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Let's Initiate Class Action Suit!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Here we go! After reading all of your complaints, I felt as if it is a page out of my book. We purchased a 4000$ "top of the line" french door Electrolux refrigerator in 2009. We were so happy! What a beautiful unit. Well, our happiness did not last but 24 hrs when we woke up to a puddle of water in the kitchen. The water was flowing out of the ice maker and the ice was already clumped up into a block. We thought how could this be? A $4000 fridge that doesn't work!

We called Warehouse Discount Center where we purchased this boat anchor, and told them about it and they sent a service guy to look at it. Skip ahead three weeks and they replaced the unit. Approximately 6 weeks later, same problem so I decided to call Electrolux directly and the customer representative argued that she had never heard of such a problem. Only after I spoke with her supervisor was I told that it was a major problem with 80% of the units sold. I guess the other 20% were sold in Alaska!

So, here we are 4 years later and 3 refrigerators they now replaced the unit with a side by side (of lesser value),which we had no choice because that Electrolux would not refund our money but they were kind enough to offer us a discount on a purchase of another model of refrigerator. They delivered the unit and to our dismay, due to the design of the new model, the drawers would not open unless the door swung completely out of the way which is impossible in our kitchen.

So, now we have a $3000 unit that we cannot use and after speaking with Theresa Jones (customer representative at Electrolux), we were told that they cannot do anything for us and that we would have to live with it. IS ANYBODY READING THIS AND IF SO, LET'S GET SOMETHING GOING HERE! HOW CAN WE LET THIS COMPANY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SO MANY HONEST HARD WORKING PEOPLE?
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User Replies:
CPolk on 03/28/2013:
Hello Srsteveroy,

On behalf of Frigidaire, I welcome the opportunity to assist you in resolving your concern.

As both a representative and a consumer, I certainly appreciate and understand your frustration. It is expected that our products will meet and even exceed consumer expectations but the experience that you encountered is unacceptable and not typical of the quality products that are produced day in and day out. The manufacturer stands behind its products, services and valued consumers like you.
I would like to further assist you but in order to do so; will you please email me directly at Chris.Polk@Electrolux.com with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit?
Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter.


Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
Electrolux Major Appliances, North America
157cowboy on 05/06/2013:
I also have an Electrolus model EI26ss55GSO that is a piece of junk. Main Power Board failed and must replace the Circuit interface panel as well, about $600. Plus this mis designed frig freezes my veggies in the veggie tray even when set at the recommended 37 degrees. Tray pull handles also very fragile. Very disgusted with all three Electrolux appliances. We need to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT Ken at 157cowboy@bellsouth.net
Greggmark1@aol on 05/10/2013:
These units were problematic. Although in my opinion a decent design when working properly. Mistakes were made. Corrections were made by engineers. Good permanent fixes. The problem. The information wasn't distributed. As with most large companies, customer service. Cost cutting. Believe me this French door unit can be a great unit. Don't know the rates in your area. $600 sounds high. If I can help.
Richard Kramer on 07/30/2013:
We purchased an Electrolux refrigerator in November of 2010 it's a French door model EW28Bs7. Love the refer but the ice maker is a piece of junk. The service man will be out tomorrow for the third time since it was new. Leaking water not making ice and weird noises. For $3500 you would expect more.
Rich Kramer
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Beware of Electrolux Appliances
Posted by on
In April 2010 we installed a new kitchen and upgraded to Electrolux Stainless appliances. We thought the "look" and design was superior to our previous appliances, so we invested in paying the higher cost, thinking they were superior products. BIG MISTAKE!

The refrigerator is a side by side, with the freezer on the bottom, and a built in ice maker. After only having the refrigerator only 10 months, we have had to have the ice maker serviced 4 times, and are awaiting a 5th board. In addition to all the noises it makes, the constant water leaking out of the ice make onto our floor, and the lack of ice for weeks. The service representative has even told us these are new appliances in the US market and new technology, so they are having a difficult time fixing the appliances. In addition, the service representative disclosed that the owner of the Appliance Store has the same refrigerator as we have, and they can't seem to fix that one either. That was a warm and fuzzy thought.

The microwave has only had to be serviced once, the metal tray was arching causing sparks and near fires in the microwave. This was an easy fix by simply replacing the bottom metal tray, but seriously, less than 10 months old and the micro is arching?

The gas range has worked pretty well, with the exception of the right front burner that takes approximately 30 seconds to ignite. Electolux is aware of the problem, but has yet to figure out a solution. You just have to be patient with the gas on that it will ignite before the explosion. We have only had to replace one of the great ball bearing shelves so far. I love the way they slide, but apparently they aren't all so smooth.

The dishwasher, well, we luckily took the advice of another representative and bought a Bosch....thank goodness. That is the ONLY appliance that we have not had to have service on, must be the manufacture.

