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Stay Away from Travelers
By -

My sister was hit by a traveler insured driver at an intersection. The Travelers insured driver ran through a stop sign at a T intersection going 55 and hit my sister passenger side door while she was traveling 40 on the road obeying all traffic laws. She fractured her neck. This was back in 2004/2005. Although the police report holds her absolutely unaccountable, Travelers refuses to pay her medical bills. They have done nothing but delay the trial. Meanwhile my sister had to drop out of school where she had a 4.0 and played collegiate sports.. she is in constant pain and will need at least 2 or three surgery's in the next 20 years.

Right now she has extreme injury throughout her back and experienced traumatic brain injury (her memory is clearly been altered since the accident, we all notice a change). Her life has been on hold for 5 years. They have been hiring private investigators to follow her and found nothing. They now "hired" a doctor to exam her which she just left and apparently he did not xray her, MRI her, and barely touched her back saying she mysteriously developed fibromyalgia and the fact she can't lift her arms above her shoulder are because of this disease that developed and not because she was t-boned in an accident in which the combined speed was 110 mph and the only reason she lived is because of her air bag.

WHY WHY WHY!!! They are ruining her life! She was a victim of a Traveler insured driver.. she will never play college sports again, she can barely make it through the whole day without pain... TRAVELERS IS EVIL! This is not right! Please help me get this company its due! I will go on television. I will talk to reporters. I will do anything!!! This is not right... they should pay for her medical bills so she can go through a day without extreme pain!! Anyone with suggestions please let me know!!! Apparently, because she has soft muscle damage the insurance company sees this as a pass in which they can get out of paying her on behalf of their client. My sister does not deserve this!!

Car Insurance Nightmare
By -

This is an email I sent to travelers last week and have received no response. I am hoping after 3 months to finally have my vehicle back this week-- "The accident occurred on May 5, 2009 and my car is still not repaired. The adjuster on the project was less than adequate as he was neither timely nor accurate. The slow response time and approach of one thing at a time resulted in the longest lead time item not be ordered until at least 3 weeks after the accident. I had even contacted Mercedes Benz Corporate directly to try to expedite the new wiring harness but was told that the earliest it would be delivered would be 7/31.

Yesterday I stopped by the body shop and I found out the harness came in late last week and the vehicle had to be flat bedded over to the local MB dealer for installation that cost $3000. All toll, as of yesterday the vehicle has cost about $40,000 to repair, required over 200 individual replacement parts and has been unavailable to me for nearly 3 months. When you add in the rental car cost of approximately $5000 that will be reimbursed by the other insurance company (the accident has been deemed 100% the other drivers fault as she admitted to running a red light and was sited by the police at the accident scene) which means the other company is out $45,000 repairing a vehicle with a RETAIL value of $57,190.

Initially, and I am working on memory here given the time that has passed, the adjuster wrote the claim for well under $20,000. Because the adjuster was clearly incompetent and failed to listen to either me or the owner of the auto body shop as to the real cost of repairing my truck what has occurred is both a disservice to me as the policy holder and the other insurance company as the cost skyrocketed.

You don'€™t need to be a (supposedly) trained adjuster to realize that the salvage value of a 2008 Mercedes GL320 CDI far exceeds the difference between what it cost all in to repair and the retail value of the vehicle and the both fair and wise thing to do would have been to total the vehicle as I had requested soon after the accident occurred.

Even worse is that I will never be convinced that having sustained the kind of damage my vehicle suffered that it will ever drive the same. This has been a total disservice to all involved and I would like someone to follow up with me and explain why this happened and what action will be taken to rectify this. I need this resolved to my satisfaction or I intend to move my policy to another carrier.

Electronic Billing Scam!
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, AZ -- Since Travelers charges a $5 handling fee for paper and e-billing(!) I decided to go with their only true option, automatic withdrawal from my bank account. What a nightmare! They withdrew 2 payments in the same month electronically. 3 phone calls and several customer service representatives later they offered to send a refund check that should arrive in no more than two business days. Furthermore, a representative promised to follow up via telephone to assure payment (I was "educated" that it is impossible to refund my money ELECTRONICALLY, even though THEY didn't have any problems taking it out TWICE ELECTRONICALLY in the first place!

Well, the check never came, neither did the follow up phone call. So I called them back once more to ask if I should charge THEM $5 for every missed payment on THEIR end plus my lost interest, time for upsetting phone calls, etc. I think we all know the answer to that... I will change insurance companies once I finally (if ever) receive the monies owed to me. So the learning experience taught me to deal with a more reputable company and "free" e-billing (I just hope I do not have to file a claim...).

