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Time Warner Cable
Posted by Mikedow on 11/15/2007
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I have had Time Warner cable for my TV for 30 yrs. All has been well until I found out that analog TV is going to be a thing of the past next year, so I decided to move up to HD wide screen TV which brought on having to get a box from TW. It took 3 boxes and a few visits from there techs to get it all working right, the 1st couple guys that came out because I called with a problem told me it must be something with my cable in the attic, like a mouse may have chewed a cable, I found that hard to believe. They did replace a few cables that they could reach and left, I continued to have a problem, so before I called them again I went to home depot and bought a long cable and ran it threw my house and hooked it up to there outside cable before it came in my house, still had the problem which they called tiling..

I called them back to come out, they said that was a smart thing I did!! Then they finally admitted it was there problem and fixed it in a street box of theres.. I was happy it was over, well not yet, that problem was fixed, but then I decided to add a HD TV to my bedroom, this is where I find that they are all idiots!! I had gone through 4 or 5 boxes in a about 6 weeks all of which would freeze up and I would have to reboot the boxes which takes maybe 15 minutes to do. The last box I have is the best I have had, I only have to reboot maybe 1 or 2 times a week, but past boxes would have to be rebooted everyday... I had 1 tech from TW that told me it is a software problem they have and they are working on it, he was going into a meeting the next day and wanted to know if he could use my name, I said for sure, I got a call from someone high up in the company and when I told him the tech told me they were working on this problem this guy said not true, they have no problems with this box..

If I only could get them to admit the problem and at least tell me when they might have it fixed this would be good for me!! There has to be many people having the same problem I am and don't know where to complain, or maybe they are all going to dish. Which is my next option although it has downfalls also. I just want what I pay for every month, which I pay a lot for! I really don't like the cable companies having a monopoly on my area, I should be able to choose my cable company.

If I could find others in my area with the same problems maybe in numbers we could shakeup time warner into doing something toward giving us our monies worth, that's all I want!
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Switch to DirecTV
Posted by Dr. Detroit on 10/16/2007
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I have recently switched from TWC to DirecTV and cannot recommend this change highly enough. With comparable prices, the customer service, programming choices, and customer website have been dramatic improvements. Any difference in price between the two is easily recouped with less aggravation and wasted time on-hold. The signal is clear and unchanged by weather conditions. My only regret was choosing TWC in the first place.

In addition to the NFL package and regional sports networks, the Big Ten Network is a must for fans of any team in this conference. Again, I can't imagine going without such complete coverage of the teams and games I have the most interest in. TWC has been slow to add new channels, including the BTN, and should suffer significant subscriber fall-off as a result.

Combined with awful customer service and a very basic website, this product just isn't good enough any more...
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
I am glad to hear that your experience with DirecTV has been a good one so far. Please be prepared for unpleasant interactions with customer service (should you ever need to call). I never had a bill that was calculated correctly so I had to call each month. VERY frustrating. Every time I called into customer service and pressed the correct prompts I waited for 20 to 30 minutes. Each time I had to be transferred to a different call center where I had to wait on hold again. I asked which prompts I could press to reach that center directly and I was told that there was no option... I would have to wait on hold and be transferred. I really hope that you have better luck than I did. After one frustrating year with DirecTV, I paid the early termination fee and went back to cable.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-10-16:
John, can't you just ignore all the prompting they request, hold on line and eventually a real 'live' person comes on? That's what I do whenever I have to call Comcast. The one that really tees me off is the very first: 'Press one for English!!' That just grates my grits.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-17:
Ponie, that is a great suggestion and at the time I tried that too. No matter what I did (or did not do) they would have to transfer the call to a different call center. I could understand that if there were special requirements on my account or if the account was delinquent but it wasn't. Maybe it was just a fluke but DirecTV did not seem interested in fixing it. So, I fixed it for them by switching back to cable. :)
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Poor Performance & Unethical Business Practices
Posted by PPaul on 09/19/2008
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I was Comcast's customer for 5 years ago until the company was taken over by Time Warner Cable. I just cancelled the services and switched to another telecommunication company which delivers much much better services and quality. I am writing this review based on what I experienced, especially a month ago. Generally, I think Comcast delivers better services and less problems. Time Warner Cable delivers poor performance, product and services. The picture quality isn't that good, the signal is bad (sometimes 3-4 times down within 2 months) and always skipped the scenes while watching programs, average 4-5 times an hour.

