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HP Cashback Offer Is a Trick to Entice You to Buy
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LONDON, UK -- Finding myself needing a new printer in February 2015 I looked at a number of makes and models, amongst which I liked most a Hewlett-Packard one but it was a bit over my budget. However, I found mention of a £40 Cashback offer if I bought direct from HP, although there was conflicting information online as to when the offer ended. Some pages said 31 January, some said 30 April.

At this point the complexities of dealing with HP should have warned me off them. If you look for information on their web pages you find yourself going round and round in circles, likewise if you try to find out how to contact them. Eventually I found a suitable phone number whose operative confirmed the offer had been extended to 30 April, and I was given another number to call for re-confirmation.

I ordered the HP printer as it was now more affordable to me. Delivery was prompt, and I heeded the advice to register it, doing this the following day. No invoice was received, I had to email HP to ask for one, and there was no further information about the Cashback, but I felt sure I would be contacted. When this did not happen, I uneasily searched again for information online, where I found nothing concrete, just vague suggestions that one had up to 60 days to claim.

Eventually I started sending emails of inquiry to HP. The replies to these always directed me to different departments until one day I was given the phone number for printer cashback, where a man told me I should have registered for the Cashback. The one I had completed was just to register the product, it seems. This was news to me, but there was little response to my remark that my psychic powers must have deserted me. (I must add here that I have not spoken to anyone on a HP phone number whose first language was English.)

Following his advice, I emailed full details which, I was told, would be presented to the head of department for consideration. By return of email 5 days later, I was informed there were "rules and regulations to the promotion" as detailed in an attached 5-page pdf of T&Cs, and I had not met the terms of contract as I was now outside the registration period. My further email of protest has not been replied to, they appear to have chosen to ignore it. So don't be taken in by any such offer. Take the higher price as being what the goods will cost you, for it is my opinion that they intentionally set out to make it as difficult as possible for you to get any Cashback.

Bought a Defective Desktop, they Don't Want to Exchange Under Warranty
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TENNESSEE -- It took me months of runaround, them lying to the B.B.B., for them to finally offer a repair telling me a exchange or refund was not an option? Even when their warranty claims they'd do right by their consumers? After getting months of confusion, I needed my computer and lost time of use because of them, finally they replaced the hard drive and memory board claiming it's been repaired!

Now it's starting to do the same as when I first took it out of the shipping box after buying it new, and that was in 8/2014, it's still under warranty, and they refuse to refund me my $445.44. I paid for it because they claimed it was fast. It's moved like a snail since new and gets hot from use of only a few minutes. The product I'm mentioning is a HP desktop computer model # 500-c60. There's a lot of unhappy people on the net that have gotten the same poor quality products and service as I'm experiencing now!.

HP makes customers do more work
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This is my e-mail I'm about to send to the Office of the President. (assuming it ever gets there since they blocked me from actually speaking to his office when I called). It's really a shame that HP has turned into this type of company. This e-mail is intended for the President - Paul Tsaparis.

I have been buying HP products for years now & I'm SHOCKED as to how unorganized HP has become. I'm also shocked as to how much time I've had to waste every single time I call HP & how HP seems to like wasting customers' time by forcing them to provide serial numbers & model numbers each time they call. If it was the first time I could see the logic in this, but it's not, it's EACH TIME & the info is ALREADY in your system linked to my name & phone number. Today I've wasted almost an hour of my time while I could have been working to build my company.

First I called customer service. When I had to jump through hoops again, I asked to speak to a manager. I was told I wouldn't be allowed if I didn't go get my heavy laptop & read off all the numbers again. Then after hanging up I called Case Management & spoke to ** who also refused to let me speak to a manager if I didn't waste my precious time by leaving my office to go all the way upstairs & get all this information that is ALREADY in your system. She gave me the 650-857-1501 number to supposedly speak to you, but of course that number got me nowhere.

Then I spoke to ** who took down my previous case management number & put me on hold. The next thing I know, I get a ** picking up the phone who had no clue what was going on & had no idea who was supposed to be handling me. AGAIN she asked me to repeat EVERYTHING. The pattern here is that HP is totally disorganized & doesn't respect a customer's time. She transfers me to try & get ** back & if memory serves me (who can remember what's going on when they speak to sooo many different people in a span of 20 minutes), ** picked up the phone & then hung up on me.

