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Gallery Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

MARTINSBURG, GEORGIA -- Bought dishwasher and had it built in with custom cabinetry. Had to pull it all out once for code 30 and just a few months later I have to do it again. Last Frigidaire product for me. Four hours to pull out and four hours to put back in. Luckily I can do it myself. Will not do it again for Frigidaire!

Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker Experience Model Fghb2844lf
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Rating: 3/51

CARMEL, INDIANA -- We purchased the Frigidaire refrigerator January 2013 (model fghb2844lf) and the ice maker worked fine. After a year of operation, the ice maker began to slow production noticeably, to the point where it seemed like it was not working at all. Immediately after we purchased and installed the fridge, we called a technician for service regarding a different issue (that being a change in design whereby a magnet rather than a spring is used to control the flapper between the top french doors).

Anyway, the technician advised us to utilize the ice maker on a regular basis to help keep it from clogging when full. Given the design of this ice maker drops ice near the back end, and, the screw post pulls the ice forward, one needs to either manually (by hand) pull ice forward to fill the tray (kind of a pain), or, as the technician advised, to utilize the ice maker so the screw post pulls the ice forward to eventually fill the tray completely full (Also, I would fill a large plastic cup with ice and then dump it back into the front of the tray if there was a period of time, say 2 or 3 days, of inactivity).

After the tray is full, there is a high likelihood a glob of ice will develop if the ice maker is not utilized. This may occur due to the warming and freezing as a result of opening and closing the top french doors (The ice maker is located inside the fridge and while it is an isolated unit, it is not completely insulated therefore susceptible to temperature variations, especially if one leaves the fridge door open for a long period of time, i.e. teenagers).

So back to the issue, the ice maker slowed production after a year of operation to the point where it seemed like it was going to quit. I removed the tray and noticed ice build-up not only on the back end of the tray, but the adjacent connection where the tray engages with the mechanical unit towards the rear. This fridge has a power on and off button just for the ice maker. It is conveniently located on the front door along with other control buttons. When the ice maker is turned off, it stops cooling/freezing the ice maker compartment only.

This allowed me to defrost the ice maker unit without completely turning off the entire fridge. Note the defrost of the ice maker unit takes several hours because the fridge is still cooling. I helped speed up the process by removing pieces of ice by hand. I used a plastic knife to help loosen the ice being careful not to damage the unit.

After the ice maker defrost process, I installed the tray and turned the ice maker back on. At first the unit only made a cube or two after several hours of operation. After a few days it seemed the ice maker continued to only produce a few cubes. I had maybe a cup of ice after 3 days. I was concerned and began to search for suggestions/corrective action on-line (I'm not one for calling a technician right away. Especially given the fact that the one-year warranty expired and I did not purchase an extended warranty).

Anyway, the one suggestion I was considering was to defrost the entire fridge because it was possible the ice maker supply line could be frozen. I should mention the water supply line works fine. I can get water from the door and the water flow/pressure is good. In order to defrost the entire fridge to ensure the ice maker water supply was not frozen, I was planning for a freezing weekend night so I could simply place my items in the garage while defrosting the fridge overnight. Miraculously, while waiting a few days for the weekend to arrive, the ice maker began to increase production! Finally, after about week of waiting, the tray is almost completely full. Hallelujah!

So what might have happened? My guess is the water supply to the ice maker may have been partially frozen/clogged and it eventually opened with continuous operation. Whatever happened, it seems to be working so far. In addition, I should mention this refrigerator makes plenty of strange noises. This happens quite infrequently and seems to be normal given that it occurs on a reoccurring cycle. Most of the time, the fridge runs quietly.

My final comments include thoughts regarding these reviews. It seems you can easily find negative comments, especially for ice makers, on all manufacturers' appliances. Initially, I was going to join the band of nay-sayers and bash Frigidaire for making a piece of junk. My personal experience is given to help people realize that with a little bit of maintenance and patients, this complicated piece of machinery seems to be doing the job. Given that my demand for ice is low right now, the real test will be when the hot muggy days of summer return. I'll be sure to comment then.

