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PHOENIX - BUT GE CORP. OFFICE IN FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- I have read many of the reviews/complaints about GE on this website. For the couple of sympathetic ex-GE-employee writers who had to suffer working in one of GE's call centers, I respectfully request you look to GENERAL ELECTRIC rather than its customers to express your dissatisfaction. I say this for the following reasons:

1. Most customers of GE have come to know GE products as superior and reliable from their experience dating many years back, some of them 40 to 50 years back even. What they don't know is GE is not the company we once knew, in any regard, product or service.

2. In addressing an article posted here by one ex-GE employee, where he/she implies that customers shouldn't expect better products from GE because of the limited one-year warranty on many of their products and thus shouldn't be so irritated when they call in, I must say this: There are many reasons Customers can be irritated by the time they reach a GE call center employee, and some are discussed below. But, to begin with, customers have a right to believe in representations made by the company when it sells its products to the public. And it (GE) does NOT advertise: "Buy our products, they're not too well made but at least they will last you up to one year." Because if it did advertise its products this way, it would never sell one item. Bottom line: The warranty that comes with a product has very little to do with what a consumer expects in terms of a product's overall quality. It is just a form of insurance that comes with a product that helps, albeit minimally, limit one's financial exposure if something fails within the first year. By and large, customers just don't like being deceived or duped by misleading advertising about the quality of their products and then made to suffer further as a result of GE's abysmal excuse for customer service.

3. Further, one needs to understand that a customer is going to be made infuriated way before they even reach a GE "customer service" call center employee by virtue of the litany of prompt system commands they have to suffer and robotic machinations one must endure to reach an actual person, all of which takes an inordinately long time to accomplish and is maddening at best, only to find out that the person they've FINALLY reached is only one step above the automated prompt system they first encountered, has many more questions to ask the customers and then cannot offer anything more than "we can schedule you an appt. for someone to come out and answer your question(s)for $75," no matter how mundane or non-technical the question might be. This is NOT a criticism of GE call center employees--they are simply doing what GE tells them to do, the effect of which is to offer the least amount of true "customer service," as possible.

4. It is GE's CHOICE to hire call center individuals (including supervisors) with very limited to no knowledge of GE products, giving them no discretion to assist consumers with even the most basic of needs, and no place for the call center to send people (other than other centers which supposedly offer other forms of customer care support, but which do not) if they have something more complex to discuss, all the while with GE advertising their products and services with such slogans as "GREAT PRODUCTS BACKED BY GREAT SERVICE," and "SERVICE IS IN OUR DNA," and self-promoting rhetoric like "With more than a century of experience inventing cutting-edge products and services, GE - Appliances & Lighting strives to make life better, more convenient and more efficient for consumers..."

5. It is GE's CHOICE to make obtaining service or warranty or product information from GE an absolute nightmare, costing the consumer hours of time that leads them nowhere but into the abyss.

6. It is GE's CHOICE to make it its corporate policy to force customers to pay $75 service fee in order to obtain answers to questions that do NOT require a GE's in-home technician to answer.

7. It is GE's CHOICE to advertise their products in such a way as to misrepresent to the consumer that buying from GE affords them a superior product and superior customer service and care, when clearly it does not.

8. It is GE's CHOICE to thrive on a once-reliable corporate name, knowing full well that reliability no longer exists.

So, yes, we (the consumers) can get pretty irate and belligerent when, after 30 minutes to an hour (if not longer), we finally reach a person who we think might be able to help us, only to find out he/she can't, and we then are forced (as a result of GE's policy) to wait for a service tech to show up, for which we will pay $75, following which we may or may not get the item repaired because either he/she doesn't have the proper part to do so or the repair is so expensive that a new unit can be purchased cheaper---none of which information is available to you prior to paying the $75 service fee, even if you have something as rote as a broken door handle or a rusted-out oven liner, which shouldn't take a GE tech to "diagnose."

