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Sprint wants me to Pay for their Mistakes
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OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- I had a Samsung Moment that I purchased at a corporate store. Several months later it stopped holding its charge. I went to a repair store not knowing it was actually an independent repair store and was told it could not be fixed. They exchanged the phone instead of having a new one mailed to be because it was unsafe for me to be without a phone for days. Within 30 days the new phone malfunctioned and its start and end call buttons did not work properly. I called Sprint and was told that they would not exchange the phone because it was from an independent store instead of their corporate store. I tried to explain that I couldn't return it to the store it had come from because they had exchanged it as a favor to Sprint’s corporate office and weren't going to take it back. The person on the phone started yelling at me. I asked if I could cancel my service and send the phone back to Sprint in exchange for having my termination fee waived. An accounts representative got on the phone and yelled at me. I was nearly in tears and got off the phone. I later spoke to a representative who told me I could call Samsung and have them replace my phone under manufacturer warranty. When I spoke to Samsung they said I had to send my phone away for three weeks and that if the phone was irreparable then the warranty was voided. I am a Mayo Clinic patient and a young disabled veteran and can't be without my phone. My only option was to find a new phone carrier. It was a huge issue to change service and to go through all of this. I also had to pay connection fees at T-Mobile and pay part of the cost of a new phone all because of Sprint's bad service. I later spoke to Jeff Fortner in Sprint's Executive and Regulatory Services to ask that my $160 early termination fee be waived and was informed that this was not a possibility. He says that they told me to take it to a Sprint repair store but refuses to provide me with copies of the notes from my own account documenting that saying they are proprietary information and would require a subpoena. I spoke with Anitra Holmes today, a higher level executive, and she told me they would only drop the early termination fee if I moved my service back to Sprint. No way!
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Sprint Willful Overbilling
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More than a year after spending $300 for a wireless pc card and agreeing to pay $60 per month, I lost the pc card. After searching in vain for six weeks, and of course not using the device, I called Sprint and reported the dongle lost or stolen. Sprint told me that they would list the device as lost or stolen and block it's usage. I was told that the only way I could close my account was to pay the bill including early termination fees in full. And so even though I had not used the device at all in six weeks, I did pay my bill in full for $168.34. Then, the following month, I got another bill from Sprint for an additional $120. When I called Sprint to ask about this bill, I was told that even though the device was reported lost or stolen and blocked from usage, Sprint charged me for another month of usage, plus other fees that I had been previously told were paid in full. When I replied that it made no sense that I was being billed an additional month for a device that was blocked, Sprint said that they would get a supervisor on the phone. I held on the line for and hour and twenty minutes until the battery went dead on my phone. I called another time to resolve the issue, but was left on hold for 40 minutes that time.

I realized that not only was Sprint intentionally charging for services that were not delivered, but they were intentionally avoiding all attempts to get a resolution to this matter. For all I know Sprint is going to try to bill me again next month for another month that the device was blocked. Sprint did tell me that if I don't pay the bill, they will send it to collections and ruin my credit. I pay my bills. But, out of principle I'm going to fight this one. $120 is not a lot of money, but if Sprint rips off a million people for $120 that is a lot of money.

I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I have filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. I have mailed two certified letters to Sprint (with no response). The terms of the contract state that I have given up my right to civil litigation, and must submit to binding arbitration. I have requested binding arbitration from Sprint, with no response. I have contacted two local television stations (ABC 15 Investigates, and 3 On Your Side) and hope to get an on screen interview with both. I am now in the process of posting my story on 30 different complaint forums like this one.

