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Let's Initiate Class Action Suit!
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Rating: 1/51

Here we go! After reading all of your complaints, I felt as if it is a page out of my book. We purchased a 4000$ "top of the line" french door Electrolux refrigerator in 2009. We were so happy! What a beautiful unit. Well, our happiness did not last but 24 hrs when we woke up to a puddle of water in the kitchen. The water was flowing out of the ice maker and the ice was already clumped up into a block. We thought how could this be? A $4000 fridge that doesn't work!

We called Warehouse Discount Center where we purchased this boat anchor, and told them about it and they sent a service guy to look at it. Skip ahead three weeks and they replaced the unit. Approximately 6 weeks later, same problem so I decided to call Electrolux directly and the customer representative argued that she had never heard of such a problem. Only after I spoke with her supervisor was I told that it was a major problem with 80% of the units sold. I guess the other 20% were sold in Alaska!

So, here we are 4 years later and 3 refrigerators they now replaced the unit with a side by side (of lesser value), which we had no choice because that Electrolux would not refund our money but they were kind enough to offer us a discount on a purchase of another model of refrigerator. They delivered the unit and to our dismay, due to the design of the new model, the drawers would not open unless the door swung completely out of the way which is impossible in our kitchen.

So, now we have a $3000 unit that we cannot use and after speaking with ** (customer representative at Electrolux), we were told that they cannot do anything for us and that we would have to live with it. Is anybody reading this and if so, LET'S GET SOMETHING GOING HERE! How can we let this company take advantage of so many honest hard working people?

Unprofessional Customer Service/Non-placement
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- This letter is to explain the circumstances of why we will not buy another Electrolux product. In November of 2002 we purchased new appliances for our kitchen which included the above refrigerator. Approximately two weeks ago the entire cooling system quit working. I called customer service's automated number for a service repair number. There were only two offered. I never received a call back after several attempts to one and the second one did not have a refrigerator technician. They suggested I call customer service directly.

In speaking with customer service I was informed that my warranty had expired and that I needed to contact a repair person on my own. I contacted a repair person who explained the board needed to be replaced. That was replaced and immediately blew. He said I needed to contact Frigidaire directly. I called customer service back and explained the situation at which time they said they would put in a request for repair and someone would call me back in 24 hours to let me know what had been scheduled. I call the next day after I did not receive a call.

The woman I spoke to said she did not understand why I had not received a call, normally they are very good. She then asked me for all my information again and said she would put the request in again….. it would take 24 hours. I called again after I had not received a call. I explained again to your representative, who then said she doesn't know why I would think it to be 24 hours. The policy is 48 to 72 hours and why was I calling them anyway since I was not under warranty. I explained about not being about to contact an authorized repair service and she said to use whoever I wanted because it did not matter.

I then contacted another repair service who took one look at the old board and said I needed to have Frigidaire come out. It appeared to be the compressor. I AGAIN called customer service and was told it would be another 48 to 72 hours before I would get a call to let me know when someone would be out. Fortunately, after speaking to a supervisor, who placed me on hold while obtaining an appointment with A&E Service, I was able to have an authorized repair technician come to my home. The repair technician then informed me that my unit has a short in the wire that is encased in the unit and therefore not repairable.

He asked how old the unit was and that this falls within the five year warranty that I needed to contact Frigidaire. I called on the next business day and was told the service company would be called and the case would be reviewed and we would be told if it would be replaced or not in 48 hours. I then received a call from ** would said that because we did not purchase an extended warranty nothing would be done.

I called back later and talked with another customer service representative and after asking her to explain how it is that something's can be covered in a five year warranty, how it is that something that CANNOT be repaired due to a manufacturing defect is not. She repeatedly said that if I had bought the extended warranty it would be covered. I then asked to speak with her supervisor. She asked me why several times, saying she has already addressed my question and that if I should provide proof of purchase I might be offered a small rebate. I had to ask several times to speak to a supervisor and was left on hold for 20 minutes before I was put through to **.

I then asked the same question and she said she is doesn't write the warranty and what is it that I expected. I explained that we paid a lot for our refrigerator and for us it would be worth paying $1000 to have it repaired but after only four years of owing it we didn't even have that choice. It doesn't make sense to offer a five year warranty of parts and repairs that can be made and not offer the same warranty of something that can not because of a defect of the manufacturing. She then said there are guidelines and that is what they go with. What did I expect? I should have bought the extended warranty.

I asked to speak with her supervisor. She stated there wasn't anyone else for me to talk with. I asked if she has a supervisor and she said yes, but not in that office. I can go the website and make a complaint that way if I like but the answer will remain the same. So, what is the point of the long letter? I have had to deal with many customer service providers from being in real estate and property development over the last 10 years. My husband currently owns more than 40 investment properties and is developing a handful of multi-unit properties over the next five years. I currently own a property management company.