It horribly saddens me to say this, but GE could clearly care less about its customers once a sale is made. It is cliché to say this, but it can't be said clearer: Actions do speak louder than words. And, GE shows, by its actions, that the only thing it cares about is itself, which is an extremely narrow view of good business.

With a country and economy which is so highly serviced-based, is it any wonder that we, as a nation, are in the toilet? What service? How often do we really get good service these days from anyone in large corporate America? Does anyone care about service or the quality of the products they produce for that matter? Does anyone care about anything these days but a a fast buck--the short-term sale? I don't see it except maybe on the rare occasion. I say "customer service" is on the "endangered species list" at minimum. For those companies who really only care about short-term profit and what "new" customers they can attract with their sincere-sounding promises, I say let them make "disposable" products and advertise them that way. At least it's honest. It seems we're headed that direction anyway.

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GE Profile Refrigerator Mildew
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I've had my fridge for a couple years and there has been a couple minor problems since I've had it. But now....I am totally disgusted. A couple months ago I noticed some mold growing between the shelves(all on left side) I cleaned out the crevices and shelves and went on with my life. Now, a couple months later I noticed it again. So once again I go to clean it out. Doing a more thorough cleaning, I notice it everywhere! In the vents in all crevices of the shelves. I pulled out the light's in there. I pull off a small cover that I notice is some kind of vent from the freezer and the Styrofoam that is supposed to be insulating it is totally separated and mold is growing in the Styrofoam! Also wires are not covered properly and I take out the deli drawer and the bottom and there is a huge chunk of ice there! I don't know what is causing the mold to grow, but I would like to find out and take care of it. I took a ton of pictures after I realized how bad it really was.
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Unsatisfied Customer - Poor Service Quality
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I purchased a GE Profile Refrigerator (freezer on the bottom) in 2008 with ice maker on the door for $2,000. In Jan. 2009, I had trouble with the ice bucket freezing and getting stuck. Ice maker would not work due to ice build up. I called the appliance store where I purchased the product. They came to my home 5 different times from Jan 2009 to Nov. 2009 in an attempt to fix the problem. At that point I was fed up and decided to call GE directly to come and service the product. I also had purchased a 2 year service contract on the GE refrigerator just in case there were any problems. The GE technician came out in mid-December 2009 and told me that certain parts need to be ordered. He assured me he could fix the problem. He said that if he can't fix it, this is the last stop and that I will get a new refrigerator. The day of the service called, he tried to call and cancel as he thought he would need more parts. I had already taken the day off of work and was defrosting the ice maker like he told me to do by leaving the door open a few hours before he arrived when he decided to call and try and cancel. I made him come to my house and replace the parts he had originally ordered. After he left, the ice maker was still not working properly. A new ice bucket was needed because now the ice was not being pushed through so no ice cubes would come out. The technician told me he was going to bring a new ice bucket to me the next day. The next day he changed his mind and told me to call GE, give them a reference number and tell them that I should get a new refrigerator. I called Warranty Dept, and consumer relations they said no new frig. They would send out another technician. Consumer relations thought it could be a plumbing issue as to ice bucket freezing. The technician was going to check water valve and water flow to refrigerator as well as bring me a new ice bucket. I was given a window of 8:00 A.M. to Noon. Technician arrived at 11:55 A.M. on 1/12/10 without an ice bucket and never even looked at refrigerator. He did not look behind, check water flow or valve. Said he will have to order new ice bucket and left. He was in the house about 10 minutes. I called GE to complaint once again and got a huge runaround. The Warranty Dept. is blaming Customer Relations and vice versa. No one taking responsibility on who should fix this problem. The service technicians are quite lazy and couldn't care less about their jobs. GE treats their customers poorly. I will never buy another GE product nor will I ever recommend them to my friends. I have called GE and spoke to 4 differet depts. and complained to each of them. First of all you can't get through because each telephone number you call is automated. If you stay on the phone for at least 10 minutes, you may get lucky and someone will pick up the phone, only to tell you that you called the wrong department, or that they don't actually work for GE or that they can't help you because your product is under a service contract, but the warranty department won't help because now it becomes a customer relations problem. Apparently, paying for an expensive appliance and trying to protect it by buying a 2 year service contract just isn't enough for GE. They are unwilling to take any responsibility for their products or in customer satisfaction. I just wanted to get this situation resolved. Maybe the Better Business Bureau can get farther than I did.
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User Replies:
goduke on 01/13/2010:
Sounds like a mess, but I think you are doing a good job of keeping the pressure on them. Be sure to document, document, document. You may end up with an Attorney General's complaint.

