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Draining problem with Bosch Dishwasher
Posted by Steve444 on 10/08/2009
I am totally frustrated with this dishwasher. We bought Bosch since it was renowned for its engineering. The dishwasher had sporadically not finished draining at the end of its cycles. It became increasingly difficult and finally nothing could get it to finish the draining process.

I thought maybe it was just that my dishwasher had worn out. Then I went on the web. Search Google with the terms "Bosch dishwasher won't drain" and hundreds of similar complaints come up. It spans several models. The repairman said it was a flaw with the plastic fittings that connect the dishwasher to the sink drain.

I wrote an email to Bosch asking if they were aware of the problem and asking for reimbursement for the repairs. After several form-letter brush offs, they replied that their dishwasher was fine. Essentially they chose to ignore all these consumers. I would have hoped they would have been at least interested in investigating the problem. I recommend not buying a Bosch dishwasher.

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Posted by qualityappliance on 2009-10-09:
The plastic fittings that you are referring to is called an "air gap" and is there to be certain that dirty sewer water does not back up into the dishwasher. The air gap is probably plugged up or the dairn hose is kinked or otherwise restricted. It is highly unlikely that it is a problem with the dishwasher itself.

Good luck.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-09:
Does this "air gap" plastic piece serve the same function as the "j" shaped fitting under sinks to prevent sewer odors from backing up?
Posted by BlogZilla on 2012-09-30:
I seriously don't understand the complaints about Bosch's rack design. It's one of the best rack designs I've seen and sure beats the Mickey Mouse design of the Whirlpool dishwasher we had . We have a SHE55M12UC. Rack designs vary depending on how much you want to spend. Of course the cheaper Bosch's won't have as good of racks as the more expensive models.
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A terrible dishwasher
Posted by Rockette on 07/28/2010
After 2 years of struggling with a brand new Bosch dishwasher, I give up. This is supposed to be an energy efficient appliance; not sure how energy efficient it is since it runs for at least 3 hours on the "auto" cycle.

My chief complaint is that the water never gets hot enough to sanitize the dishes and mold grows in the drain, in the washer arm, under the gaskets and in the silverware basket. It has to be cleaned with chlorine bleach every 10 days or so to keep the mold from growing.

The dishes come out wet and barely warm. Bosch customer service people have given me the run around and want me to pay to have a service agent come out to tell me that it's not working properly, which I have known from day 1. And, since it's out of warranty, I will have to pay to get it working properly, which it never has. I am going to purchase another brand of dishwasher and save my health in the process, even though this one is only 2 years old.

Do your self a favor, do not buy any Bosch appliance without first checking the reviews. You will save yourself a lot of money, aggravation and time.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-07-28:
Another machine that is designed to hold water but gets moldy. I'll never understand it. It's equivalent to an oven that melts when it gets hot.

It's apparent that there isn't a reliable brand on the market today, but I would expect a manufacturer like Bosch to step up to the plate considering their product is considerably more expensive. Your review just shows that this brand is on the same level as all the others but will just cost more to find out. It's hard to believe that they have been giving you the runaround for two years and now the warranty is expired. But I guess that was the plan. At least if you have these problems with a less expensive brand, you cut your loses when you have to replace it.

Thanks for the review. It's very helpful.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-07-28:
Was it just recently, Rockette, that you notified them of the problem(s)? The way your review reads is that, unfortunately, you did wait until after the warranty had elapsed before contacting the manufacturer. That being the case, one would normally assume the cost of service. The other option is contacting the retailer you purchased it through, inquiring if any extended service protection was purchased with the unit.

I like quite a few Bosch products, but they can have problems just like any other manufacturer on the market. One only needs to search this site to find any of the other brands being both complained about or complimented on.

You fail to mention the model of Bosch you have. The two most popular models are the SHE4/5 or the highly rated SHE43. The SHE43 has been out for years and has won about every award on the market; Consumer Reports, Better Homes and Gardens, etc. The SHE4, replaced with the SHE5 model was produced a couple of years ago. It was brought into the market to be a lower cost version of the higher end SHE43. I was never as big of a fan of this model, as the slight difference in price made it more advantageous to invest in the SHE43 model. Ironically, many people assume Bosch is an expensive series of dishwasher, but it is not. It competes in price with many others, starting out at only $499 in most markets. Now the key to a Bosch series dishwasher is the fact that it is a European design of dishwasher. As such, it gives the user both advantages and disadvantages to the more popular American line of dishwasher. First, it's important to understand how the water heater system works within this European design, as I think it holds a clue to what the problem of the unit may be. A European design heats water in-line, before the water ever enters the tub. That heat is then captured by the stainless steal tub and resonated during the dry cycle in order to dry the items within the tub. In addition to this, there is a bellows that opens, allowing the water to condensate on the stainless walls of the tub. The process works extremely well, as it uses less energy and does not cause a "hot spot" as its American counterpart does. In other words, you can place plastics anywhere within the tub, including the bottom rack, whereas on the American side, you'd have such items melt due to the less energy constrained cal-rod. The reason I don't recommend the SHE4/5 as readily is because the tub is not completely stainless steel. Rather, it is a polyurethane tub with a stainless inset. This design is less effective than that of the SHE43 series.

Now, with all of that said, I would guess the problem you're describing lies somewhere in the in-line water heater system. Once it is working properly, you shouldn't have any problems with any part of it, as drying will also happen properly and not allow for mold to build within the tub. I would make sure you understand, however, that even under perfect conditions, all European designed dishwashers take a longer time to dry. Hopefully that gives you a much better insight to what you are facing. Now, contact the dealer you purchased the unit through. Find out if you did have any type of extended service agreement with the unit. If not, please don't hesitate to post your model number back. Depending on what it is, I can give you an idea as to whether it may be worth paying for it to be serviced.

