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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I don't even know where to start. Let me say this, I received Time Warner service a month ago and after a month my DSL and phone is out. I had a Saturday appointment 8am to 12noon, no one showed up. I decided to call customer service around 10pm. The representative informed me that the technician called me at 8:07am and since I didn't answer the phone he went to his next order. I told the customer service rep. that was a lie because my caller ID reads 9:38am meaning someone called me at 9:38am to confirm my appointment. They claim someone would come over in the next 60 minutes.

When the technician showed up I asked him about the lie and he told me that was his coworker and not him. Anyway the guy started doing his checks and informed me that whoever installed my equipment did not do it right and they also disabled my alarm. I almost passed out, and I was steamed after that because what gives the technician the right to disarm my alarm without my knowledge and for a whole month? I called the customer service people to complain but was disconnected. At this point I am steamed. My doorbell rings and it is another Time Warner rep. and he told me he was there to help the other rep.

A hour pass and the two guys come to me and say, "We fixed your phone but you need to make your mind up." I ask, "What are you talking about?" The techs, said, "You can't have ADT and phone service." I looked at the two clowns and said "Before Time Warner I had AT&T and ADT, so what is the problem?" The dummies claimed the alarm is making the phone dead, I said "If that is the case, if the original installer disable my alarm a month ago and the phone just stop working a week ago, how is the alarm triggering anything when it is disabled???" The two clowns just look at me for a couple of seconds, puzzled. I said "Hello can you answer the question?"

The next thing I knew they was driving off. Phone is still broke and DSL. I called customer service an hour later and the supervisor said one of the clowns said they left my home because I didn't want them to finish the job. He promise he would send someone out on Sunday between 8:00am and 10:00am. I told the guy I am busy and have plans. I waited like a fool until 10:00am and to myself "These are idiots and they will never show." I was right they never showed. Instead when I looked at my caller ID Time Warner called at 11:38am. Whatever, I will find me another phone, DSL, and cable because Time Warner switch their cable line up.

Time Warner Phone Not Ready for Prime Time - Internet is SLOW
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- This product has stunk from day one. There is a constant hum on the phone line. People we call say we sound "scratchy." The volume of each call varies between being barely audible to being reasonably audible. Of course, TW says it's our phones (even though they worked just fine when we had AT&T). I was willing to live with this inconvenience until Comcast (with whom I had a very positive experience in CA for four years) takes over TW in Houston in January. Today, however, was the straw that broke the camels back. Sorry, Comcast.

TW agreed to contact me on my cell phone when the technician arrived to fix our phones (I told them I worked two blocks down the street from where I live). When they did call me they asked if I wanted to cancel my service call. The TW rep said the technician was at the house waiting and no one was home (duh!). I was home in less than 2 minutes. The technician exhibited obvious bad attitude the minute I stepped out of my car. I suspect he was mad because no one had been home when he arrived.

He came in the house and proceeded to be even more rude and continued to address me with a "Hello???" tone to his questioning. He asked me questions about the phone hookup which I had no clue as to what he was talking about. He eventually left but fixed nothing, citing that the problem was with me and/or my phones and not their cable line. The internet cable is still slow and their phone service is still unacceptable but even worse, now their "customer service" sucks equally to their products.

Today I switched the phones back to AT&T. I also dumped their internet cable service. For the first time in over 5 years I'll be using a DSL line. Nothing like taking a giant step backwards in technology. AT&T probably won't be anything to write home about but at least their staff and technicians have never treated me like TW's snot nosed, "couldn't care less about you PITA customer" telephone reps and technicians. The only "nice" people TW has representing them are the ones who answer the phones when you want to place an order. Now ain't that interesting?

Poor/no Service, Phone Call Run-Around,no Recourse
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, MAINE -- Calling Time Warner Cable customer service has been a waste of time. I typically spend 10-15 minutes giving them my information only to be handed off to another customer service person who starts the process all over again. I have to drive to their office where I wait in line and there is no supervisor to talk to and no one to hear a complaint.

It took me 4 trips to get them to send the bill to the correct address and in the meantime they disconnected the service. The people at the office always say the problem will be taken care of. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. Other times they don't show up for appointments and it's impossible to get anything but more run around.

Time Warner Is Driving Me Insane!!
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CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- For the last three months, I have received no less than six pieces of mail a month and up to 10 phone calls a day from Time Warner begging me to bundle my service and sign up for home phone service. The calls come from 877-864-6344. I have Road Runner and Cable service through Time Warner and am very happy with the price, quality and options. I do not want, or need a home phone. I have had nothing but a cell phone for at least five years, maybe longer.

I have politely asked at least five times that TW stop calling and sending mail. I Have sent no less than three certified letters begging them to stop calling me. I have called both my local and regional offices, as well as sent certified letters to both.

I am told it takes up to 30 days to stop the calls and mail. My first certified letter was sent 67 days ago, signed for 62 days ago. It isn't even noon yet, and I have received FIVE calls from 877-864-6344. The problem is they use an automated dialer, and 99.9% of the time I answer, only to be greeted with dead air.

Today after the fifth call with dead air, I called back and asked for a supervisor, only to get the usual "We'll remove your number, it takes up to 30 days." I was hung up on when I tried to explain the certified letter 67 days ago. Time Warner is about to lose my business due to these repeated marketing calls. I Have done everything I can to stop them, yet they drone on and on and on.....

