Frigidaire Professional Series

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Not Happy W This Range
Posted by on
MARTINEZ, ARIZONA -- First off, let me just say, this range was not inexpensive!

I bought this range because it was a dual-fuel and I love the oven door shelf-slide-out feature. I also love the oven and all its features.
It's the range top that has all the disappointments and defects in design.
Now that I've had this range for about 5 months I can tell you, it has MANY shortcomings.

1st: The largest burner, front right, takes forever to boil a pot of water. I had a 12 year old less expensive Whirlpool that boiled water twice as fast if not faster!

2nd: Again, the largest burner also emits excess unburned gas into my home. If I boil water and then turn it down to simmer and leave the area, when I return the smell of leaking gas has filled the room and is overwhelming. I live in a small house and so I don't go far.

At first I thought I'd left a burner on without flame, but in fact it's a major defect in the way that burner functions!

The controls on that burner leave a lot to be desired. It's very unstable and difficult to control how much heat you need compared to what you get, or don't get. It's really cheap junk!

3rd: If something spills over during a big cooking event, like this recent holiday, it's absolutely impossible to remove the spill. This is because that the top is thin, cheap, baked enamel.

4th: The grates on the range top sit on little PLASTIC feet cushions. If you boil water in large pot on the large front right burner, those little PLASTIC feet melt to the top and you cannot remove the melted plastic. Now you have two feet still intact on the rear of the grate and the front are missing and or melted to the enamel. The grate now wobbles in the enamel surface because it's not even anymore.
This is not a safe situation with a pot of boiling water or any other hot object!

5th: Now, the latest issue is the front "stainless" plate where the controls are placed. It is actually plastic and the "stainless" is peeling off.
What a hunk of expensive junk I bought.

I also bought the FPHD2491KF dishwasher. Another piece of junk!
If you're shopping for new appliances, DON'T buy this junk, no matter what kind of rebates they're offering. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY!
My two sons both own appliance repair service companies in Pennsylvania. One of them is Frigidaire certified. The other Whirlpool. They've each been in business 23 years.
The Whirlpool son wanted me to buy Whirlpool. I didn't because I wanted dual-fuel and they didn't have that feature in a slide-in.
The Frigidaire son told me, why didn't you ask me, I'd have told you how much trouble people were reporting on these two appliances, especially the dishwasher. It's a piece of junk! Right from the certified Frigidaire man's mouth!

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Frigidaire Professional Series Electric Range~DANGEROUS!!! So upset!
Posted by on
We purchased our Frigidaire Professional Series within the last two years. Our previous stove was also a Frigidaire which we had for about 4-5 years. We really wanted to stay clear of any Frigidaire because our last one was "disposable" and we really wanted an upgrade. We were told by Lowe's and HH Gregg that this Series was one of the best ~ we bought into all the wonderful talk and made the purchase.

It worked fine until this past weekend~even though my Husband hated that it always took at least 25-30 minutes for the oven to pre-heat. My Husband was on shift (fire fighter) and I was making TV dinners for my kids. I put the plastic trays on a cookie sheet as instructed by the box and put them in the pre-heated 350 degree oven (which actually smelled funny when it was pre-heating). I had it in only for about 5 minutes when the range made a beeping noise. I went in and there was an error code in the display. There was no way for me to turn anything off or stop the "alarm". I immediately looked up the code and it stated it was a "Run Away Temperature" code. I ran and flipped the breaker to turn the oven off. When I took the food out, the trays were completely melted onto my cookie sheets.

The warranty is up and the cost to fix this plus labor is going to be between $250 and $450 depending on what they have to replace. I have read other reviews about the same thing happening to other Frigidaire Professional Series Electric Ranges...obviously this is a major problem one that Frigidaire now knows about and should have notified everyone that there was a potential problem.

Coincidentally, My twin Sister's Frigidaire Electric Range had an electrical incident happen this weekend as well~the entire top control panel "popped" and started burning. She has 7 kids (one special needs) and was so scared that her house could have burned down (as was I) and is also shopping for another range...not a Frigidaire. Shame on you Frigidaire, your electric ranges are VERY dangerous!!!!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 11/02/2011:
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the "best". It's a matter of luck.

The stories are all different, but the problem is always the same. Poor quality. In this case, the poor quality is combined with a defective product that should have been recalled. It's inexcusable.

Thank you for the warning. I hope anyone thinking of buying Frigidaire Professional Series sees this review. It could be a lifesaver!
ok4now on 11/03/2011:
Here we go again. The consumer pays big bucks for what they think is a quality appliance. They trust the brand name then get screwed when the cheap warranty is up. The quality is poor and the consumer has to eat the high repair cost.

Want to know the real problem? It's called corporate greed. They produce an inferior product to gain market share. The more units sold the better the stock price for the shareholders. Then the CEO gets his multimillion dollar bonus. Screw you the little guy that just got burned for buying this poor quality product. Welcome to the new world of marketing.
Venice09 on 11/03/2011:
"Burned" is an appropriate description. One of these days someone is actually going to get hurt by these defective stoves. Is that what it will take for the company to do something?
GenuineNerd on 11/03/2011:
Avoid any appliance that uses a "control panel" or a "motherboard". The cheap, basic appliances that have old-fashioned knob controls tend to be more reliable than those that use sophisticated electronic controls or touch screen displays. This applies to ranges, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. In most cases, basic is best.
Venice09 on 11/03/2011:
That's my belief, too, Nerd. Those boards are the first thing to malfunction. Basic costs less, is more reliable, and is easier and less expensive to fix.
At Your Service on 11/04/2011:
Actually GenuineNerd, those "cheap, basic appliances that have old-fashioned knob controls" are still connected to a circuit board. Circuit boards are not only easier to produce, they're generally more reliable as compared to the mechanics of the units of yesteryear.

