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Auto Accident Claim and Rental
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Rating: 5/51

MARIETTA, GEORGIA -- I had a minor accident on a Sunday, took the car to the concierge on Monday morning. Arrived 45 min prior to my appointment and offered to wait. Connie handled my case and I was in a rental and out the door before my actual appointment time. My car was repaired and ready for pickup two days later! I have used Travelers for autos and homes 80s and would not dream of using another insurer. They really take care of you.

I Work There and It Sucks
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Rating: 2/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Their computer systems are NOT reliable and NOT user friendly: programs are extremely slow, freeze, and continually crash; multiple programs & systems are used when they could be combined and streamlined; layout and input of information is scattered and different for each system; navigation keys are different for each system; systems do not communicate with each other, e. g. a policy change will not update the billing system for several days; information in computer does not match information on declarations pages sent to customer; customers are continually having problems viewing/printing emails and online documents; information that the customer sees online does not match information that customer service sees.

Company policies & procedures don't make sense: policies & procedures are purposely vague and generic (which makes it impossible for customer service to give a firm answer); discounts do not have a set percentage and vary for each customer; deleting an auto coverage does not remove the stated premium amount for that coverage, e. g., if collision coverage for a vehicle costs $100.00 and it is deleted the customer may only save $80.00 because the cost for the other coverage goes up.

Home policies may be canceled for the most minor reasons (one of my co-workers showed me a letter where we threatened someone because when our inspector stopped by there was a ladder leaning against the house); no emails or phone calls will made to a customer who is in danger of cancellation or having a bill sent to collections all communication is done via letter; and many others I don't have time to list. Overall I would recommend getting insurance somewhere else.

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Rating: 2/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- We were with Travelers homeowners insurance for 20 years and within that period of 20 years we only made claims for no more than 4 times. Our problem began with the roof as to where due to a branch falling on it the roof began leaking. We contacted Travelers and they send us money to only cover partial roof, which was not enough. We hired Florida Universal Roofing in Orlando Fl and they did such a horrible job that our roof started leaking again in the same place. Travelers didn't want to hear about it and even after we put up a new roof Travelers cancel our policy.

This company is no good, I am sorry but they are not worth it. We pay in 20 years for their services and they pass that up and just cancel like that. Is like they want to pocket your money and when it comes to a claim they don't want to give and do the right thing. Thankfully we were able to come across a way better homeowners insurance who saw nothing wrong with our new roof which we ended paying with our own money. I would not recommend Travelers to anyone.

Dropped Coverage
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, CONNECTICUT -- I have been confronting Travelers Insurance for almost 5 years now. After agreeing to conservative treatment since 1992 without any issue with date of injury, cause of injury or anatomical site of injury they now drop coverage. In 2008 my condition had deteriorated to were more radical and of course more expensive treatment was suggested. They went into “delay, deny and wait for him to die” mode. Even though in the past they offered a settlement and paid for conservative treatments, now they dispute date of injury and anatomical site of injury and completely dropped coverage.

They denied change of physician after I moved 1000 miles. They denied post-op medication following a pre-approved procedure. CI Analyst denied travel reimbursement because she couldn't find location on Bing Maps and claims 143 X 56.5 = 81.02 and 81.02 X 2 =160.40! They have ordered and paid for four (4) M.R.I.s in attempts to deny coverage. They use disreputable physicians and reference M.D.s who are not in practice. They make fraudulent claims about my case. They refuse to put in writing what they say in a telephone conversation. In a just world this treatment would be criminal.

My condition has now deteriorated to the point that I am totally disabled and in constant pain. I have been unable to seek employment and was forced to move from my home. Because of my disability, my physical and emotional health have seriously deteriorated and I am on the verge of a breakdown. I am amazed how their employees can spend their days ruining peoples lives and sleep at night. I wonder what their excuse will be when they meet God.

Get any other insurance company
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I call my insurance company (Aug 2009) (Claim # **) about possible hail damage to my roof from the April 2009 hail storm in my area and a leak in my living room near my fire place. Travelers sent out an adjuster who checked the roof and stated that I did have some hail damage but not enough to replace the roof and that my roof should last me another five years. He stated that they (Travelers) would pay that have the sealing and the living room repainted. I have checked with many contractors and found out that the wet sheep-rock needs to be replaced and I know an insurances company would know that because wet sheep-rock causes mold and other health issues.

