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Not Paying on a Legitimate Claim
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
A customer of theirs backed into my sons car at a gas station. Got out of their car, gave my son their name, cell number and my son got the license plate. Before he could get any more info, this person left the scene. My son went to the local police station and filed an accident report. I called our insurance co. Told them about this. The customer service representative checked on her computer and confirmed that the info my son gave her matched identically to what she saw as the owner of the car and that they are insured by State Farm. A claim was filed with them. They have dragged their feet for almost 5 weeks without any settlement. Their customer never filed a counter accident report even though the police contacted them saying one was filed against them. They have 3 different stories that they have told. The simplest one, and the only one that State Farm seems to think is the best to support their side is their customer saying " I didn't do it ". Let me ask anyone out there reading this. .. .have you ever gotten out of your car at a station and given a stranger there your name and cell number for just for the heck of it? Maybe this is standard practice for State Farm, not paying legitimate claims, I mean you need to get the money from somewhere to cover the costs of all those TV ads. here is the latest, the final lie from the person who hit my sons car and State Farm Insurance who is backing this em ef ing you know what. He allegedly didn't have permission to drive the car so they are not responcible to pay the claim. How did he get the car, the keys and a credit card for the gas? Now I have to pay the deductible to cover damage caused by someone else while they and state farm walk away scott free and after 9 weeks of stringing us along.

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/12/2014:
I suggest consulting with the police department and asking about filing hit-and-run charges against the driver.
Ralph on 03/12/2014:
It is probably too late now, but you can check the gas station and see if it has video recording.
joll1157 on 07/23/2014:
just saw your replies...thank you. the station had no cameras, and the person who they claim was driving their car has no insurance. the last time i talked with state farm after they said they will not cover the claim i asked " so if this person didn't have permission, was the car then reported as stolen? thats the only way someone would be driving my car under those circumstances." she replied then i said " so that means that they were aware that someone was driving their car. no responce to that statement. again thank you for your replies.
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No Warranty on Parts Used for Repair
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Last summer I got t-boned by a teenager driving her mom's car and who was visiting Kansas City. Luckily no one was hurt and luckily (or so I though at the time)...she had insurance. When I mentioned my accident to my fellow Officers at Leavenworth and told them I was glad she had insurance a few laughed because I mentioned State Farm... the phrase "don't hold your breath was used a few times".

At the time I will admit that I was pleased with the way they handled everything... not as expeditiously as USAA (my insurance) but oh well. Repairs were made, back driver's side door was replaced... and I though nothing of their warnings until a few weeks ago. The interior locking mechanism for the door, a new part and one that had never failed in any of my doors before went bad. I use this car for work and drive to and from the base by myself...rarely do I carry passengers.

So, I called the repair shop that called State Farm so they would approve the replacement part purchase and installation. The repair shop called them and left messages 4 times until State Farm finally got back with me and told me that the part was no longer under warranty; it was normal wear and tear. I argued that the other locks (not damaged in the accident) did not go bad (original and working for 7 years) and that their part went out in 15 months and that they promise a lifetime warranty on the repairs. No luck.

So folks...if you get your car repaired under the "insurance protection" of this "honest" company... well just hope and pray something will go bad quickly...I would hate that something like your brake system, your steering, etc which you use normally, might go bad. It will take some work but I should be able to fix the part myself, but you don't want be going down the road and have the "normal wear and tear" bug hit you.
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Posted on
Rating: 1/51
SF, CALIFORNIA -- I made the worst mistake by changing from AAA to Statefarm. In trying to save some money I am now dealing with un-efficient Statefarm employees.

