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Corp office phone number
Posted by Anonymoustx on 09/17/2007
DALLAS, TEXAS -- After signing up and waiting 2 weeks, the installer never showed. (Wasting my last day of vacation for the year) I was told they called, but i have my cell phone records to prove they didn't. I spoke to managers who set me up for the following week which they didn't, THEY LIED!!! Well thanks to the manager who gave me her direct line. I was able to get the corporate office for Time Warner Cable Dallas it's 469-665-7600. I was able to speak with the Assistant to the Director of Operations. The tech was at my house that night. This # is very hard to come by, so don't lost it.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-18:
Call someone else, another company. Why waste your time ?
Posted by mdh7341 on 2007-09-18:
I have seen a lot of people on here having problems with Time Warner installations. I know that here in Buffalo, TWC subcontracts their installs to different companies. I just had digital cable/internet installed about 2 months ago, and they came out right when they said they would. When I needed to reschedule because I couldn't get a hold of my landlord, they came right back out and finished everything when they said they would. I have been very satisfied with their service, and wouldn't think of switching to dish (the weather here would kill it.)
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Time Warner is driving me insane!!
Posted by Raven2010 on 09/25/2010
CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- For the last three months, I have received no less than six pieces of mail a month and up to 10 phone calls a day from Time Warner begging me to bundle my service and sign up for home phone service. The calls come from 877-864-6344.

I have Road Runner and Cable service through Time Warner and am very happy with the price, quality and options.

I do not want, or need a home phone. I have had nothing but a cell phone for at least five years, maybe longer.

I have politely asked at least five times that TW stop calling and sending mail. I Have sent no less than three certified letters begging them to stop calling me. I have called both my local and regional offices, as well as sent certified letters to both.

I am told it takes up to 30 days to stop the calls and mail. My first certified letter was sent 67 days ago, signed for 62 days ago.

It isn't even noon yet, and I have received FIVE calls from 877-864-6344. The problem is they use an automated dialer, and 99.9% of the time I answer, only to be greeted with dead air.

Today after the fifth call with dead air, I called back and asked for a supervisor, only to get the usual "We'll remove your number, it takes up to 30 days." I was hung up on when I tried to explain the certified letter 67 days ago.

Time Warner is about to lose my business due to these repeated marketing calls. I Have done everything I can to stop them, yet they drone on and on and on.....
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-25:
I can certainly see why you want to take your business elsewhere. I can't imagine how annoying and frustrating that would be to get all those calls and mail!

Thank you for the heads up on Time Warner.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-25:
I guess by being a customer, you have given them the authority to call you, otherwise they must stop when you tell them to, or be subjected to small claims suits. Regardless, it seems like they would want to treat their customers with a lot more respect than this.

Bad form, Time Warner! I'll remember how you treat your customers the next time I am thinking of a new cable/net/phone provider.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-25:
yes, because I have a business relationship with them, they legally have permission to call me. UNTIL I rescind that permission for them to call regarding promos, etc.

62 days is more than enough time to stop the letters and calls, both under the law and by applying basic common sense.

I have followed the letter of the law in this, yet they continue to call and send mail.
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-25:
You know Raven, you have done everything possible to stop the annoying phone calls and mail. The only thing I can think of at this point, would be to change to another service. Of course I don't expect you to do that, but maybe you should tell them that in another letter. In fact, how about sending your letter to the CEO?

Good review.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-25:
Thanx, Skye. I addressed one of my certified letters to the head honcho here in Central Ohio. like most companies, it just goes to the "executive relations team", usually a group of CSR's who have worked there a while.
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-25:
I understand Raven. That's why they pay the gatekeepers, to keep anyone from getting to the king!

Have you tried blocking the number they keep calling you from?
Posted by Starlord on 2010-09-25:
We get calls almost daily from National Auto, and there is no one there, and eventually it drops to a bust signal. When I try to call the number shown on Caller ID, I get a message that the number is not a valid number. I am at my wit's end.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-25:
Skye, I have T-mobile. No way to block individual numbers. At least that I have found on my phone or their website.
Posted by Skye on 2010-09-25:
Raven, try this.

Posted by MRM on 2010-09-25:
Good tip, Skye! HOORAH!
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-25:
WOW< thanx Skye!
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-25:
I didn't look at Skye's link, but I assume it will solve the problem. Good research, Skye! I like the eHow site.

