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Affinity Front Load Washer Model ATF6700FS1
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I purchased my front load washer/dryer set three years ago and I have been so disappointed ever since. After one year mold started developing on the gray gasket near the door. When I called my dealer about the issue he said that this is very common with front loaders and I needed to take a towel and dry off the gasket each time I use the machine. Leaving the door was also recommended. My laundry room smells like a locker room even after drying it off each time. The only thing good about the advice from the dealer was that the mold did not grow any more.

The door has now started to not wanting to close. I have to give it a good slam before it shuts. The drawer that I put the detergent in is not very user friendly. I have a devil of a time taking it apart to clean. I would never buy a Frigidaire ever again.

Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer Reliability
By -

I am writing to express my complete dissatisfaction with the Frigidaire Washer I purchased on 12/2/2010. As of 5/31/2011, I have had to call the repairman to my home two times since I purchased this washer. The last call required a new pump to be installed in the washer because it had "swallowed" a sock from the wash drum which ruined the pump. I find the service of this washer to be totally unsatisfactory.

Last week I opened the washer at the end of a load of sheets and it had torn a 2' slit into my 800 thread count flat sheet. I find this absolutely unacceptable, especially considering there were only sheets and pillow cases in this load, so nothing in the load should have caused such damage. My last front load washer only lasted 6 years, which I thought was way too short considering I only do 3 loads a week. It too was a Frigidaire. This will be my LAST Frigidaire appliance.

This washer is absolute garbage and I wrote to Frigidaire about it. Here is their "most helpful" response to the damage the washer had done, so don't expect any recognition from the Company that they have a defective product line. "We do apologize for the inconvenience. We suggest having a servicer coming out and check this issue for you. To locate a provider in your area, please visit Thanks for contacting Frigidaire.

Too Many Complaints On Affinity Washer... Here's Another... Re: Door
By -

CONNECTICUT -- I purchased this washer 13 months ago... and TODAY tried to wash some clothes, only to find the door not locking. Even though it appeared shut, the buzzer sounded, and the pause light went on. I thought something was amiss... after all it doesn't get THAT much use. I went online to see if there was a "fix" and I came across NUMEROUS complaints about the door... whether it be a bad smell (which I have as well, but learned early on to leave the door open to 'dry' after each use) or that the locking mechanism doesn't work...

Seems to be a design flaw... and I'm wondering if a class action suit is being brought against Frigidaire for causing their customers all this grief. Of course, a way around this would be for Frigidaire to be responsible corporate citizens and send a replacement part or repair person to those homes requiring this repair. Making their customers pay for the part (from $50-100) or a service call ($300) is unconscionable!

The Extra's Frigidaire Doesn't Want You To Know About
By -

Purchased the washer in December 2008. The washers control panel turns on by itself, and then starts beeping, when you use the CANCEL button it turns off for a few seconds then turns on again, this will continue until you unplug the washer and leave for a couple of hours. The above machine was replaced with a new one, but the problem still exist. The electrical connection has been check, for correct polarity and grounding. Am I the only one with this problem? Frigidaire Customer Service doesn't seem to care. Sent them an email, never received the promised response. Also called and the person did not seem interested, just went through the motions.

Frigidaire Affinity Washer Is a Waste of Money.
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Rating: 2/51

ALABAMA -- The washer starts to give off a sour smell after three or four loads and you have to purchase a special cleaner to remove the smell. My clothes do not smell clean unless I first clean the washer, and then in the middle of doing laundry I have to stop and clean the washer again before I can finish my last load. What a disappointment.

Washer And Dryer Do The Job
By -

We moved to a new house 2008 and bought the Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer. Both are still working fine and doing the job.

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