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State Farm ripping of our senior citizens
By -

VILLA RIDGE, MISSOURI -- We are a small contracting firm in the St. Louis area specializing in insurance restoration claims. Our deal like most of the other insurance contractors is that we complete the work for the amount established by the insurance carriers. We have found that this has the minimal financial effect on our customers with the only out of pocket costs being the deductible and any upgrades. A large hail storm producing golf ball size hail and strong winds blew through Villa Ridge, MO on 5/13/10. Approximately 1 1/2 weeks later a storm came through producing 60+ MPH winds. One subdivision, Golden Pond has had approx 80-90% of the roofs replaced due to the hail.

We had several houses in this area that we recommended replacing the roofs. The State Farm adjuster met us at these sites and we both inspected the roof. He recommended replacing one roof, did not include any of the roof accessories, IE; vents, drip edge or pipe flashing and only one run of aluminum gutters across the back of the house. No consideration at all for the front gutters or any of the screens that were damaged. His comment to us was you know how the game is played. She is a disabled senior citizen that can barely walk. The adjuster was told, by our customer, to contact us about the claim and we would make the arrangements for any meetings that were needed.

He was left several phone messages and never called us back. He went to her home, without us present and settled the loss. I got a call and she was crying saying that she almost fell getting to the door, it takes her over 5 minutes to get to the door. He kept ringing the door bell until she answered. And he missed the interior damages as well. The other house in Golden Pond he recommended 1/2 a roof, 3 aluminum window wraps and no gutters. A few inappropriate and derogatory remarks about our customer were made by him, such as, "She is kind of goofy isn't she?." She was involved in an auto accident recently and had a brain trauma.

He recommended to the homeowner to withdraw the claim so she would not be charged with a claim and to file one later and maybe the front would be covered. Then came back 1 hour later and gave her a $1,500 estimate with a $1000 deductible and closed the file. This yard connects to the 1st house we wrote about. The neighbor on the north side, south side, west side and east side of her each had hail damages and got full roofs.

We had the same adjuster on 4 other properties in the area and an independent adjuster from State Farm on the 5th property. We googled a map of the area and these houses are all in a straight line with the yards connected 2 of them, and the street dividing the rest. He recommended paying for one roof, only half the gutters, a garage door, and had a repair recommendation of $76 for a metal door that was damaged. He denied the damages to the metal pole barn roof. The back yard connects to the independents roof, he did a 100% replacement with no problems.

Directly across the street our customer is another retired senior citizen who was denied. He was told there was no damage at all. We replaced the next door neighbors roof and our competition replaced the roof across the street from them.

Across the street our customer is with a different company and got a whole roof, gutters, siding and a roof on the pole barn. This yard connects to the property of a retired widow. He recommended replacing 1/2 of her dwelling roof, the back gutters, one metal roof and half of another metal roof. His comment to me was "I guess we will see how good your salesmanship is and you can sell her the other half of the roof. He then stated that he did not want to set a precedence on replacing the metal roofs because he does not think the structural integrity was effected by the hail.

We met him on site two weeks ago and she still has not received the estimate or check, but has been told at least 4 times that the check was in the mail, an out and out bold faced lie. When she asked for another adjuster she was told that State Farm will not send anyone else out, they have confidence in the adjusters assessment of the damages and his repair recommendations.

Another retired widow house was done half way as well, shingles only on the roof, no gutters, no roof turbines, and no screens. We met him for a re-inspection, he will not pay for one of the roofs on the property. His inspection was 2 1/2 weeks ago, still no check. In the mean time our customer has been hospitalized with heart problems and called me literally crying her eyes out and wanted to know what was going on. She told me her blood pressure was up again over this and she can not deal with it any longer, and that we should go ahead and complete the repairs and she will pay for it all. This is golf ball sized hail that caused the damages.

My last complaint is a customer that we replaced the roof next door to him from the wind. You can lift huge sections of shingles on both the slopes on the garage and house. State Farm recommended replacing 3 square of shingles, and some guttering, with no consideration of removing the tree off of the garage. He now has interior water damages.

20+ years of loyalty earned this?
By -

MCMINNVILLE, OREGON -- This posting is in regards to an accident my daughter was involved in on April 16, 2010. She had stopped behind a car waiting to turn, and her vehicle was rear ended (and totaled) by another car who's driver wasn't paying attention. Our agent was very helpful in getting a claim started for medical coverage.