Excellent review and valid complaint, raven. I hope Sky's suggestion works.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-25:
I added the number to my contacts and used Skye;s link. I am sure it will work, will let you all know if the calls still come through.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-27:
IT WORKS!!!!!! *bows down to Skye for saving soooo much annoyance*

So I just checked my phone--three new voice mails, all dead air, from that dreaded number. Never ONCE did my phone ring and annoy me.

Love you Skye!!!!
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-27:

Good tip, Skye! HOORAH!

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-27:
That's great, raven! Thanks for letting everyone know. I hope this helps other people, too. Nice job, Skye!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2010-09-27:
Good review...great advice Skye!
Posted by ok4now on 2010-10-01:
These people are unbelievable. They harass you this badly just to sell you home phone service?? Be glad that you don't owe them any money. Just imagine what their collection dept must be like. You have done everything reasonably possible to stop these toads with their sales harassment. At this point I would either drop Time Warner or change my phone number. Is there some way you can use call block? And I thought Comcast was bad with there never ending sales tactics.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-10-01:
Interestingly, their collection department is VERY friendly. I ran into a snag about 18 months ago and was constantly 31-45 days past due. I got very friendly messages maybe once a week from their collectors, and when I called asking for help they went out of their way to find ways to lower my bill and set up payment arrangements.

their marketing department could learn alot from their collection department.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-11-20:
Just an update because I am LIVID. The calls and mail are still coming. Thanx to Skye, the calls go right to voice mail.

However, mail is being received at a rate of 2 letters/fliers/shiny postcards a week. They now disguise their purpose by using generic return addresses and marking the envelope in such a way that you cant tell its yet another home phone ad until you open it.

Posted by PepperElf on 2010-11-20:
do they have a physical location you can go to?

there's one here where i live... 3 places actually. maybe talking to someone in person may help.

or filing a police report of harassment.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-11-20:
They do, but it is in an EVIL part of town. I dont think advertisements in the mail can be considered harassment, and with my luck I would get arrested for misusing the system,. LOL
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Poor/no Service, Phone Call Run-Around,no Recourse
Posted by Jdoe on 08/13/2013
PORTLAND, MAINE -- Calling Time Warner Cable customer service has been a waste of time. I typically spend 10-15 minutes giving them my information only to be handed off to another customer service person who starts the process all over again. I have to drive to their office where I wait in line and there is no supervisor to talk to and no one to hear a complaint.

It took me 4 trips to get them to send the bill to the correct address and in the meantime they disconnected the service. The people at the office always say the problem will be taken care of. Sometimes it is - sometimes it isn't. Other times they don't show up for appointments and its impossible to get anything but more runaround.
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Time Warner Cable Baloney (Not Bundle)
Posted by Alfred.minton66 on 12/31/2012
FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- They quoted an introductory price part of their Win back program with a thirty day free trial. The service took several visits to complete the installation of the phone and Internet service. The customer service agent offered a cold hearted apology for the connection problems. Then, the bill came 20 days later, four times the amount that was quoted over the phone when I signed up for the service.

I called the help desk, for clarification of my bill they didn't have any record in their customer log of a price quote for my address. Funny! I explained to them that I was part of the introduction program and I have a flier stating the price that I would pay monthly (around $99). After a few more calls and the run around; I called a new account agent to get a price check and she quoted the better price than the original contract. I took that information to the main office of Time Warner in Fayetteville, NC., and for two hours I explained my situation to agent who seem to be making a customer log. She told me that they would review the audio tapes a regional manager would contact me with in three days. Not one call from the regional manager but I did get one from a Time Warner collection agency. I ended up canceling my service with Time Warner; five days after my trial period, I paid for the thirty days of service assuming that I would hear form a manager or customer service to resolve the issue. I ended up paying over $225 for 40 days of the Time Warner Baloney Bundle service on four TVs. Check and re-check. Time Warner service is shady

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Posted by Skye on 2012-12-31:
I think they are all shady. Even when you have it in writing, they still give you the run around.

