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UPS shipping is highly unreliable
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55 GLENLAKE PARKWAY, NE, GEORGIA -- I returned home 12/29/09 and found an "info" note on my door stating UPS attempted to make a delivery and a second attempt would be made the next day. I read both sides of the note on my door. There was a place to sign and print my name so as to leave the note on my door if I would not be home. I signed the note then applied scotch tape to make sure it stayed on my door and put it in the same place the UPS man left it. I also stayed home this day because it was my day off and I wanted to get my package. I patiently waited until 6 P.M. because I knew the drivers stayed out later than this. at 6 P.M.

I called the number on the note from my door previously left by Mr. UPS and spoke to a nice lady in Virginia. By the way I live in the pacific northwest. Before talking to the "trained to be nice" lady, there was a voice system that asked me for the number from the "info" note on my door. I voiced the number and was told by the machine that the delivery was attempted for the second time but no one was home. The nice lady said the attempt was made at 10:13 A.M. I said no it wasn't because I was home with my family watching t. v.. she nicely apologized and assured me someone would call me within an hour from the local UPS company some 20 miles away.

I waited the hour plus 10 minutes then called back. This time there was a different lady who wasn't so nice. I think it was because I had to excuse myself a number of times because I could not understand her accent. So I hung up and called again and spoke to a "nice" man who put me on hold to speak to a "nice" lady who called the local UPS. She told me I could go pick up the package myself if possible.

I became a bit bewildered and frustrated by this time but went after my package. I met a man inside the UPS place who was leaning on a table and asked if he was the back of the line. He replied, "no problem, I've been waiting almost 2 hours for a package that was supposed to be delivered and was not. The driver is still on his way in". I replied, "this is just a tiny part of the problem with the way things are in America. These large companies don't care how their services are run, and there is nothing that can be done about it."

Of course I'm "old school" and if this would have happened when I was a kid, the company would have gone out of it's way to get the package to me. But it doesn't matter how crappy services are with business's today, they carry on. Oh well, nothing was accomplished here really except more practice on the keyboard for me. UPS! You can go screw yourself. And every business that pulls the same crap, which is in general, every big corporation.

Sorry about your luck
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GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- Well it's time for a status update on this one. Apparently UPS Public Relations was so worried about their public image they decided to "make this right". So far they are falling short, but they do seem to be working towards a solution. To sum up the amount that it will cost me to recreate 4 pictures that were shredded when UPS's truck ran over them is $139.95/picture. I'm trying to be reasonable and not make up a number for the costs of the 4 frames that were broken and splintered because at this point the pictures mean more to me than the frames.

The tower speaker that was destroyed; to replace it with an inferior model that was deemed to be in the same group by a ratings website is going to cost $899.99 to replace. At least the bright side to this is that the speaker would ship with someone other than UPS so it may actually show up in one piece and not many pieces like the other speaker did! To date UPS has gone above and beyond by offering a large settlement of $162.41! Thanks UPS! With a figure like this I can absolutely afford to replace nothing that your esteemed crew demolished!

Let me break this down a little more: Cost to recreate 4 pictures driven over by a UPS truck: $559.80; Cost to replace 1 speaker destroyed by UPS when the other speaker that was packaged the same way arrived in great shape: $899.99; Cost to ship both packages from AZ to FL: $106.77; Total cost incurred due to UPS's negligence: $1566.56; Amount UPS thinks is fair for replacement costs: $162.41 or roughly 10% of replacement value!

Original Issue Below: I would like to thank UPS for delivering 4 out of 6 packages in decent shape. It must have been hard shipping from AZ to FL and not being tempted to drop, kick, and run over them like you did with the other 2 that I shipped with you. I really appreciate the tire marks across the box that you delivered today, 10 days late. Mostly though I really appreciate that your driver dropped the box at my front door and sprinted back to his truck! I knew you hired people that liked to run to give the company an image of urgency but seriously!

I also like the fact that the first package you delivered damaged was boxed up by your staff at the UPS store in Glendale AZ store # 5320. I like that your stores are independently owned and operated so when you do have a complaint to file about a lost or missing package you get to deal with someone that has already taken your money and has no plans for returning it due to the negligence of UPS.