Without a Business Phone for TWO WEEKS!
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8615 SANTA MONICA BLVD. WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- I still don't believe I am without my business phone for the 14th day in a row. I called Time Warner and asked to be switched from AT&T thinking it would save me a few dollars to bundle my services. WHAT A MISTAKE! The tech who came out could not figure out how to give me a dial tone.

He never mentioned that the analog Panasonic business system I had with 12 phones, was not compatible with the digital Time Warner system. Since I could not get a dial tone I told the tech to call headquarters and tell them to forget it. I will go back to AT&T. I called and the ** on the line canceled the entire account rather than porting the line to AT&T thereby leaving my line in limbo. At&T could not get the line back because Time Warner wouldn't release the line. %$#@!

I called AT&T to port the line the same day as I was canceled from Time Warner. AT&T can/could do nothing until there is a dial tone. Two week and 3 Time Warner so called techs later, still no dial tone! Time Warner has held the line and refused to release it for TWO WEEKS. AT&T said there was nothing they could do until the line was released.

In the meantime I am without my business phone line. Time Warner can get ready for a lawsuit. My patience has worn out! Advice... NEVER USE TIME WARNER FOR PHONE SERVICE. YOU WILL BE SCREWED!!!

Time Warner Cable Sucks!!!
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I set up my cable to be moved on the 6th of May. When I asked to keep my old service active until the 12th of May, which is my move date. Those stupid ill-informed reps did not tell me that I could not continue service at my old address until I moved out of the old house. I am under a doctor's care and cannot be out of phone service, which I explained to them, but they did not care... period. So I sit here with no phone, or TV for six days. Time Warner has ignorant people working for them. Now I will have to go stay at my new address, with no bed, until my move is complete.

Time Warner Give Out Your Phone Number To Whomever Wants It!
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FOX HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I found out that Time Warner give out your phone number via some type of information service to anyone who ask for it. This has caused my phone to ring constantly with people calling selling stuff and GOD knows who else may be calling! I sure hope they are not giving my address out to these people!

I can't wait until tomorrow morning so I can call these people and demand that they stop giving my number out. They never ever said they would give out my number when I signed up for their bundle phone service. This not not good, and I am very angry! Does anyone know if this is legal? I suspect they are SELLING your phone numbers to these companies, and that to me is a bogus, unprofessional thing for any company to do. I am calling my attorney to see if there is any legal action I can take against them. This has gotten to be too much! How dare they give my personal number to anyone who calls!

Getting Service Takes Too Long
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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I visited the Time Warner Cable store in late May to inform them that my mother was moving to another apartment in the same elder care facility. They informed me they could not hook her until June 7. I knew my mother would be out of town, but the facility assured me that they would let in the service person. My mother arrived back from her trip on June 12, and the service still had not been connected. Apparently, the service person went to the wrong apartment and was told he/she wasn't needed.

Time Warner never contacted me to tell me they hadn't set up the service. When I finally contacted them, today, they told me they couldn't get to my mother's hookup until Wednesday, June 16. If the company is this backlogged with service needs, why don't they have more workers to compensate? Every time I've needed to have them do something for my mother, it's been a fairly long wait to get it done.

My other complaint about Time Warner is that when I needed to get my name put on the account - mostly because my mother has dementia - I was told that my mother and I had to come to one of their outlets to accomplish this. Being 88, this is no easy trip for my mother, but I was given no other option. Should this company have a different policy for its elderly customers, or do they not have many elderly customers so they don't really pay attention to their needs? I didn't have to go to the electric company to get my name put on the account, for example.

Cable Is Fine Internet and Phone Works When It Wants
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PENNSYLVANIA -- Time Warner should send customer's money back for their lack of concern over the ever growing problem of their digital phone and internet service that works only half the time or you have to unplug the modem box to get it too work. I can call and someone will show up and tell me there is nothing wrong because the modem is working when they are here.

But at least 3 to 6 times daily it isn't working, and just try to fax something - be ready to resend over and over again. Sooner or later I won't have either cause the old system will crash and then no one will have service. And what happens to 911 calls? I'm sure they care less until the lawyers come knocking. Rebuild the broken down system Adelphia left you and stop patching it up to get by.

Very Disappointed at Lack of Service
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WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Three weeks ago, I ordered phone service for a new office set up. The person that took the order said I would receive a call within a few days and service would be installed in the next 10 days. No too bad. Ten days later I called TW to find out the status of my order and was told "OH NO, they would call within ten days to schedule but first they had to see if service was available to the facility."

When I complained, the attendant said "Well, we're not as big as Bellsouth so it takes us longer." I wouldn't have minded it taking longer if I had been advised up front. After a few more days, she scheduled the install for 10 days later. On the day of the supposed install, the service representative told me it wasn't an install but a survey of the property he was doing. Again, this is NOT what the attendant had told me.

Three more visits and three other people over the next few days before they actually connected the service. No one did anything other than "survey" the property, but each one commented that they could have done the connection "if it were in my orders." Time Warner Business Class is NOT business-friendly. They have no sense of urgency and couldn't care less about your business needs. The process was repeatedly misrepresented.

TW, you could reduce the cost of doing business if you just streamline the process. AND you would probably have more customers. I am now STUCK with a two year contract with a company that shouldn't even be in business.... especially in Business Class service.

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