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I Hate My Agent and Really Hate Auto Insurance.
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LANSING, MICHIGAN -- While I am not a fan of having to have auto insurance, I understand the need and respect the law. In a past visit with my agent to review my coverage needs all I heard about was him and how magnificent he was. I now know more about him and his family than he does mine. Not to mention he is a braggart who likes to talk about how many toys he has like snowmobiles and corvettes... He also thinks he single handedly fixed an issue with the local union (UAW) which I find incredibly difficult to believe since I know many of the people involved with the issue. I digress.

After my visit and approximately 7 years of prompt payments with no claims, I decided I wanted to switch insurance companies and started to get some quotes. This is when I found out there was "a lapse in coverage" which could not be true. The company I was having quote me indicated that according to their records, there is no coverage reported for approximately a one year period. I immediately called my "new best friend" (sarcasm) to inquire why my policy showed a lapse in coverage during said timeframe and he indicated that was not the case.

Long story short, due to this so-called lapse in coverage, any new insurance company would have to charge me outrageous amount. The truth be told and I have not been able to confirm this but, in my opinion, my agent basically has me over- a-barrel because in order to switch companies, it will cost me more.

Has anyone ever heard of this type of scam by the insurance company/agent to prevent their clients from switching companies?

My next step is to just switch agents and see if that will somehow show my "new bff" what an [snip] he is... Not sure what my other options are.

State Farm Murfreeboro, TN Will Start Deducting Money From Employees Paid Check
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MURFREEBORO, TENNESSEE -- State Farm Insurance Murfreeboro, Tennessee will start deducting money from employees paid check per State Farm survey.

In 2014 Murfreeboro, Tennessee, State Farm Insurance Headquarters's did a survey and decided that their employees where being paid more money than the national average. In the past this was a company who encourage the employees to get their licenses, etc to exceed and climb corporate ladder.

Starting August 2015 employees paid checks will see the first deduction over the survey amounts.

If the Level before survey paid 25,000.00 and then survey said it should be 20,000.00. There is a 5,000.00 difference. In 2015, 2,500.00 would be recalculated from pay check and employee would receive 22,500.00 per 2015. Then in 2016 the next 2,500.00 would be recalculated, leaving the employee making 20,000.00 per year instead of original 25,000.00 per year.

  1. Is this illegal? It is mortally illegal.
  2. State Farm is not dealing fairly with their policy holders or customers, now they are targeting their employees.
  3. Is this just in Murfreeboro or is this nation wide? Time for a investigator reporter.
  4. How much did the survey cost? More or less than taking money from employees?
  5. Please do not say for employees to start looking for another job. How about State Farm doing the right thing and not take employees hard earn money.

How would you feel if your company took money away from you that you had work hard to achieve for you and your family?

How would you feel if you transfer from other state to the Murfreeboro location and now getting a pay decrease?

Would you help State Farm customers to the best of your ability, after the company put the screws to you?

This is a lot to think about Dear Customers of State Farm. If you thought things were bad before, good luck future.

Unfair Claim Settlement Practices
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READING, PENNSYLVANIA -- I'm a retired insurance law instructor in Pennsylvania who now consults for local general contractors on insurance related matters. I attempted to contact several people here directly but emails bounce back, so I'm posting this for everyone to use... Even though State Farm is licensed to sell insurance in all states, there is no Federal regulatory agency to oversee insurance companies. Individual State Insurance Commissions have done a very good job overall, however whenever the government is involved there always exists the possibility of a laissez-faire attitude.

Contact your state insurance commission about the claim and use some phrases that only an "insider" would know. The only way to stop the consumer abuse by State Farm, Allstate, Travelers and others is a massive number of consumers complaining to the right people. Individual complaints are investigated, massive complaints cause the insurance company to be investigated. "Insurance is designed to restore the insured to the position he held prior to the loss". "There are 12 mandatory provisions in an insurance contract" (according to listed complaints, SF consistently violates at least 2). "Unfair Claim Settlement Practices" is what SF is guilty of. (This is a SERIOUS violation of state insurance regulations).

If you believe that your state insurance commission is "less than effective" I strongly recommend you file your complaint by Certified mail Return Receipt and copy the governor as he usually appoints the commissioner. Send a copy to the largest newspapers and local TV news stations for coverage, usually they have a consumer watchdog. SF hides behind anonymity, it's almost impossible to get a mailing address or the real name of anyone who works in their claims department or a supervisor. Everyone apparently only has first names, and they disconnect your call when the questioning becomes too hot for them.

