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"Frost Free" Frigidaire Upright Freezer is full of frost and ice!
By -

Soon after I bought this "frost free" Frigidaire freezer from Lowe's, thick ice began forming on the top shelf on the door. I called for service, and the repairman told me that all of these models had this problem, there was nothing he could do, that the company would not do anything about it and that I had to live with it. So, I have lived with it, and it wasn't terrible at first but steadily has become worse and worse. Also I have a problem with the door, I now have to shut it repeatedly to get the seal to work, probably due to all the frost and ice. I lost a whole freezer full of food including expensive wild salmon, because the door did not seal properly.

I have renewed my warranty the past two years because the ice problem keeps getting worse, now the whole freezer is full of frost, ice and even icicles!!! This is a horrible product and I can't believe that the company will not replace it. I think this would make a good class action lawsuit, selling "frost free" freezers that are full of ice and frost, and refusing to do anything about it. I wish I had not bought it and will never buy a Frigidaire product again.

Rust On Freezer Door Under Water/Ice Dispenser
By -

LAKE CITY, FLORIDA -- 3 years after purchasing a Frigidaire side by side the interior outboard wall of the refrigerator side mysteriously started cracking and separating. After so many days Lowe's ended up giving me another side by side (Frigidaire frs23r4aw8) with the approval from Frigidaire. The wall problem seems to have been modified to stop the cracking problem. Now 5 years old, on the 4th-year rust starting appearing on the freezer door. On the 5th-year bubbling paint from the exfoliation process under the ice/water dispenser has occurred. I took off the cup tray to see what could be the poor craftsmanship problem.

To my dismay they had installed steel screws (screw, plask h/l, #6 x 3/8) I called the company that makes the screws (Eskay Screw Corp) and they make specialty screws of whatever material specified. This specialty screw is specifically designed for plastic to metal applications. This is all well and good for a non-wet area installation. The brilliant engineers should not have any screws in a wet area to begin with. And the cheapness of Frigidaire to buy a steel screw vs. stainless steel screw is where this problem occurred.

A stainless steel screw and the proper type of RTV sealant would have prevented this mess along with a multitude of other complaints that I have read on this same situation. These refrigerators are much too expensive to buy every 3 or 4 years. I called the company I couldn't understand the girl very well on the telephone. When she was done confusing the hell out of me she patched me over to a repair tech. She hung up and he informed me about the cost of the service call, then the cost of replacing the door, we were looking at about 400.00 dollars as his quick estimate. I paid 800.00 dollars for the garbage. Never the less I told him to stay home.

If anyone wants anything done about this crappy company, all of you need to file a report on your computer to the FTC (the federal trade commission). If everybody reports this company on your specific problem they will start an investigation and will eventually lead to a class action lawsuit. So just don't complain about it here where just you and I see it. Let the FTC handle the situation.

Frigidaire Professional Series Refrigerator and Freezer
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Rating: 1/51

We remodeled our kitchen and upgraded to stainless steel appliances. After research we settled on the Frigidaire Professional Series full size freezer with the full size refrigerator creating a stunning side by side look. The delivery date for both was February 18, 2013. The refrigerator stopped working the week prior to Easter, March 20, 2013... with all the Easter dinner food ready to go. It took several weeks with Frigidaire and Lowes, through whom we purchased the appliance, to figure out what to do about it. A replacement refrigerator was delivered on April 5, 2013.

Then over the July 4th weekend the freezer went out. It was picked up by Lowes on July 13, 2013 and a new one was delivered on July 29, 13. Yes, it took 25 days to get that problem resolved. NOW, while on vacation over the New Year Holiday, I returned to a smelly refrigerator that was not working. Today is February 3, 2014 and it has been a month. We have had two repairmen with differing opinions. In Frigidaire's initial report, they told us they would repair it, but it would stick out approximately 4 inches. People DO NOT purchase built in units to stick out 3 inches... there has to be a reason for this to happen so often.

Now Frigidaire is saying they will work with Lowes to replace it... not sure if that is really as satisfactory response now that I have lost confidence in their product. Our luck is just not that bad. I have lost confidence in Frigidaire, but at this point, I really have no other option. I just wanted to get this out there so if more people are having the same issues we can get them to admit the recurring problem and FIX IT!!! I would love for one of their executives to go without a refrigerator for a month at a time.

We are currently using my daughter's small dorm room refrigerator for milk, eggs, and a few other items. Please let me know if you are having any similar problems: The first time the refrigerator went out it was freezer at the bottom and warm at the top. The freezer just stopped working as did the refrigerator the second time.

Frigidaire Freezer GLFC2528FW Horrid Extended Warranty
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Rating: 2/51

GENEVA, NEW YORK -- I purchased the largest Frigidaire chest freezer (GLFC2528FW) available which was 24.9 cubic feet May 2010. I was impressed over all at first. The extended warranty through Frigidaire/Electrolux looked like a deal seeing there were so many bad Frigidaire reviews. Frigidaire/Electrolux cashed my check and never issued warranty papers. Kept sending me notifications over and over to buy the extended warranty (which I thought I already had).

For the first two years the freezer kept a consistent cold temp in my garden shed and hardly frosted up at all. I defrosted it June 2012 for the first time while taking "home inventory" A snap! Well, come the first week of July 2012 during a heat wave, the compressor started to struggle at night and the temp alarm went off. My husband, an HVAC man said "looks like the compressor is bad" so we unplugged it and I made the almost one hour drive into the nearest city to buy a $50 block of dry ice as suggested by the Frigidaire manual.