The important issue for the educated consumer to understand is that just about all manufacturers have reduced their included warranty to only one year, or less in some cases. If this is truly unacceptable, take the time to shop warranty coverage. Many retailers offer reasonably priced and well backed additional warranty coverage.

Overall I will state I love Frigidaire products. Although I would agree that there isn't a best appliance brand being produced, Frigidaire does create some wonderful products.
Venice09 on 11/04/2011:
It appears your push of extended warranties isn't appealing to many people. It's clear they don't want to spend extra money on a risky warranty. They want better products.

Basic appliances cost less, are more reliable, and are easier and less expensive to fix. That's why I recommend them.
At Your Service on 11/04/2011:
Then when the product breaks prematurely, the customer winds up back here posting a complaint...
Venice09 on 11/04/2011:
Exactly! Because they want better products. They aren't going to put up with shoddy merchandise anymore!

By George, I think you've got it!!!
At Your Service on 11/04/2011:
LOL ;-) Something about the horizon.
Venice09 on 11/04/2011:
So you get that, too!

Phew.. I'm glad that's over.
Diane48 on 11/04/2011:
I just wish the companies would make appliances like they used to...when they lasted 15-20 years. Now, it is 2-4 years. THAT is how the different companies make money. It is a shame. Since moving into our home 9 years ago we have gone through 3 dishwashers, 3 Ranges, 2 microwaves and 3 washing machines. Our dryer and our refrigerator (which is Frigidaire) are still running fine (knock on wood). The extended service contract in some instances cost almost as much as the item purchasing. I will actually be posting positive things about items in the coming days. I posted this because I want others to see that I am not the only person with this problem. This is a REAL problem and Frigidaire NEEDS to look into this. A letter is going out to them as well.
GenuineNerd on 11/05/2011:
I often wonder if it is best to buy a used 1960's/1970's/1980's-era appliance and have it repaired (if parts are still available, even parts salvaged from used appliances) than buying a new appliance, considering the shorter life the newer ones tend to have. I know of many people still using appliances that are 25 or more years old. For example, if it's possible to still find a motor, transmission, knob, or belt for a 1960's Maytag washer, have it fixed, and use it for another 15-20 years.
Venice09 on 11/05/2011:
Best advice I've ever seen here, Nerd. I'm thinking of doing that myself. It would be another way to sound a loud and clear message to the appliance industry.
At Your Service on 11/06/2011:
Glad to hear back from you Diane48.

Actually, most statistics place appliance longevity somewhere around 10 years on average. And you are right, that's shorter than what they used to last, but that is still what the industry is.

IMHO, you'll find a great deal more success in identifying contractor level appliances and steering clear of them. Again, statistically speaking, that level of appliance will commonly have more problems than any other and be more designed around the concept of disposable. This doesn't mean that the nicer end pieces can't have problems. They can and do. Wisely, the smart consumer won't buy in to the idea that warranty coverage is meaningless. They want the product to be guaranteed so they shop for warranty coverage as much as the merchandise itself. This is the way you get around having to pay outrageous pricing and getting coverage you can depend on.
Venice09 on 11/06/2011:
The OP never said she had a contractor level stove.

People upgrade thinking they will get a better quality, longer lasting appliance that shouldn't need an extended warranty. Then they find out the hard way that buying top of the line doesn't result in better quality at all, but just a higher price tag, and still the need for an extended warranty! Consumers are finally starting to get it.
GenuineNerd on 11/07/2011:
As for knobs being on circuit boards, I am aware of this. But appliances that use knobs are mostly mechanical, not electronic, in nature, even if a circuit board is used. This technology has been proven with years and years of use. A knob-control appliance will not have problems with "error codes" or touch screen controls that do not respond. You just set the dial and forget it until the cycle completes. That's why I prefer a basic knob-control appliance as opposed to one with all the bells and whistles.
trmn8r on 11/07/2011:
I once knew a guy named Rowdy in an alien place on a planet ruled by this insane person who thought that the customer is always right. Rowdy would be ALL OVER the thought of buying a 30 year old oven for $25 and using it for 10 years.

If memory serves correct, Rowdy would also buy replacement windows used at flea markets, instead of buying new.
Venice09 on 11/08/2011:
Nerd gets a standing ovation for setting the record straight once and for all!

Phew.. another issue resolved.

I do believe we are making progress.

