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Sprint Is the Worst Ever!
By -

WHEATON, ILLINOIS -- I will never be a Sprint customer. Last week, I received a bill from Sprint for nearly $300. I have never had a Sprint phone or ordered Sprint service. When I called the customer service number on the bill, it was after 9 o'clock at night. Not exactly peak call time, right? Well, after working my way through their automated menu, this woman's voice comes on and tells me the estimated wait is 20 minutes or more. I'm so flustered by receiving a bill for service I have no knowledge of, that I want to talk to someone and will hold for as long as it takes. I wait 20 minutes with nothing but hold music. So, I put the handset down, go get changed, have dinner, and watch TV.

I come back to the phone periodically and hear nothing but hold music. Finally, AFTER AN HOUR a woman answers the phone and I explain my problem. She tells me that someone opened an account on an old phone using my name and address. Thankfully, they do not have my SS# or the correct birth date. The woman I spoke to seemed genuinely concerned and directed me to the identity theft portion of Sprint's website, where she suggested I fill out the identity theft form. She told me that since the SS# didn't match what I gave her, I would need to go into a store and give them my ID before they could cancel the account.

So I'm thinking this will be a relatively painless and easy fix. Ha! I go the next day after work to the Sprint store at Danada West in Wheaton, IL. There are two people working in the store and it takes them a half hour to get to me. The woman who approached me could not have cared less about my problem. She takes the bill from my hand, walks to the phone, dials the number, and hands me the receiver. She goes, "They say the wait is 20 minutes. You'll have to hold. I'll be over there." So she walks away and doesn't even give me a chair to sit in.

So I stand there and wait on hold for 25 minutes before someone picks up, I go through my spiel about never having ordered service and the woman on the phone transfers me to the Fraud department. After going through their menu, I get a message telling me the fraud department is closed and to call back another time! Nowhere in the message does it give the direct number, so I hang up and say to the woman behind the counter, "Well, after all that, they're closed. Do you have a direct number to the fraud department?" She shakes her head and says, "No direct number. Sorry." And that was as much as she wanted to do with it.

At no point did she offer any kind of real assistance. I told her I sat on hold an hour the night before and she tells me "Oh, it wasn't that long." Then, when I ask if they are supposed to match the name and address on the credit check to an ID, she says they are, but people do move and they do change their names, so...

Today I call the Fraud department using a number I found on a consumer website not belonging to Sprint, since of course, Sprint doesn't give you the number on their site. I've called twice and the only message I get tells me they are experiencing a higher than normal call volume and to please call back another time. I can't imagine who would ever purchase service from Sprint. I have never experienced worst customer service. They don't have my SS#, so I will never be liable for the bill, but I can't imagine what paying customers must feel like when they have a problem.

I am giving up on phone calls and sending in the ID Theft package by registered mail. If that doesn't help, Sprint can continue sending me the bill for stolen service and I will just shred it. I bet the crook who used my name and address knows about Sprint's customer service hell and knew I would have a hard time canceling the account.

Sprint PCS Customer Service Changed Contract period without my knowledge
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Rating: 2/51

METRO DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- In approximately January of 2012 I contacted Sprint PCS to find out why my monthly bill was increased. I was told I was losing a service credit and that it was not currently being offered, but to check back in February 2012, as the credit could potentially be offered. I was very upset as I was not informed of the change and as a long time customer (over 10-15 years), wanted to know why this was arbitrarily dropped without my knowledge.

The representative apologized and indicated that she could offer me a one time $100 credit that would be applied to the bill. I grudgingly accepted, indicating to her that it was not the same as my current billing, as this $100 credit was not the same as my monthly payments, and would soon run out. She asked me to check back in February.

I called back in February, and explained the situation, and asked about my billing and was basically told the same thing, that the service credit was no longer being offered. I indicated to the customer service as well as the retention staff that I would not be renewing, as I didn't like the way this situation was being handled for a loyal long-term customer.

Early in May of 2012, I was online, reviewing my account, and noticed that someone had renewed my out of contract account, without my knowledge! I immediately phoned customer service about this and was told that, the person who issued me the $100 credit on my account, did this. I was outraged! The customer representative never explained to me that she was renewing my contract for an additional year, in exchange for a $100 credit; I would have never accepted!

To make matters worse, the representative I spoke within May said that if you give us the $100 back, we will place your contract in "out of contract" again! Oh my goodness, what a sleazy proposition. I indicated to the service representative that it was not the condition under which I accepted the $100; it was a retention act, as I knew it...nothing to do with the contract. I am very close to reporting this to major media as well as the Better Business Bureau... I think you call what they did to me, bait/switch... How unethical!

