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Use ANYONE but Sprint!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- I have been with Sprint now for close to a year and a half. From the first day my wife and I left the store, shiny new iPhone 4S's in our hands, we have been blown away at how terribly slow everything is on Sprint. In fact, on that first day, we didn't even make it out of the parking lot before we turned right back around and headed back into the sales office and asked, "Why is our data so slow?" This is when we learned that Sprint stores are just that...sales offices. They are not able to do anything of substance to help you or fix your problems. They are there to sell you a phone and/or a plan. That's IT!

Since that day we have been back in the store several times, have used online chat and have made several phone calls to customer service, all about the horrible service we receive. Every aspect of our service is unreliable and unreasonably slow. Even with a full signal, our data speeds are dwarfed by every other provider. Every friend we have who has Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T is able to leave us in the dust without exception. We don't even bother trying to install/update apps unless we are on wifi and we often get messages saying that we are not connected to the internet when we are. Text messages can take up to the following day to get to the recipient, even if that person is also on the Sprint network. We get frequent dropped calls and failed calls. We keep getting voicemail notifications from calls that never rang.

Then, when we attempt to retrieve those voicemails, we are often unable to access the voicemail service. Every time we contact them, Sprint goes through the usual hoops; check our account, check for network issues, reset our connection, reset the phone, blame the phone, blame Apple, tell us LTE is "coming soon". My wife and I have coined the term, "getting Sprinted". When your call dies, "You got Sprinted". When the text you sent while you were out shopping and had a question finally arrives when you get home, "You got Sprinted". When you REALLY need to look something up on the internet and all you get is a blank white page or a hypnotic rotating wheel, "You got Sprinted".

Sure, every provider has their good and bad days, but Sprint's good days are only as good as their competitors' bad days. Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have had ENOUGH! It is incredible that we are expected to uphold our end of the bargain when it comes to our 2-year contracts and must pay a hefty sum to get out of them when the provider seems to bear no responsibility whatsoever. They are not obligated to maintain any level of service. We pay nearly $200 per month for cell phone service we can barely use. I suppose it is very easy to offer "unlimited" data when there is no possibility of anyone actually using very much of that data in a month. Ironically, when I contacted Sprint the other day about getting out of my contract, my call failed THREE TIMES in the course of the two hours I was on the phone. You know what they told me? "We see you have had issues, but we are not able to waive your ETF because your service isn't BAD ENOUGH." WHAT?!?! If it was any worse I would have to use snail mail for all communication! This is absurd. This has been the absolute WORST experience I have had with ANY cell service provider. Time for a change of scenery.
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nikalseyn on 04/27/2013:
If you think you don't like Sprint now, wait until they start lying to you and tacking on odd, spurious charges to your bill with no explanation nor ability of their reps in India to explain. Sprint has become rather untrustworthy.
tpiii on 11/14/2013:
The promise of unlimited data is a joke. It is very, very limited... I can't get a good enough signal to use any data. I truly hate Sprint!!! Everyone should be warned. Sprint spends their money on marketing, not their service. Did I say that I hate Sprint? I just wanted to be sure I got that across. I shouldn't be paying to be aggravated...
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Sprint Fraud Dept
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Rating: 1/51
SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA -- About 2 months ago I had my mom use her credit card to pay my Sprint bill, we called it in and they said that her account would not be linked to my account. Then my payments came due and they were always paid, so I called Sprint asked them how my account is continually paid and they said that they are billing an American express card.