I consider myself reasonably intelligent with a boat load of common sense who does his homework before making a purchase. Boy did I get fooled on the Electrolux brand. They look fantastic but the reliability is the poorest I have ever experienced. Save yourself money and headaches and go with another brand.
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/18/2011:
Given the reviews I've seen about Electrolux, yours included, I just can't see purchasing anything from this company.
Sue from Fremont on 07/11/2011:
Bought my new Electrolux frig (model #E23CS78EPSO) in Jan. 2007. After 3 years, the temperature started rising in the freezer and frig sections. Replaced the $357.00 board in the left kick plate. 6 months later, guess what? Another $357.00. Still not working. The repairman doesn't know what the problem is I'm sure. We paid $2,884.00 (with tax) for this designer kitchen nightmare. My daughter was here from L.A. with her family of five when it broke the second time.
I really need a good working refrigerator with an ice dispenser so people don't have to keep opening and closing the freezer door to get ice. It seems you get nothing for your money these days, especially with appliances!!!!
Pete on 12/16/2014:
Same - Electrolux designs are poor. Fridge took two service calls after purchase (not assembled properly). Now after five years the main board failed. Replaced and now the fridge defrost mechanism/electronics do not work. Dishwasher different problems but two service calls, and dishes are not cleaned. Consumer reports rates the dishwasher as less than adequate. Bought an oven about the same time. Have to say it works fine, but Pacific Sales says they won't carry Electrolux any more due to display failures on all their appliances. Am I angry about having to replace a $2000 fridge after 5 years. You bet my family bought a fridge from GE when I was 5 hauled it all over the world and it failed after 40 years. Our current Electrolux qualifies as an ICE box mostly because you need to fill it with ice to maintain temps. They do not stand behind what they build, and they do not serve the consumer. In this century it is inconceivable why they cannot design an appliance that lasts more than a few years.
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Unprofessional Customer Service/Non-placement
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- October 5, 2007

To: Vice President of Customer Service Electrolux
The Electrolux Group
Customer Assistance
PO Box 212378
Augusta, GA 30917
(Electrolux Home Products
P.O. Box 212378
Martinez, GA 30917)

RE: Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator, Serial # PLHS5267ZAB5, Model # LA23411589

Dear Vice President of Customer Service,

This letter is to explain the circumstances of why we will not buy another Electrolux product. In November of 2002 we purchased new appliances for our kitchen which included the above refrigerator. Approximately two weeks ago the entire cooling system quit working. I called customer service’s automated number for a service repair number. There were only two offered. I never received a call back after several attempts to one and the second one did not have a refrigerator technician. They suggested I call customer service directly. In speaking with customer service I was informed that my warranty had expired and that I needed to contact a repair person on my own. I contacted a repair person who explained the board needed to be replaced. That was replaced and immediately blew. He said I needed to contact Frigidaire directly. I called customer service back and explained the situation at which time they said they would put in a request for repair and someone would call me back in 24 hours to let me know what had been scheduled. I call the next day after I did not receive a call. The woman I spoke to said she did not understand why I had not received a call, normally they are very good. She then asked me for all my information again and said she would put the request in again….. it would take 24 hours. I called again after I had not received a call. I explained again to your representative, who then said she doesn't’t know why I would think it to be 24 hours. The policy is 48 to 72 hours and why was I calling them anyway since I was not under warranty. I explained about not being about to contact an authorized repair service and she said to use who ever I wanted because it did not matter. I then contacted another repair service who took one look at the old board and said I needed to have Frigidaire come out. It appeared to be the compressor. I AGAIN called customer service and was told it would be another 48 to 72 hours before I would get a call to let me know when someone would be out. Fortunately, after speaking to a supervisor, who placed me on hold while obtaining an appointment with A&E Service, I was able to have an authorized repair technician come to my home. The repair technician then informed me that my unit has a short in the wire that is incased in the unit and therefore not repairable. He asked how old the unit was and that this falls within the five year warranty that I needed to contact Frigidaire. I called on the next business day and was told the service company would be called and the case would be reviewed and we would be told if it would be replaced or not in 48 hours. I then received a call from Brittney would said that because we did not purchase an extended warranty nothing would be done. I called back later and talked with another customer service representative and after asking her to explain how it is that something’s can be covered in a five year warranty how it is that something that CANNOT be repaired due to a manufacturing defect is not. She repeatedly said that if I had bought the extended warranty it would be covered. I then asked to speak with her supervisor. She asked me why several times, saying she has already addressed my question and that if I should provide proof of purchase I might be offered a small rebate. I had to ask several times to speak to a supervisor and was left on hold for 20 minutes before I was put through to Laurie. I then asked the same question and she said she is doesn't’t write the warranty and what is it that I expected. I explained that we paid a lot for our refrigerator and for us it would be worth paying $1000 to have it repaired but after only four years of owing it we didn’t even have that choice. It doesn't’t make sense to offer a five year warranty of parts and repairs that can be made and not offer the same warranty of something that can not because of a defect of the manufacturing. She then said there are guidelines and that is what they go with. What did I expect? I should have bought the extended warranty. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She stated there wasn’t anyone else for me to talk with. I asked if she has a supervisor and she said yes, but not in that office. I can go the website and make a complaint that way if I like but the answer will remain the same.

