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False promises from Staples
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- These people will promise you everything until its time to produce results.

My laptop has been sitting on the counter in a UPS box all day. They have lied and been deceptive since I took it in. Now they say my programs will not be on the drive even though a backup was performed prior to the repair. To make it short and avoid the sorid details..........Staples is very friendly and "can do" when you first come in the door but once they have your hardware you cease to be of interest to them. User beware....these people couldn't care less about customer service or following through on their promises.

Update: I just got off the phone with Staples. They wiped my drive and say its my fault the programs are all gone and can not be restored even tho they did a backup before doing repairs. Nothing was ever said that they could not restore programs only data. These people are very bad at what they do. Avoid Staples at all cost.

Repair Pricing
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- A non techie friend brought her Toshiba laptop to Staples to see what the cost would be to replace the cracked LCD screen.. The price they quoted her was $595.00 which is $200 more than the laptop cost new. When she asked why it would be so costly, the reply was merely "That's what it costs:"

I took it upon myself to write to Staples via their website and explained that I know an OEM screen would cost $75-$90 retail (after market probably $20 less) and that any competent tech could replace the screen in under 1/2 hour. I asked how it is possible to charge so much for this repair. The response I received is quote:..

"Thank you for taking the time to contact the Staples Office of The President regarding pricing for our EasyTech services. Our prices are calculated based on many different factors including parts, labor, shipping, etc. Repairs such as an LCD replacement are not performed onsite. We have an outside repair company who handles delicate repairs of this nature, and are therefore bound by the costs involved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Christopher Fernandes
Office of the President
Staples, Inc."

Inconvenience? Put right thievery is what I would call it. I took the laptop to a local computer store and the screen was replaced for $130 parts & labor.

Staples tech don't know what they're doing.
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Don't get me wrong, I like Staples. Some of their brands are better than name brands... but the tech repair sucks!

In September I took my laptop to Staples to have it repaired. Sometimes when turn it on, I get a black screen... so to avoid the laptop crashing, I took it to Staples and paid the $69.99 fee. 3 days later they called me telling me that I need to change the hard drive and the battery. I told them to go ahead and change the hard drive but do not want the battery. After a week they called me that I can pick up my laptop. Aside from the fee, I still had to pay $120.00. 40 days later the damn thing had the same problem again. I called earlier and I was told that they only cover a 30 day warranty on labor. That means I have to pay another $69.99 to have it checked again. They should have figured out what was wrong with it in the first place. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS!

Computer Repair - Buyer beware
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Rating: 1/51

MT PROSPECT, ILLINOIS -- After my Dell laptop overheated, I brought it into Staples for evaluation and asked them to remove a system disk that I had put into the disk drive. They told me that they connected it to some tools that evaluated the system, and that the motherboard needed to be replaced. When I asked what that would cost they told me it would be about $400. I can buy a new computer for a little more!

They had stated that they had my disk and I could come and pick it and the laptop up at any time.

When I arrived they did not have the disk. They looked for it and after about I week I suggested that they look in my laptop, maybe they did not remove it.

The tech started to dismantle the laptop from the bottom, only to learn that you can only reach the cd drive from the top. After another couple of days they called me and said they found the disk in the laptop.

When I went to pick up the laptop this time I noticed the powerlight was on. I was able to logon to the system, but the built in mouse was not functioning.

The manager told me that if they fixed this that the motherboard may not work, and that it was up to me if I wanted to take the risk. I was upset because the mouse had been working just fine when it overheated and it was their activity that caused it to break. Another 3 days to get this fixed, but I went home happy. The laptop was working.

I removed the battery from the laptop and that has eliminated the overheating problem.

If I would have listened to Staple's evaluation I would be out $600 - $700 for a new laptop.

I would not recommend taking your pc or laptop to Staples in Mt Prospect for repairs or evaluation. I do not think their staff is qualified to work on computers. Their management does not take ownership of problems caused by the staff.

Repair Work on HP Computer by Thomas B. (Senior Certified Technician
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Rating: 5/51

HAMILTON, NEW JERSEY -- Although I did not meet Tom B. in person until I picked up my repaired H/P computer, I had a number of phone calls during the time my computer was in the repair section of Staples store #1590. He kept me posted on the problems that arose with repair of the 2 1/2 month old computer that had evidently been exposed to a Virus. Tom was very polite and kept me posted about the problems that occurred. When it had finally been repaired I went to the store and met Tom. He turned out to be even more personable and helpful than his calls provided. He went over a number of things that could prevent further problems with the computer and suggested a purchase of a problem solver program that would be a good purchase for the future. He enrolled me in the program and explained the usage.

Tom is a very effective member of the Staples organization.

PC Repair
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Rating: 1/51

SEYMOUR, INDIANA -- I took my PC for virus and pop up removals. They sold me something called, "Peace of Mind" for $199. They said that I did not have to worry; if anything goes wrong, they would fix by phone.

