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Worst Oven and Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

TORONTO, CALIFORNIA -- I wish I never bought a Bosch oven - it is a horrible oven. To start, preheat to say 350. The oven beeps that it has reached the temperature, but not. I went and bought two thermometers. Both read the same temperature, which is over a hundred degree different. I have baked for the last 13 years, same recipes so I know how they work. Sometimes the temperature drops and recovery takes 20 minutes to get back to temp. The doesn't work for baking. Total uneven baking.

I used the setting where only the bottom element is supposed to be on and the top of my baked goods get burnt? Please read this and do not buy Bosch. All the customer service complaints are true. Customer service is horrific. Save yourself money and hardships. DO NOT buy Bosch.

Worst Washer and Dryer Ever, Ever, Ever
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Bosch washers and dryers are horrible. The dryers make the clothes so scalding hot you can't touch them, and they ruin the fabric of the clothing. They take forever to dry things. A large gas dryer will dry things in 20 minutes and Bosch dryer will take an hour and a half to dry same amount of items, only it will continually burn the clothing, add more and more moisture to the fabric and almost set it on fire.

The washer sucks so badly. Once you close it you can't open it to add things, you can't get Borax in a front loader and if you do it sits in the window and never dissolves. It uses hardly any water, does not get the soap out. I cope with Bosch washer by starting out in one cycle, switch after 5 minutes to another cycle to get a lot more water in the machine, then dump in more water myself, then switch to the rise and spin cycle to try and get the soap out.

I'm sure all the water left in the rubber creates mildew, plus with the stackable I can fit 3 items in the tiny, tiny thing. Oh, and burn your hands on the lint net in the dryer as well as burn your hands trying to touch the tangled up clothing. Forget trying to dry sheets in a Bosch dryer. They clump up into one big ball time and time again. What would I do without this new laundry system? Garbage, utter garbage.

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Rating: 1/51

VIC -- BOSCH, Designed for LIFE. I guess so. That is, if your life is only ONE week long!!! After recently taking a faulty Bosch Inspection camera to their Melbourne Service Centre, it came back replaced with a brand new one! Wow that's fantastic service! So we thought??? This was short-lived, when not even one week passed and we went to use our new Bosch Inspection camera for the second time, only to find it too is faulty with the exact same fault as our original!

And the official words straight from the Bosch Service Centre: "Proof of purchase date on original replacement is 24/3/13. The warranty period for this purchase was 2 years, the tool was replaced under goodwill, the warranty period has long expired." In other words, we gave you a new one and don't really care that it only lasted less than a week! That's your problem now!

Well that's one sure way to go from fantastic service to I think if that's how they treat their customers, we sure won't be stocking any of our companies service vehicles with Bosch anymore. I'll keep you all posted on whether this is seriously how BOSCH are content to treat their customers and in the meantime does anyone know any brands for a decent inspection camera? As looks like we are in the market for a new one!

Counter Depth Refrigerator
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Rating: 2/51

PA -- I have had this refrigerator for less than 2 years. From day one there have been problems with the ice machine. Initially they replaced it. Since then I have had numerous service calls. The water fill line supplying water to the freezer keeps freezing up and the ice machine stops working. The repairman said that this flexible tubing is something new and apparently creating problems. Now that my warranty is expired I called the repairman myself. I used the very same company Bosch has been directing me to use. All they do is take the flexible hose off and run it under hot water to clear the ice and put it back. This cost me $150.00.

The repairman directed me to call Bosch as this is a design problem and that they should reimburse me the $150.00. Well Bosch refused to make good because I did not call them first. Even though I used the same company they send me to. They said if this happens again to call them first. I don't need to tell you I will never buy another Bosch product. I don't know how they earned a good reputation. If they were an auto manufacturer they would have to recall their defective products and fix or replace them at no cost to the consumer.

New Bosch Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

Purchase Bosch Refrigerator. Did not work out of box. Repairman added coolant and worked for about 10 days. When refrigerator quit cooling repairman determined coolant leak inside of refrigerator and non-repairable and Bosch was to replace. When I called them in a week to see why I had not heard anything they said that they were no longer making that model and had no comparable model to give me so would in 4 to 6 weeks come out and pick up nonworking new refrigerator and issue me a refund check. Of course by that time will have been without a working refrigerator for over 2 months.

Also, I had a kitchen remodel done based on all new Bosch appliances, two of which had cosmetic damage in addition to non-working refrigerator upon delivery. So now even though Bosch cannot provide me with a refrigerator, I have other Bosch products that they will not take back so after a $50,000 plus kitchen renovation I will have mixed brands of appliances in my Kitchen with unmatching handles/hardware. I asked if Bosch would just take all of their appliance back and provide refund and I could start over with a brand that could provide a working refrigerator. Of course they refused. NEVER BUY BOSCH PRODUCTS.

