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Charging to much when unnecessary
Posted by Bre on 06/15/2006
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- I have just currenlty added a second line to my phone about 3 months ago and was told at this time it would only cost an additional $20.00 a month.
Ever since then i have been being over charged and had to call and get things straightened out in order to pay my bill. This is a major hasle and very unproffesional. I am getting charged late fees due to their inconsistancy and will not tolerate it for much longer. If this continues to be an ongoing issue i will be canceling my contract. To those who are looking for a reliable mobile service i do not recommend choosing sprint for such things. I do understand that mistakes happen, but when it is reoccurring for months and months that is unacceptable and shows lack of knowlegde in this corporation. I am sorry to say i will not be a sprint customer for much longer.
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Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-06-15:
Sounds like things were rectified. Is the issue late fees? Also, the word is "recurring."
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-06-15:
Also, unproffesional is spelled unprofessional.
hasle is hassle.
inconsistancy is inconsistency.

Just trying to help.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-16:
Those who subject others to strict rules of spelling and grammar shall be held to the same standard.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-16:
Wait for a Sprint special? July the 4th? Be patient.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-06-17:
Wouldn't cancellation be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face? My understanding (of course it may be incorrect) is you will be charged an early termination fee if you cancel before the end of your contract. I'm with T-Mobile and it was stipulated in the first year contract that I'd have to pay a hefty fee for doing so.
Posted by cvs pharmacy stinks on 2007-05-15:
I am so glad you posted this. SPRINT cell service itself, along with their customer service is HORRIBLE!! I have been over billed EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Then they either disconnect you after you wait on hold, or they say they have credited the account, and then the next month it starts all over again. The last time I talked to the representative she insisted my bill was correct, but couldn't come up with the proper figures to support the bill. Then she arbitrarily said she would credit my bill $50 when I was over charged $111!!!!!!! I asked her where she got the $50 offer from and she said "I thought that was fair". She just pulled it out of thin air. I got so exasperated I quit the phone service, but they are trying to charge me for a disconnect fee. Yea, right.

You truly get lost in the phone system and have to wait hours at times before correcting THEIR MISTAKE. I think it's a downright scam, the overbilling.
I would be very happy to join in on a class action lawsuit against SPRINT. (and I've NEVER sued anyone for anything, but I think this is intentional as it has happened SO MUCH!!!!!!!!)
PS>>>>I changed to tmobile "favorite five" and have had no errors and am very happy with their cell phone service.
Posted by cvs pharmacy stinks on 2007-05-15:
oops double posted sorry
Posted by Heather on 2013-01-10:
I had Sprint internet service for 8 months, which was about 50 to 55 dollars a month. Last month they charged me 500 dollars for going over the data usage. I called customer service and talked to seven different people. No one could tell me how I was using so much data. They said my only option was to choose a plan with more data usage. The problem is, the amount of data they are saying I used would be equivalent of 25 people using my internet service all day long. They said that they don't see anything out of the ordinary. Are you kidding me?! How does someone accrue 500 dollars worth of data usage, when I do nothing different that I have been doing for the last eight months? Needless to say, I paid that 150 to cancel, and I will NOT be paying 500 dollars to Sprint.
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Terrible Cellphone Service and Customer Service!
Posted by Bethcaputo1 on 12/24/2013
I have been a loyal Sprint customer for over 15 years and never missed a payment. Over the last 2 years, the service became terrible and I wasn't even able to get service on my phone in the city. So, I cancelled my service and went with Verizon. I cancelled my Sprint service on day into my billing cycle, and received a bill of $56.00 for one day of usage. When I called, they said that there is nothing they can do about it and I have to pay that bill because my contract says I pay a full month's bill even for one day of use! Stay away from Sprint!!! Terrible service and terrible customer service!!
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Over Charged on 2 Week Bill and 1 Phone Didn't Even Work.
Posted by Vejer2 on 10/17/2013
CARLISLE -- We bought two cell phones at Radio Shack in Sept 2013. We did not know what cell phones to buy. the sale man at Radio Shack said that we had a two week trail period for a money back guaranty on the Sprint plan. We had them activated and over the next three days we tried to get them up and going. My husband drives tractor trailer and up north, he kept loosing service. so we returned them. Radio Shack keep 63 dollars for each phone for 126.00. Radio Shack called Sprint and I also called them to make sure we would get our account closed and we would get all our money back. A couple days later we got a bill for 275.91. I called again, I was told the account was closed and this was a pre-mailed and computer generated bill. Jason said that do not pay, this bill, that an other bill would be coming and it would only be for about 20 dollars for the days used. He said he put a note on the account. He said he could not credit the account at that time, due to everything being automated. He said to call back in a couple days to see if the computer showed the updates and then we could get a correct total for the invoice. Yesterday we got the new bill mail 138.52 which includes a late fee of 13.53 and one whole month of service. I feel this is bad, customer service for a well know company.
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Worst Provider!
Posted by Jenniseve25 on 10/16/2013
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- When you call Sprint's 800 number you hear the company "Claim" they have the most reliable network.... Ha What a joke.