Trmn, I now think Rowdy was on to something about the used appliances. I thought it was crazy at first but time has proven me wrong.
krausld on 11/29/2011:
My Frigidaire electric range (Professional Series) is less than 5 years old and I have to replace the control board to the tune of $350.00. F10 error required flipping the breaker because it wouldn't turn off and the oven heated to over 500 degrees but said it was 400 degrees.
Wilma on 08/11/2013:
The Digital Control Panel burned because of heat coming out of oven while cooking .... not a good product
jILL eMERY on 11/21/2013:
Frigidaire Gallery Series range FGEF 3056KF.
The door to the oven just locked. No reason why. Nothing works. Anyone have any ideas?

also while I'm here for the last several mo9nths one of the rings on the stove top "decides" all by itself with no warning to go onto HIGH !!!!!! We have stopped using it, but isn't that DANGEROUS???????
Donna Bridges on 02/03/2014:
I have the same stove and after just a few months mine did the same thing and it blew open the door luckily I wasn't standing in front of it or it would have probably have broken my legs. I flipped the breaker and they did send a repair man out for free and replaced everything I mean everything in the stove knobs and all. I have never thought the temp was correct and always smelled a funny smell if cooked over 350°. Today one year later and Super Bowl Sunday and yep it just did the same thing again. Frigidaire your product is a piece of crap I will NEVER buy your brand name again.
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Frigidaire Professional Series is JUNK!
Posted by on
We purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher MODEL PLD2855RFC and smooth top range with convection oven and warming drawer MODEL PLES389ECG back in March 2007 and had them held at the store we purchased them at because we were building a new home. We already owned a Frigidaire stainless side by side, so bought these appliances to match. They were installed in the new home and first put to use in mid November, for a few dinners before we moved in full time in mid December 07. In March of 2008, the control panel acted up and wouldn't work. I called and had to work with them because the purchase date was over a year, so had to prove their install time. That was fine and they sent someone out to replace the panel. There had been no boil over, but the repair man said they had had trouble with the control panels. We had not been using the range for more than 3 months when this happened. It also has those unsightly stains inside the door window. Those happened within the first few months too. Then, in September of 2009 our refrigerator begain to act up and by October 1, 2009, we found out the evaporator on our THREE yr old refrigerator was shot! No one would fix it and to do so was upwards of $500-600! So we had to find a MATCHING appliance, so of course had to buy Frigidaire again, ($1000) but also bought the 4 yr warranty from Lowes. Within weeks of this problem, my dishwasher stopped working. Again, another repair man came out, and the motor was shot! So $280 later, I could have bought NEW for $400 (but already had spent enough on repairs and purchasing the new frig). THEN a few weeks after that, earlier this month, I was cleaning my range, and removed one of the knobs and the piece that sticks out for you to put it back onto, was loose and would just push into the control panel. So I called, spent HOURS on the phone with people you could hardly understand, but one nice gentleman ordered me the replacement part for no charge. But then he told me Id have to pay to have it installed because the warranty expired. I thanked him for the free part (which has still not arrived) but then said I want to COMPLAIN to someone "higher up." He gave me another number and finally calling a third time I got someone who spoke good English. She looked up what all I told them already, and then said the best she could do was offer me a rebate of 60% OFF off the purchase of a new range! WHAT? Are you kidding me? First of all, I just had to BUY a new refrigerator and have my dishwasher repaired. I don't have the money to BUY a $1500-2000 range and then wait for you to reimburse me, let alone I don't want another one of your appliances! AND when the rebate offer arrived, they weren't giving me 6 months or a yr to buy a new range, its only good til January 10, 2010! I couldn't buy one this time of year IF I wanted to!
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Range is a Piece of Junk
Posted by on
This range was installed in our new home on January 29, 2009. The first time I turned the oven on, there was a popping sound and everything shut down. I immediately called the number listed in our warranty information. I was given the names of three appliance repair facilities in my area. There was no answer at the first number. The second number was a private residence with a very angry man telling me this was not an appliance repair facility. I was finally able to reach someone on the third try. They came out and told me a part would have to be replaced. It took almost two weeks to get the part.

I have been using the range for a little over a year now and have been extremely frustrated by the lack of control on the cooktop. They are either too hot or too cool. I have tried numerous times to adjust the oven temperature, and cannot get it within 50 degrees of the setting. Again, either too hot or too cool.

Last week, I turned the oven off after using it. A few minutes later, the control panel started beeping and flashing a F11 error code. Nothing I did would make it stop. I finally had to turn off the circuit breaker. The service man determined, after talking to the Frigidaire people, that the control panel had to be replaced. The bill was $375 for parts and labor. Frigidaire would not warrant the range because it is 14 1/2 months old.

This is a top-of-the-line appliance. To have to spend this much money on repairs for an appliance that is just a little more than a year old is ludicrous. I guarantee I will never purchase another Frigidaire appliance and will do everything I can to influence anyone I know. I will be spreading my story far and wide.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/25/2010:
It's my opinion that the more electronics you incorporate into an appliance, the more problem-prone they tend to be, sad the manufacturer wouldn't stand behind its product.
Venice09 on 04/25/2010:
You're right, gnuaqui. And spending more money for top of the line doesn't mean you're getting an appliance that will last any longer than a basic model with no frills. That's the mistake a lot of people make. I made it myself and learned the hard way.