So, what is the point of the long letter? I have had to deal with many customer service providers from being in real estate and property development over the last 10 years. My husband currently owns more than 40 investment properties and is developing a handful of multiunit properties over the next five years. I currently own a property management company. This is the first time I have ever felt the need to write a letter about how unprofessional and disappointed I have felt at the end of a resolution to a problem. There never was an answer of let’s see if we can help you or answer your question to some satisfaction or even giving me a name or transferring me to someone to answer the simple question of why I have some parts that are under a five year warranty (that I would gladly pay to have fixed) and that something that CANNOT be repaired does not fall in that same category? I understand that customer service doesn't’t write the guidelines, but they do interpret the guidelines because that is what guidelines are for, to guide. Doesn’t it seem reasonable that perhaps this short in an area that is not accessible falls outside of the ‘guidelines’? I don’t know, customer service wasn’t willing to help find that answer. Given all the above boring details, I will not buy another Electrolux product to replace any existing appliance in any unit or in any new property. I will forward a copy of this letter to Consumer Reports and everyone I know along with what I have learned regarding other appliance companies. If your company cannot stand behind your products, then I cannot either.


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User Replies:
Ising on 10/19/2007:
If I were you, I would check out your remedies in small claims court. I have been without a fridge for almost two months and my fridge is less than a year old, six repairs, and still not working! I filed a claim (myself, no attorney involved)in small claims court which only cost me $90. If I win my claim, I will get my court costs back. I bet, given your circumstances, you would prevail in small claims court.
sunshine619 on 02/14/2008:
I have a Frigidaire glass top stove. One burner hasn't worked since day one. We purchased our condo brand new in April with the appliances included. The stove only has a 1 year warranty through Electrolux and its coming up on the end of the warranty and still nothing has been done! The repair shops they give me never answer the phone and they don't care to help any further. I agree a terrible terrible company, will never own Frigidaire appliances again.
Sparticus on 02/14/2008:
We just bought a Frigidaire double-oven. So far so good (knock on wood!)

Hope it lasts until we sell the house! (knock on wood again!)

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Icemaker Problems
Posted by on
I purchased the higher-end Electrolux CD FD refrigerator (with WAVE TOUCH) in July and have had nothing but problems with it since day one. Ice Maker issues: wet cubes, slow production, leaky, inefficient, started making noises, stopped working, new motor installed, stopped working AGAIN!!, etc. It's a beautiful, sleek looking unit but it doesn't work properly (repair people have told me that they are not impressed with icemaker design).

Customer service reps seem very nice at Electrolux and the outside repair people are accommodating but Electrolux will not replace this LEMON and the repairmen can only do so much -- it keeps breaking and never worked properly in the first place (so I am out multiple days of work after almost six months and still do not have a WORKING icemaker). For the money I paid, I expected this unit to be attractive AND to WORK PERFECTLY! Don't buy this unit! If I had to do it over again, I would buy the Samsung (I was too impressed by all the Electrolux bells and whistles and now I am paying the price).