The worst recent experienced I ever had with Time Warner Cable was they turned off the modem or shut down the Internet without telling me. I had no Internet for few days and decided to call them to find out what happened. They told me that they quarantined my modem and asked me to bring my computer to a professional computer store to scan virus and malwares.

I have Norton 360 along with another Anti-virus and malwares programs in my computer. There are no viruses or malwares in my computer why should I take it to the store. I called them many times and left voice messages to call me back. Every time I called them, the customer service always picked up the phone and told me to leave voice message for quarantine department. I said I did many times but nobody returned my call to tell me what happened. Some of customer service employee even told me to get a new modem. I told them to check their modem first or get a new modem instead before asking me to do so.

My modem has no problem and they can't give me the answer why they quarantined it. The customer service always told me to talk to their quarantine department that may not exist because nobody contacted me to solve the problem. I asked them to put the Internet back but they refused. It had been almost a month that I had no Internet and nobody from quarantine department returned my calls at all. This is very bad. When I cancelled the Internet, they even asked me why?. I said why should I be paying you the services that I didn't get? They asked me to return the modem. Oh my god, this is so ridiculous, it's my modem, I purchased it from BestBuy 5 years ago. I told them so and after they checked and they said it was their mistake. I asked them if I would get credit back for the time I didn't get the Internet services, they said NO. This is so unethical business practice, it makes me feel I am being robbed or ripped off.

I am so glad that I switched to another company. It was completely nightmare for me during the time I had with Time Warner Cable. I am having a good time now with a new one.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-19:
I don't know how they stay in business
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-19:
Truly amazing... Being the only cable provider in town always helps.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-19:
I think my Mom has the worst cable provider,well second worst(comcast LOL),Adelphia cable.She's in the Chino/Ontario/Upland area.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-19:
I thought Adelphia disappeared a while ago. A friend lives in a former Adelphia area thats now got Time-Warner.
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Worst customer service EVER
Posted by Mseminaro on 09/01/2006
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Documented below is a log of my 2+ week saga to have Time Warner fix my phone and internet service. Over the years I have encountered both good and bad customer service, but I can honestly say that this is the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I finally decided to cancel my service after the latest interaction today and have signed up for phone and internet service from Verizon and TV through a company called NuVisions. I did not want to switch service, but I made the decision that I could no longer give my business to Time Warner if this is how they were going to treat their customers! I would discourage anyone else from buying their services as well, and I don't think you will if you take the time to read what I went through...

Time Warner Issues

- I first noticed problem with the phone service. My voice was cutting in and out intermittently. The problem was not happening that frequently and I believed the problem was related to my phone.

- After a period of time, and looking for a new phone, I realized that i was having the same issue on mulitple phones and that it must be a service issue, not a phone issue.

Thursday, 8/17/06

- My first of what would be many calls to customer service. I called to tell them I was having a problem with my service. They took diagnostics and said that they would send it to the tech guys for analysis. They then told me I would be contacted with 48 hours with the results.

Tuesday, 8/22/06

- After never being contacted by Time Warner (despite it being over 100 hours since I last called), I called customer service again.
- The operator tells me I have a definite problem with my line and that they need to schedule an appt. The earliest appt. is Sat, 8/26 for between 10 and 2. I take that appt because I have no choice, even though I don't want to wait 4 days for the problem to be fixed.

Saturday, 8/26/06

- I wait around for the tech until 1:50. At this time i call Time Warner to verify the tech is still coming. The cs rep says that he is still scheduled and will arrive shortly.
- Around 4:00 I call back, the tech not having shown up, and am informed my appt. has been cancelled because I didn't answer my phone. The tech apparently called me at 3:50, almost 2 hours after the scheduled window. This despite the fact that I had been in my apartment waiting ALL DAY. It also never occurred to the tech that he might not be able to call me, even though he was coming out to FIX MY PHONE! I am told by the cs rep that I must re-schedule and the next available appt. is Tuesday. I ask to speak to a supervisor and am placed on hold. 15 minutes later the phone system hangs up on me.
- I call back and ask to speak to a supervisor again. I also ask the cs rep "have you had other customers complain about getting hung up on after waiting on hold for a long time". Her reply was simply "oh yes". I am put on hold again for a supervisor. About 10 minutes later I get a supervisor on the phone and she asks if she can call me back on my cell because the phone is cutting out (duh, that's why I'm calling), so I give her my phone number. As she's hanging up, she says "I'll call you right back".
- Approximately 2 hours later she finally calls my cell phone and explains that her supervisor came to her desk and then she forgot about it. She first tells me Tuesday is the earliest appt and then after I explain that I do not want to wait that long she makes an appt for the next day, Sunday between 10 - 2.

