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Racist Agents
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Rating: 1/51

MCALLEN, TEXAS -- I have been a State Farm customer for a long time. I had my house with them and my 4 vehicles. Hail damaged my 4 cars. We only claimed one because three of them only had minor dents and little white spots in the windshields. The one we claimed had major dents also with little white dots to windshield and a bulls nose that we had cracked the windshield all across and all above.

When I was getting out of my vehicle, the claim adjuster immediately told me that the windshield crack and permanent white dots that my windshield had were old and that I could not claimed them as "hail damage". This comment sparked a discussion of me stating "yes the windshield was broken before but not as broken as it is right now. As it is I have to replace it immediately".

He was arrogant/irritated. I responded that if he told me that my windshield was not going to be replaced due to it was broken prior to hail storm, I could understand that. But not to tell me those permanent white dots and the increase in the size of the crack was not due to hail. He stated that a lot of people were trying to get their cars fixed with the excuse of hail. We engaged in a heated argument and I left without accepting the claim. I called customer service to complain. I stated I pay 10,000.00 per year for home and vehicles for peace of mind. There are other insurances out there that charge me 5,000.00 per year or less for exactly the same coverage.

When I wanted State Farm to recognize that the windshield was further damaged with hail, I was just requesting the peace of mind that I thought I would have with a "reputable" insurance agency. The windshield costs $180.00 and state farm charges me 10,000 instead of the others that charge me $5000,00. I was not upset for the $180.00. I was upset because for all these years I have been paying so much extra money to discover I was enrolled in a lousy insurance company that is telling me that my windshield was not damaged by hail when it happened while I was driving my vehicle.

The manager stated, he had been working for State Farm for 30 years and he had a lot of hail damage experience and that it was very "strange" that down here in the valley the amount of windshield claims was much higher than in other parts of United States. That people were trying to claim other damages the vehicles had, into "hail claims". I responded that my coworkers were with other inexpensive insurances paying much less than me and they treated them very well, did not have any problems with their claims, and even had rentals meanwhile their cars were fixed. Some cars were even totaled and claims were paid immediately.

The agent proceeded to tell me that hail was "water" could not have damaged my windshield leaving those permanent white spots. I answered him that "water" had a different density and had a factor of velocity added to it. He stated, bottom line, hail does not cause "that" damage". The claims attendant, the manager, were rude, racist against the people in the valley, and arrogant. I feel I have been paying the extra $5,000.00 per year for a "peace of mind" that never existed.

Now I regret having been in State Farm for so many years. I feel I have been throwing my money away. Learned from personal experience. Moving to the "lot less expensive" insurance company and looking forward for the customer service they offer.

Crap vs Quality
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I signed up with State Farm through my fiancee's sister who works for them. I also signed up for auto draft payments. After signing up they sent me a form via email to put my electronic signature on and send back for the auto draft. I did this. Next day I get an e mail saying they didn't receive it. I send it again. Again I get a request for the same form. So I figured it was due to sending it via my phone. I called my sister, had her get into my email and send it from a home computer.

I then called to verify they received it and was told yes.the next month I get the request again! So I emailed back and asked why I was being told to sign it again. We never received it... I happen to be driving through phx at the time so I told my fiancee's sister that I would stop at the office and sign it in person. She tells me no just email it. I didn't want to do that because they told me in the past we were good. Then I get an email saying they did receive it but not the attachment. Well the attachment wasn't what I had to sign. Anyhow I send it. They confirm getting it.

Next month comes and guess what I get in my email... so I emailed back and said that I've done this several times. The problem is on their end and I would rather cancel and pay more with someone else then be hassled every month. Then my fiances sister text me telling me not to be rude to her co workers that if I have a problem with my insurance go to her and how it was a computer error not theirs. I replied that regardless of her connection to me outside of her work, I'm still a paying customer and expect the service I pay for and that there is no such thing as computer error just error of the programmer.

Then a new problem arises. I needed a sr22 for my fiance to reinstate his drivers license. I text his sister and told her I need one asap. She doesn't get back to me. So I called the office. The lady was very nice but couldn't contact the underwriting department because of the time. She then reassure me she would call me back by Fri. Then I get a text from the sister saying they called her and he can't be on my insurance and if the other person underwrites my insurance they will cancel my policy to go to another company.