Sprint does this because they know that these corporate practices will be profitable to varying degrees in 99.99% of the cases. Unfortunately for Sprint, I am that 1 in 10,000.
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Horrible Customer Service & Get NOTHING RESOLVED!
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I bought this phone back in 07' had problems with it took it to the service repair center and they told me I had the wrong warranty and my phone was not repairable. The girl who sold me the phone at Sprint gave me the wrong one and obviously was not Intelligent in Sprint Warranties! So I got screwed over due to the stupid customer service. Anyway I got my old Sprint phone turned back on that I used in previous years since the stupid RUMOR phone WOULD NOTTTTTT WORK! It turned off randomly, the keyboard didn't work, the volume button did not work neither did the camera. So I paid a warranty for nothing. Well luckily 2 months later my rumor started working and it was hell all over again. On this past Sunday my rumor came up with a white screen and made it not usable and therefore I could not read anything on my screen except for just a few centimeters of room at the bottom. So I went into the store- first the guy was a jerk to me talked down to me. Trying to get me to upgrade instead of fixing the issue with my phone. I HATE SPRINT SO WHY WOULD I UPGRADE AND BE STUCK WITH THEM FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS!!!! STUPID PEOPLE! Anyway so I left the store after the guy would NOT give me Corporate's number and called the claim number he gave me only to be given the wrong number and then had to deal with Customer Service, ACcount Services and Tech Support. The first 2 people I spoke with actually understood what I was saying and when the other representative from tech support got on she talked to me as if I was mentally challenged and was NOT helpful in any way!! I just wanted my phone replaced- I didn't want to upgrade or get a new phone I just wanted the same rumor phone---- turns out they stopped making it ( Not shocked by this) and came out with the LG RUMOR 2 that sells for 29.99 and you buy one get one free hence I paid $96 in warranty and they could not replace it with the old phone! The new phone would cost way less for them but nope they wanted me to pay a $50 deductible to get the stupid phone that didn't work. What is the point of a warranty--- oh yeah so when I took my phone in yesterday to get the other phone turned back on they flagged my warranty and didn't tell me! So I got screwed over and currently on the phone with them for another 2 hours-- getting no where. They just want me to upgrade and I'm NOT ready! I am so tired of Sprint just beating around the bush its so annoying.

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Poor service, poor customer service, erratic billing errors, and poor retention.
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PUYALLUP, WA -- TERRIBLE COMPANY!!!! I was with Sprint since 2003 and when I signed my last contract in 2008 it became a firestorm of frustration and poor service. I signed up for two additional cell phones because it specifically SAID on the contract that the $9.99/ per line was supposed to be waived. Well, from my first invoice I had to fight to get them to uphold the contract. Month after month I would find erratic fees that had no explanation. My bill was supposed to be $89.99 per month, but sometimes it would be $350 with not explanation at all. I do not use any of the extra services, so there is no reason for the additional charges. Fortunately, one of the reps in the Sprint store was always there to help me out and readjusted my bill for the erratic charges. Unfortunately, the representative finally got sick of their crap and quit, so I was left to deal with this terrible company on my own. I truly feel like the f*&^%d up letting her go because she was the only reason I stayed with the company for so long.
To combat the unfair charges, I showed retentions a copy of the contract that I signed and they simply told me that they didn't have to honor it and they made up excuses for why it wasn't good enough to waive the fees. They are very rude inconsiderate people and I absolutely can't wait till my contract expires so I can switch to Verizon, I hear they're great!!! I should also mention that Sprint's service SUCKS and half the time I couldn't even get my phone to work. I have the LG Rumor and shortly after purchasing it, it wasn't long till it started acting up. I can't stand this company, they fully suck across the board. I am anticipating the day my contract ends, because there is NOTHING they can do to keep me after I'm no longer obligated.

Isn't it funny how, if a CUSTOMER signs a contract THEY have to honor it NO MATTER WHAT! Yet if the cel COMPANY signs it, they only have to honor WHAT THEY WANT TO!
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No Two Reps Give The Same Answer...
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I admit it--I don't have the best credit thanks to a student loan default that has since been rehabbed but is still on my credit. Sprint was nice enough to extend me a contract anyway, with lots of fine print that I didn't learn about until it was too late, but since I have the service I figured I'd deal with it. I've never found their customer service to be stellar (and I work for a company that prides itself on customer service so yes, I have high standards) but what's happened to me since December has my blood boiling.

I've used other companies, including AT&T, who I found to be very good until I moved to an area they didn't cover and a rural company called Unicel. Both had decent customer service. Sprint is by far the worst company I deal with--and I use Comcast!

I found out I qualify for a discount through my employer, something I didn't know when I got my plan. I talked to a representative who offered me a 15% discount, only when I went online through our corporate perks system I discovered the actual discount was 20%. I called the dedicated line for corporate packages and a nice gentleman asked me to let him handle the order of upgrading my service and adding a line and he'd personally make sure that I got the discount right away.