Sprint wants me to Pay for their Mistakes
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I had a Samsung Moment that I purchased at a corporate store. Several months later it stopped holding its charge. I went to a repair store not knowing it was actually an independent repair store and was told it could not be fixed. They exchanged the phone instead of having a new one mailed to me because it was unsafe for me to be without a phone for days. Within 30 days the new phone malfunctioned and its start and end call buttons did not work properly.

I called Sprint and was told that they would not exchange the phone because it was from an independent store instead of their corporate store. I tried to explain that I couldn't return it to the store it had come from because they had exchanged it as a favor to Sprint's corporate office and weren't going to take it back. The person on the phone started yelling at me. I asked if I could cancel my service and send the phone back to Sprint in exchange for having my termination fee waived. An accounts representative got on the phone and yelled at me. I was nearly in tears and got off the phone.

I later spoke to a representative who told me I could call Samsung and have them replace my phone under manufacturer warranty. When I spoke to Samsung they said I had to send my phone away for three weeks and that if the phone was irreparable then the warranty was voided. I am a Mayo Clinic patient and a young disabled veteran and can't be without my phone. My only option was to find a new phone carrier. It was a huge issue to change service and to go through all of this. I also had to pay connection fees at T-Mobile and pay part of the cost of a new phone all because of Sprint's bad service.

I later spoke to ** in Sprint's Executive and Regulatory Services to ask that my $160 early termination fee be waived and was informed that this was not a possibility. He says that they told me to take it to a Sprint repair store but refuses to provide me with copies of the notes from my own account documenting that saying they are proprietary information and would require a subpoena. I spoke with ** today, a higher level executive, and she told me they would only drop the early termination fee if I moved my service back to Sprint. No way!

Sprint Willful Overbilling
By -

More than a year after spending $300 for a wireless pc card and agreeing to pay $60 per month, I lost the pc card. After searching in vain for six weeks, and of course not using the device, I called Sprint and reported the dongle lost or stolen. Sprint told me that they would list the device as lost or stolen and block its usage. I was told that the only way I could close my account was to pay the bill including early termination fees in full. And so even though I had not used the device at all in six weeks, I did pay my bill in full for $168.34.

Then, the following month, I got another bill from Sprint for an additional $120. When I called Sprint to ask about this bill, I was told that even though the device was reported lost or stolen and blocked from usage, Sprint charged me for another month of usage, plus other fees that I had been previously told were paid in full. When I replied that it made no sense that I was being billed an additional month for a device that was blocked, Sprint said that they would get a supervisor on the phone.

I held on the line for an hour and twenty minutes until the battery went dead on my phone. I called another time to resolve the issue, but was left on hold for 40 minutes that time. I realized that not only was Sprint intentionally charging for services that were not delivered, but they were intentionally avoiding all attempts to get a resolution to this matter. For all I know Sprint is going to try to bill me again next month for another month that the device was blocked.

Sprint did tell me that if I don't pay the bill, they will send it to collections and ruin my credit. I pay my bills. But, out of principle I'm going to fight this one. $120 is not a lot of money, but if Sprint rips off a million people for $120 that is a lot of money. I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I have filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. I have mailed two certified letters to Sprint (with no response).

The terms of the contract state that I have given up my right to civil litigation, and must submit to binding arbitration. I have requested binding arbitration from Sprint, with no response. I have contacted two local television stations (ABC 15 Investigates, and 3 On Your Side) and hope to get an on screen interview with both. I am now in the process of posting my story on 30 different complaint forums like this one. Sprint does this because they know that these corporate practices will be profitable to varying degrees in 99.99% of the cases. Unfortunately for Sprint, I am that 1 in 10,000.

Poor service, poor customer service, erratic billing errors, and poor retention.
By -

PUYALLUP, WA -- TERRIBLE COMPANY!!! I was with Sprint since 2003 and when I signed my last contract in 2008 it became a firestorm of frustration and poor service. I signed up for two additional cell phones because it specifically SAID on the contract that the $9.99 per line was supposed to be waived. Well, from my first invoice I had to fight to get them to uphold the contract. Month after month I would find erratic fees that had no explanation. My bill was supposed to be $89.99 per month, but sometimes it would be $350 with no explanation at all. I do not use any of the extra services, so there is no reason for the additional charges.

Fortunately, one of the reps in the Sprint store was always there to help me out and readjusted my bill for the erratic charges. Unfortunately, the representative finally got sick of their crap and quit, so I was left to deal with this terrible company on my own. I truly feel like the ** up letting her go because she was the only reason I stayed with the company for so long.

