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Hewlett Packard Company Support Ph# 1800 474-6836
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DIFFERENT LOCATIONS -- Dear Sir or Dear Madam,

I want to inform you about a terrible experience I've just had with Tech Support Ph# 1800 474-6836 in the Control Panel (System icon) information based in my current Hewlett Packard desktop Computer.
First of all I have been a Hewlett Packard buyer for the past (3) computers, buying one every 6 to 8 years and had plan to continue doing so. As I have purchased my first model in the year 1994 which I don't have the information on hand but the last (2) the model HP Pavilion 6645C SYS # D9948A SER # KR01326688 purchased in late 2000 and my current HP model # M9340F SER # CNX822119T Prod # KQ497AA-ABA purchased in 2008, HP Photosmart C4480 and previous Printers, Router and Ink Cartridges! (My info's in your base)
Last Thursday Jan 2, I was having computer problems pretty sure it was a Virus and I had attempted earlier for Techies Tech support to fix it first for a (1) time fixing for $59.95. They debited my credit card and proceeded by taking my Computer over by remote for 3 or 4 separate attempts spending much time on it from grade (1) through (3) in experience. I am Computer savvy myself and told them basically what I had tried everything from Safe Mode procedure elimination through Putting my Computer back in an earlier time through Cache, Cookies through downloading different Virus Tryout Programs. They could not eliminate what I believe is a Virus on my Computer & after the fourth try, they proceeded to credit back my card and advised me to contact the Manufacturer of my Computer thinking maybe they might know because of being the maker of it. I did not want to do a total System Recovery which I have done so in the past more than once when applicable because usually even though you backup your files usually you end up losing something you wish you had back.
So Last Thursday Jan 2, I called the HP above phone number and talked to a (Steven) I told him the problems that I was having and that I had Techies Tech support work on it and that they had problems and could not fix it. He just about guaranteed me that they could fix it and agreed for a onetime fee of $59.95.
Sounding extremely confident that the Hp Tech Support system could do so. He said he had heard of this problem and they fix them regularly. He just reiterated and continued to repeat again and again verbally that they can fix this. I proceeded to give him my card number and he told me to stay on the line as he hooked me up to a Tech specialist name (Tim). Tim proceeded to spin about 45 minutes to an hour trying to take my computer over by remote. I told him the Techies Tech support remote log in remote procedure was (logmein.com) but he said their software is different and continued to be unsuccessful. He told me he would have to call me the following morning because he couldn't figure out how to take it by remote; he said the next grade of Tech Support would be able to do it. I wanted them to continue because it says there in the Control Panel Icon information Open for 24/7 & 7 days a week. I said fine call me at 8:00 am the next morning Friday. The next morning a Tech support name (Jeff) called. I told Jeff basically the same thing I had told Tim and earlier of course told Techies Tech what I had tried. Jeff told me he did not see what else could be done. And he proceeded to try to hook up remotely trying his software but failed to connect. He then decided to put the Computer back in time but I told him that I had done this at least a half a dozen times much earlier through my learned knowledge & experience. After he coached me to do this and it finished; there was no progress of fixation at all. As he had left in the middle of the procedure and he did not return the call. As I waited for Jeff to call back, I decided to call Billing or Customer service and Talked to someone name (Michael Alba). I told him who I was and what had been done so far and told him I thought I would ask for a refund because it appeared nothing was going to be done.

Mr. Alba ID MA100569 told me he could not give me a refund because that they had spent a considerable amount of time with me on my computer. I was absolutely outraged at how he came to that conclusion as neither Tim or Jeff hadn't not only fixed my computer; they never even taken my computer over remotely and made an attempt at fixing it in the either case!!!

We argued back and forth and came to an agreement to let his highest grade Tech Support he said which I believe is grade (3) call me to give it one last try and call me that afternoon and maybe we could work something out he said if they were unsuccessful. I said fine.
An (Alex) called me later that afternoon. He was no better than the other 2 as he tried to connect remotely but could not do so. I explained to Jeff earlier the many things that I I had attempted earlier in fixing it and he told me "He did not see what else could be done"!
Alex returned me to billing or Customer service and a person by the name of (Damien) answered with authority. He proceeded to tell me the same that he could not give me a refund because of the (3) separate tech guys that spent time on the phone. All they did was ask questions, such as what was wrong with my Computer and attempt to connect by remote going through different procedures unsuccessfully and never did! I believe the Virus won out and I have to do a System Recovery with Disks.