My advice is to look elsewhere until Electrolux does a much better job with design and service.
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User Replies:
Alohazz on 12/24/2010:
Electrolux is giving full refunds for this refrig. I have a similar ice maker problem and am receiving a full refund minus tax and installation.
DLV on 04/30/2012:
I would recommend a KitchenAid refrigerator.
I would role my 15 year old KitchenAAid from the garage back into the kitchen if it wasn't white and shove this piece of junk Electrolux out to the garage.
Louanna on 05/24/2012:
I too have had nothing but problems with our Great New refrigerator-the ice maker works for 6 weeks and goes out again-I have had 6-8 repairs and nothing works. Would never buy products from Standard appl as there service contract sucks. Now they say it's not repairable-so You spend $2700.00 on a refrigerator that's not repairable 2 years later. Will never buy top of the line again.
Lori on 08/23/2012:
I too am having ice maker problems. 3 times now in 13 months it has stopped working. Electrolux refuses to acknowledge they have a bad product. One more time and it goes to The Dump.
jc on 09/22/2012:
same story here --- bought an electrosux -- 2 years worth of problems -- paid $700 for a 3 year extended warranty, after 6 months into the warranty time they had to replace the fridge, and then they said that because it was a new unit, I did not get to transfer the unused warranty portion to the new unit --- just delivered this unit (EI28BS65KS4) and now the ice maker on it is not working -- and the door never shuts right --this is so frustrating! DO NOT BUY ELECTROLUX!
SMHanson on 10/21/2013:
I agree, I will never buy another Electrolux, bought it for the looks, when you pay that much for a frig, you think it's going to be the best. Ice machine is terrible, over $500 in repairs and Electrolux will do nothing to replace this lemon. Repair crew just out again and will now call Electrolux every day until they get this thing repaired correctly
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Do Not Purchase a Electrolux Refrigerator and Do Not Do Business With Gerhardt's Appliances
Posted by on
FRAZER, PA -- I purchased two high end appliances from this store; 1 - a Miele dishwasher and 2 - a Electrolux Refrigerator. After waiting for delivery like I was waiting for cable installation; between the hours of 12 - 5, I finally called at 5:30 to ask if the appliance was going to delivered this day. I was told that yes in fact it would be and that they were running late, of course it never occurred to them to call me to let me know they were running late. It finally arrived around 6:30, while my wife and 3 little kids tried to prepare for dinner, while emptying the old appliance as we could not empty it until the new refrig arrived. It was installed, but apparently never inspected! Here it is almost three weeks later and the ice maker doesn't work, the seals on the freezer do not seal, creating the appliance to leak and ice to build up in the freezer compartment. I have called 5 times, they have sent out a service person once who was not able to fix the ice maker, a pleasant person I would add. FedEx rang the bell the other day with a delivery that appears to be ice maker replacement parts, although no one mentioned to us that they would be shipping to our house! I called the store to ask what was going on and when I could expect the ice maker to be fixed...the store instructed me to call back in three days!

After fuming over this for three days I call and they tell me that someone, once again like the cable companies, "will be out their next week, on Monday sometime between the hours of 1 - 5, so we schedule it. I find the appliance leaking again due to the seals and finally had enough, I called and asked them to take the "lemon" back and provide me a new one that works! "Sorry, we can't do that as it is not our policy." I have had it, I am canceling payment with AMEX until I get what I paid for: a new, in good working order, $3k refrigerator! I would not recommend:

1 - Do not do business with Gerhard's Appliances
2 - Do not purchase an Electrolux Refrigerator
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Frigidaire/Electrolux Doesn't Care About Their Customers
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- Our story goes: Started June 18, 2005 - when a repairman came to check why refrigerator isn't working. He told us that it was "sweating back to the compressor" and that it is a "sealed system problem". That someone from Frigidaire will call us to tell us what is going to happen next. We lost all our food for a Father's Day gathering and continue to lose money over this whole HORRIFIC incident.

June 20 (Monday) - No calls all day. We had to call Frigidaire and see what the situation is. No help whatsoever. We had to go to Kinkos to fax the repair order so that they have TWO copies (one from us, one from the repair company) to assure that the refrigerator is un-repairable and needs replacement. We wait...

June 21 (Tuesday) - Called Frigidaire. They said it was going to take 72 hours for a "review" to see if/when it will get replaced. AGAIN, WE ARE PATIENT...AND WAIT...72 HOURS.

June 24 (Friday) - So here we are, 72 hours later. Called Frigidaire, still no answer. They told us that it is STILL in the review process. What the heck were they doing the last 72 hours? Hmmm...makes you wonder...if they care, doesn't it? They said to call back by the end of the day for an answer. So that they can contact the place where we bought the fridge from for replacement. Called them before they closed...STILL NO ANSWER. And of course they don't work weekends...So still no fridge...continue to eat out everyday...we wait again for Monday.

June 27 (Monday) - Called Frigidaire...what a surprise...STILL NO ANSWER. This is 72 hours plus one day. Still no answer from the "Review Department"...which I'm trying to think is a department with a bunch of round filing cabinets. Their reasoning this time is that the department is very busy and shorthanded. I wonder why?...maybe because your appliances are unreliable and need to get replaced not even a year after its purchase?!! Again...we wait.

June 28 (Tuesday) - Called Frigidaire...well, you might as well read what was on my story above, on June 27th. Cause that's pretty much the same story. Except, apparently a supervisor was going to "expedite" the process and give the file to the review department who is still reviewing the case. I think they have one person working there and only one person...who is in a 6x6 room with a stool and files and files of complaints and cases. They said they would call me back by the end of the day. Of course they did..NOT!

June 29 (Wednesday) - So here we are...144 hours (business hours that is) has past...not counting last weekend of course. Eating out, wasting money. But Frigidaire doesn't care...it's not them who has to eat out and it's not them who's money is wasted. Why should they care. Still no answer. Same story. Still no refrigerator. Talked to another supervisor...same story. I might as well call myself and tell myself the same story tomorrow. At least I'll be talking to someone who cares...ME. Will keep you all updated.

