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Frigidaire Gas Range Has Problems After 1 1/2 Years
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased a gas range (Frigidaire) in April of 2010 from a local appliance store. It had a few bells and whistles, which is what I was looking for. I am an older woman who does not "want" to be Martha or Julia, anymore if ever. It worked reasonably well until 10/11, when I discovered that it was not holding the temperature setting. It was beeping, indicating it had reached a certain temp. but it had not, according to two oven thermometers.

I spoke to CS at Electrolux which took forever to do. I was put on hold many, many times. Initially offered to pay for parts with me paying for labor. I found that unacceptable after such a short time owning their product. I realize most things are not made as well as they used to be, however 1 1/2 years for a gas range is really upsetting. Finally, a supervisor granted me a diagnostic (is this a Dr. appt.?) and repaired both parts and labor visit. It was "an igniter" that had to be replaced.

The same thing has happened again 3/12 (4 months later), oven no longer reaching the proper temp. according to the setting and beeping... No help, more holding on for almost an hour this time to get another supervisor who informed me that it was my responsibility to have taken out the warranty on this product… Not theirs to have produced one which would not have to be repaired twice in 2 years. Not acceptable either. Again offered to pay for parts only and not labor. No!

I have the CEO's name ** with Po Box in Augusta, GA. I will find him. Evidently this company also makes Maytag, Amana, Kitchen Aid, as well as Frigidaire. Need my oven fixed by the company, are you listening Mr. **? I do not give up easily.

Why Plastic Knobs on a Stainless Steel Stove?
By -

We built a luxury spec home in 2007 equipped with Electrolux Icon appliances. The home was on the market for 18 months and didn't sell. Rather than leave it empty we moved in. After using the range we noted a disfiguring of one of the burner knobs located above the side oven door. Close inspection showed that the knob was made of a hard plastic and covered with foil.

The range was a stainless steel Icon Designer Series 48" Pro Series Range which cost over $6000. Electrolux used a plastic knob with a faux stainless surface and put it in a location above an oven door that is obviously going to be subject to intense heat capable of melting plastic when the oven door is opened. I was really disappointed in the lack of designing foresight and this cost cutting measure on a very expensive designer appliance.

I was even more disappointed in the response I've gotten from Electrolux regarding the resolution of this issue. They will not replace the knob because the actual sale of the range took place before the house was completed in 2007. They said the warranty was good for one year from purchase and elected not to cover the defect. I explained that though the damage occurred in 2009 after the warranty was out, it did occur immediately after the initial use of the appliance and was not the result of use, but rather their poor design and cheap construction in a product Electrolux represented as being of the highest quality and priced to reflect that level of quality.

Because of Electrolux's refusal to rectify this defect and restore the appliance, I feel compelled to write this review as a caveat: just as their stove knobs are faux stainless steel, Icon is faux quality for the Electrolux brand. I believe they need to understand the cost of this knob is greater than the $30 they want for a new one.

Do Not Buy Electrolux Range and Microwave
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Rating: 1/51

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Electrolux range and microwave were purchased 21/2 years ago in 2010. I have had them serviced three times. I had the prior appliances for 20 years and never had a problem. These appliances are a piece of junk. Calling customer service is a waste of time. They ask if I have an extended warranty. Why in the hell should I have an extended warranty when I have new appliances? I bought these pieces of junk so I wouldn't have trouble. My advice to all people - Do not buy Electrolux appliances!!!

Disappointed in Electrolux
By -

We purchased the Electrolux over the range microwave April 2010. We had to wait for the new model to come into stock. We use the microwave to reheat food, make popcorn, defrost and melt some foods and cook baked potatoes. Almost three weeks ago, the Electrolux microwave started making a strange noise and we discovered that it wasn't heating. We called the number on our owners manual and were given the names of two repair services that fix Electrolux appliances. The response was quick - within 2 days. We were told the magnetron, the piece that makes it heat the food, had to be replaced and that it would be ordered and sent to our house within the week.

Three weeks later and we don't have the magnetron and we are without a microwave. Fed up with waiting, I called Electrolux to complain and was told that the magnetron is back ordered. Number one, I'm upset that no one called me and let me know we would be more than three weeks without a microwave. Second, I wonder why the magnetron is back ordered, do other customers have the same problem. I think they should do something to make me happy.

Ceramic/Glass Cooktop
By -

The burners cycle on and off so it is almost impossible to simmer anything without it cooking onto the bottom of the pot. The only cure I have found is to stand at the stove and constantly stir the pot.

Terrible Electrolux Slide in Range
By -

I bought this Electrolux double oven slide in range at a hefty price of $2500 plus an extended warranty. Used it maybe 6 times. The panel kept beeping and lighting up at different times with an error code of E15. After 4 service visits and two parts replaced, the same problem still occurs. When I came home and found the panel had lit up by itself with different settings, I turned off the power to the stove from the electrical panel, afraid of it turning on by itself. Still waiting for repairs.

Since its more than 1 year from date of purchase, Electrolux customer care wants nothing to do with me. Very disappointing. It may look sleek but there is no pride of manufacturing in their products. Will never ever buy another Electrolux product again - you don't get what you pay for!

Don't Buy Electrolux
By -

A month ago I bought a gas Electrolux range and it started giving me problems a week after it was delivered. I called Rainbow Appliance to return it but they wouldn't take it back and referred my to Electrolux. I called them but they would not take it because according to them it is repairable. They had to send parts and the technician is coming Friday, but there is another part that broke yesterday.

I can't believe I bought an expensive range and my old inexpensive range that I had for 15 years never needed service and is still working. Don't be fooled by the appearance and price, Electrolux ranges are a piece of junk and the customer service is terrible. Now they are recommending that I buy an extended warranty because the range "might need service" after the one year warranty expires.

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