Bosch Doesn't Believe in Customer Service
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I have 5 Bosch appliances and like them - but heaven help you if you need service and repairs. My dryer broke. When I made the service call, the representative informed me that it would take 2 weeks to get an appointment and though I told him that the dryer was stacked on the washer HE DID NOT INFORM ME that the repairman would not service the machine unless and until it was taken off the washer. So the service man took one look at the machines and told me to make another appointment. He said that he could bring a second repairman (with two $ clocks ticking) to take down the dryer, and he would repair it then.

Oh, also there was a $100 service charge which would cover the first 18 minutes of service. The repairman left without telling me whether I had the option of removing the machine myself or whether he would help me remove it. He also hadn't bothered to explain or show me how to unstack the dryer from the washer. I made another appointment for a week later and told the service representative that I was going to unstack the machine myself and not to send two repairmen (at double the price). I asked the representative how to unstack the machines and was told that the repairman would show me when he came back.

I explained that the first time around this block the service representative did not deem that info important enough to share with me. Otherwise I would not have needed to schedule a second appointment. I looked everywhere for instructions on how to unstack the dryer - which is nowhere to be found on the Bosch or any other site. I was not able to get the machines unstacked before the repairman returned because they had been installed with the mounting bracket backwards so that instead of sliding forward, the machine could only be removed by sliding the machine back - something that was impossible to do because it was against the wall in a laundry closet.

After the repairman explained the mounting problem, he told me to schedule a third appointment when the machines were unstacked and left. Three weeks had now passed. I had to break two of the leveling feet to get the machine unstacked, which now sat on the floor of our NYC apartment's bathroom (think small space). I scheduled a third appointment and told the representative that I also needed to order a new set of feet. The representative told me that he would put them on the work order and have the repairman bring them. I told the service line representative that I HAD TO HAVE THE FEET - otherwise I could not re-stack the machine.

I called the service line the day before the (third) scheduled appointment to double check that the feet were on the service order (they were). However when the service man arrived, the first question I asked him was "Do you have the leveling feet" to which he responded "No, the part number was not on my service order." I immediately called called the service line and was informed that while they had put the part on the work order, THEY DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO THE PART NUMBER. To which I responded, "Then why the hell did the service line representative assure me that the repairman would bring it?"

Meanwhile, the clock was ticking away (and the repair charge mounting) as the repairman spoke to HIS supervisor about the missing feet. After 15 minutes of this I told the repairman that there was no way I was paying for this wasted time and the clock needed to start when the actual repair work started. I also called service and spoke to a supervisor who promised that the feet would be sent to me at no charge. I would get them on Monday.

The repair man actually turned out to be the only reasonable person in the mix. He repaired the dryer quickly (a broken belt - a $12 part), spoke to his supervisor and arranged a discount on the bill. And it only took a month to get the dryer fixed! At 9AM this morning when I checked with Bosch for the shipping tracking number I was informed that the feet were not shipped on Friday, as promised, but today, and were not sent overnight delivery, as promised, but by standard mail. We'd get them on Thursday...if we were lucky.

Once again, I asked to speak to a supervisor and again complained about the complete and total inadequacy of Bosch service. I insisted that a second set of feet be overnighted to me by FedEx (at no charge) and the supervisor reluctantly agreed. (**, a reality check - you definitely don't have the temperament to be in the service biz.) She said that I would get a call a little later with the tracking number. It's 14 hours later. Still not call. I will be shocked if FedEx arrives with the package tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the dryer has been blocking the bathroom for 11 days.

Bosch Fridge Ice-Maker Design Flaw
By -

I have a 4-year-old Bosch fridge and have to say that German appliance engineering is a word of the past for me. I bought Bosch hoping for a quality product and solid customer service. My issues: the ice-maker tray keeps braking. I am now going on the third one and Bosch has the face to charge me for it every time. The failure is always in the exact same area. Their solution: buy the complete ice-maker unit ($110) to replace a $5 part (the actual tray). Their customer service? They don't know what that is.

While on the phone with one of their customer service people a supervisor named ** decided a service tech visit for $199 was required to determine the cause of the problems I am experiencing. What a joke. The tray obviously has a design flaw and is not fit for service. Bosch tries to stick it to their customers by selling service tech visits and new components. I have a Bosch fridge, Bosch washer as well as dryer. I will never buy another Bosch product in my lifetime and will make sure everybody I know will find out how lousy they treat their valued customers. My recommendation to you prospective buyers is this: do not buy a Bosch product. No matter what.