Finally I called the Houston office where I was told I would not be allowed to be transferred to your office because I'm Canadian, that only case management handles Canadian issues. This is how Canadians are mistreated. One rule for Americans, another for Canadians & you are Canadian no less. When I had a problem with customer service with Sony Canada, Sony US had NO problem speaking to me & getting the problem resolved within the hour.

Back to what happened to me... At least the person I spoke to was kind enough to give me this e-mail address. We'll see if it actually leads to the Executive Offices & I speak to someone OTHER than case management who has failed to help me all because HP refuses to address my needs if I take a stand & refuse to waste unnecessary time by providing the same information that is already in your computer system.

I will be blogging about this entire experience because I feel other people who may consider becoming an HP customer should know that they will have their time wasted because HP has control issues & very disorganized. I'm sure your shareholders would also like to know this information.

Note: just from my quick search online, I can see that I'm not the only one who has had terrible problems with HP. There are TONS of other customers online who have been mistreated by HP.

All this because I called to get a UPS box sent to me so I could once again send back my laptop to get it fixed since now the mouse isn't working. I only purchased this laptop in August of 2009, have used it a total of maybe 10-15 times, & I've had nothing but problems with it since I brought it home.

Who's to blame for my computer being offline? Microsoft, actually.

I just replaced my 11 year old Compaq Presario with a brand new Compaq Presario. I've had good luck with these girls, so I'm sticking with what works. For a month, I have enjoyed the computer, with its pre-installed Windows 7 operating system. Christmas night, I shut it down, and the next day, I restarted it and couldn't get online. I am not computer stupid, and Win 7 puts everything up front for easy access, but I couldn't figure out the problem.

I scheduled a visit from Time Warner, my carrier, and they came out the next morning. The young man worked on it for three hours to no avail. Strangely enough, he could get online with my modem with his computer (XP operating system), but not mine. I could also get on with my laptop, Vista system, but not my new one. His conclusion: it's my new computer.

I called HP. For three hours I was on the phone with, of course, an Indian man with a thick accent, but he only had to repeat himself for me a few times and he was really smart and patient. Together, we ran down every test, every scrap of anything he could think of to make sure my computer was working. Everything checked. Everything worked. His conclusion: it's Time Warner.

The computer was giving me a 651 error and telling me it wasn't recognizing my IP. The HP tech told me to have Time Warner reconfigure my modem. I called TWC. They told me they didn't need to because it was my computer's fault and to call HP. I was so tired and frustrated I actually started to cry. Eleven hours I spent calling back and forth, and to his credit, the tech from HP called me the next day to ask me to completely reinstall Win 7. I refused because I have three expensive programs that would have been wiped if I had done this, programs I couldn't put back on without buying an external hard drive.

I Googled the errors and found a lot of people having the same issues. HP and TWC were both right. It wasn't HP, it wasn't TWC. It's Win 7. I figured I would give Microsoft a call and they could help me. What was irritating is that Microsoft will help you, if you have bought the Win 7 upgrade, but there is no free service for those of us who bought it pre-installed. They would have charged me $59 to answer a question, and I couldn't get to a phone number on their site unless I agreed to pay the $59. That sucks, Microsoft.

If you go to their site, there is a place to put a product key in for free service. There is a product key on my computer for my operating system, but the site wouldn't recognize it. I paid for the program with my computer, one month old, so I should get free service. With all of the bugs in Win 7, they should be bending over backwards to help people. I tried Googling a phone number and nothing would take me directly to Microsoft's help desk without cost to me.

Anyway, I went on Microsoft's forums. The answer was in the conversations people were having with one another, and as is, there are about four ways to fix my problem. You've got to love computer geeks. I fixed it. Yesterday, I was in Kohl's having at some shopping, and the tech from HP called me again to inquire about my problem and I told him how I fixed it. He wrote everything down and his supervisor even got on the phone with me. I know people crab about HP service, but man, I got some seriously good service from these people.