I transferred from AAA to Statefarm May 2013. Unfortunately, my vehicle got vandalized (keyed). Following this incident I contacted my agent and he submitted my report online. The next day an adjuster was contacting me. After giving him all the information he schedule me to meet with an inspector at a Statefarm location near my home. I did just that. The appointment wasn't even kept in its time b/c the inspector was busy. Why schedule an appointment, if the client is not seen in time? Anyhow, he took photos of my
vehicle, gave me a business card with the information pertaining to my claim. He informed me that someone would be contacting me the following day around noon or the latest 1pm. No call! I called today to find out what was going on so I can drop off my car to the shop for repair. To my surprised I was transferred over to the investigative department. Why? Because as my agent told me "they are doing this to you b/c your policy is new and you chose an out of network body shop". "if you had chosen a body shop of Statefarm, they would nor be giving you any problems". The lady that I spoke to was rude, and informed me that she needed to call me back to schedule a recorded statement. I don't mind at all. I was on the phone with her. Why not get it done immediately? To add insult to injury, she told me that because my car was drivable it could take weeks or months for this to get resolved. All the while my husband continues to pay for our vehicle's and renters insurance every month. So, I have to continue driving around in my vandalized vehicle with my children. This is such an inconvenience and headache. Why should I get penalized for some scums actions? My husband and I also have to pay a deductible of $500. So, what's the hold up in the process? All I want is to get my vehicle repaired. Nothing more, nothing less.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 07/30/2013:
State Farm also doesn't want to be penalized by a suspect claim (new policy and out-of-network service provider).
Kparce26 on 07/30/2013:
Whether or not my policy is new, when I got Statefarm my agent inspected both vehicles to write up my insurance coverage and my vehicle was intact.

I have no control over things that could possibly happen to my vehicle while being driven or parked. Sometimes vehicle accidents happen, sometimes cars get stolen, windows broken or cars get vandalized. Things like this are out of peoples control. They can happen. I choose an out of network service provider b/c my husbands co workers suggested this place. They gave him great recommendations of the type of work and customer service this shop provides. So, what's the problem? What's so suspicious? What would be the penalization? I believe we have every right to choose the shop where we want to take our vehicle to get repaired. My husband received word of mouth by people he trusts that this is a good place. So, b/c we choose to go to a NON STATEFARM shop it's "suspicious"?! I guess the problem really is that we chose not to give our business to a Statefarm shop. We read reviews on everything, and trust our family, friends and co-workers when they suggest places to eat, shop for certain things. So, why would we not listen this time when we got this shop recommended. I don't know why I should even explain all of this to make the point that I just want to get my vehicle repaired. The policy is getting paid to cover anything that could happen to our vehicles at any time wether my policy is new or old. Point blank!!!!!!
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Like an Imaginary Friend State Farm Isn't There
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I recently had my home broken into and had several thousand dollars worth of tools stolen. They literally almost emptied my garage other than the two pieces of equipment that take more than one or two people to carry.

I contacted the police and made a report and also filed a claim with my insurance company, State Farm. For some reason there was a delay on being contacted by the claims department because of interoffice computer issues. When the claim finally got to the claims agent it was a week and a half after the claim was filed, which was no ones fault necessarily, as these things do happen. But, what caught me so completely off guard was how I was treated and spoke to as a customer by a minimum wage mentally challenged representative of that company.

It started with a 2 1/2 hour interrogation about my life and the kind of person I was and my credibility, and in not so many words all but came out and called me a liar and a thief and worded it to say that I stole my own belongings out of my house to commit insurance fraud and collect a check.

As it stands now, I am filing a complaint with the state insurance commission and also let the insurance company know that I don't want a dime. They had their chance to make it right and handle my claim "fairly" and "in good faith" and once again they are the true crooks behind insurance fraud. If I don't pay my premium on their notice, they drop me. If I have an issue there's always a loophole or way for them to get around it. Rest assured, it wasn't the first problem I had with them in the almost 20 years I was a faithful customer. But, I can guarantee you for me and my other 17 family members it will be the last.

State Farm has committed insurance fraud and stolen from us for the last time. Anyone else that has a theft claim beware as they will try to word you as a liar and thief and try to get out of paying you before your claim has even been listened too!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 04/08/2013:
this is very typical of what I personal have heard. they did not get the nickname they have for no reason.
trmn8r on 04/09/2013:
Imagine if you insured people for theft, and they begin filing claims. You find yourself wondering if a person is trying to file a fraudulent claim, so you ask this person some questions to see if it sounds legitimate.

