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But Your Phone Rings When We Call It
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have been without phone service since Time Warner installed four days ago. I get nowhere with their customer service people. The installer damaged the siding on my house, they don't seem to think that it's a big deal, hung a wire through the middle of my back bedroom out in the open. I'm sure a building inspector would find something wrong with that set up, and now the phone has no dial tone. I live with a senior citizen and if something happens to him I have no way to get any help to my house.

They keep telling me that I should just use my cell phone. One, I'm not God so I don't need to be in contact with every living thing on this planet; and two, I don't own a cell phone. This senior is in poor health so this has been very traumatic for me. Time Warner set up an appointment for an installer to come and check out the job, I told them please have them come after 5:00 P.M. The fool came at 4:00 P.M. and found no one home. They set blocks of time no appointments I was told.

They couldn't understand why I was so angry at their stupidity. You know if you don't take care of the customers you already have soon you will have no customers to take care of. I'm all for starting a class action suit any one want to join.

Time Warner Has Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

MONROE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Over the last few years we've had many problems with our cable and now with our phone that is attached to the cable. I had one supervisor tell me she had never spoken with me before when I was calling back because the problem wasn't fixed. When I recognized her voice and was told that she was the ONLY supervisor in this division. I don't think they provide any type of training to their service reps or any of their employees. I have heard that Verizon may come through or area and I'm praying they do. Time Warner doesn't have anything to offer anymore.

Paying for an Inferior Product
By -

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- Time Warner has a wonderful way of telling people how much money they will save with their products!! this is truly false: 1. They tell you that you can keep your phone number but they do NOT tell you there is a $29.00 charge for that when any other phone service like Verizon, AT&T, ALET do it for free.. 2. DVR service sucks because the DVRs themselves have so many issues with them not recording and many other technical issues beyond explaining that every person you talk to has a different reason for..

  1. The digital phone service goes down usually on a daily basis. 4. The techs that come out do not leave any literature at all for any product.. They are SUPPOSED to. They are just lazy. So stop paying over $150 dollars per month for garbage service.. Make sure when you call you get names and dates who you talked to.. Employee ID #'s change daily I was told by an employee. So what is exactly Time Warner running?? Call NBC, ask we investigate to get some real answers!!!!
Digital Phone Connection Fiasco
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Time Warner Cable spent an entire month's duration, 5 service calls, numerous hours at my house, and many conversations with customer service and technicians and could not seem to provide me with a phone that worked (i.e. for both incoming and outgoing calls). The fourth service call to my house resulted in an hour visit and the result was that the technician CUT THE PHONE line leading into my house in hopes that this would fix the problem.

After each home visit, which involved a 2-3 hour window, and up to two hours in my home, the technicians systematically reset the order to "canceled" so that the records of multiple visits would not count against the technician. During my final call to customer service, the supervisor advised me that the issue was my fault because all of the orders for repair were "CANCELED" and that there was "No way a technician would cut the phone line".

Needless to say, I have switched to another company and the FIRST thing they did was repair the phone line!! Please note that from the beginning of my new service on Dec 18th through Jan 26th my phone did not work. I am, in fact, still waiting for a call back from the supervisor of the technicians (waiting since 1/25/09). I have called him twice and still, no response. Time Warner subs out the technical work and must be losing a bundle of money. Now I know why cable services are so expensive.

Time Warner Cable Sucks Here's There Main Coprporate Number That Doesn't Exist
By -

Time Warner is the worst cable company ever. We live in Ohio and used to be Adelphia until Time Warner bought them out and now ever since our service and billing is completely screwed up. We have had their service for 2 years and rarely get a correct bill, the customer service people are untrained and don't know what there doing and completely rude. We called to complain for the millionth time and was charged for 3 extra movies we never ordered at $11.99 each and was told we watched them when there were at a time we were in bed so how is that possible.

So I asked for the corporate number and the guy said they didn't have one which we have been told every time that we called. But he did give me their address which I then used to call Time Warner's own 411 and the guy actually gave me the number to the main corporate office the address and number are 290 Harbour Drive Stanford CT 06902 and the phone number is 203-328-0600 so give them hell.

These People Should Be Shot
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- This company is the biggest thief on the planet. They screwed up my phone wires in my apartment and will not come out and fix them. I've already complained to the FCC like that will do any good. Obama if you're listening this is something you can change! And what I don't get is why pay almost 70 bucks for 10 decent channels when you can get any satellite and get 30 decent channels for 30 bucks.

