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State Farm Sold Me a 248,000 Dollar Policy on Dwelling and a 188,000 Personal Property and They Dont Go Buy Their Policy They Sold
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JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE -- I had a 248,000 dollar policy through State Farm on my home plus 188,000 in personal property and they tried piece in my home back together when it was an 80 percent loss and they came up with every excuse they could not to pay. Offered me 70 thousand on dwelling and 24 dollar to clean my personal property. When my home had caught a fire inside an exterior wall they lied to me several times and I made it clear I would sue them. They thought they would get away with beating me for my home. I have 4 kids plus a wife. We have been left homeless for weeks at a time.

The adjuster Dewayne made jokes. He told me to I have an extra bed at my house and he started laughing at me. I don't see anything funny about it. I've lost everything I own down to the clothes I put on my back. It has really took a toll on me. My attorneys has fallen a United States supreme court lawsuit against State Farm. This see how funny it is. Now I'm asking for 1 million dollars for pain and suffering and for my home to be rebuilt and ill the work I've missed. I will not accept anything less than 1 million dollars unless federal judge grants me less but I have recorded everything they have done and the judge can hear this and I bought bet they will be taking to the cleaners and hope they learn they cannot rip people off that has paid them for their insurance.

State Farm insurance is not worth the paper it's printed on. Please watch out and take your insurance needs to an insurance company that will stand behind their policy. State Farm has awful reviews all over the internet. Please do your research before buying insurance from State Farm. My name is Chris ** and I'll show them better than I can tell them. Jonesborough Tennessee 37659

State Farm Refusing to Pay Full Claim
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Rating: 1/51

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I contacted State Farm insurance (Ben Russo Agency, Concord NH) to purchase a policy for my Vacation Rental Home in New Hampshire. I was told by the sales representative the policy would cover tenant damage AND loss of rent if the property was not rentable for a period of time due to damage. I was assured that the policy was adequate so I purchased it.

I had damage, a lot of it, from very bad tenants that were there for 6 weeks, legally, in the off season. I notified the insurance company when I knew there was a problem. The second representative assured me that I was properly covered for damage and missing items as well as loss of rent due to them NOT moving out on time. What actually happened was State Farm adjuster told me that State Farm does NOT sell a policy suitable for the way I use that house.

They sectioned my home into at least seven claims. The living area, excluding the floor, and the basement bedroom, excluding the floor were the only 2 areas who's estimated damage exceeded the deductible. I filed both those claims and paid the 2 deductibles. I was asked to prove my rental rate: which I did. During the claim period I was contacted by Claims and told that they would only pay loss of rent for the time THEY estimated the repairs would take: 1 week each, which was inadequate. I was also told I would become uninsurable if I pursued the second claim.

I was told by Claims that THEY determined that the carpets in the claim areas were damaged at a different time so they were NOT included in the repair estimate and were 2 separate additional claims, not exceeding the deductible. State Farm then LIED and stated I bought a Seasonal Rental Dwelling Policy. My policy clearly states 12 months, credits me for a freeze alarm device as well as 2 reps assuring me I was covered. The personal property stored in the 2 claims sections was covered, less depreciation, but nothing else destroyed or stolen.

State Farm is UNETHICAL and DISHONEST Company. State of NH Insurance Division can find nothing illegal in the above, so I assume they have perfected the practice of screwing their policyholders by skirting the laws. I offered to accept payment for the 2 carpets, with no deductible, with depreciation without going thru the steps to publicly warn others, and the Agency said it was a Claims issue... But it was not Claims that sold me an INADEQUATE policy. My home has been under repairs since July 10, I have lost the entire rental season and still not in rentable shape, and State Farm is still balking.

State Farm Murfreeboro, TN Will Start Deducting Money From Employees Paid Check
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Rating: 1/51

MURFREEBORO, TENNESSEE -- State Farm Insurance Murfreeboro, Tennessee will start deducting money from employees paid check per State Farm survey.

In 2014 Murfreeboro, Tennessee, State Farm Insurance Headquarters's did a survey and decided that their employees where being paid more money than the national average. In the past this was a company who encourage the employees to get their licenses, etc to exceed and climb corporate ladder.

Starting August 2015 employees paid checks will see the first deduction over the survey amounts.

If the Level before survey paid 25,000.00 and then survey said it should be 20,000.00. There is a 5,000.00 difference. In 2015, 2,500.00 would be recalculated from pay check and employee would receive 22,500.00 per 2015. Then in 2016 the next 2,500.00 would be recalculated, leaving the employee making 20,000.00 per year instead of original 25,000.00 per year.

  1. Is this illegal? It is mortally illegal.
  2. State Farm is not dealing fairly with their policy holders or customers, now they are targeting their employees.
  3. Is this just in Murfreeboro or is this nation wide? Time for a investigator reporter.
  4. How much did the survey cost? More or less than taking money from employees?
  5. Please do not say for employees to start looking for another job. How about State Farm doing the right thing and not take employees hard earn money.

How would you feel if your company took money away from you that you had work hard to achieve for you and your family?