That sounds like what happened. When there is a car accident, the loss is more obvious (but there can be fraudulent claims for previously damaged areas near the actual damage). When stuff disappears and simply isn't there anymore, it isn't as obvious unless there is a video recording.
Woodwalker75 on 04/09/2013:
Well I guess if knowing how often I drink a beer helps them decide if my claim was legitimate along with a hundred other invasive questions, then by all means I'm an open book! By the way, I hope you have a journal of your life all the way back to your "baby book" as this will help your cause and make it easier for them to get "comfortable with your claim". Obviously you've never had to deal with these con artist personally.
Insurance 101 on 05/27/2013:
Sorry your feelings are hurt, but that's the way insurance companies investigate. Blame those who make a living defrauding insurance companies. That's the reason you are interrogated. Yes, you must provide proof of ownership of the items and the reasons you own the items. You must also verify, to the insurance company's satisfaction, that you had absolutely no reason to have your items stolen, sell your items then make a claim to recover more money and/or that your claim is legitimate. Theft if one of the leading fraudulent claims. A large theft causes the red flags to fly. They're also going to ask you if you and your spouse (if you have one) are having relationship problems. It's par for the course when filing a theft claim. Any and every insurance company practices these strategies when investigating. Nothing surprising here.
Frustrated customer on 06/27/2013:
Recently have a break in to my house and was put in the same position as you. Their interrogation was very frustrating. There are things that you do not keep records or documentations of because one do not expect this to happen to them. Statefarm just want to collect from you but when something happens, they do not want to pay. Been a loyal customer with them for 12 years. Never had a claim with them in those 12 years until now. I'm going to have to go elsewhere if this is how they treat their loyal customer. Many friends and family members will leave too if they hear what I have to say about this. Statefarm is a thief.
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Posted by on
BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS -- I have been with State Farm for over THIRTY YEARS, and I needed coverage for liability just to keep others covered while opening a new business and a new home I was building. Once built I knew I would need full coverage but could not get that until it was completed with both. To make the story short, I ended up having to take EVERYTHING to an entirely different company so they would take it all and include the coverage I needed. I have since dropped both ventures since neither had the type or amount of funding needed. I do however still have the coverage with Farmers Alliance.
I went back to my former agent thinking it might be OK to return to State Farm now since I had the "Blights" removed that they didn't like. Now they find that my "WIFE" keeps me from getting insurance because she had a claim almost three years ago (When her now deceased husband turned in a hail claim on their home in Minneapolis, Kansas.) There was a couple whiny little other excuses but I had no problem seeing through those (and the agent had to admit that part)... There is something missing in this "GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY" AND I CERTAINLY AM UPSET WITH THE CORPORATE PETTINESS AND LOUSY POLICIES THEY USE. Other than that, I'm sure there are some well-hidden qualities to redeem them all, but I find no further patience to try to be in their graces, but have chosen to be the same "Good Neighbor" they are and cancel any further business attempts with them.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/22/2011:
Plain and simple, State Farm doesn't like it when customers make claims.

I have ALSO been a customer of SF for OVER 30 YEARS. I have made comprehensive claims, but never a collision claim. Still running strong and I love them. My premiums are low, possibly because they are picky about potential customers and current ones too.
Starlord on 10/26/2011:
The janitor in a building where my mom once worked had been with State Farm for 16 years and never filed a claim. One night, someone stole the battery from his car and spray painted graffiti on it. State Farm paid the claim with no problem. Then they cancelled his insurance. He had a heck of a time getting insurance after that.
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State farm roof repair
Posted by on
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- I had roof damage from a wind storm in late April. The adjuster came out the following week and lifted up the damaged shingles and then called me the next day and said that they would just replace the damaged areas. I thought then that there is no way they will ever match. The roofer that I contacted said the same thing. State farm then said that the roofer needed to submit an estimate stating that the shingles would never match and they would re-evaluate. Today I get a call from claims saying to have the patch work done and if there is a gross mismatch then they would look at it again. I have been a State Farm customer for over 20 years and when I bought my house last year everyone I talked to said not to go with State Farm. I wish I had listened to them.
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User Replies:
Slimster on 06/15/2011:
You can't blame SF for wanting to do a patch rather than an entire re-roof. You didn't mention the size of your roof, or the size of the areas that need repair. What is your deductible and how many claims have you made in the past? All variables that may be playing into this. Go ahead and get a patch job done, if it looks like sh!t, so much the better for to state your case! Take photos at different times of day from different angles, and submit the ones that show the greatest differences in the repair job. 'nuff said.
trmn8r on 06/15/2011:
You don't say how much of the roof was damaged, how old the shingles are, and what their expected life is.