Good luck, I hope they come through for you.
Posted by TIMEWARNERFAILURE! on 2013-02-27:
After 20 years with A.T. and T. I decided to foolishy try a Bundle Cable Service. I reviewed my file of fliers and Called in the YellowPages for a provider to install bundle service. Waited 2 days and then told by TWC "We cannot find your order! Re-requested service as AT and T was gone. Installer came out finally and did not complete installation. Looked for my smartphone and 6hours later received smartphone back in home. Everyday I called about lack of service and then a tech said they would bury the line but I was not told they would cut service off in the middle of my conversation. When techs came to home never did they have a modern meter and never did they assess the lack of coverage by TWC DALLAS. The day the phone went off permanently I did receive a call back from TWC AUSTIN and they appologized because the order should have been processed by TWC AUSTIN (See TWC Annual Report 2009) as the State of Texas does not follow up with the FCC RE:TWC. The TV service never worked and Manilla was up in arms as TWC does not use a 24 hour clock on the ServiceTickets. All shifts are separate. No Historical Review by the lead Techs. The Modem with TWC may or may not have a battery for the back up as some techs put one in and some do not. The TV cable box is from BRITTS ARCH OF EQUIPMENT (Spent the money on the Lakers) and the demographics for TWC and YoungSexyBoobieBodies. Not SexySeniorCitizens. When asking for the AccountingDepartment of TWC it does not exist. When asking for the OfficeofPresident it does not exist. When asking why TWC answers the phone in Irving TX as DALLAS TX. Told by Manager assigned QUIT COMPLAINING!!!!

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False advertising on the switch
Posted by Smith19737274 on 10/12/2011
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I was told that when I made the switch to cable, internet and phone service that I would receive a 100 dollars gift card. I already had basic cable with them but they said if you made the switch to all three you would receive a 100 dollars gift card. The package deal was you get all three for 99 dollars and a 100 dollars gift card when you make the switch to all three. But one of the customer service operators told me you had to make a switch from another cable company. But that was not said in the advertisement. Their advertisement is false, they do this to get you to purchase their deals but not telling you the exact truth.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-14:
Try contacting their corporate office (1 Time Warner Plaza, New York, NY 10019) at (212) 484-8000 [general #, hopefully you can get a human] and they may be able to help you with this.
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Without a business phone for TWO WEEKS!
Posted by Bizlost on 07/25/2011
8615 SANTA MONICA BLVD. WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- I still don't believe I am without my business phone for the 14th day in a row.
I called Time Warner and asked to be swiched from AT&T thinking it would save me a few dollars to bundle my services. WHAT A MISTAKE!
The tech who came out could not figure out how to give me a dial tone.
He never mentioned that the anolog Panasonic business system I had with 12 phones, was not compatible with the digital Time Warner system. Since I could not get a dial tone I told the tech to call headquarters and tell them to forget it I will go back to AT&T. I called and the idiot on the line canceled the entire account rather than porting the line to AT&T thereby leaving my line in limbo. At& T could not get the line back because Time Warner wouldn't release the line. %$#@! I called AT&T to port the line the same day as I was canceled from Time Warner. AT&T can/could do nothing until there is a dial tone. Two week and 3 Time Warner so called techs later, still no dial tone! Time Warner has held the line and refused to release it for TWO WEEKS. AT&T said there was nothing they could do until the line was released.
In the meantime I am without my business phone line. Time Warner can get ready for a law suit. My patience has worn out!
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Posted by Irene on 2011-08-12:
I wished we had read this comment before ordering Time Warner, we moved into our condo in mid June, and had no phone service for 7 days, after getting our phone connected, it's been down more than up. Here we are again with no phone service. I agree, it's a poor excuse for a business. If we all ran our businesses that way, we'd go broke. Thanks for the heads up on switching back to AT&T, guess we should call AT
Posted by Sam Sadaka on 2012-07-03:
I had something similar and I wish either California Public Utility Commission or Better Business Bureau read some of these complains about Time Warner Cable. We have been receiving our phone service from Time Warner for the past two years. Due to an admitted mistake by Time Warner, our phone service was suddenly disconnected and took us two weeks to get our phone number and phone service back.