I live in a huge city and on their coverage map I show having excellent coverage. This certainly is NOT the case. One day I have good coverage the next NONE. I call Sprint and they say "were sending techs out to inspect your towers"

I was naive to think all service providers had the same decent coverage... I constantly have to call them regarding my invoices, additional charges always just appear on my bills.

On top of TERRIBLE coverage and fees assessed each month you must call to remove, you have to call back and make sure the previous agent actually did what they said they would do.

How can I start a class action law suit? Why should I pay $200 a month for two Samsung Galaxy S3 phones with full services that DON'T get services?? I'm in a coverage area?

Please run if you are thinking about Sprint!
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-10-17:
No wireless provider guarantees 100% coverage. The maps are generalizations and nothing more.
I have Verizon and am 1/2 mile from a tower. If I move to the other side of house the service drops to almost nothing.

As to the additional charges, you will have to fight them on those. You can have them block all third-party charges.

And please do start a class action. The lawyers will reap millions while you get a coupon for a few dollars off.
Posted by Jenniseve25 on 2013-10-21:
I have service one day at my home and no service the next. I drove to Florida and had no services the entire way. No services at the beach either. I 75 south was the interstate I took. I drove to Atlanta... Stayed in Atlanta GA and again had ZERO services.
I have a Galaxy S3, if I have service one day I should have it the next.
I never had this issue with T-Mobile. I could RELY on T-Mobile.
Don't sell a service claiming America's most reliable. I'm not the only one experiencing the problem.
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Business Practices
Posted by Birdie722 on 10/04/2013
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- On August 26, 2013 I went to the Sprint store in Kenwood, Ohio. I wanted to upgrade my cell phone to an iPhone. the salesman showed me what was available and I picked one that cost $199. When completing the sales deal he mentioned that they were having a special. If I switched my home service I could save $100. I said that was fine BUT I was leaving the country and didn't want to do it until I came back Sept. 10. He said that was fine. He gave me a box to take with me and said not to hook it up until phone service was started.

When I returned home I had a bill from Sprint for $25+ for phone service in August. I called the store(Sept.11) and said that I had specified that service was NOT to be started until I got home. The sales person gave me a bunch of information that basically said "Tough but that's the way it is!" Then I called customer service. They said to just return the box and they would cancel the account. It had been over two weeks and there was a $200 cancellation fee but they would forgive that. None of this had been explained when I got the phone. I was also not told that when I purchased the phone I contracted to keep the account with Sprint for a year. I had had this account for many years as a gift from my husband. He had paid the account until now. I also could not get the account in my name until I took him into a Sprint store and had him sign over the account.

THEN my husband got a bill from Sprint for206.49. We took it to the Sprint store closet to our house and the manager (who was very knowledgeable) spent over an hour looking over the bill, listening to our explanation, and talking to customer service, finally figured things out. He had been charged incorrectly by the salesman and the bill was $70 overcharged. She said to go back to the store where I purchased the phone. We went back to the Kenwood store and spoke to the manager(the sales person was off that day). He took the bill and listened to our explanation. He said he would call back the next day.(Tuesday Sept 24th).

