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Rating: 1/51

SF, CALIFORNIA -- I made the worst mistake by changing from AAA to State Farm. In trying to save some money I am now dealing with un-efficient State Farm employees. I transferred from AAA to State Farm May 2013. Unfortunately, my vehicle got vandalized (keyed). Following this incident I contacted my agent and he submitted my report online. The next day an adjuster was contacting me. After giving him all the information he schedule me to meet with an inspector at a State Farm location near my home. I did just that. The appointment wasn't even kept in its time b/c the inspector was busy. Why schedule an appointment, if the client is not seen in time?

Anyhow, he took photos of my vehicle, gave me a business card with the information pertaining to my claim. He informed me that someone would be contacting me the following day around noon or the latest 1pm. No call! I called today to find out what was going on so I can drop off my car to the shop for repair. To my surprised I was transferred over to the investigative department. Why? Because as my agent told me "they are doing this to you b/c your policy is new and you chose an out of network body shop. If you had chosen a body shop of State Farm, they would not be giving you any problems."

The lady that I spoke to was rude, and informed me that she needed to call me back to schedule a recorded statement. I don't mind at all. I was on the phone with her. Why not get it done immediately? To add insult to injury, she told me that because my car was drivable it could take weeks or months for this to get resolved. All the while my husband continues to pay for our vehicle's and renters insurance every month. So, I have to continue driving around in my vandalized vehicle with my children.

This is such an inconvenience and headache. Why should I get penalized for some scums actions? My husband and I also have to pay a deductible of $500. So, what's the hold up in the process? All I want is to get my vehicle repaired. Nothing more, nothing less.

Like an Imaginary Friend State Farm Isn't There
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Rating: 1/51

INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- I recently had my home broken into and had several thousand dollars worth of tools stolen. They literally almost emptied my garage other than the two pieces of equipment that take more than one or two people to carry. I contacted the police and made a report and also filed a claim with my insurance company, State Farm.

For some reason there was a delay on being contacted by the claims department because of interoffice computer issues. When the claim finally got to the claims agent it was a week and a half after the claim was filed, which was no ones fault necessarily, as these things do happen. But, what caught me so completely offguard was how I was treated and spoke to as a customer by a minimum wage mentally challenged representative of that company.

It started with a 2 1/2 hour interrogation about my life and the kind of person I was and my credibility, and in not so many words all but came out and called me a liar and a thief and worded it to say that I stole my own belongings out of my house to commit insurance fraud and collect a check.

As it stands now, I am filing a complaint with the state insurance commission and also let the insurance company know that I don't want a dime. They had their chance to make it right and handle my claim "fairly" and "in good faith" and once again they are the true crooks behind insurance fraud. If I don't pay my premium on their notice, they drop me. If I have an issue there's always a loophole or way for them to get around it.

Rest assured, it wasn't the first problem I had with them in the almost 20 years I was a faithful customer. But, I can guarantee you for me and my other 17 family members it will be the last. State Farm has committed insurance fraud and stolen from us for the last time. Anyone else that has a theft claim beware as they will try to word you as a liar and thief and try to get out of paying you before your claim has even been listened too!

Like a good neighbor State Farm is there to collect your premiums and that's it
By -

I filled up with diesel and went to work. My truck started running rough then it quit all together, and I had to have it towed on a Tuesday to the dealership. They couldn't get it started again, they drain out all the diesel and discovered that there was water in the fuel. They ruined a the new fuel filter that they had just put in due to so much water and the fuel injectors. I called my agent and told him the problem and the cost was fifty five to fifty nine hundred dollars and he filed the paperwork. I was called by another agent and told tell them no to do anything until he looked at the truck which my the dealership did.

I received a call on Friday stating they could not honor my clam due to maintenance issues. They stated if I changed the fuel filter like it said this wouldn't have happened. The owners manual says 30,000 miles it was changed at 27,000 and the injectors were changed at 92,000 miles and they only have about 30,000 miles on them, but when they talked to the manufacture they said every 15,000 miles for the fuel filer, and when I explained that the owners manual stated different they wouldn't listen, and then I got to talk to a manager, I told him the story and that my mechanic determine the water done the damage he stated and I quote "I don't trust mechanics". But my agent also saw the water and everything he told me he just sells the policies.

Now it has been three weeks and I am still fighting with these **. My wife has been with State Farm for 40 years and I have been with them for 25. We have two cars, two houses, and a fifth wheel insured by State Farm, but that is soon going to change. I don't blame my agent, he did everything he could even wrote a letter stating he saw the damage. He is a good neighbor.