Wind damage usually is confined to edges. It is quite possible it makes sense to repair only the affected area(s). I think the suggestion to have it repaired, and see what the result is makes sense, generally speaking.

I have been a State Farm customer for over 30 years, and am very happy with them.
Slimster on 06/15/2011:
sounds like you're agreeing with me Term, thanks
Venice09 on 06/15/2011:
Again, I agree with you, trmn. I think State Farm's offer makes sense and is reasonable in this case. The extent of the damage, size and age of the roof were probably factored into State Farm's decision.
Chigrl on 07/27/2012:
I'm and Arlington and also was shafted by State Farm. They wanted to replace 1/2 the roof and then repair the sections in the back. I agreed with you they would not match and I paid insurance for replacement value. To put me back in the same condition I was in before the storm. Not half a new roof and 1/4 a patch job. It lowers my resale value and looks like I don't take care of my property. It cost me over $4500 to replace the roof. State Farm paid $1900 of the overall cost of $6500 . I realize I had an 1800 deductible but I thought insurance was to protect me from unexpected losses. Good bye State Farm. I won't miss you. First and only claim after 12 years
BSUV on 08/20/2012:
State Farm paid to have my roof repaired (minus deductible) this past spring. I had the 6x10 section replaced as they requested. Today I received a letter stating I need to pay for whole roof to be repaired or they will drop me! If my is in that bad of shape why did pay to have repaired this past Spring??? Good bye State Farm, there are 100's of companies that want my business!
Huh? on 08/25/2013:
BSUV, Are you kidding me? They replaced the damaged section because it was sudden and accidental and you made a claim on the damage. Insurance companies don't replace worn out roofs. That's called maintenance and it's the responsibility of the homeowner. No repairs to a worn out roof, further damage and losses. Insurance companies don't want clients who have claims. No, there are not 100's of companies that want your kind of business. You don't even understand the very basics of how insurance works and you think your worn out roof should be replaced by an insurance company. Good luck with that.
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State Farm - Refusing To Pay For Damages Cause By Their Client
Posted by on
5906 MAIN STREET SUITE 100 OOLTEWAH, TENNESSEE -- After speaking with a claim representative by the name of Chris with the TN Claim Central Call Center, he states that his review of the case shows that there is not enough evidence for State Farm to accept liability for a collision where their client pulled out in front of my client and caused a
collision at an intersection, therefore State Farm (Chris) states that they are refusing to pay for damages caused to my vehicle, since they can't determine who's fault it was and stated that I would be responsible for my own damages and getting the vehicle repaired on my own.

Furthermore, in the police / accident report it clearly states that Vehicle #1 pulled out in front of Vehicle #2 at the intersection per the narrative that the police officer wrote. The client, Linda Jones who was at fault at the accident had stated to both the driver of my vehicle (fiancee`) as well as to Firefights/EMTs & the Police Officer that she was at fault and that she would pay for the damages because she 'didn't see' my vehicle. Both vehicles were stopped at the red light, which my vehicle had the right of way, being the first vehicle stopped at the intersection. After attempting to proceed through the intersection, Linda Jones decided she wanted to proceed at the same time, causing the collision. My vehicle is in an unsafe condition to drive and because State Farm is refusing to accept liability and refusing to repair my vehicle, I am forced to drive an unsafe vehicle where I can't open the drivers door of the vehicle because of the damage. The headlights of my vehicle are out of adjustment and shine directly on the road in front of the vehicle, making it difficult for night time driving which is required several days a week.