How would you feel if you transfer from other state to the Murfreeboro location and now getting a pay decrease?

Would you help State Farm customers to the best of your ability, after the company put the screws to you?

This is a lot to think about Dear Customers of State Farm. If you thought things were bad before, good luck future.

Rude AF
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Rating: 1/51

I dealt with a woman named Shantel who was suppose to instruct me on what to do next when I send my car to the shop to get repaired for the hail damage. The first thing she asks me was why did it take me so long to file a claim? EXCUSE YOU. How is that any of your business and how rude of her to ask me that question. When she asked me simple questions to confirm, I just said well yes. She screamed at me and instructed me to refer her as "YES MA'AM".

Shantel and I are both adults. One is not more superior than the other. I told her that she obviously doesn't like her job since she gets away with her nasty attitude and an employee SHOULD NEVER EVER talk back to a customer. I am so glad I got her name because I reported her to the manager. Who knows how many other customers she as rude as hell to.

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Rating: 1/51

FAIRFAX -- I can't even begin to describe the nightmare that was State Farm. I called in three times for roadside assistance to change a tire. First time, I was sent to an automated voice which asked me to click on a link in a text. Problem was I would have to hang up to get the text..and had a flip phone so couldn't click on it. What kind of roadside assistance ASSUMES everyone has a Smartphone? I then called different departments to get a live person on a line. I explained my problem and then they transferred me roadside assistance basically sending me back to square one. I called again, begged them to get live person on the line and to quit sending me to an automated voice/text loop...that couldn't help me.

Finally someone got roadside assistance on the line. The lady took my information and said, "You discontinued coverage with us. This will be billable. Is that OK?" I was looking at my card that showed coverage until the end of the year. What do you mean I don't have coverage. She then sent me to sales to sort out this mistake and then get transferred back to roadside assistance. I waited 20 minutes to find out why State Farm had the wrong information on this account. I was supposed to sort it out there and then go through the whole loop get to roadside assistance... 20 minutes of waiting on hold. No one picked up and I just hung up. A good Samaritan... an Uber drive no less.... stopped to help.

Total Fire Loss Of House
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CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- One of my houses burned and was considered a total loss. It was insured for $243,000.00. State Farm first offered me $70,000.00. I laughed and told them they were not acting in good faith. It was a rental and I needed to get it up and running ASAP. The next call they brought it up to $140,000.00. I took that to get started, but never signed it was I accepting that as the final offer and was told for anything over that I would have to request "supplemental funds". They paid the first 5 months of loss of rents. But for the last 2 months I've had to fight tooth and nail for that coverage. So far they have only paid for one month of the 2.

They stated they estimate a certain amount of time for the completion of the rebuild and that's all they were going to cover, even though my policy states it would be paid for "up to a year". I now have 2 late payment fees which they say they will not pay, and no one calls you back. I know I will have to fight for the supplemental payments that exceed the $140,000.00. I have now called corporate and got the run around also. In fact one guy in the fire claims department in California hung up on me when I insisted he give me the head guy in the regional division headquarters. I will not quit fighting them for what I paid for in a policy. I read you need to say "they are not acting in good faith" because then they know a lawsuit may be coming. And if that is what it takes, so be it. ** State Farm.

Stopping Just Short of the Line of Stealing Seems to Be State Farm's Approach
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UTAH -- Published:

Stop just short of the line of stealing. That's how it is for State Farm. Two separate mistakes they made meant that they owed me additional rental-car time. Faith in the Washington office even said that she was going to call me back. No call came. Of course, they can say that they gave the rental car, even though I was left without a vehicle for days and thus unable to function as I needed to. There was never a thought of helping, but inversely, how to avoid help as much as possible to the point that I was in a bind that they created. And again, didn't fix.

State Farm tried to extort me for $250,000.00
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RED BLUFF, CALIFORNIA -- I was working at my desk at 1:30am and heard a loud popping sound above my head. I ran out the front door and watched with my own two eyes a PG&E cable ignite a 1/4 cord of wood on our driveway. The investigation was totally crooked and State Farm agent blamed me for burning down my own house for Christ's Sake. Then they tried to extort me for $250,000 to pay for the house that was burned down by a PG&E cable. I filed a claim for only $5000 for loss of business and PG&E declined to pay and again blamed me for the fire. A terrible injustice was done to me and I have an appointment with the fire marshal here in Red Bluff CA to re-open the investigation and set the record straight and get my money from PG&E. The State Farm "investigator" was the crookedest creep I've ever met in my life and he bold faced lied about how the fire started. State Farm - I want $5000.00 for loss of business immediately.
Original story of PG&E disaster below.

Making sure State Farm pays
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Rating: 1/51


It is very simple if they don't do exactly what you want when you file a claim, forget about hiring a lawyer. You can simply hire a public adjuster who will work for free on a contingency basis. And get you exactly what you want.
AND...wait for it...
Simply file a complaint form at the California department of insurance.
CDI will quickly put State Farm in their place and make them pay for everything on the claim and it's free, the governments dept of ins has FAR more power than anybody else to enforce state farms pathetic cheapness to pay out.
State Farm does not want to have bad records with the government that's why they will pony up.