First of all, the third line was not added to the right type of plan, so I was overcharged. Sprint fixed this pretty much right away so I wasn't too upset. Then the discount failed to kick in. The representative I had been dealing with stopped returning calls/e-mails and no other representative could find any record of any promise of the 20% discount. My bill got behind by less than a $100 and my service was randomly shut off. Every representative I talked to claimed I could only receive a 15% discount and that it would take up to three months to apply. Random charges were added to my bill that I didn't authorize for services none of us used.

I finally e-mailed their customer care since no representative over the phone or chat was at all helpful. I received a reply from a helpful representative who told me she was sorry for all of my trouble, applied a credit to my account to make up for the discount I never received and promised to apply the 20% going forward. Then I received a call that I missed asking me to let them know when I could talk to someone because they needed a little additional information to process the discount. I e-mailed them back with a better time...but no response. I chatted with a representative online about some other issues that were unrelated and during the conversation asked her if she had any notes about what information was needed to apply my discount and instead of taking down my information she decided to apply the 15% discount to my account without my asking for it, so now every time I e-mail Sprint about the promised discount they keep telling me they have no record of it and "we can see you are receiving a 15% discount..." and no matter how many times I try to reach the original representative or cut and paste the e-mail I received AND the link from my work website to the real discount every response from Sprint claims that they have no idea what I'm talking about and that they can't help me further.

Add to that crappy coverage, crappy overpriced phones and constant overbilling I can say that Sprint fails miserably.

To those "Sprint employees" who post here, mistakes happen, yes, but if I made half the mistakes or gave half the misinformation the reps I deal with make/give, I'd be looking for a job.
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Business Sense?
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STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Wow, after being with Sprint for TEN (10) years, I think I reached my end. I was going to upgrade my phone to the new Instinct, and upgrade my plan to the 99.00 everything. My current contract expires totally 03/09. Currently I have a 2nd phone on this family share plan, free, not the 9.99.

I called Sprint Customer retention to inquire as to what would be available for me, and "why I should stay a customer"... The first guy I spoke to was one of the most rudest Customer representative (a supervisor to boot), who essentially told me.." We don't need you, we will offer you nothing, and you will have to pay the disconnect fee on that other line.. I spoke with his supervisor, better customer service, lodged a complaint, and he told me that any decision would have to be made higher than him.

They called me back today (while the supervisor was friendly), and said under no circumstances could/would they waive the 200.00 cancellation fee on the second line. I explained that this is a NO COST line, I pay nothing for it, and I am looking to UPGRADE my PHONE and PLAN!! He understood, but said they can do nothing..

10 years, and treated like this.. I told him they left me with 4 month to rethink my relationship with them, and I didn't see the desire to return..as of now..

Amazing, I was going to upgrade, re-contract for 2 years (4 month early), and pay for a better plan... Now they are in danger of losing a customer... And they just don't seem to care...

Funny thing is, even though I have had them for 10 years (satisfied to a point) I cannot use my phone in my home..Signals dropped immediately. The first idiot wanted to give me (waive the 99.00) a signal antenna to boost my home signal... BUT, it would cost 5.00 per month to use it..***.. I laughed at him, and asked simply WHY would I do that? He had no answer..

Just wanted to give a heads up on the treatment of a 10 year loyal customer, whose bills are prepaid, never upgraded hardware, and never lodged any complaints..

