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A UPS delivery person told me to "go to the doctor and take your medication" after I tried to make a civil complaint.
Posted by Responsibleconsumer on 06/24/2004
NYC, NEW YORK -- That about sums it up. I made a complaint about being verbally abused and was told this particular delivery person has received complaints before, but he cannot be fired due to union protection. That's not how a union is supposed to work. It's unbelievable that a corporate emnployee can be blatantly verbally abusive to customers when delivering packages to their homes and still not be fired. He also said "You just moved in, so you don't have a right to complain." Actually, I didn't just move in and I have no idea what that had to do with anything. I do not feel safe with men like this delivering packages to my home.

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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-06-24:
I'm getting that NOT GETTING THE WHOLE STORY feeling right about now. What was the civil complaint you were going to make?
Posted by responsibleconsumer on 2004-06-24:
Since you asked, here is the whole story in a letter to UPS security.

Dear UPS Security,

At 3:15 pm today, Eastern time, I was verbally abused and intimidated by a UPS employee who was delivering a package at my home.

The tracking number for my package was (purposely deleted from website), and the delivery was made to my home.

This particular UPS employee, a sotcky white man with dark blonde hair, made me feel very unsafe when he came to my home. When he first arrived at my home with my package, I initially attempted to make a complaint about the inflexibility of UPS services in my neighborhood. I had been having a very difficult time receiving the package and was offered very limited delivery options.

After I expressed my complaint w/out cursing or yelling, the employee responded, "I know you just moved in. You don't have a right to complain."

In fact, I did not just move in to the building, and I'm not sure why the employee made this comment. He then began looking me up and down and licking his lips while standing very close to me.

I physically backed away from the man, and I said, "You really don't need to be a jerk to your customers."

He replied, "Stop cursing at me." (I never had.) He then said, "Go to the doctor and take your medication and tell him I sent you."

I contacted this man's supervisor and was told that the employee has received similar complaints in the past. I was also told he cannot be fired because he has union protection.

Since I spoke with the supervisor, the seriousness of the situation has escalated. The employee attempted to return to my apartment after he got off work. At about 5:10pm, someone rang my apartment through my building's intercom system. When I asked who it was through the intercom, a man, whose voice I recognized as the employee's said, "It's me." I did not buzz the man in. I looked out my window and saw the employee walking quickly out of the front courtyard of my building. He did not appear to be at the building to deliver any packages. I know I certainly was not expecting any more packages. It was completly out of line and possibly illegal for this man to return to my building and ring my apartment bell for no apparent reason other than to intimidate me.

This employee is acting completely abusive and irrational toward a customer, and I do not feel at all safe with a man like that having my name, address and access to my building.

Please do whatever you can to ensure that this man is fired.
Posted by bill on 2004-06-24:
You should contact the police. It may be prudent to have a formal complaint on file with the police should this situation escalate. I would also talk to your neighbors and see if any of them have had a similiar experiene with this man.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-06-25:
Well I must say that sounds a bit scary. He is abusing his power and the power of the union that protects neanderthals like him. Send that nicely written letter to your attorney general and possibly chief of police. That was uncalled for. And you don't need to constantly be watching your back over such a nimnod! You were not in the wrong at all whereas he was- Entirely!
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-06-25:
Yea, definitely call the police next time and also keep a baseball bat handy by the door!
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-07-01:
How about you just forget about it and blow it off? Or is that too much to ask?
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-07-01:
Also, your request that the man be fired indicates that you are hardly the "civil" person you set yourself up to be. "Civil" persons do not ask for others to be terminated.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-07-01:
AND you are paranoid to boot. The UPS man was right....time for the Zyprexa.

(read her letter to UPS)
Posted by oneconsumer on 2004-08-02:
contrarymary should not be allowed to misuse this forum.
Posted by gradual_grunt on 2005-03-20:
I do not know if this helps but maybe try to find the head union person and talk to them. Maybe they can help.
Posted by jmk in sc on 2009-02-23:
I had an experience on Dec 29, 2008 where the driver was verbally abusive (I have lived in my same home over 30 years)and also had the driver throw the box at me & hit me on the left cheek right below my eye, I have called repeatedly to complain, each time told a supervisor would call me back. To date, no luck!
Posted by SadSackSam on 2009-11-20:
Ah the drama. And the holiday season is just starting.
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UPS Delivery is the worst - very unreliable and unprofessional
Posted by WB on 02/23/2006
WOODBRIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- Local shipment from Staples.