Microsoft, I love your Win 7, but you need to accommodate your customers more broadly than you do. As is, I was going to update my Vista laptop by buying the Win 7, but I think I will keep my money. I included all three of the companies I dealt within my title so that this could be searched for this particular problem and perhaps the person helped by what I found. My complaint, however, has to be focused on Microsoft.

The link that helped me: Pay attention to Krull Kitty and Kinetic Artist's posts, the step by step. Hers is the one that helped me! You will notice, however, there are more ways to fix my problem. **

Getting through HP support
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After reading so many complaints over issues with HP service, I wanted to add some information that people may find helpful when calling HP support. 1. First. HP's US support is outsourced to India. If you call support, you will get someone who likely doesn't speak English. Or at least, not very well. This is the primary cause of frustration - trying to get a message across to someone who doesn't speak the same language.

Canada's support, on the other hand, is in CANADA. Canadians speak English every bit as well as you do. And they have those cute accents as well! When you call through for support, keep saying "agent" to the automated system, then ask to be transferred to Canadian support. Be patient. It may take 4 or 5 transfers. Keep asking for Canadian support. Once you get to Canada, they can assist you in troubleshooting, and can set up many types of repair or parts dispatch. The systems are different, so they can't do everything the US team can, but at least they can explain it in a way that makes sense to both of you.

Keep in mind, though, you should use this as a last resort. If everyone who calls demands someone in Canada, HP will change the system so that it's no longer possible to get there. Don't call and demand Canada to order a set of recovery disks - the people in India can handle that just fine. But if it's complicated troubleshooting you need, it might be worthwhile to try it.

Before you ask, NO, there is no direct number to Canada. You have to call the US line and ask for Canada. No other way around it... unless you can call from a Canadian-registered phone, with a Canadian area code (Skype?).

  1. If you don't like that support is in India, as 99.9% of us don't, don't take it out on your tech. Those in India will get very defensive, and those in Canada or the US (I don't think there actually are any in the US, though) are just plain sick of hearing it. They have no control over it. If you want to fight for change, the tech is the wrong person to voice your opinion to.

Go to this website: and send a message to the corporate team. They have the power to make the changes. If you tell them you refuse to buy an HP product until they provide support in the US (or Canada, or another English-first-language country), eventually, they'll have to start listening. One or two won't make a difference. Thousands will. It's all about the bottom line. Right now they save immense amounts of money by having support in India. If they start to lose an equal amount of money in lost customers, they'll be forced to reconsider that business decision.

  1. Whatever you do, don't threaten to go buy a Dell because you are fed up with support in India. That is where their support is as well, and your threat will not be taken seriously. If you want to threaten to buy from another company, do some research and find out what company provides support from the US. Dell and HP are about tied in market share (HP just recently pulled ahead of Dell). Dell has 58% of overall consumer complains against them; HP has 5%. So threatening to buy a Dell because you are unsatisfied with HP's support is really just a joke. Read more about that here:

Telling the agent what kind of support you would get if you called another company also won't help. First, the information you are providing is probably untrue. No one is going to come to your house and do onsite repair for a $50 printer, I don't care who you bought it from. Second, HP doesn't base their support on what others provide. Their support is based on what is economically feasible to provide for the cost of the product that you own.

  1. Another good tip for navigating the tech support hurdle (not just HP, any support), is don't call when you're mad. I know what you're thinking. You weren't mad until you called. I agree, it's frustrating. Keep in mind, though, these techs have heard it all. Legal threats, death threats, threats on their job etc.

They have built up a wall against anger, and when you call and take out your frustration on them, they close up. They'll get defensive. Yelling at the tech, no matter how much better it makes you feel, will NOT get your issue resolved! Yes, the tech may be stupid and incompetent. But telling them that will not make them want to help you! Save the frustration for when you get off the phone.

All big companies have a lot of red tape. There are always stupid, pointless hoops to jump through. The techs are there to help you through them. No one said the system was great. But if you are aggressive and angry with the techs, they'll be less likely to give you the information you need. They won't feel like helping you, and you'll get even worse support. This goes for Case Managers as well - maybe even more so!

