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Use ANY cellular service - besides Sprint
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Sprint's reputation is quickly and pathetically drowning in complaints and word is out on the street to avoid them like the plague unless you just HAVE to use them. Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what you have signed up and pay good, hard earned money for and EXACTLY what Sprint promises to reliably deliver - get used to it until someone either buys them out or they go completely under. As of right now, I'm on my third or fourth Sprint joy toy - I've lost count in the excitement - and words cannot describe to you the anger, frustration and humiliation that this company has delivered to not only myself but to MANY other fellow Sprint "customers" that I am acquainted with.

This greedy conglomerate has apparently lost focus on what the words CUSTOMER and SERVICE mean and will seemingly do anything they legally/illegally can to get you off of the phone, transferred to a vacant phone in another department, humiliate you, patronize you, treat you like an idiot, give you a canned, scripted, driveling response while simultaneously doing their utmost best to give you the run around or just simply hang up on you.

Not to be outdone is the "service" they offer. Dropped calls, missed calls, dropped GPS signals, duplicate SMS transmissions, lost SMS messages, bug-laden phone software, phone lockups, the single-most pathetic data transfer rates ever encountered from a "cellular-data-provider", spotty coverage, minimal signal strength (no matter WHERE you are) and last but not least is their most appreciated and famous characteristic - their "WE JUST DON'T CARE" attitude.

WHEN you experience your issues with them - and YOU WILL - best of luck to you getting anything more than "dead-air" or scripted patronization for a response. I've lost count on how many times, I've emailed them, called them, etc. - all to no avail. They actively REFUSE to do anything but patronize me and everyone else I've shared similar experiences with - therefore I've determined to warn as many people as I can about them and hopefully one day before they go under, they'll realize they cannot just dump on and treat people like trash.

Sprint Does NOT Stand Behind the Products They Sell
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I have been with Sprint Wireless for 1 month today, after switching from Verizon. I love my phone (HTC EVO Design 4G). I should qualify that I love my phone now that it is working. I had to take it back 6 days after purchasing it because the display kept shutting off 10-15 seconds after I did anything, even though the settings were set to shut off after 5 minutes. The cell phone reception has been about the same as what we experienced with Verizon, spotty in some areas but OK in most areas.

I must say though that the customer service that I have received from Sprint has been abominably poor. I had to call to have a charge taken off my first bill that I did not authorize. As of today (2 weeks after I first called and two more calls later), the erroneous charge still shows on my bill and my account shows past due because of it. I purchased two phones (both the same model) at the same time. The second phone is now giving the same problem as the first one was before it was replaced, shutting off at very short intervals. We have taken it back to the Sprint store where we purchased it.

Three different employees in that store (Southcenter Parkway store in Tukwila, WA) have been extremely rude to us. They refuse to look at the second phone without charging us $35 each time. Even when they didn't fix the problem, when we take it back they want another $35. I only paid $99 for the phone in the first place. Why should I have to repurchase the phone $35 at a time when the phone is only 30 days old since I purchased it. It has not been dropped or damaged – the display is defective. It is supposedly under a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer, but the Sprint Store refuses to honor this.

Today, they advised that the phone has a defective motherboard, but they still refuse to fix it unless we pay $35 (in addition to the other two visits where they charged us to reset the phone and it did not fix the problem). We have asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and one is never available and they will not give us a manager's name to contact later. I have tried three different times to contact Sprint Customer Service by phone. All three times, I get to talk to an employee who asks my name and account info. Then they put me on hold. In all three cases, I was on hold for over 30 minutes and finally hung up.

Sprint does not stand behind the product they sell and they will not honor the manufacturer's warranty. They make it impossible to speak to anyone at their company about the problem. I highly recommend that you avoid doing business with this company. THEY STINK BIG TIME!!! :(

Sprint Customer Service and Blackberry... UGH!!!
By -

No my issue was not resolved. The last agent I spoke to did talk me out of terminating my account with Sprint, and set up an appointment to take my Blackberry to a nearby Sprint store for possible repair. I do appreciate her effort, but the issue was not resolved and has been ongoing for a week.

I did go to the Sprint store and gave them the print out of the scheduled appointment for 5:30 pm. I left work early to go, and once I got there I was told it's not an appointment and that I'd have to sign in at the counter and wait my turn. Well I signed in and waited for over an hour. Unfortunately I had to leave shortly after to pick my child up for soccer practice.

I believe as a whole the customer service I've received over the phone and in the store, was horrible. I have been hung up on, placed on hold for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, told to delete files, that did not need to be deleted, and just lost a lot of time and the issue still has not been resolved.

I have a Blackberry Curve, that will not play any of the over 160 songs I've downloaded over the past year. I continue to receive the same error regarding, "unable to verify access, please call *2 to have your Sprint music store account merged".