Day 1: Middle of the day delivery attempt - leave notice tht the next attepmt will be after 24 hours -next day! (sorry I did not know that I had to quit my job and wait at home because "UPS is delivering" - yay)

I call to hold for pickup. They call back and confirm to go to local delivery center between 8:30-9:00pm - it's 25 degrees chilly - I report at 8:25.....wait wait wait - at 9:50pm (part of it wating outside their employee guard shack in the cold because the main counter closed at 9pm) - they tell me they can't find package. Go Home dude.

Day 2: Try to deliver agizn at 2pm (middle of a work day!). Leave InfoNotice. I call again - promised redilever attempt "SAME DAY". I even get a call back saying the driver is running late but will be there .....

Day 3: UPS anyone? I still don't have my package.

There's got to be a way to sue these guys. But they protect themselves with these disclaimers at the bottom of their service agreements - scary....but I know some inner workings of this company and they are very shady operators.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-23:
Puh-leeze! UPS "a shady operator"? I guess that's why they have been hugely successful for 80 years.

Have you never received a UPS package at home before? Of course they come during the day, that's normal business hours. If you know you aren't going to be home, either ship the package to your office, or arrange with the shiper to mark the package "OK to deliver without signature" and they will leave the box on your doorstep.

Posted by tander on 2006-02-23:
It's a good idea to have your packages delivered to another location, I have all mine delivered to my work place, because I know someone is always there!
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-23:
Dude, you have a problem, and it's not with UPS. Good luck in trying to sue them. You'll be laughed out of court. No one suggests you have to quit your job to wait for delivery of a package. I've found UPS to be the most reliable package delivery system available. You received a couple of good suggestions here--why not take them? You could also fill in the space on the delivery notice which asks where you want the package delivered. I don't think you can expect to have the package delivered to you because I believe after three attempts, they send the merchandise back to the shipper.
Posted by KateM on 2006-02-23:
UPS is a shady operation. I'm guessing none of the previous posters deal with UPS on a daily basis. They routinely deliver packages late and dont want to take responsibility. When they finally will admit responsibility it takes MONTHS to get a refund. They make up excuses for not delivering packages-once had UPS claim they couldnt deliver because our office was "closed". Never mind that we had received a shipment about a half hour earlier. Maybe if you're only using UPS for the crap you purchase on HSN its not so bad but when you're trying to run a business stay away from UPS.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-24:
It depends on your area unfortunately. I have UPS deliver stuff to me in 2 locations. The parcels I get when I am in NC look like they have played soccer with and sometimes they take them back if I am not there.. the delivery guy for out house in VA is nice, parcels always on time and looking cared for and always leaves it if we are not there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-24:
Call them.
Posted by Shygirl on 2006-02-25:
Next time have the shipper of the package do a SHIPPER RELEASE.Ups is one of the best shipping company's in the world.And remeber one thing.There are much worse things in life than having a package missing.
Posted by gitcaptain on 2009-11-21:
Oh so UPS wouldn't wait to deliver your package at a convenient time for YOU?? If they did that for all customers, they would never be able to ship millions of packages a day. Let me tell you, sue them. They are a multi BILLION $$ company who will never go out of business. DHL is history so their only serious competition is FedEx. And FedEx can't handle the sheer volume of packages that UPS does on a daily basis.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-21:
Just sign a signature release and allow them to leave the packages on your porch or doorstep. They work business hours just like you. Why don't YOU be home so it is not inconveniencing them by wasting gas having to keep coming to your place?