So the big question here is... what DOES work? When you call, be as genuinely nice as you possibly can. A customer once called HP support. When asked "How can I help you?" He said "I'd like to speak to a representative from HP's award winning 24/7 technical support, please!" and he said it with a smile in his voice.
His issue was minor. It was out of scope. He was out of warranty. He wasn't covered. He got free help anyway. It won't always work, but it's a lot more likely to get you some decent assistance than "Get me a d*mn supervisor!"

  1. READ YOUR WARRANTY. Most of the complaints posted are genuine, but there are many more "unhappy customers" that are simply trying to get more than they are entitled to. HP phone support helps with *problems* with the computer. They are not a basics computer class. Don't call them to ask them how to burn a DVD, they don't help with that. Take a beginner computer class or ask a friend for help, if you don't know what you are doing. When you buy a car, it's expected that you already know how to drive, or will go learn. The car manufacturer won't provide lessons on that - and neither do computer manufacturers.

Don't call with a heightened sense of entitlement. You think you should get a replacement. The warranty says otherwise. In this battle, the warranty wins. If it's a repair warranty, you are going to get a repair. Read it and find out what you are entitled to, and what you are not. That way, you know what to expect, and you know if you are not getting what you are entitled to. If your warranty says one thing and the tech won't provide it, by all means, ask for a supervisor. But HP didn't become #1 in the industry by handing out new computers like candy.

  1. If your computer fails in the first few weeks.... take it back to the STORE! That is what return policies are for! Be proactive - buy from a store with a good return policy. 7 day exchange only, or final sale, can really come back to bite you. At Costco, for example, you can take back your computer for a full refund, no questions asked, for a full 6 MONTHS after the purchase date. Imagine all the hassle that could be avoided by shopping there. No repairs, no shipping, no lengthy waits on hold. Just a full refund or a brand new (usually better) computer.

On the "being proactive" topic - don't buy your system at Wal-Mart! Here's the inside scoop: Walmart dictates the price of the PC to the manufacturer. They are the ONLY retailer with the power to do this. Their price is significantly less than what other companies (Future Shop, Staples, RadioShack etc) pay.

The manufacturers (HP and Compaq included) build PC's just for Walmart. Those computer have similar model numbers to other retail PCs. But don't be fooled - they are not the same. WalMart PC's are built with low quality, budget parts. The parts are often refurbished. They are not the high quality PCs you would expect from HP... they might as well be Acers. You get what you pay for.

That's my 3 cents. Sorry if some of it came across with some animosity, it was not meant that way. These are real suggestions that in my experience, actually work. If someone out there can get better support with any of these suggestions, or avoid getting really BAD support, it was well worth it.

HP customer support is a sick joke
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I purchased a Pavilion notebook in Oct 06. In July 07, it quit. I sent the unit to HP, via Radio Shack, to be repaired under warranty. Because HP lists Radio Shack as an Authorized Service Provider, I assumed this was fine. After more than a month, I called Radio Shack to see where my laptop was, and they called HP, who said they could not repair my notebook and offered me a refurbished Pavilion dv2120. This unit arrived over 7 weeks after I had first turned the original unit in.

I got it home and realized that the entire set of "quick-play" buttons was inoperable. HP tech support told me to send it back in for repair, which I did. I then called HP at 800-752-0900, to see if I could talk to someone about getting a new unit (not a refurbished), or other reimbursement. The first person I talked to took my info, heard my story, and said she would transfer me to a case manager.

I was connected instead to the lowest level of tech support. I said I was holding for a case manager, and that I needed to be connected to someone else. He connected me to a blank line. I redialed, gave my info again, told the story again, and was reconnected, again, with the lowest level of tech support, who asked me once again for my info, my story, and then did finally manage to bring a case manager on the line, who wanted the serial number for the refurbished computer, which I did not know, having sent it in the day before. Then he informed me that my case number was connected with a computer registered to someone else.

Then he said that because I had sent it in through Radio Shack, I would have to talk to THEM, and that calling HP directly would not do any good unless it was about a repair. I am sure I sounded as dumbfounded and angry as I felt. HP WOULD NOT help me resolve an issue with my in-warranty defective product(s) because I used an Authorized Service Provider to mail them to HP? What? At that point I sent an email to HP CEO.