We waited until Friday and finally called the store. They said he had had a death in the family and was not there. I got a bill on Monday that said I must pay immediately. Since I was told previously that this line was cancelled, called customer service again and talked to Mike. He said the account had been canceled and a credit was made to the account for those charges. Yesterday, my husband received another bill for $172.69. He owes NOTHING!!! There is a late payment charge of $10.00 also a credit $33.80. We don't know what to do!! PLEASE HELP!

Shirley Gallagher
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Posted by Shirlee on 2013-10-22:
Sounds a lot like what I am going thru. I will make another trip to the Sprint Store, also I am going to post whatever and where ever I can until I get a resolution. Meanwhile Sprint is on my S... list.
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Worst Cell Phone Service EVER!
Posted by Dianmscott on 09/29/2013
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- In February 2013 I signed up for service with Sprint after having a phone provided by my employer with Spring service for over 3 years; the owner was selling the company back to the franchisor and I needed my own plan. Soon after getting my new contract, in my name and with an upgraded phone, the service got worse and worse. It's now at the point that most calls I place or receive drop after a minute or two, the phone simply doesn't ring and when the caller leaves a message (none of which I'm aware of since the phone didn't ring), their message takes from 10 minutes to 24 hours to show up as voice mail. Some text messages don't show up for 10 minutes to 2 hours.

This last problem is the newest on the list but frustrating none the less since many of my clients communicate trough text messages since they are busy running their businesses. I have lost imperative information and therefore some business due to these issues. I went to my neighborhood Sprint store where I bought my phone and signed up for the contract and was told by a very cheeky employee there that I should read my contract carefully because it does not state that Sprint has to provide me with decent service. He actually said those words. He also advised that I could 'try' to get out of my contract but that isn't likely to happen'.