To the OP.. I agree, your stove should have lasted much longer without having to invest any money in it. I think you're better off sticking with something without electronics and other bells and whistles. I realize those appliances look nicer and may even be built with better quality materials on the outside, but if that isn't worth the extra money to you, then go with a basic model. That way, if you do have to replace it because repairs are too expensive, at least you're not out as much money as you would be with top of the line.
I hate junk on 01/08/2014:
Junk!!! Our stainless glass top stove is in The Dump. Cannot clean glass top(scratches) The oven door fell off. I called they told me if it was under 2 years old they could probably would do something. It is 3 years old. We bought a base model not made by Electrolux (Frigidaire) Works fine
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My Stove Caught on Fire and They Won't Do a Thing
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
06092, CONNECTICUT -- After many attempts to call and figure out what may have caught my stove on fire. They sent me parts for a recall the second time which on the first time they didn't send everything they needed to. But since then my stove caught on fire on the electronic board. I have owned stoves a lot older then this one. And they only offered me half off the parts which still would have been over $200 plus $180 in Labor. Really that's what you are going to offer me.

My house could have caught on fire easily if it wasn't for fast thinking on a friend's part that was luckily next the stove when it caught. I only turned it on to preheat. Walked away and it went up in flames. I have never been so unhappy with the professionalism of a manager.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/31/2013:
File a complaint with the CSPC, for a product to literally catch fire multiple different times is wholly unacceptable. How old is the product?
Chris Polk on 08/01/2013:
Hello Alp1222,

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. At Frigidaire, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve.

I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can due to assist you. Please send your full name, date of purchase, model/serial number, and complete contact information (and preferred method of contact) to chris.polk(at)

Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to provide us with this necessary information.

Best regards,

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
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Frigidaire Professional Ranges Won't Work
Posted by on
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We have purchased two Frigidaire Professional ranges, and neither will work. The part number is FPEF3081KF. Frigidaire is saying that the problem is the electrical service in this part of the US (Kansas). However, we aren't having any problems with the Frigidaire Gallery, GE, Samsung, or Whirlpool appliances in this same small development. Supposedly Frigidaire is replacing one range (with whom knows what) and says the other doesn't qualify because it's not a manufacturing defect. I can't follow the logic there since neither one will work. I guess Kansas must be the equivalent of a third world country and we just shouldn't expect to be able to buy appliances and actually have them work. And another Frigidaire representative says that replacement power supplies are being engineered and they should be available in a few weeks. However, in the meantime two military families are living without being able to cook. If you want logical and caring customer service don't buy a Frigidaire.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 11/10/2011:
Frigidaire, IMHO, makes some really good appliances, as seems to be the indication from you other Frigidaire appliance(s).

It's very true that manufacturers are in no way responsible for improper electrical inputs. They have no way of guaranteeing the electrical circuitry, so damage caused by improper electricity can void most manufacturer's warranty programs. The difference, as compared to most other appliances within one's home, is that an electrical range works off a 220 outlet and dedicated circuit for this particular appliance. Within the last few days, someone posted a complaint for an entirely different brand of dryer, claiming problems related to power input. In this case, an electrical dryer is the one other appliance that will commonly use a 220 dedicated circuit.

I might suggest having an electrician come out and check the circuit being used. He/She will be able to determine if the circuit is having problems and staying consistent enough to run the appliance. Whereas it could likely be a poor circuit, he/she will also be able to fix the same.

Best of luck. Let us know if this doesn't resolve the problem.
linda69z2822 on 11/10/2011:
Both the power company and the electrician have been out to check the house. These are new build homes and neither the power company nor the electrician could find any problem. Like I said, it is just these two professional ranges that are having a problem.
At Your Service on 11/10/2011:
I appreciate your response linda69z2822.

You never have outlined the exact nature of each problem. Can you be a bit more specific?
Venice09 on 11/10/2011:
No need to explain any further, Linda. Your review, combined with all the other complaints about Frigidaire, paint a picture clear enough for most people to understand.
linda69z2822 on 11/10/2011:
The ranges randomly go into an error mode and start beeping. According to the Frigidaire reps you can then press cancel to recycle the range back to normal. This is not true as pressing cancel does nothing and you have to pull the plug to get the range to stop beeping. I tried to get the most current range to heat up and it tries but then also goes into the error mode. So at this point neither range will work. According to Feigidaire the ranges are too sensitive to fluctuations in power and they are working on a fix. My point is how long is reasonable to expect a family to wait while the engineers do their job and then the parts are manufactured and then shipped to the repair person? I guess these folks won't be having a Happy Thanksgiving courtesy of Frigidaire. According to a Frigidaire person on the help line there are pockets in Kansas, New Mexico, and Nevada where the power isn't very good. What a bunch of bull. It looks like a factory defect to me.
Venice09 on 11/10/2011:
If this is a known problem in certain States, as they claim, maybe it should be mentioned at the time of sale instead of making a customer go through all of this.

It certainly does sound like a poor design and/or defect. I hope you get what you paid for in time for Thanksgiving, although it doesn't look good at this point.
At Your Service on 11/10/2011:
Okay. So it sounds like a problem you've experienced from the very moment you purchased this/these range(s). Is this correct? How long have you had the range(s)?

Did you actually purchase two ranges or is the assumption that you've purchased one, had it replaced with an identical one and still experiencing the same problem?

I am very aware of certain power strain issues that can occur within non-specific areas. The 220 pulls enough power that power restraints cause issues. This is most common during hotter seasons of the year and especially during mid to late afternoons. Homes are using extra power to cool their homes and then you try to use the 220 on a range which can have an effect you're describing, especially where it is so random. If the power grid is overloaded, the range can't pull consistent enough power. The frustration is that, at other times, the grid is working normally and your circuit will show no sign of any issue. I don't know that it needs to be the middle of the summer to experience the issue, however, as you seem to be suggesting. It may be something to do with the power grid within your individual area.