I checked my Bank statements immediately and it looks like they charged me twice on (2) separate charges which is even more outrageous!!!
I called my bank and disputed the charges and now we will see what the overall outcome will be. I was planning on buying another HP Desktop in 2014
I have never experienced such outrageousness by a major Computer operation in my lifetime!
And If I don't hear back from your office about your policies and your procedures changing from instances like this, because if you Google "HP complaints" and see similarities like my story and your Customer relations on Printers/PC's/ laptops etc. There's a good chance you won't see me buying another HP product again! And of course I will alert Family and Friends, Etc.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 01/13/2014:
Meg Whitman is doing for HP what she did at eBay. Screw the customer, raise the fee's, provide nothing in the way of support. Well done Meg.
Weedwhacked on 01/13/2014:
"First of all I have been a Hewlett Packard buyer for the past (3) computers, buying one every 6 to 8 years and had plan to continue doing so."

This statement doesn't really sound like what they want to hear. "Only" 1 computer every 6 to 8 years?" This isn't profitable for them.

Also if you were really "computer savvy" you wouldn't have paid a one-time fee of $59 for a virus removal. You were lucky that they gave you a refund the first time. What I can't believe is even though they couldn't fix it before, you gave them your credit card number AGAIN! Of course at this point its an elevated situation that enables them to keep your money.

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Who's to blame for my computer being offline? Microsoft, actually.
Posted on
ETA: Link included at the end of this review

I just replaced my 11 year old Compaq Presario with a brand new Compaq Presario. I've had good luck with these girls, so I'm sticking with what works.

For a month, I have enjoyed the computer, with its pre-installed Windows 7 operating system. Christmas night, I shut it down, and the next day, I restarted it and couldn't get online. I am not computer stupid, and Win 7 puts everything up front for easy access, but I couldn't figure out the problem. I scheduled a visit from Time Warner, my carrier, and they came out the next morning. The young man worked on it for three hours to no avail. Strangely enough, he could get online with my modem with his computer (XP operating system), but not mine. I could also get on with my laptop, Vista system, but not my new one. His conclusion: it's my new computer.

I called HP. For three hours I was on the phone with, of course, an Indian man with a thick accent, but he only had to repeat himself for me a few times and he was really smart and patient. Together, we ran down every test, every scrap of anything he could think of to make sure my computer was working. Everything checked. Everything worked. His conclusion: it's Time Warner.

The computer was giving me a 651 error and telling me it wasn't recognizing my IP. The HP tech told me to have Time Warner reconfigure my modem.

I called TWC. They told me they didn't need to because it was my computer's fault and to call HP. I was so tired and frustrated I actually started to cry.

Eleven hours I spent calling back and forth, and to his credit, the tech from HP called me the next day to ask me to completely reinstall Win 7. I refused because I have three expensive programs that would have been wiped if I had done this, programs I couldn't put back on without buying an external hard drive.

I Googled the errors and found a lot of people having the same issues. HP and TWC were both right. It wasn't HP, it wasn't TWC. It's Win 7. I figured I would give Microsoft a call and they could help me.

What was irritating is that Microsoft will help you, if you have bought the Win 7 upgrade, but there is no free service for those of us who bought it pre-installed. They would have charged me $59 to answer a question, and I couldn't get to a phone number on their site unless I agreed to pay the $59. That sucks, Microsoft.

If you go to their site, there is a place to put a product key in for free service. There is a product key on my computer for my operating system, but the site wouldn't recognize it. I paid for the program with my computer, one month old, so I should get free service. With all of the bugs in Win 7, they should be bending over backwards to help people. I tried Googling a phone number and nothing would take me directly to Microsoft's help desk without cost to me.

Anyway, I went on Microsoft's forums. The answer was in the conversations people were having with one another, and as is, there are about four ways to fix my problem. You've got to love computer geeks. I fixed it.

Yesterday, I was in Kohl's having at some shopping, and the tech from HP called me again to inquire about my problem and I told him how I fixed it. He wrote everything down and his supervisor even got on the phone with me. I know people crab about HP service, but man, I got some seriously good service from these people.

Microsoft, I love your Win 7, but you need to accommodate your customers more broadly than you do. As is, I was going to update my Vista laptop by buying the Win 7, but I think I will keep my money.

I included all three of the companies I dealt within my title so that this could be searched for this particular problem and perhaps the person helped by what I found. My complaint, however, has to be focused on Microsoft.

The link that helped me: Pay attention to Krull Kitty and Kinetic Artist's posts, the step by step . Hers is the one that helped me! You will notice, however, there are more ways to fix my problem.

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User Replies:
MRM on 12/31/2009:
Yes, definitely keep your money, and instead download your free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on torrent. Also, you will need a patch called "Remove WAT" (Windows Activation Technology) to make your Windows Seven genuine. Toodles...