I guess it's some sort of very educated economic situation that only these frigging idiots and the thieves that put them in power, since Time Warner is evidently a state supported monopoly, since some dumb duly elected criminal about 30 years ago figured out that we would be best served by only having one cable company. I hope the bribe was worth it whoever you are.

Time Warner Cable Customer Service
By -

Time Warner Cable was number one in service when I started using Time Warner Cable's internet service. Their service has taken a nose dive in the last five years with my experience tonight being one of the worst in recent years. Time Warner has been pushing their two-year service agreement for a roughly $20 discount. I took them up on the offer about four months ago. My phone still goes out on a fairly regular basis. Tonight, my internet went out, that takes the phone out as well.

After waiting 27 minutes, 15 of which were spent trying to get through the automated troubleshooting recording, we were able to speak to a human. She asked us if we were experiencing a problem. (No, we just spend our Saturday nights calling to tie up the lines.) We replied, "Yes." She said, "OK, I'll transfer you to technical support." It took another 20 minutes for technical support to come on the line. The representative is in the US and speaks understandable English. He was able to help us, but should it really take 47 minutes of my time to fix their service?

By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I signed up for Digital Phone 3 weeks ago. Had no phone service for 4 days. On the 4th day, 2 hours before tech was to arrive, I received a call from a technician who was able to fully 'port' the phone. I then went through the process of getting voice mail. Didn't work. Called customer service and was transferred to 5 different people, relating the story to each along the way, with varying degrees of 'service' from each. Spent 1 hour and 6 minutes on hold in the Technical Group. Hung up and started over. Was told all was fixed and I could set up voice mail in about an hour.

Next day, no voice mail. Spent 2 HOURS on hold (while I read the paper and played video games). Went through Liz, Kellie, Rachel, Heather, Jason, Curtis (who hung up on me almost immediately), Aye (who was very helpful), and Daniel. Was told TW had to wait for Sprint to release my number. (I have never had a Sprint number, but that did not sway them.)

Next day, same routine. Was told all was fixed and I should wait for an hour. No voice mail access. This has gone on for 3 weeks. Today I was told I am hooked up, but wait for 1/2 hour. I waited an hour just to be sure. No access to voice mail. Called back and was told by Ashley, "Oh, no, that takes about 24 hours to go through." I miss Cincinnati Bell.

Terrible Service
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Recently I moved into a new home. I contacted Time Warner Cable to install cable, high-speed internet, and digital phone. The technician was here for approx. four hours and at the end of that time I still had no phone. After collecting a check for $209 from me he advised that I would be contacted the following day once the phone was up and running. The day passed and I finally called at around 6 pm to see what the problem was.

Over the course of five hours I was on hold for approx. 120 minutes total, directed to 6 different representatives who I had to explain the situation to each time, and disconnected twice. Finally at 11 pm with the situation still unresolved, I was advised that I would be contacted by a "level 3" technician who would correct the problem. The following day no call in the morning. I called again and explained the situation to an additional 2 representatives and was advised they would call back. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, none was available. I received a call back a few hours later telling me to unplug my fax machine. I do not have a fax machine.

Finally by 6 pm while at my son's football game I received a call that they had corrected the problem. I let them know it didn't really matter. I purchased DirecTV and have a better package for the television - went with AT&T for phone and internet. This was the worst customer service experience of my life - I really thought I was being punked. Do not subscribe to this company!

People Calling Into My # Get An Out Of Service Message For 3 Months
By -

SARATOGA, NEW YORK -- This company has totally missed the definition of service! I have spent gobs of time and energy in attempt to get Time Warner to fix our phone problem. Their customer service people are rude and keep telling me that it is the provider of the incoming person's phones that the problem exists.

Funny thing is when you call my telephone number that I pay for monthly, you can get a recorded message from Time Warner saying the phone is out of service. I have spent 3 months collecting data and sitting on hold getting an argument every time from customer service. There is no way to complain if you ask for the manager you get put on hold until the call gets dropped. And round and round this goes!

Large companies don't care, they have you as a possession and you are held hostage to pay and waste your valuable time & being verbally abused by customer service! Americans we need to insist on what is rightfully ours! I believe we, as customer whom has not been provided the service that we pay for should be able to back charge for all lost calls and time! Be aware Time Warner is a very bad phone provider, and it will make you crazy!!!

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