I've got an idea that may help you out. Fill in the blanks as much as you're able and lets see if we can find a solution.

Look forward to hearing from you again.
linda69z2822 on 11/10/2011:
One range was purchased on 3/31/2011 but the homeowner didn't move into the home and start using the range until 6/1/2011. That range started beeping right after they started using it, but they didn't tell us or ask for any warranty info for about four months and just kept turning off the breaker when they had a problem. However, it eventually got worse and they say the range does not work at all now.

The other range was purchased on 9/5/2011, and it has never worked. I tried to turn it on and heat up the oven, but it goes into the power error right away.

The AC hasn't been necessary for over a month now, so that's not the problem.

Again, these two Frigidaire professionals are the only ranges having problems in this area. And, the power supplies have already been changed out once in each range only to have the problem start up again a few hours after it was installed.
At Your Service on 11/10/2011:
Have you spoken to the retailer about either unit, especially the one purchased on September fifth? Who was the retailer? Many retailers have an exchange period in which they will change out a product when it is found to be "not working from the beginning."
linda69z2822 on 11/11/2011:
We purchased both Frigidaire professional kitchen suites from AJ Madison. So far all I have from them is two promises to call me back which hasn't happened.
At Your Service on 11/11/2011:
Well, unfortunately, that's where your problem and mistake is. I hate to point out the obvious, but buying major items mail order is a big mistake. The cheap prices become extremely tarnished once one realizes they have absolutely no local support or service. Many times an appliance dealer can deal with the issue of a DOA product by pulling another one out of stock and sending the faulty product back or, if requested, they can allow one to switch over to an entirely different model. Under this scenario, you don't have a local dealer showroom to walk in to and no local delivery truck to accommodate an exchange. You're also over two months out from purchasing the latest range. I would also assume you have no additional extended service guarantee, which means you're left with extremely limited resources.

Okay, so much for the negative. Lets make sure I understand where you are. You have two ranges. Neither one is working at all at this point. The oldest of the two is in another home. The other range is in your own home. We've also taken the dealer out of the loop. The manufacturer is willing to exchange one of the units with a completely different model, presumably a Gallery or standard Frigidaire model. You may give up some of the features on this second unit to have something that functions, but something is better than nothing. You've got an electrician stating that the 220 is wired correctly and your local power company not willing to accept any blame either.

One final question, hopefully. Which of the two units is the one being exchanged? Is it the secondary unit that hasn't worked at all or is it the initial unit which has had the breaker being reset to clear this error code?
Venice09 on 11/11/2011:
Linda, the bottom line is that Frigidaire should make this right. It's their product, and they should stand behind it. You've done nothing wrong and have every right to hold Frigidaire accountable for this defective merchandise.
At Your Service on 11/12/2011:
I just got a chance to check back linda69z2822. Didn't see any reply yet, so I'm going to make a couple of suggestions to hopefully get you running.

My guess is that the one the manufacturer is working on replacing is the second of the two and the one which you currently have. It sounds as if it was DOA. From what we've discussed, I'd be surprised if you just didn't have a defective unit and by replacing the defective parts, the unit would work wonderfully. The problem is that the issue may not be with just one part and it becomes a concern, at least in my opinion, as to whether all problems are resolved. Ideally, this is where, if a local dealer was involved, the exchange would be a lot less painless.

My guess is that the one they're not servicing or replacing is the original one that was being reset through the breaker. Please correct me if I'm wrong. If this is the case, I would assume the issue is not with the inconsistent power, as we were speaking about initially, but with the fact that every time the breaker was being snapped, it was surging the range causing it ultimately be permanently damaged. As to the reason for the initial and random error code, would be anyone's guess. If it was earlier in the year and the home was on a grid where the power was somewhat inconsistent, the 220 for the range, especially at peak hours, would be the first to see such an issue. In any case, the solution of snapping the breaker to completely reset the range wasn't the best. It was okay in powering the range down, but when the breaker was turned back on with the range still plugged in, it would have surged the line. Manufactures, over all, do not cover power related issues and, in fact, void the warranty when the issue becomes involved. A diagnostic of the unit, including the parts thereof, will generally show a very distinct type of damage when this occurs. So, I guess what I'm saying is that, if this is the case, the reason this unit wouldn't be covered under warranty is because of the damage done to the unit in snapping the circuit. Even though you're stating there was an underlying problem causing you to do so, that concern is no longer an issue because of the further damage done with how the range was being used.

If the second unit is being exchanged or serviced by the manufacturer, then you should ultimately be okay with it. In the case of an exchange they will hopefully replace it with something equivalent although it may not match up one for one.

The initial unit is a little more tricky. You (or the current owner) have the option of getting it serviced. I really do believe that, if everything was placed back to the original specifications to the manufacturer, it would perform well. I'm still not thoroughly convinced we're dealing with bad power, but I also haven't ruled it out. The issue is that when the circuit was being snapped or tripped, it was surging the unit and may have very easily done more damage than just the power unit; it could have damaged any connecting circuit boards. Because local service centers don't stock all the parts for all the different units out there, the process of getting a range like this service can be time consuming. It will generally come in the form of replacing one component at a time until the unit is back in running order, but that also means investing in, possible, multiple parts until the issue is resolved. It could very easily be that between the cost of parts and labor, you'll be well over the value of the range. I'd allow a local service technician to guide you a little better in this area.