I do not have another vehicle to drive and this is my only transportation and it's currently unsafe. I need this to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 05/12/2011:
Bring it to your insurance. They can put the heat on SF better than you can.
trmn8r on 05/12/2011:
Your "client" is your fiancee'? Interesting!

clutzy's advice is on the mark I believe. Have your insurance negotiate this.
Anonymous on 05/13/2011:
Unfortunately one can't really say what they want to here about what they think about people who knowingly drive unsafe vehicles on the highway. If you do get into an accident where you hurt or injure someone, we can only hope the police or lawyers find this post.

Like the others said, take it to your insurance company. You can sue your fiancée to recover your deductible and rental car cost. Just fix your vehicle, NOW.
oldisgood on 05/13/2011:
fiancee was driving his car and Linda Jones was driving the State Farm car. Go to small claims court if you can't get satifaction from State Farm.
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Like a good neighbor state farm is there to collect your premiums and that's it
Posted by on
I filled up with diesel and went to work my truck started running rough then it quit all together, and I had to have it towed on a Tuesday to the dealership. they couldn't get it started again they drain out all the diesel and discovered that there was water in the fuel. They ruined a the new fuel filter that they had just put in due to so much water and the fuel injectors. I called my agent and told him the problem and the cost was fifty five to fifty nine hundred dollars and he filed the paperwork. I was called by another agent and told tell them no to do anything until he looked at the truck which my the dealership did. I received a call on Friday stating they could not honor my clam due to maintenance issues. They stated if I changed the fuel filter like it said this wouldn't have happened the owners manual says 30,000 miles it was changed at 27,000 and the injectors were changed at 92,000 miles and they only have about 30,000 miles on them, but when they talked to the manufacture they said every 15,000 miles for the fuel filer, and when I explained that the owners manual stated different they wouldn't listen, and then I got to talk to a manager I told him the story and that my mechanic determine the water done the damage he stated and I quote "I don't trust mechanics". but my agent also saw the water and everything he told me he just sells the policies. Now it has been three weeks and I am still fighting with these ass@#$*. My wife has been with State Farm for 40 years and I have been with them for 25. we have two cars, two houses, and a fifth wheel insured by State Farm, but that is soon going to change I don't blame my agent he did everything he could even wrote a letter stating he saw the damage he is a good neighbor. Guess they are more worried about the bottom line they taking care for loyal customers. I have filed a couple of claims the last one when my grandson totaled our car and there were no problems, but this time I got passed around for one person to another no personal service I would rather drive without insurance then to give them any more of my money. I think we should all band together and drop State Farm and take their money away and see how they feel about that
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/16/2010:
I don't understand how this would be covered in the first place. I thought car insurance only covers accidents, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.
trmn8r on 09/16/2010:
Prince-Caesar - I am wondering what kind of insurance covers this as well. Maybe the letter writer will stop back and tell us. It sounds like he has a policy that does, other than this technicality they are using to deny coverage.
Venice09 on 09/16/2010:
I didn't finish reading this review because I too never heard of auto insurance covering something like this. I didn't even know policies were available with that kind of coverage.
rockfishing on 09/17/2010:
Umm. Did you check you policy to see if this issue is covered? I never heard of insurance for engine trouble. Did you go back to the station where you last got fuel? Your issue may be with them.
twixypeps on 10/19/2010:
I work for an insurance company and we do not cover mechanical issues. If someone put water in his fuel tank then this would be vandalism, but it sounds like the mechanic already deemed it was not vandalism. As far as I know, there are no insurance companies who sell this kind of coverage, this would be called a warranty. You would have to check with the manufacturer to see if they would cover it.
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Failed customer service
Posted by on