Guess they are more worried about the bottom line than taking care for loyal customers. I have filed a couple of claims the last one when my grandson totaled our car and there were no problems, but this time I got passed around for one person to another no personal service. I would rather drive without insurance than to give them any more of my money. I think we should all band together and drop State Farm and take their money away and see how they feel about that

Failed customer service
By -

In June 2008 I went to my State Farm agent ** in Catasauqua, PA to pay my car insurance for six months. Two months later I get a bill in the mail stating I owe $70 dollars for the month of August. Naturally being confused I called my agent and asked what the deal was. She really didn't have a clue what to say or how to fix it. Although she did admit there was an error on their part.

I stated "my monthly policy payments where only $28.34 how do I owe anything at all let alone $70?" She stated "I will get a call back with the details of what's going on and how they will resolve the issue the next day." Next day came, no phone call, so I called them... now the cat and mouse game begins. "She isn't in the office at the moment may I take a message" is the answer I got every time I called. So I had my sister call five minutes after I did, lo and behold she's in the office. I call back right after my sister hangs up, again, "shes not in the office may I take a message."

The only way I got the agent on the phone was by calling the State Farm field office and making a complaint. I called the State Farm field office which deals with billing issues to only find out they don't know what's going on either. An agent from the field office met with my agent to "investigate" the matter. I then find out I not only owe $70 for August but September, October and November which I already paid in full. Here we are almost a year later and I still don't have answers. Now I'm going through it all again this year. I paid for six months again this year. Same problem, new agent.

Enough is enough, after the horror stories I read about people going through hell when they make claims, reports of poor customer service (including my own experiences) I wouldn't recommend State Farm to anyone even my worst enemy if I had one. They are half the price of all the other companies I got quotes from. But price isn't everything.

Hit By A "Distracted" Driver
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Rating: 1/51

MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- My car (and me) were rear ended at a high rate of speed, while I was waiting to make a left hand turn. The person who hit me admitted it was their fault (100%) and the police report reflected this. State Farm admitted responsibility and promised to make good on the claim. My car was old (2000 Subaru Outback) but an excellent car. They valued my car at $5300 and the repairs at $4000. The car is drivable but needed to be repaired to pass inspection. They refused to repair it to its before accident condition and "totaled" the car so I could not even fix it myself without going through a lot of inconvenient title changes and legal loop holes.

Anyone with decent values would fix the car to it's pre-accident condition in this situation. If I was at all at fault I would not be writing this. I do not care about "rules" "procedures" or profit margins, just write and wrong. This accident is going to cost me at least $3000 to get an equal car (after their "generous" settlement"). State Farm will gladly take money but all you get out of it is "peace of mine" not responsibility. Dealing with his company sucks.

State Farm - Refusing To Pay For Damages Cause By Their Client
By -

5906 MAIN STREET SUITE 100 OOLTEWAH, TENNESSEE -- After speaking with a claim representative by the name of Chris with the TN Claim Central Call Center, he states that his review of the case shows that there is not enough evidence for State Farm to accept liability for a collision where their client pulled out in front of my client and caused a collision at an intersection. Therefore State Farm (Chris) states that they are refusing to pay for damages caused to my vehicle, since they can't determine who's fault it was and stated that I would be responsible for my own damages and getting the vehicle repaired on my own.

Furthermore, in the police/accident report, it clearly states that Vehicle #1 pulled out in front of Vehicle #2 at the intersection per the narrative that the police officer wrote. The client, Linda ** who was at fault at the accident had stated to both the driver of my vehicle (fiance) as well as to firefighters/EMTs & the police officer that she was at fault and that she would pay for the damages because she 'didn't see' my vehicle.

Both vehicles were stopped at the red light, which my vehicle had the right of way, being the first vehicle stopped at the intersection. After attempting to proceed through the intersection, Linda ** decided she wanted to proceed at the same time, causing the collision.

My vehicle is in an unsafe condition to drive and because State Farm is refusing to accept liability and refusing to repair my vehicle. I am forced to drive an unsafe vehicle where I can't open the drivers door of the vehicle because of the damage. The headlights of my vehicle are out of adjustment and shine directly on the road in front of the vehicle, making it difficult for night time driving which is required several days a week. I do not have another vehicle to drive and this is my only transportation and it's currently unsafe. I need this to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!

Bad News Given by Agent
By -

BLOOMINGTON,, ILLINOIS -- On March 1, 2010 I received a phone call from my State Farm agent ** office at 11517 Snow Rd. Parma, Ohio 44129 (440-888-8838). The ** were trying to get someone else to do their dirty work for them. I was told that someone was trying to get my phone number and they would not give it to them. They told me that they wanted to leave a message for me. She asked me if I wanted the message, and I said "Yes." The message was your mother is in a hospice and she is dying.

They also called other businesses and tried to get my phone number and they would not give it out. They told me they do not do such things as they have asked for. The ** have my phone number and my number has not changed in years. The ** have done everything to hurt me, and I have beaten them at their own game.