I made them aware that they are going to have to reverse those charges and charge my card, Jon said OK no problem. Well mom had to call her Amex card and dispute the charges herself. Needless to say they were never reversed and they kept charging it. So she started getting her reversals on her card and I would pay the amount once it got reversed. Anyway making Sprint aware of this and paying the amount due when it came and letting Sprint know about the whole situation, they shut my and my husbands phones off on Monday 4:00pm pacific time, when we tried to call we were automatically sent over to the fraud dept that is only open from 8-4 central time. So I call customer service (which were very helpful, thank you!) but I could only talk to this one dept. So I call them wed at 6:00am my time, they said that they need a copy front and back of my cc and id and my moms cc and id. My mom is a little elderly, so called Kelly at this dept and asked if there is anything else that she can email or anything because she can't put her cc in her fax machine it won't go through. Kelly said no, my mom was a bit frustrated so she said cab she please talk to this investigator that Kelly keeps commenting about she puts mom on hold for 20 minutes and guess what. .. . No investigator got on the line, it was Kelly again and she said that there is nothing else that they will accept but that, so she sends her husband out to make a copy sends the fax at 2:48 pacific time I call there while she is faxing it.

Now Kelly will not talk to us she is now busy and I speak to Julie. Julie now says that she can accept a bank statement I say well we got copies, she now says well were closed, what your closed its 2:52 pacific time so you still have 8 mins. She hangs up on me, I call back at 2:55 pacific time (as my mom said she got the fax through it says sent ) I am in the queue to speak to someone at this dept. Please hold your call will be answered in the order it was received I hear this msg till 3:15 p time, I stayed on the phone thinking that they have to take my call because I'm in the queue I assumed that they couldn't switch their phones over till they answer all there calls, boy was I wrong! Called them 6am the next morning ask to speak to Kelly, uh umm what's your account number, and I need to give her your name, is she expecting your call? I am sure she is as I have spoken to her all day yesterday, (put on hold) she is busy what do you need, I have faxed over the things you need can you please turn my phones back on as this is costing my family a lot of money (my husband drives a cab) let me check the fax, she says OK I have the info we requested, now all I need you to do is go make a cash payment for 227.00 fax us the receipt and we will turn your phone back on.

I had made payment arrangements with Sprint to pay this balance on 2/13 she says (Marsha) that all payment arrangements are null and void if we get your account, WTF are you kidding me? I am the one that made you aware of this situation I have paid the balances that were reversed and now everything is null and void? How many people call you when you already have your bill paid and say no that is the wrong card your using please reverse this, I am so disgusted that I have literally paid a ton of money and lost a lot of money regarding this whole sit and you guys want 200 when I already made arrangements, my GAWD what BS!
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User Replies:
paullevey on 02/09/2012:
When all the complainers join me in filing complaints against this corporate bully, then something might be done. There is simply not enough noise being made about this organization. They lie routinely. There is zero customer service. Tell them they have to communicate via U.S. Mail...that is your right under law. File complaints for fraud with your local district attorney, your state attorney general, the U.S. Attorney General, the Kansas (where Sprint is headquartered) Attorney General, the FTC, the FCC, and every newspaper, magazine, and radio and TV station all over the country. When the noise gets loud enough, someone might pay attention and stop their lies and corruption.
trmn8r on 02/09/2012:
By "payment arrangements" do you mean arrangements to pay an account that fell behind in being paid?
sh_ltsc on 02/10/2012:
yes my account was .62 cents over 70 days that is all
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Long Time Customer, Deceived
Posted by on
I've been a customer of Sprint for years. In 2010 I separated from my husband, at the time I had 3 lines in my name, 2-phones, 1-internet card. Husband refused to pay for his line, his contract would be up Nov. 2010.
My phone line contract would be up in Nov. 2011.

Internet card contract would be up in November 2011, (as Sprint said, but I knew it had to be incorrect because I remember starting account before purchasing 2 new phones and that starts over a 2yr. contract). I moved into an apartment with my 7 yr. old without financial help, I'm on a limited income, SSD.

I struggled to make the payments, but I did it. I called Sprint in July 2010 to find out what I could do with the internet card, I could not afford it, I asked once again to research when the contract date would be up for the card, Nov. 2011 couldn't be right. Maybe they were confusing it with my phone line.
They assured me they were correct and an option I could consider would be the seasonal plan for the internet card for 7 months, that would also give me a break on the bill- seasonal is $5.95/mo. I agreed.

