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Sprint Is the Worst Ever!
By -

WHEATON, ILLINOIS -- I will never be a Sprint customer. Last week, I received a bill from Sprint for nearly $300. I have never had a Sprint phone or ordered Sprint service. When I called the customer service number on the bill, it was after 9 o'clock at night. Not exactly peak call time, right? Well, after working my way through their automated menu, this woman's voice comes on and tells me the estimated wait is 20 minutes or more. I'm so flustered by receiving a bill for service I have no knowledge of, that I want to talk to someone and will hold for as long as it takes. I wait 20 minutes with nothing but hold music. So, I put the handset down, go get changed, have dinner, and watch TV.

I come back to the phone periodically and hear nothing but hold music. Finally, AFTER AN HOUR a woman answers the phone and I explain my problem. She tells me that someone opened an account on an old phone using my name and address. Thankfully, they do not have my SS# or the correct birth date. The woman I spoke to seemed genuinely concerned and directed me to the identity theft portion of Sprint's website, where she suggested I fill out the identity theft form. She told me that since the SS# didn't match what I gave her, I would need to go into a store and give them my ID before they could cancel the account.

So I'm thinking this will be a relatively painless and easy fix. Ha! I go the next day after work to the Sprint store at Danada West in Wheaton, IL. There are two people working in the store and it takes them a half hour to get to me. The woman who approached me could not have cared less about my problem. She takes the bill from my hand, walks to the phone, dials the number, and hands me the receiver. She goes, "They say the wait is 20 minutes. You'll have to hold. I'll be over there." So she walks away and doesn't even give me a chair to sit in.

So I stand there and wait on hold for 25 minutes before someone picks up, I go through my spiel about never having ordered service and the woman on the phone transfers me to the Fraud department. After going through their menu, I get a message telling me the fraud department is closed and to call back another time! Nowhere in the message does it give the direct number, so I hang up and say to the woman behind the counter, "Well, after all that, they're closed. Do you have a direct number to the fraud department?" She shakes her head and says, "No direct number. Sorry." And that was as much as she wanted to do with it.

At no point did she offer any kind of real assistance. I told her I sat on hold an hour the night before and she tells me "Oh, it wasn't that long." Then, when I ask if they are supposed to match the name and address on the credit check to an ID, she says they are, but people do move and they do change their names, so...

Today I call the Fraud department using a number I found on a consumer website not belonging to Sprint, since of course, Sprint doesn't give you the number on their site. I've called twice and the only message I get tells me they are experiencing a higher than normal call volume and to please call back another time. I can't imagine who would ever purchase service from Sprint. I have never experienced worst customer service. They don't have my SS#, so I will never be liable for the bill, but I can't imagine what paying customers must feel like when they have a problem.

I am giving up on phone calls and sending in the ID Theft package by registered mail. If that doesn't help, Sprint can continue sending me the bill for stolen service and I will just shred it. I bet the crook who used my name and address knows about Sprint's customer service hell and knew I would have a hard time canceling the account.

Billing and Lying Customer Service
By -

OMG, where do I start? I have been with Sprint from 2000-2002 and then 2003-current. In April I transferred over my boyfriend's line to my account. This was free, he is a Sprint customer as well. The systems were down in the store so I had to call Sprint as well as order the new phones we were purchasing over the phone. When I did so, I got the 550 min. family pack with $5 per line for 300 text messaging. In total before taxes $69.99. Nothing more. I then ordered new phones for each of us, he got his $150 rebate and I was told I get my phone free for taking a new family plan.

As I was ordering it, the sales rep. asked me if this phone was for the line ending in 5477, yes to that question like 3 times. Everything was set and it showed up online as 2 lines, family plan for 59.99 with $5 per line on texts. 3 days later, we get our phones. I call to activate them and they couldn't do mine, saying something about the systems refreshing or upgrading or whatever terminology they used. I was told to call back in 1 hour, in which I did, and come to find out that the phone is programmed to another number.

They added a 3rd line to my account WITHOUT my permission and didn't inform me about it. Then they charged me full price for the phone AFTER it was offered to me for free. I was on the phone for 2 hours and all they could give me was a $75 rebate and a $25 credit for the inconvenience. $100 in total, and I paid $32.09 for the phone itself. Listen to this, this was supposed to be applied to May's bill, it was applied the $100 balance I had previously that I thought I paid. I was $22 and change in credit BEFORE my bill posted through in May. My May's bill was $566.31!

