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Bosch/Sears Nightmare
Posted by Bosch/Sears Nightmare! on 05/10/2010
I'm not sure if writing this review will help anyone, but if I can at least save one person from the nightmare that is Bosch/Sears then it was worth the effort. I purchased $12,000 worth of appliances from Sears in April, 2010. I bought all Bosch. The dishwasher works fine, but the delivery people put a 12 inch gash through three of my brandnew hand scraped hardwood floor planks, that I have yet to have repaired and have been given the run around on. The gas cooktop is underwhelming, and I haven't tried the oven yet, so I can't comment. The side by side refrigerator arrived completely broken, including a broken handle, broken computer module, and broken temp controls. The "repair" guy arrived today, one week late, and asked me how to turn the fridge on and how to find the model number. Stay away from Bosch/Sears and save yourself $$$$.
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Posted by 2cent-er on 2010-07-24:
Well; i'm not a Bosch apologist. in fact i think people who buy Bosch are foolish. but sounds like your problem lies with Sears and the low bidder delivery people they use. too late now, but when spending that much money for appliances go to a locally owned retail dealer. their delivery people are 'usually' top notch. there is a skill level involved with delivery and installations.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-24:
I actually like certain Bosch appliances. I agree though, the problem here was not with the manufacturer but the delivery.
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Bosch Oven Door Hinges Failed
Posted by Ozbloke on 08/05/2008
MELBOURNE,AUSTRALIA -- After 4 years of reliable but infrequent operation the Door on our Bosch Oven would not fully close, on inspection it was observed the hinge arms were bent slightly sideways. The local Bosch service agent replaced the hinges at a cost of $249.70 AUD which we thought very expensive.

Checking the removed faulty hinges we noted the hinge spring channel assemblies were distorted locally, and adjacent to a rectangular slot cutout in the side of the channel,the distortion caused the hinge arm pivot pin to move out of square thus moving the Hinge arms out of square to foul on the sides of the channels and preventing the oven door to fully close.

Bosch Technical Services stated "The damage can be attributed to an excessive downward force on the Oven Door" which we dispute as there are only myself and my wife who might use the Oven and no likelihood of an excessive force used.

Our complaint is we believe the design of the Oven Door hinges is poor in that a manufactured hole in the hinge spring channel adjacent to the hinge pivot pin weakens the channel locally which subsequently distorts during normal door closures, it should be mentioned the springs are very strong too.
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Posted by Mark E. on 2009-01-19:
I have same problem with a new Bosch gas convection oven. The door would not shut completely and the escaped heat would melt the knobs. On the original hinges, the light would stay on. I am on my 3rd set of door hinges. Fortunately, these are still under warranty, and I may have to have these replaced every 6 months or so under warranty. There is a 12-month warranty for each repair, so you need to get these hinges replaced before the warranty runs out every year, since even the new hinges will get progressively worse over time.
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Read Before You Buy Bosch
Posted by Dringer on 10/02/2003
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- After spending a long time looking I bought a Bosch mixer and got a very bad cut taking things out of the box.

I called Bosch to let them know as a kindness to them and a few days later they called me back and said they would like to do something for me because of what happened and to take a few days to think of what they could do.

I decided that was nice and I picked two attachments. They called me again and wanted me to see a doctor and said they would pay for it right away. I did not want to but they talked me into it.

Then they called and said they would only offer me one product to pick one attachment so I did pick the food processor attachment.

I went to the doctor and got what they wanted and faxed it to them but that was not good enough so I sent it to them.

Then they called me back and said they would not send me the attachment I picked after all but they would send another one and I told them I had bought it when they told me to pick only one.

So now I have not gotten the doctor bills paid for and they tell me that they will not pay for my phone calls and they will not send me what they told me they would send me.

They have treated me awful and there are even a few more mean things they have done that I do not have time to list.