Sunday, 8/27/06

- Tech shows up around 12:30. He takes diagnostics on the line and tells me that I have a high amount of noise on the line. He checks the signal outside my apartment and says that the problem is not in my apartment but on my whole floor. He says that they will need to come replace the equipment, but the earliest they can come out is Tuesday. I ask if someone can call me on Tuesday after it is repaired to check that my service is functioning normally, and he tells me that it is not possible and that I will have to call customer service to validate the work has been done.

Tuesday, 8/29/06

- I still experience the same problems the entire day.

Wednesday, 8/30/06

- I call customer service and they tell me the work had been completed yesterday. I tell them it has not fixed my issue and they tell me I will need to have another tech come out to fix the problem. I tell them I need an appointment asap. They try to schedule an appt for several days later (I can't remember when) and I again ask to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor makes an appt for the following day, between 8 and 12. She also tells me that they are opening a client relations case (something that happens when a customer calls a lot) and someone from that dept should call me. I NEVER receive a call from anyone in the client relations department.

Thursday, 8/31/06

- Tech shows up at 12:30, which is 30 minutes after the scheduled window. He takes diagnostics and says everything looks fine. I tell him to try my phone if he thinks everything is working fine. He tries to use my phone and there is no dial tone. I tell him that's one of the issues, and if he just unplugs the modem and plugs it back in it'll work again. He does and it works. He decides to replace the modem. After switching in the new modem, the new one does not come online. After a few minutes he calls someone on his two way radio and the operator yells at him that the system is being upgraded and tells him to LEAVE. The tech tells me he must leave but that he is sure my problem will be fixed when the modem comes online. I tell him I am not happy that he is leaving because he has not verified my problem is fixed. I ask for his name (Diako Elhadj) and ask if he can call me later to verify that my problem is fixed and I give him a piece of paper with my name and cell phone number. He says sure, he will call me. He never calls.

- Meanwhile, I am now left without internet and phone service while the modem is off.

- At 3:30 my internet service comes back, but not the phone.

- At 5:00 my phone service comes back, but I'm still having the same exact problems.

- At 5:30 I call customer service for help. She runs the same basic diagnostics that have been run each time I call. She asks me to reset my modem and tells me to call 611 to get the phone department directly if it's not fixed after the reset (since the reset is going to drop our phone call).

- The reset did not fix the problem. At 6:00, I call 611. The cs rep tells me to unplug the internet connection from my router and plug it directly into my pc because he claims the router is causing interference with the phone. He then instructs me to reset the modem and says he will call me back in 15 minutes to verify the voice quality. This was at 6:08 p.m.

- At 6:25 the cs rep calls back and hears that the problem is not fixed. He tells me I need an appt for a tech to come out. I tell him I want someone that can fix my problem since I wasn't able to get it fixed the first 3 visits. He tells me the best he can do is have a client relations person call me the next day. I ask to speak to a supervisor.

- After 20 minutes on hold I get a supervisor. She tells me that I really need to have someone come out to check the wiring. She cannot make an appt at that time because she is having a problem with her computer. She confirms my cell phone number and tells me she'll call me back shortly. I ask for her name (Judy). She calls me back after 1 minute to tell me that she can't make the appt tonight because the computer problems but that she'll call me tomorrow morning by 9:00 a.m. for an appt that day. Judy never calls me.

Friday, 9/01/06

- 10:35: Judy has not called to schedule an appt. I call 611 and get a cs rep. I explain that I need an appt. for today. He makes me an appt for Monday (Labor day) from 8 - 12 a.m. and tells me he will try to get an earlier appt. I ask for an advanced tech, someone that can fix my problem because the other techs could not, and he tells me this person is called a foreman at Time Warner. He indicates it would take longer to get an appt. with a foreman and advises I take the appt. for Monday. He also says he will send the diagnostics from the phone call with him to IT to analyze because he could definitely hear my voice breaking up repeatedly. He says that IT may do some things to fix it and that I should give it 48 business hours (till end of day Wednesday since this is a holiday weekend) and let them know if it is not fixed at that time. He also tells me he will ask client relations to give me a call. The call ends at 11:02.