I understood I went over my mins. but not that much and same with the texts. Then they prorated my texts, so I never got the full 300 and I was NEVER told they were going to do that. So after I spoke to about 2-3 reps. I was told that I would have the late fee waived and be given a $100 credit towards June's bill as long as I kept my bill under $180. I had a balance of $166 and change and when June's bill came in, I was charged $364.55. Now they won't waive the $100 like I was told, and even after waiting 2-3 hours, it doesn't matter.

I have made my reports to the FCC, FTC, and Better Business Bureau. But Sprint is making out to be a liar. Like I would really waste 2-3 hours of my time to lie about some credit that never existed. I just think how funny it is that the note was never made on the account. I even took the name down of the rep. and his id #. Go figure. But yeah, Sprint is the worst and they LOVE to RIP YOU OFF!

Unverified Contract Extension
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I have been with Sprint for 2 years now, and yesterday I called to let them know that at the end of my 2-year contract, July 14th, that I will NOT be continuing with their service. The representative was a very kind, very courteous AMERICAN agent, who was trying to help me the best he could.

He came back saying "The contract for the primary line isn't until February of 2008." I was quite pissed right there, not at him but at the company. I asked him "what's going on? I never asked for a contract extension, and I never agreed to any such extension," and he said that back in Feb '07 I asked to change the shared minutes on the plan. I said "fine, even if I did, I was never informed about a contract extension and never agreed upon any such extension." He said "Since the new billing system is not yet fully switched over to the new system, I can't access your records in detail, and to call on Monday."

I asked if there would be an early termination fee and he said "you have only 60 days to contest something like this" and I said "HOW THE ** can I contest it when I didn't know it was happening! I was NEVER informed of this extension! Not by email, postal mail, telephone call, or text message. How can I even AGREE on something like this if I am NOT informed about it happening?! There is no AGREEMENT if there is NOTHING to agree on!" He was very kind to me, apologizing for the misunderstanding, and letting me know that I could possibly make things right again when I call on Monday.

He was very nice and understanding, and for once, didn't turn the problem around on me and make it seem as if I am the one at fault. That is a FIRST with Sprint, as I have had quite a few agents blame me for their mistakes, like when they added Vision TV onto my service when I didn't ask them to, and when they added unlimited text messaging that I didn't request.

This company seems to be chock-full of deception and sneaky "service". Adding services that I don't want, extending my contract without letting me agree on it (therefore nullifying any so-called agreement), and at times blaming me for their mistakes.

Sprint, I am about to switch over to T-Mobile. I am going to switch, even if I have to pay your stupid 200 dollar early termination fee, which means I have to sell my camera lens in order to pay for that. I hope you're satisfied, because I certainly am not. In fact, you know what it's called when one party forces another party to do something when they don't want to while the party that is forcing the other party is receiving some sort of benefit? That's called RAPE! I hope you're spent, because one of these days, these actions are going to come right back at you with a nice class action lawsuit. We WILL be compensated. Just you watch.

They Are Just Horrible!
By -

REISTERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- To make a long story short, I purchased a Moto Q in Jan. I have an account spending limit in the amount of 350.00 which means I do not have the ability to charge a phone to my account. The phone I received was defective so I called Sprint thinking that they would be able to take care of my issue. They issued a temp. credit on my account so they could charge it to my account and order me a new Moto Q. I called two days later to get the tracking number of the phone. I had my order number and I was given a tracking number. I thanked them and hung up.

Later that night I went onto the UPS website to see when my non-defective phone would be coming. Much to my surprise the phone was already delivered to an address in Michigan. My address is in Maryland. I had to call Sprint to find out why my phone went to that address.

The woman apologized to me and placed yet another credit on my account and re-ordered my phone for me. I then asked her what was going to happen to my account once the one temp. credit came off of my account that I would be charged for that phone that went to the wrong address. She told me to hold on to the information that I had, such as the order number and the tracking number and it would get taken care off.