The issue is that the other driver was also insured by State Farm. I found out very quickly that this apparently changes the rules. The rental car coverage that I have been paying for all this time doesn't come into effect unless the claim is made on my policy; which of course it wasn't since the other driver was at fault. Therefore there is no rental car available to used to find a replacement vehicle, unless you pay for it out of your pocket, once the other claim makes an offer for your totaled vehicle over the phone. Not once you receive any money, which takes another few days in the mail; or you can pay for the rental yourself and drive the hour or so to go get it, and while you're test driving vehicles.

I owned the vehicle my daughter was driving for 9 1/2 years, took very good care of it and the engine had a lot of miles on it, but would have easily gone another 100,000+ miles. Please tell me where you can actually purchase an equally reliable running vehicle for $1400?

My daughter is a full time student & her school is paid per term, but she has to pay additional for any missed days to make them up in order to graduate. That's $80/day that's not covered by the insurance, unless she misses 14 days. She had a neck injury that kept her out of school for a few days, but not long enough to get reimbursed for it. She has to pay extra for those days to graduate.

In addition to all of this, even though we're State Farm customers the State Farm people from the 'other claim' were absolutely horrible to my daughter on the phone. The accident was on a Friday, and the following Tuesday she received 8 calls from them wanting information or telling her what she had to do. She was so stressed out by all of this that I talked with them and made sure they understood they weren't to call her about anything else.

There were several different people that called, and the information was very contradicting. Like one person telling us to take the car in for an estimate on the damages, then someone else telling us not to take it to a shop and that it didn't matter if we took it in for an estimate on the damages that their estimator had to look at it, then a different person told us that we were supposed to leave it at the shop where the estimate was done...huh? I had already moved it by then.

Then once the estimator looked at it and told me that it was totaled, the people in the claims office told me it wasn't totaled, then another person told me it was, and then yet another person told me that it wasn't really decided that it was totaled. It took 3 days to get a straight answer. My dilemma at this point was... do I start looking for a replacement vehicle or am I fixing this one?

Once they decided the car really was totaled, the claim was transferred to the total loss department. It took a few days for them to make an offer, which I refused because I had already gotten estimated values from a couple of web sites my agent had suggested, as well as multiple private party ads for the same year/condition vehicle that were much higher. They took a full week to make another offer, just a bit higher than the first one. By that time I was so disgusted with the whole experience that I decided it wasn't worth it and accepted the (lousy) offer, and moved on to researching new insurance companies.

I have been with State Farm for over 20 years. I have had auto, renters and home owners insurance through them. I kind of expected them to go to bat for me in dealing with the other claim. I actually expected them to protect me and my daughter during this experience. Oh yeah, they were sympathetic & all. My agent did get them to extend the rental car coverage for another 3 days. I still had to pay for a rental car out of my pocket, and then had to borrow a vehicle for the rest of the time till the vehicle could be replaced.

What a nightmare. I am very disappointed. All of the State Farm commercials say "State Farm is there...". They imply that they (State Farm) will help you. Not in this case. I am definitely moving to another insurance company. I really don't want anything else to do with State Farm. What's going to happen if there's another accident? I feel like I'm just throwing my money away, like they won't be there for me when I need them.

State Farm supports uninsured drivers talking on cell phones!
By -

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- I consider myself a responsible person -- adult, who has never been responsible for any motor vehicle accident. I have no outstanding parking tickets. I take pride in my excellent driving record. I take pride in my character. I will assume responsibility for what I must, but I am not so inclined to take responsibility, particularly financial responsibility, for something of which I am not guilty. For 3 years. For an automobile accident I did not cause on November 4, 2009. I will not be accused of something for which I am not guilty.

State Farm grossly erred in their conclusion of this accident. I made a video recreating the accident. This is not a heavily trafficked area. There is no obstruction of view. How many times must I say I was already in the street, preparing to shift gears from reverse to 1st? I was STOPPED!!! The commissioner told me I was at fault because I had pulled out of my driveway. How many times must I say my car had to come to a full stop, there was a little movement. It'™s the law of motion. BUT MY CAR WAS STOPPED WHEN SHE HIT ME!!!

In my video, my driver indicated she was going 15 miles per hour. The uninsured teen driver talking on her cell phone told the police she was going 19. Look at the video. Going 19 miles per hour would have alerted this young lady there was on-coming traffic. Me. My car. Already out in the street. Coming to a full stop preparing to shift from reverse to 1st gear. I was already in the street, preparing to shift gears from reverse to 1st, that my car had to come to a full stop. YOU CAN'T CHANGE GEARS FROM REVERSE TO 1ST WHILE THE VEHICLE IS MOVING! How many times do I have to say that?