- 12:00: I call Verizon and sign up for their phone and internet service. I'm done with Time Warner.
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Nickel And Dime You To Death.
Posted by Crempster on 11/21/2012
EULESS, TEXAS -- I was with this company for several years but had to make a switch. My bill with these guys started out 80 to 85 dollars but by the time they got done with me my bill was up to 142 dollars. And I was getting nothing extra for these price increases. I talked to my mom to see how much she was paying with Direct TV for the same thing I have plus more channels she is paying 70 dollars. I said what? That is half of what I was paying. So I caked up Time Warner to see if I could get my bill down. They really didn't want to work with me and acted lie they really didn't care. Very poor customer service. So the next day I called Direct TV. Now my bill has been cut in half and I get so much more. I know I'll have to deal with the cable going out when the weather really gets bad. But i'll be saving about 80 dollars so ill take it. I'll never go back to Time Warner.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-11-21:
there are many consumers that have made this change to directv, and were sorry. not only does directv have a 2 year contract, they will withdraw money from your bank account or charge your credit card at will. when i had directv, the signal was deplorable. even on sunny days, i would lose signal. no tress, and professionally installed.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-11-22:
Madconsumer, if you were losing signal, your installation was not well done. The major problems we see with DirecTv and Dish Network installations are improper mounted or aimed dish, bad cable, or bad fittings. A professional installation does not always result in a good installation.
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The Saga Continues
Posted by Patience running on fumes on 07/25/2009
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- It shouldn't be this hard for a cable company to install cable!
First of all, when I contacted Time Warner Cable to inquire about digital cable, phone, and internet installation, I asked if I would need a receiver box for every TV in my home. The service representative said all that was required was an amplifier and everything would be set. I made the appointment for installation. I was told to expect someone from 9:30am to 11:00am.
At 11:25 the day of the appointment (Wednesday), I received a call stating that the technician was running behind and would arrive between 12:00 to 12:15pm. He installed the phone and internet services, but then informed me that I needed an amplifier (I already knew this, and would've thought he would, too), but he 'didn't have one on the truck' and would return Thursday to finish the job. He acquired my phone number and said he'd call before he returned. Good customer service would dictate the technician to give priority to any job left incomplete the day before. For this reason, I expected to see him Thursday MORNING.
When it was 4:15 in the afternoon and I still had not seen or heard from the technician, I called to find out if he would arrive soon. The lady I spoke with put me on hold so she could ask him what was going on. When she came back on the line, she said that he was finishing up his last job of the day, then he'd be right over. He arrived around 5:00pm, amplifier in hand. He went to hook up the amplifier he'd brought, but wouldn't you know it- it DID NOT WORK. He said, "This a brand-new one, right out of the box. I knew I should brought more than one with me. This happens to me all the time." I found myself thinking that if such is the case, why had he arrived unprepared, but I said nothing to the effect. Instead, when he promised he'd 'be back tomorrow', I told him that now that I knew he'd come, I wouldn't call again.
Once again, I sat at home ALL DAY Friday, waiting patiently, but when it was 6:30pm and I still had not received any calls and he wasn't there, I decided I had been patient enough. I called to find out what was going on. I was informed by customer service that the technician was finished working for the day, but the representative put me on hold to call him. When she came back on the line, she apologized and said that the technician had not turned in the work order, so they had no record that my cable installation remained incomplete, and that the equipment warehouse had already closed for the day. I wasn't too happy about that, but I didn't want to take my frustration out on the rep, so I agreed to wait until this morning (Saturday) for installation to be done. The technician who arrived this morning was a different guy (which I must say pleased me). He installed the amplifier, gave me an instructional book for the DVR, and was on his way before I could check the other televisions to be sure everything was working as it should.
I cannot believe I have to report this, but it turns out the lady who said I only needed an amplifier was wrong! I DO need a receiver for each additional TV, and this would wind up costing me an additional $22.50 per month than I was originally set to pay!!
I will be calling Time Warner Cable on Monday to see what needs to be done, but for now, consider yourselves warned... and as for me, the saga continues.
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Time Warner Cable SoCal is FAIL
Posted by KI6ILS on 06/29/2008
FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- Here is a log of the events that have transpired in the past week with Time Warner Cable Company in Southern California, my neighbor, and myself.