The pops up are still there. They told me that I have to take it back. They would not fix it by phone. That is why I bought "The Peace of Mind"

I am handicapped, there is no way I can keep taking the PC to them. They
should have fixed it the first time.

Repair service made my day today
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Rating: 5/51

LAKE STEVENS, WASHINGTON -- After downloading and installing the latest MS Windows update yesterday, the computer would get only to the "Windows resuming.." and then go directly to a black screen. There was no error message. I tried a hard reboot several times, unplugged it, let it rest, nothing helped. The machine wouldn't go into "safe reboot" mode or any other mode except black screen.

This morning I was at Staples first thing. It's the only "computer" store in my area and I was pretty certain if they were going to be able to fix it at all it was going to be too costly for me.

Handed the man my computer, he set it on the counter, did some kind of magic and the computer was running in under one minute. Then he cleaned it up for me and charged me the outrageous price of $10.85. Needless to say, I wanted to leap over the counter and give him the biggest bear hug I could. My computer is my life, especially in the winter when I am sometimes trapped inside for days at a time.

I will not hesitate to go to this store again for repair or any other reason. They are friendly, helpful w/o being overbearing, and the store is bright, clean and well organized.

Technician Conduct Toward Customers
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Rating: 1/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- My laptop from HP has a bad HD and it is not loading from the start. I brought it into the STAPLES store, in Nashua, on the DW HIghway in south Nashua. It is the STAPLES store that sold me the HP laptop.

The technician was rude to me, and gave evasive answers when I asked questions about the procedure to correct the laptop problem. He noted on the form to intake the unit that the cover was dusty and had a dried wetspot on the cover. I saw no dust, but did see the dried spot on the cover, and noted that the spot was dried and never flowed from the middle of the cover. The unit was purchsed on or about the 24th of April 2012. The unit has a 36 month warranty I paid for at time of purchase. It has been a week, and no info concerning the method to repair, or anything else to reassure that the laptop would be returned asap. I need it repaired (HD) as I use it daily on personal and business matters. The promised telephone update was promised, but 8 days later I have not received any phone call. The technician is named Bryan!

Terrible Location to Take Your Computer for Tech Repair!
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Rating: 1/51

MUSKOGEE, OKLAHOMA -- Sold me the one year service Tech Repair plan for my Lap Top. Said could fix Firewall and Viruses for sure and this would be included plus could bring it in for a year if anything else went wrong. Advised would be fixed by next day and no additional charges for what was wrong presently.

Several days later unable to Fix Firewall and wanted more money to fix it. If the Firewall isn't fixed then the viruses and malware etc. will come right back on computer which I told them in the beginning. It did after I picked it up. Paid them for nothing because they could fix nothing. I doubt if they could have fixed it if I had paid them even more. Paid $199.00. What a joke. Told them what kind of repair service they had and was told to never come back into the store again.

Guess the one year service is out the window and the computer is in worse shape then when I took it in there.

Staples Computer Repair - SCARY BUSINESS
By -

BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Staples just proved to us that they don't care about their customers...and what's more, they ruined our Christmas!

We took our Apple PowerMac G5 in to the Boone, NC location in November, because they were running an offer where they would do diagnostics and fix anything for a set price. Sounded good, as we were having problems shutting down, an issue with the logic board.

Since we work from home, we were concerned about how long it would be in service and were assured 7-14 days. Two weeks, max, they promised. When the 14 days had passed, we called and they said they had not even sent it out to the repair shop yet. A week later, we called and they said they needed us to mail them a cable. Frustrated, we asked for the computer to be returned asap (we were already losing work for down-time). Because they had it so long and did not fix it, they honored our request for a refund. When asked what had been done, they told us 'just diagnostics.'

Knowing the condition of our G5, we prepared for its return by buying another bare-bones G5 and figured we'd put the hard-drive in it and get back to work.

When the computer finally arrived, all the files and programs on it were gone. Whereas it is their policy to 'strip' a computer if they are replacing hard-drives, they 1) claimed that nothing had been done to it and 2) had no reason to scrub or replace the hard-drives which were both working properly.

We called Staples to find out why they had done this if they had only performed 'diagnostics' and it did not need a new hard-drive. We were assured that someone from the 'President's Office' would call us back, and the never did. Follow-up calls were met by people who said everyone was out of the office for the holidays and to call back later.

We opened it up to move the hard-drives to the new G5 and found that the back-up hard-drive was jammed in wrong and had broken prongs. Also, where the main hard drive holding all of our files and programs should have been, was an empty 2005 version.

Today when we called the 'President's Office' we were treated rudely, as if we had no reason to call and ask for help. We were talked down-to sarcastically, and assured that our experience was 'standard procedure.'

That's scary. Treating customers badly and ruining their equipment is standard procedure? In this economy, customer service will come back or you won't find us putting our hard-earned money to work for STAPLES!

That is, once we CAN get back to work.

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