A few weeks later (Sept. 2009) we had a flood here in the Powder Springs Georgia area and my roof began to leak heavily in that same spot in the living room and a second leak began in my master bath room. I again call my insurance company to make a claim (Claim# **). My septic system also began to over- flow into my home due to the flood. Again an adjuster came out did his assessment and a few weeks later a received a check in the mail from Travelers for $630.06. This check was to cover the repairs cost of my living minus the $500.00 dollar deductible. The real cost to repair my living room is $2,250.00 dollars. This check is $1,120.00 short to make the correct repairs to my living room.

Travelers paid nothing to repair or replace my roof. To add insult to injury a few weeks later, I received a letter from Travelers that stated that I had 45 days to repair the roof or they were going to drop the coverage on my home. I want you to keep in mind that I just paid over $4,000.00 dollars to repair my septic system which was not covered by my insurance. So I now paid an additional $1,200.00 to have my leaking roof repaired.

My complaint is this, my roof still leaks. I have had 4 different contractors inspect my roof and they all state that I have hail damage and the roof needs to be replaced. My insurance company is stalling on replacing my roof. I wrote the a letter (Oct 2009) to Travelers stating that I was going to file a formal complaint with the insurance commission and receive a phone call about a week later.

In Nov 2009, I spoke with ** who stated that they (travelers) wanted my roof inspected by a structural engineer with a P. E. certification and that they would send one. I told Travelers that I would find my own P. E. for a non-bias opinion as to the condition of my roof. Structural engineer with a P. E. certification are very hard to find but I found one, **. Travelers did not want to pay up front for the P. E. ** to come inspect my roof. Most P. E.'s are independent contractors and need to get paid as soon as the work is completed and not wait on an insurance company to get around to payment.

Again Travelers offered to send out a P. E. and again I decline. So, now I had to find a second structural engineer with a P. E. certification and I did but this time I found him ** and paid out of my pocket yet another $350.00 to get the roof inspection done. My roof has been leaking for 6 months now and my insurance company is still dragging their feet, even after the P. E. inspection. At this time, weeks later with an inspection from a structural engineer with a P. E. certification in hand my roof still leaks.

My history: I am a retired Army Non-Commissioned Officer, with combat experience with 10% disability. I have earned the right to be respected and to take care of my family. We have 11 people living in my home due to the hard economic times. I have my 3 children and 6 grandchildren living in my house. Some have health issues like asthma, allergies and other breathing issues. Travelers came and inspected the leak in my living room and gave me money to paint over the leak and nothing to repair or replace the leaking roof. We all know that wet sheep-rock causes mold and mold causes health issues.

That issue alone is disrespectful to me and my family and shows a careless response to a real health issue. I have never been this frustrated in my entire life. I have paid travelers insurance for the past 8 years and never filed a claim. The one claim I filed for a leaking roof, I get the run around. If I am not mistaken we buy insurance to cover issues with the home cause by weather and other dynamics sources. All I want is what I pay for and that is quality service. I am very disappointed in the service I have received regarding my roof and disappointed in the entire insurance industry.

I feel that one of two things needs to happen and happen quickly. One Travelers insurance company pony up and replace my roof or reimburse me my 8 years of insurance premiums and I will replace my own roof. I think it would be extremely unfair if they (Travelers) get to keep my money and I have to come out of my pocket for an additional $9,700.00 to replace my roof after I have already come out of pocket for $5,550.00 for home repairs due to the floods and unnecessary inspections. If I can-not get this issue resolved soon, I will have to pursue a lawyer and move to sue Travelers for lack of service. I have also filled a written complaint with the Georgia State Insurance Commission.

Never get renters ins from The Travellers through Geico!
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I called the Travelers ins co when our apt was severely water damaged from an old cheap PVC water main pipe in our upstairs neighbors place. The fire dept came and it took them an hour to get it shut off from the under the street! 6 inches of water had to go somewhere and it poured through light fixtures, door frames, ceiling lights and even electrical outlets! We called and called as we sat at our neighbors next door for hours. NO ONE called us back. I called yet again and an older woman apologized that no one had called us back. She said I am so sorry, this has never happened before". In about half an hour, ** called.