Nov. 2010 came, husbands line was removed. Jan. 2011 I received a letter stating my 7 months of seasonal on the internet card was up, the price of the card would return to the basic internet service, over $50/mo. I used online chat on Sprint.com and spoke to a customer ser. rep. I asked for help and what other options I had, I explained the above.

He told me my internet card would have been up Sept. 2010 and by starting the seasonal I was in a new 2 yr. contract that startes when the 7 months of seasonal is up. I couldn't believe my ears! I would have left the internet card alone and paid 2 more months if I had known! I was never told about this NEW contract! I called customer service, explained the above. She apologized and said she would remove the internet card line from my account, I would not be charged ETF ($200). I was relieved.

The next month the $200 fee was on my bill. I called customer service, the man I spoke to said he was sorry, for some reason the woman didn't do any of what she said she would so he would take care of it for me and remove the $200 cancellation fee and any other fees associated. The next month the $200 fee was there along with other fees.

It's now June 2011, I have spent many hours trying to resolve this matter without any kind of resolution. My regular phone is $87/mo. I've been paying over $100 a month to keep my phone on, I've had my phone turned off several times and have been charged fees for that.

Today Sprint will disconnect my phone because I cannot pay the now $475.00 bill.
Why am I paying for Sprint's mistakes? I don't understand this. I spoke to Sprint customer all day yesterday, I was transferred to 3 different departments, no one will help me, I'm told they are sorry for what happened but they cannot bend the rules. That doesn't make any sense to me. I have been a long time customer!

I will have no way of communication, I have doctors I need to keep in contact with, calls I need to make, what about an emergency? I have an 8 year old child.

I will get a mark on my credit and probably won't be able to get a phone with another company. This is really bad!

I am very upset.
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User Replies:
Vinnie11 on 06/23/2011:
Just curious, did you at any time during that fiasco receive new, updated equipment? That is usually when your contract is renewed. If you have the same old equipment, it shouldn't renew. The "seasonal/vacation" plan extends your contract but only by the months you used it (7 or less in your case). Sprint also charges a pro-rated early termination fee. It is unusual these days to get hit with the full $200. When you hit a brick wall on the telephone, go into a Sprint company store. It is more difficult for them to sell you a line of bull face-to-face. I've found them to be pretty flexible over the years. I hope there is something they can do for you.
leet60 on 06/23/2011:
If you are in a low income household situation as it appears from your post you can check this website:

There is a program available via funds collected on telecommunications that will assist you with basic local phone service at minimal cost - you may qualify for this. If you require a mobile phone as well you may want to consider prepaid options.
trmn8r on 06/23/2011:
The two suggestions above are great.

I pay $18 a month for a good old fashioned land line. If money is tight after you get all this straightened out, you may want to consider cost cutting. Good luck to you.
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Sprint: Misleading Pricing & Terrible Customer Service
Posted by on
I’m sure everyone has experienced good and poor customer service.

Recently, I’ve experienced extremely poor customer service with my current cell phone service provider - Sprint.

My husband and I have been Sprint customers for years. When the other major service providers announced unlimited plans, we were tempted, but decided to wait to see what Sprint would offer.

On February 29th, I checked the Sprint website and found the “Simply Everything” plan was available. The pricing for the plan was listed as $99.99/mo, $5 for a 2nd line & $15 for a 3rd line (I printed a screen shot of this). I called customer service to inquire about the plan.

I explained that I wanted to have three lines on the plan and I wanted to make sure I understood the pricing correctly. I specifically asked if the total cost for 3 lines would be $199.99 (excluding taxes etc) and was told that was correct.

I signed up for the plan, extending my contract for 2 years. The rep told me for being a loyal customer I would receive a 1-time credit of $70 and 10%/mo discount on my bill for 2 years.

The rep attempted to update my account, however, they were having some system problems and she couldn’t make the change at that time. She said that she would be able to do so in about an hour and she would call me back.

