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United States Postal Service
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Package travels 1,150 miles in wrong direction!
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I mailed a package from Lindsborg, Kansas to California on April 22nd 2013 to the correct address. The package went East 385 miles {not West} to DES MOINES, IA 50395 Depart USPS Sort Facility where it sat for 3 or 4 days. Then it was sent 190 miles to Kansas City. Once at Kansas City it was sent 190 miles back to DES MOINES, IA 50395! After traveling 1,150 east of Lindsborg, Kansas it was sent to California.

Today is April 30th and the package has still not been delivered! This is not the first time I have experienced this kind of problem with the USPS. I am just 1 person, just think of the other 300,000,000 + people in the US alone who have most likely experienced just 1 experience like this? And Congress shrugs off the USPS loss of $25,000,000 per day. YES, the USPS is losing 25 MILLION dollars each and every day! Here is the tracking **. Have a look at the path of this item!

Mail Is Not Being Deliver to the Correct Address
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- We have been receiving other streets' mail. We have not been getting packages delivered to our apartments and we have to call the postal service and complain. The companies think that we are lying and doesn't care because of the area we live in. So, all the neighbors have complained and nothing is being done about it. Check your log. What I am going to do with all respect is to call the news' channel and let them bring you proof that your mail carrier is not giving us our mail. If I involve the news in it, then you will look into it.

Inconsistent mail delivery
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BERTRAM TX -- First, I'd like to say that I have already talked with the gal behind the counter at the Bertram, TX post office. Subject discussed with the lack of receiving some mail. Of course, the response was if I get one company's mail then there's nothing wrong with their delivery service. It's the companies. Really. Verizon mail is inconsistent in delivery.
Allstate mail in inconsistent but one important piece of mail which lead to a collection issue was not delivered. As a matter of fact 2-3 pieces of this type of mail never got to me.

Settlement Notice was sent in January and not received which was a shock. They sent three notices and I finally got the one sent 7-3-12. Doctor has been sending bills since last Oct '11 and I've not received one statement. Went to collections. So, if I have this correctly, at least four companies are wrong. Not the post office. The companies whom I've verified have my correct mailing address.

What's scary is that I don't know why other important mail is not getting to me. I know the counter gals at the post office have no authority to do anything. They didn't offer one solution. They probably don't know how to check into undeliverable mail. Oh, and while I was there I found out they've been holding a package for me. Not notice in my mail box.

This is not customer service. There is no responsibility on their part. They cannot be fired to the best of my knowledge. I take the brunt of their lack of competence. PS: They don't deserve 1 star rating.

Poor And Unacceptable Service
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GAP,PA. -- Once again after nearly 10 years of regrettably moving to Lancaster, PA. My V.F.W. Newsletter came torn and enclosed in a postal envelope expressing their apologies and forgiveness. Something that's been going on most of the last 10 years with the exception of 5 or 6 times. The post master always has an excuse! I am tired of excuses and just want my mail *** undamaged.*** Being this is a government agency, I guess I can't expect any better! Question : Why do stupid, incompetent postal workers make more than members of our military? Thank God our military sets higher standards than the postal service. Wish the U.S.P.S. Would just go away!

USPS - Its Own Victim
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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I have the misfortune to live in Henrico County, VA just outside Richmond, Va. Of course, in their wisdom, the USPS assigned my community a Richmond Zip Code forcing us to deal with the East End Richmond Post Office, better known because of its plastic shields at the counter and locked areas, the "War Zone".

For 12 years I have suffered and complained to the Post Master General and the local post office by telephone (try to use their online complaint e-mail forms and you will probably find as I do that they do not work - broken links, locked fields, etc.) about: (1) mis-delivered mail, i.e. all mail in my cul de sac delivered to my mailbox, my correctly addressed mail delivered to a person in Richmond with a totally different name and zip code, etc. (2) delivery of my mail consistently after 6:30PM (3) packages not delivered requiring me to pay a cab (I do not drive and there is no bus service) to go to the "War Zone".