I did not want all of this in the beginning but now I want them to pay my doctor bills and for my phone calls about 12 dollars and to send me the food processor attachment that they said they would send! They have treated me like I am stupid and do not count and they have lied to me and kept me upset. I really believe they do not care about their customers. They even had to question my doctor treating me like a liar and found out I was not but are still treating me awful. I told them I have a chronic illness and did not need to go through all this but they do not care about me and I do not think they would care about you. What I am asking for now is very little compared to what I have been through. The cut was bad enough to have cut nerves and I did not sue them I was nice. You would think they would want to be caring back!!

Diane ringer
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Bosch Convection Range Control Module
Posted by Mnfats on 01/18/2010
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- We had this Range (HES5022U) for two and a half years when the touch pad quit working on one side. Called a local Bosch certified Rep. He came out looked at the stove (only the outside)and said "You need a new module" which would cost about $150 plus installation. Thought it strange that he didn't look inside the range for a loose wire or some other problem. After he left I opened the back and discovered the Module was attached to the front glass with 2 sided tape, and this connection was right above the oven vent which spews out heat and moisture. The Module was attached to the front glass and had pulled loose from the tape and apparently was far enough from the glass so it wouldn't react to a finger touch on the glass. The local Rep still thought we needed a new Module, so I e-mailed Bosch stating the problem (but received no response)and finally called Bosch to see if they had revised this connection. The only solution the consumer Rep would recommend was replacing the module. My point was that it doesn't make any logical sense to spend $200 to $300 to replace a perfectly good Module with one that would more than likely have the same problem in a few more years if they hadn't revised their connection to the glass. Neither the local Rep or the Bosch Rep seemed to have a clue as to how these stoves were put together. Any Company that would use 2 sided tape to attach a very important and pricey component on a heat generating product must be sorely lacking in Engineering experience and they are definitely lacking in customer service. I finally fixed this problem by forcing the Module against the glass by jamming two five cent washers under a near by metal plate. So far its working fine. I can only hope the construction of the rest of the stove and our Bosch dishwasher are Engineered better than this Mickey Mouse connection. Needless to say once these two Appliances break down they won't be replaced with Bosch products.
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Bosch Dishwasher
Posted by Piet10 on 08/20/2007
There are dozens of complaints on the Internet about the poor performance of this dishwasher. My own experience is also very poor:

I have a brand new Bosch Dish Washer (Model SHE44C07UC bought on Consumer Reports recommendation) and it is a piece of junk!

I have had it for about 3 months and have had several repair places check it out. They have no clue what’s wrong with it. Customer Service has no clue & the dealer is less than helpful.

Poorly designed loading, Does not dry dishes to even a reasonable degree.
The dishes are soaking wet after the cycle runs. The loading is inefficient and poorly designed. There is no way to position cups, large bowls, or glasses so water can drain off the ends, therefore, puddles of water collect on every possible surface.
The dishes look cloudy and dirty. Some dishes are dirtier after the wash then when they went in. Flatware is marred and dirty. Heavily soiled dishes are hardly cleaned at all.

The only way to make this machine work is to prewash all dishes by hand,have a water softener installed in your home, not to use any detergent except plain old-fashioned non-additive store-brand, and to add “Glass Magic” to each wash.

Avoid the Bosch brand at all costs.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-20:
Buy American.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-08-20:
Well you will never get the drying issue fixed. Bosch dishwashers by design, have no drying cycle or features. That convection automatic drying they claim, forget it. I just open the door on mine about 10 minutes after the clean light shines and let them air dry. They will stay wet forever until that door is open.
Posted by HokieinSC on 2007-11-30:
You must use Jet-Dry to help dry your dishes with a Bosch Dishwasher, in fact it is recommended for all dishwashers. Also, use only powder detergent it works better with hard water, which it sounds like you have considering your glasses are cloudy. Once the dishwasher cycle is completed it will need to sit with the door closed for about 45 minutes for the dishes to dry completely, except plastic which won't dry in any dishwasher. I have had a BOSCH for almost 4 years and followed this and had no issues.
Posted by BlogShag on 2011-07-14:
Are you sure there isn't something wrong with your drainage system? We have a Bosch and we love it, although it's a different model. (SHE55M12UC)

No, it won't dry your dishes if all you use is plastic dishware, because it uses a different more hygienic method to dry the dishes. It's called condensation evaporation drying.