Sure enough, an hour or so later I received a call from her - she said the plan had been applied to my phone, however, we would need to purchase a new phone for my husband before she could apply the new plan to his phone. She said if we could purchase the phone over the weekend, she would call me back on Monday, March 3rd to complete the plan update. As far as the 3rd line, she explained we would simply need to go into a Sprint store to transfer the liability of that phone to my accounts and the process would be complete.

The new plan was to go into effect at the next billing cycle on March 7th.

On Sunday March 2nd, I purchased a new phone for my husband so we would be ready to update his phone the following day. However, Monday March 3rd came and went and I didn’t receive the call.

I tried reaching the rep directly by calling the number she had called from, but was informed that I could not be connected since I did not know her last name.

I called the general Sprint customer service number again, however, this time my call was put through to a different call center. I explained that I had signed up for the new plan and that I was trying to complete the update for my husband’s phone. They said they could not help me (something about not having access to special offers). I found this confusing, but chalked it up to possibly a heavy response to the new plan.

So, I hoped for the best and waited for March 7th when the new plan would go into effect.

On March 7th, I accessed my plan on-line and discovered the description of plan pricing had changed. The pricing was listed as $99.99 for 1 line, $94.99 for 2nd line & $84.99 for 3rd line, totaling $297.97.

I immediately called customer service, explained the situation to the representative and asked that they honor the price I was given when I signed up. I was told that I had been misinformed about the plan pricing… they were sorry, but the price was the price and there was nothing they could do.

I pressed the issue and was transferred to the customer service supervisor. She also told me there was nothing she could do and suggested that I go to the Sprint website and send and e-mail to customer service (which I did) or, if I wanted to speak with her manager I could call back later. However, she warned me that there was no there was not guarantee that my call would be routed to the same call center.

I was astonished! This was the suggestion from a CUSTOMER SERVICE SUPERVISOR. You dealing with a customer that’s already upset and you tell them to try to call back and hope you get through to the same call center? Where on earth did she receive her training and how on did she become a supervisor?

I replied that since there was no guarantee my call would go through to the same call center, that I would like her manager return my call. To me, this is something the CSS should have suggested - certainly not the customer.

I never did receive a call back from the Customer Service Manager.

The original description of the plan pricing was not only misleading to customers, it was not clearly defined to the customer service representatives when the plan was rolled out. This was evident by the fact that a week later, the description was changed to clarify the pricing.

Sprint was the last major provider to roll out an unlimited plan. How could they have been so poorly prepared?

In the highly competitive market of mobile providers, this appeared to be a “bait & switch” tactic.

On March 8th I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau which they forwarded to Sprint for their response. The BBB was advised by Sprint that it would take some time to research and respond to the complaint due to the volume of business.

I also sent e-mails to executives at Sprint. They have not replied. The messages are probably trapped in a spam folder somewhere.

I did receive a response to the e-mail I sent to customer service – which was, there was nothing they could do about the plan price, but for being such a loyal customer, they would make the 10% discount per month for life.

At this point, I was not too certain what the life span of my business with Sprint would be. I did not feel the offer was equitable. I declined and said I would have to let the complaint filled with the Better Business Bureau run its course.

On March 25th, I saw the new commercial for Sprint, featuring Daniel Hesse, CEO of Sprint, asking “If you could change the way wireless companies did things, what would you do?” A few things immediately came to mind. What came next caught my attention - an e-mail address appears on a black screen: dan@sprint.com. They wanted customer’s feedback!

I took the opportunity to send Dan another e-mail explaining the situation and requesting they honor what I, in good faith, signed up for - the Simply Everything plan with 3 lines for $119.99/month, a one-time credit of $70 & a 10% discount per month for 2 years.

Of course, I didn’t expect to hear back from Dan personally. If fact, I received a call from a Sprint representative. He told me he would check into matter and would call me back. He also gave me his direct line so that I could contact him. I was encouraged!

On March 28th I called him to see if there was a resolution - got his voice-mail; on Monday, March 31st, I called to see if there was a resolution - again got his voice-mail; on Tuesday, April 1st I called to see if there was a resolution - once again got his voice-mail.