Now, does that sound reasonable? Or does it sounds as absurd as your statement?
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Overcharged by the USPS
Posted by on 06/29/2004
BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- I attempted to ship 60lbs of books through the UPS Store in Bethesda, MD yesterday.
1) The manager at the UPS Store told me they couldn't ship my books though USPS media mail, and while I could do so directly from the USPS, even there they they couldn't ship my two large boxes, but would instead need to pack them in dozens of smaller boxes. This is completely wrong and when I confronted them on it later, the manager denied saying it.
2) The UPS Store charged me $68.63 to ship my packages parcel post. According to usps.com, the cost should have been only $37.67 for parcel post, that?s nearly 175% markup. If I had gone to the post office, which wasn't far, and used media mail like I should have, it would have been only $25.98. So by using the UPS store, I paid 250% too much.
3) Since I had originally asked for a USPS product (media mail) they shipped by boxes parcel post, not giving me the option to ship them via UPS, which would have been only $38.30 (assuming the UPS Store doesn't mark up UPS's online rates, but I wouldn't put it past them!)
4) When I went back today upset about the inflated rates and that they didn't even try and offer me their own product (UPS) that would have been much cheaper, they offered me no satisfaction and admitted that they as much as double USPS rates.

Needless to say, I'm never using a Mail Boxes Etc or a UPS Store again and I don't think you should either. I think it's a real shame that UPS, a company that has long offered quality service for a good price, has acquired this franchise that fleeces its customers.
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Posted by mynonsense on 2004-07-09:
Your on the right track! those stores all charge several more dollers for being near but then you stand there forever and pay way more. I ship all the time air / ground . Want to save next time ? Don't leave fedex out. they constantly blow UPS away with better prices and somehow beat the post office on medium to larger packages. UPS !They were cheap a few years ago.They made there prices cheap for a few years , making everyone think they are cheaper than fedex. Not even close. The problem I have is , their people at the counters don't know how to do anything! And they round to the highest pound from several pounds away! Drop them like a bad habit!
Posted by midiwall on 2004-08-16:
The UPS store is the retail end of UPS which was created by buying-out Mail Boxes Etc, and as any business, it's there to turn a profit.

The store is not focused on only UPS services; as you found they'll also ship via USPS and other carriers. This "disassociation" of sorts allows them the freedom to charge what they want for their shipping services. And, as you found out, the rates can be incredible.

Heading to the local PO, FedEx counter, UPS _counter_, etc. will _always_ save you money.

Sorry for the way you had to learn about this.
Posted by formerupser on 2004-08-20:
It is a freakin retail outlet. What did you expect? Take your packages straight to the UPS facility and then compare the charges. You will see them drop dramatically.
Posted by paige72 on 2004-10-26:
i work for one of the UPS stores, and hell yeah we charge more for postal packages than the post office. aside from charging the customer for the actual postage on the items, there is an additional retail charge to cover little items such as using our storage space for the items waiting to go to the post office, our time in taking the actual packages to the post office (our store only has a postal delivery once a day, any outgoing mail is our responsibility to haul over to the local post office, wait in line with everyone else at the post office, and hand off to the postal employees - anything from a letter to those 60lbs of books the original complainer wrote about is hand-delivered by us to the local PO), our costs for using our postage meter and/or any supplies we need that we have to purchase from the PO to properly document the items being mailed. these things are all part of the service we provide by accepting postal packages and taking care of getting them to the post office and mailed out. if you dont want to pay for the service we provide, feel free to take your packages to the post office yourself and stand in line.
Posted by Mhathearn on 2008-09-24:
Every UPS Store in the country has a surcharge on USPS items. That's because they are NOT the post office. The UPS Store offers LIMITED mail services, such as regular first class and parcel post. They DO NOT offer insurance, tracking, media mail, or other postal options. They surcharge all of their postal items because it is offered as a convenience to the customer. If you would like to pay less, go to the post office.
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UPS loses/steals your items and won't pay!
Posted by NotHappy123 on 03/02/2008
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I shipped over 20 boxes of household items, weighing a total of over 1300 lbs from Hawaii to San Diego. One box, marked FRAGILE, NO NOT SHIP FLAT, was full of pictures in frames, posters in frames, oil paintings, etc.

UPS dropped 8 boxes on one day and about a dozen more the next day. The driver said that one box was given back to his supervisor because he heard the sound of broken glass inside the sealed box. BTW the box weight 49 lbs. The next day, checking the tracking code online, the note stated that the contents were missing and the box was discarded! That was 6 weeks ago, UPS refuses to talk to me, saying that I have to get information from the UPS store in Hawaii. The store manager has tried, in vain, to get any kind of information about the contents and what happened at the UPS depot where this all happened. I have called, emailed over and over again, plus filed a claim several weeks ago. Believe me, UPS will NOT CALL YOU about these issues. You have to call and ask for supervisors, all of which are in Atlanta or somewhere else, looking at a computer screen which tells them nothing or at least nothing that they can relay to me personally.