How many times must I say the uninsured teen was on her phone at the time of the accident? That I went in my house and called the police and my insurer, State Farm, on my phone? We both gave the officer our license, registration and proof of insurance. After impact, it took 5 seconds for me to get out of my car to go to her. My first concern was her. Was she hurt? She was not looking at me. She was not looking for her phone or dialing a number. She was already on the phone. Crying. She knew. How many times? She was reckless in her operation of a motor vehicle. Is it so unreasonable to think a cell phone distracted a teenage driver?

I agreed she swerved. She had to. It was just too late. Her car made contact with mine. Her front passenger panel was dented. The driver-side bumper on my car was ripped off. Had I been moving with any speed or in any other position, a side panel on my car would have been impacted. I don'€™t have a cell phone, but I have a multi-policy coverage with State Farm, but not for long. State Farm never returned my phone calls. We pay you. I would appreciate a reversal of your imposition of increased fees and premium, and a reversal of my damaged driving record effective immediately. But it will never happen because State Farm paid to have her car repaired.

I would appreciate a restoration of my excellent driving record, I would appreciate the removal of and reimbursement of funds resulting from the premium increase and any and all associated fees and funds due and owing me, and the removal of the 3-year penalty. I would appreciate the removal of this from my file, which would never happen because it would be an admission of guilt on their part. State Farm apparently supports cell phone use while driving, particularly from high school teenagers who lack enough responsibility to have insurance, but a cell phone. That is, until the laws change, then they'll be more aggressive with no-phone zones for drivers.

The insurance commissioner said they sometimes rule against agents, but couldn'™t give me a number. He said, "It happens sometimes." "œWell, how often?"€ "œOh, I don'€™t have that figure in front of me."€ "€œI bet it'€™s less than one percent."€ He was silent and told me he wasn't going to argue with me.

On April 15, 2010, Good Morning America reported two days after speaking with the insurance commissioner. ** April 30, 2010 is National No Phone Zone. STATE FARM SUPPORTS RECKLESS BEHAVIOR BY UNINSURED TEEN DRIVERS TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES, NOT THEIR CLIENTS! I did not cause this accident. How many times must I say this?

Pathetic Excuses To Not Repair Car
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I was involved in a 3 car accident. I was sitting at a red light waiting to turn left onto a 5 lane road (counting turn lane). As I waited a red Honda Passport was at my right waiting to turn into the complex I was coming out of. A 1979 Ford truck was coming from my left. They both had green lights, the Honda decided he could make it and DID NOT! His tires had no tread and the truck hit him and that slammed him into me. We had just left State Farm Insurance after over 30 years because of 2 claims that were not our fault but were handled poorly (I'll explain after this).

They got our car to the body shop. The trucks occupants went by ambulance to hospital. The passport was OK. My back started hurting but I did not go, I went to drive a couple of days later. They start puling my car apart and after fighting about the glass that flew at me and damaged my windshield then glass flew all over my cars drivers side and scrubbed the top of the car. There were 2 places on the roof that were damaged and they said they would fix. We found more scrapes on the drivers side of my car from the glass.

They told me at first they would paint the top then after having someone come look at the car again changed their minds because they said my car had been painted before and the spots were not damage from wreck but paint plume. Something of that nature they say was a bad paint job and starts at the bottom were the metal is and just pops up.

I told the girl I'm dealing with there were no problems before especially on the sides where you could see glass had hit and slid down the sides. They "changed" their minds and were now not going to fix it. I told her that in no way am I accepting the car and she told me to get out of their rental. I said fine. We left them before this because of a flood. We bought a car and had it 1 month to the day and it was totaled in a flood.

There were many cars in our complex totaled and they instead of towing them to the auto makers were going to a field and would have "experts" from each make come look at the cars and decide what's wrong. They called and said our car needed new carpet and that's it. I asked them if they knew it went to the field on a tow truck, they said yes, I said don't you think a car that just needed carpet wouldn't have to be towed in? After that they sent it to Mercedes which said if we wanted to strip it completely and start over they would build me a new one. They then tried to price it by comparing cars with 90 to 160000 more miles on it than ours. They are a crappy company. I'm glad we left and wish we had done it sooner!

State Farm doesn't like to pay
By -

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- My son was in a car accident with another State Farm customer. The other customer was an adult and did not call the police to get a police report this was my sons first accident. Now he knows to call the police. The other driver stated he is not going to put a claim in.