That afternoon he returned my call. He said he spoke with his manager and, you guessed it, they were sorry, but there was nothing they could do. I told him I understood that he and his manager may not have the authority to resolve this, but that someone certainly did. He asked if I wanted his manager to take it to the next level – of course I said yes. I’m not certain what answer they expected? Did they think I would say “no, never mind”? He told me it might take a while before someone got back to me, but that he would make a note to follow up.

It’s been a month since this first started and I’m still waiting and hoping that someone at Sprint will suck it up and make things right. The experience has made me consider what constitutes good and poor customer service and the lessons we can learn from experiencing both.

Mistakes can happen in any business - acknowledging the mistake, being accountable and resolving the problem promptly and ethically is certainly more cost effective than dragging problem out.

Dragging out problem resolution is a drain on man power and productivity, not to mention the cost involved with losing a customer to a competitor.

Good customer service is easy when everything runs smoothly. The true measure of good customer service is how effectively problems are managed and if the company serves as the customer’s advocate.

Good customer service can often be taken for granted. Sometimes it goes unnoticed or simply prevents a customer from having a bad day. However, sometimes, good customer service can actually make a customer’s day and reinforce the partnership.

Poor customer service is quite the opposite – it is never taken for granted, never goes unnoticed, often escalates a problem and causes a customer distress and/or aggravation, leaving them to wonder why they do business with us.

Worst case scenario – they stop wondering and take their business elsewhere

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 04/03/2008:
You violated rule #1 when dealing with these people. NEVER rely on anything a customer service representative tells you on the phone. They are on commission. You agree to anything, they make money. What you actually get is a matter of pure chance. As you found out.

Keep fighting. Don't roll over for them. Good luck.
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Business Practices
Posted by on
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- On August 26, 2013 I went to the Sprint store in Kenwood, Ohio. I wanted to upgrade my cell phone to an iPhone. the salesman showed me what was available and I picked one that cost $199. When completing the sales deal he mentioned that they were having a special. If I switched my home service I could save $100. I said that was fine BUT I was leaving the country and didn't want to do it until I came back Sept. 10. He said that was fine. He gave me a box to take with me and said not to hook it until phone service was started.

When I returned home I had a bill from Sprint for $25+ for phone service in August. I called the store(Sept.11) and said that I had specified that service was NOT to be started until I got home. The sales person gave me a bunch of information that basically said "Tough but that's the way it is!" Then I called customer service. They said to just return the box and they would cancel the account. It had been over two weeks and there was a $200 cancellation fee but they would forgive that. None of this had been explained when I got the phone. I was also not told that when I purchased the phone I contracted to keep the account with Sprint for a year. I had had this account for many years as a gift from my husband. He had paid the account until now. I also could not get the account in my name until I took him into a Sprint store and had him sign over the account.

THEN my husband got a bill from Sprint for206.49. We took it to the Sprint store closet to our house and the manager (who was very knowledgeable) spent over an hour looking over the bill, listening to our explanation, and talking to customer service, finally figured things out. He had been charged incorrectly by the salesman and the bill was $70 overcharged. She said to go back to the store where I purchased the phone. We went back to the Kenwood store and spoke to the manager(the sales person was off that day). He took the bill and listened to our explanation. He said he would call back the next day.(Tuesday Sept 24th).

We waited until Friday and finally called the store. They said he had had a death in the family and was not there. I got a bill on Monday that said I must pay immediately. Since I was told previously that this line was cancelled, called customer service again and talked to Mike. He said the account had been canceled and a credit was made to the account for those charges. Yesterday, my husband received another bill for $172.69. He owes NOTHING!!! There is a late payment charge of $10.00 also a credit $33.80. We don't know what to do!! PLEASE HELP!