BOSCH: Do Not Buy a Refrigerator From Them.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- We have a two-year-old Bosch 800 series refrigerator. Last summer our compressor broke. We called Bosch to fix it. They sent a tech to view the problem and then tell me they not fix compressors even though it is under warranty. I then had to call another company and have someone else come out and fix it. Two half days off from work for all of this. Now it is a year later and our control panel on the front of our fridge stopped working and the freezer is not cold. No ice or water either.

A Bosch tech came out and said we needed a new control panel. He came back three days later as he had to order the part. He installed it and $450 dollars later he said all would work. I waited a day for the freezer to get cold and it has not. I called Bosch again saying the 2nd part of the problem was not fixed. They now sent out another tech who tells me I need two parts and Bosch is not allowed to fix this and I have to call another service provider. This tech also said there was no reason to get a new control panel. Yes, they work for the same company. He told me to call Bosh and complain. At this point I am irate.

Now two days after this tech visits our control panel is not working again. I call Bosch and they tell me I need another service call from their tech. They will not allow the other company I have coming out to fix the freezer to fix it. I am now soon to go into my 5th visit from Bosch and other service company for this damn fridge. I have to tell you that Bosch has the worst service I have seen from any company. It is also the worst fridge I have ever seen. I will have taken 5 half days off from work for all of this. NEVER BUY A BOSCH PRODUCT. Their customer service is horrible and their products are worse!

Dishonest Sleazebags - Worst Service Ever, Ever, Ever
By -

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I have never been treated so badly in my life. I don't think you know what your customer svc reps are doing. I have been manipulated, lied to, stonewalled and more. I had an Aquastar 1600H-NG installed by a licensed, qualified, experienced plumber and my unit does not work. Your techs had me dis-assemble part of my tankless water heater. We found parts that were installed incorrectly but that did not solve the problem. He had me dis-assemble another component and then I was mysteriously disconnected. I think he didn't know what to do and didn't want to process my case. I know he had my number because I had established that with him and asked him to call me back if we got disconnected. He did not call me back and I was left with a dis-assembled unit. After I got through being on hold again for 20 minutes the next tech told me the 1st tech tried to call but my line was busy. He was lying. I had my phone in my hand while waiting for him to call me. I was further instructed by another tech to re-assemble that component and then remove another component which I did. Then the tech had me operate the unit without a safety guard in place and flames shot out and burned my eyebrows. He blamed me for standing too close to the unit. I finally asked for a supervisor and the tech started arguing with me. He said a supervisor wasn't going to tell me anything different than what he was telling me. I had to really fight to get a word in while he talked over top of me. He finally said that a supervisor would have to call me back and if course I haven't heard a thing. I don't expect I will. I have been on the phone for HOURS. I am not exaggerating. Yesterday I paid a licensed plumber 85.00 per hour to troubleshoot my unit under the directions of a Bosch tech. Why should I have to repair anything Bosch makes when it doesn't work right out of the box? Your techs will not tag this unit as defective so that I can exchange it. The wholesaler I bought it from refuses to let me return the unit unless I pay a 20% restocking fee because Bosch says the unit is functional. It is not only defective, it is a safety issue. Do you know the liability you would incur if someone died in a house fire because of this unit? This unit is installed properly in every way. You are BOSCH! You are a World Class Company. Tell me someone there knows this is wrong.

Bosch Convection Range Control Module
By -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- We had this range (HES5022U) for two and a half years when the touch pad quit working on one side. Called a local Bosch certified rep. He came out looked at the stove (only the outside) and said "You need a new module" which would cost about $150 plus installation. Thought it strange that he didn't look inside the range for a loose wire or some other problem. After he left I opened the back and discovered the module was attached to the front glass with 2 sided tape, and this connection was right above the oven vent which spews out heat and moisture.

The module was attached to the front glass and had pulled loose from the tape and apparently was far enough from the glass so it wouldn't react to a finger touch on the glass. The local rep still thought we needed a new module, so I emailed Bosch stating the problem (but received no response) and finally called Bosch to see if they had revised this connection. The only solution the consumer rep would recommend was replacing the module. My point was that it doesn't make any logical sense to spend $200 to $300 to replace a perfectly good module with one that would more than likely have the same problem in a few more years if they hadn't revised their connection to the glass.

Neither the local rep or the Bosch rep seemed to have a clue as to how these stoves were put together. Any company that would use 2 sided tape to attach a very important and pricey component on a heat generating product must be sorely lacking in engineering experience and they are definitely lacking in customer service. I finally fixed this problem by forcing the module against the glass by jamming two five cent washers under a nearby metal plate. So far it's working fine.

I can only hope the construction of the rest of the stove and our Bosch dishwasher are engineered better than this Mickey Mouse connection. Needless to say once these two appliances break down they won't be replaced with Bosch products.

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