Best of luck.
Posted by BOCSHjunk on 2010-12-19:
Hello Venice09, it is very unfortunately for me that I am now reading your 3 cents, and learning that I have similar problems. Mine is humiliating and I am very dishearten of the damaged when the intake valve malfunction and unloaded TONS of water to my brand newly installed hard wood floors and the water flowed down to my bathroom downstairs wreck havoc to my bathroom ceilings, walls, roman shade , magazines, toiletries I can go on and on. The BOSHC adjuster came to my home to insult me, like it was our fault and that they know the “ALL” tricks of the trade. I did not invite the adjuster to my home for a visit, but to evaluate the damaged that their fine product left behind.
It’s funny that you mentioned mildew, I just realized yesterday that the bottom drain is full of scum, and yes and the smell sometimes is discussing, it smells of rotten food. The sales person told me not to rinse my dishes because the dishwasher internal sensor will not pick up that the dishes are dirty, but clean and will not do a good job cleaning. I will now have to rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
I am reading your 3cents comments and it is dishearting that it appears that I have to use another chemical to not only clean my dishes, along with jet dry to help streamline the left over water on my panel to drip down to the drain that I will need to add more chemicals to our environment to clean my dishes. I never had that problem with a Kitchen Aid. I regret not buying a Kitchen Aid again after 25 years of great service the dishwasher has provided me. I went with a another brand that I "heard" was the best in the market for a reasonable price. (a salesman pitch) Kitchen Aid, I am soooo sorry that I did not select your band.
I waited 30 years for a new kitchen, and I don’t have the money to buy a new dishwasher right now, I guess after reading all the blogs here, I have to start saving my money to buy a new dishwasher a couple of years down the road and it won’t be a BOSCH, it will be a Kitchen Aid.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-19:
BOCSHjunk, before you set your mind to KitchenAid, I would strongly suggest reading the reviews on this site and other places online. All the brands are not being made with the same quality as they were in the past. What I do now is research specific models and try to find one that received the most favorable reviews and still suits my needs. You might be better off doing that than putting your faith in KitchenAid or any other brand. As far as customer service, it all seems to be the same, and that is poor.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-19:
I have a GE Dishwasher. It is black. It washes the dishes and it is completely silent when it runs. This is no exaggeration. I have to open to door to see if it is on because I cannot hear the water. That is really all that I ask from a dishwasher and I am quite pleased with it.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-19:
How old is it, Lee? Did you buy it yourself? If so, how did you go about picking it out?.. brand, style, features, price? Research?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-12-19:
***Name Change Alert*** I already had a GE Venice and it lasted over 10 years with heavy use. I was satisfied with that so of course, I looked at them first. I did not get the cheapest one, nor the most expensive. All of them wash dishes and that was all I was asking of mine. Sometimes I think we can get too caught up in features that sound great but do not have any real benefit (and may actually cause trouble). My old one had a dial and I thought the push buttons were a nice advantage. Other than that, I wouldn't let them sell me on all the bells and whistles. It is two years old now. I left it at the old house - good as new.

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-12-19:
Lee, I didn't know what you were talking about until I saw the 'other comments'. Is it okay to still call you Lee?

That's exactly the way I buy appliances. I just get what I need with no fancy features and the least electronics as possible. And I absolutely refuse to spend a lot of money. I have never owned a GE appliance, but I'm open to anything at this point based on research and word of mouth. Well, anything except Maytag.
Posted by BlogShag on 2011-05-08:
It sounds like there is something wrong with your water heater or the machine wasn't installed right. If your water heater does not heat the water up to at least 120 degrees, your dishwasher may not work properly. We have a Bosch dishwasher and it never runs that long, yet dishes are steaming hot when the machine is done.

Also, all Bosch dishwashers have a hidden cycle called extra heat dry, which is basically a sani rinse type of cycle. I suggest finding out how to program this cycle and use it.
Posted by BlogZilla on 2012-10-12:
Must have something to do with the environment you are in. We have never had mold problems with our 2010 Bosch dishwasher (SHE55M12UC)

My only complaint with our dishwasher is that it doesn't finish rinse the dishes well. A simple manual rinse at the end of the cycle fixes this. That's a small price to pay for such a great dishwasher that is so quiet (46 decibels) and makes my dishes look like diamonds
Posted by Firefly44 on 2013-01-30:
also not pleased with our Bosch dishwasher, installed in2008. Fungus and mold grow on floor of tub and around gasket, food is left on dishes unless the cycle runs for 130 minutes. 2 hours is just too long for a cycle....can using less water really offset the energy consumed for such a long run time?
Posted by Mary on 2013-04-21:
Mold is all over the place in my Bosch SHE43 dishwasher. I am presently re washing the mold off my dishes. I have had the machine repaired several times under warranty. Now it is no longer under warranty and the repair would be $140 just for a technician to even look at it. This dishwasher sucks!!! Tried to contact Bosch. They were absolutely no help at all. My mission min life is to make sure no one buys another Bosch dishwasher.mybfriend just purchased a house and put the Bosch dishwasher on the front lawn . . . Free to anyone who will take it away. He has installed many Bosch dishwashers and has had so many complaints, he will not tolerate having one in his house. Shame on Bosch for not providing a way to get these problems solved without it costing so muc!!
Posted by Wally1 on 2013-06-01:
I too have a Bosch dishwasher, It cleans fine but i will never ever purchase anything with the Bosch brand name, WHY? Because A dishwasher shoul not be so complicated to use that you have to keep the user manual next to it just to figure out to set it to wash dishes. It's a friggin dishwasher, not the Space Shuttle, it should have maybe three buttons. No one at Bosch cares, so the only way to get the point across is never to purchase any product they make!
Posted by Amy on 2013-09-05:
I totally agree with what has been said. I have a 4 year old Bosch dishwasher. There is mold everywhere. I had the line checked and it was properly installed and high enough so that isn't the problem. The mildew is black and in every crevice. I clean it like crazy and have used everything I can think of and it never goes away. I always leave the door open when it isn't in use and it still smells. It is the worst. I am buying another brand ASAP. I will never buy another Bosch product! I don't even want to think about what is on the dishes that are supposed to be clean after opening the drain and seeing the mold growing in just a day or two.
Posted by blogzilla on 2013-12-09:
Your experience is an aberration. When the Bosch drains the water out after the last finishing rinse, the only water that is left is whatever drips off the dishes during the last part of the drying phase.

We've never had mold problems like what you describe, and we have a Bosch SHE55M12UC which we bought 2 years ago, but we live in a dry climate. You might want to invest in a de-humidifier for your house

You also might want to learn what hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, salt and vinegar are.
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Control Panel Recall - They Had Problems Early On
Posted by Realtor in Maryland on 03/12/2009
ELLICOTT CITY, MARYLAND -- I purchased a Bosch dishwasher in June 1999 for $720. Almost 3 years later (April 2002) the Control Panel burned up and caused the dishwasher to empty water all over the floor. I was glad that I was home; as I had to turn the water off to the dishwasher to get it to stop filling up with water and emptying it onto the floor (dishwasher was stuck on fill). Called Bosch; you have to use one of their certified repair technicians for repairs; they said that I had to use Bray & Scarff for the repair. Bray & Scarff repaired the dishwasher on April 16, 2002. Dishwasher worked fine until June 19, 2002; when the same thing happened for the second time. Called Bosch; Bray & Scarff came out to repair the dishwasher again. This time the repairman told me that the Control Panel on the Bosch dishwashers must have a defect because they have to be replaced a lot. The Control Panel short circuits itself and burns up causing the dishwasher to do strange things. Called Bosch; this time they replaced my dishwasher; Bray & Scarff installed it on July 2, 2002 (without a dishwasher for 2 weeks). I guess that we have been really lucky, because the Control Panel that is now being recalled has been working OK until March 3, 2009.