As a side note, it would seem that the service guy was a bit out of line to say that you'd get a new refrigerator. I don't think they have the authorization to make that call. They might be able to recommend back to the warrany company and/or to GE, but I'd be shocked if they have the final say.
GE Appliances on 01/27/2010:
This is Megan from GE. Sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience. Please email me at with your email address, phone number, userID, model # and case #,and I will look into this for you.
PepperElf on 01/27/2010:
ah a new company rep

might want to have your account flagged as an official rep account. your posts will be in bold so people know you're a real rep etc =)
Slimjim on 01/27/2010:
Pepper, It's pretty safe based on the comment's info, Megan is a real rep.
Princess Di, save your time with the BBB. GE makes everything from light bulbs to airplane engines. Spitting into the ocean would garner more affect than a BBB complaint is going to against General Electric.
I would keep working with them and contact Megan above. I have a monogram that, although a great box, has finicky annoyances that tend to bring the frige side down on occasion. GE has always worked hard for me to keep me happy with it.
PepperElf on 01/27/2010:
oh I know. I looked up her email address.
I figured she's new but looks official. just welcoming her to the nut house and letting her know she can actually be turned into an "official rep". not entirely sure how they do it but I know that's what they did for searscares and michael from Home Depot

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Inferior product/outrageously horrible customer service
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Our GE PRofile Gas Range, which was not inexpensive, was purchased less than 3 years ago, along with dishwasher and microwave, during move into a new home. Two weeks ago, (9/14/09) the oven quits working; call GE re the service contract -- they can't locate one; claim it was filed under an old phone number we had; since our phone number had changed, they had no record of it. So schedule service, since I need my oven. Take the day off from work, since he's to be here between 8am and noon. At 12:10 pm, he shows up, after several calls to the scheduler - which turned out to be an automated voice saying "I was on the schedule between 8 and noon". He fixed the problem, said it was burned out ignition; I asked if that wasn't a little strange for a fairly new, expensive oven. He stated, "It happens." So $249 later, he's on his way. The next day in the mail, I get a postcard from GE inviting me to "extend my warranty that's about to expire", so I call and find out, sure enough, my contract is still good (until 9/28/09). When I tell the person on the phone this, and they owe me $249, he said, well I only handle renewals, will have to transfer you to Customer Service. That resulted in being on hold for 35 minutes with no answer. Called later that evening on my own, and finally got a real person, Todd, who sounded sympathetic, said they'd take care of the situation, and reimburse my money. Assigned a "case number", and asked me to email a copy of the receipt to him, along with his name and the case number in the subject line of the email. I did this on 9/16. The individual told me he'd respond in two days, and I should have my money back in 2 weeks. My email server did not recognize the email address I had been given when I tried to send this information. Called back - 45 minutes later, get another person who told me I had the wrong email address, gave me another one. I resent it, along with a return receipt requested. Have never seen the return receipt. Called back on 9/21/09, held forever, got another individual, Tyree; he "checked", then said that the email had been assigned to the first individual - Todd - who was "out of the Office", and no one could access his emails to get my case, even though I had the case number right in front of me. He told me he'd personally check on it and get back to me. I asked for his direct extension, which he did give me. So, having heard nothing by today, 9/25, I called the direct extension of this individual, and got a recording, saying he was out of the office for at least "the next three days, please leave your name, case number and phone number." Sent two more emails, no response. So am trying again with customer service, after this direct extension didn't work. Was on hold for 40 minutes this morning, before I had to leave for a meeting, and have now been on hold for right at 57 minutes (have it on speaker while I'm doing other work). Sent a separate email to GE Headquarters this past Monday, got a call back (late at night on voice mail), that they were sorry about my situation, but I should call customer service for this type of issue. NEVER AGAIN will we buy these products; just to not have to deal with a customer service that won't even indicate how long your wait might be. AMAZING!! GE brings nothing good to light.
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Anonymous on 09/25/2009:
"and I should have my money back in 2 weeks.""9/16"