This is the first time I have ever felt the need to write a letter about how unprofessional and disappointed I have felt at the end of a resolution to a problem. There never was an answer of let's see if we can help you or answer your question to some satisfaction or even giving me a name or transferring me to someone to answer the simple question of why I have some parts that are under a five year warranty (that I would gladly pay to have fixed) and that something that CANNOT be repaired does not fall in that same category? I understand that customer service doesn't write the guidelines, but they do interpret the guidelines because that is what guidelines are for, to guide.

Doesn't it seem reasonable that perhaps this short in an area that is not accessible falls outside of the "guidelines"? I don't know, customer service wasn't willing to help find that answer. Given all the above boring details, I will not buy another Electrolux product to replace any existing appliance in any unit or in any new property. I will forward a copy of this letter to Consumer Reports and everyone I know along with what I have learned regarding other appliance companies. If your company cannot stand behind your products, then I cannot either.

Failure to Honor Extended Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- We are on our 2nd Electrolux refrigerator where the ice maker failed. After numerous service calls and phone calls to the appliance store and Electrolux, they finally replaced the non-repairable fridge after 6 service calls. We bought the extended warranty on the 2nd unit and now it has too quit making ice. The extended warranty offers to replace a unit if it is deemed non-repairable. Today was repair visit #8 - still no ice. Electrolux has offered to return a portion of the extended warranty but is refusing to replace the unit. The extended warranty is a scam - they will not live up to what they advertise.

Refrigerator/Freezer Doesn't Work
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Rating: 1/51

ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased Electrolux appliances as part of a kitchen remodel in summer of 2011. One week after installation Wave Touch french door refrigerator stops working. Call Electrolux, they send repairman who says problem is circuit boards, new ones need to be ordered. Electrolux says circuit boards back ordered, may take a month or longer to get new boards. Many phone calls, threats of law suits and they agree to replace unit. I don't want replacement, don't trust Electrolux, I want my money back. Electrolux refuses refund assures me this is an updated model and says I will have extended service contract.

Eighteen months after replacement is installed the circuit boards go again. Call Electrolux and am told I don't have extended warranty. Try to speak to "supervisor" and am repeatedly told they are all busy, but will call me back. Needless to say, they never call. The only thing worse than an Electrolux refrigerator is Electrolux customer service. We are looking into the pending class actions or filing our own suit against Electrolux. DO NOT BUY this piece of junk.

Terrible ICE Maker
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Rating: 1/51

SAMMAMISH, WASHINGTON -- My family has an Electrolux refrigerator which was bought in 2010/8, model EW28BS71IS5. Last winter I turned off the ice maker because we went out for a long vacation. But when I tried to turn on it this summer, it doesn't work at all. Did some research on the internet, seems like this is a very common issue for Electrolux and they keep changing the design/upgrade kits. So I called service to check whether they could provide a solution. I got upset about the answer. They told me this issue was fixed in my model because my model has "IS" in it. And of course, my refrigerator is out of warranty, so I have to call some service company and pay for all of that.....

What's a lie!!!! I found so many similar problem reviews on the internet with "IS". Electrolux should face the problem more frankly, product over $3000 should definitely last longer than 3 years!!!

20 Year Old Refrigerator Is Better Than This $3300 Refrigerator
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Rating: 1/51

USA, CALIFORNIA -- I would not recommend this refrigerator, unless you like waiting for repairmen. I have had to have over seven visits from the repairman in the past eight months and my refrigerator still does not work correctly. The temperature of my refrigerator is at 53 degrees even after having the control panel and board replaced. The ice maker and water maker has not worked for the past year (it did make ice randomly for a week period, until the control panel was put in, and then it stopped working again.) When I talked with the repair company, they told me that some people are on their third refrigerator.

If you buy the product make sure that you purchase the extended warranty, keep your old refrigerator and be prepared to grow a lot of patience as you wait for the repairman.

Beware of Electrolux Appliances
By -

In April 2010 we installed a new kitchen and upgraded to Electrolux Stainless appliances. We thought the "look" and design was superior to our previous appliances, so we invested in paying the higher cost, thinking they were superior products. BIG MISTAKE! The refrigerator is a side by side, with the freezer on the bottom, and a built in ice maker. After only having the refrigerator only 10 months, we have had to have the ice maker serviced 4 times, and are awaiting a 5th board. In addition to all the noises it makes, the constant water leaking out of the ice make onto our floor, and the lack of ice for weeks.

The service representative has even told us these are new appliances in the US market and new technology, so they are having a difficult time fixing the appliances. In addition, the service representative disclosed that the owner of the Appliance Store has the same refrigerator as we have, and they can't seem to fix that one either. That was a warm and fuzzy thought. The microwave has only had to be serviced once, the metal tray was arching causing sparks and near fires in the microwave. This was an easy fix by simply replacing the bottom metal tray, but seriously, less than 10 months old and the micro is arching?