2 years ago, when I was going to quit, they practically begged me to stay, offered month incentives, etc... Maybe I'll see what happens come March... But I have a bad taste in my mouth!!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2008-10-29:
And Sprint executives wonder why they are hemorrhaging thousand of customers a month. In an effort to try to keep customers they may soon begin prorating the termination fee.
AlwaysRight on 2008-11-20:
well the reason U would have wanted to buy the air wave signal booster is because it gives u 100% signal strength in your house and it's 5.00 for unlimited minutes so bye bye land line also includes free nationwide long distance..so I do wish the rep that u spoke to would have done his homework a little better for his customer cause that really could have helped a lot..sucks for u but not really seeing how you still have a contract..IF only u would have used your brain and looked up some info on it via sprint.com and AS of 11/02/2008 they do in fact have pro-rated early termination fees..200.00 to cancel within first 6 months then it goes down 10 bucks a month till it caps out at 50.00 bucks so I would really consider on staying here's a little tip also don't call customer care do everything online at sprint.com then no misinformation will be given and you;ll never have a billing mistake..good luck with whatever your decide to do..
FitzMull on 2008-12-02:
Exactly what happened to us today! We've been with them for 3 years after leaving AT&T, I mean Cingular, I mean AT&T... We have 4 lines. The 2 main lines are out of contract since May 2008. We've been thinking about the IPhone/Cingular but not really wanting to go back. GOOD customers. Narrowed it down to TMobile or Sprint. Called last night, spent hour on phone w/Sprint rep, promised some sort of "loyal" customer credit. Sprint had system problems, she couldn't confirm what credit we'd qualify for, document everything, leave msg for supervisor, we could call back today but make sure to take care of credit before renewing! I lost my phone this weekend so we needed to decide what to do soon. Spoke to 2 reps this morning, 1st one misinformed me of our phone credit we qualify for, couldn't help us with the loyalty credit so txfrd me to a second rep, a Retention specialist. As in, rep that specializes in retaining customers! Person not only came short of accusing me of lying! about conversation last night w/rep, because she insisted no notes were entered about this supposed convesation (first rep this morning confirmed the notes were there) but then refused to talk to me about this "loyal customer credit" and wanted to push me to order new phones & sign for 2 years. She mentioned a $100 credit to the account bill, not the phone purchase & then proceeded to insist on giving me a phone quote. The quote, which cost me more money to sign with her on the phone than over the internet. I asked her why I would do that? When I made it clear to her for the 4th time that I wasn't ordering a phone from her, she told me the notes weren't there so therfore she couldn't help me with the credit. When I said this was Sprint policy, according to the rep from last night, a percentage given based on # of years of customer loyalty, she said that was no longer available. I hung up & said "I guess we'll got to TMobile". So my husband and I are cancelling our two lines (contract expired), taking our daughters lines that aren't expired for 2 months and will move our family plan over to TMobile. We had ultimately decided to stay with Sprint last night for convenience & a few costs but the RETENTION SPECIALIST killed the deal! Now that's ironic!
FitzMull on 2008-12-04:
And the rest of the story. Maybe. on 12/2 I called Sprint back and went into the "disconnect your service" department. Received a very nice & respectable rep and asked him what the penalty was for 2 month early disconnection of our daughter's lines. While he checked on that, he asked what happened. I told him the entire story. Said that it was so shocking to call in to renew our service, upgrade our phones, talk to a retention specialist who broke the deal with horrible service. He looked the account up and said he could see that we qualify for one month's free credit on any line, which he pointed out we should take the main line that has the overall monthly charge on it. He apologized for the other rep & explained that while he was a retention rep as well, he also worked and had access to info from the Customer Lifecycle dept. (?) which is where the credit would have come from. The retention reps do not have access to this but he happens to work & have access to both dept info! It seems to me that the retention people, dealing with customers disconnecting their service, would have access/info on everything available to keep customers! But that's just me. It's not me, it's them, right? Anyway he was a great rep & I told him I wasn't renewing, I had to talk to my husband who was ready to cancel. He pleasantly assured me the credit was available, gave me the direct ph# to the Customer lifecycle dept & suggested I call them directly to work out the credit. More irony... when I got home that afternoon - in the mail was a coupon from Sprint offering me the same deal PLUS $15 if we renew by 12/29/08 and of course... additional phone upgrade credits. Dear Hubby and I are now trying to decide if one lousy rep is worth leaving, I've spent a lot of time looking @ TMobile, who's customer service doesn't seem any better, in fact the same or worse. So maybe we just stick with what we know and be done.
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Honeymoon Is Over; Terrible Service
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STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA -- Been a customer of Sprint's for about three years. Prior to April of this year, we had what I would consider to be a "normal" relationship with our cell phone company. We didn't have cell service at our home, but no other company we had been with previously did either. Otherwise, a normal amount of dropped calls or weird occurrences.