If this is the area you find the issue in, I think I'd suggest just scrapping it in favor of a new unit. You may not want to hear it, but Frigidaire really does make some pretty nice ranges and if you (or the owner) really wants a range to match the Pro series, I think you'd be okay with replacing it with a similar one. If you're not comfortable with that, several other manufacturers, of course, make nice ranges. I'd make sure you purchase locally. I'd be a little careful of buying from too small of a dealer just because they may not have sufficient inventory on hand to deal with issues if you get yet another problem. It's nicer to have a place that can easily get a unit exchanged if needed. Most places will guarantee low price, at least locally so there's no reason to not do some comparative shopping locally. The place I'd be more willing to do business with, however, is the one with the best reputation locally, good service and reasonably backed and priced extended warranty programs. If you're unsure about different companies reputations, ask around. Neighbors, co-workers or fellow church members are all likely to point you to and away from the dealers they've had experiences with. Now is actually a good time to make such a purchase as many dealers have ranges on sale for the upcoming Thanksgiving. A range, such as the Frigidaire model you have, with convection, warming drawer and bridge element might be found for between $1000 to $1500 locally, if not a little better. Reasonable pricing for warranty agreements, hopefully not third party, should be offered for less than $100. In my opinion, I'd rather be out the $100 than have to suffer the cost of replacing another unit, so I think the cost could be a reasonable investment. Make sure, however, that such a warranty is back in full by the retailer and, of course, the retailer is large enough and has a good enough reputation for backing said warranty. Most retailer will have such an agreement in writing which you may read and study before the purchase.

I know the issue seems to be a daunting one. This reply is fairly long too, but it hopefully will get you to where you want to be -- with two fully working units. Please let me know if I've made any wrong assumptions with this last case or if there are any further issues I may be of help with.

Best of everything to you.
Venice09 on 11/12/2011:
Linda, considering the power company and an electrician have checked the house and could not find any problem, I suggest you hold Frigidaire accountable for the poor design of this defective merchandise. You'll need to be firm and persistent, but hopefully it will pay off.
DHealey on 11/02/2012:
Frigidaire RangeUsed the service representative, Milhorn Appliance, Kingsport, TN that was recommended for service by Frigidaire. Milhorn quoted the price they would charge for the repair. I had taken the door to their shop to save pick up costs. They doubled the price and would not give me the door back.

Frigidaire is keeping them on their list with no other choice in the area. Definitely, would NOT recommend Frigidaire appliances.
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Frigidaire Never Again
Posted by on
SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE -- I bought a new house 2 years ago with a kitchen full of Frigidaire Professional Series appliances. Recently the oven convection fan started to sound like an aircraft engine. The entire fan assembly has been replace along with the motor - it now only sounds like a semi-truck in my kitchen. The repair tech called Frigidaire from my house and was told that is the way it is so she'll have to live with it! This is the third appliance that has been problematic. The gas range burners still don't work properly, after 3 attempts to repair. After only one year, I replaced the dishwasher with a Bosch, which I love. There will never be another Frigidaire appliance in my house.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 10/29/2011:
That's unfortunate you've been having so many problems. I have several Frigidaire appliances and really like them.

I, personally, would question the way the service tech handled the question of the fan putting off too much noise. The reason is that the terms being loud versus quite are subjective terms. There are actual dB(a) ratings which clarify and give a precise value to the level of noise in a particular area. The actual figures, with acceptable variances, can commonly be found in many service manuals. Knowing this, you could contact a different service center, explaining the problem and requesting they make a service call to read the actual decibel level the range is putting out. The tech can then compare that to the acceptable level specified by the manufacturer.

Another option is to take your own decibel reading. It used to be that most people would never have a use for one of these meters, so would not be expected to have one handy. But now, with all the new smart cell phones on the market, you can run an application or app that does just that. Using a cell phone you can get a fairly accurate reading as to the real amount of sound being generated by the fan. In comparison, the average dishwasher has a decibel rating of around 48 on the low end and 56 on the upper end. If it is as noisy as you claim, "being as loud as a semi-truck", you will find ratings close to 100! This, then gives you a very firm number to request service on.

You haven't really spoken about what might be the problem with your burners. I would like to know what the decibel rating turns out to be. If you'd like to detail your issue with the burners, I'd like to see if there is some more help I might be able to provide there.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Venice09 on 10/29/2011:
I don't think the OP wants a job as a service tech. I think she just want the appliances to work the way they are supposed to. I don't think that's asking to much from the company.