It's probably 2 weeks of business days. Weekends are not business days. From that time, 2 weeks in business days is October 6th. Unfortunately, it takes longer to credit money than it does to debit money.

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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
Had trouble from the beginning, dishes came out hazy and when I called GE they said to use the recommended detergent, I did, dishes came out hazy and smelled like detergent, they messed around long enough with that and getting someone out to fix the controls which did not work properly until enough time lapsed I could not get a refund. The dishwasher turned itself on after a power outage, it was not running when the power went out and was running non stop for god knows how long before it was noticed. This happened at Thanksgiving time and they had service out at 6 weeks so had to do Thanksgiving dishes by hand, after that they postponed another 2 weeks.

Got a replacement dishwasher thanks to Home Depot Manager. The dishes come out stinky and hazy, sometimes there is visible soap residue on the glassware. I have even ran the dishes through a second no detergent cycle and still had residue on the dishes. The controls do not work. We have to turn power on and close the door 3 or 4 times before it will come on. We are afraid to leave the circuit breaker on when we leave as we are unsure if it will start on its own like the first one did.

It is also the worst designed layout for loading any dishes.

This is totally unacceptable as soap residue causes intestinal difficulties and you should not have to be afraid that your dishwasher will take on a life of its own and start. I highly recommend you do not waste your money on this dishwasher.

GE has extremely poor custormer support. Home Depot support was great. This make two GE Profile Dishwasher in less than a year and two strikeouts. They will not get the chance for a third out, we are getting a Kitchen Aid.
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User Replies:
JMCWatchdog on 10/08/2013:
Well, I hope you had better luck with your new Kitchen Aid dishwasher, it's built in China as well. Did anyone ever check the water temperature? Maybe you had an installation problem. Did the new dishwasher make a difference?
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Failure to Repair GE Profile Electric Clothes dryer=DPGT650EHMG
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Rating: 1/51
JASPER, GEORGIA -- Our 4.5 yr old GE dryer quit drying completely. Called a local serviceman that repairs GE machines. He misdiagnosed the problem (control board) on Saturday. He called on Monday; indicating that the control board was no longer available! I found it online & overnighted it to us. We installed ourselves on Tuesday. The problem not fixed, called GE 800 repair; our area is served only Tues & Thurs. Ask the technician be scheduled for Thursday. He arrived, analyzed the dryer; disassembled the machine; replaced a thermostat (total 195.93); indicated he had 3 new service calls on his afternoon schedule. We washed some clothes&loaded the dryer. It runs the cycles; but no heat=no drying (Tks - Don78); should check your repair before leaving. Called the GE 800 number again Friday morning requesting a repairman come back. Service employee said that it would be Tuesday before a serviceman would be in the area. Accepted another Tuesday appointment. My wife called a second time hoping we could get a serviceman to come back on Friday. GE response; we'll see what we can do; No service followup or call about our status of needing service. Conflict of our personal business schedule caused us to cancel the Tuesday appt.; but immediately asked for a Thursday apptmt. Thursday arrives, somewhere between 8 to 5 possible service. We watch & watch; GE scheduling computer keeps calling with automated verification somewhere between 8-5. Tks a lot, very definite information. Finally, serviceman calls/arrives 2:30-3:00pm. Listens to machine; analyzes blower problem, but does not have it on his truck (damn too bad). Have to order it; return possibly Monday? He's not supposed to be working this area on that day?? What gives?????. The GE definition of customer service is: just keep waiting; we will eventually analyze the problem, find the part and return based on their service schedule. GOOD LUCK selling me another major GE APPLIANCE. .
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GE Fraud?
Posted by on
The GE Profile dishwashers are junk and GE factory repair personnel are morons. The top of the line GE Monograms start leaking frequently and this is not worth the expense of repairing. The GE profile with the hidden controls on the top edge of the door frequently quit working. The touch pad gets water under the pad and won't function. My GE that was subject to the dishwasher recall fried the control board. GE sent out the factory repairman to check the unit. When he discovered that the electronic control board had fried, melted, and took some other parts with it, he called GE. They said that since the problem had already happened that the recall was supposed to stop, he would have to charge $200 to repair the machine. I told him to get the hell out of my home. The recall was to install a protective shield over the control board so that water wouldn't drip on it causing a short circuit.