The Hawaii store manager offered to transfer the claim authority over to me, which UPS headquarters refused to do.

UPS strategy apparently is to stonewall, deflect, and ignore their customers, all the while protecting thieves and liars within their organization.

I propose a class action suit to force UPS to deal with their customers, when it comes to determining what happened to their own personal property which has somehow become "lost" in the UPS system.


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Posted by shells_dell on 2008-03-02:
I am thinking that you must of had insurance to cover that lot. You will likely never find your missing items, but you could try calling your insurance company, they may help you. (Homeowners insurance)
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-03-02:
when shipping, did you add extra insurance on your packages?
Posted by NotHappy123 on 2008-03-02:
Unfortunately, I was dragging boxes in to the store as fast as I could and the picture box didn't get special insurance. I expected that probably some of the glass wouldn't make it intact, but I didn't expect that they would lose/steal 49 lbs of my personal property and then shut me out on the details.
Posted by NotHappy123 on 2008-03-20:
Here's the latest update... UPS found a "missing" box which wound up in Lost and Found in Atlanta, but that is a different one. The UPS rep told me that if they hear broken glass sounds, they are so afraid that someone will get hurt, that they have the right to discard the entire package without notice! And, by the way, here's your $100 for the trouble... :>(
Posted by Rory on 2013-07-25:
FedEx is such a better option...professional and business like . I have personally had woeful experiences with UPS this past year. A class action suit should be brought against the company.

Posted by DJ HARRIS on 2013-08-22:
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UPS dupes unsuspecting consumers with a fraudulent “guarantee”
Posted by ESW on 01/11/2008
UPS engages in a pattern of misrepresenting its “guaranteed” delivery date by reneging on its commitments without justification and misleading its customers to evade responsibility.

My family planned to vacation in Utah from 12/29/07 to 01/05/08. To lessen the burden of luggage for our party, including an infant and severely ill child, we called UPS to arrange shipment of our luggage. UPS assured me that there would not be a problem: they said there would be ample time for our goods to arrive before our vacation began. I heard no disclaimers, qualifications or limitations of liability – just a commitment that our luggage would arrive on time, so I paid $175 for shipping and insurance.

A week later, after our luggage was en route, I learned that UPS had no intention of delivering our luggage until our vacation was almost over. They said delivery had been “rescheduled” offering no apologies. When I pointed out that our vacation would be ruined unless we bought replacement ski clothes and equipment, UPS concocted a story that “we should have been told” delivery was not guaranteed. After many efforts to get the truth out of UPS, their representative Paul Bason admitted in an email on 1/2/08 that UPS had given us incorrect information,” but refused to pay for the costs of UPS’s mistake because that was UPS “policy.” Bason alluded to an obscure disclaimer contained in a boilerplate agreement never shown to us or mentioned when UPS took our money and promised to deliver our goods on time.

I asked many people at UPS for help, but all the representatives I spoke with refused.


- UPS offers unsuspecting consumers a "one-way" commitment where consumers
must pay, but UPS is under no obligation to honor its promises.

- UPS provides misleading information to consumers about the nature of UPS
"commitments" to deliver goods when and as promised.

- UPS engages in a pattern or practice that deprives unsuspecting consumers
of the benefit of delivery and insurance commitments.

-UPS hides behind obscure boilerplate disclaimers not revealed to consumers until a claim is raised


In addition to paying my out-of-pocket costs, I have asked UPS to:

1. Investigate the existence of patterns and practices described
above to determine whether a significant number of other similarly situated

2. Provide a clear written disclaimer in UPS's consumer-directed
communication that UPS assumes no liability for loss resulting from its
failure to honor its commitments and provide a similar verbal warning before
confirming delivery dates.

UPS’s refusal to comply speaks for itself. It is an unethical company that engages in dubious business practices.