We don't have any problems with the dishes coming out cloudy. As a matter of fact they come out sparkling,so that complaint of yours seems quite strange
Posted by BlogShag on 2011-07-14:
I must say It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't read instructions to their appliances before they use them .That's what the issue sounds like here. The dishes won't dry in ten minutes and you shouldn't expect them too. They also tell you to use rinse agent for a reason. Water does not evaporate off of plastic well in any dishwasher. Are most of your dishes plastic?

And as far as superbowl's totally ignorant comment about "buy American", I have had more problems with American dishwashers than I care to recall. They're pathetic. The two best dishwasher's I've owned were Swedish (Asko) and Bosch (German Engineered,but American built). Yeah, the Bosch dishwasher IS American. Built in North Carolina. Here's the photo of it:


Posted by Davis on 2012-01-28:
Sent to Bosch on 1/28/2012
Who in your company designed the racks for my new BOSCH purchase MODEL SHE68R56UC? Evidently they do not do the dishes for a large family or they need to be trained by the people who designed the racks for my old BOSCH dishwasher that I used for 10 years. The old Model 6806UC was so easy to use for loading bowls, plates all sizes of dishes- the new model is a MAJOR DISASTER.

Do you have any racks that I could use in the new model of this dishwasher that are designed like the racks in my old dishwasher? If you do please send them to me and I will GLADLY SEND THESE POORLY DESIGNED RACKS BACK TO YOU.

The President of BOSCH should be made aware of the HORRIBLE DESIGN OF THE RACKS FOR THE BOSCH MODEL I purchased. I will go to a dealer today and look at other BOSCH models and if I am unable to find a model with racks that will accommodate dishes, like my old Bosch. I WILL HAVE TO RETURN THE NEW DISHWASHER. I GET EXTREMELY UPSET WHEN I HAVE TO LOAD THE DISHES IN THIS NEW MODEL, IT ELEVATES MY BLOOD PRESSURE and since I am 80 years old this is not good for my health.

This new model also wastes electricity and water, as this new model does not accommodate as many dishes as the OLD MODEL. This model does not save electricity and water. I used to be able to use the SHORT CYCLE on my old dishwasher and the dishes were washed in less than 24 minutes. The other day the cycle was over an hour for the AUTO CYCLE on this new model.!!!!!!! This is an UNACCEPTABLE DISHWASHER.

During the past 10 years I have recommended the BOSCH dishwashers to my family, clients and friends. I am in real estate and many people ask me for recommendations for appliances etc. Hopefully you will take care of this design problem for future dishwashers.