State Farm and my 2007 BMW 328xi
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On October 28th 2013, I was rear ended by a 70 yr old guy in a brand new Buick LaCrosse. The damage was so severe that the truck lid was stuck shut, passenger rear door was buckled, whole quarter panel was twisted and the fuel tank vent system was breached. Many warnings lights was on, parking sensors malfunction, fuel tank system warning, etc. The car wasn'€™t drivable.

The insurance carrier of the person that rear ended me is State Farm. I filed a claim through my insurance company (Esurance) and with State Farm. Esurance claims representative called me back and said he wanted to make sure State Farm is handling this because they'€™re the party at-fault and is 100% responsible. While I cannot talk about the injuries I have per my attorney, I will tell you how State Farm handled the repair of my 2007 BMW 328xi.

I brought my car to North State Custom bodyshop in Bedford Hills, NY because they'€™re trained and certified by BMW to repair their cars. I told them only OEM parts can be used to repair the car. I made it a point that they need to contact me and discuss before repairing the car as I know it doesn'€™t look good. A week later I get a message on my answering machine from State Farm saying the car is repairable and it costs approx $9,000. I called State Farm back and like expected, no one picked the phone up and they want to have a voicemail left. Approx 2 weeks later, more damage was found during dis-assembly. The bodyshop had to make a supplement twice.

I called State Farm and again no one picked up the phone. I stayed on the line and demanded someone pick up this claim right now. The lady who read out my claim said my car was flagged for a total loss and it costs $13,600 total for the repairs. She went on to say she doesn'™t know why they repaired my car because it was supposed to be a total-loss and she doesn'™t know who authorized the repairs. I told her I need copies of all the documentation and records on this.

She kept telling me she's not authorized to do that and will have to send me to my claim representative **. Her position is total-loss department. I finally got through to her and she told me my car is only $900 away from total-loss but it was flagged for a total-loss. She said they use 75% rule to determine if the car is a total-loss. I told her the car blue book is only 12-13 grand. She tells me they don't use the "€˜blue book"€™ way and they have a different system of valuing the car. I asked her what the car'™s value per State Farm is. She told me they value the car at $17,300. I said why wasn't it not totaled then? "Because the damage is severe and there'€™s frame damage."

She basically stonewalled me at this point and said because it'™s only $900 away from total-loss and went on to tell me it didn'€™t meet the total-loss per the car age and value. Said they'€™re taking 100% responsibility for this accident and handling this case, thus telling me good luck at this point. State Farm closed the claim saying there'€™s nothing they can do about this now. Esurance has keep their claim open because the problem with State Farm is not resolved.

To date I have not received any copies of documentation and explanation on how they came up with that value of $17,300. I got a copy of the estimate papers and it shows that recycled and parts from a similar year model is used and new parts are substituted with aftermarket parts and not all parts are new.

A week later I got a call from my bodyshop saying my car is fixed. It was in the shop for over a month, it needed over 100 manhours to fix it. I asked them who authorized the repairs because I never gave the go-ahead and the car was supposed to be totaled. They looked at me like they'€™re in shock. They told me the State Farm appraiser told them to go ahead and repair the car. I found out State Farm sent the check directly to the bodyshop, very disappointed no one contacted me about this.

I had to return the rental car and pick up my car, it was close to closing time at the body shop and it was a Friday. The shop told me the car frame had to be pulled back to specs and the damage was so severe that the car that hit me probably did not use any braking. On the drive home, I hear a whirring noise under the car. Sounds like a wheel bearing or the transfer case. When I go highway speeds, there'™s bad vibration. The car never did this before the accident.

I noticed there are areas of the car that was not repaired to the way it was before the accident, such as the trim on the top of the bumper has a slight curve to it and it wasn'™t like that before the accident. Also the gap between the trunk lid and the bumper is bigger than before while the top part of the trunk lid is flush with the quarter panels. The replacement battery they used in the repair of the car is smaller than the OEM battery.

On the morning of January 22nd, I turned the windshield defroster on and made a right turn getting onto the parkway, I heard a cracking noise a few minutes later. There'€™s a long crack on my windshield starting from the bottom of the driver's side and runs all the way to the bottom of the passenger side up a slight curve. Upon examination of the windshield from the exterior, there'™s no impact point or damage that could have caused it to crack.

At this point I'€™m thinking since the frame was pulled, it stressed out the windshield thus causing it to crack eventually. I contacted Esurance about this and the claims representative told me they will contact the bodyshop and ask them if they feel the frame pulling has caused this to happen. I know the shop will try to play it down. I filed a complaint with the Insurance department on this already. I contacted my insurance (Esurance) and they're trying to find out who dropped the ball at State Farm. But so far no luck because State Farm is not returning calls. I told them (Esurance) they need to push harder and get State Farm to fix this because the car should'€™ve been totaled.

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