This insurance company was the biggest pain in my butt. also the staff apparently doesn't know how to separate business from personal life. Threatening to cancel my policy for adding one of their family members.. really!!! Anyhow I called Geico. Not only were they friendly they had the sr22 sent to DMV before we were off the phone, offered to assist me in getting a refund from farmers and it was CHEAPER!!!!

Terrible Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- I was looking for a cheaper rate on auto insurance because my car wasn't running and Geico and Progressive wanted to charge over $60 a month. I'm not working, so I needed to find a way to save money. I used an online quote to compare rates and discovered that State Farm had the cheapest rate. My mom and dad have home owner's insurance through State Farm and told me that the auto insurance was pretty good. I decided to hold off contacting the nearest office because I did not like being required to use an agent in order to do business or make a payment. I'm self-sufficient and technology savvy. It seems like State Farm is better for those who are technologically challenged.

Anyway, I received a phone call from another office and the agent asked me to call him back so he could give me an accurate quote. I opted to call another office nearer to my residence so I could go to the office if need be. I was assigned to one of the Multiple Line Representatives and got an accurate quote. I was told my monthly payment would be $33 and I opted to cancel my insurance with Progressive and sign up with State Farm since their rate was half of what I was paying. I made my payment and everything was fine.

Fast forward to two weeks later, I received a notice in the mail that my rate was being adjusted upwards because I lived with my parents. However, I have had insurance before and have NEVER put them on it because they have their own insurance and I have mine. They also never drove my car and the title was in my name and ownership. I called my representative and she asked me to scan my parents' insurance card and she would submit it to corporate to have my rate re-adjusted. She said it would probably take about a week and she would call to update me.

That, however, NEVER happened as I had to email her twice and call her twice to receive an answer. After more than 2 weeks, I was told nothing could be done and State Farm requires that every household member (whether they drive your car or not) must be on the policy. I never drove my car after I started the policy, either, so it was a waste.

Also, I decided to have my car towed to a repair shop to have an inspection and check if the car could be fixed before I decided to sell it. Most insurance companies have a preferred towing company so I decided to email my representative after hours and asked her to call me the next day. She decided to email me instead. Normally, this wouldn't bother me but she got in the habit of not following directions.

My car could not be fixed and I ended up selling it. My representative had told me previously that, in order to keep my driver's license in this state, I would have to keep my insurance current or my license would be suspended. Having never been through this before, I believed her when I shouldn't. When I turned in my tag to the DMV, the clerk told me I only needed to have insurance when my tag was issued because it appeared I was driving without insurance, illegally.

I called to cancel my insurance and asked to speak to my representative. Again, she was not available so I spoke to another representative. Every other insurance company I've used has tried to work with you to see if there is anything they can do to get you to stay. The rep, however, did not and was very abrupt. As soon as my policy was cancelled, I emailed corporate and the local office to complain. I am not a demanding person but they did not seem appreciative of my business and treated me like I was a number instead of a valued client. I will NOT be returning to State Farm when I get a new car and I don't recommend their services.

Anything to not pay a claim...
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Rating: 1/51

I understand that things like this happen, but this is about credibility and people knowing that they should be doing the right thing. About a month ago while out during my lunch break my car was 'dinged' by a car that parked next to mine. The ding was so big that while walking past the rear of my car to get to the drivers side I could see the damage. I was of course surprised and I looked at the parked car next to mine and there was a significant amount of the paint from my car (a huge chip of it) along with another minor amount of the paint on his door. The driver of the other car did not leave a note so of course I took pictures and contacted my insurance.

State Farm was able to track down the owner/driver of the vehicle using the plate information that was provided in the photos. Fortunately for me (or so I thought) was that he has State Farm as well. He denies being at the place of business where the damage was done. That lie didn't pay off as I have pictures of the damage as well as pictures of his license plate and the insurance company would have had no way to contact him otherwise.

Second, he was a no show to the appointment that he set up with State Farm to have his vehicle inspected. Gee, maybe enough time to have his door buffed out and my paint removed from his door? Long story short, they sided with someone who definitely lacked credibility and denied the claim stating that there were no witnesses. They also denied making a claim on my comprehensive insurance (to waive the deductible) because they said the damage was done by another car door, just not his car door. How convenient!