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Posted by HKong on 2008-01-12:
I doubt that UPS would ship all that luggage and equipment for only $175.00 and guarantee a delivery date. You probably misunderstood.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-01-12:
what method did you ship it? overnight? air saver? ground?

i think you mis understand ups's commitments. if packages are shipped next day delivery, there is a guaranty. ground packages have no guaranty, except to be delivered some day.

weather does halt many air packages, and is allowed under their standard aggreement.

eventhough you were not specifically given a copy of the guaranty, does not mean they mis lead you. after all ups has been doing business for many many years, and is not a new service. you as the shipper/consumer does have some responsibility.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-12:
If you are not going to do that again, I would chalk it up as experience and go on.
UPS is not going to change it's policies.
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UPS are crooks!
Posted by Arnieb on 01/11/2008
I had a package shipped from the USA to Canada. The declared value being $126. UPS tried to deliver the package to a house down the street. When the lady refused the package because it was not hers they left a slip in her mail box saying they would try a deliver it again the next week. THEY WERE GOING TO BRING THE PACKAGE BACK TO HER HOUSE EVEN WHEN SHE SAID IT WAS NOT HERS!

The way I found out about it is her package was left between our door by UPS. I contacted UPS and they said when they deliver my package next week I would have to pay UPS a brokerage fee of $56. For my $126. item! This on top of what was payed for shipping to UPS already.

I will never buy any item again if UPS is the delivery method. They are crooks in the biggest way.
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Posted by funktv on 2008-01-11:
You CAN challenge the brokerage fee! Pay customs yourself!
Today's UPS saga;
The UPS delivery guy stopped by yesterday & wanted $38.50 COD brokerage fee,
I told him I would stop by the distribution center (today) & pay Canada customs & pick it up myself.
Went to the UPS distribution center on the north side of the Vancouver airport at 9:30AM this morning , there was a slow lineup until
9:45,.. I told them I would like to clear customs processing myself.
They said they would have the paperwork to me in 10 minutes.
At 10:40AM I asked how much longer the paperwork would take..they said "wait".
At 10:45 I finally got the paperwork & had to drive to the south side of the airport to go to CBSA (Canada Border Services).
Paid a $2.00 parking fee & got a number off the wall (to wait in line) at CBSA - waited ~10 minutes.
The CBSA guy was friendly & I asked if I should pay the GST/PST, ( ~$8.00) he said "Nahhh!" & stamped my paperwork & told me to bring it back to UPS.
Went back to UPS & waited in line another 15 minutes & got my package..no charge!
Total time & money spent - 2 hours and 15 minutes, plus$2.00 parking at CBSA.
LOTS of people there for commercial orders challenging the UPS Brokerage fee..I guess it's worth it for $$ worth of stuff.

We went to FedEx to send a package earlier on, prior to going to UPS.
Fedex had 4 staff on the counters, we were the only customers - uniformed,fast , large neatly kept service area & efficient
UPS customer service was a tiny little rat-hole( dirty, old tape stuck all over, broken posters, scruffy clothing, etc.) with ZERO in the way of customer service- 1-1/2 service persons that peered out of the broken "personnel only" door every 10 minutes or so.
Day & night difference
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-13:
$38.50 US or Canadian?
either way cheaper than 2hrs time, $2.00 us or canadian, gas, travel, etc...
Posted by ROSELL on 2008-02-18:
You could always buy from your country, that way you don't have to pay Brokerage fees and you'll be supporting your economy.
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Rselling Damaged Product
Posted by Madshipper on 06/30/2006
I use UPS to ship products to my customers. Recently a product was damaged in shipping. I filed a claim with UPS. They issued a call tag and picked up the damaged product for inspection. Later I received a reimbursement check that was dated three days prior to the pickup.

Today I discovered the exact product is being sold on eBay by a liquidator.

I contacted UPS who stated because they paid for product, they have the right to sell it. Here's where the deceiving comes in. No where does UPS state they will, or have the right to, resell the product (the woman I spoke with at UPS admitted this). The check they issue is called a "reimbursement check for replacement of the product". Never does it say UPS is PURCHASING the damaged product. They state they only request the product to INSPECT it. The woman I spoke with at UPS said if I wanted the product back, I should have written on the invoice to return it. UPS does not state to do this anywhere. It also contradicts that if they are purchasing it, why would they send it back?