That all changed when we got four new phones and renewed for another two years. I should have seen the warning signs when I called to get information about what phones might be able to provide the features I was needing and the pushy sales representative insisted I make a decision right then, and when I declined because I wanted to discuss with my husband, he wanted his phone number so he could conference him in. I refused, so he insisted that he call back later so that we could complete the sale. I should have run like *%$@, but I didn't. After all, I couldn't flush them after two reasonably good years over one unpleasant incident!

Rep called back, and I ordered the phone. Since I was without a phone, I was in a hurry to receive it. After almost a week with no phone that they had said would be shipped by FedEX, I called to check in and learned that the phone was on backorder. I cancelled the order and told them I would go the nearest Sprint store and buy one there. They assured me the order was cancelled and no phone would be received. Guess what...two days later said phone arrives. I refused it. Wrangled and tangled with them for weeks to get the bill corrected.

We moved and decided we needed more features on the other three lines. Hubby called local Sprint store, and the employee told us about their Talk/Data 1500 plan. Said we would be able to use all four phones as modems in this plan. I called and spoke with representative who told me the same thing. I went to the store, reviewed the notes from my conversation with him - no changes. All phones would be able to be used as modem with no additional charge. He added that if there were charges, just to let him know and he'd take care of it. I agreed to make the change to the plan at the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Got August bill, and, of course, it was screwed up. Three of the phones were on the new plan which was implemented in the middle of the billing cycle, resulting in overbilling. The fourth phone was on the old plan. The representative also neglected to mention that they were advance billing the new plan. The overall effect was a shocking bill. I emailed the employee at the sprint store, who never emailed or called back. I called Sprint and spoke with a CSR. She issued a credit and supposedly squared away the phones on the plans. Ha.

Today I tried to configure my husbands phone to use as a modem on his laptop. After all, we'd been paying for the service for over a month, right? I downloaded the broadband package, hooked up the phone...nothing. Got online to check my account and realized that the plans were still screwed up. In trying to resolve that, I learned that the three lines that were on the new plan did NOT have phone as modem capability as I had been told. The lady I spoke to was appalled at the service we had been receiving and said that my old plan had that capability, so we switched back to that plan, and she was going to make sure we had the bonus modem capability at no charge. I was happy until I thought that I didn't ask if there was a kb/sec charge. So I called back.

Of course, I couldn't speak to the person I had spoken to minutes before. The lady I spoke to said that neither plan had that capability, but I could add it for a mere $45/line. I said if I can't have the service/features I was told I could get for the amount of money I was quoted in the store, then I wanted to cancel the account and had no intention of paying termination charges. Of course, they wouldn't agree to eating the termination charges. I have spent literally hours on the phone with Sprint trying to resolve issues that were created because their sales and service representative either flat-out lied or "misrepresented" what their plans/features included. I am so frustrated and would NEVER, NEVER recommend Sprint to anyone except maybe my stepmother.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2008-09-28:
The honeymoon can end with Sprint, but the screwing never will.
Loved the stepmother comment! Classic!
TyBoAdams1982 on 2008-10-23:
Yeah you can only get phone as modem at $15 a month, with a $30 data pack. The talk/message/Data 1500 is not capable as the phone as modem and phone as modem can only be added if you have a phone as modem capable device. I'm sorry you got such horrible service, Sprint store reps just want the sale and so does TeleSales ( The Sales Dept) A third party sales center. Never do anything through a Sprint store, they straight out lie to people. I work in Tech support, call us if you have any problems, they will get fixed.
AlwaysRight on 2008-11-20:
First off don't trust customer care or the dealers at the store as tyboadams mentioned...u should do everything on sprint.com and then no problems here's the link to the page which states that your plan does not include phone as modem..(http://nextelonline.nextel.com/en/stores/popups/talk_message_data_popup.shtml) AND here is the link saying that it is 49.99 for phone as modem..(http://search.sprint.com/inquiraapp/ui.jsp?ui_mode=answer&prior_transaction_id=102549&iq_action=5&answer_id=16777220&highlight_info=16777507,5,17&turl=http%3A%2F%2Fnextelonline.nextel.com%2Fen%2Fsolutions%2Fmobile_broadband%2Fphone_as_modem.shtml%3Fid16%3Dphone_as_modem#__highlight)
if you were smart enough to find this site and use your phone as a modem then u would think that you would have just used sprint.com for your plan changes and your orders...Personally I think it's best to find like 2-3 phones u like from the website go into a store and play with them..then go back home and order the phones form the website..so good luck chuck..p.s it took me like 30 sec to find that info via the search bar in sprint.com
dylanapollo on 2009-11-23:
I have had a similar experience. I was at least somewhat more successful at first. I did get the everything plan. I did get my phones to work for over a year. This weekend is when they finally got me. Now they are telling me that it NEVER was working. Oh so I guess all those times I was connecting to the internet through their phones was my imagination. Now they are giving me as of now three different prices. When I ask them why they changed it without telling me they just repeat this it's incompatible with the everything plan. YEAH it's incompatible because everything is everything and this is nothing. It is sad to see sprint start practicing such shady business. I have been a customer and supporter of sprint for years unfortunately this experience has changed that dramatically.
dylanapollo on 2009-11-23:
Yeah well I disagree with the sprint support guys here. It was the sprint support people that helped me to set it up initially. Also in looking at these "contract" pages they all seem to have been updated recently. Sprint should have at least released something saying that they wear going to start enforcing this phone as modem rule they have. I said it before and I still believe it. Shady business.
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Sprint's Customer Service Is Horrible!
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I have been with Sprint for years, multiple lines, unlimited spending limit.