A few days later, having received no response, I called Radio Shack the lady there told me they were just the facilitators. She called HP and they again, offered me a refurbished replacement which I accepted. A few days later I received an email from HP which gave me some hope that my cased was being reviewed.

Meanwhile, the second replacement laptop arrived at my local Radio Shack. When I went to pick it up, I noticed it was a 17" model. I had specifically requested a 14.1 inch. I had Radio Shack send it back. I then received an email from HP with a number and "passcode" for HP in California. I called them today. As soon as the "customer service" agent heard "Radio Shack" he refused to hear anything else I had to say - he didn't even let me explain the issues. He said that HP had a contract with Radio Shack and could not help me directly, that I would have to go through Radio Shack.

When I told him that Radio Shack said they could not help because it was an HP product, and that I was looking for help from HP - the manufacturer of the product - he said, too bad. HP will not help. I explained that I thought Radio Shack was just sending it to HP for me - he didn't care. "They should have explained it to you", he said. He got quite snippy, actually, interrupting me multiple times, and I was almost in tears. He refused to let me talk to his supervisor.

I asked several times to talk to someone else; he said I was welcome to call back, but I would get the same answer. HP will not help. I will press Radio Shack next, but I have little hope. Due to HP's lack of customer service, I am still without a computer - almost 3 months into this debacle. I will never buy any HP product ever again - buyer beware!

Hewlett Packard Company Support Ph# 1800 474-6836
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Rating: 1/51

DIFFERENT LOCATIONS -- I want to inform you about a terrible experience I've just had with Tech Support Ph# 1800 474-6836 in the Control Panel (System icon) information based in my current Hewlett Packard desktop Computer. First of all I have been a Hewlett Packard buyer for the past (3) computers, buying one every 6 to 8 years and had plan to continue doing so.

As I have purchased my first model in the year 1994 which I don't have the information on hand but the last (2) the model HP Pavilion 6645C SYS # D9948A SER # KR01326688 purchased in late 2000 and my current HP model # M9340F SER # CNX822119T Prod # KQ497AA-ABA purchased in 2008, HP Photosmart C4480 and previous Printers, Router and Ink Cartridges! (My info's in your base).

Last Thursday Jan 2, I was having computer problems. Pretty sure it was a Virus and I had attempted earlier for Techies Tech support to fix it first for a (1) time fixing for $59.95. They debited my credit card and proceeded by taking my Computer over by remote for 3 or 4 separate attempts spending much time on it from grade (1) through (3) in experience. I am Computer savvy myself and told them basically what I had tried everything from Safe Mode procedure elimination through Putting my Computer back in an earlier time through Cache, Cookies through downloading different Virus Tryout Programs.

They could not eliminate what I believe is a Virus on my Computer & after the fourth try, they proceeded to credit back my card and advised me to contact the Manufacturer of my Computer thinking maybe they might know because of being the maker of it. I did not want to do a total System Recovery which I have done so in the past more than once when applicable because usually even though you backup your files usually you end up losing something you wish you had back.

So Last Thursday Jan 2, I called the HP above phone number and talked to a (**). I told him the problems that I was having and that I had Techies Tech support work on it and that they had problems and could not fix it. He just about guaranteed me that they could fix it and agreed for a onetime fee of $59.95. Sounding extremely confident that the Hp Tech Support system could do so. He said he had heard of this problem and they fix them regularly. He just reiterated and continued to repeat again and again verbally that they can fix this. I proceeded to give him my card number and he told me to stay on the line as he hooked me up to a Tech specialist name (**).

** proceeded to spin about 45 minutes to an hour trying to take my computer over by remote. I told him the Techies Tech support remote log in remote procedure was ( but he said their software is different and continued to be unsuccessful. He told me he would have to call me the following morning because he couldn't figure out how to take it by remote; he said the next grade of Tech Support would be able to do it. I wanted them to continue because it says there in the Control Panel Icon information Open for 24/7 & 7 days a week. I said fine call me at 8:00 am the next morning Friday.