Last time I asked for a supervisor, I was put on hold for 15 minutes only to be told that "he's going into a meeting, but will call you back." That was 2 weeks ago, still no return call, must be one hell of a meeting. **, the CEO promised shareholders 2 years ago that SF would never lose money [on claims] again. He's also the 3rd member of his family to hold that position. His family has controlled State Farm since 1954. Is it any wonder they don't give a damn about the consumer? This sounds more like a Monarchy than Corporate America.

Not Paying on a Legitimate Claim
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A customer of theirs backed into my sons car at a gas station. Got out of their car, gave my son their name, cell number and my son got the license plate. Before he could get any more info, this person left the scene. My son went to the local police station and filed an accident report. I called our insurance co. told them about this. The customer service representative checked on her computer and confirmed that the info my son gave her matched identically to what she saw as the owner of the car and that they are insured by State Farm.

A claim was filed with them. They have dragged their feet for almost 5 weeks without any settlement. Their customer never filed a counter accident report even though the police contacted them saying one was filed against them. They have 3 different stories that they have told. The simplest one, and the only one that State Farm seems to think is the best to support their side is their customer saying "I didn't do it."

Let me ask anyone out there reading this... have you ever gotten out of your car at a station and given a stranger there your name and cell number for just for the heck of it? Maybe this is standard practice for State Farm, not paying legitimate claims. I mean you need to get the money from somewhere to cover the costs of all those TV ads.

Here is the latest. The final lie from the person who hit my sons car and State Farm Insurance who is backing this ** you know what. He allegedly didn't have permission to drive the car so they are not responsible to pay the claim. How did he get the car, the keys and a credit card for the gas? Now I have to pay the deductible to cover damage caused by someone else while they and State Farm walk away scot-free and after 9 weeks of stringing us along.

No Warranty on Parts Used for Repair
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- Last summer I got t-boned by a teenager driving her mom's car and who was visiting Kansas City. Luckily no one was hurt and luckily (or so I though at the time)... she had insurance. When I mentioned my accident to my fellow Officers at Leavenworth and told them I was glad she had insurance a few laughed because I mentioned State Farm... the phrase "don't hold your breath was used a few times".

At the time I will admit that I was pleased with the way they handled everything... not as expeditiously as USAA (my insurance) but oh well. Repairs were made, back driver's side door was replaced... and I thought nothing of their warnings until a few weeks ago. The interior locking mechanism for the door, a new part and one that had never failed in any of my doors before went bad. I use this car for work and drive to and from the base by myself... rarely do I carry passengers.

So, I called the repair shop that called State Farm so they would approve the replacement part purchase and installation. The repair shop called them and left messages 4 times until State Farm finally got back with me and told me that the part was no longer under warranty; it was normal wear and tear. I argued that the other locks (not damaged in the accident) did not go bad (original and working for 7 years) and that their part went out in 15 months and that they promise a lifetime warranty on the repairs. No luck.

So folks... if you get your car repaired under the "insurance protection" of this "honest" company... well just hope and pray something will go bad quickly... I would hate that something like your brake system, your steering, etc which you use normally, might go bad. It will take some work but I should be able to fix the part myself, but you don't want be going down the road and have the "normal wear and tear" bug hit you.

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SF, CALIFORNIA -- I made the worst mistake by changing from AAA to State Farm. In trying to save some money I am now dealing with un-efficient State Farm employees. I transferred from AAA to State Farm May 2013. Unfortunately, my vehicle got vandalized (keyed). Following this incident I contacted my agent and he submitted my report online. The next day an adjuster was contacting me. After giving him all the information he schedule me to meet with an inspector at a State Farm location near my home. I did just that. The appointment wasn't even kept in its time b/c the inspector was busy. Why schedule an appointment, if the client is not seen in time?

Anyhow, he took photos of my vehicle, gave me a business card with the information pertaining to my claim. He informed me that someone would be contacting me the following day around noon or the latest 1pm. No call! I called today to find out what was going on so I can drop off my car to the shop for repair. To my surprised I was transferred over to the investigative department. Why? Because as my agent told me "they are doing this to you b/c your policy is new and you chose an out of network body shop. If you had chosen a body shop of State Farm, they would not be giving you any problems."

The lady that I spoke to was rude, and informed me that she needed to call me back to schedule a recorded statement. I don't mind at all. I was on the phone with her. Why not get it done immediately? To add insult to injury, she told me that because my car was drivable it could take weeks or months for this to get resolved. All the while my husband continues to pay for our vehicle's and renters insurance every month. So, I have to continue driving around in my vandalized vehicle with my children.