Meanwhile I receive my Moto Q and everything is fine with my service and account. I get the return kit to send back the defective phone, which I do immediately. I don't like the Moto Q after all and get another return kit, but I go to the Sprint store and buy the Sanyo M1. I thought I had charged it to my account, but I was going through my receipts and saw I paid for it in the store. I send back the other Moto Q that I actually received and waited for the warehouse to apply the proper credits. Then the fun begins.

Our services were turned off and we had an account balance of 900.00. I called with the proper documentation showing that the one phone went to Michigan and that the other phone had indeed been sent back to the warehouse. I get another sorry for the inconvenience again and I am put in touch with a supervisor, who I did not know at the time only placed another 30 day credit on our account. So 30 days go by and everything is fine.

Until the horror of Sprint screw ups. The 30 day credit reversed again, and I had to get a hold of the BBB. Then it takes Sprint 3 weeks to respond to the BBB. The guy that I am dealing with right now is useless and is so unhelpful. I got in contact with this guy 4 days ago, and our account is so ** right now, and our phones have been turned off for a week now. I am so fed up with this company.

Luckily I have all my tracking numbers and all information to provide to them. I can't even get Retention to fix the account because the guy put a block on the account and a note stating that he was handling it and that no credits were to applied by any other dept. This guy only works Mon- Fri. 9 to 5 so we are in limbo at this point in time. Plus, we have been with Sprint two years now and if we hadn't just renewed, we would so go to another carrier.

Attempted Phone Upgrade Overcharge
By -

In January 2007, while still within my 2 year contract with Sprint, I decided to upgrade my phone, replacing my existing phone due to some minor issues and a need for more features. As I had previously signed up with Sprint via the internet, with several fees waived, I tried to perform my upgrade. Unfortunately, Sprint's website does not allow upgrades online. I instead called their customer service line to process my request. I spoke with a customer sales representative who processed my request, repeating for me that the phone would be a replacement with the same phone number.

As I was on the road, promised to email my transaction record. In checking my email later that evening, nothing showed up from Sprint. I then went online to check my account. I immediately saw that the sales representative had processed a whole new phone request, with a new number and new line of service. This was 180 degrees from what I had just confirmed not 6 hours before. I then called Sprint immediately to rectify this mistake. I spoke with an individual that seemed to understand what needed to be done. He canceled the initial phone addition and processed a new upgrade.

The following day, I received my new phone. Unfortunately, it was the mistaken phone addition and not my upgrade. I waited one more day and received a second phone. This time, it was the upgrade (based on numbers assigned and invoices included). I had to call and activate the upgraded phone. In the process, I explained that I received a second phone the day before that was supposed to have been canceled. The representative informed me that a phone return kit would be sent out to return the wrong phone. I waited over two weeks and never received the return kit as promised.

I then went online to see if I could see anything on my account regarding the return. I did see that Sprint had billed me $649 for the second phone. The one that they processed incorrectly and never sent a return kit for me to send the phone back. I called Sprint the next morning while at work. After explaining (again!) the entire situation, the customer representative disconnected my call. Up to this point, I had spent several hours on hold and speaking with customer representatives. I did not have the time to call back at work. I called Sprint in the evening to again follow up.

The customer service representative that I finally got in touch with (after another 20 minutes on hold) explained that no phone return kit had gone out yet, and that I was very lucky. I asked why, and was told that if I hadn't called that day, I wouldn't have been able to return the phone, and I would have been liable for the cost. Never mind that the line was immediately canceled. Never mind that I had called numerous times to resolve this issue. Never mind that it was their mistake.

I patiently explained the entire situation again. She then told me that a return kit would be sent out. Within 3 days of receiving the returned phone, my account would be credited fully for the charges. I phoned several days later, as I had not received the return kit. I was told to wait a few more days. Great. I did. A little over one week from the previous call, a return kit finally showed up. I returned the phone, shipping it out the very next day. They received the phone on a Thursday morning, based on UPS tracking information. The following Friday, my account still had not been credited the erroneous charges.

Quite honestly, I was very frustrated in spending any more time on hold waiting for someone who may or may not help me. I emailed my request instead to have the charges removed. The next morning I received a response that all charges had been removed. The only reason that I am still with Sprint is that I live in a rural area, and Sprint is the ONLY carrier that I can get a signal with at my home. I have tried them all. It would have actually been cheaper for me to pay an early termination fee and get a new phone from another carrier, but that wasn't really an option.