It is really nice though to know that when your company picked up the damage package to ship back to the shipper (which is me) for replacement your company had an Oh moment when they found out they couldn't blame it on someone else. I again, like the fact that your company picked up my damage freight and have had the common courtesy to ignore my phone calls in regards to the damage claim. I really enjoy not having to store my personal property in my new home, seriously thank you UPS for helping keep my new place clean by breaking and destroying the things I thought I wanted to keep!

I do have to thank the people at UPS at your main customer service group, they all seem so helpful to get me to the next person that will offer their sincere apologies for shipping with them.

Bad Company! Never Again!!!
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO SHUT DOWN THEIR BUSINESS!!! I placed an order this last Monday 12/09 and had a GUARANTEED 3 day shipping.This package is very important for me and I made sure I will receive it before the day I will be needing it. Every single damn day I check for the status and calling them to make sure there is no delay. Today was supposed to be the day I will be receiving it and I even called making sure it is out for delivery. Come to find out few minutes later, checking the status, that the FIRST ATTEMPT WAS MADE ALREADY, CUSTOMER WAS NOT AVAILABLE.

I was like what the hell is happening in this world??? NO KNOCKING, NO DOORBELL???!!! I was home the whole day, anxiously waiting for this delivery. I called the customer service asking them what happened to my package and all they can tell me, IM SORRY WE DON'T KNOW WHY THE DRIVER DIDN'T RING THE DOORBELL. Houses are made with DOORBELLS for a purpose and ANYBODY is more than welcome to use it!!!

Seriously UPS, what kind of employees/drivers do you have? All they have to do is drop off the delivery, ring the bell and AT LEAST WAIT FOR JUST ONE MINUTE TO SEE IF SOMEONE WILL ANSWER THE DOOR. I am very well aware of any noise inside my house and if ever YOU IDIOT UPS DRIVER knock on my door, I WILL HEAR YOU. I mean AT LEAST RING THE DOORBELL if knocking didn't work. I left my lights ON outside, I even parked my car outside just to make sure the driver will know that someone is home. WILL IT REALLY HELP TO LEAVE A NOTE ON MY FRONT DOOR SAYING PLEASE RING THE BELL BECAUSE YOUR IDIOTIC HEAD CANNOT DO YOUR JOB CORRECTLY???!!!

They suggested if I can pick it up from the office, I was like "Sure! Why not give me something to do on the day I need my package and make me drive 30 miles away AT MY OWN EXPENSE because its THEIR FAULT why they can't get to their stupid head to KNOCK OR RING THE DOORBELL!" 5 minutes later, "Oh I'm sorry ma'am the office is actually closed on the weekends" OH MY FREAKING ** UPS please DO SOMETHING for heavens sake!!! My first shipment from UPS and I promise you it will be my last.

Any company that deals with UPS shipment will get no business from me whatsoever so I suggest you find other companies that handles delivery well and gives excellent customer service. I will make sure this complaint will not only reach your corporate headquarters but will also have the company I ordered my package from will hear about the inconvenience this has caused me. Good luck with your company, I hope you find a way to get more satisfied customers and better employees.

Horrible, Disappointing. Never Again.
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Hi UPS, I don't like being discriminated. I had my GF's expensive Xmas present sent with you asking for an after 5 pm signed delivery because I work downtown during business hours. What did I get? 2 delivery attempts to my apt. before 2 pm... Tried going online to change the delivery time, except that I can only do so without further cost when I sign up for "My choice", so I did.. or tried. It turns out, that as an international student "the verification process" can't be completed, making me ineligible. That left me with two options, either paying AGAIN to change the delivery (within the same city) to my workplace. OR hold the package and drive myself to get it.

That didn't sound too bad I thought, "there is a UPS store literally 4 blocks away from my house, its perfect". Except not really: for some reason for a delivery of downtown Chicago, UPS is somehow UNABLE to hold packages in ANY of their Chicago locations, except for the Schaumburg location. Which is not even in the same city. In fact, I would have to take a 6 hour trip just to pick this up!