1. I have had four different phones, and all seem to have problems receiving calls. Funny how the phones seem to start having problems within a year of owning them, when you are eligible for a complete upgrade at 2 years! Now this is with all companies, but why would you only honor new customers with a new phone, and make loyal, existing customers wait, or pay full price, in order to get a new phone that works. Yes, I have insurance, which is great if my phone is damaged because of my negligence. But if the phone stops working properly because of manufacturer defects, customers shouldn't have to pay $50, on top of the $7/mo, and settle for a used phone! Then I'm told if I'm not happy with their service, I can pay $175 to cancel my account and go to another company. OK! I'll pay the 175, and got o a new company, where I will get a BRAND NEW PHONE, and be treated with respect! And Sprint can lose the $400/mo in business that I provide. I mean, I need a new phone and have to pay about the same price for it, since I don't "qualify" for an upgrade, so I might as well use the $200 on cancelling my account and going with a BETTER company!

2. Why is it every time I call customer service, I get a person who barely speaks/understands English? Answer- Because Sprint employs people overseas to take customer service calls! Yes, some representative are located here, but for the most part, they are out of the country! So not only are they taking jobs away from US citizens, but are also insuring that we get less than great service. I have nothing against any religions, cultures, and so on. But, when I have concerns/questions about something, I'd like to speak to someone who can hold a conversation, IN MY COUNTRY'S FIRST LANGUAGE!!! Why should Sprint be allowed to pay less for employees, when we aren't charged less for having to deal with them?!?!

3. Another common complaint... The charges on my bills are always incorrect, in Sprint's favor of course! Well, if the same people who take the customer service calls are the ones that handle the billing, then we've definitely figured out the problem! What a freaking mess!!

4. Is it me? Or does Sprint have the smallest and worst phone selection ever?!?! If it wasn't for them merging with Nextel, Sprint would probably carry a total of 5 phones to choose from, not including color choices! Come on!! Between over charging for service, phones, and skimping on the cost of customer service employees, can't they afford to provide a decent selection of phones?

5. I read a comment, on this site, from a girl who works as a customer service representative at Sprint. She went on to explain how hard she tries to provide the best service for the customers she deals with. I'm sure she's a great representative Now if I could get her every time I called in, I'd be set!! By the way, she also went on to say how other companies get the same complaints, as much as Sprint does. And how does she know this? Well.... She too has a cell phone, WITH ANOTHER COMPANY!!! RED FLAG??? With the employee discount and "great service", why wouldn't she have service with the company she works for?

Needless to say, I'm cancelling my account!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2008-09-30:
mamof3 said, "By the way, she also went on to say how other companies get the same complaints, as much as Sprint does. And how does she know this?"

Probably by look typing in a search for another company on this site. Honestly, I was in the airline industry for too long and I can't count the number of times that I heard things like xyz airline wouldn't do that or abc airline wouldn't do this. You know what....looking at this site, I see that they do. My point is, all companies in the same field deal with the same complaints. What you have at Sprint you'll get at Verizon or whoever. It's life.