My son came home and told us what happen. My husband went to the scene and took pictures and took pictures of my son's car. The other driver was looking for an address. He pulled into a driveway and was backing out my son waited for him. The man was going very slow so my son passed him when it was legal to pass. The man did not have a turn signal on but turned into my son's car because he found the house. He hit my son back tire and my son car went in the ditch.

My husband called State Farm and told them the guy's name and policy number and that there was accident. They told him a claims adjustor would call. The calls adjustor called the next day in the afternoon and stated it is my son's fault because the guy is a preacher and he doesn't lie and if it went to court it would be against my son. Nobody has talk to my son seen his car or the accident scene. My husband said, “How can you state that when you haven't got all the facts.” She said my son hit the guy. Which if she bother to do her job that wasn't what happen.

My husband call our agent. He call the claims adjustor and she was rude to him ask for her supervisor to call back never happen. I called the supervisor and his assistance called me back and said that a claim adjustor for my son will call him. The claim adjustor that we got was just as clueless not as rude but just as bad. He never came out to look at the car, states he did see pictures where the accident happen. I don't know how because we never showed any to him nor did he ask to see them when we told him we had them.

I guess they never seen them or they ask the other guy whom they seem to be in favor because he really didn't have any damage. Most of the damage came from the ditch. They didn't blame all on my son but gave him 75% of the blame. So they would have to fix his car. He only had liability insurance. I have been with State Farm for 10 years with a good record. The supervisor that I called didn't care. Stated he would review the claim. I called him in the morning. I receive a letter that he review the claim and the adjustor was right. The letter came the next day at 11:00 am he didn't review any thing and none of my questions were answered.

No lawyer will take the case because no money in it. I cannot believe State Farm can get away with this. They wanted my home owner's insurance. No way. I seen how they pay with a car that was less than 500.00 to fix. I will be getting a new auto insurance. I will tell everyone I know to stay away from state farm.

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Rating: 1/51

SF, CALIFORNIA -- I made the worst mistake by changing from AAA to State Farm. In trying to save some money I am now dealing with un-efficient State Farm employees. I transferred from AAA to State Farm May 2013. Unfortunately, my vehicle got vandalized (keyed). Following this incident I contacted my agent and he submitted my report online. The next day an adjuster was contacting me. After giving him all the information he schedule me to meet with an inspector at a State Farm location near my home. I did just that. The appointment wasn't even kept in its time b/c the inspector was busy. Why schedule an appointment, if the client is not seen in time?

Anyhow, he took photos of my vehicle, gave me a business card with the information pertaining to my claim. He informed me that someone would be contacting me the following day around noon or the latest 1pm. No call! I called today to find out what was going on so I can drop off my car to the shop for repair. To my surprised I was transferred over to the investigative department. Why? Because as my agent told me "they are doing this to you b/c your policy is new and you chose an out of network body shop. If you had chosen a body shop of State Farm, they would not be giving you any problems."

The lady that I spoke to was rude, and informed me that she needed to call me back to schedule a recorded statement. I don't mind at all. I was on the phone with her. Why not get it done immediately? To add insult to injury, she told me that because my car was drivable it could take weeks or months for this to get resolved. All the while my husband continues to pay for our vehicle's and renters insurance every month. So, I have to continue driving around in my vandalized vehicle with my children.

This is such an inconvenience and headache. Why should I get penalized for some scums actions? My husband and I also have to pay a deductible of $500. So, what's the hold up in the process? All I want is to get my vehicle repaired. Nothing more, nothing less.

Like an Imaginary Friend State Farm Isn't There
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Rating: 1/51

INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I recently had my home broken into and had several thousand dollars worth of tools stolen. They literally almost emptied my garage other than the two pieces of equipment that take more than one or two people to carry. I contacted the police and made a report and also filed a claim with my insurance company, State Farm.

For some reason there was a delay on being contacted by the claims department because of interoffice computer issues. When the claim finally got to the claims agent it was a week and a half after the claim was filed, which was no ones fault necessarily, as these things do happen. But, what caught me so completely offguard was how I was treated and spoke to as a customer by a minimum wage mentally challenged representative of that company.

It started with a 2 1/2 hour interrogation about my life and the kind of person I was and my credibility, and in not so many words all but came out and called me a liar and a thief and worded it to say that I stole my own belongings out of my house to commit insurance fraud and collect a check.

As it stands now, I am filing a complaint with the state insurance commission and also let the insurance company know that I don't want a dime. They had their chance to make it right and handle my claim "fairly" and "in good faith" and once again they are the true crooks behind insurance fraud. If I don't pay my premium on their notice, they drop me. If I have an issue there's always a loophole or way for them to get around it.