To combat the unfair charges, I showed retentions a copy of the contract that I signed and they simply told me that they didn't have to honor it and they made up excuses for why it wasn't good enough to waive the fees. They are very rude, inconsiderate people and I absolutely can't wait till my contract expires so I can switch to Verizon - I hear they're great!!! I should also mention that Sprint's service SUCKS and half the time I couldn't even get my phone to work. I have the LG Rumor and shortly after purchasing it, it wasn't long till it started acting up.

I can't stand this company. They fully suck across the board. I am anticipating the day my contract ends, because there is NOTHING they can do to keep me after I'm no longer obligated. Isn't it funny how, if a CUSTOMER signs a contract THEY have to honor it NO MATTER WHAT! Yet if the cell COMPANY signs it, they only have to honor WHAT THEY WANT TO!

Business Sense?
By -

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Wow, after being with Sprint for TEN (10) years, I think I reached my end. I was going to upgrade my phone to the new Instinct and upgrade my plan to the 99.00 everything. My current contract expires totally 03/09. Currently, I have a 2nd phone on this family share plan, free, not the 9.99.

I called Sprint customer retention to inquire as to what would be available for me, and "why I should stay a customer"... The first guy I spoke to was one of the most rudest customer representative (a supervisor to boot), who essentially told me, " We don't need you, we will offer you nothing, and you will have to pay the disconnect fee on that other line."

I spoke with his supervisor, better customer service, lodged a complaint, and he told me that any decision would have to be made higher than him.

They called me back today (while the supervisor was friendly) and said under no circumstances could/would they waive the 200.00 cancellation fee on the second line. I explained that this is a NO COST line, I pay nothing for it, and I am looking to UPGRADE my PHONE and PLAN!! He understood, but said they can do nothing.

10 years and treated like this... I told him they left me with 4 month to rethink my relationship with them and I didn't see the desire to return... as of now.

Amazing, I was going to upgrade, re-contract for 2 years (4 month early), and pay for a better plan... Now they are in danger of losing a customer... And they just don't seem to care...

Funny thing is, even though I have had them for 10 years (satisfied to a point), I cannot use my phone in my home. Signals dropped immediately. The first idiot wanted to give me (waive the 99.00) a signal antenna to boost my home signal... BUT, it would cost 5.00 per month to use it. **. I laughed at him and asked simply WHY would I do that? He had no answer.

Just wanted to give a heads up on the treatment of a 10 year loyal customer, whose bills are prepaid, never upgraded hardware, and never lodged any complaints.

2 years ago, when I was going to quit, they practically begged me to stay, offered month incentives, etc... Maybe I'll see what happens come March... But I have a bad taste in my mouth!!

The Worst Customer Service In The World!
By -

OHIO -- I have been a Sprint PCS Customer for over 5years. As awful as the service is, I can leave because some of my friends are on Sprint. My main phone line with them is a business phone. I got a 2nd phone on my line for my brother to use. $39.99 per month, 200 anytime minutes, NO CONTRACT. When I got the phone, I noticed the phone was roaming and had 200 minutes of roaming. I called Sprint PCS and was told that it was an ERROR on their part and that the problem would be fixed. They advised me that as soon as I receive the bill, I should call in and the charges would be refunded. I have been calling at least 5 different times.

Each time, I am put on hold for over 1 hr. They keep telling me that a request will be sent in to a different department and those charges will be refunded. Yet, even though I am not using the phone, I am showing more roaming charges, EVEN THOUGH THE PHONE LINE HAS BEEN SET TO NO ROAMING FROM DAY ONE! I called again several times and I am told the same thing. To date, the charges have still NOT been refunded. I have over $500 worth of roaming charges on a phone that was set for $39.99 per month.

That is just ridiculous to be given a phone that is roaming in the same address that I live and have another line that is NOT roaming. It makes no sense to pay over $700 for a phone that was used for barely 1 and 1/2 half months. I have asked Sprint to fix the roaming charges to no avail. The experience getting this issue resolved has been frustrating and horrible. I have spoken to several agents and supervisors who have been NO help.

Most recently, I spoke to Charles, Agent # **. I also called the corporate office. I am sick of trying to solve this problem. The phone given to me was faulty, had the wrong coverage and was roaming the whole time. Yet, Sprint PCS expects me to pay for the error. I am at my wits' end as to how to get this resolved.

Use ANY cellular service - besides Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Sprint's reputation is quickly and pathetically drowning in complaints and word is out on the street to avoid them like the plague unless you just HAVE to use them. Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what you have signed up and pay good, hard earned money for and EXACTLY what Sprint promises to reliably deliver - get used to it until someone either buys them out or they go completely under. As of right now, I'm on my third or fourth Sprint joy toy - I've lost count in the excitement - and words cannot describe to you the anger, frustration and humiliation that this company has delivered to not only myself but to MANY other fellow Sprint "customers" that I am acquainted with.