June 29 (quick update) - Still no answer. They apparently said that they have an approval and will send the "letter" this afternoon to the place where I bought my appliance. I called them...still not there. Will again call tomorrow.

June 30 (Thursday) - Persistence is the key. You HAVE TO be persistent and keep calling these people at Frigidaire. Even if you get the same answer...keep calling. Almost to the point of annoyance, feel me? Anyway. My dealer called (where I got the fridge). Told me that everything was good to to and to go over to their store and pick one out. I went, I did, and still had to have another bargaining conversation with them because apparently the side by side/stainless steel models wetn up in price. Is that my problem?? What the hell is that supposed to mean to me? Well, that means that I have to pay the difference. Oh, helllll no. :) There is NO WAY that I was paying anything. Long story short...they just gave me the same model as an even swap. Delivery for free (as you would expect). My representative at the Appliance Dealership was AWESOME! She did everything she could to get things DONE. Which is more than what I can say about FRIGIDAIRE OR ELECTROLUX! Let's hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. Especially...let's hope this new one last us more than 9 months!

If you need contact information on Frigidaire, good luck in trying to find a helpful person that will give you answers. But here's what we've found as far as regular mailing addresses and contact people:

Keith McLaughlin, President
Robert E. Cook, CEO

Frigidaire Corporate
250 Bobby Jones Expressway
Martinez, GA 30907
(877) 435-3287

or: (I'm sure you all have the PO Box, but here it is anyway):

Electrolux Home Products
PO Box 212378
Augusta, GA 30917
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User Replies:
stumpleg on 08/16/2005:
I'm going through exactly the same situation right now, except that I bought a freezer and it lasted less than 2 weeks. I purchased my freezer on 22 July 2005 at a dealer in Laval Quebec.

I just received my credit card statement with the purchase of the freezer as one of the items. I'm disputing the charge until I get my situation resolved.

Whether this situation is resolved to my satisfaction or not, I will NEVER, NEVER, purchase a Frigidaire product again.
Frididaire/Electrolux hoax on 10/04/2010:
yeah, I got the 72 hour line three times until I figured out that this is the company code for "you're screwed"-good luck, I've been waiting 3 months now for the replacement dishwasher that never came. Personally, I think they are going under and we are on the wave.
chiavetts on 08/08/2013:
I bought a Frigidaire stove. We were satisfied my husband did all the research and thought we were getting the best product for the money. Not too long after purchase, the glass in the oven door developed a iridescent color. We called to have it checked. A repairman came out, looked at the oven and told us this is normal. It had to do with the gases between the glass. Because he determined it not ba a problem, we had to pay for the visit. Around $92.00. My husband refused to pay. He threatened us with a collection agency. We had to pay. We will never will we buy Frigidaire and I guess now, Electrolux and we are actively looking for two appliances. :-(
Martina on 09/15/2013:
We have bought 4 Frigidaire appliances and 3 out of the 4 have been crap. We have had our dishwasher repaired twice and now again which will be the 3rd time. The fridge is also not working and we are waiting now for 2 weeks for the parts to arrive for the repairman to come back and fix our fridge. Our above the stove microwave also stopped working and we are waiting for our microwave as well now. I would suggest nobody buy these appliances if you wish for appliances to last longer than a year. Take my word, I have been on the phone a few times with Frigidaire and the repair company and they just send you back and forth playing games and wasting time. Terrible appliances!!!!
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Refrigerator/freezer Doesn't Work
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased Electrolux appliances as part of a kitchen remodel in summer of 2011, One week after installation Wave Touch french door refrigerator stops working. Call Electrolux, they send repairman who says problem is circuit boards, new ones need to be ordered. Electrolux says circuit boards back ordered, may take a month or longer to get new boards.

Many phone calls, threats of law suits and they agree to replace unit. I don't want replacement, don't trust Electrolux, I want my money back. Electrolux refuses refund assures me this is an updated model and says I will have extended service contract. Eighteen months after replacement is installed the circuit boards go again. Call Electrolux and am told I don't have extended warranty. Try to speak to "supervisor" and am repeatedly told they are all busy, but will call me back. Needless to say, they never call.

The only thing worse than an Electrolux refrigerator is Electrolux customer service. We are looking into the pending class actions or filing our own suit against Electrolux. DO NOT BUY this piece of junk.
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User Replies:
Chris Polk on 07/10/2013:
Hello fernherrmann,

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. At Electrolux, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve.

I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can due to assist you. Please send your full name, date of purchase, model/serial number, and complete contact information (and preferred method of contact) to chris.polk(at)electrolux.com.

Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to provide us with this necessary information.