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Don't count on your Bosch rebate!!!
Posted by Audiophile73 on 07/26/2007
HILLIARD, OHIO -- I had purchased all Bosch appliances for my remodeled kitchen in December of 2006. The offer was if you bought four appliances you would receive a $500 rebate. Well SIX months later I FINALLY received $200 after many calls and having to re-fax my rebate form. You can imagine how P.O'd I was that after all that time, calling, and faxing that the check was not for the full $500 I was promised. I have been told several times that my rebate will be reviewed but still even after many calls over the past couple months they can't tell me anything. Bosch obviously doesn't have their act together as far as customer service is concerned. As a business owner myself I know how important it is to bend over backwards for any customer and even more so for an unhappy one (which hardly ever occurs thank you very much). If they cared at all my "issue" would have been resolved in about 24 hours. Then I would be happy and wouldn't feel like I wanted to cause them to lose some money because they lied and cheated me out of mine. I give up!!! It is no longer worth my time... I have better things to do... Gosh what I could I have done with the three hundred dollars they promised me... Do me and yourself a favor and buy from a company that actually cares how they treat their customers!!!
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Does not rinse off detergent!!!
Posted by Straightshooter1965 on 06/30/2006
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- My experience; with both Bosch and Western Appliance (located in San Jose, CA) has to be one of the most miserable of our lives. Bosch made the equivalent of a "prototype" marketed the machine, but evidentially they were not hot sellers, and ours was over a year old when it was as brand new, "modern", "the model of tomorrow", and "state of the art". It not the model (dishwasher) of tomorrow, it’s the one a seedy little salesman pushes off on you. Our model is SHU53E02UC/14. I am of the belief that because of this machines inability to properly wash or rinse dishes, I have ingested enough detergent to burn the lining of my bladder and cause irregularities in my kidney lab results. Please Note; this is pure, 100% speculation, I wish I had some "concrete" to share, we be in court. Initially their customer service was 100%, now do not return e-mails. I guess "benign neglect" is the behavioral intervention of choice. Personally, and under my first amendment right to freedom of speech; I offer the opinion that this brand is allot of $$$ for nothing but head aches and Western is so, we will never shop there again. Which is a true pity, because we have purchased every appliance in the past ten years there? Oh well, better late then never. Again, let me be clear, this is "freedom of expression", my personal feelings, and it is not my intention to present them as fact, at this time.


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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-06-30:
What makes you so sure the salesman knew the dishwaher would perform badly in your opinion? Sounds like your blaming the dealer for something not in their control, and maybe that's why they're becoming less helpful. Have you had a service tech look at it?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-06-30:
"I have ingested enough detergent to burn the lining of my bladder and cause irregularities in my kidney lab results"...then that is your fault for being lazy...I mean, once you found out the detergent wasn't being rinsed off why did you continue using the machine...there was an invention years and years ago that was considered "modern" and it has worked for centuries and still working as if it was new today...It's call a dish cloth...never fails!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-30:
Once it finishes, reset the control to "rinse" and run a partial cycle. Problem solved, bladder saved.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-30:
Thank you for the disclaimer that this is your "personal feelings" and not your intention to present them as statements of fact. I likewise have a "feeling" about the intellect of someone who willingly eats enough visible, unrinsed dishwashing detergent to "burn the lining of my bladder". Please don't use public restrooms. You know, the ones with the towel dispensers with instructions to "pull down, tear up". I foresee numerous destroyed towel dispensers if you follow the instructions. Peace.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-06-30:
It seems to me that if you ate enough dishwashing soap to burn the lining of your bladder you would taste it.
Posted by fazie on 2006-06-30:
hey our plumber told me to use Cascade complete because of the water in our town being a bit hard boy what a difference! no complaints anymore! i had the same experience you did the machine wasnt rinsing well, also he told me to run the machine empty except for a cup of vinegar on top and one on the bottom. this is to be done before changing you dw soap. hope this helps!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-30:
Our dishwasher broke about 3 months ago, and, I couldn't be happier! My handwashed dishes are much cleaner. Brings me back to my childhood...ahhh. May never buy a "dishwasher" again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-30:
I don't believe in dishwashers as they instill complacency.
Here's some references for your Bosch problem.
Consumer Product Safety Commission 1-800-638-CPSC
To talk to an operator, dial 1, then 999
www.recalls.org - Items that have been recalled
Good luck
Posted by Doc J on 2006-07-01:
emt-c: Bravo! Washing by hand takes about the same amount of time and effort to get the dishes ready for the machine, loading the machine, unloading the machine, sorting out the dishes that are still filthy, etc. Plus, many dishwashers are hooked up improperly without completely isolating its drain from the sewer line. Yummm!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-01:
Thank you, Doc J. I do have to admit that my dishwasher makes a nice drying rack, so I'll keep it a little longer, if just for that!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-07-01:
I never understood any good reasoning for owning a dish washer...Like Doc said by the time you do it by hand, and have them done with. I guess the only reason I can really find for people to own one (this is not directed at the poster, but just people in general)is because they have a place to hide dirty dishes for days without washing them. Their kitchen looks nice and tidy...but we know what lurks in the dish washer...imagine if people left dirty dishes in the sink for days until they run out of dishes to use...it's just a hiding place...like sweeping dirt under the rug, the dirt is still there but no one knows it because the floor looks clean.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-07-01:
you can have them done with...
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-06:
Slim, restrict your googles to kitchen electrics, please.
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BOSH: Do Not Buy a Refrigerator From Them.
Posted by Ehansen96 on 05/07/2012
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- We have a two year old Bosh 800 series refrigerator. Last summer our compressor broke. We called Bosh to fix it. They sent a tech to view the problem and then tell me they not fix compressors even though it is under warranty. I then had to call another company and have someone else come out and fix it. Two half days off from work for all of this. Now it is a year later and our control panel on the front of our fridge stopped working and the Freezer is not cold. No ice or water either. A Bosh tech came out and said we needed a new control panel. He came back three days later as he had to order the part. He installed it and $450 dollars later he said all would work. I waited a day for the freezer to get cold and it has not.