Called Bosch; spoke with Denard on March 4, 2009; I explained that all the lights on the Control Panel were flashing on and off, smelled like burning rubber and would not cancel and drain. Denard replied that I would have to have Towson Appliance Service or Wuerstlin Appliance Service out to repair the dishwasher; as these 2 companies are Bosch certified repair companies and no other appliance repair companies can/or are allowed to repair their products. I googled these companies and found bad customer reviews; decided to hire another more reliable company to fix the dishwasher. Called Landers Appliance; they came to repair my dishwasher on March 6, 2009, were on time and very customer service oriented. Repairman checked dishwasher stated that the Control Panel had burned up and they would have to order a new one. No problem, I already knew that they would have to order a part.

On Monday March 9, 2009 the parts manager from Landers called to say that the Control Panel was under a recall (why did Bosch not tell me when I called them that it was a recall problem) and that I would have to have a certified Bosch repair company order the part and repair the dishwasher as Bosch would not allow them to order or repair the dishwasher. Called Bosch; all of what Landers told me was true. Called Bosch’s certified repair company; Towson Appliance Service; spoke with Regina they will not put me on their repair schedule until they have received the part from Bosch. Called Bosch, spoke with Rodney explained that Towson Appliance would not put me on their repair schedule until they have the part and requested the part be shipped overnight to me. Rodney said that Bosch had the part in stock and he would sent it to me overnight tomorrow Tuesday March 10, 2009 and I would receive it no later than 5 PM on Wednesday March 11, 2009. Did not receive Control Panel as promised on March 10, 2009, called Bosch, spoke with Christina. Christina states that the part was shipped to Towson Appliance not to me. I explained how upset I was that the part had not been shipped to me as promised (too late in day to call Towson Appliance). Called Towson Appliance and spoke with Mary.

Mary stated that they did not receive the part and did not know why Bosch had told me they had it. Called Bosch, spoke with Yolanda and asked to speak with a Manager. She told me that a manager would have to call me back and took my name and number. Yolanda calls me back (not a manager as I had requested) to let me know that the Control Panel is really on back order and that they expect to receive more at the end of April 2009 and she doesn’t understand why Rodney told me they had them and would ship it to me. Explained how angry I am after having to deal with this situation for over a week now; not to mention that I have to wash dishes everyday because I don’t have a working dishwasher. I again request to speak with a manager and she says that managers don’t speak with customers directly, but that she will try to get one for me.

Christy (the manager) comes on the line to regretfully inform me that in fact I do have to use one of their certified service repairmen or the Control Panel will never get installed.

MORAL OF THIS STORY - Don't purchase Bosch appliances - too many repair hassles - this dishwasher costs way too much money for the hassle you have to go through to get it repaired when Bosch really knew in 2002 that they had a problem with the Control Panel burning up.
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Rust created by dishwasher on silverware
Posted by JMET on 01/18/2006
PALMETTO, FLORIDA -- We bought a Bosch (top of the line) dishwasher in July of 2004. Soon after we noticed that it smelled after sitting unused for a few days. We always rinse our dishes before putting them in the machine. We also noticed during the first month of use that rust stains were accumulating on the silverware. I went to the dealer and told them about both issues. They gave me the 800 number for Bosch. I called. The lady said that we should use rinse and hold daily because of the water that is retained in the bottom of the unit needing to be flushed out, and to also make sure that the filter is clean, which we did. We did this and solved the odor problem. As to the rust problem, she said that I should go to WAl Mart and get some Iron Out and use this in the dishwasher to get the rust deposits off of the silverware. I did that by using the same amount as you would use for dishwashing soap. It really made a mess by creating severe rust on the silverware. So then I took the silverware and put it in a 2 gallon bucket with warm water and a cup of Iron Out and let it soak for 20 minutes. That cleaned all of the deposits off. Yesterday I washed some silverware for the first time since soaking it in Iron Out and the rust is back. I am geting my water tested for excessive iron or other minerals that could cause this problem. If that checks out OK, then I am taking issue with Bosch and their dealer through every avenue possible. Any suggestions about how to get a full refund from the dealer or Bosch will be appreciated.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-01-18:
I have a Bosch and I can tell you, as good as they wash, they suck at drying the dishes. They have no dry cycle to speak of. No dryer heater, no convection fan. A $150 GE dries better. I would speculate the rust and excess water stem from that. I know another who has the brand with the same complaint. It's the design and nothing can be done outside of what was already suggested to you. I know two people that wouldn't buy a Bosch again, now maybe it's three. BTW, their covection oven cooks like cr@p too.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-01-19:
Isn't your silverware stainless steel? If it is, I would complain to the company that made the stainless steel silverware. I don't see how rust on silverware can be blamed on a dishwasher...when you buy stainless steel silverware, you don't expect it to rust..however when you buy a dishwasher, you DO expect it to get your silverware wet.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-19:
I'm with debtor, I think you may have some cheap silverware. If it were me I'd see if my mom had some stainless and try it( why mom? cause hers would be old and probably pretty good stuff )Maybe it wasn't cheap when you bought it, but you never know what kind of metal you are really getting. If as Slim said yours isn't drying correctly I'd either raise Hell or raise Hell. Seems like that could cause bacteria problems when added to the non drainage.
I have some Bosch tools and thay are nothing but tough, but they are old and not kitchen appliances. I've had my saw for 8 hard years, cut the cord on it the 1st time I used it and about a year ago it fell out of my Jeep and was run over. It still works? How I dunno.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-19:
I'm glad my tools can't post bad things about me on these boards.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-19:
Check the obvious culprit, a faulty water softener. If it's old/not working properly, it may be leaching sodium into your water supply line, resulting in the rust. Also, an easy fix, try to be around when the wash cycle ends, then pop open the door and slide out the dishes and let them air-dry from the heat they absorbed.
Posted by Alicia9024 on 2006-09-16:
My house also upgraded to a Bosch and we are experiencing the exact same problem. It's to the point that I would love to just get rid of the machine but with it being so expensive I can't justify it. If you do go after Bosch I would love to join.
Posted by Lenore on 2006-09-25:
Jmet is absolutely right. There was nothing wrong with my silverware that I put in my GE dishwasher for 5 years. From the first time I used this Bosch dishwasher I began experiencing rust on my silverware. It makes sense since this thing has no capacity to dry anything. And the odor is disgusting if you don't run it with soap every day. Even rinse and hold didn't help me. I hate this dishwasher and the Bosch Corporation.
Posted by Sorsha on 2006-10-09:
Ditto, Ditto on the new Bosch dishwasher (with stainless steel interior) and rust all over my silverware. I contacted the company and they said it is because I mix metals in the dishwasher and use too much soap. They said not to use more than two tsp of soap with NO lemon, so I cut back but still get rust spots. I have Revere ware pans which are stainless steel and copper bottom (mixed metal. So I can either wash my pots and pans OR my silverware in the dischwasher. Hmmm, they never put that in the sales brochure I read. I wouldn't have purchased this expensive machine had I known that. I will join in if anyone figures out how to get Bosch to listen.
Posted by gdunham on 2006-11-30:
Sounds like a class action suit. Talk money and bad press and I'm sure Bosch will listen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-02:
i work with an appliance repair company, let me give you the low down on dishwashers. all they do is fill with water and then spray it around and then use whatever mechanism is in them to attempt to dry them. thats it. any stains you're getting are not from the dishwasher. in your case its iron deposits. your water has high iron content. i've seen several thousand dollar water softeners do nothing. according to kitchen-aid dishwasher user's manuals you actually have to have what is called an "iron removal unit" and not a water softener to take care of those iron deposits. they are around the same price as the water softener btw. if you have high iron in your water, every time you wash your dishes you will splash them with that iron, period. softer water and rinse-aids should help, but the real solution is to remove the iron from the water before it enters the dishwasher.
Posted by hydrin on 2008-06-21:
I agree with you about the Bosch Dishwasher, I have the Dishwasher since December and it was installed by a contractor, I wish that I could get rid of it and get something else, it doesn't dry, it SMELLS, even the dishes smell and I find that my
10 year old kenmore cleaned better than this new one does. know it sounds strange but just taking these smelly,cold,damp,
dishes out of the dishwasher and having to use them to put food on grosses me out. "Who ever thought to look for a heating element when buying a dishwasher I thought that was always part of it and there was nothing on the dishwasher on display that mentioned that it air dryed. Horrible machine!!
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2008-06-21:
I have a Frigidaire dishwasher and it doesn't dry very well, and after about 6 months of having it, it started smelling to. I ended up replacing the rubber strip and it hasn't smelled yet and I have had it for 2 years now, but it still doesn't dry very well.
Posted by twistedn2 on 2008-07-15:
Bosch ... oh my gosh!!! Never, under any circumstances ... even the threat of castration, should you purchase any Bosch product. If possible, that goes double for their dishwasher. Yes, it's almost as quiet as advertised ... that's probably because it's not cleaning or drying your dishes. Bosch may be posh but take my advice and steer clear of their products. Why didn't I do my due diligence on dishwashers before I bought mine? Hell, I guess I can just toss it ... the $500 or less it would cost to replace it with a fully researched dishwasher is only $2.75/day (one cup of Starbuck's coffee) over a six months period. Given this rationalation, why do we keep inferior products that can disrupt the positive karma?
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No More Bosch for Me!!
Posted by Jeanine3 on 09/16/2012
About 6 years ago, we built our final house with our 5 kids. I wanted a good dishwasher so I purchased a Bosch by the convincing of the sales person. "It will save a lot on energy, no heat dry" sounded great to me. After about three years the panel quit working properly. It would run for hours on the wash cycle with one minute left on the LED light. However, my dishes were never very clean. I could only run the dishwasher when someone was here to ensure it cuts off or there was no "energy savings!"