This is one of several issues that I have had recently dealing with call centers. Because of how this entire issue started, I will no longer do business with ANY company over the phone. I am tired of being at a disadvantage to what a person types into a keyboard 5000 miles away.

In summary, yes, it appears the situation has been resolved, but not without a LOT of pain. It took over two months and hours on the phone, all to fix a problem generated by a mistake by a customer service representative. I have no use for this type of customer service. Companies have shifted from making things right in the first place to maybe eventually making them right at the customer's expense.

Very poor customer service
By -

On July 22nd, 2006 I decided to change our plan to the Fair and Flexible plan. I spoke with a representative who was very helpful. She advised that because it was the day after the billing cycle we were changing plans at the perfect time. This did not turn out to be true.

I received my bill in the month of August. It was for two months worth of service. I called into customer service and was informed by the representative that this is how the Fair and Flexible plan works. I am being billed for the current month and a month in advance. The representative then informed me that I would not receive a bill in September.

September 28th I received a bill. I called customer service. He advised that I should not have received the bill being that the month prior I paid for two months worth of service. He adjusted the bill and informed me it would be due on October 18th, 2006.

October 22nd my wife and I upgraded our phones at one of your kiosk's stationed in Costco. The service was poor and confirmed that in the future we would deal directly with a Sprint store. October 24th I reviewed my bill online. I called into customer service to see why it was so high. The representative advised that he is sending the account for review to find out why we are being charged $ .40 a minute.

October 25th I called to inquire about text messaging. I was advised that text messaging was promotional for the first 30 days. Thereafter, it would be $15.00 a month for unlimited texts or $ .10 per text. October 27th I spoke with a gentleman who informed me he was a supervisor. He advised that the previous representatives update to my plan moved one of our phones to a $.40 per minute plan. My bill was adjusted and due on 11/17/06. November 21st we dropped the vision pack from our service and was informed that text messages were $.15 per text. This is different from what we were told back on October 25th.

November 21st we returned one of the cell phones to the kiosk in Costco (model 3784). We were still within our 30 day grace period and realized what we were sold was not what it was made out to be. If the representatives gave detailed information about the products at the time of purchase we would never had gotten this phone. The phone we purchased in place was the Katana. Once at home, the phone was not working properly. I called customer service and was on the line with for 11 minutes and then we were disconnected. I called back and spoke with a supervisor, who corrected the profile.

November 27th I received another incorrect bill due on 12/18/06. I was still being charged $.40 a minute on one of my phone lines. Spoke with a representative at 4:15 p.m. in customer service. He advised that the incorrect code was attached to my line and that it was now changed. I then requested to speak with a manager and was transferred. He advised that he will make a special note to watch my account for the month. He confirmed that my bill would now be $102.45.

November 27th my phone was suspended. This was discovered while I was at the airport and was in need of my phone. November 28th I was advised by customer service at 6:15 a.m. that there was no plan code on my phone. She walked me through the prompts to add it back on. I requested to speak with a manager and this one was the WORST of all. I explained to him my anger at this point. His response to me and I quote, “What do you want from me? You have been compensated $93.40.”

I advised that Sprint did not give me $93.40 for all the time, effort, and frustration that I have had to deal with month after month. The $93.40 was compensation for the error your company made on my account. I highly suggest if your company works like any other call center and has any type of diffusing anger protocols in place, he needs to take some time out and read it. I had to call back into customer service at 6:45 a.m. She had to reprogram my phone because it was now going straight to voicemail.

I guess the supervisor who was to watch my plan when I called in November forgot because it still wasn't right in December. December 30th I spoke with customer service. She had to reverse $10.40 because one of the phones was still on the $.40 a minute plan from November 22nd through November 27th.

I have since received my bill due in February. To my surprise it was correct. I have spent too many hours working with your company to correct an error on your part. I can honestly say that most of the customer service representatives that I spoke with, although did not resolve the issue, were friendly and helpful. It is those that you call managers/supervisors who were unacceptable. I will not make any changes to my plan or upgrade my phones while we are under contract. It is unfortunate that I feel this way but I do not want to deal with six months worth of problems. I will not be resigning with your company nor will I recommend it to anyone I know.