So I tried calling, but I just got same of the same bull: Either pay up, or go through unreasonable hoops to get a package I ALREADY PAID FOR. Oh, and in that conversation: UPS was apparently not responsible for the fact that their subscription system doesn't allow for internationals to sign up for the only program ("My choice") that allows customer to make changes without additional fees. Yea, right.

I ended up paying extra for delivery within the same city because the agent was unable to give me a delivery window smaller than "9 am to 6 pm"... which is absurd when you're trying to make arrangements for someone else to receive packages on your behalf. NEVER, EVER, giving you my business again if I can help it. I hope you enjoyed those extra dollars you squeezed out of this customer UPS, they will be the last ones you will ever get from me.

Lost Package
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FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- The UPS website said that the package was delivered and left at the front door at 1:05 pm. I was home at 2 pm and did not see anything near my front door. It was Friday. On Monday I called to the store (6 pm) and complained and they returned money. Today a UPS postmen came and ask me sign the paper that I did not receive the package and since now it will be required for me to be home to sign any package I receive from them. So why did they punish me for those thing? I am wondering if I can complain somewhere else?

UPDATES: 01/01/14 As it appeared in one month, the UPS man, delivered the package to the wrong address!! But he did not want to admit it! He decided that the best way to deal with the problem is to show his anger and label me as a liar. He did not want even to leave the textbooks from Amazon near the front door as he usually did. I order a lot of textbooks before every semester (about 20 books) and books usually arrive one by one, I cannot go to the UPS office every time!

So I went to the UPS office and complain to his manager. The manager was really surprise, because he did not order his employee to force me to sign every time. It was the UPS driver's personal initiative. As I said the package appeared near my door in one month, and was labeled as "delivered to the wrong address", it took one month for the UPS to re-deliver!!! After that I noticed that we have a different UPS driver! Apparently, the previous one was somehow punished for his actions. And yes, 6 pm store returned money on my debit card without any problem, they just believe me! When I finally received my package I just sent it back to the store, and they were really grateful for that.

Workers Keeping Information to Themselves. Overcharging for Delivery of Smaller Items
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MORTON GROVE, ILLINOIS -- Very dissatisfied. First off, I had a 3x3x4 package. I walked into the ups store and she took it as I would expected. What I noticed soon after which confused me was she got out a box of her own, which was 7x7x7. I had to wonder was, as the box I had was perfectly fine. Then she put my small box into this much larger box and looked at me because it was strange to have such a small box in a larger box. She then asked if I wanted peanuts, which of course I would. It was a much smaller box and I didn't want it thrown around in there. I still had to wonder why she had put it in the bigger box. She had said nothing about it to me.

She gets my information and rings me up to a total of 17 dollars. I'm shocked at that price, as the box I had was small and the contents light. I then asked her if she needed it in the bigger box, and she said that the shipping label wouldn't be readable on a smaller one. I would have honestly gone to the post office way beyond this point if she had come up and told me that she was near doubling the price of shipping out this 1 ¾ inch figurine.

As it is, she already had it packed and ready so I paid the 17 dollars but I am NOT going back there again and I think that's very rude and just wrong behavior to repack someone's item without telling them they can't use their original packaging because of the size of the labels not being able to fit. I will not be going back there for any packages that are under that 7x7x7 dimensions, as they are far overcharging you for delivering such items.

Ups Suck Don't Use Them They Lie and Are Very Unorganized.
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I've purchase a phone and got 3 day ground to be shipped and delivered by the 23 of this month (July) at the latest. But, because the vendor forgot to add the unit # I've called UPS TO CORRECT THE MATTER. However UPS told me to call back on the delivery day so they can contact the driver, so I did as told.

On the day of deliver, I called UPS early in the morning to get the unit number added and I've even got a confirmation call an hour later, stating that the driver was notified about the changes and that I was going to get my shipment today. It didn't mean anything to UPS, because I received a notification email @ 1:45 pm stating that the driver couldn't deliver my package because it didn't have the unit #. So, I immediately called UPS to see what the problem was and they clearly said to me not to worry - they will contact the right department to give me a call within the hour.