I have filed claims with UPS in the past and they never requested to receive the damaged product. I don't know if this is a new practice of UPS, but I think people should be aware that UPS will re-sell the product and that the customer has the right to request the product back from UPS after inspection.
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-30:
The damaged product has residual value. If you received a full value payment for the damaged item, why should you also keep the damaged item too? If your loss was $100 and you're reimbursed $100 and the salvaged item has a value of $20...if you got to keep the check and the salvage item you get $120 worth of value for a $100 item. How does your coming out ahead seem fair to you? The UPS policy seems reasonable. Also fair, but less desireable, would be if they returned the damaged item for you to try to sell and then deducted the value of the damaged item from any reimbursement funds.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-06-30:
That would be like getting your car totalled, receiving the check for the value of the car and then the insurance company giving you the car too. THey paid you for hte product, now it is theirs. I don't get what the big deal is.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-30:
DOC J I was with you until your last statement - why should UPS customers be forced to sell their damaged product just because some people use Ebay and other auction sites? I think it's a good alternative but should be an option not the "answer"
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-30:
This one has me baffled too. UPS paid you for the item...does that not make it their property? Can't they do anything they want with their own property?
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-30:
It's the same with any carrier - if they pay you for it, they own it. Check your airbills and contracts of carriage if you doubt it.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-30:
rhondam-Carefully re-read the last line. It would be fair, but less desireable. The business isn't "forced" to sell the item. If it is retained, it "may" be sold. In any event, the sale value of the salvage would be deducted from the payment made by the shipper. This procedure is used when the shipper/insurance doesn't want to pay shipping of the damaged item to them. It is not suggested as an alternative, it is a commonly used method in settling damages. Hope I explained better. All best.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2006-06-30:
They should tell the shipper when it gets broken that they have the option of getting it back.. Good to know
Posted by madshipper on 2006-06-30:
All I want from UPS is to clearly state that they will re-sale the item. And, for them to clearly state that the shipper has the option to request the item back after inspection.

It's not about my re-selling the product. I would have thrown the item in the garbage if it was returned to me. It's the fact that my product, valued at $90 is selling on ebay for .99. This hurts the high end image of my company.

Further, sometimes UPS asks for the item to inspect, sometimes they don't. Why is this? Also, had I known my item would be sold to a liquidator I never would have given it to them to inspect. Unknown to myself they had already issued the reimbursement check prior to me giving them the damaged product.

I'm just saying that UPS should disclose this information. No where in any document do they state the shipper has the right to request the product back nor that UPS is going to resell the product.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-07-01:
madshipper, I'm sure your $90.00 product isn't valued that high when it's damaged. I don't see a problem with what they're doing. They paid for the item; they should get to keep it and do what they want.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-01:
UPS paid. It is a "sale". And, they bought a damaged item so you're entirely relieved of any CS related to the sale. That the liquidation somehow damages your reputation is baloney. That's like saying the wrecked Chevys in an autobody shop sully the image of GM. Any birdbrain knows "liquidated" is not synonymous with "quality" and does not reflect on the quality of the standard item. I suspect you're p.o.'d because you arranged a sale of the damaged item, collected on the sale, you were also going to keep the UPS check, and make "a little extra profit". Otherwise, you'd be happy and willing to move on.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-07-01:
Doc J, LOL! But maybe I shouldn't LOL. Possibly you hit the nail on the head.
Posted by madshipper on 2006-07-03:
No Doc J, you're totally off. You don't know me or my ethics. My arrangement for sale was to put the damaged item in the garbage.

I'm p.o.'d because UPS didn't disclose that they sometimes sell damaged products and that I had the option to request the item back (to then put in the garbage).
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UPS Left an Item at My Door With the Box So Badly Damaged, the Contents Were Literally Falling Out of the Box!
Posted by Fartman on 06/27/2006
CORAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Early last week, I came home from work, and noticed that something was left in front of my door. I had ordered a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner, so I figured that UPS had just left it on my doorstep (despite the fact that I was supposed to sign for this $450 item).

As I tried to lift the box, I noticed that it was badly damaged. There were rips and tears all over the box, and the sides of the box had, what looked like, scuff and drag marks. It also looked like the box had been dropped, as the corners were crushed. The most alarming thing about the delivery of this item was the fact that the contents of the box, a Dyson Vacuum cleaner and it's accessories, were literally falling out of the box!

I called up the local UPS facility, and after being put on hold for almost 20 minutes, I spoke with someone who told me to bring the item into the facility for examination. Since the UPS facility is located in Fort Lauderdale which is about 20 miles from my home, I asked this person to have someone come out to my house to examine the damaged box. he told me that they couldn't do that and I would have to bring the box to them!