The next morning a Tech support name (**) called. I told ** basically the same thing I had told ** and earlier of course told Techies Tech what I had tried. ** told me he did not see what else could be done. And he proceeded to try to hook up remotely trying his software but failed to connect. He then decided to put the Computer back in time but I told him that I had done this at least a half a dozen times much earlier through my learned knowledge & experience.

After he coached me to do this and it finished; there was no progress of fixation at all. As he had left in the middle of the procedure and he did not return the call. As I waited for ** to call back, I decided to call Billing or Customer service and Talked to someone name (**). I told him who I was and what had been done so far and told him I thought I would ask for a refund because it appeared nothing was going to be done.

** told me he could not give me a refund because that they had spent a considerable amount of time with me on my computer. I was absolutely outraged at how he came to that conclusion as neither ** or ** hadn't not only fixed my computer; they never even taken my computer over remotely and made an attempt at fixing it in the either case!!!

We argued back and forth and came to an agreement to let his highest grade Tech Support he said which I believe is grade (3) call me to give it one last try and call me that afternoon and maybe we could work something out he said if they were unsuccessful. I said fine.

An (**) called me later that afternoon. He was no better than the other 2 as he tried to connect remotely but could not do so. I explained to ** earlier the many things that I had attempted earlier in fixing it and he told me "He did not see what else could be done"!

** returned me to billing or Customer service and a person by the name of (**) answered with authority. He proceeded to tell me the same that he could not give me a refund because of the (3) separate tech guys that spent time on the phone. All they did was ask questions, such as what was wrong with my Computer and attempt to connect by remote going through different procedures unsuccessfully and never did! I believe the Virus won out and I have to do a System Recovery with Disks.

I checked my Bank statements immediately and it looks like they charged me twice on (2) separate charges which is even more outrageous!!! I called my bank and disputed the charges and now we will see what the overall outcome will be. I was planning on buying another HP Desktop in 2014.

I have never experienced such outrageousness by a major Computer operation in my lifetime! And If I don't hear back from your office about your policies and your procedures changing from instances like this, because if you Google "HP complaints" and see similarities like my story and your Customer relations on Printers/PC's/ laptops etc. There's a good chance you won't see me buying another HP product again! And of course I will alert Family and Friends, Etc.

Hewlett Packard Case Managers Treatment of Customers
By -

As a result of an inquiry to the BBB Complaint ID: 1**, I am still being harassed by your case managers. Please listen to the recorded calls for ** 6:50 PM 1/19/2011 and ** 2:18 PM 1/25/2011. If I am called on my cellular phone and incur charges for listening to your case managers harass me and cause me undue stress, I will be forced to seek help from someone to stop HP representatives from harassing me. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do. I asked ** if he could research my problem and call me back and he said no. He forced me to stop working for 30 minutes so that I could sit on hold and listen to him type on a computer.

There was no need for me to be on the phone. Your case managers did not respect me and treated my problems like garbage. What has to be done for HP executives to stop this unlawful treatment of customers with warranties to fix your G series laptops with hard drives that fail numerous times?!

By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I am extremely disappointed with HP and its practices when a customer needs service / replacement with defective devices. I spend countless hours / almost 30 days with your outsource company dealing with untrained, emotionless agents that just make my situation worse. When I finally reached a case manager, it was no better as he tried to replacement a lesser value monitor than what I originally purchased.

I was never told until just recently that HP doesn't repair defective devices.. So instead I received a used and out of warranty monitor that was also defective. I have emails and voice mails from my case manager indicating that if I sent back the 2509 monitor, he would ship out the 3rd 2558 monitor, then two days later he changed his mind..
Purchased brand new Desktop & Monitor 2/17/2010. Discovered monitor was defective, reported it and it took HP over 30 days to finally send out a replacement. I was told my monitor would be repaired instead.

Replacement that was sent was also defective and it was used and out of warranty. When I complained, I was sent a lesser value monitor without all of the features that I had purchased. I was then told my model is not made any longer, I was also told that HP could only send a refurbished unit. I was told they would send out another monitor like mine IF I returned the lesser value model, I said, "No problem", Then HP changed their minds and demanded both monitors. I stated that I could not be without any monitor since when I sent my new monitor, it took over 2 weeks to receive.