Best regards,

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
fernherrmann on 07/17/2013:
Supposedly, Electrolux paid for fix (minus the $65 I paid for initial service call). After 2 weeks without a fridge replaced to circuit boards. Fridge is now cold. Ice maker is not making ice but is leaking water. Will call service company tomorrow to try to get ice maker repaired. Is this covered by Electrolux? What I really want is to get my money back so I can replace this lemon. I am so tired of not having a working fridge in my kitchen, spending endless time on hold dealing with customer service and then sitting home waiting for customer service. Not to mention having to go out and buy ice because my supposedly high-end refrigerator is a piece of junk.
Marvin Diotte on 10/21/2013:
We built a new home. We purchased all new appliances. They were all Electrolux product. They have been nothing but a pain in the BUTT. The French door refrigerator with ice machine does not work half the time, when it does it spits out the ice all over but in the glass, our washer shakes so much that it rattles the dishes in my China cabinet, my dryer the door does not close properly it will open during a cycle. We cannot get proper service from Lighting Boutique, this is where we purchased all of our appliances or get proper service from the service people. We recommend anyone looking to buy new appliances, please stay away from Electrolux, they do not stand by there product. They also give you the run around. .
Ruben on 11/03/2013:
We Purchased a top of the line french door Electrolux in May 2010 and had several problems with the ice maker not making and the Wave Touch front panel not working. In the first few months, we had a power outage and the and the refrigerator, once the power was back on, the front panel alarm would sound and we could not shut it off. Technician installed new front panel.
The ice maker only made crush ice, technicians replaced solenoid.
Electrolux extened our warranty another six months, but the problems continued, mostly with the ice maker not working .
After the expiration of the warranty, we went with the Sears Master Protection Agreement starting May,2013.
We have had a Sears technician over for 8 times since and our Electrolux refrigerator still does not make ice.
They have replace the front panel board, the Ice control board, the ice machine motor, the freezer sensor. and other things.
This Electrolux refrigerator is a true Lemon.

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Electrolux Refrigerator / Worst Product I Have Ever Purchased
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased this refrigerator and it was installed in February 2009.

By August 2009 I had my first service call for a bad Control Panel. The Control Panel was replaced and the refrigerator worked OK until the Evaporator Motor failed on August 3, 2010. This caused the refrigerator to overheat. I lost over $300 in food. The repair was completed seven days later. On September 20, 2010 the same problem occurred again, the new Evaporator Motor failed. I lost all of my food again. When the technician came (3 days later) to analyze the problem, he said the problem was caused by the Control Panel going bad which caused the Evaporator Motor to fail. Now we have again a bad Control Panel and a bad Evaporator Motor. The parts were ordered from Electrolux on Sept. 23, 2010. I was told on Sept. 29, 2010 that the Control Panel was back ordered and they didn't know when they would receive it. I was also told by the Electrolux Parts Dept. that they had sixteen (16) Control Panels on back order. Do you think they have a problem with this Refrigerator? Electrolux is refusing to replace the Refrigerator even though the problems started to occur when it was under warranty and they are reoccurring problems. When I asked for a replacement under the Lemon Law I was told that the Lemon Law does not apply to Electrolux. Now they are above the law???

Anyone who buys this product or deals with this supposed high end company should have their head examined. Their Customer Support is useless, their Platinum Star Service is useless, and their Warranty Customer Service is useless. They all put their heads in the sand and try and pass you off to the next person. We have four Electrolux Appliances and we have had repeated service calls on all of them except the Dishwasher. Not a very high end product as far as I'm concerned. I would never buy one of their appliances again.
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Venice09 on 09/29/2010:
Read the warranty yourself. Don't just believe what they tell you. Even if you are covered under the warranty, be prepared for a long, drawn out fight.

Good review. I would never buy an Electrolux appliance. They should have stuck with vacuum cleaners.
Zippy1 on 09/30/2010:
Thank you for your comments. I did read the warranty. The Evaporator is covered under the Electrolux warranty for up to five years. They are not honoring their warranty. This is the fourth issue within 1 1/2 yrs. The refrigerator should be replaced and they are refusing to do so.
Venice09 on 09/30/2010:
Not honoring warranties seems to be a new trend. I really don't know what recourse you have other than to continue arguing with them. That's what I did when I couldn't get a warranty honored. Maybe someone else will post another suggestion, so keep checking back to check.
ok4now on 10/04/2010:
No matter what appliance or product you buy there will always be negative comments. Very few people comment when they are satisfied. I have an Electrolux French Door/Bottom Freezer with the in door ice-maker that has had zero problems. I did not go to a chain store for the purchase. Instead I went to a local dealer in business for 30 years (not the cheapest price) who has his own service dept. that really takes care of his customers when there is a problem. You did not buy a bad refrigerator, you're just getting bad incompetent service. I hope they can finally fix this for you.
Venice09 on 10/04/2010:
I think the OP bought a refrigerator with bad parts, as well as receiving bad incompetent service. It seems like quality control no longer exists.

