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Insurance Agent has Claims Nightmare
By -

I am an insurance agent for many years. I had my automobile and home insured with Travelers and being in the industry, my coverage was quite adequate. Approx. a year ago I was involved in a 4 car chain collision, I was in the middle car between two very large SUVs'. My car was totaled and I was taken by ambulance to the ER of the local hospital. I was diagnosed with a sprained lumbar and whiplash. Given medication. I needed PT and to this date I am still in pain and discomfort, which is quite upsetting to me at times.

From the beginning, the claim was handled horrifically. Since I am knowledgeable with coverage, more than the average layman being in the business, the first thing was I knew I was paying additional premium for Rental coverage. Since Travelers has an " agreement " with Enterprise Auto, I was first given an Economy Car to use. I inquired to them and was told this is the type car they are told by Travelers to give their clients for rental. I knew I was paying in premium for at least a mid size car for rental and had to "insist on it with the first adjuster''. They finally did agree and I had the remaining time with my midsize car for use.

So basically, our clients that we sell the policies to are paying extra for the better rental and if involved in an accident they are not given the proper car type unless the insured insist. This was just the beginning. Most importantly, my PIP was totally mishandled. I was in PT, seeing my doctor for chronic back pain and on medication and almost three times a week, this PIP adjuster would call me on my cell and question me regarding my condition which is very unprofessional... to the point of being a nuisance.

In the midst of my treatment and unbeknownst to me, she decides to “close “the pip file since she claims. I was feeling better. When my doctor, specialist and MRI and x-ray bills had been sent to Travelers, they were not going to pay, since the file had been "closed". I had $100,000 on medical and full tort coverage and at this point all Travelers had paid was about $3,000 in med bills.

After, phone calls to supervisors, management, faxes, letter, most of the bills are finally getting paid but Travelers refuses to allow me to continue to go to PT since they feel my injury should be healed by now. I wish they were right, but unfortunately, I am still suffering with pain and are taking meds to help me go through my day. This whole experience was and has been a nightmare for me. I just feel that they were doing all they could knowing I had excellent coverage and wanted to cut it off as soon as possible.

AS far as anything I agreed with on the handling of the claim was only how quick they settled and paying me for my car which was less than two weeks from the date of the accident. But in doing so, I was told I had to return the rental within 24 hrs... how could I... I did not have a car to drive and since I was injured, was unable to go out and buy one. Once again, I called and explained I had rental for 30 days and needed this time to go out and purchase a car. They did agree with this and gave me I believe a week more... but once again the average Joe would not have known this... I was very very disappointed with this whole handling of this claim... and would not recommend this company based on my experience with them.

Travelers Insurance Is The Worst For Homeowners
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- Travelers Insurance Is the most horrible company to deal with. The true measure of a great insurance company isn't how you are treated under normal circumstances but how you are treated when there is a problem. Travelers fails horribly in this respect. I was misinformed and misled as to how my claim would work out when a driver lost control of his car and drove into my garage causing damage to the garage and many things inside the garage. Including a car, motorcycle, and personal property being stored in garage. The car and motorcycle were settled through the car owners company (Allstate) without any problems.

I was led (more like misled) to believe that if I went through Travelers Insurance (my homeowners company), for the personal property part, instead of the car owners insurance company that I would benefit from the replacement cost part of my policy and that Travelers would in turn get ALL of the cost of the claim from the car owners insurance company. With no effect on my renewal rates for going through Travelers. Everything went fine at first. Repairs were done. I replaced some of the property (not all). I even received a letter stating that Travelers had recovered 100 percent of the claim from the car owners company.

Apparently to Travelers 100 percent has a different meaning than to the average person. Because, when I got my renewal notice my annual rate had increased 59 percent. I come to find out Travelers is holding me accountable for the replacement cost part of my insurance coverage as they didn't get that portion from the car owners company. It was NEVER told to me that this would happen. So for right around $2000 dollars that Travelers didn't recover from the car owners company they were going to raise my rates by almost $600 dollars per year for the next 3 years. I would never have gone through Travelers with this claim had I not been misled by them.

Taking the increased rate into account I would have been way better off filing the claim through the car owners company. First off I didn't replace all of my personal property. So I didn't use the full claim. If I would have gone through the car owners insurance company I would have received cash value not replacement cost. But in the long run I would have fared better financially. I would have received only actual cash value but I wouldn't be being asked to pay $1800 dollars over the next 3 years. This amount almost covers the part Travelers is holding me accountable for.