During the same conversation this person told me that Sprint is adding hardware to it's towers which is causing all the issues and the work will be completed in November, closing with 'there's not anything we can do about that.' I politely told him that his job must suck since the service his company provides is inferior and he stated "Yeah, especially since I work on commission." I left very frustrated and feel like I'm not only being ripped off but mocked by this company's rude employee!
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Worst Cell Phone Service Ever!!!!
Posted by Victoria_pdll on 08/18/2013
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Sprint is the worst cell phone service ever!! all I ever get is "webpage cannot be displayed" or "service not available" I have called to complain and I got no help whatsoever! The "customer service" representative said it was my phone. I just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the phone is brand new. He told me to come into a Sprint store to have it looked at. I finally agreed so he said he'll call me back in a few days to see how everything went. I never received a call back and I decided to forget it. My contract is over in mid September and I cannot wait till I switch to Verizon!!!!! If I could rate the service no stars I would but unfortunately I can't. SPRINT SUCKS AND I WILL NEVER EVER TELL ANYONE TO GET SPRINT. I'LL WARN ANYONE AHEAD OF TIME ABOUT HOW [snip] THE SERVICE IS!!!!
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Posted by Josh on 2013-08-18:
It sounds like you're mobile data connection is turned off on your phone.
Posted by Cecelia on 2013-08-19:
I agree completely with you. My experience is they lie continually to protect their position. Sprint and Virgin Mobile don't care what customers or public think. If you email them, they return basically form letters apologizing (ad nauseum) for what they call "misunderstanding".
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Clock Time Display
Posted by Bbursac1 on 08/17/2013
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- The clock time which displays on the telephone keeps changing between Eastern to Central time zone. Sprint has a systems problem which they are hiding from their customers. Even the staff in Customer Service is either not aware of the problem or is hiding it. However, the technical staff knows the problem but can not solve it. They say that Sprint is updating their system and this is causing problems. Sprint should be honest with their customers and send an email to all users about the problem.
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Sprint Has Declined in Service Areas
Posted by Luckbealady13 on 08/15/2013
PORT HURON, MICHIGAN -- Although the attractive price plans led us to get Sprint as a family plan we deeply regret it. Over the past 3 months the service areas declined dramatically and we get dropped calls on every call regardless if we are in a city or township. We can no longer make calls from our house. I called to complain a couple times, and though their records show the dropped calls all they do is apologize and say they are working on the solution as we aren't the only ones calling about it. We've asked to be let out of our contract and can't because even though the faulted on their service quality it is reported that they are working on the solution and therefore we have to grin and bare it until it's fixed. Though they don't know when that will be. As a family, I can't make calls from a home, 2 miles from a city, and my fiancé gets dropped calls during his travels as a self-employed business professional. We can no longer afford this neglect from a high priced service, for a few dollars more we can get Verizon, we'll just have to watch our Internet usage. Bottom line- Sprint has no care or worry about its customer satisfaction and has declined in service areas within the last 2-3 months.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-08-15:
Call their so-called customer service people and request they suspend your service--and charges--until you receive adequate service. If they decline, send a certified letter stating the facts as they pertain to their lack of providing service with a reference to your request for suspension and subsequent denial. Also inform them that since they are not providing adequate service, you are thus cancelling due to inadequate service. Make sure you do not let them charge your credit card if you were uninformed and actually gave them permission to bill your credit card---or, worse yet, to withdraw monies from your bank account! You may have to get with your bank and ask the best way to stop these charges. You may end up cancelling the card and getting a new one. Then, don't pay any bills until they can assure you of adequate service. Bottom line: don't let them fob you off or bully you into paying for something that doesn't work. You signed a contract for mobile service. They aren't providing it.
Posted by Sis on 2013-08-16:
I have ongoing problems with Virgin Mobile connected to Sprint. The comment written about changing your credit card is a good idea. Call your cc company or bank and tell them what happened. If they can't do anything else, they can replace your cc with a new one. I did it to insure VM couldn't charge anything more to my acct.
Posted by Megan Golden on 2013-08-22:
I've had similar issues and have escalated to many different supervisors. Unfortunately I only get the run around "oh its the towers" "oh wait no its your phone" either way it doesn't matter. So to john's suggestion it won't really help because apparently if they don't provide less than industry standard service for 3 months straight they won't let you out of contract without the 350 term fee. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but after calling every night for two weeks for a phone that won't work only in a 3 mile radius of my home which should have excellent service and getting no help this is where I'm at. There really isn't an end. They really don't care.
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Services Advertised and Paid for Do Not Work.
Posted by Jp4182 on 07/02/2013
CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS, ILLINOIS -- The Problem is no Sprint signal in Cerro Gordo IL. With the exception of US Cellular, who’s signal is maintained at a proper level, all other cell phone systems are not working in Cerro Gordo. Sprint should have NEVER issued the Hotspot device to me knowing they could not provide service for it. When you put in my zip code, you should have been informed that service in that area is currently non-existent.

Here is my first impression of Sprint. The two phones I wanted were not in stock. The 3/4G hotspot device that Sprint sold me with a service plan does not work. So, Sprint took payment for a service it could not provide. I left a Working 3/4 G device, in your store to be recycled. I have paid the monthly fee for US Cellular, which I
cannot use. And I have paid for a Sprint service and device, that I cannot use.

Then, some idiot bean counter in Sprint decides your store needs an audit to be conducted on a Monday, the first day of the month, three days before a major holiday. Really stupid move here!

And to top the insult off, the corporate telephone number issued to me in a eletter to call, in case of customer needs, is always busy!

Oh yah, I am at my local library to get a WiFi connection since the service I paid for does not work!

And of course, all the time and effort I put in to securing a HotSpot device that does not work. I am most disappointed.

Honestly, I wish I never heard of Sprint, and genuinely regret having solicited Sprint for cell phone service. I cannot accept the cell phones you ordered either, as I have no guarantee they will work in my area.

The Sprint TV commercial. With the female on the motorcycle which states connections everywhere. Bogus and misleading!
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