To a certain extent I understand their point. If there were no pictures, if the other gentleman had been more credible by not lying about being at the scene and had he shown up for his inspection I would be able to see how State Farm came to this decision. To me, State Farm was fighting to avoid paying out and I am the casualty in their decision. My State Farm agent did his best to have this decision reversed, to no avail. Unfortunately he lost a customer with more than one policy because his parent company wouldn't pay an $800 claim.

State Farm Sucks!!!!
By -

GARDEN GROVE, CA -- My husband was originally the only one that was insured by State Farm. My car insurance company ended raising my coverage due to mix up and it took forever for them to sort their error out. At the end, I opted to change carriers. I just didn't want to deal with the BS. I had my husband add me to his plan. That alone took awhile. To me, I would think they would love to have me added on to the plan. It ups the rates in-turn making them more money. So after about a month things were finally on track.

Then my mothers insurance was up for renewal and I told her that I would add her to the our plan since I was taking care of all those sorts of things for my household. I add her and the extra car on three months ago. Our agent quoted us a price and we were billed at a totally different price. It was crazy. My husband called and spoke to our State Farm Agent. He told my husband that it was an error that he would take care of it. He said to make our regular payment and that he would inform us of the balance due for adding a third car. Great, super, fine. We did as he said. We continued to call him trying to get the amount that was due for adding the third car.

No call back, no reply to any of the emails that I had sent. NOTHING! He (our agent) finally called my husband and said that all we needed to do was pay X amount and we would be fine. We asked if the third car was covered and he said yes it has been for the past month. So I sent of the check for the X amount and at the end of the month I receive a refund check with a letter stating that my insurance has been cancelled due to delinquent payment.

We called over and over and over. Got nothing, then finally a call back and the apologies of this went wrong and that went wrong. I was at the point of just tell me how much I need to pay to get all three cars covered. Again I was given an amount needed. I wrote a check for over $600.00. The very next invoice comes in and I open it to see what is due and my blood pressure went through the roof. I couldn't believe it. They were charging me to re-installment fees on all three cars. I spent the next four days trying to get a hold of my agent again.

On the fourth day I damn near lost my mind. I ended up calling Progressive and signing a contract with them. About three hours after I signed with Progressive my agent finally returns my call. He couldn't even answer my question of why am I having to pay additional money because he made an error; after I just paid over $600.00 last month. No answer, so I told him that he could basically kiss my butt and to cancel my policy that I was going with a different insurance company. I received a half ass apology, but at least I don't have to deal with them. Good neighbor, I seriously doubt that!!!!

Terrible Experience with State Farm Auto Insurance
By -

I recently got in an accident where I got rear ended and pushed into the car in front of me. My car got the worst of it with rear and front end damage. I call my State Farm agent immediately and he tells me that I can file with him or them, but since the other driver is at fault, you should file with the other company. I do this and the other company files my claims and ask that I take it to a shop to have an estimate and take photos to send to them. I go to BMW since my car was recently bought.

BMW tells me that I should call my own agent to claim since the other insurance carrier wasn't too big. So I do this and this was the biggest mistake. One, my agent wanted to me to go to an "authorized" body shop. I had dropped my car off already and taken a $20 cab home. I told him I wanted it done at the dealership I bought it at with new parts and I'm not moving it. He agrees to send out a claims adjuster. Kept saying bodyshops are like McDonalds, all the same. Or its like a PPO, you need to go to a preferred shop. Moving on, he agrees to file the claim and send out an adjuster.

I told my agent and adjuster that I want brand new parts on my car. They estimate my car with used parts and say it is company policy and there's no law in Illinois that says it needs new parts so they go by policy. The difference is 1K dollars for the new parts and they tell me they are sorry, but I need to pay the difference out of pocket. I ask them if I am their customer and if they care about me or are they worried about making driver at fault insurers happy by sending them a bill for 1K less.

They keep harping that its policy. I speak to one representative that says she will call and ask the difference and see if they can get it approved. Then I don't hear back so I call another and this one says this is the difference and I need to pay for it out of pocket. Their estimate is done, it has used parts, and they will not make any changes to it. They also have the audacity to tell me that my car is used, so it needs used parts. That it needs refurbished 08 parts and if they have it they will use it b/c they don't make new parts for my car. I ask them if they didn't have't a refurbished part, what would they get to put on my car... classic response: a new part. This blew my mind.