Two hours went by and I didn't get a call from anyone. I called again to see why they haven't resolved my issue and again they repeated the same story. I asked to talk with a supervisor and all I got was an apology for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, I finally got a call back from the so called right department and he said that I will get my package today before 7 pm. Well guess what? It's now 8 pm and I still have nothing, only lies and false hopes. UPS get your act together or learn how to lie a bit better or get FedEx to deliver your packages for you because it's apparent that you can't. Final conclusion, if you need a package delivered on time, use Fed Ex.

UPS Store Inferior Packing and Worse Insurance
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CLAREMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Tried to do everything right. Sold my neon signs on Ebay. Took them to UPS Store in Claremont, NH to make sure they would receive good packaging. Two of the signs were received by recipients broken. Filed claims for the insurance in April. It is now end of June with no headway toward any insurance reimbursement.

First was told by UPS that I am not shipper of record - local UPS Store is. I must go through them. After 7 weeks into claim and having refunded eBay buyers money, I complain to UPS again. Then I am told that they will send a pick up order for the broken lights with original packaging to verify damage, etc. - 7 weeks later. I respond to UPS that it is unreasonable to expect a person to hold on to a broken item for 7 weeks with the original packing. Of course the recipients have been refunded their money. They expected that if UPS wished to inspect the packages they would have done so in a few days or a week. Of course, they are no longer hanging onto them.

Surprise... UPS cannot pay the claim because recipient refused to give them the light and original packaging for inspection that they no longer have - 7 weeks later! Smooth move UPS. Of course, I fully expect that the final resolution to the second claim will have the exact same result. I will no longer ship anything I sell by UPS and will do everything I can on items I buy online being shipped by anyone but UPS. I strongly advise you to do the same or at least do so realizing 2 things. First, do not expect a UPS store to properly pack your fragile items. Second, do not buy into UPS's insurance scam.

Rings the Bell and Runs
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BURLINGTON -- Yesterday, my door bell rang. I walked from the kitchen to the door (20 feet) only to find the ups slip on the door and the driver driving off! I yelled out as his truck door was open and he could hear and see me, yet he just drove off.

Later that day I left a note on my front door for the UPS driver to "wait for me until I answer the door." Today, once again I stayed at home because of the delivery. The bell again rang once. I RAN to the door and once again, the notice was posted on the door (missed delivery) and the driver was already back in his truck! I ran out and asked why he didn't wait? He said he "rang the bell five times", called me a liar and took off, REFUSING to deliver the package!

I have had to go and pick up my own packages in the past from the UPS after somehow having missed the delivery (even though I was at home). I could never figure out how I could have missed the delivery. After the last two times however, I have noticed that the driver pre-writes the notice, sticks it on the door, and rings the bell as he is walking away! I am extremely unhappy with UPS, their service and especially their drivers! I am shocked that they are still in business and that they are able to continue to screw over the public they are doing now.

Failed to Deliver. Failed to Compensate. Unethical big business with no heart.
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I made the mistake of using UPS in a move from Oregon to Nevada. We had 10 boxes in all, each weighing about 50 pounds. 9 of them we shipped via the US Post Office. They made it to their destination as expected. Our final and heaviest box (69#) we shipped via UPS. It never arrived. UPS claimed they delivered it, but we were at our new home waiting, with two alert guard dogs who bark at the sound of any knock or doorbell, and it never came. We walked the neighborhood and talked to neighbors, but no one had even seen a truck in the neighborhood that day. Later we learned that a substitute driver had been working the day the box was lost.

The helpful employee at the UPS Store back in Oregon put a trace on the package, contacted the local depot manager and UPS corporate. However none of this was of any use. The UPS Store and UPS are not the same company. After four months of waiting, gathering receipts to prove the value of what was lost, and filing a claim request, we were offered $129 for a package worth $2500. Other than the UPS Store employee we were never able to speak with a human at the company, or the claims processing center.

Yes, I should have insured it. I take responsibility for that. However, UPS has one job to do... deliver parcels. They failed. Interestingly, as I've read through several online forums I have seen how common it is for UPS to lose packages, and they rarely pay for a loss, even when insured. UPS is a big, unethical business. I will not trust them with my valuables again.

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