I called the warranty service armed with copy of cancelled check in case they "didn't have my records." They did have the records but gave out two numbers for warranty service (both non-local). The first company put me on hold immediately for over 10 minutes without breaking in. When I called back I got their answering service saying they'd be "on vacation" the upcoming week!!! Forget it!! Then I called the even MORE non-local company and they kept getting my info messed up, didn't take notes in the ticket, told me this was their first Frigidaire contract ever and said someone wouldn't be out for five days (during the heat wave).

Nice -- the freezer is full of food. So three days later I haul back out to the city to buy another block of dry ice. The inexperienced service guy comes out and says there's a leak in the compressor and I will be up for a new freezer. Hmm... Shouldn't a brand new freezer last more than two years?!! Meanwhile I have to find another freezer to store my food since it will probably be another two weeks before the new freezer arrives!!! ARRGHH! Meanwhile I have lost 4 hours off of work carting back and forth to the city to buy dry ice and out $100 bucks for said dry ice. Awesome!

Frigidaire Complaint - Piece of Junk - 13.7 cu ft upright freezer
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Our Frigidaire upright freezer Model FFU14F5HWB was purchased November 2008. After three and a half years of residential use the service tech found that the evaporator and heat exchanger have failed. Electrolux offers no help stating the freezer is out of its one year warranty. Obviously there is a design flaw for this unit to fail after three and a half years. I will not purchase any more Frigidaire products.

Crazy response to rusted freezer door
By -

As some you may know the freezer door rusting away on Frigidaire side by sides is a well-known problem resulting manufacturing design defect. I only recently learned of this when a large section of the white coating fell off to reveal the rusted away metal underneath. I contacted Frigidaire and this is their response:

"We regret to hear that you are having difficulties with rust on your refrigerator. Unfortunately this is not covered under warranty as it is deemed a cosmetic issue. However, you will find below instructions on how to remove or lessen the visibility of rust on your appliance:

1) Dip a moist, soft toothbrush in a box of baking soda. Very gently, rub back and forth on the appliance. The mild abrasive action will get into the grain without damaging it. You can use your finger (instead of a toothbrush) for even better results.

2) Rinse the baking soda off with a warm, damp (not wet) paper towel. Dry thoroughly. You may see or smell rust on the paper towel or toothbrush. That means it is working!

3) Finally, dry the appliance thoroughly. You do not want to leave any water that could cause more rust.

We hope this helps and again, thank you for contacting Frigidaire.”

The door metal is resting away, holes, compromised integrity and this person calls it a "cosmetic issue". Unbelievable. Just thought I would share as some of you may be getting ready to purchase a new unit. Hope this helps with your decision.

Trust Me... Don't Buy This Model!
By -

NANAIMO BC -- I wish I would have found this site sooner :( My freezer is less than 6 weeks old. Ran good for a week, then I happen to open the door and my food was thawing. Called for a repair... found out I needed a new control unit. 2 weeks later, new control unit... worked for 1 day and now they are ordering me a new control unit again. Not sure how long this will go on for... but we'll see.

One problem being that when the control unit stops working the temperature alarm doesn't work either so there was no way of knowing it wasn't working. It looked as though it was... needs to be on a separate circuit to be able to warn that it isn't working, even I know this. Who designs these freezers? They need to go back to school, I say!

Noisy - NEW - Frigidaire FFTR1817L Top Freezer Refrigerator
By -

The overall design is alright for a budget fridge. Power consumption is OK. But it's way too loud. The fan can be heard from several rooms away. Really and it's louder than my microwave oven by far. It's clearly audible from anywhere on the first floor of the house and this is a new fridge, I've had it 2 weeks. My old fridge was 30 years old and very quiet. It runs more than expected with a total "on" time of 27% which is more than the better models, but it has a small compressor so it only draws about 140 watts of power (at 1.1 amps) so the overall power consumption is fine. At. 09 cents/Kw-hr (Wis) it costs me $2.25 per month to run. So that part is fine.

Occasionally the power goes up to 450 watts but that must be the built-in defrost heater kicking in. The only issue with this fridge is the noise. It's hitting 55dB at 10 feet away and is over 65dB when close by. I can hear the fan noise from several rooms away, it's not the compressor that's loud, it's the circulation fan.

Piece of junk
By -

I purchased the freezer March 2009, so one year warranty expired 5 mos. ago. I was told by repair man on phone that Frigidaire freezers aren't worth repairing -- junk. Frigidaire told me "they are called non-serviceable." I paid $400 for a freezer that lasted 17 months, did not alert me with the sound it is supposed to have when temperature goes up, and a freezer full of food spoiled. Frigidaire said that, even if it were still in warranty, it was not worth repairing -- they would just send me a new freezer. They will give me a rebate if I buy the same one! Who wants spoiled food again??? Model #FFU14F5HWB -- I imagine every model has the same problem.

All new appliances with nothing but problems from day 1 (literally)
By -

Since purchasing these products new from Lowes 2 years ago we have had nothing but problems beginning with the refrigerator when it was first delivered. The water dispenser was broken. After two months of trying to deal with customer service Lowe's finally replaced that refrigerator and within 13 months (no longer under warranty) we had the same problem plus other problems with ice maker. Either it doesn't make ice or will not quit making ice so every time you open the freezer the overflow of ice covers your floor.

The "Professional" series convection oven quit working after 2 years and the same with the upright freezer which was full when it quit and we lost everything. Do not bother to call Customer Service because they really do not care and offer you nothing. The new speed bake oven which we had purchased new at our second home was recalled because of faulty control board. We will never again buy another Frigidaire product and will do everything that we can to make sure other consumers are aware that they are throwing away their hard earned money.

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