I called Bosh again saying the 2nd part of the problem was not fixed. They now sent out another tech who tells me I need two parts and Bosh is not allowed to fix this and I have to call another service provider. This tech also said there was no reason to get a new control panel. Yes, they work for the same company. He told me to call Bosh and complain. At this point I am irate. Now two days after this tech visits our control panel is not working again. I call Bosh and they tell me I need another service call from their tech. They will not allow the other company I have coming out to fix the freezer to fix it.

I am now soon to go into my 5th visit from Bosh and other service company for this dam Fridge. I have to tell you that Bosh has the worst service I have seen from any company. It is also the worst Fridge I have ever seen. I will have taken 5 half days off from work for all of this. NEVER BUY A BOSH PRODUCT. Their customer service is horrible and there products are worse!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-05-07:
I have heard that Bosch appliances were really shaky in terms of reliability. Aesthetically pleasing, and packed more technology then you would expect to find in a refrigerator, but really hit and miss as far as reliability goes.

The runaround they are giving you is bewildering. I don't see how Bosch's own techs are somehow not allowed to fix their own products.
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Warranty and customer service at BOSCH
Posted by Yola on 06/15/2007
ALASKA -- Late in the April of 2007 we decided to purchase BOSCH refrigerator on line from Digital Craze/Uncles electronics located in New Jersey. The day after placing an order I received a call that this model in on back order and it will take 2-4 weeks to have it deliver.

May 21, the Yellow Transportation Company called me about scheduling delivery and after short discussion we agreed to be at 5PM. The driver was late and around 6:15PM finally arrived in large truck. Our Townhouse is located in the middle of the complex and he stated that his company only does "curb side delivery" which I was not informed about before. The refrigerator was completely covered by carton and although I had no chance to check the condition without unloading, unwrapping and connecting to the outlet located 300 feet from the curb, I was asked to sign as "delivered in good condition".

It took us a couple of days to have someone help my husband move the 350LBS refrigerator to the kitchen and connect into the outlet. Since we have not moved into the place yet, there were no items to be placed in the fridge.

The next day I brought the grocery and upon opening the refrigerator noticed that the light go on but the temperature is way too warm. Called BOSCH 800 number trying to get directions from the customer service on the connecting the refrigerator hoping that simple programming may be the issue. Unfortunately that was not the case and customer services suggested the technician to come over. The next available appointment was on June 12th, in 2 weeks. Upon begging she was able to find the appointment early and technician came on June 1st. His diagnosis were "this is not working and needs to be replaced since is non-reparable" He ask me to fax the invoice to Bosch office and call few days to discuss delivery of new fridge.