Frigidaire Does Not Honor Warranty Repairs!
By -

MARTINEZ, GA -- My refrigerator (Frigidaire) Model # PLHT219TCB-4 Serial LA40905841 failed the week before Memorial Day of this year a month short of the 5 week limited warranty covering labor/parts for a sealed refrigerator system. I called Frigidaire and was routed to a call center in the Philippines. I do resent the fact that while Americans are out of work, Frigidaire is supposed to be an American company and yet I talk to someone in the Philippines who doesn't have a clue and really doesn't care. Or put it this way if I want a free long distance call to the Philippines call Frigidaire.

Frigidaire sent one company All-In-One who came three times. They actually got the refrigerator working for two weeks and it died again. I ended up paying A & E approx. $300.00 as they claimed the part they repaired was not under warranty. I called Frigidaire back and they sent another company. Allstate Factory Service came but did nothing. Frigidaire then sent A&E Factory Service. The repair person arrived on June 30, 2009. They told me that they would express ship the parts and I could have my refrigerator fixed by the long weekend of July 4, 2009.

A part arrived on July 6, 2009 and I scheduled a repair with A & E Factory Service on July 9, 2009. On July 2009 I confirmed several times during the day that the technician was going to arrive. The technician did not show up. When I called A & E that night they told me the technician had been at my house and even ordered a part. This was a blatant lie.

A & E then told me they were going to express ship the part yesterday, overnight delivery July 10, 2009 to arrive on July 11, 2009. But the part did not arrive and while the technician told me he was going to repair the fridge today July 11, 2009 he has not arrived yet. Looking back over a period of many years in rented apartments so on and so forth I have never had a refrigerator fail like this Frigidaire.

My refrigerator now from being exposed to a 100-degree heat is like a jungle. I have fruit flies, mold and the stench is now attracting cockroaches and rodents. I have lost a significant amount of food. I have lost medicine that I need. I have been without a fridge now for two months. This has cost me money in terms of being forced to eat out and is costing me in terms of health. I cannot store ice, cold water or anything else in the hottest days of summer. I attempted to rent a refrigerator from Rent-A-Center ($150.00) but the fridge they sent had a freezer but no fridge. So I had to send that back. That is another story but Rent-A-Center refused to refund me money for that.

I believe that this is nothing short of an inhumane, cruel and indifferent attitude on the part of Frigidaire and the three service companies A& E and All-in-One. Frigidaire is refusing to honor the warranty. I do not know why all these companies especially Frigidaire go out of their way to provide bad service when with just a little effort they could make customers happy?

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Rating: 1/51

We purchased three Frigidaire Gallery series appliance and they are all awful. After 4 service calls in the first year, the fridge was replaced with a new one. This one is no better than the first one. The ice maker already needed to be repaired. Now the "quick bake" feature on the stove is gone. Also, there are rust spots on the stove under the window on the door of the oven. I called the company and they have no intention of standing behind their appliances. I will NEVER buy this brand again.

Get Extended Warranty for Frigidaire Electric Range!
By -

We purchased the stove in 2005 and have had no problems for 4 1/2 years. At the end of March one of burners died. Called repairman to installed a new one but once front plate with digital equipment was reinstalled, all the knobs were sticking and hard to turn. I added a small D-shaped jump ring to the top of the stem to make it longer. The fix worked. But within 2 weeks a second element burned out & I called a different repairman. He came & just looked & said he would get me new burner. He didn't return for 3 weeks & in that time one of the knobs actually broke.

I called & asked him to bring not 1 but 4 new knobs. He arrived this week & replaced the burner. But Frigidaire has the wrong knob part numbers listed in their catalog so when he tried to install the new ones he got an error message. After a call to Frigidaire, he put all the old knobs back and said he'd return next week. After he left I found that while the front burners digitally show that they are on, there is actually no heat coming from them.

Other problems repaired while the technician was here -- new parts in the oven door hinge (it wouldn't stay closed when the convection oven was on), and noise when the convection oven was on turned out to be a screw not replaced by the first repairman. While the stove is no longer on warranty with Frigidaire, fortunately I purchased one with the store. I will be renewing that warranty as it appears that the stove is only good for 4-5 years and once something goes on this model, everything else falls apart too. Repairman returns next week & I wonder what else will fail.

