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Rating: 1/51

I looked at Sprint's website for their plans as I am going to change carriers due to poor signal at home. I called the customer service to ask some questions. The website said 1 line and 1GB date was $20/month and in small letters it said there was an extra $20 fee for data sharing and I was told in a round about way as they did not want to disclose that the min. cost for that line was $40 per month. It took a lot of questions and direct ones at that to find this out. Any company that tries to trick you by giving an incorrect pricing to lure you in when you're not a customer what will they do after you are a customer? I wrote them off of my list of companies to consider.

Excellent Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

SCHERTZ, TEXAS -- My phone crapped out on me at work and I really needed to get a new phone. I stopped in at the Sprint Store in Schertz, TX on FM 3009 and was greeted by Trey. He gave me his card but I don't have it on me at this time. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and he provided me fast service. He didn't try to sell me things I didn't ask for but took care of just what I needed. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a phone. I'll be back since I can add a line. Thank you for your assistance Trey.

Sprint Is a Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

SANDY SPRING, MARYLAND -- My phone screen black out when place my phone down on my dresser. Went to pick it up later and noticed the screen would not turn on. Did not know what was wrong with my phone because the screen was not cracked so took my phone to Sprint repair store because thought well am paying for insurance so they should be able to fix it.

So when got to the Sprint repair store the guy looks at my phone and says "Well your LED was cracked," and they would fix it then he said "But don't know when we can fix it because we have no items to fix your phone," (which don't get how repair store has not repair items that's just one of the many reasons you should not waste your time or money at Sprint). But any ways he told me would have to wait about days till they get shipment in to fix my phone. So tried another Sprint store and they told me it's broken and my insurance won't cover it and have to pay 150 to get new phone. So now have two Sprint company stores telling me two different stories...

So then said "OK I'll wait for the first Sprint store went to.. To get the shipment in of items to fix my phone." So wait. Days without phone they is working. Call them back and they say "Well don't know who told you that because we will never know when we will get shipment in," and that the shipment of items are sent at random dates and they can't even ask or find out when it will be shipped to them so that's another lie that Sprint owned company told me.

So now I'm out phone and they're telling me to have to pay 200 dollars now if want to get new phone so said thought it was 150 and he said "Well I'm looking it up and it say 200." So now have Sprint owned companies telling me two different stories basically lying to me and giving me the run around because Sprint does not know how to run efficient businesses and has employees that do not know what they're doing. So called and complaint and told them that don't think should have to pay for phone line I'm not using and that until can afford to get new phone they should compensate me back for phone line I'm not using.

So Sprint tells me they can't do anything so was stuck paying for phone like that was not even using. Like nothing - no internet, not phone calls, nothing. So then after fighting with them for week the say "Well will give you 25 dollars credit and back" so when get the bill they did not even put the credit in. So call fighting with Sprint again and they tell me that the phone has warranty by Samsung and they can fix it. So call Samsung. They tell me to send in my phone. So did then call to check on the status of my phone and they tell me that they can not fix it and that it will be 200 to fix it.

So all in all Sprint are bunch of liars and they don't care about you and they don't care to help you. They just want to get you to shut up and they don't care about you or what's happening to you and to top it of just because Sprint advertises their cheap don't mean anything. The service sucks. My phone calls drop all the time even when have full bars my calls drop. The internet is soooo slow - you pay for 4g speed but Sprint's service sucks so badly that 90% of the time you will only have 3g and your internet will be slow. Am telling you Sprint is the worst company ever.

Stay away from Sprint and do not spend your money there. Am telling you do not spent your money there. I'm not writing this review for fun. I'm doing it because am customer that has but treated like all Sprint wants is my money and to hell with what. Depends to your phone or your service do not spend your money or time in Sprint. If had the money would just end my contract but don't have 400 dollars to do so. So am stuck with them for not. If were you would either get AT&T - they are the best. Mean never ever had problems with AT&T - they are the top choice in my books.

Only reason I'm not with them was because was on my parents line when was with AT&T and when got of the line to start my own line needed credit. Was only 19 so had no credit so my only option was to get on my boyfriend's line because he had line with Sprint... Never will ever get on with Sprint ever again. Worst company in the world. Stay away. I'm telling to AT&T is the way to go. My name's ** and I'm just trying to save people from wasting their money on such bad service and company.

Sprint Inflates Data Usage
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ORLEANAS, LOUISIANA -- I recently obtained internet service with Sprint through their MiFi Hotspot device. It required a two year commitment. The service and speed were great, however, within four days, I had used up the monthly allotment of 3GBs. Previously, I had used a Boost Mobile Hotspot via my cell phone and rarely used up the 2.5GBs allotted each month. And that included all the work I do online as well as texts and photo uploads.

I have contacted Sprint and asked them to show me exactly how my data is supposedly disappearing. All they can say is that I must be spending too much time on Facebook or watching movies. I do neither! And I still do as much work as possible through my phone. There is no way I have actually used the amount of data that they say and they are unwilling to supply any kind of proof as to where is being used. With other companies, when you reach your data cap, they slow down service until the next monthly cycle begins. I have learned from Sprint that they do not slow down the speed but they charge a doubled fee for each additional MB worth of data until the month is over.

As you can see, padding a consumer's data usage is quite profitable for them and I believe this is the trap I have fallen into. My only option, according to Sprint's customer service, is to pay for the MiFi device ($200.00) and cancel the contract. I say they have already violated the contract by not being able to show me where this data is supposedly being used. Should there be no disclosure at all for the consumer? I think there should.

On Boost Mobile I got 2.5GB/month and it usually lasted the whole month. With Sprint I get 3GB and it's gone in four days, being used much less than the mobile phone. Something is very wrong here. I would appreciate any help you can give me in getting to the bottom of this and find out how Sprint can charge for large amounts of data but cannot show where or how that data was used.

Paid up so I NEVER have to deal with them again
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Rating: 1/51

My Sprint service itself was completely worthless. My home was not even inside Sprint's coverage, and everywhere in the city I live (which according to them is their best 4g coverage) was nearly as bad. I finally got rid of them and was told to send back my equipment to have my ETF waived, along with proof of residence to show that I really was out of range. It took several months for them to recognize the equipment return, during which time I received countless emails from them stating that I owed anywhere from $500+-$700 to them and they were sending me to a collection agency!

Eventually the credit showed and now I only owed $260 (WTF? my monthly bill was $100). After hours on the phone, they determined that there was zero balance and I owed nothing. "It will show on the next bill period before collections comes around." Thank goodness, problem solved. HA! Less than a week later I get an email stating I STILL owe the $260 and that it is due June 2nd. I call and once again they confirm that it just hasn't processed and not to worry, it will be off by then.

It's week before June 2nd: the calls from a collection agency start rolling in. Having never experienced this before, there are a few words which can accurately describe it, one being: traumatizing. Sprint again. Over an hour again. To ever so rudely determine that I did, in fact, owe my normal monthly bill. Much attitude about the reasoning of the attempted charges being because I cancelled back in February. YES! I DID! I have been having to deal with your awful company and getting the runaround for THAT LONG.

Sadly, I paid the $100, because I never want to deal with them again. Ever. Ohhhh and did I mention it is nearly impossible to get ahold of someone at Sprint?? Do they purposely put non-working phone numbers up for customer service so that you can't get ahold of them? If there was a 0-star option, I would choose it.

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