In June 2008 I went to my State Farm agent Debbie Beech in Catasauqua, PA to pay my car insurance for six months. Two months later I get a bill in the mail stating I owe $70 dollars for the month of August. naturally being confused I called my agent and asked what the deal was. She really didn't have a clue what to say or how to fix it. Although she did admit there was an error on their part. I stated my monthly policy payments where only $28.34 how do I owe anything at all let alone $70? She stated I will get a call back with the details of what's going on and how they will resolve the issue the next day. Next day came, no phone call, so I called the cat and mouse game begins "she isn't in the office at the moment may I take a message" is the answer I got every time I called. So I had my sister call five minutes after I did, low and behold shes in the office. I call back right after my sister hangs up, again, "shes not in the office may I take a message". The only way I got the agent on the phone was by calling the State Farm field office and making a complaint. I called the State Farm field office which deals with billing issues to only find out they don't know what's going on either. An agent from the field office met with my agent to "investigate" the matter. I then find out I not only owe $70 for August but September, October and November which I already paid in full. Here we are almost a year later and I still don't have answers. Now I'm going through it all again this year. I paid for six months again this year. Same problem, new agent.
Enough is enough, after the horror stories I read about people going through hell when they make claims, reports of poor customer service (including my own experiences) I wouldn't recommend State Farm to anyone even my worst enemy if I had one. They are half the price of all the other companies I got quotes from. But price isn't everything.
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 06/29/2009:
I live in PA and use Donegal Mutual for my house and car. Try them, they are good and the rates are reasonable.
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
I've had State Farm auto insurance since 1963 and cannot say enough good things about them. Good prices, good service and good reps.
old fart on 06/29/2009:
Slomo.... Likewise.. I've had State Farm since 1958 and I have never had a problem...
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
My State farm agent is amazing. My ex's State Farm agent sucked. I really do think it depends on who you get as an agent. You would think all things are created equal in regard to everything under an insurance company, but they certainly are not.
laklisa on 06/29/2009:
I have State Farm Insurance and have had good expiriences with them...I have had 3 or 4 instances where I have used them and they have been wonderful to me. I'm sorry that particular agent didn't treat you right.
Did you write a check for the payments or kept some sort of record of the payments? That should clear it up.
Anonymous on 06/29/2009:
I have had State Farm forever. They lowballed me on the value of a car on mine that was totaled but I was partially to blame for that due to it being the first time for something like that.
I had a few agents that were rude and one even accused me of staging a burglary. The one that I have now is great.
Sick-of-statefarm on 06/29/2009:
Yes I've had state farm for years myself and was very surprised that I have had this much trouble lately. The new agent I have now came recommended by the state farm field office. Problem is I am having trouble with this one as well, and its the SAME problem. I don't think its the agents I think its the billing system they are using. Yes I have all my recipes. Right now I have turned this over to the state to be investigated I hope they can sort things out.
*Brenda* on 06/30/2009:
I also use Donegal and I'm in Whitehall. Very reasonable rates. I have a good agent if you need a new one!
mrs1140 on 10/27/2009:
I'm not surprised about your problem with SF, as they have revamped their claims and billings units for the worse. Their whole IT system has been outsourced and there are many quality issues as a result. The agents can't even deal with it.
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Only Care About Money No Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Statefarm was my first insurance company when I turned 16 till recently at 23. when I lost my job and had some issues it was sad to see how this office could not help me since they have collected thousands of dollars from me. My monthly payment was 430 when I first started and was like that for years in till going down to 200. I received the worst customer service from Jacqueline Ortiz and now as I am no longer with statefarm I tell everyone that I can two things. One stay away from Michael office on sample and university because you guys do not give a damn about people. And two if you are with this office leave or transfer to another office. I have waited on a call for the agent Michael and never received it. You guys may have dropped me but I will never forget to pass the message to my friends and family. Very sad when it is only about money and no customer service.
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User Replies:
Paul on 05/19/2014:
One of the ways SF keeps rates low is it dumps customers who don't pay their premiums. I have been a State Farm customer since 1979, and I love them.
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