The excuses they give me are numerous - can't hire enough people because they, "can't find enough employees to pass the legal requirements and drug testing" (actual quote). They are afraid someone will steal the package if they leave it (UPS and FedEx have no such problem and I have never missed receiving a package), my neighborhood is the last on the route, etc.

I have a family in France and right now I am waiting to call a cab to pick up the package they sent. As usual, it was delivered after 6:30PM and although I was home either the carrier did not use the doorbell or simply knocked once and left. So, I am going to tell my family in Europe to not attempt to send packages and to rely on IM and e-mail for our correspondence.

I will choose the more expensive method of sending my packages by FedEX or UPS. I have already switched to almost exclusively electronic cards and correspondence. It appears to me that if the Post Office wants to become financially viable they might consider providing decent service.

Extremely slow package delivery!

My husband had a package shipped to him on 10/28/11 via USPS (Ebay purchase). It is now 11/22/11 and the package has not be delivered yet. Tracking information shows: Detailed Results:Processed through USPS Sort Facility, November 12, 2011, 7:57 pm, RICHMOND, CA 94804. Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 28, 2011. Acceptance, October 28, 2011, 12:39 pm, FREEPORT, IL 61032.

Richmond, Ca is 110 miles north of our location. The package arrived in Richmond 10 days ago so why hasn't it at least reached our local post office? I'm beginning to think that, in an effort to save money, the USPS has strapped this package to the back of a turtle instead of placing it on a mail truck for the mailman to deliver! Seriously USPS? You've had this package for 3 weeks now. We could have had the package shipped media mail and it should have been here by now! It's also frustrating to know that at least as far as the USPS is concerned, a tracking number means nothing to them. If I take the tracking info down to the local post office, there is nothing they can do to locate this package. You would think that the USPS would have a more sophisticated way of tracking mail but they don't. This is seriously disappointing USPS. You have been my preferred method of shipping for a long time.

If you plan on delivering any packages, don't use the self serve kiosk machine

OK so I'm sort of a newbie to the site, but get the gist of the reviews and complaints. This is a slight complaint, more of an informative to people since you really can't prevent yourself from using the USPS besides mailing packages. Anyway here's my story.

I sell things on Ebay, especially video games that I am finish playing. I normally make most of my money back from the game when I sell them on Ebay. So I sold a game, the buyer paid via Paypal. Paypal always suggests you mail getting some sort of tracking info as proof to prevent a buyer saying they never got your package. So I stick the game in a large envelope I have, and off to the USPS I go.

Of course, due to the holidays, the post office I went to is swamped with people and the line almost going out the post office door. I noticed no one at the self service kiosk, where you can buy your own stamps, and mail your packages out. Being somewhat computer savvy, I thought I would give it a try. It was pretty self explanatory and easy, I got through weighing the item, and the cost The game is light. $1.44. I wanted to add certified mail to it, which was another $2.80. okay no biggie.

I pay for the certified mail, and all that came out was the sticker for the envelope.....it gave no instructions on how to go about getting a number for certified mail. I went over to a desk next to it where the little certified mail stickers were, I stuck the sticker on the package and kept the other piece since it was the sender's copy. It's now day 2, and I still cannot track the order.... so I don't know whether my package is going to be delivered or if the USPS did not scan the barcode to put it in the system....ugh.. Anyway all I have to say is do NOT use their self serving kiosk other than getting stamps. It's confusing and difficult.

Nancy B Jefferson Location
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I agree 100% with the other reviewer here commenting on the Nancy B. Jefferson location. I've lived at this address for 15 years, and have rarely received reliable mail. About 4 years ago I called because myself and my tenant were missing mail, which we still regularly do. The supervisor took my complaint, and then TOLD MY CARRIER, mentioning my name and address. So that, the next time I saw her, she accused me of complaining about her. Nice management skills in evidence, here!