The drips on the board are caused by extremely poor engineering. GE did not put a water tight seal between the inner door panel and the outter door panel which allows water to drip inside the door. Don't buy GE (anything. Their refrigerators have turned into a nightmare also. Electronics problems.) They engineer very poor products and don't stand behind their crap appliances.
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User Replies:
azRider on 07/01/2011:
sounds to me like they wanted to make good on the recall to install a protective feature to the panel. but that your control panel burned out before they got there and your anger sent them packing. I think they should repair the burned out panel since it was due to the recall issue. I'd call GE back up, ask for a manager, keep your cool, and ask for them to repair. keep your expectations realistic. they are not going to refund the full purchase price, or give you money. just calmly talk to the manager and explain that the board burned out due to the issue the recall is supposed to handle and since it was the issue that cased it, they should repair the part and install the recall fix at no cost to you. try to negotiate not demand. I'm betting if you work towards it in a calm manner you can get some results.
Mrs.Cole on 07/01/2011:
I'd start emailing and snail mailing, it's easier to keep your cool that way. Plus, you have a paper trail of who said what. I've found that the same people will say one thing on the phone (lie). But if it is on verifiable time stamped document you just might get somewhere with the actual facts.
trmn8r on 07/01/2011:
If this is the 2004-2006 recall, it is open indefinitely, there is no deadline.

The recall provided for installing a shield to PREVENT the problem, OR a rebate on a new dishwasher.

My guess therefore is the only option is the rebate, since the recall procedure being performed won't solve the problem. I guess further the OP would rather have the dishwasher fully repaired free of charge, BUT the recall did not cover providing a new control panel.

Where is the fraud?
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Complaints On GE Appliances
Posted by on
Four years ago I purchased all GE Profile appliances for my new log home. Second year the built-in microwave/convection oven stopped working-cost to repair $400.00. I bought a $100.00 microwave to put on counter instead. Then 2 years later the $2300.00 refrigerator quit working-cost to repair $700.00. The repairman stated that he carries 10 of these parts in his truck at all times.

I bought A Samsung instead and junked the GE. I will never purchase another GE appliance. Recently, a neighbor was going to buy new GE appliances but after hearing my story she purchased Jenn-Aire.