I agree that most people do not bother to write positive reviews but keep in mind that for every posted complaint there are probably hundreds more. Not everyone posts their complaint online.
ok4now on 10/04/2010:
Venice09: Well put. Many complaints trashing a product are actually people that are receiving horrible service from uncaring incompetent service providers. If the brakes on your car start to squeal you don't write negative review about the car. You take it to a qualified mechanic and have it repaired. It seems when it comes to appliances this is no easy task leading to the high number of complaints.
Venice09 on 10/04/2010:
I've been accused here of expecting appliances to be perfect and never break down. That is not the case. Of course things are going to break. It's what happens afterward that causes almost all of the complaints here. There are too many incompetent techs and unavailable parts, and companies that don't want to take responsibility. Those are the real problems.
Zippy1 on 10/05/2010:
ok4Now: I did buy my Electrolux Refrigerator from a local appliance company along with three other Electrolux appliances. They have their own service technicians that have been factory trained by Electrolux. On the multiple service calls I have had the technician always calls Electrolux while he is at my house to verify that he has diagnosed the problem correctly. He does the same after he has repaired the problem. I am not receiveing poor service. The parts that have been shipped from Electrolux and installed by the technician are sub standard and do not work for an extended period of time. Electrolux has admitted that they have sixteen of these parts for other repair customers on back order. Thank you for your comments. There really is a problem with Electrolux. You have just been fortunate.
ok4now on 10/05/2010:
Zippy1: That's good info and well explained. I did a ton of research before making this purchase. Yes I have been lucky with no problems. After reading your horrible experience with the sub-standard parts I am not inspired with confidence with this expensive purchase. I choose Electrolux because they sell a high-end product with a good repair history. Apparently from your review when a repair is needed you're screwed. P.S. Samsung appliances are even worse. The dealers can't even get the parts & they provide no training on how to fix them. They're great til they break. Buyer beware!!
Barb50 on 11/03/2010:
Zippy 1: I feel your pain! I purchased 4 Electrolux appliances a few years ago and we've had repairs to every one of them. And 2 of them were multiple repairs! I'm still waiting on a control panel (2nd one) for my range. I have a feeling it's on back order because this has been going on for months! From what I heard, Electrolux did not provide training to the techs... that's why they would call from the home. The first guy that came to my house had no idea what to do... but that was when I first bought the appliances when they first came out. Now when the techs come they are move experienced with them because THEY HAVE SO MANY SERVICE CALLS ON THEM! The appliances look good, but they're awful and so is Electrolux. I'm so disappointed with these products and wish there was something I could do about it.
Zippy1 on 11/04/2010:
Barb50: We also had two problems with our Electrolux six burner stove top, they were repaired. Our Electrolux double wall ovens control panel broke once and was repaired. The inside lining on the top oven fused a piece of tinfoil to it. Fortunately this was during the initial warranty and they replaced the entire oven. That's the only good thing they have done. Our ref/freezer was finally repaired after waiting four weeks for the main control panel and evaporator. That problem originated during the original warranty period when the first main control panel had to be replaced. The replacement panel caused the first evaporator to go bad. Then main control panel again went bad and again caused the evaporator to break again. Electrolux has refused to replace the product because it is out of warranty even though the problem started while the product was in warranty. This company should not be allowed to sell their inferior products in this country. Unfortunately the only thing we can do is keep telling our family and friends about the poor quality Electrolux offers in their products and service. Hopefully some day they will get a management team in their company who cares about growing their business in the US and take our comments to heart and change how they do business here. Until then I will continue to speak poorly about their products and company, and never buy another one of their products.
Joan F. on 08/07/2013:
When we bought our new home we figured we would buy high end kitchen appliances. Electrolux was the worst decision we ever made! Very cheap product and poor quality.
herrell on 09/17/2013:
I bought mine at a very large appliance dealer here on the Central Coast of California. They even say that I got screwed!
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Side by side refrigerator
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Alain on 08/29/2010:
For what Electrolux charges for their products you'd expect better quality.
Helpful on 08/29/2010:
A water filter, even when it's ready for replacement, shouldn't begin to leak. Because the filter is a one piece unit, the only area where leaking would occur is the seal by where the unit connects to the fridge. Whereas replacing the filter with a new one seems to resolve the problem temporarily, I would guess there is something happening with the seal on the filter side to create the problem.