Next I was surprised with mold. Slight at first then it got out of hand it was everywhere! even in the rinse agent holder. I called a repairman who showed me how to clean the filter which had moldy slime in it. No food just slime. Along the rubber seal was covered as well. I cleaned the entire machine ran cleaner through it. Started using white vinegar (which works best) bakings soda to clean the filter.

It is crazy to spend this much time on cleaning a dishwasher. The repairman also explained a small amount of water sits below that screen in the filter area. So we have water, no heat dry, open the door to dry dishes that are never good and clean-mold. It is clearly a bad idea. I believe newer models have a drying option. (good move) I called Bosch to see if there was a recall. The customer service lady was rude. She asked me "What I wanted HER to do about it?" Seriously??! I was stunned.

She gave me the name of another repairman. I just would like to run my dishes at night when the rates are down, or as I leave for work. I clean enough with the large family. Two are foster children. I am sick of this dishwasher. There are many less expensive models I have used with no problems. Right now we are on the "Wash your own dishes" Remedy... it works about as well as my Bosch. :)
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Posted by DELL Hell on 2012-09-17:
Interesting post on consumersearch.com about dishwashers. I have no idea who consumersearch.com is, or if they are paid to post their results. They list Bosch as the sixth best.

http://www.consumersearch.com/dishwasher-reviews?gclid=CKHdvrHtvLICFQXhQgodyk0A9w and ef_id=UFc3vAAAWNMXVyyb:20120917144620:s

They have Maytag, LG and Kenmore ahead of them. I know of no one that has ever owned a Bosch dishwasher and have seen only complaints about them. I guess there must be a large number of people that like their Bosch dishwasher if they are rated as sixth best? Not sure who we can trust with all these Internet ratings anymore, seems money will get anyone a great rating on most of the rating sites now.