Three strikes from the same company is enough to make me avoid that brand in the future. I completely understand why the OP won't be buying anymore Frigidaire products. How many more chances should she give them?
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The Range that keeps costing Major $$$
Posted by on
After major damages from Hurricane Katrina, We rebuilt and bought a Frigidaire Professional Series slide-In Range ($2,000) in April 2005, (4yrs ago) First problem, Code F30(12 months old) Second problem, F30 Code(18 months old) Third Problem, F10 Code (30 months old)Fourth problem on 8/02/2010 - Part on Stove knob broke, ($235 knob) And yesterday, you guessed it, F30 Code for the third time in 4 yrs. We have decided to contact our Attorney. We paid $2,000 for the Range (Lowe's) and since have paid around $500 in extended service contracts. I have written consumer products and have read numerous other posts. Don't be fooled, Frigidaire and Electrolux are one and the same. We purchased a Frigidaire upright Professional series Freezer 2005 also, 6 months later, compressor went out...How are they getting away with this? About time someone (me for one) files a lawsuit. By the way, Service Man informed us that as long as Frigidaire offers an extended service agreement, keep purchasing them..Ha!!ha!! The Range that is never paid for!!
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 09/21/2010:
Anything that needs an extended warranty is not worth buying. I don't know how anyone in good faith can recommend buying one. I hope all these code errors were at least covered, but five hundred extra dollars is still a lot of money. I bought my stove for around that price and it's been trouble free. Of course, it doesn't have any codes or other fancy features. I went that route with appliances in the past only to find out it was a waste of money. Now I buy inexpensive models and skip the extended warranty. You're better off putting that money aside so you can call a repair company of your choice if necessary.
Venice09 on 09/21/2010:
One more thing. It's interesting how the first error code occurred at twelve months, right when the original warranty expired.
MRM on 09/21/2010:
Aint that the truth.
unhappy999 on 09/21/2010:
You're right, it doesn't pay to buy the more expensive models. They don't last any longer and there's just more things that can go wrong. I'm glad the extended warranties helped in this case, usually they are worthless.
Helpful on 09/21/2010:
Actually unhappy, extended warranties can and are extremely important. As you've indicated, both inexpensive and higher end products can have problems. These warranties are the one thing that really covers a consumer from unexpected costs. This doesn't mean one wants to arbitrarily purchase additional warranty coverage on everything they purchase, but one should ALWAYS consider the option.

Ironically, there are those that naively continue to claim entry level products somehow, magically, circumvent these problems yet, just today, there's a complaint on an entry level dryer not performing as expected. It goes to show that all level of appliances can have issues and no brand is exempt from the same.

To Kake, I have a couple of observations as well as questions. The main question is, why would one arbitrarily contact an attorney whereas the manufacturer and retailer have continually covered said expenses of servicing the appliance? Hiring an attorney will just cost you more out of pocket. One thing you want to understand is, just as if you had to keep paying out of pocket for the same service to be completed, the warranty provider will generally consider the unit unrepairable. The rule of thumb is that after the third repair for the same problem, within some given period of time, the unit is considered unrepairable and can then be replaced. I wouldn't hesitate to contact the warranty provider and nicely yet professionally communicate this same situation to them. They are likely to, at least, consider the same and possibly just replace the unit.

As for the freezer, Frigidaire has one of the best rated freezer systems in the market. Sure you can get one that has problems but it sounds like the replacement of the compressor, back in 2005, did the trick and you haven't experience a problem with it in the last five years. Make sure you give any refrigeration ample area to breathe, especially in the back of the unit where the compressor is located. Also, be careful if you place the same in a garage. With the more efficient and smaller compressors, these units can be overworked in the summer and prematurely die off.

Best of luck and thanks so much for the post.
Kake Lady on 09/22/2010:
My mother-in-Law stills owns an International Harvester Refrigerator that was purchased in 1951 and another frig (name brand not sure) but she bought it in 1961.. both are still running. Why? No new electronic gadgets, bells, and whistles on the old stuff!!!
Venice09 on 09/22/2010:
I am so happy to see that a lot more people are finally realizing this. If they send a loud enough message, maybe the appliance industry will go back to the drawing board and come up with reliable appliances once again. If they did it in the past, why can't they do it now?
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Kake Lady and Venice, I agree. They definitely need to go back to the drawing board. Anyone who thinks it is acceptable the way things are now, is fooling themselves. One day I hear of a lesser expensive model breaking down and it's because the person didn't pay enough. The next day (or even the same day), we get a complaint on a more expensive model breaking down before its time and it's because they got the "one" appliance that wasn't up to pare. I don't believe this for one minute.
Venice09 on 09/22/2010:
Sing, welcome to my world. I've been listening to that crap for years and have done my best to counteract it. And I don't think it's a matter of fooling themselves. There's more to it.

What review are you referring to with a lesser expensive model? I was just thinking how those models never seem to be the subject of the complaints. I must have missed something.
Helpful on 09/22/2010:
It is true. Both entry level and higher end models, all brand names imaginable -- all one needs to do is search this site and it's all there. You've, of course, just specified some recent posts Sing. It's just a reality that they can all break down or they can all last long, healthy lives. The one thing that has changed is that the manufacturers definitely don't provide a warranty on their products like they did in the past. The overall consumer market wants the products more cheaply, so the manufacturers comply by cutting back and, unfortunately, this is one area that they can easily do so because so many consumers lack the education in investigating warranty coverage when the purchase is made.