He said go to a motel and stay there and pay for the night. We will reimburse you. Keep your receipts. An adjuster will call you tomorrow am and cut you a check for living expenses". Uh huh. Early next morning, a young man called and asked all of the same questions. I asked if he was coming by and he said no, Someone else will call you". She did. The insurance adjuster from hell! She again asked the very same questions. And when I asked if she was coming out and bringing us a check? (I am a single mom) She laughed and said mockingly" Oh, that's not going to happen"! Meet me at your place at 1pm today.

I repeated what her boss said and she said see you at 1. At 1 she was not here. She called to say she was 30 minutes away. She arrived 40 minutes late. She has consistently lied to me. A chronic liar to anyone here who has had any contact with her. 4 days later, she finally said she would meet me at our place at 4:30. I told her good, my bank closes at 5. She arrived at 4:55. The bank was closed. She awoke us the next AM to say do you still have that check? Of course I do. The bank was closed how could I possibly cash it? She ignored me and said she may need it back.

She called yet again and insisted my bank would not cash it and she had to put THEIR address on the check or she would get me another one. Check. She came by and was rude and she only hand printed MY ADDRESS on the same check. AFTER my $1,000 deductible, she gave me $705.00 to replace what she said she saw that was damaged. She pressured everyone involved where I live to give her my lease and said she had discussed it with me and I said she could have a copy. I told the office she lied. We NEVER discussed it. I asked her why she needed a copy of my lease and she said: "To establish that you have a relationship with your rental office".

She told me the next day it was so she could read what I am responsible for "..lied again. I was told to go back to my apt because it was ready 4 days later. IT was not. All of our furnishings were very wet. If you sat on a sofa, your clothes were damp and stuck to you! All mattress where going to "be cleaned". They were stained, wet, smelled of mold on the inside and were going to be "cleaned" at their restoration services warehouse". Stain master carpet cleaning co contacted me as her :restoration service. Unreal. She wanted to send them 2 irreplaceable, antique hand made Alaskan native jackets damaged by water and smelling bad in a closet.

She took pics. Something told me I had the right to take them where I wanted to take them to have them cleaned. She was miffed when I told her I would take them to a furriers myself as it needed an expert cleaner or be destroyed. You call a carpet cleaning co "expert restoration services"? Unreal. I told her our new bedding is not going to be washed in a warehouse by ** from Stain master and sprayed and " sanitized". NO way Jose! She said she is NOT going to replace our new Ikea sofa/sleeper as it was not in the direct way of the water showers. She had no explanation of why it got wet.

She also took out an additional $255.00 and change "deductible" for "depreciation" on our new bedding. The cost at time of purchase was $850.00 for my bedding and $900.00 for the mattress set and $300.00 for the sofa sleeper purchased in June 09. Total: $1950.00 She is going to send me app. $1,000.00 to replace it as our claim is OVER $2,500 we are only eligible for "depreciated" value. She was constantly trying to say we needed to keep the claim under this amount so we could get back :"replacement value". Of course we found out, if we put out the full amount for new bedding, they will reimburse us the FULL AMOUNT.

Her boss ** decided we could stay in a hotel 4 more nights. I have yet to be "reimbursed" for the first night there. We were supposed to be in our apt Monday and we should have been able to stay there till we move out, but the apt is falling down around us. There is mold growing on the outer walls and we can smell it everywhere in the air. It is in the walls. She can smell nothing and her sidekick from Stain Master, ** said" Oh the smell is not too bad" when he smelled my sons cleaned and hung clothing in his closet. It smells of black mold and like cigar smoke! Gross. He supposedly, had some hand held moisture reading device with him.

He said only 11% moisture in the wall that was wet and 3-D puffed out plaster. I took the handy and it read 158 by the damaged wall. I then put it away from that spot and it read 51. A big difference but he kept insisting that there was NO moisture or WATER in that wall. What a liar. We could feel it in the wet gypsum hanging inside the wall where it fell in. He is on her payroll. And I guess due to the economy, people are not getting their rugs cleaned and are cleaning their own rugs with Rug Doctor instead! They are all crooks, liars and rip off thieves. We are going to- twitter this too. NO ONE in the co gives a rats ass what happens to you.