Just as I was going to put the damaged item in my car in order to bring it to the UPS facility as requested, I decided to call up the company which I ordered the vacuum cleaner from. The person who I spoke with told me that they would call UPS in order to arrange for the pick up of the item for return to them. They also said that they would send me another vacuum cleaner as soon as they received confirmation that UPS had picked up the damaged item. I agreed to their terms, but I insisted that they use another delivery method, as I did not want to give UPS another opportunity to leave a damaged shipment at my door! The company agreed and told me that instead of UPS, they would be using FedEx to deliver the replacement item.

I received the replacement vacuum cleaner from FedEx yesterday afternoon, and this time the box was completely undamaged! How come UPS couldn't deliver the original shipment the same way?

From now on, I will flush "BROWN" down the toilet bowl and ask all companies which I order from to use a carrier other than UPS...

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-27:
Keep in mind the difference in price between UPS ground and FedEx air. UPS (and for that matter, FedEX) ground service is a highly automated, but economical method. The boxes ride miles of conveyor belts and seldom get touched by human hands. They are pushed, shoved and dropped onto belts. FedEx Air (and UPS Air as well) is a premium service and it's much more "hands on" with much less automation.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-27:
Try the good ole post office. Their package service, priority mail, etc has really improved. Or else, we've been lucky.
Posted by TreeQS on 2006-06-27:
I 'flushed' brown a long time ago. Have asked to have packages set on table on porch but they insist on putting them on floor Since I'm handicapped, this presents a problem. Have called them but they don't listen. I have asked several vendors to use other shipping methods
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-27:
Just looked at Dyson's website, you should contact them and tell them to reconsider their shipper for your part of the country. http://www.dyson.com/homepage.asp
Good luck
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UPS lost my passport (YESSSSSS)
Posted by S_sampa on 02/03/2006

I am an Indian working in US for the last 2 years in Denver, Colorado. My Indian passport was about to get expired in couple of months. Since, there is no Indian consulate in Denver, I had to send my original passport to Indian consulate in San Francisco along with money orders and other application forms and documents.

I sent the package on 01/25 overnight priority and was supposed to be delivered on 01/26 at 9:00. The UPS driver did try to deliver on 01/26, but unfortunately the consulate was closed due to Indian republic holiday. They were supposed to deliver the next day i.e 01/27.

So far good, now the horror story

The package was not delivered on 01/27. I called UPS CS and asked them the status and they said it has been delivered, but the system would show up after another 1 hour or so. So, I waited for 2 hours and then checked the status. Still not delivered.

I called CS again and now they said my package is lost and a tracer is put and investigation is on

This started to make me feel very tense and irritated with UPS for having lost my original passport.

Till now, I must have made at least 5o to 60 calls. Have spoken to manager, supervisors, senior manager, local delivery stores (Guy's name was Michael in San Francisco location) and the most horrible person I have every spoke to , who does not know how to behave or talk to customers. One bigg guy who needs to be sacked.

Its 02/03 and the UPS guys are still not able to trace my package

I plan to take them to court and sue them for 2 million dollars

That's where I am fearing the idea that it would take me 6 months to get a replacement for a lost passport and have to go back to India to get my US-Visa stamped and all the hell I have to go through

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-04:
Call them
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-02-04:
Do you honestly think that he11 is worth 2 million? I doubt a court will.
Posted by s_sampa on 2006-02-07:

I know I was not realistic in my earlier mail. I knot 2 million came out of frustration

Anyway, FYI, I cant even go back to India to get new passport without a passport.