Heck you can pay Ed off at the Rip Off Report and he will remove hundreds of bad reviews for any company that has the money to pay him off. It's more like extortion with Ed, but it seems to work very well for him and the companies can clean up years of bad ratings and reviews over night.
Posted by RonKaye on 2012-10-05:
I've read reviews on just about every commonly available kitchen appliance (remodeled two kitchens in the past 7 years) and the one thing that stands out in my memory are all the complaints about the Bosch dishwasher - most of them telling the same story you tell. All I gotta say is what a bunch of junk for that huge price. Throw the bummer out, get a fridgidaire, skip the stainless steel interior (nobody sees it) make sure it has a heating element for drying (useless otherwise) and move on.
Posted by Laura E on 2013-02-02:
I recently bought a house with my husband and they had a Bosch dishwasher. Reading this review was like listening to myself. I have tried everything as well (using the right brand/style detergent, vinegar, dishwasher cleaners, hand cleaning) We also get tons of mold even though we pre-wash EVERYTHING at this point. Cleaning the filter makes me gag every time. Why would a company make so many filter/areas that CANNOT be wiped down?! This appliance has more crooks and crannies than I have ever seen on a dishwasher (and they all fill with orange and grey mold no matter what you do or how often you try to clean them). I honestly miss my cheap Sears dishwasher everyday. We will definitely be buying a non-Bosch dishwasher as soon as possible. I am convinced they suck so bad because of the no heat deal. Nothing is sanitized like in most dishwasher and you have to hand dry or air dry all of your dishes.
Posted by Joshua on 2013-03-28:
Well, I guess I will be the one to stand out here. I Love my Bosch dishwasher. I've had it 3 years now. It is stainless inside, and I've never had any mold. I had to go check after all these stories, but tip, No Mold! Sorry all of you had bad luck, but I guess I'm the lucky one, maybe me and more lucky people than not lucky people because I'm sure the people that aren't having problems aren't looking to post on threads like this, so with that in mind, I only see 4 bad comments, so that means we must have thousands of happy Bosch owners, right? Just sayin.
Posted by Tracy on 2013-03-28:
We bought our Bosch dishwasher (it's really hard to call it that) 6 years ago, and have been living with un-sanitized dishes ever since. Six months after purchase, we requested a service call because it just wasn't cleaning. The water would not get hot. The service tech said to make sure we ran our sink faucet until it became very hot. So much for "energy efficiency", right? That didn't solve anything. We've put up with lukewarm dishwashing service ever since. We stopped using it the day it vomited black mold all over the interior of the dishwasher. Our plastic cups had started taking on a moldy smell that we had thought was our water or ice machine. The black mold blow out in the dw told us where it was coming from. It's a wonder my family hasn't keeled over from a bacterial infection. I called Bosch twice today and both customer service reps had never, ever heard of such a nasty thing happening to their wonderful, highly rated, energy efficient product. Either they are lying, or people are only getting on the internet to complain and not calling Bosch. There are many complaints about this online. Surely, someone besides myself has called Bosch about it. I have to have another service tech come out here and probably tell me the same thing I was told 5.5 years ago. Bosch told me today that the diagnostics from the tech would help them determine if my dw issues should be moved up to "management review".
Posted by Rosa on 2013-04-02:
I have the same issues as Tracy. I bought the top of the line dishwasher and had the orange looking slime and the black slime too! I cried to think that I had exposed my family to this bacteria. I will no longer use the timer as the water doesn't get hot enough!

Regarding the nooks and crannies: the slime is on the runners, baskets and hard to see/get to places. What good is a dishwasher that can't clean itself????
Posted by Sally on 2013-06-08:
We are on our second Bosch dishwasher, and I love it. We have the sanitize cycle, dry cycle, stainless steel interior and the quiet of this machine. No issues, no mold, very happy.
Posted by Jenb on 2013-12-31:
We just pulled our Bosch out and replaced it with a Maytag. Exact same experience. Mold everywhere. We cleaned the filter every wash. We wiped it out every wash. Tried vinegar. So glad to be able to open the dishwasher and not be disgusted by the smell each time. Will never get a Bosch again.
Posted by Patty on 2014-01-05:
I noticed the slime about a month ago - gross! I cleaned it out and it is back. When the slime first appeared, I tried a dishwasher cleaner but the dishwasher never got hot enough for it to work. Always wondered why the sanitize button never lit and now I see why. This dishwasher came with the house and I can't wait to get rid of it!!
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Bosch dishwasher
Posted by Joanadan3 on 10/16/2007
We bought a Bosch dishwasher in May 2007, and the pump which drains the water "died" in October 2007. Our repairman said that this is the second Bosch dishwasher he has seen this week with the same problem. Sounds like a defective part, which I hope the company will correct.

I'll be interested to know how many other people have had this problem.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-10-16:
I have not personally but problems I've seen and experienced with Bosch D/W's are control panel related. I wouldn't buy another.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-16:
Hey Slim, awful quiet around here without pwp!
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-10-16:
Bask in it, my friend. It's been more than 3 years overdue.
Posted by sando on 2007-12-08:
I bought Bosch in Feb 2007 and it died on the Thanks Giving weekend 2007, it lasted only for 10 months, repairman came and said that the Computer panel was shot and had to be replaced, still fighting with Sears to exchange that with a new one. My recommendation to everybody, don't buy a very high end appliance.. it does nothing else than give you more worry.. and also think twice before you buy from Sears.
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Do NOT buy a Bosch Dishwasher!
Posted by Zombateen on 07/19/2006
TORONTO, NEW YORK -- Unless you like dishes with crusted-on food.
It didn't work from day 1. Got all the usual palaver from Bosch. Many technicians visited, each with another nonsense tip or explanation. I'd have thrown it into the street years ago but couldn't afford another. False economy! I discovered today that it has been leaking for I don't know how long and my kitchen floor is ruined. The dishwasher is on the kerb, waiting for the garbagemen. It's a pity I won't be there to see it crushed. It is, without a doubt, the worst appliance of any kind I've ever owned including the $50 Goodwill specials we all bought back in student days. And Bosch never bothered to respond to any letter or e-mail I wrote.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-07-19:
I have a Bosch and outside of lousy drying and the racks breaking, it has been great. Would I buy another? Probably not. My brother had one that was tossed at 3 years old and already had $400 in service charges previously put in it. They're expensive to buy and I think you can get the same quality for less. Top end Kitchen Aid models for example.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-15:
That's your opinion, and it's wrong.
Posted by Up yours PiRATE on 2011-06-28:
I've had NOTHING but problems with a 2nd model from the top brand new Bosch dishwasher. We got it last year and the first thing I found was their documentation and customer service STINK! The US support staff have no idea what they are doing. It literaly took 5 months just to have them contact Germany to find out the manual was stating something incorrect which actually led to the replacement of the machine previous to them talking to overseas. They wasted so much of my time I was tempted to try and sue someone. As it turns out, there was nothing wrong, the manual was wrong, and we wasted months trying to troubleshoot the bloody thing. More to the point these days is the racking stinks. You can't easily place regular ole dishes, glasses, pots and pans into the racks. It's very frustrating EVERY night. The inside components are cheaply made. DO NOT BUY A BOSCH PRODUCT. THEY ARE RIDING ON THEIR PAST GLORY............
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-06-28:
LOL...Pirate's comment was posted five years ago...ya should have stopped by sooner.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2011-06-28:
What exactly were you trying to troubleshoot if there was nothing wrong with the dishwasher?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-28:
good review I would be annoyed too if a company just ignored me like that. thanks for the warning.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-28:
Wow people still come to pay their respects to the great PWP years later.
Posted by Frustrated customer... on 2011-06-28:
Yea, I know, I saw the timeline. Still really ticked and I need to start letting people know so they don't get burned. We had heard great things about Bosch dishwashers but by the time we got this resolved... we could not return it. One month on returns where we live. Really felt like they were just draggin us along so we would be stuck. Then I realized they're just incompetent. Live and learn.
Posted by Frustrated... on 2011-06-28:
The issue was we were getting a Water Tap LED. According to the manual, it was a water supply issue. NOT. Supposedly, the manual has been changed. According to Germany that LED means the dishwasher has successfully completed a "Sanitized" function. At the time, they were clueless as all water supply issues were troubleshot VERY well via the tech. I'm writing this now as I went to run a load earlier and the unit was locked up blinking the Salt and Rinse lights and wouldn't let me run a cycle. Had to reset it several times before it would work again. Try and find out what the LED's mean somewhere. Take a look in the manual, do you see error icon documentation? :) Look on-line, look at the Bosch US site... OK, I'm done now. Cheers!
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-06-29:
The third post is priceless, most notably the choice of user name. I wish I could have voted the commenter best answer like the old days. Just goes to show, on the internet, moronise is forever.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-06-29:
i see you can still post anon comments.
and use offensive names too.
i wonder how offensive the names can be....

i thought they were going to fix it so you can rate the anon comments... *sigh*
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-06-29:
Offensive? Come on pepper, we are talking about Pirate. Look up offensive in the dictionary and all that is there is a picture of him, face-blotted out and all. Let's just go with this is a special case old review, grandfathered (within reason) from today's iron fisted regiment.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-06-29:
o i just meant the name...
and if "up yours" can make it in as a name it makes me wonder what else can make it through...