I wished her luck.
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Alain on 02/23/2011:
It used to be that GE was a trustworthy brand, but then again, so was Whirlpool.
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GE Profile Dishwasher
Posted by on
Purchased this dishwasher 12/3/10. It was defective - dishes weren't getting cleaned or dried (despite using recommended detergent & Jet Dry). Called for service & was told they would be out between 8-12. Nobody showed up - called GE that afternoon and they said "oh, nobody called you? He called in sick". Rescheduled for the next week, the guy showed up & told us "instead of using 3/8" flexible tubing, get 1/2" tubing" and left!!! Put in 1/2" tubing - didn't fix it - still not working (dishes still dirty & not drying)

So we decided to take GE up on their offer that stated "if I am not completely satisfied that my new dishwasher has the best wash and dry performance and lowest sound of any dishwasher I have ever owned, GE will pick up the dishwasher and refund the full purchase price to me." Called to schedule a pick up. They were supposed to be there between 12-4 - once again, nobody showed up. I tried to call, but couldn't get through. 9:00 that night, my doorbell rings - it's GE here to pick up the dishwasher. (would not have been so mad, if they had called to say they would be that late) They gave me a refund check of the purchase price LESS $75.00.

Called GE the next day and they said "too bad - that's how we do it" I tried getting help from GE consumer relations - faxed things over numerous times and was told that "finance charges, removal of previous dishwasher and de-installation costs are not covered." We had uninstalled the dishwasher & it was waiting for them on the porch.

So not only did I purchase a defective dishwasher, take 3 mornings/afternoons off from work trying to get things fixed, I had to pay GE $ 75.00 to do it! Very disgusted! I have tried to get the $75.00 back, but GE won't do it

I am truly disappointed in both GE's product quality and customer service. We have purchased GE products before and used to be happy with them. I will not be buying anymore GE products though.

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Posted by on
In 2008 we bought a GE Profile dishwasher to match all of our other kitchen GE profile appliances, it is a stainless steel outside brushed finish. The model # is PDW9980N00SS. It was over $800. They don't make this model anymore and its no surprise... I had it for less than 6 months when it flooded my kitchen, the "something" had to be replaced, luckily still under warranty. Worked fine after that but could not get rid of a funny smell. It has never cleaned my dishes perfectly, I always have to pick food off and rewash glasses. I use jet dry and the best of the best dishwashing detergent tablets. Last night I unloaded the clean dishes, put in a few dirty ones, didn't snap it shut all the way and went to bed. This morning when I woke up I smelled burning plastic (I have kids so I figured somone turned on hot glue gun, but it was worse smelling than that!) I went to the kitchen and sniffed it out, when I opened the dishwasher it was extremely hot on the handle and everything on the inside was completely melted (other than the stainless steel pots and my glass blender and silverware) the silverware basket, completely melted, the cups, plates (all plastic kidware) melted, the sprayer arms (that spin underneath each rack) melted. I mean dripping melted. No longer distingishable. All the dishwasher GE parts that were plastic... melted. What a mess! Not to mention it could have burned my house down. Since it was not turned on, nor was the door shut all the way, I had to unplug it to get it to turn off! Everything was ruined, even the stuff that did not melt, because it had melted plastic all over it. The silverware (very nice silverware) ruined, the pots... ruined. The blender... ruined (all the plastic peices were melted, only the glass part exists now) I have never had it heat up like this, especially when it was not even turned on! Get rid of yours today, it might burn your house down. I can email pictures if you like. I have a lot.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 08/28/2010:
This happened while it was turned off?

I'd love to hear GE's response.

Have you checked to see if this model was recalled?
leet60 on 08/28/2010:
I am just glad that you didn't have a house fire as a result of this. Thank goodness.
Helpful on 08/28/2010:
I agree that this sounds terribly dangerous. You have the ability to place photos along with this review. I would have recommended you do so.

The way the review reads, you've not indicated that the dishwasher is still under any form of warranty -- either original or extended. That's unfortunate, but GE may still be interested in hearing the problem. My concern is that you've quickly posted a review on this site, without speaking to them first. You may be surprised as to how they approach this.