The gas range has worked pretty well, with the exception of the right front burner that takes approximately 30 seconds to ignite. Electolux is aware of the problem, but has yet to figure out a solution. You just have to be patient with the gas on that it will ignite before the explosion. We have only had to replace one of the great ball bearing shelves so far. I love the way they slide, but apparently they aren't all so smooth. The dishwasher, well, we luckily took the advice of another representative and bought a Bosch.... thank goodness. That is the ONLY appliance that we have not had to have service on, must be the manufacture.

I consider myself reasonably intelligent with a boat load of common sense who does his homework before making a purchase. Boy did I get fooled on the Electrolux brand. They look fantastic but the reliability is the poorest I have ever experienced. Save yourself money and headaches and go with another brand.

Electrolux Refrigerator/Worst Product I Have Ever Purchased
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased this refrigerator and it was installed in February 2009. By August 2009 I had my first service call for a bad control panel. The control panel was replaced and the refrigerator worked OK until the evaporator motor failed on August 3, 2010. This caused the refrigerator to overheat. I lost over $300 in food. The repair was completed seven days later. On September 20, 2010 the same problem occurred again, the new evaporator motor failed. I lost all of my food again. When the technician came (3 days later) to analyze the problem, he said the problem was caused by the control panel going bad which caused the evaporator motor to fail.

Now we have again a bad control panel and a bad evaporator motor. The parts were ordered from Electrolux on Sept. 23, 2010. I was told on Sept. 29, 2010 that the control panel was back ordered and they didn't know when they would receive it. I was also told by the Electrolux Parts Dept. that they had sixteen (16) control panels on back order. Do you think they have a problem with this refrigerator? Electrolux is refusing to replace the refrigerator even though the problems started to occur when it was under warranty and they are reoccurring problems.

When I asked for a replacement under the Lemon Law I was told that the Lemon Law does not apply to Electrolux. Now they are above the law??? Anyone who buys this product or deals with this supposed high end company should have their head examined. Their Customer Support is useless, their Platinum Star Service is useless, and their Warranty Customer Service is useless. They all put their heads in the sand and try and pass you off to the next person. We have four Electrolux appliances and we have had repeated service calls on all of them except the dishwasher. Not a very high end product as far as I'm concerned. I would never buy one of their appliances again.

Side by Side Refrigerator
By -

MISSISSAUGA ON CANADA L5R1Y4 -- I bought this new side by side refrigerator with all the amenities. The problem started right away! The water filter inside the frigerator started leaking after one month, since 4,01,2009 we have bought 6 filters from different sources, so 6 multiply it by $40.00 per water filter = $240.00 we have spent on water filters and I need another one. Service rep say this is a problem with all refrigerators that use this filter! One even put a reducer in line, didn't work. Leaks when ice maker fills puts water inside of door storage area on shelfing. We have a lot of money tied up in this refrigerator to just go out and dump this one and buy something else.

I called the manufacturer, oh this is not a problem they said but I could buy a water filter from them again. Every service guy says this is a problem and isn't fixed for the consumer. Do not purchase a refrigerator with water unit in front top right side filter located unless you want to waste good money, out the window. I did fill a complaint to attorney generals office so noted. Good luck getting this fixed a little over a year old and I will buy again, but not from them. They stated the filter for water should last up to 6 months, not a month or six weeks. Putting towels inside to collect water leaking from water filter again.

They call this a consumables product water filter number is fc-100 puresource2 states changing water filter every 6-9 months normally ensures the highest water quality. This is in the 17 months I have owned this product, we have bought 6 and number seven is next. We live in a big city and the water is monitored all the time no wellwater/city water. It might be tested water filter, yes. Oh white Westinghouse uses the name crystalclear instead of puresource are same filter. States in manual.

Icemaker Problems
By -

I purchased the higher-end Electrolux CD FD refrigerator (with WAVE TOUCH) in July and have had nothing but problems with it since day one. Ice Maker issues: wet cubes, slow production, leaky, inefficient, started making noises, stopped working, new motor installed, stopped working AGAIN!!, etc. It's a beautiful, sleek looking unit but it doesn't work properly (repair people have told me that they are not impressed with icemaker design).

Customer service reps seem very nice at Electrolux and the outside repair people are accommodating but Electrolux will not replace this LEMON and the repairmen can only do so much. It keeps breaking and never worked properly in the first place (so I am out multiple days of work after almost six months and still do not have a WORKING icemaker). For the money I paid, I expected this unit to be attractive AND to WORK PERFECTLY! Don't buy this unit! If I had to do it over again, I would buy the Samsung (I was too impressed by all the Electrolux bells and whistles and now I am paying the price).

My advice is to look elsewhere until Electrolux does a much better job with design and service.

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