The Judge
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Rebates and referall Visa gift cards
Posted by on
AURORA, ILLINOIS -- Get $100 off of your SPRINT PCS phone bill if you sign up for a 2 year contract extension (and keep your old phone). Since I use my cell phone as my (single point of contact) business phone, it seemed to make sense to sign up. Not only did I never receive my credit, none seems to recall the special or my privies phone calls of inquiry when no credit was ever forthcoming. To make matters much much worse I added 3 new lines each carrying their own NEW 2 year contract with the assumption that along with mail in rebates (that I have since received) I and a friend who is a current/new line adding sprint customer as well were supposed to receive 25.00 each way on the sprint referral program for family friends and coworkers. That would be a total of 75.00 in Visa gift cards to me and 75.00 in cards to my friend who refereed me.

On 6-17-07 I was advised by the sales rep at the sprint store to "call in" my referrals to customer care because one of my new lines was a wireless card and as such could not be used to do the #ref thingy they advise you to use from the new phone within 14 days of activation. At this time I was assured by a customer care representative that they has processed my referrals as well as my girlfriends who talked to the same rep after me and that we would receive our cards in 6-8 weeks. 8/07 I had yet to receive any referral cards so I called in again. This time I was refereed to the rebate center who in turn refereed me back to customer care who then refereed me back to telesales who then refereed me back to customer care!

By this time I'm sick so I decide to let it rest for a while but It is a new year and as such it has been 6 months and I still have not received my 75.00 in referral cards or my 100 credit on my bill for the new service agreement. Understandably I am totally frustrated at this point and decide to call customer care again. This new lady Amanda referees me now to card services who informs me that although they have a rebate card on file and issued to me it is not the rebate for these 3 particular new lines. They are from another friends referral after this one.

November sometime. She informs me that it is obvious Sprint is giving me the run around and directs ne back to customer care to demand they process my referrals immediately so that card services can issue me my cards. Finely I talked to Cathy at sprint customer care who had the nerve to try to tell me that she looked it up and the 25.00 gift card referral program is for new customers only and that I was an existing customer when I purchased the new lines even though they all have there "own new" 2 year contracts starting from the date of sale.!!!!

I want the 100 dollar service credit that should have been applied to my bill with the 3 new phone lines and I also would like the 75.00 in Visa debit cards that I was promised threw the referral program and factored enormously in my decision to add the new phone lines in the first place. My monthly bill alone with sprint for all 6 lines averages 500.00 a month. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

I'll keep you posted. This so sucks!!!

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Theft by Billing
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LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I am posting the content of my online complaint to Sprint PCS because I assured them that I would tell as many people as I could to stay away from them. Thanks for helping me keep my promise. See below:

I am writing to let you know how incompetent your customer service is, and how they wasted 3 hours of my day after work on June 12th, resolving an issue that your own company caused.

On June 12th, I checked my latest bill for the period Apr 19 - May 18.

I was shocked to see that I had been billed for $103.33, although I had recently switched to a $40 plan.

A few weeks ago, I upgraded my phone at a local Sprint store. The only other thing I switched was to a lower plan. The bulk of my bill (Page 5 of 9) was from a 'Power Vision Ultimate Pack' which I had never heard of, nor asked for.

I called *2 and had to speak with a representative that only knew passable English. I am a non-native English speaker, and even I had trouble having her go to Page 5 of 9 of my bill. I could at no point convey that I had never opted for these data service, and had to give up in

I then called back, and had to speak to a man who must have been in a train station due to all the background noise. I almost had to Shout during the entire call. He basically said there was nothing he could do about the charges, but that I would be taken off the data plan. That is unacceptable because I required a reimbursement for a service I HAD NEVER ASKED FOR. He informed me that because I had bought an Ev-Do capable phone, I had got this plan. He might as well have called me a liar. Go ahead and check to see if I have ever used your data service for the time I was billed. He then said that I could resolve this billing issue at a Sprint store. This turned out to be a lie.

I therefore had to leave home and go to the Sprint store and of course, the said that they don't deal with billing issues so they put me on-hold with customer service, which I had no previous luck with, anyway.