Substandard Product
By -

10200 DAVID TAYLOR DRIVE -- Recently I purchased this model refrigerator. DO NOT be fooled by the lovely exterior of this unit as I was. It looks beautiful with its anti-finger print exterior & polished handles. BUT the interior is nothing but cheap plastic. The shelves are flimsy & poorly secured. Children's toys are made of higher quality plastic than the drawers in this "Refrigerator" from the "Gallery Collection". After 10 weeks the freezer door pops open when the refrigerator door is closed. A phenomenon the repairman calls "burping!" BUT the freezer door does not close after it "burps" causing defrosting of the food & ice crystal to build up inside.

I am to get an energy star rebate at the end of the year but will have spent double that as it is extremely inefficient. Do not depend on the retailer to assist you. They refer you to a Frigidaire repair man and after that to the Frigidaire/Electrolux Company. Where they were unable to assist me in the return of this product? I will write to the CEO soon. Please beware when buying Frigidaire Products. They do not stand behind them and are poorly built.

Premature rusting of Frigidaire stainless steel range
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- We purchased a brand new Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel Gas Range model: LGGF305MKF. Within a couple of months it is showing rust spots on the stainless steel surfaces. The spots are under what looks like a factory applied protective coating and not due to any improper cleaning or damage by the consumer. Product warranty specifically excludes rust. Customer service refuses to help. When purchasing an appliance at a cost of over $1000, a consumer expects it to last and not rust within less than one year. The surface, if indeed made of stainless, is of inferior quality.

We've since learned that if the stainless is magnetic it is cheap/inferior product. None of our other stainless appliances from other brands are rusting. The surface is worse than/less durable than much cheaper enameled appliances. We paid a premium for a stainless appliance and got junk - stay away from stainless Frigidaire and Electrolux (parent company) appliances. There are numerous reports on the web of other consumers having the same problem.

Everybody has the same problem w/this washer! It's only 14 months old!
By -

I bought a Frigidaire gallery series washer and dryer set on 10-11-08. today its 12-14-09 and last week my washer started making noise, has dirty water in it and smells worse than John Wayne Gacy's basement! I have read on this website a bunch of the same problems people are having with this machine. I called Frigidaire's customer service line and reached a third world country overseas helpless hotline. At first I thought the guy was trying to sell me a Slurpee but listening closer to his terrible broken English he basically said I'm out of luck and there's nothing they can do for me because the washing machine went out of warranty less than 2 months ago, yes, TWO MONTHS!

Luckily I am an auto mechanic and have knowledge of mechanical things so I started inspecting the washing machine and found that the water pump is making a horrible noise and is very hot. I go to THE authorized Frigidaire parts store and found the pump for $116.95. I googled the part number (137108100) and found the part much cheaper on every website, cheapest being $54.99. Frigidaire's parts place was the most expensive. So not only did I overpay for a junk machine ($799 just for the washer), they want to overcharge me for the part!

I am ordering the part today (NOT FROM FRIGIDAIRE!) so I pray that is the problem. These were the first new appliances I bought for my new house and I was going to buy all Frigidaire appliances for my house and I am so lucky I did not! I would never buy another Frigidaire product again!

Avoid All Products Made by Electrolux
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Frigidaire gallery series French door refrigerator on July 30th and it died on September 1st. We were away for labor day weekend when it stopped working, $200 to $300 worth of food gone and the water leaking out the ice maker discolored and warped my hardwood floors. Frigidaire will not even return a phone call or an email. The only help I've received is from the big box store I purchased it from. They have elected to replace the compressor rather than give me a new refrigerator, parts have to come from the factory.

It's been 12 days just to get that much information. How long is acceptable to go without a refrigerator? Don't buy any Electrolux products unless you are purchasing from a local dealer with exceptional service. Glad they only got $2200 out of me. Never again.

Frigidaire Gallery Slide in 30" Range & Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher
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Rating: 1/51

Purchased in 2002 with a new home Frigidaire appliances. The dishwasher has been making awful banging noises when it changes cycles, repair man says there is nothing he can do about it, this would have been the 3rd visit about 3 different issues with the dishwasher none of which have been corrected successfully... lots of repair $$ spent though.

Also purchased a 30" slide in smooth top range in 2002. In 2008 the motherboard had to be replaced for $460.00 and again in 2012 the motherboard went again with a repair cost of $650.00 which we will not be paying because the range is not worth another huge repair bill. AND we will not be purchasing anymore Frigidaire products!!

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