This is such an inconvenience and headache. Why should I get penalized for some scums actions? My husband and I also have to pay a deductible of $500. So, what's the hold up in the process? All I want is to get my vehicle repaired. Nothing more, nothing less.

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there to collect your premiums and that's it
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I filled up with diesel and went to work. My truck started running rough then it quit all together, and I had to have it towed on a Tuesday to the dealership. They couldn't get it started again, they drain out all the diesel and discovered that there was water in the fuel. They ruined a the new fuel filter that they had just put in due to so much water and the fuel injectors. I called my agent and told him the problem and the cost was fifty five to fifty nine hundred dollars and he filed the paperwork. I was called by another agent and told tell them no to do anything until he looked at the truck which my the dealership did.

I received a call on Friday stating they could not honor my clam due to maintenance issues. They stated if I changed the fuel filter like it said this wouldn't have happened. The owners manual says 30,000 miles it was changed at 27,000 and the injectors were changed at 92,000 miles and they only have about 30,000 miles on them, but when they talked to the manufacture they said every 15,000 miles for the fuel filer, and when I explained that the owners manual stated different they wouldn't listen, and then I got to talk to a manager, I told him the story and that my mechanic determine the water done the damage he stated and I quote "I don't trust mechanics". But my agent also saw the water and everything he told me he just sells the policies.

Now it has been three weeks and I am still fighting with these **. My wife has been with State Farm for 40 years and I have been with them for 25. We have two cars, two houses, and a fifth wheel insured by State Farm, but that is soon going to change. I don't blame my agent, he did everything he could even wrote a letter stating he saw the damage. He is a good neighbor.

Guess they are more worried about the bottom line than taking care for loyal customers. I have filed a couple of claims the last one when my grandson totaled our car and there were no problems, but this time I got passed around for one person to another no personal service. I would rather drive without insurance than to give them any more of my money. I think we should all band together and drop State Farm and take their money away and see how they feel about that

Failed customer service
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In June 2008 I went to my State Farm agent ** in Catasauqua, PA to pay my car insurance for six months. Two months later I get a bill in the mail stating I owe $70 dollars for the month of August. Naturally being confused I called my agent and asked what the deal was. She really didn't have a clue what to say or how to fix it. Although she did admit there was an error on their part.

I stated "my monthly policy payments where only $28.34 how do I owe anything at all let alone $70?" She stated "I will get a call back with the details of what's going on and how they will resolve the issue the next day." Next day came, no phone call, so I called them... now the cat and mouse game begins. "She isn't in the office at the moment may I take a message" is the answer I got every time I called. So I had my sister call five minutes after I did, lo and behold she's in the office. I call back right after my sister hangs up, again, "shes not in the office may I take a message."

The only way I got the agent on the phone was by calling the State Farm field office and making a complaint. I called the State Farm field office which deals with billing issues to only find out they don't know what's going on either. An agent from the field office met with my agent to "investigate" the matter. I then find out I not only owe $70 for August but September, October and November which I already paid in full. Here we are almost a year later and I still don't have answers. Now I'm going through it all again this year. I paid for six months again this year. Same problem, new agent.

Enough is enough, after the horror stories I read about people going through hell when they make claims, reports of poor customer service (including my own experiences) I wouldn't recommend State Farm to anyone even my worst enemy if I had one. They are half the price of all the other companies I got quotes from. But price isn't everything.

Absolutely Appalling and Dehumanizing
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- A lady ignorantly pulled out of a stop sign when I had the right way and caused an accident which has resulted in 3 surgeries and probably more to come. Of course she State Farm so we all know how this ends. She walked away with no injuries, got herself a new car and like nothing happened. She was cited, paid the ticket and life was great.

I however, was 22 at the time and a college student working 2 jobs working through depression from the accident, injuries so bad resulting in 100's of hours of Physical Therapy, Surgeries, Time off work, etc. State Farm still to this day has not paid for anything except my totaled car while trying to bankrupt me so I'd settle for an insulting amount that won't even cover my first surgery.

Only Care About Money No Customer Service
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CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- State Farm was my first insurance company when I turned 16 till recently at 23. When I lost my job and had some issues it was sad to see how this office could not help me since they have collected thousands of dollars from me. My monthly payment was 430 when I first started and was like that for years in till going down to 200. I received the worst customer service from ** and now as I am no longer with State Farm I tell everyone that I can two things.

One stay away from ** office on sample and university because you guys do not give a damn about people. And two if you are with this office leave or transfer to another office. I have waited on a call for the agent ** and never received it. You guys may have dropped me but I will never forget to pass the message to my friends and family. Very sad when it is only about money and no customer service.

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