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StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
Posted by Nightdeposit on 01/06/2013
I have had this Bosch dishwasher for several years now and it’s truly a piece of crap! All stainless steel. The Integra 800 model SHX68M09UC. A $1,300.00+ dollar impressive looking piece of junk. If I don’t pre wash everything I put into the machine is comes out dirty. I email the Bosch Company when I first got the machine and they just blew me off as someone who has no idea how to load a dish washer. And I was told of how many satisfied customers they have. What bologna!

I am 62 years old and have been loading dish washers all my life. And never had the results I have had with this machine. I have used every type of automatic dishwashing detergent on the market, makes no difference. I have loaded items spaced way apart to get maximum cleaning, makes no difference. The mechanics of the machine is fine. Arms working, nothing in them plugging up the spray holes. The screen filter is clean as a whistle! If you have any type of egg, starch, potato, grease, spaghetti sauce, residue forget it. Lipstick on glasses, food particles on silverware or utensils forget it! You literally have to clean everything with hot water and soap with a sink brush before putting any items into this dishwasher. I guess you could say I use this Bosch as a final wash and sterilizer, that’s all!

I can tell you what I think. The Bosch Company is breaking its neck to put out the quietest dishwasher on the market. To do this they use two small separate pumps, one for the bottom arm, and one for the top arm. And they do not have the proper pressure to do the job. Who in the hell cares if you hear some whooshing going on, as long as everything comes out clean! I spent Christmas at my Sons. They have a two year old Kitchen Aid dishwasher. I was amazed as I watched my Son and Daughter In-law load their washer. They didn’t clean off anything! And all the glass, dishes, pots, silverware, came out squeaky clean. I could not believe my eyes. They didn’t ever care if the spoons nested together! Seeing that, even made me more pissed off! I don’t even feel right trying to sell this unit to someone else. I wouldn’t do that to them. So, stay the hell away from the Bosch line of dishwashers.

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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-08:
I appreciate reading your post very much. It gives us time to discuss the issue(s) you're having which can help both you and others who are complaining about similar issues.

Among other elements within my background, I have a very healthy education in many appliances. I get the feeling some of what I'm about to express has already been presented to you and may or may not have decided that Bosch is just a poor design in dishwashers. I can assure you this is not the case and think if you'll bear with me, trying a little of what I'm about to relate, it will make the dishwasher run much better.

First, with all respect, Bosch has had some incredible reviews, being listed as the very top in most reviews, from Consumer Reports to J. D. Powers. They've all suggested that Bosch has something going for it or else it wouldn't be rated so high, consistently, within so many publications.

You may, as you've stated, been loading dishwashers for the best portion of your 62 years. What you haven't been aware of is a major change that has taken place within all dishwasher detergents within just the last two years. Congress has required that phosphates be removed from all these detergents. The manufacturers of such didn't release new packaging or naming, they just altered their formulas, making it completely unknown to a great deal of individuals.

So what did the phosphates do and why were they removed? They were removed because of concerns of damaging the environment. After doing their job within the dishwasher tub, they were getting flushed out with any other debris and sent into our water system. Unfortunately, among other things, these phosphates were an active ingredient which activated the detergent. In other words, without the previous phosphates, the detergent would set idle and not do anything.

So without an active ingredient, why do we even put dish washing detergent within the tub? Simple, you add the active ingredient - grease. The debris you place within the tub actually has a chemical reason for being there. Without it, the component needed to activate the detergent is gone; and with it, there is no cleaning that takes place.

So what have we learned? Hopefully one now understands that you never, ever want to pre-rinse your dishes. You want them in the tub, filled with sauces and such, thus allowing the chemical reaction to take place with the detergents to do the job. The extremely large particles, especially pits or bones, you may want to scrape off into the disposal or garbage, but you really do want to give the dishwasher everything you've got. It's why, in part, your son's family isn't having an issue with theirs. They don't try pre-clean everything.

It's true that many dishwashers are now moving away from food grinders. In part, this is because of noise, but more so because of energy rating requirements. It's also because of a difference in design philosophies. The Bosch is a line of European designed dishwashers. As such, they do not use a calrod but an in-line water heater system. This is more efficient and allows hot water to break down the food particles. It means drying time is longer, which many people don't care about, but energy efficiency ratings are maximized.

Finally is the concept of hard water. Many people feel they need to use a rinse aid because, again, one of the things that phosphates did was break down hard mineral deposits. The best solution I could suggest is to use the Finish Powerball tablets. These tablets become an all-in-one solution for cleaning in a dishwasher. One tablet and you can clean an entire load of dishes even in hard water. It really is that simple.

Hopefully I've covered your concerns and, more importantly, giving you a great deal of insight as to some of the recent changes and how to adapt to those changes easier. Remember:

* Don't pre-rinse. Scrape and load.
* Use Finish Powerball tablets for the best results.