I along with 11 other members of my family all have Sprint, and I've been a customer for over 6 years and I'm not a happy customer. I've called customer service 5 out of the past 7 days, and spoken to 8 customer service reps, to no avail. I will make one final call to terminate my contract and my family will cancel as well too. To know Sprint treats your loyal customers like this, speaks volumes.

Sprint Lies to Its Paying Customers
By -

I hate hearing from other idiot customers who haven't yet had a "customer service" issue, and still feel compelled to berate those who have. You morons sound about as intelligent as the knuckle-draggers working the CS hotlines. Only a moron would penalize PAYING customers as Sprint continually has. Like others, I've had nothing but nightmares dealing with Sprint.

The final straw was when I bought the Samsung Instinct. This phone had numerous issues from the start. I'm shocked that Sprint would have released this phone with the number of problems it had. I personally had to contact the makers of their e-mail software just to get them to realize there was an "issue" with the push system. They included an update to fix it, but my God, customers should not be expected to troubleshoot devices that CLAIM to do something when they can't.

The other great part of this story was getting on the phone with advanced level tech support and having the moron on the other end inform me that that feature wasn't available for my phone. How did this idiot even get his job? Unbelievable. The final nail in the coffin: supervisor from Sprint finally called me and PROMISED to resolve the issue by getting me a new phone. "We care about our customers. This is our new policy." blah blah blah. Yeah I bought it hook, line and sinker.

I called back to get my new phone. Oh what do you know! The brilliant supervisor didn't write any account notes about the resolution. I spoke to a higher supervisor. His response: "I'm sorry, but we can't honor any previous promises made by Sprint. Unfortunately, that's all I can do." I swear to God, if there was a class action suit against Sprint, I would be first in line. I dropped the service, joined AT&T and never looked back. I'm willing pay extra to not be treated like completely crap as a PAYING CUSTOMER.

Very Bad Customer Service!!!
By -

I have the Instinct phone and when I got into the contract I told them that I wanted the data plan and later I would downgrade to the talk plan. The salesman at Sprint said no problem. Well guess what, now that I am ready to downgrade, I can't because the Instinct will only work with the data plan. They want me to pay full price for a new phone or pay the whole cancellation fee to get out of the contract. This was their lack of communication but I have to pay for it. I have contacted Sprint about 15 times in the past 2 months and have yet to have one person call me back. They do not believe in customer support at all.

One of the people I spoke with is in management. Her name is **. She promised me that a person from escalated management would call me back on Tues. I asked for her direct line in case they didn't call me, which they didn't. I called her back and she didn't answer her phone so I left a message. Well, it's 3 days later and she still hasn't called me back, nor has escalated management. I spoke with a representative that said he was in the same office as her and he would hunt her down and call me back by 6 pm. He hasn't called back either and it's now Friday.

If anyone would like to bombard ** with problem calls, email me and I will give you her direct line. My email address is **. Do not ever sign a contract with this company. They have no integrity and don't give a crap about their customers.

I am very sorry about the person that wrote the review that works there. I don't know why you would work for a company that has no integrity. You say they help people with poor credit, well that's great! Unfortunately I have excellent credit and can't get any help whatsoever. I advise anyone who is considering a contract with Sprint to reconsider and go with another company. You will never get satisfaction with this one.

What Happened to Customer Service?
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I bought the LG Rumor phone from Sprint in April 2008. I have had to have the phone replaced 3 or 4 times and had it fixed about as many times. Every time I went to get it fixed I was told by the Tech that they always break and he has to work on them daily. I contacted Sprint Customer Service and asked if they could provide me with a different phone and was told a few times simply "no". I have spent at least 1.5 hours each time waiting for my phone to be replaced of fixed. I had bought ringers and games and each time they replace the phone I was told they don't transfer to the new phone. So I have spent money on ringers and other apps that I was unable to keep.

When I finally got so upset I called and told them I was going to go to AT&T. They said I could upgrade to a new phone with a fee. I talked to "Chuck" and told him I wanted the Diamond Pro and he said he could get it for me for $124.00, I was not happy but just felt tired of being on the phone so I said OK. I told him to call me at my office the next day and I would process the order. He agreed and said he would call at 11am, I didn't get a call till after 12pm. Once I talked to him he started to tell me he was processing the order for the Diamond. And then said "But we talked about the Diamond Pro" and he told me I was confused.

I have said a few different times the day earlier that the Diamond with the qwerty keyboard is the one I wanted and he quoted $124.00. Well he again told me I was confused and he could not honor the $124 on the Diamond Pro. I am over this company I have had nothing but overcharges and poor service. I am lucky that my contract is up in April. With the economy in the state it is I would think that quality of service might be more important. But in Sprint's case I guess not! I have lost over $100 in ringers and apps that I have paid for but could not transfer to my replacement phone each time I had to have the defective phone replaced.

