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Oven Failed After 3 Years - LFEF3018LWA
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Rating: 2/51

ST.THOMAS, PENNSYLVANIA -- We have had this stove for 3 years and the oven just stopped working. We assumed that the element inside failed. So, we checked and it was fine. When we removed the top panel behind, the main board with pins for the oven on the right side had a shorten/ severely burned yellow wire that was going to the oven element. It seems that either the male pin was defective or a poor design caused the issue. Thank God that it did not cause the fire. Consumers be aware!

We went to Lowes, where we purchased the unit, and called the service center. Of course it was out of warranty. Due to the cost of the main electronic board and the design, we do not feel comfortable/safe to purchase another Frigidaire. We just happy that it did not cause a major disaster. The moral of the story - Goodbye Frigidaire appliances.

Oven Door Falls Apart
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Rating: 1/51

MARTIENZ, GEORGIA -- Purchased a Frigidaire glass top range in September 2005. After approximately 18 months the handle on the oven door started to fall off occasionally, requiring us to get a screwdriver and screw the thing back on. This problem became an ever more frequent nuisance. It is now to the extreme that not only the handle but the venting frame, handle and glass front panel fall apart with small chips of the plastic framing on the floor. Screwing it back together is near impossible as the framing and screws are stripped.

I have contacted Frigidaire several times over the years (have owned it for 8 yrs), only to be told that I should buy myself a new door! Also the design of the door is such that it sucks dirt and, at my house, golden retriever hair into the space between the glass panels.

When I have complained about the door looking dirty and gross, I was told that I could pay for a repair person to come take the door apart and clean it, or do it myself - they e-mailed directions, missing the point that door is poorly designed. Today I burned myself taking a pie out of a 425-degree oven. The whole door fell apart once again! I called to get the same response as in the past. Frigidaire considers the oven door defect to be "cosmetic" - not related to the functioning of the oven. They are sorry that I got burnt and will file a liability report to consider reimbursing me any medical expense (as I don't need to see a Dr., who cares?).

I don't believe that the door will hold up even if it can be reassembled. I am demanding that Frigidaire replace the defective door at no cost to me. If they refuse, I would buy a new range of a reputable company before giving Frigidaire a dime for a new door. Frigidaire has terrible customer service like Whirlpool (dishwasher died after 2 short years)! They blame the consumer for not purchasing their pricey extended warranty! Really? How about selling a solid product that they can stand behind! Never another Frigidaire (or Whirlpool)!

Frigidaire Gallery Series Stove - The Worst Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

We purchased our Frigidaire glass top stove in July of 2011 (Model #LGEF3045KFE). Within 6 months it started showing "symptoms". Whenever we used two burners and the oven at the same time the entire unit would shut down. After cooling down (and flipping the breaker switches for the stove circuit), the stove would "reset" and we'd be able to use it again (as long as we only used one burner and the oven).

This happened a few times the first year; it happened a few more times the second year. I kept thinking I didn't have a larger enough circuit breaker for the stove, until it happened again for the last time. The stove will not reset. NONE of the burners or the oven work. That's when I went online and found out that there were a lot of people complaining about the same problem. When I contacted Frigidaire, they said it was MY problem, since the 1-year warranty period had expired, even though my stove had started showing problems DURING the warranty period.

Frigidaire has refused to stand by its poor quality product. As a result, I will NEVER buy anything made by Frigidaire ever again. I am telling all of my friends to stay away from their products, because of their shoddy workmanship, lousy customer service, and useless warranty. Appliances should last for 10-20 years before breaking down. I've been a homeowner for 30 years. I have NEVER had to fix ANY of my appliances - until I bought a Frigidaire. Never again.

Oven Heat Burns and Melts Range Knobs
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- We purchased our Oven/Range in Nov. 2010. 3 months ago we noticed a burned/melted range knob. The knobs are on the front of the range over the oven door. I contacted customer service and they sent a new knob. Just weeks later that knob was again showing signs of burning and upon checking, we noticed 2 others were melted on the bottoms. I again contacted customer service and they will do absolutely nothing about the issue. I was told in an email that the oven door vents throw out enough heat to make the knobs hot.

Well, if it throws out that much heat why don't they use knobs that won't melt? AND what if a hand was put in that area when the oven is on? Wouldn't that be enough heat to burn skin? In my opinion it would be. They refuse to replace the knobs with "unmeltable" ones. And they offered me nothing but an "apology" and a promise that they would forward my "unmelting" knob idea to the design department! The product obviously has issues and they are unwilling to back it up. Their customer service is the worst ever and I would advise consumers to NEVER purchase this product.

Oven Breaks after 1YR and 4 Months
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Rating: 1/51

STOCKHOLM -- I'm looking at spending $300 overall in replacing the computer board on this "appliance" after only 1 year and 4 months. The unit was hardly ever used. What a disappointment. The unit cost about $900. I am contacting the company and the dealer to learn of any assistance that might be available. I'm giving them a low rating but do not know yet if that opinion will change.

I'm even more upset that there was an indication right around a year that something was wrong but the guy who installed it recommended shutting off the electricity so it could "reset" and because the unit is used so infrequently and the problem is intermittent, I didn't realize till now that that was just a waste of time.

Who Is The CEO Of Frigidaire?
By -

He should be ashamed of himself, to allow these products on the market! I bought a newly renovated place, and the sellers had put in all new Frigidaire appliances. THANK GOD I paid the extended warranties. I am on a first-name basis with the repair guys, and I have all their cell phone numbers. I have this recurrent dream that I meet the CEO of Frigidaire and put him in his place on the spot. These are the biggest piece of crap appliances, and I think that for what I paid for the warranty over the past 3 years, I could have bought all new GE profile appliances.