Please let us know.
Anonymous on 08/28/2010:
From a former appliance tech's point of view, it sounds like a hi-limit thermostat of some sort. Large commercial size coffee makers are similar. They have water in them, and it is constantly clicking on the heater to warm the water to the appropriate temperature. If the limit thermostat fails, then the water just continues to heat up, and eventually boils over. When the water starts to disappear, you then have steam. When all the condensation is gone, you then have nothing more than a heater that is warming up the inside of your dishwasher, and has no limit thermostat to tell it when to shut off. Normally, a burner tube or heating element will eventually burn itself out, but as in your case, unfortunately it did not. I hope for your sake that it was still under warranty.

Also, word to the wise. Just because something is turned off, doesn't mean that its "off". It still has a live power supply via the plug-in cord. People often assume things like their televisions are off a night, but as long as it is still plugged in to the wall, it draws power. Look carefully at your utility bill next time you go on vacation and think everything was "off". I know it's not very practical with all appliances, like fridges, stoves, and such, but a good idea that our family practices is using the power strips (surge protected) on our computers, t.v.'s, stereos, etc...and at night when going to sleep, we just turn the power strip off. Only the power strip is pulling a small amount of electricity, but the surge protector has cut "ALL" power to the associated appliance. Hope this helps, and best of luck with your warranty!
Venice09 on 08/28/2010:
Good explanation, J4A. And yes, I do realize that there is still power when something is turned off.

I know very little about dishwashers, but are you saying they work like hot water heaters?
Anonymous on 08/28/2010:
Yes, depending on the model. Some use the water straight from the wall's water supply line, while others have a reserve built in them, and that is the water used when it first cycles on. Those are the hi-temp models and tend to be much pricier.
Venice09 on 08/28/2010:
I never knew that about dishwashers. I just assumed the water came directly from the line. I have a dishwasher but could never get the hang of loading it. Either the dishes would break or something would fall down and melt. I finally gave up. If it wasn't that it came with the house, I wouldn't have one. I wish I had the cabinet space instead.
Anonymous on 08/28/2010:
Venice> Not to support my post, but try Home Depot or Lowe's for some ideas on replacing the space after you remove your dishwasher.
Helpful on 08/28/2010:
Good post Justice. The American designed dishwashers, as this would be, generally runs a timed cycle to heat the water for proper cleaning and later for drying. Whereas the OP claims the door wasn't even latched, I'm surprised the unit started and then didn't turn itself off. I'd actually like to see some of the photos the OP was speaking about.
Gina D on 08/30/2010:
Hi, this is Vikki with GE. I am sorry to hear about the issue you've experienced with your dishwasher. Please email the details including your model and serial numbers and your name address and phone number to We'll be happy to check into this and get back with you.
2cent-er on 09/09/2010:
So what happened?? believe me the manf's want to know about stuff like this. I'm sure if you contact them they'll want to check it out. this is a safety issue. also, anybody reading this; modern d/w do catch fire, so unlatch the door after the cycle is over. realize this consumer did but that should have killed all power to unit. wonder if installers reversed the AC line coming into d/w. the new ones have a double line break but???
krowesd on 11/25/2010:
My GE Monogram dishwasher melted down Sept 2010. I called the company and they said they had not heard of this issue happening and could come out and look at the dishwasher but if it had to be replaced, they would prorate cost (and we would have to cover $700 of it). I see that as of 10/26/10 they have now issued a recall for this issue, but only offer $400 towards the cost of a new dishwasher. On a $1500 GE Monogram, that is an insult. The company really frustrates me that you can have a dishwasher that is only a few years old melt down due to a defect and GE does not fully replace it.
Karen on 08/07/2013:
I just had a very similar experience just last week. I had run the dishwasher during the early evening and when I went to empty it the soap never dissolved and the dishes seemed still dirty. I started the cycle again at about 8 pm. We went to bed not giving it another thought as everything seemed fine. About 1 am I awoke from a horrible plastic burning smell. It took me a few minutes to determine the smell was coming from the kitchen. As I opened the door to the dishwasher smoke came bellowing out of it. This was not just any smoke, it felt really toxic, made our eye tear up and you could see smoke threw out the house. Keep in mind the washer had been turned on 5 hours earlier.. what if we didn't wake up? My model was the GE Profile with the stainless steel interior, but the one being recalled has an plastic interior. I contacted GE and found that my product was registered in their system but I was not notified because it wasn't the recalled one. They also informed me that if I had called a GE certified technician to look at it that they would have replaced it for free. Too late I had a new one installed yesterday and no longer have the old dishwasher. In the future I will google products before making a purchase and contact the manufacturer when something like this occurs.
Teni on 10/10/2013:
Hi everyone my GE monogram dishwasher did the same exactly thing... Everything melted inside. I called GE, now I'm in negotiating with the company so I can get a new one replaced, don't know how much the company will cover from the cost yet.. Will let you guys know. This is not conferring at all, so many GE dishwashers had the same problem. I don't know if I want GE again. But I don't think that Ge will pay me to buy a different brand.
SG on 12/27/2013:
I had same experience couple weeks back on my GE Profile dishwasher with stainless steel tub. Everything inside that was made of plastic (sprayer arm, silverware basket and plasticware) melted completely. Even after I opened the door, it kept pumping more and more heat. Scary situation - could have easily burnt down the house.
I contacted GE and after reviewing, they offered me a "discounted" price on a new GE model that I can purchase for similar or even lesser cost directly from local stores in my area.