"Third Party" charges/Customer Service
By -

In May 2006, my daughter, who was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia was having problems with her Sprint cellphone (she had been with Sprint for 8 years) and took it to the local Sprint store. They advised her that her phone couldn't be repaired and they would "give" her a new phone, which would be shipped to her. She told them she was being relocated to Japan and didn't need another phone. The next week she came home for a few days before leaving for deployment to Japan. While she was at home, the new Sprint phone arrived. She called Sprint and told them the story... she didn't want another phone... she was leaving for Japan in a few days.

The next day, she had a huge going-away party (300+ people) and the phone disappeared. We didn't worry or contact Sprint because they had said they would inactivate the phone. In June (after she had left for Japan), I received her Sprint bill. $90.89, which was for the new phone. She had (she thought) already inactivated her old phone. I called Sprint and the first thing they wanted was a power of attorney, giving me authority to handle her affairs while she was deployed. I faxed the POA to them... no problem, until July. The bill was now $156.00 and included 135 "Crystal Ball" charges at .50 each.

Again, I called Sprint. Again, they asked for the POA. I informed them that I had already faxed it to "Dennis"... of course, they didn't know Dennis. After faxing the POA again, I called to tell them again that the phone was stolen, and what is "Crystal Ball" anyway??? They went into a spill about "third-party charges" and there was nothing they could do, that I would have to call a certain number FROM THE PHONE to get it stopped. DUH!!! THE PHONE WAS STOLEN!!! Another bill arrived in August... more "Crystal Ball" charges and I called again, explaining to them that the phone was stolen... blah, blah, blah.

She said "Yes, I see where you reported it stolen in July. I will issue a credit of $67.50 for the crystal ball charges and $22.00 military discount." Which was never done. I ignored September's bill. By October, the charges were up to $323.00. I took the bills (including my notes, who I talked to, dates, gist of the conversation, etc.) AND MY POWER OF ATTORNEY to a Sprint store. The assistant manager was very nice and offered to call Customer Service herself. She talked to a complete JERK on the phone for 30 minutes... the conversation steadily going downhill.

She asked to talk to his supervisor, to which he informed her SHE COULDN'T TALK TO HIS SUPERVISOR. This was a Sprint employee, now. Now here it is February 2007 and I received her bill for $626.27, which includes $150.00 termination fee on BOTH phones. I called AGAIN and told them AGAIN the whole story. Also reminded them she didn't want the phone in the first place and she's been in Japan since May and she's not going to pay this bill! Guess what they asked for?? You got it... the power of attorney.

Now I'm on this website looking for an address to send copies of all of these notes and bills... and of course, my power of attorney. Does anyone have an address to send a complaint to... someone who can actually do something about this?

Check Your Bills!
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- In January 2006, I was offered a free cell phone for a "free third line" on my Sprint PCS family plan. I accepted this offer, and since then I have lost hundreds of dollars in billing errors, and have spent hours trying to get that money back. In September 2006, I noticed an unusually large bill (over $200) and looked over the details. I realized my third line was being charged 10 cents a minute for EVERY anytime minute used, rather than being included in the 800 anytime minutes provided by the plan. I looked at my past bills and realized that the same thing had happened on all the bills since I added the phone.

I called customer service prepared to explain the mistake and go over the bills to get the money back. I first spoke with a woman who kept repeating in broken English that my plan included 800 anytime minutes, I used 236 anytime minutes and used an additional 500 anytime minutes for which I was charged. That was the same information sitting in front of me on my bill! I tried to get her to do the math- she didn't seem to think anything was wrong, so I gave up with her and called again later.

The second representative was considerably more receptive to my problems, and after about ten minutes of me explaining and her looking through the bill, she agreed to refund the $50 I had been overcharged on that bill. She said my plan had been set up incorrectly and promised she would have "them" do a study to correct the problem. I thanked her and asked her to look at the previous bills since the same mistake had been made on them. She said she wasn't able to go back to bills that had already been paid. She gave me a number to what she said was a "high end" customer service center.

I called the number. I was eventually returned to the same customer service representatives I had just spoken to. The new representative told me if I felt I had been unjustly charged on my former bills, I could petition in writing the charges I thought were unfair and send the bills to prove it. I asked the address to which I should send my petition, and he said he didn't know, but he would take my number and have his supervisor call me. That never happened.