On June 21 I turned 28. I decided for a birthday gift I would purchase a TiVO Series 3 DVR with HD. I thought how I will be able to use this when we get home since I did not have the cable card for it. I know the Motorola DVR box provided by the cable company did have a multi-cast cable card, or m-card for short. I called 888-TW-CABLE on 6/21 09:49 PM. I asked the rep if I could take the card out of the old box and put it in my TiVo HD. He said it was not a problem. I removed the card out of the old box and put it in my new box. It was only receiving channels 2-13 in SD and HD. He sent a signal to my box a couple of times and it is all working. I thanked him for his time and went on to setting up the TiVo and setting up the programs I wanted to record.

On Friday, June 27, I decided to take the old cable box to the Time Warner Cable Store located at 1565 S. Harbor Blvd in Fullerton. After waiting in line I was helped by Bob to return my equipment. As he was scanning it in I informed him that this box doesn't have an m-card since I am using it in my TiVo. He gave me this blank look and told me that the equipment is damaged. I told him that is what the phone rep told me I could do and it's not damaged, the card is working fine in my TiVo. After some back and forth he went to get his supervisor, Jane. I explained the situation again to her and she told me the equipment is now damaged since I am not supposed to remove the card from the box. Since the card and the box are linked to each other if one is removed it causes both to stop working. Her exact words were, "Once you remove the card from the box both the card and box self destruct." I explained to her again that the card is still working fine in my TiVo and I have been recording shows with it.

If it was not supposed to work why did the phone rep activate it? She said as of right now the equipment is considered damaged and I will have to wait until Monday while they investigate. In the mean time while I have been talking, Bob took that opportunity to deactivate the card I was using in my TiVo. They informed me I need to bring back the old card and they will issue me a new card. They took the equipment away, the receipt I already signed, and wouldn't issue me a proper card until I brought the old card back. I was so upset at this whole ordeal I was shaking while I was driving home. I got the card out of my TiVo and before I went back to that Time Warner Cable Store I made a copy of all the information on the M-Card.

As I was driving back some things didn't add up. If the mere act of removing something, that itself is designed to be modular, destroys the card and the equipment it came from then why was the card still working? If I was never supposed to do this and they feel that there was some miscommunication then why did the phone rep never ask me where did I get the card from or stop me and say you can't remove the card from the old box? That one is a puzzler since Bob at the Time Warner Cable Store said you can purchase these M-Cards anywhere including circuit city. I think it would be important to make sure that the cards are set up properly.

Finally my last question to them was, well now that I brought the card back can we hook it up to see if it is damaged? Their reply was absolutely not. They have to send it back to the warehouse. I asked them again and they refused to test the equipment right then and there to see how damaged it actually is. It seems like that would be something you would want to do to prove to the customer that is actually damaged instead of you saying it was damaged without proving it to me.

Well I did get my new card and the only difference? The old card had a red label; this one had a blue label. The old card worked fine in my TiVo. The blue one only gets me channels 2-13 even after getting a signal sent to my box for activation.

So it doesn't stop here. Remember I mentioned my neighbor earlier? Well she showed up at the same Time Warner Cable Store. Apparently the technician that came out to install her m-card in her TiVo didn't feel it was important. He left before setting it up and when he took off in a hurry he left the wrong card, it was a single cast card. That is why she was there, to get the m-card. Well they refused her to give her a new card; she had to fight to get one even though it was their fault. So she gets an m-card out of them eventually and takes it home. Guess what, she is getting only channels 2-13 as well.

Here is where it gets even worse. The instructions she got with the cable card tell her to call this number to activate the card, the same TW Number everyone calls. So I call for her and speak to another rep. He doesn't understand what a cable card is. He doesn't understand that I am supposed to be calling this number to get it activated. Instead of asking someone what I am talking about he basically blows it off and says the tech will be there tomorrow. That night I went home after dinner and called Time Warner myself and told them I received a cable card I want to use in my TiVo and I am only getting channels 2-13. She tried to convince me it was a problem with my remote control. I flat out told her that she needs to activate my m-card and I have the numbers she needs. She just humored me taking the numbers.