Great Signal - Questionable Billing Practices and Poor Customer Service
By -

I was in love with Sprint for years. The signal was always great. Three years ago I added my wife to my plan and my love for Sprint disappeared. Every time I changed my plan - to add minutes, texting, etc - Sprint made a billing mistake. Either the wrong service was added or no service at all was added. Correcting the problem always took 6 phone calls over the following 3 months.

Once, charges were added randomly. I tried to have them removed and one representative actually said she was not going to because she thought I needed the service! (This is not a joke, exaggeration, or mean spirited lie. I even have the e-mails concerning that problem saved.) That situation really got me hot under the collar.

Finally after three years of trouble, my wife transferred her phone number to another provider the day her contract expired. I found out when my plan ended (after another round of problems), inquired about the ins and outs of changing providers, and counted the days. I just found out, my final 2-year contract expired a mere 3 days following the end of a billing cycle. This caused me to have to pay for an entire month of service! I spoke with 2... TWO... representatives about cancelling my service and this fact was omitted. I was never sent a bill. The charges never showed on my online account. I was only sent an overdue notice in the mail.

Sad, sad stuff. I researched Sprint and have found they are the only [major?] cell phone company who is losing their customer base. Everyone cites similar problems resulting in their leaving Sprint for another provider. I have never written an online complaint before, but would love to tell everyone, save yourself the hassle and choose another provider.

Billing Error
By -

For billing cycle July 9, 2008-August 8, 2008. According to my online bill, I owe $213.20. According to my online bill, that total includes the following: $129.99-Unlimited share plan/1500 shared min, $15.00x2 -“ Unlimited text messaging on 2 lines, $7.00x2 -€“ Total equipment protection on 2 lines, $59.99 -€“ data card. This total also includes my 22% employee discount and applicable taxes.

The problem lies in the fact that the unlimited shared plan did not go into effect until August 9, 2008. I called August 12, the day my bill was posted. No one at Sprint seemed to be able to resolve this problem. During the call I made sometime between 8/12 and 8/15, the agent advised that she would credit me the $30 for unlimited text messaging. That would have been fine, except I DO owe that $30. What I do not owe is the $129.99. I believe that my bill should include the following: $69.99 -€“ previous plan rate, $15.00x2 - Unlimited text messaging on 2 lines, $7.00x2 - Total equipment protection on 2 lines, $59.99 - data card.

This should also include my 22% employee discount and applicable taxes. I thought that agent understood and I was given a confirmation number. When I went online to check yesterday (Aug. 21), the bill remained the same. I initiated a chat session, with the same results. So, I emailed customer care, with the same basic information listed above. No yelling or screaming. No cursing, no threats. Just the facts and a request to have the issue resolved before my bill is due on September 1.

I received a call from Sprint today regarding the issue. My entire bill is being waived as compensation for the error and the time consuming task of resolving the issue. I have the Agents name and a confirmation number, so we will see if all goes as planned. I just wanted to show that patience and understanding will get you further than screaming and threats. Go Sprint!

Run Away from Sprint!
By -

Keep in mind that I have a corporate account with every option they offer. I had a faulty phone (Instinct) so they offered to mail me a new Instinct. That phone had the same problems. So, after 3 days of missed work and countless hours talking to countless people on the phone and in the store; I was told that I could either take another new, but same version, Instinct - which the techs and managers at the store told me would likely be faulty or, I could take an LG Rumor from 2007! This is the kind of service their corporate people receive. So, avoid this company like the plague. God help those who sign a contract with Sprint!

Newest Charge
By -

I just got a letter in the mail stating that if I do not set up automatic recurring payments, I would be billed an additional $4.99 a month on my account. I got this letter six days before it is effective. It is important to note that on their site when you go to sign up for automatic recurring payments, there is a disclaimer stating that changes will not go into effect for one billing cycle. So no matter what I am getting billed the $4.99.

So I called customer service and spoke to Bianca. She stated that this is no big deal because all wireless carriers are doing this now. I stated that I did not care what the other wireless carriers were doing because I was a Sprint customer so why would what the other carriers are doing relate to my Sprint account. She stated that if I would read my terms of service that they reserve the right to make changes to account charges any time they see fit.

I stated that when I sign a two-year contract with a supposedly reputable company for a set billing amount each month that this would be the last thing I would expect that supposedly reputable company to do. Needless to say I have cancelled my account and told Bianca that Sprint can have a great time spending a lot more to collect the early cancellation fee in court. I won't pay Sprint one more dollar.

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