My advice to everyone who is considering Time Warner as his/her phone service provider is to think twice before doing so. Time Warner gets a failed grade in customer service, quality, price and response time.
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Time Warner Cable Sucks!!!
Posted by Zoomx5 on 05/06/2011
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I set up my cable to be moved on the 6th of May. When I asked to keep my old service active until the 12th of May, which is my move date. Those stupid ill informed reps did not tell me that I could not continue service at my old address until I moved out of the old house. I am under a doctor's care and cannot be out of phone service, which I explained to them, but they did not care...period. So I sit here with no phone, or TV for six days. Time Warner has ignorant people working for them. Now I will have to go stay at my new address, with no bed, until my move is complete.
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Headless Monster!
Posted by Brooklynbrown on 12/13/2010
GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN -- It took a few weeks, but we were finally able to get a tap installed in the basement of a newly renovated multi-unit apartment building. The building was pre wired with all telecom services home run to the basement. You might think this was going to be the biggest hurdle in acquiring TW cable services for the tenants, but guess again. The tap (essentially a junction box) was installed a month ago and most of the tenants still can't get service. Why, you ask? According to TW Cable even though their engineers have been to the building, designed and installed equipment in the building, and even though one tenant in the building has been able to have her service successfully installed, even with all this, the remaining tenants cannot get their service installed because their apartments are not registered.
Are you kidding me?
No, I'm afraid not.
In conversation with a very courteous TW employee in the apartment managers division we are repeatedly told, "this is a process and you are in the final stages of registration".
OK. Even if one of the 3 site visits made by TW Cable to the property was not enough to verify the existence of apartments, even if they need someone in a department other than the "Apartment Managers" division to verify the existence of apartments, even if this is not a new building, but a renovated building that has had TW Cable in the past, even if all these things are true, I find it unbelievable that TW Cable has been unable register the remaining apartments in the month that has passed since they installed a 500 line and tap in the basement of said building.
One more thing. Back at the beginning of November when we first called TW Cable in order to have the tap installed in the basement, I personally spoke with a very discourteous and unhelpful
employee in customer service. She had no idea what to do with my call for apartment building service. After a few frustrating minutes of pointless conversation pertaining to services she new nothing about, she informed me that I needed to speak with the business department. I asked her if she could transfer the call. She said she could not, but would give me the number. I said thank you, hung up the phone and dialed the number given to me by this TW Cable customer service employee. The phone rang, connected, and I was greeted, "Welcome to Comcast". I hope that unhelpful and discourteous TW Cable Customer Service representative is spending her holidays looking for a new job.
This company is a Headless Monster!

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Posted by Alain on 2010-12-14:
You should take this matter up with the management of your apartment building. They may have better luck dealing with Time Warner.
Posted by brooklynbrown on 2010-12-14:
Alain, I am the manager of the apartment bldg. TW Cable is un-budging in their response, "Its a process and takes as long as it takes." Ridiculous!
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A+ job...of NOT providing service!!
Posted by Deliverwhatyoupromise on 07/22/2010
NORTH CAROLINA -- I have never done business with a company that works so hard to NOT sell new business.

I decided I wanted digital phone service for my two home lines. I called TW and was told they could not port my phone numbers from AT&T to TW because the numbers were assigned to a neighboring town. While that may be the case (a) I have only had these numbers at my current address, no previous addresses, (b) the USPS changed my mailing city & zip since I moved to my home and (c) several neighbors in the same situation had successfully ported their numbers from AT&T to TW.

So I decided I would try an online order. That worked great. I provided the porting information, got a confirmation number and a scheduled installation date three weeks out. The worker arrived yesterday with orders to install one line (not two as confirmed in the order) and with a new phone number (not a ported number as confirmed in the order). A nice man but he was given such insanely wrong orders from TW that I sent him away.

So I call TW to try again. I explain my situation to an agent who is quite nice. She places me on hold to find a more senior person who can help me. I wait a few minutes before I hear a ring followed by "If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and dial again." Okay. So maybe it was an accidental disconnect. But when you have my account information in front of you, including two phone numbers, it takes absolutely zero effort to return a call. (I've managed call centers and call backs after disconnects are standard operating procedure for companies that care about their customers.)

So thank you very much, Time Warner, for reminding me that it is great to do business with AT&T. I will stay with them and encourage everyone else to find any carrier other than Time Warner.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-07-22:
Just because your friends/neighbors did it doesn't mean your number/situation is exactly the same as yours. You stated they were all nice about the situation, that's all they can really be.
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Posted by BuckWheatsMomma on 06/20/2010
FOX HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I found out that Time Warner give out your phone number via some type of information service to anyone who ask for it.

This has caused my phone to ring constantly with people calling selling stuff and GOD knows who else may be calling!

I sure hope they are not giving my address out to these people!

I can't wait until tomorrow morning so I can call these people and demand that they stop giving my number out. They never ever said they would give out my number when I signed up for their bundle phone service. This not not good, and I am very angry!

Does anyone know if this is legal? I suspect they are SELLING your phone numbers to these companies, and that to me is a bogus, unprofessional thing for any company to do.

I am calling my attorney to see if there is any legal action I can take against them. This has gotten to be too much!

How dare they give my personal number to anyone who calls!
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