Rest assured, it wasn't the first problem I had with them in the almost 20 years I was a faithful customer. But, I can guarantee you for me and my other 17 family members it will be the last. State Farm has committed insurance fraud and stolen from us for the last time. Anyone else that has a theft claim beware as they will try to word you as a liar and thief and try to get out of paying you before your claim has even been listened too!

Hit By A "Distracted" Driver
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Rating: 1/51

MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- My car (and me) were rear ended at a high rate of speed, while I was waiting to make a left hand turn. The person who hit me admitted it was their fault (100%) and the police report reflected this. State Farm admitted responsibility and promised to make good on the claim. My car was old (2000 Subaru Outback) but an excellent car. They valued my car at $5300 and the repairs at $4000. The car is drivable but needed to be repaired to pass inspection. They refused to repair it to its before accident condition and "totaled" the car so I could not even fix it myself without going through a lot of inconvenient title changes and legal loop holes.

Anyone with decent values would fix the car to it's pre-accident condition in this situation. If I was at all at fault I would not be writing this. I do not care about "rules" "procedures" or profit margins, just write and wrong. This accident is going to cost me at least $3000 to get an equal car (after their "generous" settlement"). State Farm will gladly take money but all you get out of it is "peace of mine" not responsibility. Dealing with his company sucks.

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there to collect your premiums and that's it
By -

I filled up with diesel and went to work. My truck started running rough then it quit all together, and I had to have it towed on a Tuesday to the dealership. They couldn't get it started again, they drain out all the diesel and discovered that there was water in the fuel. They ruined a the new fuel filter that they had just put in due to so much water and the fuel injectors. I called my agent and told him the problem and the cost was fifty five to fifty nine hundred dollars and he filed the paperwork. I was called by another agent and told tell them no to do anything until he looked at the truck which my the dealership did.

I received a call on Friday stating they could not honor my clam due to maintenance issues. They stated if I changed the fuel filter like it said this wouldn't have happened. The owners manual says 30,000 miles it was changed at 27,000 and the injectors were changed at 92,000 miles and they only have about 30,000 miles on them, but when they talked to the manufacture they said every 15,000 miles for the fuel filer, and when I explained that the owners manual stated different they wouldn't listen, and then I got to talk to a manager, I told him the story and that my mechanic determine the water done the damage he stated and I quote "I don't trust mechanics". But my agent also saw the water and everything he told me he just sells the policies.

Now it has been three weeks and I am still fighting with these **. My wife has been with State Farm for 40 years and I have been with them for 25. We have two cars, two houses, and a fifth wheel insured by State Farm, but that is soon going to change. I don't blame my agent, he did everything he could even wrote a letter stating he saw the damage. He is a good neighbor.

Guess they are more worried about the bottom line than taking care for loyal customers. I have filed a couple of claims the last one when my grandson totaled our car and there were no problems, but this time I got passed around for one person to another no personal service. I would rather drive without insurance than to give them any more of my money. I think we should all band together and drop State Farm and take their money away and see how they feel about that

Failed customer service
By -

In June 2008 I went to my State Farm agent ** in Catasauqua, PA to pay my car insurance for six months. Two months later I get a bill in the mail stating I owe $70 dollars for the month of August. Naturally being confused I called my agent and asked what the deal was. She really didn't have a clue what to say or how to fix it. Although she did admit there was an error on their part.

I stated "my monthly policy payments where only $28.34 how do I owe anything at all let alone $70?" She stated "I will get a call back with the details of what's going on and how they will resolve the issue the next day." Next day came, no phone call, so I called them... now the cat and mouse game begins. "She isn't in the office at the moment may I take a message" is the answer I got every time I called. So I had my sister call five minutes after I did, lo and behold she's in the office. I call back right after my sister hangs up, again, "shes not in the office may I take a message."

The only way I got the agent on the phone was by calling the State Farm field office and making a complaint. I called the State Farm field office which deals with billing issues to only find out they don't know what's going on either. An agent from the field office met with my agent to "investigate" the matter. I then find out I not only owe $70 for August but September, October and November which I already paid in full. Here we are almost a year later and I still don't have answers. Now I'm going through it all again this year. I paid for six months again this year. Same problem, new agent.

Enough is enough, after the horror stories I read about people going through hell when they make claims, reports of poor customer service (including my own experiences) I wouldn't recommend State Farm to anyone even my worst enemy if I had one. They are half the price of all the other companies I got quotes from. But price isn't everything.

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