What sort of company builds a retail location where a customer cannot resolve billing issues? I hung up after 10 minutes and luckily I spoke to the representative who had sold me the phone. He agreed that he had never sold me a data package for this phone, but could not help me otherwise. HE SHOWED ME HIS COMPUTER RECORD OF MY EARLIER VISIT which proves that I did not
request this plan.

So now, we have a Sprint employee who agrees that I had not asked for this package, but then your company sees it fit to bill me and refuse reimbursement? That is called THEFT, and is enough grounds to take you to small-claims court. The only reason I am not is because the store employees recognized the ineptitude of your customer service, and managed to effect a service credit, which I will await before taking further action. I am now exploring legal recourse to terminate my current contract.

Since your phone calls are supposedly monitored, I challenge you to verify anything I have stated. In the mean time, I am going to make every effort to ensure that no-one I know considers Sprint for their cellular service. I intend to share my experience with any and all forums that I can post to. I have been a Sprint customer for several years, and nothing has changed. Every time I have had to deal with your customer service has been an aggravating experience, and I am looking forward to the day when I can switch to Verizon.

For the time being, I will use he power of the internet to make sure that any potential consumers are spared the aggravation of being one of your customers.
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chemman on 2007-06-13:
Make sure you keep records of when/who you talked to and watch for that credit because I dealt with Sprint for over 4 months trying to get my money they owed me. They always claimed a check had been mailed (I didn't get a credit because by this point I had canceled my service with them). When I didn't get the check I'd call and surprise, they'd have no record of it. The only way I was finally able to get my money was to file a complaint with the BBB online and give them all the details. Right after that, I got my check!
warddw1526 on 2007-06-13:
You are upset because in the call centre, they did not believe that you did not ask for the data package. I am assuming that Sprint's computer system is similar to T-Mobile where I worked. If information was changed at a dealer store, the only thing an agent in the call centre would see, is that the plan was changed. No notes saying what was changed, just the change.

The dealer store should issue the credit as it is there mistake. And it is not THEFT, as you said, they fixed the problem and gave you your money back.

Now why should you be allowed to get out of the contract. If the problem was fixed (the extra plan was removed, and you were credited back the extra charges), they owe you nothing other than the service you pay for.
rhondam718732 on 2007-06-13:
I disagree warddw1526. Cell companies pull this crap all the time, changing plans, tacking on charges that weren't ordered or charging for things that should be covered. The customer is not altering the computer so the company needs to take responsibility and handle their screw ups in a timely professional manner. For this person to have to take 3 hours and a trip to the store to resolve the problem is ridiculous. It's not rocket science. Customers should have recourse when a company they contract with starts billing them hap-hazardly and wasting their time.
Extended Warranty on 2007-06-13:
I had this same issue. Although I emailed Sprint (I NEVER call, what a difficult waste of time calling is), and it got resolved. Sprint always has resolved my issues.

They also added on the protection and maybe something else.

The power vision was free for 30 days and you have to cancel. It seems as if it was the incompetence of the rep who sold it to you for not telling you about that.

Take them to court for it. I'm sure you'll win because you obviously read over everything (rollseyes)
jaykay on 2007-06-18:
Don't recommend sprint to your worst enemy. I have had to call every month to get the billing straightened out as they pad the bill all the time. I was to have free texting for 24 months, no roaming charges, free nights and weekends, free nationwide calling and unlimited mobile to mobile. I thought I had gotten it straight a month ago but WRONG. Now they say that the phone is out of their service area so I will get no perks and have to pay roaming on all calls and texting. They change the rules and the program you have as the months go on. STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT AND NEXTEL. They are crooked in their dealings.
sprintsworstnitemare on 2007-06-26:
I totally agree with this review. Sprint did the same thing to me, but I only added 1 line to get a family plan, they gave me a 3rd line then took back the free phone deal and charged me full price. I hate sprint!
kds on 2007-07-02:
Hey, at least you got to speak to a live person! The recording just told me they were too busy and then hung up on me. After 2 months I just stopped paying the bill.
Anonymous on 2007-10-17:
I get pretty good coverage with my T-mobile, I used to have sprint had them for 4 years and went with T-mobile, they are starting to make me mad so I think I'm going to give Verizon a try.
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