June 11th after making about 25 calls to the BOSCH 800 customer line and living messages in my case, I learned that technician did not make an report in my case yet. BOSCH customer service will only give me a name, no extension, no case number and each time I have talked to the different person explaining the situation from the very beginning. They referred to Tracy, Steve and Kerry as their supervisors giving them the information but were not allowed to connect me to any of them.

Also during that time I contacted Digital Craze/ Uncles stereo and talked to Eddie who claimed to help me dealing with Bosch. He was kind, but never called back so I kept on claim him back.
June 11th; after spending over 3 hours again on trying to get through anybody at Bosch customer service I learned that decision was made and since the damage was probably done during transport I have to get replacement from the seller. I was more than upset at that time so called immediately the seller and was advices that they need statement in writing from BOSCH that the refrigerator is un-reparable so they can go after the shipping company.

June 12th; another hour on the phone and I received and answer" we will not do anything in writing; we are telling you that and that should do it". Called the seller again and restated the BOSCH' statement. Eddie, kind again asks me to call in an hour to get answer to my problem. Called again and again, each time assured things are being worked out.
June 13th, called Eddie again and learned from him that he is still working on my case. I was very polite to explain that I need the refrigerator, that is already few weeks and that this needs to be solved immediately.

That was my last call to Digital Craze. Finally my patience was out and I call credit card company to dispute my charge due to purchase of merchandise that arrived not in working condition.
Today, June 15th, I don't have a refrigerator yet, for which I paid $2,164, waiting for the refund from the credit company so I can go in the store and buy whatever they have in stock in that size.

I am absolutely amazed how little BOSCH cares about his customers! The customer service as rude and un-professional; they lie, use promises and deception to get the customer of the phone. They hold you on line and disconnect after 30 minutes or longer hoping that you will not have enough patience to call back. I will definitely never, ever buy anything which has BOSCH name.

The seller, Digital Craze/Uncles Stereo in another story for me to write...
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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-06-15:
My 5 year old Bosch dishwasher is giving me problems, and I never have been completely happy with the way my convection ovens cook, even after they were "fixed". I think the brand is overrated on the products performance claims. And they ain't cheap either.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-15:
My Bosch kitchen has been pretty bullet proof. Slim, it seems strange that an "appliance guru" such as yourself can't remedy your problems yourself. Try scraping your soiled dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-06-16:
LOL, scraping my dishes will fix a burned out heating element? Thanks for the usual stupid (and wrong)advice pirate.
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Liar,liar,fire fire
Posted by Lord clancy on 07/23/2006
19963, DELAWARE -- I purchased all new bosch appliances for my home in 2004, the first problem was the washer,it was supposed to have a load balance detector. the washer would constantly shake so bad we had 4 service calls from 2 different appliance factory so called reps. Finally Bosch stated my model did not have a load detector,after many frustrating calls to bosch..I would not recommend this washer to anyone it ranks right next to maytag on top of the junk yard. This AM 07/23/06 my bosch range during a broiling to session on low broil decided to malfunction fortunately i was looking thru the oven glass, when a blinding flash occured with sparks going everywhere, caught the food we where broiling on fire..the broiling element seperated and was arcing ..whats next the dishwasher, then the dryer. You cannot leave these appliances run with out monitoring them. How did this oven pass the rigid underwriters test.. It would have been a good way to start a major fire. Bosch should stick to the automotive parts, which are good. They should junk their appliance line,major that is.
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Posted by rah332 on 2006-07-23:
i bought the washer at lowes and got the extended warranty. It has been diffcult finding a person to work on it. For an expensive washer, it should not have so many problems.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-07-24:
I just bought a tankless water heater last week. The installer was a licensed installer for Bosch as well as the brand I ended up buying. When I asked about the Bosch, he said "I won't install one of those - they are a piece of junk". He was planning to let his "Bosch Authorized Installer" certificate lapse.
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