Further the last person I spoke to trying to work something out with was a very unprofessional and rude guy to talk to. Also, when I was getting quotes from other insurance companies (I refuse to pay Travelers their SCAM money) all of them were surprised this was handled like this by Travelers. One company went so far as to waive the fact that I now had a claim on my record. I am no longer with Travelers Insurance and don't recommend them for anyone. AVOID TRAVELERS INSURANCE THEY ARE NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY WHEN YOU REALLY NEED THEM AND THEY WON'T GIVE YOU THE PROPER INITIAL INFORMATION SO YOU CAN MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION.

By -

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO -- I was involved in an auto accident with a travelers insured person on 8-5-09. The accident was the other drivers fault and the other driver fully admitted that to the police department as well as the insurance company. I received a call from the first agent within a couple of hours of the accident and he set up my rental car and got the investigator set up to look at my vehicle. I received call from the investigator the next day and was told that my vehicle was going to be considered a "total loss". The next call I got was from the "total loss agent", this is where the problems begin.

The dollar amount they gave me was what I considered to be low, I told her this and what I had found for average prices for my vehicle as well as what NADA showed. I then put together a counter offer letter along with dates and amount of improvements made to the vehicle. This was faxed to them on a Sunday so I left a voice mail for the "total loss agent" letting her know that I had faxed this over to her and to get back with me. I did not get a call back at all on Monday, I did not get a call on Tuesday from her either. I did speak with the first agent on Tuesday and he emailed her and had her contact me.

I was told that I needed to fax over receipts for the improvements made to the vehicle. My wife faxed these over and contacted the agent to let her know that they had been faxed, this was on a Thursday. I ended up calling on Friday to follow up and again had to leave a v/m at 10:30 A.M. I did not get a call back! I called again on Monday and she actually answered the phone, she said she did not get the fax! We had also faxed over to another agent info for lost wages, he did get his fax? We faxed over the documentation to her AGAIN, this time she got it. They came back with a new number that we agreed with.

I hand delivered the signed title for my vehicle to their office on Wednesday the 19th at 7:30 A.M. and was told that she was going to process the check request as soon as she went back to her desk. I spoke with the other agent regarding lost wages the next day at 4:30 P.M. and was told he was going to process the request for my check for lost wages. I got that check in the mail on Monday the 24th, I still have not got the check for the car. I called the loss agent on Tuesday the 25th after getting home and checking the mail and not finding a check. She still has not called back.

I got a letter from her dated the 23rd which was a Sunday so I doubt very seriously that she was in the office on a Sunday. The postmark shows the 25th so she had been sitting on this for almost a week! I have now sent an email to the company comment/complaint email address, this was done this morning. I should not be shocked by this but I have not heard anything from the corporate office either. If this is the kind of customer service they display from not only the local office but from corporate as well I truly feel sorry for their paying customers!

Good claims service then drop you like a rock
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Rating: 2/51

OAK PARK, IL, TENNESSEE -- Travelers provided excellent claim service for two claims I had in the last five years. The first was when a wind-storm knocked a village owned tree onto my house. The second was when after another storm the sewer backed up into my basement. As I was renting the house starting that year, I expected to continue coverage with them. They dropped me. The reason was because of the two claims, neither of which were my fault but were caused by weather. Now I had to go with another carrier, who seem to be good, but with an increased premium. I just think this stinks.

Auto Accident Claim
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- In the past 3 years I have had the misfortune of hit and run and on another occasion having all wheels stolen of my parked car. Not fun in both cases. I reported these problems to Travelers Insurance Company. Both cases. My claim was received very professionally and handled in a gentle manner (this is important to me since I felt villainized in both instances. As a result my patience tolerance was never tested by the claims processors which made much easier for me to get through the tough times). In the first accident I had taken my car to OK Body Shop. The car was return totally cleaned and waxed plus the inside was cleaned and washed. I like my car all over again and all this in just three days.

The second time I was recommended by the dealer to go to Paul Brothers auto body Shop to have wheel replacement and any additional damaged incurred in the wheel theft. The process took two weeks the tow company wanted to scrape my car off the ground without wheels and they rushed me to get my car into their shop but then took their time to get my car out of the shop. Lastly when the car was fixed they needed another day for cleanup. Next day car was parked inside walk against shop's building car's exterior looked clean until I got home and looked at the side hidden by wall at shop.

It was then I noticed the mud from the rainfall two weeks prior was still there so I had a half car ready to go (funny thing is that the gentleman handing me the car keys after being paid just told me "We are Honest as the Day Is Long" (being it's winter and it's the northern hemisphere he must have thought he was on the north pole. Not so funny). The Travelers Concierge Shop, OK Body shop was a much better experience consistent with the way Travelers insurance Company perform their service. Thanks Travelers.