Interestingly, Kake never did answer any of the questions I previously asked. Now that we know she's monitoring the post, I'd love to find out what has taken place since and what the communication was with her attorney.
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
LOL @ helpful.
Helpful on 09/22/2010:
I agree Sing. I'm sure the reason Kate hasn't answered the question is because she's never spoken to an attorney. Unfortunate too. I'd like to see the best for her.
Kake Lady on 09/23/2010:
In reference to my earlier post.We just purchased an additional 3yr. extended warranty in April 2010 for $176. Thus far, we paid $2,000 for the range, around $500 on ext. warranties. There have been over $1,700 in parts alone paid by the warranty and not sure of the labor charges.I'm finding it quite ironic that Frigidaire keeps paying for these parts over & over again instead of replacing my range. I was told that if they decided to replace my range, the $176 extended warranty we just purchased would not be refunded. I prefer to use my 3yr extended warranty at this point and let these yo-yo's see how it feels to keep pouring hard earned money into a piece of crap appliance!!
Anonymous on 09/23/2010:
Kake Lady, it is posts like yours that make me know there is something seriously wrong with the appliance business. I do hope you are able to get one of their "better" appliances and you have no further problems.

Helpful, you missed the direction of my LOL I'm afraid. But, that really doesn't surprise me at all. No one is obligated to answer any of your questions--you seem to answer them yourself quite well.
Venice09 on 09/23/2010:
Kake Lady, something similar happened to me with Sears/Maytag. I had at least a dozen service calls over the course of a year, and no one could get my washing machine to work properly. I qualified for a replacement under the lemon law of my extended warranty. They preferred to spend time and money on service calls, parts and ultimately a complete rebuild of the washer. I find it hard to believe that a replacement wouldn't have been much cheaper. I don't know what goes on in the minds of these yo-yo's, but it certainly isn't cost efficiency. After spending all that time and money on my washing machine, they ended up replacing it anyway. I don't know how anyone can make sense of that. Instead of being cost efficient and passing the savings on to their customers, they waste money at the customer's expense.
Helpful on 09/23/2010:
I still believe you've just got a bad one Kake as, without question, Frigidaire is not continually having problems with this unit overall. With that said, it sure looks like the extended has paid off for you. I'm not sure why you'd want to just continue to deal with the aggravation of servicing the unit over and over again. I'd think that you'd be happy to have the unit replaced as that was the entire direction of the post. I truly mean no disrespect. It's just that your comment seems quasi to the post itself. So according to what you've just stated, is it correct that they've offered to replace the unit but you've refused?

I'm sure sorry if I've offended you somehow Sing. It sure wasn't my intent. You are absolutely right that no one is obligated to answer any one particular question, but with the way the conversation is going, it sure does bring up a lot of further questions. I would think wondering what the attorney responded would be quite natural.
Bobbi on 09/30/2012:
I also bought a Frigidaire pro slide-in 3 years ago. It breaks down approx every 12 months - always error 30. I bought a 4 year warranty from Lowes with the range. Now, at 3 years, they won't honor it anymore. They say the range was incorrectly installed (installed BY LOWES) and the wiring is corroding. I told them to replace it or see me in small claims court. The store actually told me 'what do you expect - it is 3 years old!' Yet they pushed the 4 year warranty at time of sale!
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Downright dangerous product
Posted by on
AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Have had this range for several years now. I was baking something in the oven and the range starting beeping, almost the same beep it does when the range has reached the set temperature but this beep was a bit different and caught my attention. Got into the kichen and noticed that the back left burner was red hot, even though it was in the off position. I couldn't turn it off. The best I could do was to turn it to low. Tried for about 3 minutes to turn it off. In the off position, the control registered a 9.0 (which is high heat). After about 3 minutes, it turned it off and it eventually stayed off. Had I not been close by, I can't imagine what could have happened. Good thing I don't have the habit of leaving an empty kettle or pan on the cooktop. It's downright dangerous. Will never leave this range unattended. Has this happenend to anyone else?
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User Replies:
makerofmech on 09/06/2010:
There's actually a recall on this stove, not that I was ever contacted by Frigidaire. If you search for it specifically, you can find it. They have a web page dedicated to it where you can enter your serial number and information to line up service. It's a leaky vent from the oven causing corrosion of the circuit that causes a failure in a dangerous condition. Good luck!
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Don't expect ANY customer service from this organization
Posted by on
GEORGIA -- Two months ago, my Frigidaire electric range started turning on spontaneously and would not turn off. One month ago, I received a recall notice saying to discontinue use immediately and unplug the appliance. I called to schedule service on August 29th at 3:42 PM. The appointment was schedule for September 4th. I took vacation and waited for the service person to show. He never did. I called at 12:15PM on September 4th. The young woman informed me that the appointment was canceled because the parts had not shipped yet. Why hadn't anyone told me that it had been canceled? Their systems don't allow the to do this! She rescheduled me for September 19th and told me to call on September 16th if the parts hadn't arrived yet. The 16th has arrived, and no parts are on my door step. I call again and am told "There is no record of your service request. We can schedule you a tentative appointment for 21 days from now." So, you produce a crappy product and I'm supposed to wait 2+ months to get the stupid thing repaired all while either eating out every night or risking my house burning down? (WTF!) I asked to speak with the manager and was told that this is never allowed, that I have to work through "the process" - wait 21 days and if the part still hasn't arrived call again. Seriously, there is no escalation process for customers to get their issues resolved? My guess is that it won't be here 21 days from now either.

This is my second problem with this appliance. The first stove was replaced due to an error code that randomly occurred. This took over a month to get resolved.

I will NEVER buy another Frigidaire (Electrolux) and will make it my mission to information as many people as possible about the poor quality products and completely absent customer service provide by Frigidaire aka Electrolux. It's beyond me how this company is still in business. Here's to hoping their poor product and customer service practices are exposed!
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