I gathered the bills and wrote an explanation of what was wrong with each, which took a considerable amount of time. The next month, I received my bill with the same mistakes and went through the same lengthy explanation. I was finally given an address to send my petition to. I sent it.

It is now February, 2007. My bills are still incorrect. Every month I make two or more phone calls to get my money back and receive an empty promise that my plan will be corrected and next month's bill will not have the same mistakes. I have not received any response to my written query, and am slowly giving up hope that I will ever see any of that money again. I would like to cancel my service with Sprint, but I am told I would have to pay the cancellation fee even though I go through this every month.

I caution you to check your Sprint bills before paying them! After they get their money, they couldn't care less about their billing errors. I have been a Sprint customer for five years and am infuriated that they care so little about customer satisfaction. If anyone has any suggestions or has been through this before, I would appreciate your comments.

Sprint PCS Customer Service Changed Contract period without my knowledge
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Rating: 2/51

METRO DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- In approximately January of 2012 I contacted Sprint PCS to find out why my monthly bill was increased. I was told I was losing a service credit and that it was not currently being offered, but to check back in February 2012, as the credit could potentially be offered. I was very upset as I was not informed of the change and as a long time customer (over 10-15 years), wanted to know why this was arbitrarily dropped without my knowledge.

The representative apologized and indicated that she could offer me a one time $100 credit that would be applied to the bill. I grudgingly accepted, indicating to her that it was not the same as my current billing, as this $100 credit was not the same as my monthly payments, and would soon run out. She asked me to check back in February.

I called back in February, and explained the situation, and asked about my billing and was basically told the same thing, that the service credit was no longer being offered. I indicated to the customer service as well as the retention staff that I would not be renewing, as I didn't like the way this situation was being handled for a loyal long-term customer.

Early in May of 2012, I was online, reviewing my account, and noticed that someone had renewed my out of contract account, without my knowledge! I immediately phoned customer service about this and was told that, the person who issued me the $100 credit on my account, did this. I was outraged! The customer representative never explained to me that she was renewing my contract for an additional year, in exchange for a $100 credit; I would have never accepted!

To make matters worse, the representative I spoke within May said that if you give us the $100 back, we will place your contract in "out of contract" again! Oh my goodness, what a sleazy proposition. I indicated to the service representative that it was not the condition under which I accepted the $100; it was a retention act, as I knew it...nothing to do with the contract. I am very close to reporting this to major media as well as the Better Business Bureau... I think you call what they did to me, bait/switch... How unethical!

Sprint wants me to Pay for their Mistakes
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I had a Samsung Moment that I purchased at a corporate store. Several months later it stopped holding its charge. I went to a repair store not knowing it was actually an independent repair store and was told it could not be fixed. They exchanged the phone instead of having a new one mailed to me because it was unsafe for me to be without a phone for days. Within 30 days the new phone malfunctioned and its start and end call buttons did not work properly.

I called Sprint and was told that they would not exchange the phone because it was from an independent store instead of their corporate store. I tried to explain that I couldn't return it to the store it had come from because they had exchanged it as a favor to Sprint's corporate office and weren't going to take it back. The person on the phone started yelling at me. I asked if I could cancel my service and send the phone back to Sprint in exchange for having my termination fee waived. An accounts representative got on the phone and yelled at me. I was nearly in tears and got off the phone.

I later spoke to a representative who told me I could call Samsung and have them replace my phone under manufacturer warranty. When I spoke to Samsung they said I had to send my phone away for three weeks and that if the phone was irreparable then the warranty was voided. I am a Mayo Clinic patient and a young disabled veteran and can't be without my phone. My only option was to find a new phone carrier. It was a huge issue to change service and to go through all of this. I also had to pay connection fees at T-Mobile and pay part of the cost of a new phone all because of Sprint's bad service.

I later spoke to ** in Sprint's Executive and Regulatory Services to ask that my $160 early termination fee be waived and was informed that this was not a possibility. He says that they told me to take it to a Sprint repair store but refuses to provide me with copies of the notes from my own account documenting that saying they are proprietary information and would require a subpoena. I spoke with ** today, a higher level executive, and she told me they would only drop the early termination fee if I moved my service back to Sprint. No way!

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