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My Frigidaire slide in range/oven exploded!
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FLORIDA -- Frigidaire model # ples389ecg, professional series.

It has now been 7 weeks since I came home to my kitchen that nearly burnt down. The model range listed above seems to have caught fire on the right rear burner while no one was present in the home. The range had not been used for five days.

The range appears to have caused a near fatal fire. There are burn marks on my ceiling, a melted range hood, burnt cabinets and walls. By some miracle I did not lose my house that day. I also have 2 dogs that were home at the time and they could have burnt up as well.

Whenever I tell this to people they are shocked, except for the people at eltrolux, (they manufacture Frigidaire or insure them I don't know for sure)

Which leads me to wonder, has this happened to others??? If so, I am interested in what luck you had resolving this situation. I appear to be stuck in bureaucratic hell with no end in sight. Please help.

And for those of you who are thinking of buying this product, all I can say is, I wish I had done more research before falling in love with the look of the professional series.
Heating element
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The back end of the heating element is lying on the floor of the oven. It is burning into the oven. The customer service representative told me this should not happen unless the heating element has been tampered with but it hasn't been touched. I'm not sure if this is dangerous or not. The Rep was supposed to call me back to let me know if brackets for the heating element could be purchased and installed to lift the element off the floor of the oven.

Does anyone know if this can be done?
We pulled out our lower heating element in our Frigidaire professional series convection oven and now the oven will not heat even
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We pulled out our lower heating element in our Frigidaire professional series convection oven and now the oven will not heat even the broiler - help. What is the fix???
How to clean the oven glass in my range
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FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA -- I would like to know how to clean the glass in my range door. I love my range, but this is very unsightly and I can't stand it. Please help me as to how to clean this. Thanking you in advance.
Poor Door Mount
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My oven is not that old and the door will not close or seal properly. It looks like the metal where the door connects is week it can not be adjusted. Looks like a manufacturer fault.

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