For the most part, that's it. Try it and you should be extremely happy with the results. You really do have an extremely nice dishwasher!
Posted by Neil in Philly on 2013-02-15:
I just used my Bosch 800 Evolution and am 90% sure I am returning the unit. After the 90 minute cycle, I opened the unit and was greeted w/ an unpleasant smell coupled w/ wet, soapy dishes with food residue. I thought I put in too much soap, so put it though the rinse cycle. After the rinse cycle, I could still see soap. I had a rising agent and our water boarders on hard, so if anything the soap should be less. After a third cylce and adjusting the "drying temp" to the "hotter" setting, I got clean dishes. 3 cycles and 3 hours for a single load. Also, I hear so much about how quiet the Bosch units are. We'll maybe they were, but this unit is comprable to the 10 year old Fridare it replaced. It's not excessive, but comprable to the noise diswshers have made for years. My guess is Bosch must have redesigned units (I purchased this in feb 2013)and the glowing comments are from prior models w/ higher standards. Really getting frustrated w/ the new appliances that don't work as well as the old ones. Sure they use less water and energy per cycle, but you have to USE more cycles or hand wash to obtain the same results. Very disappointed w/ my Bosch experience.
Posted by AmyInNH on 2013-05-01:
My new 2012 Bosch also works poorly. I'm not buying the argument it's due to changes in the dishwasher detergent as the 20 year old MayTag worked fine and I don't believe the remaining 1/2 box of Cascade then suddenly wouldn't work in the Bosch.
Within the first two months, about as many dishes came out with food on them that had in the whole 20 years I had the MayTag.
A second complaint, ultra poor layout of the tines. Good luck getting your bowls, pots and pans in.
Third problem, it's very fine mesh water filter - needs to be scrubbed regularly - greasy waxy gross. How food particles are redistributed on the dishes and not caught by the filter is beyond me.
Wished I've have gone with the Samsung.
Posted by matthew wilmer on 2013-09-01:
my bosch modell 4300 i have had for about 13 yrs no problem until now will not allow water into washer to wash dishes any advice helpful realize that unit is old
Posted by Shelly on 2013-09-05:
I purchased a Bosch Ascenta dishwasher in February 2013 to replace a 12 year old Maytag that worked just fine but was falling apart. I did a lot of research and Bosch came out on top with rave reviews from all the lead consumer boards. That said, I anxiously awaited the day the eyesore of a beat up Maytag would be replaced with a state of the art shiny new Bosch. What a let down I had when the first thing I noticed is that this dishwasher is so slim it doesn't fill out the space in my counter cabinets. Apparently the installer knows this because he came prepared with some cheap plastic strips that he placed in the space to fill out the gaps. So with the first blow of my new investment looking cheesy I kept my chin up and looked forward to new racks with no rust and sparkling clean dishes. Well, needless to say I was less then impressed with the cleaning power of this supposed super cleaning machine. IN fact they are no cleaner then my 12 year old Maytag. Not only are they marginally clean but they are always wet when I open the door. Where is the steam? or even the heat for that matter? It's always damp inside and smells bad in between washings because apparently there is no ventilation holes. Quiet? Not really, I can hear it. But honestly dishwasher noise was never an issue as I don't hang around my kitchen all night after I fire it up. I mean who really cares about noise? Aren't people sick of being in the kitchen after cooking, serving, eating, cleaning? I finally called to see maybe it was me, maybe I missed something or have to adjust something. What I was told it that, I need to empty it right away or the water that doesn't evaporate because their is no ventilation settles back on the dishes. OK I tried that. I awaited anxiously for my wash to complete and eagerly opened the door hoping I would have a blast of sanitizing steam and dry dishes. Nope! All I had was soggy dishes. As far as saving money? Maybe, if I didn't have to buy the most expensive cleaning bricks and rinsing agents and run it every single day for fear of mold growing. I wish I bought something else. So I do NOT recommend this item..
Posted by blogzilla on 2013-12-09:
We have a Bosch SHE55M12UC and we have none of the soil removal problems that you are having. Sorry you are going through this, 'cause I know first hand how frustrating machines can be.

My biggest pet peeve with our Bosch SHE55M12UC is it simply doesn't use enough water. The only cycles that have a pre-rinse are the Auto and Power Scrub cycles. This might be fine for someone who is in the habit of rinsing their dishes before they put them in the machine, but we never do that. It also has no rinse/hold cycle ( a useful cycle in our household) For some reason I didn't realize it didn't have one when I bought it.

It gives two finishing rinses and sometimes it only gives one, which I think is quite ridiculous. One finishing rinse? Really Bosch?

Another problem - cheap construction. The panel will eventually pull off cause it is snapped not bolted in place. This is serious cause depending on how hard a person pulls on the handle to open the door, it can snap the panel off AND break the buttons. This is not covered under any warranty because it's considered cosmetic.

I woudn't buy a Bosch dishwasher again. Too much unrefinement for a machine that ended up costing $950. I could have had an Asko for that price. We used to have one, I miss it. I'll be looking them up again, when the Bosch dies.
Posted by oValerye Cribb on 2014-01-27:
I will stay away from any Bosch appliance forever. Bought a Bosch Integra dishwasher which. Only lasted. 3 years before requiring a 700 dollar repair despite only being used.twice a week because it is only hubs and me went around with executive customer care who absolutely did not care. My children moved into a house and replaced the dishwasher there with a new one and give me the old 12 year old ge.which works great even if somewhat noisy . I'm not hanging in the kitchen when running anyway.
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Not worth the money
Posted by Wallerz on 06/26/2010
When looking for a new dishwasher, our salesman sold us on the expensive Bosch, Ecosense. I am so unhappy with it's performance. They advertise that you can put in dirty, unrinsed dishes and they will come out clean. Well I put rinsed dishes in, and if they have anything on them at all, that's what they come out with, only dried on after the heat cycle. The dishwasher constantly smells, even if the filter is cleaned out. Not impressed, and wouldn't want anyone else to waste their money or fall for a commission seeking salesman's line.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-06-26:
I think I can be of some help to you wallerz. You've got a run-on sentence within your complaint, but if I understand it correctly, I think I can solve at least part of your problem.

You state that you're placing the dishes in after you've rinsed them. In a word, DON'T! Detergents will not activate unless they come into contact with grease. Dishes should be scraped of any large deposits, but the soil from food is still important to the overall cleaning. This is also important because Bosch dishwashers don't come equipped with any form of food grinder. With grease in the tub and a standard wash system, the contents of the dishwasher should come clean. If you have hard water within your area, I may also suggest some sort of rinse aid.

As for the odor coming from your dishwasher, you've had the choice of either purchasing an SHE4/5 model or one that is up from that. You haven't specified the model, so it leaves the reader to make their own assumptions. The SHE4/5 models can be purchased for about $150 less then their more expensive brothers, but it doesn't use an entirely stainless steel tub. The tub has an inset, which is stainless, placed within it but the tub, itself, is still polyurethane. Any dishwasher with polyurethane inside the tub will start to smell. This is because the material is porous and retains the odors of anything it may come in contact with. The other problem is that the insert doesn't retain the heat from the hot water as well, leaving a longer drying time. If these things were important to you, you should have paid the additional amount an upgraded to the full SHE43 model.