By -

My 21 year old son was backing out of a parking lot and directly across from him was another lady backing out too. Their bumpers met in the middle of the lane. My son called me later to tell me what happened, that his bumper had a nick on it and so did the other car. Nothing seemed broke. No broken red glass on the payment - nothing. Nobody called the police. Both exchanged insurance companies and policy #s. The older lady left before my son could take a cell phone picture of her bumper. Within a few hours my son is called by the Traveler's claim adjuster saying the older lady had filed a claim and the lady said it was my son's fault (the adjuster may have made this up).

She proceeded to interrogate my son over the phone, several times trying to get him to admit it was his fault, and he repeated said no, if anything we were both at fault. She wanted to record his admission of wrong, but my son said no, he was on the work driving back to college - later. I'm upset because I was left out of the loop and I'm the primary policy holder. This was all done without an inspection of the lady's bumper - no way could an inspector have view her bump that fast. We now don't trust "our" Traveler's claim adjuster and are looking for a local Traveler's insurance agent to help us rather than a corporate agent with a 1-800 number.

This was a minor dent situation, however it really does indicator to what lengths these claim adjusters will go to resolve these claims as quickly as possible (within 24 hours I'm told). We find these claims processing methods (interrogation) at Travelers to be disgusting and repulsive. This is a warning, had it been a serious accident and/or major damage, I no longer feel comfort with Traveler's representing my interests - look how they treated my son. The adjuster said the lady file the claim first, so my son would appear to be at fault. Wow, what kind of reasoning is that. He was on his way back to college. But that is good to know - whomever files the claim first is the innocent party and the other party must be at fault. File this gem away for future use.

StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

BOSTON -- My car was parked in a parking lot where I live, and a neighbor ran into the back of it while it was parked. Their insurance company tricked me into allowing them to handle everything and by the time I spoke to him I got my insurance company back I had already let them tow the car. But, the woman was having my claim she was very nice and help me as much as she could and then just a handled everything in a timely manner at the mechanic shop so I think I jumped the gun too fast and I really appreciate Travelers support and help me through the whole process. It was wonderful!

Hail Damage Claim was Comprehensive, Timely and Fair
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Rating: 5/51

NEBRASKA -- We had extensive hail damage to our property and called immediately. They explained to us what to do if we had water coming into the property and that we would receive a call from the adjuster within the next day or two. We did and because of the amount of claims for this area, we were given a different adjuster from the one who called.

They explained that the claims receiving immediate attention were those without roofs... understandable. We received a call shortly and had an adjuster on site within a week. They did a comprehensive evaluation, sent us the claim that same evening! We noticed additional damage after he left which was hard to see on a cloudy day and they were very accommodating, accepting the pictures we sent. We feel they were very fair and any time we had a question, they responded immediately. Some expenses were under calculated and they were very fair in making these adjustments.

Defective Shingles and Wind Damage Claim
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Rating: 2/51

LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA -- I received several notices that the shingles used in our subdivision were defective. I researched the companies and found one was accredited with the BBB and had them come out to inspect the roof. There were cracked and raised shingles all over the house. I called Travelers who came out today with an "impartial" inspector. I have cracked shingles on 3 sides of the house, but not enough to warrant replacing the roof. So while I stood outside in the heat, their adjuster sat in the air conditioned car waiting for the "impartial" inspector to draw out the diagram.

No surprise here... 26 shingles are bad, so they will replace just those. Oh, and since my shingles aren't made anymore, I have to get something close so the roof will look patchy... AND, well of course the cost would be less than my deductible. He kept explaining "their policies" - replace just what is bad and not the entire roof.

By the way, now that is summer, the ones that were raised are stuck back down due to the heat. So a year from now when there is more damage, it will be less than the number needed to replace the roof since 26 will now be "good". What a disappointment. But they sure have great commercials.

2 Vehicles Totaled in Flood
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Rating: 5/51

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- Flash floods in Birmingham, AL were unprecedented and hit at 2 am with no ability to "see it coming" - and we had 2 cars that were TOTALED as a result. I called Travelers and the claims adjuster in Atlanta was aware of the flooding in AL, was very sympathetic and consolidated the 2 vehicle claims to be reviewed by one adjuster to expedite the process. The claims adjuster, **, promptly arrived, was extremely thorough and extremely kind during this very stressful time.

She didn't mind us calling her afterwards to ask questions - since we were not thinking very clearly at the time. The claims were entered, adjusted, processed and paid within one week! That was so wonderful since we need the funds to buy replacement vehicles right away. Outstanding customer service! So glad I had Travelers Insurance!

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