At the very least, have you tried pulling the filter and inspecting the seal; possibly cleaning and relubing it to create a better seal? If this seems to fix the problem, the solution may be in what's contaminating the seal.
STL on 10/26/2011:
Bought side by side fridge 8 weeks ago. Now we install already the 3rd (!) water filter (40-50$ each). Failure is exactly as described previously (leaking and filling up the fridge inside with water).
Of note: it is not the seal. The filter is leaking where the ends of both cylindric tubes are "sealed" by glue/heat. Obviously it cannot withstand the water pressure longer than three weeks.
I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to completely clean and wipe his/her fridge every three weeks. For the rest of the consumers: avoid!
Alan Harris on 10/10/2013:
Same problem. The charcoal water filter cartridge (FC100) leak where the end caps are glued. Not at the O rings where the filter plugs in. I am not happy with this product.
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Failure to Honor Extended Warranty
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FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- We are on our 2nd Electrolux refrigerator where the ice maker failed. After numerous service calls and phone calls to the appliance store and Electrolux, they finally replaced the non-repairable fridge after 6 service calls. We bought the extended warranty on the 2nd unit and now it has too quit making ice. The extended warranty offers to replace a unit if it is deemed non-repairable. Today was repair visit #8 - still no ice.

Electrolux has offered to return a portion of the extended warranty but is refusing to replace the unit. The extended warranty is a scam - they will not live up to what they advertise.
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Chris Polk on 08/28/2013:
Hello ctodd3321,

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. At Electrolux, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve.

I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can due to assist you. Please send your full name, date of purchase, model/serial number, and complete contact information (and preferred method of contact) to chris.polk(at)electrolux.com.

Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to provide us with this necessary information.

Best regards,

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
Yellowbug12 on 09/16/2013:
I am in the same shoes. I have never been treated worse by anyone than the Customer Service Reps at Electrolux. NEVER! Except for one person, whose name is Brittney, everyone treated me disrespectfully. They raised their voices at me and made me stupid. I feel punished for spending three thousand dollars on an Electrolux Refrigerator. I just don’t know what I had done to deserve this punishment. But, let me start my story at the beginning. I purchased the fridge in July of 2011. It is model # EW28BS71IS. This refrigerator has the same exact issues everyone is describing and complaining about. The ice maker has not been working from day one. Earlier in the summer, the panels (temperatures) went haywire. My fridge heated up including the freezer. Unfortunately, I did not buy extended warranty and the one year warranty expired. I called Customer Service at Electrolux. The person I talked to made me buy extended warranty for $441 plus tax that would start in one month. Until my warranty would go in effect, she set up a concession so someone could come out and try to repair the fridge. She assured me that if the fridge cannot be repaired, the extended warranty will take care of it. They would give me a new fridge. I had four repairs done on this fridge. After replacing seven (7) parts and final verdict came. The fridge cannot be fixed. It is a lemon. A big rotten lemon. Bad, faulty design. It is all over the Internet. Everyone knows about it. Certainly, Electrolux is aware of it. Up to this process, I cannot even count how many times I called Electrolux . I can tell you, however that I was treated so badly that I actually cried. They kept telling me that once the extended warranty would be in effect they would replace my fridge with a new one. In the meantime, my extended warranty arrived in the mail with an effective date of August 21st, 2013. I called Electrolux again and asked them to replace my fridge under the extended warranty. They dared to tell me that my warranty (the one they mailed to me as a legal contract), would not be effective until September 22nd. When I told them that not what the document says they sent, they did not believe me. I had never been in a situation like this before. This was insane. Insane, I tell you. So, I called the # on the extended warranty, where I talked to Brittney. I asked her what she was showing in the system for the effective date of my warranty. She said September 21st. I told her that the original I received was showing 8/21. She said, the effective date was entered into the system incorrectly. She said, I could fax her he original and she would fix it. I faxed it to her and she fixed it. I called again to start the process of getting the fridge replace. Brittney took the information and said someone would be contacting me from Electrolux and the replacement process. Five days later, I received a call from Brittany that my claim for a replacement under the extended warranty was denied. I was told that the problems started with my fridge before the extended warranty went into effect. I was offered 60% refund of my purchase price. First of all, Electrolux manufactured a faulty refrigerator. I had nothing to do with it. It broke because it was a bad design. Giving me a partial refund is ridiculous. Second of all, Electrolux is obviously does not have a trust in its own products if they believe that the fridge would depreciate 20% in a year. So, this is where I am at currently. The fridge will never work. Even if I were to take 60% (which I will not), I could not afford buying another fridge. The warranty was a sham. They made me pay for something that they knew I would never be able to use. Does not it sound like a scam? This is the WORST, the WORST purchase I have ever made. Electrolux has the WORST, the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. EVER! I know there are many of us out there that have gone through this. Has any one of you have been able to positively resolve this issue? I need your advice. What about the class action lawsuit? Has that gone anywhere? Are there any attorneys that took these cases on? I would like to hear from Mr Troung, the CEO of the North America Division, what he thinks about this widespread problem? If Mr Troung is a proud CEO of Electrolux and believes in the company and its products, he will do something about it.
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