Shirley Gallagher
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User Replies:
Shirlee on 10/22/2013:
Sounds a lot like what I am going through. I will make another trip to the Sprint Store, also I am going to post whatever and where ever I can until I get a resolution. Meanwhile Sprint is on my S... list.
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Worst Cell Phone Service EVER!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- In February 2013 I signed up for service with Sprint after having a phone provided by my employer with Spring service for over 3 years; the owner was selling the company back to the franchisor and I needed my own plan. Soon after getting my new contract, in my name and with an upgraded phone, the service got worse and worse. It's now at the point that most calls I place or receive drop after a minute or two, the phone simply doesn't ring and when the caller leaves a message (none of which I'm aware of since the phone didn't ring), their message takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours to show up as voice mail. Some text messages don't show up for 10 minutes to 2 hours.

This last problem is the newest on the list but frustrating none the less since many of my clients communicate trough text messages since they are busy running their businesses. I have lost imperative information and therefore some business due to these issues. I went to my neighborhood Sprint store where I bought my phone and signed up for the contract and was told by a very cheeky employee there that I should read my contract carefully because it does not state that Sprint has to provide me with decent service. He actually said those words. He also advised that I could 'try' to get out of my contract but that isn't likely to happen'.

During the same conversation this person told me that Sprint is adding hardware to it's towers which is causing all the issues and the work will be completed in November, closing with 'there's not anything we can do about that.' I politely told him that his job must suck since the service his company provides is inferior and he stated "Yeah, especially since I work on commission." I left very frustrated and feel like I'm not only being ripped off but mocked by this company's rude employee!
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Services Advertised and Paid for Do Not Work.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS, ILLINOIS -- The Problem is no Sprint signal in Cerro Gordo IL. With the exception of US Cellular, who’s signal is maintained at a proper level, all other cell phone systems are not working in Cerro Gordo. Sprint should have NEVER issued the Hotspot device to me knowing they could not provide service for it. When you put in my zip code, you should have been informed that service in that area is currently non-existent.

Here is my first impression of Sprint. The two phones I wanted were not in stock. The 3/4G hotspot device that Sprint sold me with a service plan does not work. So, Sprint took payment for a service it could not provide. I left a Working 3/4 G device, in your store to be recycled. I have paid the monthly fee for US Cellular, which I
cannot use. And I have paid for a Sprint service and device, that I cannot use.

Then, some idiot bean counter in Sprint decides your store needs an audit to be conducted on a Monday, the first day of the month, three days before a major holiday. Really stupid move here!

And to top the insult off, the corporate telephone number issued to me in a eletter to call, in case of customer needs, is always busy!

Oh yah, I am at my local library to get a WiFi connection since the service I paid for does not work!

And of course, all the time and effort I put in to securing a HotSpot device that does not work. I am most disappointed.

Honestly, I wish I never heard of Sprint, and genuinely regret having solicited Sprint for cell phone service. I cannot accept the cell phones you ordered either, as I have no guarantee they will work in my area.

The Sprint TV commercial. With the female on the motorcycle which states connections everywhere. Bogus and misleading!
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Sprint Store In Aurora Mall Is Not True Sprint
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AURORA, COLORADO -- In mid-October, I went into what I believed was an actual Sprint store located in Aurora Mall, picked out the iPhone 4S. Later, I decided I wasn't going to be able to afford the monthly cost and called Sprint customer service, within the 14 day timeframe, to cancel the service. I was told by Sprint customer service to return all equipment. So, I went to a Sprint store only to be told they could not take the equipment because it wasn't their's and I'd have to return it to the store in the Aurora Mall. They then explained to me that the store in the Aurora Mall is actually Fast Wireless, who is AUTHORIZED to sell Sprint service, but is NOT an actual Sprint store, although the sign outside the store says Sprint.

So, I go back to the store in Aurora who said they can't take the equipment back because it came from the Sprint distribution center. While at the store the "Manager" called Sprint to see if they would take the equipment, Sprint said no, because the equipment came from Fast Wireless warehouse, Fast Wireless said they couldn't take the equipment back because it came from Sprint. Neither is accepting responsibility, pointing at each other, and now I'm stuck with equipment I'm not using, and an early termination fee of $700. Sprint customer service has it noted that cancellation was requested within the 14 day which would eliminate the early term charge, however because neither Sprint nor Fast Wireless will take the equipment, Sprint will not cancel the account until equipment is returned and charging the early term fee.