I plan to go to small claims court and ask UPS to give me whatever it takes to get me a new passport (around 10000 dollars in total, including a trip to san francisco from Denver, as all lost passport applications have to appear in person in San Francisco consulate and also I need to get my US Visa re-stamped, for which I need to fly to India)

Posted by s_sampa on 2006-02-08:
Thanks for your comment. But I am sure you do not understand the meaning of a passport, especially for a foriegner who comes to US on a work VISA. If you do understand the importance, I am sure you would not mention "trying to get something out of nothing". I wwould appreciate if you can dig deeper and try to understand what a passport is all about for a foreigner coming to US on work

I agree that I was totally un-realistic about the 2 million dollars. It came out of frustration. All that I will be claiming is whatever it costs me to get a new passport and a VISA stamping (around 10000 dollars, including trip to San Francisco for passport and a trip to India for US VISA stamping)

Posted by subs on 2006-03-09:
sampa...i saw ur post and wonder what...i am on the same boat..UPS lost my passport about 15days back...I do understand the gravity of the situation and the pain of obtaining a new passport and US visa ...I doubt if UPS is legitimate trying to lose passports so frequently..anyway can I have ur email id and have a few questions..
Posted by gjfriedland on 2006-05-01:
You obviously have no right to be in this country, i suggest you get back on your camel and head for India
Posted by Mor on 2007-08-16:
Can't tell you how UPSET I am!!!!
Posted by Venky on 2011-05-31:
They had lost mine too last week and I am surprised to see that UPS dis this for many of us. How this can happen. For me, the tracker showing it reached to NY but from there they had it lost. I sent it from Connecticut. It's on ivestigation right now. Could you please tell me what is the next step I have to take? I need the passport back urgent as I have plans for visiting India..Thanks
Posted by teja.vepakomma on 2013-10-08:
UPS lost my passport too. I had shipped it to indian consulate in SFO. Its very frustrating, UPS sucks. Their claims process is a joke. I know one another person who lost his passport through UPS.
Posted by G Singh UPS lost my passport too on 2013-12-25:
I mailed my US passport to BLS in NY for OCI match . There was no tracking information available even after couple days. After waiting 4 days I requested to put the tracer on. It has been two weeks no positive response. it seems they lost my package. Now I would need to apply for new passport and visa. Another 4-5 months of frustrating waiting period and need to pay for all expenses again. Worst service ever seen. That is considered as an absolute matter of neglignce. This company should be sued.
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UPS - New Profit Source: Don't Pay Insurance Claims
Posted by Guido.Pilot on 09/04/2009
The item was all but destroyed when I opened it. I called UPS and they sent two guys out to look at the damage. They took it back with them, but they agreed that everything was properly packed and properly marked as "Extremely Fragile". Just in case, I took pictures.

Ten days later, I get a letter from UPS saying they were denying my insurance claim because the box was "...improperly packed..." and "...not marked..." with Fragile stickers. When I sent them the pictures, the UPS telephone representative said that their shipping insurance isn't for damage done to the package, only "...to assure the package gets delivered...". I was told that since the package was delivered, they did their part of the insurance "contract". Now I'm stuck with nothing for my almost $3000 - no instrument, no honored claim, nothing.

UPS is committing insurance fraud. They never once:
1) Said that insurance is for "delivery" only.
2) Inspected the box to verify that it was properly packed
3) Noted on any forms that the box was clearly marked "FRAGILE"

I have since found out that UPS has done this throughout the US. They charge for insurance, and when the box shows up (damaged, or in some cases, not at all), they refuse to pay the insurance claim. When the person takes them to small claims, they don't show up for the trial. They know they are going to lose the claim by default, but they can automatically appeal the claim and use their attorney to paper the court with motions and legal procedures. We, as the consumers can't usually afford an attorney to fight the UPS attorney in the appeal, so they end up winning on appeal.

UPS has turned their "Lose, Appeal and Win" strategy into a way to make lots of money on shipping insurance and not have to pay out any claims, knowing that they will almost always Win on appeal by papering the court with motions. They even have the Small Claims forms pre-filled with a "canned" appeal response: they claim that (in a company that has literally thousands of employees) the "manager" couldn't show up on the court date because he was "sick". I guess he is the ONLY manager that is employed by UPS.

UPS looks like a VERY RIPE target for a class action suit to prevent them from taking money for insurance but never paying claims.

NEVER, EVER EVER use UPS. At least FEDEX pays their claims. The US Postal Service never argues about insurance claims - they almost always paid, unless it's a case of clear fraud.

UPS is a FRAUD and is committing FRAUD by charging customers for insurance which they never intend to pay. They have created a scheme whereby they never have to pay a claim, and have turned that into another source of income.

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Posted by ettoresimonettirt29 on 2011-11-10:
This case shoes How UPS Makes money out of customers loses.Corporate is well trained and with
a lot of expirience.
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