Denied Insurance Because Roommate Is Disabled and Has a License
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I have great credit, great driving record. All was going well and then they stated since my roommate who is disabled does not own a car but has a license has to be put on my insurance. I told them he had a heart attack and was on medication and would not be driving my car. However, they will not insure me unless a doctor gives them a note stating my roommate can drive. Got to love an insurance company that will not ensure you for having a disabled roommate. This tells me this company is a sunny day friend, and the first time something happens they will drop you. I will not be doing business with a company that denies coverage based on disablement.

Travelers Concierge Service: An Unbeatable Customer Experience!
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Rating: 5/51

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- Travelers has located their claims agents and Enterprise Rental centers within full-service auto-repair centers. You drive your damaged auto to one place, get the claim settled, and drive out in the rental. Return is just as convenient. I brought in my daughter's car to a Travelers Concierge in the pouring rain. We drove into a huge garage bay, while the Travelers agent processed the claim the Enterprise agent drove the rental next to our car, we transferred items to the rental, signed the forms, and drove off. TIME: less than an hour! I'm 55 and have never had such an incredible experience. And co-location must also make good business sense.

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- Travelers were very helpful in the initial call when my wife and I decided to change insurance companies. we were in the process of trying to save a couple of dollars and they seem keen on helping as with most companies. in any event just after ONE month their underwriting department did a re-evaluation of the homes and found that the cost to rebuild would be twice as much as they originally quoted in addition to a $395k home it would cost them over a million dollars to rebuild... yes 1 million dollars... to say the least when we made the switch we saved $600 a year at least that's what we thought!

We called and they simply said it is what it is! We're now in the process of seeking new insurance quotes! This business practice STINKS! Bait you in with a low quote and stick it to you 30-60 days later... hope you found this helpful and not becoming a victim to TRAVELERS!

Insurance claim

CALIFORNIA -- Just had an insurance claim processed for damage to my BMW which was rear ended on the way home from Thanksgiving with my family on the 5 freeway. Travelers adjusters and everyone were great is taking care of my claim over the holiday weekend, making sure I had a rental car immediately and an adjuster out to help expedite the repair of my vehicle. I was able to use my own mechanic's recommendation of a body shop to use, which was important to me as a single women, feeling like I was dealing with people I trusted. The claim was paid and settled without any drama, and they are pursuing reimbursement from the other party's insurance. Highly recommend Travelers Insurance.

Travelers Insurance - Your Screwed If Your Hit By One Of Their Insured
By -

Travelers Insurance refuses to pay damages even if damages are written in police report. Police report specifically states their driver was at fault, and that I was NOT. Report also states damages were caused as a result of the accident to sections 3 and 4 of my car, and Travelers only wants to cover section 4. Since section 3 is damage done to passenger rear door, it is obvious why they do not want to cover it, as this would be more costly. This insurance company is rude, and horrible to work with. They state they try to contact you "multiple" times, even though they only leave ONE message.

Outrageously rude claims adjusters
By -

Stay away from Traveler's Auto Insurance. I had the worst claims adjuster ever. She was very aggressive, rude, and spent time berating me after my recorded interview concerning the accident. She announced that she was turning off the recorder, then proceeded to blast me! She was very condescending and preached to me about what I had to do to avoid the accident I had been in.

How can Travelers put this kind of person on the phone to settle claims? People are upset enough when they have an accident. They don't need claims adjusters verbally attacking them. I have been checking out complaints and reviews on them since my experience and see that I am not alone. I'll research better before choosing my next Insurance company out my next company.

Claim Handlers Need a Course In Customer Service and Tact
By -

I am insured by Travelers and was involved in a collision with another car, where the other driver received a ticket for improper use of lane. The police officer told me it was the other driver's fault, and that he had no business driving where he was driving. Of course, the other driver's company denied responsibility for the claim, so I asked Travelers to pursue it.

They refused, saying that I was at least 1% responsible for the accident. They would NOT listen at all to the facts, that the other driver should not have been driving where he was, insisting that I should have yielded to him. My explanation of the impossibility of yielding to someone who shouldn't have been there in the first place fell on deaf and patronizing ears, and the claims supervisor told me, "Ma'am, I am a licensed driver. Don't tell me how to drive." They had no interest in helping me at all.

However, the part that REALLY got me upset was when the claims supervisor told me, "You really would have been better off if your child had been injured." Excuse me?!?!?!?!? Yes! He suggested that I would have a better chance of getting my insurance company, who I have paid on time for years, to help me if my child had sustained an injury! What kind of person says such a thing? That is when I hung up. As soon as my car is repaired and the claim closed, I am terminating my policy with this company and advise all of you to think twice about dealing with a company with such values.

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