"Ok, can I get those numbers now?"
Which ones do you need first?
"It doesn't matter"

So I just started to read numbers off to her not really telling her what set I was reading from. She told me that it will be ready in 2-3 minutes; her supervisor just sent the signal to the box. Well I waited an hour and what a surprise still no channels. I took the m-card back to the store this morning and Bob is still there, does he ever go home? I told him the card doesn't work and it's only getting channels 2-13. He said there is nothing he could do except schedule a technician to come out to configure it. I told him my neighbor has a tech coming out for the same exact thing later that day between 1-5 and if he could stop by. He said it was up to tech. He didn't bother calling the dispatcher to find out if it is ok or check my neighbors schedule or anything. He said it is up to him and he made an appointment for Monday just in case.

It seems all Time Warner Cable SoCal wants to do is lie, deceive, and extort. I already filed a complaint with the FCC since they are not allowing me to use the m-card in my TiVo. Next I will be calling the Office of the President - Customer Care Advocate on Monday to voice my complaint. Depending what the Time Warner Cable Retail Store office says on Monday after their little investigation I may contact agencies such as BBB, FTC, and possibly a follow up with the FCC.
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Posted by mcnucklehickey on 2008-06-30:
If my3cents.com is serious about actually making a difference then you probably will want to turn off the google ads that are selling time warner cable that appear right next to the article about how much time warner cable sucks. It's very hard to take this seriously while you are pimping out the services that your members happen to be complaining about.

Poor form.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-30:
Those ad's are not run by M3C's. They are a feed from one of the many third party ad sites. What ad's show up are controlled by a third party. If you click on one of the ad's you will get about a half dozen ad tracking cookies placed on your computer. That is one of the ways M3C's makes money to help keep this site free to the users.

You may see a DirecTV ad show up in the body of a DirecTV complaint. Just the way things work now.
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Time Warner Is Only Nice To "New" Customers.
Posted by Pwalko on 04/01/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been a Time Warner Cable customer for several years. They had a great deal when we signed up initially but after 12 months, once we were settled in with the service, the price went up and now we find that "NEW" customers are getting billed at about half of what we are billed and Time Warner just doesn't give a hoot. I know it will be a real pain to switch everything to a new company but it needs to be done. If enough "OLD" customers did it, perhaps Time Warner might change their policy and show a bit of loyalty to existing customers.
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Worst customer service EVER
Posted by Wendywalters222 on 02/12/2013
BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have spent hours on the phone getting the run-around from one customer service representative to another. No one knows what the other person is doing or saying and no one gives you a full or straight answer. They pretty much just tell you what you want to hear to shut you up and get you off the phone.

Please, Please someone get rid of this cable MONOPOLY! If there were market competition Time Warner might care a little bit more about their customer service, but because many of us don't have a choice, we're screwed - and they know it.
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Payment Express is a joke...NOT EASY, and NOT CONVENIENT
Posted by Aggiekat on 01/09/2011
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Time Warner Cable is a pain, and their online customer service stinks. I am tired of trying to pay my bill online, because when I Google I end up on their payment sites for other states. They are NOT consolidated, so first you have to spend time trying to find the RIGHT Time Warner Cable site to make a payment.

Next comes logging in. What a pain! If you don't know your login information, you can't just simply request your information like every other site in the world...you have to have your BILL to get the account number! I think the biggest problem is that we don't get a paper bill anymore, so I have no idea what my account number is. But to make it SO INCONVENIENT to retrieve your information, like another review said, I wait until the bill is overdue and they start calling, then you can pay.

What is the purpose of this? If someone hacks into my Time Warner account, what are they going to do...add a phone line or the Playboy Channel? Really...

Time Warner, get your act together and make your login system easier to use. I will continue to protest by paying my bill late...and calling to make my payment...and complaining!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-09:
Can you pay your bill over the phone? I don't pay anything on line, I find using the automated phone payments work best for me. I make my payment, then write down the amount paid, along with the confirmation number in my checkbook register.
This is how I pay my Comcast bill. Time Warner should also have this type of option. It may be something you should look into.
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