Stinky (New) Air Conditioner & Oven Handle That Broke In Two! Frigidaire - Never Again!
By -

EAGAN, MINNESOTA -- I have had problems with 2 Frigidaire appliances, bought within a couple of years of each other. I can tell you that their "Customer Service" Department" would more aptly be called "Customer NO Service". These people obviously do not care about customer relations. I am completely fed up!

I purchased a Frigidaire "in wall" air conditioner that smelled like fish, from the day it was installed. I got it at the end of the summer & the store I got it from told me it was due to it being new, so to use it for the rest of the summer & call the following year, if the smell remained. All wiring is fine, so that is not where the smell is coming from. The following summer, immediately, the smell was back. I called the store I bought it from to find they were bought out by another appliance store. I called that appliance store & was advised Frigidaire would likely not cover it & even though I had purchased an extended warranty, it would not be considered a warranty issue.

They then advised me to try calling Frigidaire. I called and Frigidaire "customer service", pretty rudely advised me that an odor was not a warranty issue. When I said it was like this from the day it was installed, I was told that a mouse crawled in, or a bird flew in, and died inside, after installation, so it was MY fault and MY problem.

When I told them this could not have happened, because my air conditioner vents onto my 3 season porch (it has both screens & windows), I was told it still was not a warranty issue and they would not do anything about it, period. I then called the dealer back & spoke to the owner about this. He agreed with me, that due to my screened & windowed porch, a mouse or bird would not have entered the unit, while it was in my possession. He suggested if it was a dead animal or bird, it would more likely have gotten into the unit at the factory, prior to being cartoned.

He told me he could pick up the air conditioner, open it up & clean it well, but that he would have to charge me, as he was sure Frigidaire would not take any responsibility for this. I then entered all info on this issue on the Frigidaire website (place where you can email "customer service"). They never responded to me, at all.

So, with a 3rd summer approaching, I am forced to call the dealer to have them pick up the A/C, clean it and return it. I expect this will cost me approximately $100 - if not more. Now yesterday, the oven handle oh my $700.00, 4-year-old Frigidaire range/oven, snapped off and broke in two! From reading other complaint websites, I see this is a pretty common problem with Frigidaire cheap plastic oven handles & I also know they won't do anything about that, either. I realize the range/oven is out of warranty, but I have never in my life had an oven handle break in two and I have used some very, very old range/ovens in my substantial lifetime.

Frigidaire Customer Service is the WORST!!!
By -

I purchased a Frigidaire Wall Oven along with several other Frigidaire appliances for my brand new Kitchen several years ago. The touch panel on the front of the oven has failed and when I inquired about a replacement part I was told that the part was NO LONGER AVAILABLE. In researching new ovens, I find that Frigidaire still makes the very same wall oven, with the very same touch panel. The problem is that their system does not show that the new touch panel is an acceptable substitute to my model.

To support my case, I went to Lowe's and had them show me the documentation for the new oven. The wiring diagrams and the specifications are identical. I contacted Frigidaire customer service to have them give me a contact in their Engineering Group so I could verify the compatibility between the parts. The customer service person (Mrs. **) insisted that I could not speak to anyone in Engineering and refused to contact them for me. Her position was that if their system didn't show it was compatible, it wasn't. She would not elevate my call to a supervisor and continued to tell me that the new touch panel was not compatible.

To make a long story short, I went back to Lowe's and talked them into letting me take the front panel off and pull the touchpad off. The manufacturer (not Frigidaire) has a sticker on the pack with their part number on it. When I compared the part number of the new touchpad to mine, IT WAS THE SAME PART NUMBER!! I've ordered the new touch panel and I guarantee you that I will have my oven fixed as soon as it arrives, unless Frigidaire marks the new touchpad as NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!!

Frigidaire Oven Problems
By -

I purchased a home last year with a Frigidaire electric range/oven. It seems to be fairly new (4 years old), according to the owner's manual and the repairman. I was roasting in the oven when the temperature kept rising. It would not cut off. I was afraid the oven was going to explored. I turned the breaker off until I could have someone look at it for me. He checked it out and it seemed to be working fine. He thought it was the electrical panel. He said it would cost $450.00 to replace. I wanted to check around first because I thought that seemed too high and I could probably buy a new one for a little bit more.

So for about a month it worked fine, then last week I was roasting a chicken and the oven started beeping. The same problem occurred with the temperature gauge. Now when I turn on the breaker the oven will come on even if I have not turned the oven or stove on. The oven will start itself and the temperature keeps going up. It seems like this product has a lot of problems and I don't think I would ever buy this product or any product from Frigidaire.

Oven Not Reaching the Set Temperature
By -

CARTERVILLE, MISSOURI -- We built a new house and moved into it in September. Appliances were purchased in July. In November I called for repair on my oven because it was not reaching the set temperature when the beep went off notifying me it was preheated. The repairman was less than your friendly repairman. I told him the problem and he said I needed new controls and he would order them. He came back, put in the new controls and left. He never bothered to check to see if the problem was solved. Due to the holidays and sickness I was not able to call him back until January. He came back and told me nothing was wrong.

The oven was made for people who were in a hurry and it was not set up to reach the desired temperature when the controls said it had. The temperature would be from 25 to 50 degrees off. I got an oven thermometer and used the oven with it. I contacted the company from whom we bought the oven. The salesperson said surely this was not true. He referred me to another repair company who told me the oven doesn't reach the desired temperature for about 30 to 45 minutes even though the oven indicates it is preheated in about 10 to 15 minutes.

I like to enter contests and my last oven was very accurate. This one has been a nightmare and it looks like I am stuck with an unreliable oven. I have called Electrolux and complained but, of course, I didn't talk with a person so I assume I will never hear anything. Very unhappy with Frigidaire.

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