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Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023
1-800-892-4357 (ph)
Timewarner (fax)
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People Calling Into My # Get An Out Of Service Message For 3 Months
By -

SARATOGA, NEW YORK -- This company has totally missed the definition of service! I have spent gobs of time and energy in attempt to get Time Warner to fix our phone problem. Their customer service people are rude and keep telling me that it is the provider of the in coming persons phones that the problem exists.

Funny thing is when you call my telephone number that I pay for mthly you can get a recorded message from Time Warner saying the phone is out of service.
I have spent 3 months collecting data and sitting on hold getting an argument every time from customer service.

There is no way to complain if you ask for the manager you get put on hold until the call gets dropped. And round and round this goes!

Large companies don't care they have you as a possession and you are held hostage to pay and waste your valuable time & being verbally abused by customer service! Americans we need to insist on what is rightfully ours!

I believe we, as customer whom has not been provided the service that we pay for should be able to back charge for all lost calls and time!

Be aware Time Warner is a very bad phone provider, and it will make you crazy!!!!

Phone Service
By -

29 PALMS, CALIFORNIA -- I have had Time Warner cable and internet for about a year.
I have had Time Warner's phone service for less than 3 1/2 months and have had service interruptions 3 times 2 so far requiring repair appointments. For the price you pay its not worth the never knowing when your phone has a dial tone or not or when you are on a call could be urgent and the call drops and line is dead for minutes at a time before the dial tone restores. I regret ever making the change and will be returning to my previous carrier ASAP.

Telephone Customer Service
By -

MISSOURI -- I was on the phone 40 minutes trying to ask a simple question. During the first 25 minutes I did actually speak to a "real" person, was supposedly transferred to the individual I needed, but ended up in the voice mail maze. Happened again the second time I tried calling and the third time I spoke with someone who even gave me a direct number to the internet dept. in case I got disconnected. Guess what, I did and the number given to me just sent me right back the same ole voice mail maze.

I am totally disgusted and the next time I receive an offer from AT&T I will be checking it out closely!

Time Warner Sucks!
By -

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- Well right now my phone doesn't work at all hasn't worked all day. I call they put you on hold for what seems like an eternity. Then they transfer you. They tell you to try something and that's the end of the call and well guess what still doesn't work so lets spend another hour waiting on hold. And don't even get me started on the internet that works only every so often, and well movies on demand that always says were sorry we could not process your request at this time. Or error.

There was so much hype about this Time Warner well I had Adelphia before and didn't have any problems. So Time Warner and it's employees suck!

Stick to what you are good at
By -

COLLEYVILLE, TEXAS -- Time Warner should stick to what they are good at with providing TV service only. Their phone and internet service is less to be desired. They have not provided me with a month of great service yet since I signed on. The only game in this town and they act like they know it. I sit here right now with "0" phone service and internet that is sputtering.

I make my living at home via the phone and internet. Need I say that by going with Time Warner it has hurt my production. I would fly the coop if I had another choice.

Telephone Service
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- There is an apparent shortage of intelligence at the upper echelons of the Time Warner Company.

We are bombarded with news of their new digital phone service now being installed. We are invited to sign up for it by 9/12/07 or lose our current phone number. One small problem: they won't be installing the system in our area for

some time. If we stay with that outfit we will be assigned a new number of their choice. The arbitrary cutoff time doesn't take their installation schedules into consideration. How much faith can one place in such a duh! type company?

Bogus Charges on Billing Statement
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Every month I get billed for 411 calls , which are directory assisitance calls. I do not make any such calls. I decided to pay my monthly bill, in person, and make a complaint. I heard other customers complaining, about the same thing as I stood in line waiting.They said someone made the calls, although There is just myself and my husband. I accused him and we ended up in an argument.After 8 months of being charged $10 to $15 per bill for these, I demanded a breakdown of what numbers were called for. They informed me that a third party is providing the service so they do not have that information!Then they offered me an alternative to have the service blocked from my phone! Fine ,I do not use it anyway, I just pay for it. Supposedly the calls are $1.25 each but the amount is always an even 10, 15 ,16 dollars plus tax. When you do the math it does not add up to anything short of theft.Why didn't they offer the block of the service when I first complained, before I paid over $100 ?

Phone Service DON'T WORK>>!
By -

91304 -- So I have been an SBC customer for four years my bills were getting slightly higher so as I have TW Cable and road runner I went the whole hog and changed to phone service with them as well. Well it works out that I am unable to FAX anything using the line. I called customer service and they have been having problems for over two weeks in my area. They forgot to mention that two days prior when they installed it. Disgusting service as I use my fax for important work. The phone makes peeping noises as well. Not happy and changing back to SBC....terrible service!

Time Warner Cable Corporate Phone Number!
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I have had horrible service from TWC for a long time. I called this number to complain about a particularly bad customer service representative. Please call 212.364.8200 in NY. Ask for customer relations. I got a nice woman who took my complaint and said she would file it with my local division President.

We'll see what happens.

Deceptive Sales Group
By -

Received unsolicited offer by telephone for new cable telephone service for additional $5 per month for 12 months, afterwards going up to $30 per month. Later spoke to knowledgeable customer service dept supervisor who said that was untrue, there is no such promotion and that sales has been known to lie to get new customers. Wasted one hour of my time. Watch out.

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