Ultimately, I think you'll find Bosch dishwashers are rated fairly high for a reason; you just have to make sure you use the correct. Believe me, you're not the first one to make this mistake. I'm sure that once you get the hang of it, you'll love the product. Let us know if you don't or there are any further questions. Best of luck.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-06-27:
If you don't mind saying, how much did you pay for this dishwasher, wallerz? I guess you have to pay more if you want one that doesn't smell.
Posted by 2cent-er on 2010-07-24:
this d/w is new?? don't go crazy, have it checked. why put up with this??... washabilty is now a nat'l problem with the removal of phosphates from d/w detergents. use Cascade powder in green box and must use Jet Dry. all these new appl' with their new technolgy have a learning curve.."it ain't your mothers oldsmobile anymore." Baby! this should, at the least, wash your dish's and not smell...somethings wrong.
Posted by Carolyn2552 on 2010-10-01:
For a while it worked okay (not on egg, like my old cheapo DW, but okay). Now I'm having a problem with my dishes coming out soapy and/or dirty. Dirt from one dish winding up on another. Running two quick wash cycles seems to do a good job (no energy savings here). I cleaned out the sprayer arms with a toothpick and found junk inside - maybe that will help. Bosch recalled and replaced the computer in it -- wish I had known to check recalls on my old, noisy, effective dishwasher which caught itself on fire - could have gotten a new one free. Next time I'm buying a used, non-water saving, non-energy-efficient dishwasher that cost $175.00 new. Those ones actually cleaned the dishes. Meanwhile I'll try phoning Bosch and running viniger. I was going to try not using jet dry -- there's so much suds in the machine at the end of the cycle. Something's really not right. Suggestions?
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-02:
I don't use a dishwasher, Carolyn, so I don't have any suggestions. I agree with you that these water-saving and energy-saving appliances are not all they're cracked up to be. I'd rather have an appliance that works properly and lasts a reasonable amount of time. What good is saving energy if these appliances have to be thrown away prematurely?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-10-02:
I married my dishwasher over 40yrs ago....ducking stones being thrown.......
Posted by BOCSHjunk on 2010-12-19:
Dear helpful, I beg to differ with your comments/reply to wallerz. Purchasing a product by its prominent name in itself should be the only decision a consumer should have and the reason to purchase a product. I believe I am not unique in this debacle. If the sales person would have informed me that your water temperature will need to be 120 and below in order for the dishwasher’s water heater to turn, or you will need a rinse agent so that the water will glide down to the drain and to get the “tub” dryer, you will need to bleach the inside of your tub weekly to reduce “mildew”, and also very import to know is that this dishwasher tub has a history of smelling due to the “tub” design and more importantly, the intake valve may be defective and you may have a flood.
You wrote “If these things were important to you, you should have paid the additional amount an upgraded to the full SHE43 model.” I have a SHE43F12UC. I believe wallerz is writing about this same exact model. Do you think that if we had that knowledge the rest of us would have made a more intelligent decision to NOT purchase the machine in question, if the sales person pointed them out? My sales person DID not point that the dishwasher I purchase did not have/or have those feature’s listed above. I would have expected these faults would have been in other brands, not in a BOSCH. I can understand why that person has no choice but to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, because of the bacteria that grew in the tub due to the dishes sitting until I am ready to wash them causing the smell.
I am a supervisor for a very well-known Insurance company, and I tell my staff to always give more information to their customer’s than they ask for because we are the expert of our product. I would have expected that the BOSCH represented would have taken his job more seriously by selling us a product and sharing with the information of the different features that is offered in different models so that we can make an intelligent decision. He was the expert at the time of the sale. I have not had to buy a dishwasher for over 25 years!
I hope that I do not have any run on sentences. If I do, please read between the lines
Posted by coolrosetti on 2013-04-24:
It took me a year, but I have this problem licked. I wanted to trick the machine into thinking the water was always dirty, so that it would continue to wash. If you look in the sump area where the removable fine filter is inside the dishwasher on the bottom, you will see two translucent prongs projecting from the wall of the sump. This is a photocell to detect if the water is dirty. Get some plumber's putty and fill up the space between these prongs. I guess you could use an dark pen to shade the plastic, but I wanted to make sure, plus I could remove the putty if I change my mind. Result, is that the DW thinks the water is always dirty and runs 15 minutes longer and use more water.

Problem is solved. It acts like a normal DW. Most likely, we can use the old detergents again. Looking forward to using this device without having the feeling of regret for not going with a Kenmore or Maytag .
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Bosch SHU 5300 - Lemon of a Dishwasher
Posted by Kgarn on 05/20/2008
We have a Bosch dishwasher, model SHU 5300, that is merely three years old. It has stopped working. After a brief search online, it is obviously a problem with this particular model. Many people have complained of the same issue - it takes hours and hours to complete the cycle and it doesn't work. There is a problem within the circuit board.

Bosch will replace the circuit board, but they will not pay for the labor. It is going to cost $100 for the repair people to merely walk into our house. Any work done will be above and beyond that minimum charge.

Since this is a problem so many people have had with this particular model, one would think Bosch would stand behind their EXPENSIVE dishwashers and pay for the repair.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the dishwasher, but I am even more disappointed with the company.

This dishwasher was bought by the previous homeowner. I will not buy another Bosch product. Other companies are much more willing to guarantee their products and stand behind them. And those companies make products which cost much less!
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Posted by bill on 2008-05-20:
I had a Bosch dishwasher and the circuit board went bad twice in a 4 year period. THe first time I had it replaced at a cost of $400.00. The 2nd time I just went out a bought a Kitchen Aid dishwasher.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-05-20:
My bosch board failed at about 4 years old and was also just under $400 to fix. You're lucky they are covering the part after 3 years and in all fairness, that would be standing behind the product. While it cleans well, I would never by another bosch and probably not any brand with electronic controls. Heat and steam are just not a good environment for circuit boards.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-20:
i agree with slimjim,you are lucky that they are at least covering the cost of the part.Most appliance manufacturers would not
Posted by CoolChange on 2008-06-04:
Purchased a brand new Bosch Dishwasher and the price on sale and was around $480.00. Had it about two - three years when it started to malfunction. Wouldn't complete the cycles or would either just run and run, soap wouldn't dispense and wouldn't rinse all the way. So, after trying for another year or so fiddling with it trying to get it to work properly, I decided to buy a new Maytag. I didn't even want to spend the money to have a service repair company to come out and look at it because I figured it was something to do with the electronics. We went though all the troubleshooting suggestions listed in the Bosch Manual, and since none of those seemed to be the problem, figured it probably would be too expensive and decided to put the money into just purchasing a new one. After reading the other comments here, I am glad I did not spend any money on a repair person to come out. I won't be buying any more Bosch products due to my bad experience with this dishwasher. Looked on the internet to see how long a dishwasher should last, 10 years on average is what it said. This Bosch dishwasher didn't even last three.
Posted by Cyboura on 2008-06-11:
I have the same exact problem, i called bosch and they said thet dont pay anything and they dont have a problem with this model? who did u contact?
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