Even though their service tech was very helpful and admitted that its a fire hazard, the representative at GE consumer relation who have to power to offer discounts or replace the units were not helpful or considerate at all.

No more GE appliances for me anymore.
SG on 01/10/2014:
UPDATE on review from 12/27/2013.

GE called and they agreed to replace the GE Profile dishwasher that melted with another GE profile dishwasher. Delivery and installation was also free of cost.
Beccie on 02/22/2014:
My dishwasher melted every plastic that was inside of it including the dishwasher parts, baskets, and ruined silverware and glassware. After running a normal cycle, it seems that the heating never shut off, and kept running and heating burning everything. This is a big safety and fire hazard as it could have burned my house down. Even after shutting it off and removing everything it kept running the heat. I had to leave the door open for it to stop. Finally I completely shut off the power supply to stop it from continuing to heat up. I need help in addressing this problem.

After reading the issues posted here and seeing the similar problems I sent an email to GE and am awaiting their response. I will be sure to submit their response here as soon as I hear from them.
Kristina on 06/30/2014:
I have two GE Profile Dishwashers with stainless tubs and custom panels with identical model numbers and one serial number apart (one on either side of my sink since we have a larger family). Both are now melted on the interior. One melted the interior parts on June 15, 2014. The unit had not been run since the day before when it seemed to be heating too long. The night before, I left the door open to "cool off" so that we could get a utensil out. I thought it odd, but didn't consider it a problem. The next day (June 15th) after unloading the now cool dishwasher, we closed the door. Approximately two hours later we noticed a strong burning smell and discovered the counter top extremely hot to touch and the interior plastic parts melted and warped. We turned off the circuit breaker to the dishwasher since it was not even "turned on." GE has been very polite, but the communication between Consumer Advocate and repair company has been poor. Repair company took pictures only and we are now waiting for GE to receive them. In the meantime, we were told it was not a recall model, but that it was under 'strategy' plan. Meaning they will fix it (for free) or replace it (at a reduced cost). This is a bad thing to happen for a dishwasher that is only 7 years old. I've had dishwashers in my home(s) for all 44 years- some of them as many as 30 years old, and have never had one melt itself. WORSE, the second dishwasher melted itself on June 28th, 13 days later. This time, the cycle had finished, beeped to notify us, we unloaded the dishes, and then closed the door. Two hours later we noticed a burning smell again. I am having a hard time believing that this happened to both of our dishwashers. When you pay this much money for a dishwasher that is supposed to be "higher quality" you expect it to last at least as long as the "lesser quality" dishwashers you have owned in the past. I am hopefull that GE will make this right.
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