I was arrested for domestic violence against my mother whom they put in a nursing home over eighteen months ago. I was arrested on February 20, 2009, spent five hours in jail until bond was posted by my friends. I went to trial on June 19, 2009 and the judge was livid when he heard the case. My attorney asked the judge for Rule 29. This is when a case has not been made by the prosecution or there was not sufficient evidence presented to the court. The judge ruled in my favor.

My attorney told me there is only a one in ten thousand of a chance of such a ruling in my favor. The judge stated there was never any evidence. I won my case, but I still lost. Two days after the trial I went to see my mother on June 21, 2009 and I were to be arrested again. The cops were able to get the nursing home to drop the charges. I have not seen my mother since June of 2009, and the ** have gotten someone else do their dirty work for them, this is such a travesty. You can't see your mother; by the way she's dying, by hearing this from a third party.

I want action taken against ** and State Farm. This is business, and only a business, and should not relay such information. I expect financial restitution along with a change in my agent. The police could have given such a letter to me, a delivery service such as UPS, but they cannot come and face me face to face. I will send this letter to the Board of Director, the Insurance Commission, and the Security Commission. If you do nothing this will be on the radio and television, and I will win in the court of public opinion. All you have done is awaken a sleeping giant.

Terrible Customer Service!
By -

WICHITA, KANSAS -- My husband was driving the Explorer when it was stolen, from our daycare provider's driveway, on December 22, 2008. It was found on December 24 with a few problems. The side rail on the passenger side was bent and the front passenger side tire ball joint was bent. We assumed the thief jumped a curb. We were given a rental car by State Farm on December 26. The parts were ordered at our dealership, and as of today, the parts are not in (we have called them every day to confirm). I received a call from someone at State Farm informing me she had called the dealership and they didn't know we were bringing the Explorer back to be fixed - not true.

She told me to call them and find out what is going on and that if the Explorer was not at the dealership in a few days, the rental WOULD BE returned. Keep in mind she was extremely nasty on the phone and when the conversation was finished, she just hung up on me. Then this morning I received another call from State Farm from a totally different individual. The number on the caller id came up as unavailable - so I did not answer the call.

I was left another nasty voice mail saying that she had called the dealership and the parts were still not there and I was to return the rental today. I can understand that they don't want to pay for a rental for an extended period of time, but that is why I pay extra on my insurance for a rental car - for situations just like this. The nastiness from the separate individuals at State Farm was and is totally uncalled for.

When my Explorer is finally fixed, State Farm will have lost another customer. It is too bad because I absolutely love my agent. But since I, unfortunately, don't deal with her directly on any claims, I'm finding another insurance company.

State Farm Takes the Farm
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- 3 cents on my experience with State Farm. In a nutshell: I got hit by some speeding nut, towed my car on my own dime to one of the selected State Farm body shops. The body shop gives a $6000 estimate, which would total out the 1995 Toyota Avalon. The State Farm selected body shop I brought my car to wrote up an estimate charging for things that weren't even caused by the accident. They also wrote up the value of my car (i.e. what State Farm would give me a check for should my vehicle be totaled).

They short changed me by $115, saying I had cloth/velour seats, when I clearly have leather, saying I had no floor mats, when they were there. State Farm then had a very brash dame call me and impatiently cut me off and speak with a raised voice telling me my car was being moved to the salvage yard. I said I still had the title and would not agree to settle with a total out check until I had one more estimate from a mechanic I trusted. I removed the car from the salvage lot, which took an entire day, as the salvage lot didn't have the car where it was supposed to be and wouldn't give it up when the tower got there for hours.

I brought it to my mechanic who said it was very fixable and safe to do the job. He also saw the other estimate and said it was outrageous. He also noticed that my car not had no battery and 3 missing rims and tires. So, while it was in State Farms "selected" peoples possession, it got ripped off. Now, my mechanic gave a $2900 estimate, making my car repairable. But State Farm doesn't want to pay out because not they need to pay for the rims, tires, and battery.

It's been over a month since that accident, State Farm has not provided me with a rental car, I'm a pre-med student at FIU and I work at an animal clinic. The claim is still not settled, State Farm has no idea what to do about the theft, they tell me there's no protocol for this type of situation. They go days without contacting me. The worst part is how rude the claim rep has been this entire time. I can't wait for this claim to be over so that I can move on with my life and move away from Satan Farm. I will never do business with this company again, nor would I ever recommend them to anyone.

Only Care About Money No Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- State Farm was my first insurance company when I turned 16 till recently at 23. When I lost my job and had some issues it was sad to see how this office could not help me since they have collected thousands of dollars from me. My monthly payment was 430 when I first started and was like that for years in till going down to 200. I received the worst customer service from ** and now as I am no longer with State Farm I tell everyone that I can two things.

One stay away from ** office on sample and university because you guys do not give a damn about people. And two if you are with this office leave or transfer to another office. I have waited on a call for the agent ** and never received it. You guys may have dropped me but I will never forget to pass the message to my friends and family. Very sad when it is only about money and no customer service.

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