HP replaced my w2558hc monitor with a lesser value monitor 2509 that didn't have the features that I paid for. I was originally told to send my monitor and that it would be repaired however, I learned recently HP doesn't repair monitors. I was sent a used and out of warranty monitor. I have asked HP numerous times that they dropped the ball and I need the same model shipped to me and ensure that its inspected and comes with a 1 yr warranty. I also offered to have an HP tech come to my house with a working unit and in return, I will give to him the 2509 monitor along with the defective 2558hc.

All of my requests have been refused and HP demand both monitors be shipped back before they send out the true replacement. ** threatened to send this matter to collections to get their monitor back. They refuse to OVERNIGHT the next replacement. I was with no monitor for over two weeks in March when I sent out my brand new monitor to them (w2558hc).

I never refused to send back the other 2509 monitor, however HP still refuses to send another replacement until both monitors are returned. ** keeps reciting that HP has met its obligations and have acted in good faith throughout the process, which couldn't be far from the reach truth. She also threatened me with sending this matter to collections as I was holding their 2509 monitor "HOSTAGE".

Here is what I'm asking for HP to do: Ensure to me that the replacement has been fully inspected. Guarantee one year warranty. Replace a missing remote control that was inside my original monitor w2558hc and expedite shipping and stop threatening me and instead, make right of their wrongs towards me. More than 3 months have gone by and still no resolution only on HP's terms. I have lost trust and concerned the next replacement will be defective and then they will do nothing after that.

HP said "NO", I suggested they send out an HP tech with a unit that's been verified trouble free and in return I will give both monitors to him, I was denied again. HP isn't willing to accommodate any of my above requests. I am hoping someone will take out the time and read this complaint but even more so, resolve this issue once and for all. This complaint has been forwarded to the BBB, FTC and the Attorney General's office and now I'm consulting with legal counsel for further recourse if this matter is not resolved.

** (Consumer Relations) is the contact person for this case **. Does anyone have the resource or names of high executives within the HP Organization? Having a case manager and dealing customer relations is completely a waste of time, they only recite HP POLICY, and NO we can't to anything you ask of them!`

Customer Service
By -

LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS -- An HP Mini 110 was purchased from Best Buy 14 October 2009. It stopped working within 4 days. Returned to Best Buy and they confirmed it was non-functioning. They did not have a replacement and suggested contacting HP directly. This time frame was when HP was changing over from XP models to Windows 7 and new models and Best Buy did not have any inventory for either model.

I discussed the situation with a Case Manager **€ and advised that I was departing to Asia for business and needed the Mini replacement before 9 November. Due to the model change over, she could not get and guarantee that a replacement would arrive in time. Case manager **€ and I discussed that my only option to get a working Mini before departing was to return to Best Buy, returning the non functioning unit and get and pay for an upgraded model and that she would send a replacement upon my return to the USA after December 1st.

I sent an email to Case manager December 1st advising my return and available to discuss replacement. I did not get a response so called the Case management line December 4th and was advised that Case manager ** was no longer on this case as more than 30 days had elapsed and I would need to work with Case Manager **. He gave me a new Case number and claimed he would look into my complaint. I did not get a reply so called again December 11th for **. At that time he advised that no replacement would be available, as policy had changed since my initial contact with Case manager **€.

I alluded to the email from Case manager **€ promising a replacement but ** made all kinds of excuses as to why it could not be done. Conversation ended with his disconnect. I expect HP to honor its commitment for the replacement documented in the email from **€. I would not have paid for the second model from Best Buy if I thought HP would renege on its replacement offer. Rather I would have taken a refund and looked for a different manufacturer to meet my time deadline.

I currently own four HP printers and a fax machine and have purchased HP replacements when needed. HP has always responded with positive results when problems required a replacement, until this instance. I am requesting a corporate review of my complaint and compliance to the commitment made by Case Manager **€. Should a decision be made not to honor her commitment, then I request an immediate refund and I will return to HP the Mini in my possession and allow me to purchase another more functioning brand.

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