Who screws you and how they lie to you. After calling customer service yesterday and filing a complaint, the adjuster from hell named **. said snottily "Oh I my boss ** told me you filed a complaint. He is going to call you about that" Was that a threat Ms. Military? Bring it on. ** called in 5 minutes and he was asking what did you say to them? He said he would call me back. he did not. I called him later, after the home inspection fiasco. I was told he was on another line and would call me back. He was talking to his employee ms hell adjuster on her cell phone in our parking lot and he never did call me back.

They are dirty, dishonest and will put the screw to you anyway they can is my experience. She is also harassing the computer repair shop and we were told she grilled the owner at length. She gave us only $400.00 for a $1680.00 repair est. And he is the most affordable honest guy in town! He finally told her he had to go. She asked if she could ask him " a few questions" and went on and on and on about it. He said I have to go I have a business to run. She told me yesterday she called him many times on his phone, and left him e-mail messages repeatedly but has never heard from him!

He said she is lying because he just talked to her by phone at 1 yesterday and she left him ONE message on his web sight. ONE and that was also just yesterday at 11. The very day at 4 she told me she "never heard back from him". What a bunch of crooks! I will take this a step higher. I asked her for the corporate number and she told me she did not know it. I asked her for the number of the insurance commissioners office. She had no clue. So, we fight a good fight and we shall prevail because in the end, it all comes out in the wash and we all reap what we sow.

Collision Claim
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Rating: 5/51

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA -- While my truck was sitting in a parking lot (minding it's own business) some fool demolished most of the driver's side when he hit it with an ATV. Traveler's paid to have it fixed, regardless of whether the fool that hit it had insurance or not. Traveler's attempted to get reimbursed by the fool and HIS insurance company.

Of course, he initially claimed not to have any insurance, then his insurance declined to pay but at least my truck is fixed. I believe Traveler's is still trying to get reimbursed through legal means. This is why I have insurance and why, due to idiots like the jerk that hit my truck, it's also expensive for everyone else. However, that's also why my truck is fixed. Thanks, Traveler's!!!

Great Insurance
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Rating: 5/51

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA -- On December 18, 2014, a sewage line backed up in adjoining condo. The sewage came out through my bathroom pipes. The HOA called in their workers. The cleaning company mishandled everything. This company wouldn't show up to do the work. Failed to remove contaminated articles. There was 2 months of disastrous work. My Travelers Insurance agent, ** stood up for me and called company daily / weekly to force this company to do the work correctly.

I'm a pulmonary patient that had to be removed from situation for my safety. The Travelers Insurance put me up in a very nice hotel for two months. I would recommend Travelers to anyone who needs insurance. Hassle free service with kindness on top, that's what my experience was like with **, Travelers' Insurance agent.

Canceled My Policy After 1 Claim of House Fire
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Rating: 2/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- Traveler's mailed me a letter dated 11/25/14 that I received on 12/01/14 saying that my broker/agent ended their business relationship for property-casualty personal insurance. They said that my policy will not be continued on 12/30/2014. However, I spoke to a Traveler's representative on 12/3/2014 to find out if I could have my policy transferred directly to Traveler's without a local agent.

I was told by the representative that due to the claim filed earlier this year I was in higher tier and could not continue services with Traveler's. My complaint is that Traveler's could have notified me earlier of this decision with the reason. Instead of sending me some b.s. letter blaming my local agent for ending their relationship. I had less than 30 days to find new coverage.

I had been with Traveler's almost 5 yrs with only 1 claim from this year. They did pay for the repairs which was great. However, their premiums were through the roof and lack of honesty for cancelling my policy really sucks! The good news is that I found a new insurer with equivalent coverage as Traveler's for less than 1200.00 a year that Traveler's was ripping me off!!!

Customer Service Was Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Responsive
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Rating: 5/51

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- I inquired with Travelers about 'special events insurance' for my wedding day and within 15 minutes I had my policy emailed to me and paid in full. I ended up needing to purchase the insurance through the venue, so when I called back to cancel the policy, the reps told me since it was paid in full, usually they do not give refunds but to submit an email to their underwriting department.

This worried me, as usually it takes a long time to receive a response (if you receive one at all) from these departments - but I was PLEASANTLY surprised to receive a response within 20 minutes and they offered me the cancellation since I would not need the services. Great customer Service!!! If ever I need insurance in the future - I will be going to Travelers. Thank you again.

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