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Deployed and Upset That Sprint Swindles and Upsets Spouse
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHESILHURST, NEW JERSEY -- Currently I am deployed away from my family for the holidays. Do you know how upsetting it is to talk to your spouse, that is home with the kids, and find out that they were on the phone for 2 hours with Sprint customer service about the mobile phone bill for 2 lines. I have enough to worry about. My spouse tells me that the initial sales person that signed up the service told us that the bill after military discount would cover the entire bill and monthly bill would not be more than 130-140 dollars. Guess how much the bill was? 160.00. Also, the initial service sign up bonus was $100 per smart phone purchased that would be credited for each phone. When inquired, the customer service stated that there was no record of this on our account. Come to find out the military discount only applies to the primary line. I am finding that Sprint sales representatives will say anything, lie, swindle, and trap you in a 2 year contract. When we told Sprint we want out of the contract since they broke their contract responsibilities, we are told no, we can't do that, but they are sorry that we were told incorrect and untrue things prior to contract agreement, and there is nothing the manager can do for us but apologize. I went to the Sprint home page to find a customer service "let us know how we are doing/customer satisfaction" email address, nothing. All I find is the CEO stating "responsibility to do the right thing and ethical responsibility." I am so angry and my spouse is so upset. And I am deployed, and I cannot do anything here. Te worst part, is we did our market research on finding the best cell phone carrier for 2 months prior to getting service. Thank goodness I found my3cents.com to write this complaint. I am so tired of the corrupt and unethical practices of the large corporations of today. I am sure the CEO enjoys his million dollar bonuses while I complain about 30 dollars.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 12/17/2012:
I am also happy that you have found My3Cents.com because it gives me the chance to personally thank you for your service and sacrifices.
Tezrien on 12/17/2012:
Here is the Sprint contact info page.

Tezrien on 12/17/2012:
I almost forgot. Thank you for your service and I am sorry you have to miss the holidays with our loved ones. Good Luck.
At Your Service on 12/17/2012:
Thank you so much for your service. All of our service personnel are gross in my book.

With the utmost respect,it's important to remember that your spouse was actually provided a copy of the contact outlining the charges you would be billed for.
Vinnie11 on 12/17/2012:
Sometimes with Sprint, you just need to call again and try for a different answer. They are similar to the IRS that way. I receive a 23% employee discount and it covers all of my lines. Why would yours be any different? Here is the trick they pulled last year though. My plan used to be $130 for two phones at 1500 shared minutes. I got a $29.90 discount. Then came up with "premium data" charges which added $10/per line per month so my bill was $150 and I had a $34.50 discount. Then they decided to break the charges into categories and only apply the discount to certain portion of it. So they charged $110 for the plan (with a $25.50 discount) then separated the $20 for the second line and the $10 per line data charge - thus making $40 of the bill ineligible for discount and charging me $9.20 extra. I would leave them but none of the others are better and I've had them all. Better to stick with the devil you know.
The Hammer on 12/17/2012:
Bypass all (Supervisors?),because they will not do anything but waste your valuable time,go to, Executive.offices@Sprint.com This is the ceo/exec team e-mail.This company does not care about quality service or customer service. Thank You Soldier, for your service.Merry Christmas!
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No Service or Poor Service Cost Nearly 200.00 a Month
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HOLLAND, MICHIGAN -- We have had Sprint for 11 years without too many problems but for the past year, the two phones we got with our plan are not working unless you sit out in the cold and my son's phone has to have the cord attached in order to make a call. My husband's Iphone seldom receives calls and he cannot call me from work on his cell. Never had this problem until the past year. Sprint won't replace the bad phones unless we sign another two year contract even though we have insurance on our phones. If we cancel our last year on our contract, it will cost us over 200.00 per phone. Their customer service is absolutely the worst EVER. After dealing with Sprint, I don't care if I ever have a cell again.
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