So to conclude, instead of making me happy and going after the insurer that is at fault and collecting on everything, they'd rather not deal with it, close it out, and tell me I owe 1K out of pocket if I want new parts. This is my choice they say. This is ridiculous I say. Good luck to anyone using these losers, I will tell everyone possible that State Farm is terrible.

Unethical Practices
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Rating: 1/51

I signed up for State Farm insurance early this year. In the second month of billing, my bill was increased to more than $300 per month, up from around $240.00. State Farm claims that I was notified of the pending increase by mail, but I did not receive it. They also have not provided the letter draft date or mail date, only reiterating that it was sent even though my preferred method of communication was listed as email. As soon as I saw that they had gone on my account without my permission I cancelled and I estimated what my anticipated refund should be. In the same cancellation email, I asked that they confirm and explain any differences to me.

This was never done and even though I cancelled on the same day the transaction hit my account, I only got $70 back. The short rate trap that they used to unethically profit for services not rendered was explained only after the fact of retaining most of my money and even then, the explanations changed based on my response. Basically, I paid $230 for one day of coverage in addition to the new insurance that I had to obtain. I will never use State Farm again and I would highly discourage anyone from getting involved with this company.

Mislead about policy
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Rating: 2/51

Last month, I decided to change auto insurance providers because I was getting nowhere with my old insurance company. I did an online search and discovered State Farm had the best quote for the coverage I needed. Since my car has been out of order for several months and I'm not driving it (it sits in my driveway and hasn't moved), I needed the bare minimum required by the state to keep my license. My state has no such thing as non-owner insurance.

I phoned up my nearest agent and was put through to one of the representatives. I began the new policy and canceled the old one. However, my representative did not tell me that my parents needed to be included on this policy. I've been with Travelers, Geico, and Progressive and none of them ever charged me for other members in my house being a liability. I was shocked when I got a notice saying that my policy was higher than previously discussed for this reason.

I immediately called my representative and she asked me to send in paperwork showing that my parents had their own policy. It took until today to finally get the status and I was told nothing could be done. Needless to say, I'm quite irritated. It's one thing to know this up front, but I felt I was misled. The representative knew from the beginning that I live with my parents but said nothing. Buyer beware!

Buyers Beware
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Buyer beware, there could be company trouble. I have had State Farm insurance for my cars and home for over 20 years. State Farm just completed a car policy review and dropped us with little notice or explanation. Our local agent has been a family friend and admits that the company is dropping a lot of long time customers and he no longer can explain his lack of influence at the corporate level. We have had a total of 6 car accidents over this 20 year time frame and put in a claim on 5 of the accidents.

I am completely at a loss for how thousands of dollars in premiums over 20 plus years and only 5 car claims gets long time loyal customers dropped. I will be seeking a new company to move all my insurance products. State Farm appears to be cherry picking the policy markets they want to be in and long time customer loyalty means nothing to them. Consumers should ban together on this report similar incidents to their States Department of Insurance to keep this now dishonest company in check.

Poor customer service
By -

20634 BISCAYNE BLVD -- On Friday, January 14th 2011, I called this State Farm Location for a quote. After speaking to ** (agent), I decided to sign up with her for insurance as she gave me a quote I liked, considering I had a past suspended license and that I am under 25. I gave her my credit card number to finalize the charges and she assured me we are all set. I had cancelled my insurance with the prior company knowing I have a new company. On Monday when I checked my online account and saw no charge was posted, I tried to call them several times - left messages - but no answer - I assumed that due to the Martin Luther king day, they were off and the payment was delaying. I kept calling since - no answer.

Today 01/19/2011 after several messages, I was able to get in touch with another agent ** who was able to transfer me to ** within a few seconds (suddenly she is available on the phone...) - When I told her who I was, she immediately knew who I am. She put me on hold, only to get back to me and tell me State Farm didn't approved me as I had in the past a suspended license.

Why would you let someone cancelled their insurance without having a 100% confirmation he was approved. I am 7 months pregnant driving with no insurance for the past few days - without knowing - Just because ** didn't answer my phone calls. All she needed to do is a courtesy call stating I was not approved or at least answer my calls. I do not recommend this company to no one, if you want to have a reliable company. Thanks god I was able to find a new company which right away insured me, and now I can finally relax.

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