My mail delivery got worse after that -- which was shocking to me. Just kidding. It just makes sense. I was too frightened at that point to ever say anything again. I think I have a different carrier at this time, but they seem to change regularly now, also, so sometimes I get mail, and sometimes/mostly I don't. There's at least one piece (bill) missing each month. I make sure to specify delivery confirmation or insurance on anything being shipped to me, which does seem to help.

They've removed ALL post boxes in my neighborhood so that the nearest one is 8 blocks away, which, in the winter, isn't fun. It's become SUCH a giant hassle for me to mail anything at this point (I work from my home). So to mail anything I need to drive to the post office, about 2 miles away.

I called to have the mailbox that was until recently two blocks from my house replaced, and they said they'd done a study and found it wasn't being used enough and would not be replaced. I'M about to go postal, it's such a hassle for me to get anything in to the mail these days. And they wonder why they're doing so poorly, fiscally? They used to actually be quite profitable.... I wonder what patronage job took over as the CEO or whatever the top Postal job is. Yes, I'm cynical, in a Chicago kind of way.

Mis-Delivered And Lost Mail
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BEREA, OHIO -- Lately I have been having problems with lost and/or mis-delivered mail to my residence in Berea, OH. On many occasions I have found my mail in my downstairs neighbor's mailbox (he is good at giving me my mail, though). And on a few occasions, I never received certain pieces of mail, including my gas and telephone bills for February and three Netflix DVD's that were supposedly mailed from the Cleveland distribution center on the 11th, and had not arrived as of today, the 17th. (I reported the three DVD's to Netflix as missing, and replacements are supposed to be mailed tomorrow, the 18th.)

Apparently my mail carrier isn't doing a very good job sorting the mail, so I wonder if the missing mail was delivered to other neighbors' houses and not returned. As far as I know, I doubt it if anybody is stealing mail from my mailbox, since I have received other bills and mail.

I had to pay the telephone and gas bills by phone, so I don't fall behind on them. And some days, the mailman is so lazy that he puts the mail for both me and my other neighbor in the third neighbor's mailbox (my building has 3 apartments). I am getting concerned because of the mistakes this mailman is making, since I am missing some mail I receive regularly. I don't want to fall behind on my bills because of the mailman's mistakes.

I'm also debating on whether I should get a post office box and have my mail delivered there instead. This would mean submitting a change of address, though. This is getting ridiculous. These problems usually occur when there is a substitute mailman on my route. The regular mailman rarely makes these mistakes, but more often than not, my mail does end up getting mis-delivered or missing. Whatever mailman who is on my route needs to take his time and make sure the mail is properly separated and delivered. Thank you.

Money Stolen!
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I understand that you should never send cash through the mail. I never have and never will, however it's not always easy to break someone else's ways: My grandmother called me on 1/14/09 and told me she was sending my birthday money ($50) in the mail with a card as she has done every year for the past 20 years. I received the card today, 1/16/09, and found that the envelope had been opened and re-taped, and there was a handwritten note on the back with "sorry opened by mistake delivered to wrong address". Of course, the $50 was missing. On the front of the card, my zip code written by my grandmother as part of my address had been scribbled out, someone else re-wrote my zip code then scribbled it out again, then wrote it a third time on the front of the envelope.

Again, my grandmother has been sending my birthday cards to this same address for the past 10 out of 20 years. She know my correct zip code and prints legibly. I can see through the scribble enough to see that the correct zip code was written originally. In addition, the postal barcode at the bottom clearly reads "18018". I have no reason to believe that this card was delivered to someone's home, opened, and then handed back to the postman for re-delivery for several reasons:

1) If someone is going to steal money after a card was delivered at the wrong residential address, why would the thief bother to give the card back to the postman to redeliver? It would be easier to just throw away the card as though it never existed.

2) The card is postmarked 1/14/09. It has always taken exactly 2 days for mail to come from my grandmother's address to mine. If the card was truly delivered "accidentally" to the wrong zip code, it is not likely that I would have received it until at least the 17th when the postman was able to redeliver it. This gives me reason to believe that the crime was committed by a U.S. postal worker.

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