This greedy conglomerate has apparently lost focus on what the words CUSTOMER and SERVICE mean and will seemingly do anything they legally/illegally can to get you off of the phone, transferred to a vacant phone in another department, humiliate you, patronize you, treat you like an idiot, give you a canned, scripted, driveling response while simultaneously doing their utmost best to give you the run around or just simply hang up on you.

Not to be outdone is the "service" they offer. Dropped calls, missed calls, dropped GPS signals, duplicate SMS transmissions, lost SMS messages, bug-laden phone software, phone lockups, the single-most pathetic data transfer rates ever encountered from a "cellular-data-provider", spotty coverage, minimal signal strength (no matter WHERE you are) and last but not least is their most appreciated and famous characteristic - their "WE JUST DON'T CARE" attitude.

WHEN you experience your issues with them - and YOU WILL - best of luck to you getting anything more than "dead-air" or scripted patronization for a response. I've lost count on how many times, I've emailed them, called them, etc. - all to no avail. They actively REFUSE to do anything but patronize me and everyone else I've shared similar experiences with - therefore I've determined to warn as many people as I can about them and hopefully one day before they go under, they'll realize they cannot just dump on and treat people like trash.

Sprint Does NOT Stand Behind the Products They Sell
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I have been with Sprint Wireless for 1 month today, after switching from Verizon. I love my phone (HTC EVO Design 4G). I should qualify that I love my phone now that it is working. I had to take it back 6 days after purchasing it because the display kept shutting off 10-15 seconds after I did anything, even though the settings were set to shut off after 5 minutes. The cell phone reception has been about the same as what we experienced with Verizon, spotty in some areas but OK in most areas.

I must say though that the customer service that I have received from Sprint has been abominably poor. I had to call to have a charge taken off my first bill that I did not authorize. As of today (2 weeks after I first called and two more calls later), the erroneous charge still shows on my bill and my account shows past due because of it. I purchased two phones (both the same model) at the same time. The second phone is now giving the same problem as the first one was before it was replaced, shutting off at very short intervals. We have taken it back to the Sprint store where we purchased it.

Three different employees in that store (Southcenter Parkway store in Tukwila, WA) have been extremely rude to us. They refuse to look at the second phone without charging us $35 each time. Even when they didn't fix the problem, when we take it back they want another $35. I only paid $99 for the phone in the first place. Why should I have to repurchase the phone $35 at a time when the phone is only 30 days old since I purchased it. It has not been dropped or damaged – the display is defective. It is supposedly under a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, but the Sprint Store refuses to honor this.

Today, they advised that the phone has a defective motherboard, but they still refuse to fix it unless we pay $35 (in addition to the other two visits where they charged us to reset the phone and it did not fix the problem). We have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and one is never available and they will not give us a manager's name to contact later. I have tried three different times to contact Sprint Customer Service by phone. All three times, I get to talk to an employee who asks my name and account info. Then they put me on hold. In all three cases, I was on hold for over 30 minutes and finally hung up.

Sprint does not stand behind the product they sell and they will not honor the manufacturer's warranty. They make it impossible to speak to anyone at their company about the problem. I highly recommend that you avoid doing business with this company. THEY STINK BIG TIME!!! :(

Sprint Customer Service and Blackberry... UGH!!!
By -

No my issue was not resolved. The last agent I spoke to did talk me out of terminating my account with Sprint, and set up an appointment to take my Blackberry to a nearby Sprint store for possible repair. I do appreciate her effort, but the issue was not resolved and has been ongoing for a week.

I did go to the Sprint store and gave them the print out of the scheduled appointment for 5:30 pm. I left work early to go, and once I got there I was told it's not an appointment and that I'd have to sign in at the counter and wait my turn. Well I signed in and waited for over an hour. Unfortunately I had to leave shortly after to pick my child up for soccer practice.

I believe as a whole the customer service I've received over the phone and in the store, was horrible. I have been hung up on, placed on hold for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, told to delete files, that did not need to be deleted, and just lost a lot of time and the issue still has not been resolved.

I have a Blackberry Curve, that will not play any of the over 160 songs I've downloaded over the past year. I continue to receive the same error regarding, "unable to verify access, please call *2 to have your Sprint music store account merged".

I along with 11 other members of my family all have Sprint, and I've been a customer for over 6 years and I'm not a happy customer. I've called customer service 5 out of the past 7 days, and spoken to 8 customer service reps, to no avail. I will make one final call to terminate my contract and my family will cancel as well too. To know Sprint treats your loyal customers like this, speaks volumes.

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