Yours Truly,
The Computer King
Alain on 12/31/2009:
Keeping this review in mind when we shop for a new computer next year.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
Sherdy, If you still have the links to your solution you should post them because it might be of benefit to a future googler with your same problem stumbling upon this review. Heck, I'm curious to the solution as well just in case the same problem slaps me in the face down the road.

I must say I love well written reviews that are easy reads. Excellent job Sherdy!
*Brenda* on 12/31/2009:
Excellent review!
PepperElf on 12/31/2009:
another reason why I'm glad I never went past xp on my windows machine.
went to linux on it but never anything microsoft after xp

good luck in keeping your computer up.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
Very helpful Sherdy. This is excellent information. You gave Microsoft more of a benefit than I would have. This would have been a complaint against Microsoft and a separate HP compliment posted for their assistance. Good review!
Ytropious on 12/31/2009:
Good to know, I have TWC but I haven't installed my Windows 7 on it. Got it for 10 bucks for being a Microsoft retailer through their expert zone website. Now I'll know what to do if I have issues.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
Thanks everyone. Stew, I will get the links into the review a bit later. I aim to be helpful, for sure. The problem is so new that the solution is not obvious. It's easy, but it's not obvious. I haven't had a lick of trouble since I fixed it! I can't completely complain about Microsoft because I seriously LOVE 7. They just need to do a better job of providing customer service. However, when you are the biggest game in town, you can pretty much be crappy and get away with it.
Anonymous on 12/31/2009:
I understand Sherdy. It's just disappointing when a customer has to get as frustrated as you did that it brought you to tears. You don't strike me as an overly sensitive customer so I know Microsoft had to have pushed you to the edge with their lack of customer service. Glad you are back up and running and THANK YOU again for the info. I look forward to the links so when I upgrade to 7 I will be ready. :)
madconsumer on 12/31/2009:
"Yes, definitely keep your money, and instead download your free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on torrent."

this is theft and IS illegal.

great review sherdy. win7 is not all that.
Nohandle on 12/31/2009:
Excellent review Sherdy. I have MSN Premium so I don't pay extra for telephones calls but there is a website on MSN, I can't find it right now, that offers advice on any problem. Obviously that's the one you found. These are strictly individuals and those guys generally know their business. If they offer the wrong advice, some other member will tell them to shut up immediately. It's quite interesting.
TwinkleZ on 01/09/2010:
Yes, nice job on the review. I, unfortunately, can only relate to the tears when it comes to HP. They now have technicians who are apparently in the U.S. so accents are no longer a problem although the robotic scripts are the same. see my review from earlier today if you are curious.
Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
I'm glad people are finding this helpful! There must be a lot of people out there with this issue given the number of hits to this review.
HP Fan on 07/11/2012:
I have been using various HP products for years and have always found their tech service excellent. Mi¢ro$oft, on the other hand, has incredibly poor tech service and they have the gall to charge for it! Good for you for finding out what to do on the M$ forums!
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Hewlett Packard Case Managers Treatment of Customers
Posted by on
Email sent to HP:

As a result of an inquiry to the BBB Complaint ID: 16058061, I am still being harassed by your case managers. Please listen to the recorded calls for Dean 6:50 PM 1/19/2011 and Morris 2:18 PM 1/25/2011. If I am called on my cellular phone and incur charges for listening to your case managers harass me and cause me undue stress, I will be forced to seek help from someone to stop HP representatives from harassing me. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do. I asked Morris if he could research my problem and call me back and he said no. He forced me to stop working for 30 minutes so that I could sit on hold and listen to him type on a computer. There was no need for me to be on the phone. Your case managers did not respect me and treated my problems like garbage. What has to be done for HP executives to stop this unlawful treatment of customers with warranties to fix your G series laptops with hard drives that fail numerous times?!

This is the first submission to the Chamber of Commerce, Attorney General and BBB for your area:
Hewlett Packard
3000 Hanover St MS1247
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1112
Contact: Apotheker, Leo
Phone: (650) 857-1501
Edwards, Stacy

557 Sabal Lake Dr #203
Longwood, FL 32779
(330) 780-3530

We are currently waiting for the company to respond to your complaint.

Complaint ID: 16058061
Complaint Classification:

Complaint Description - Posted 1/19/2011 10:59:14 AM

I purchased the HPG60-441US in 10/2009 from Staples in Casselberry, FL. HP had a promotion with Staples that when Windows 7 software became available, it would be sent to upgrade Vista systems for free. I contacted HP and was guaranteed that the system has the capability to be upgraded or Staples would not be able to offer the promotion. I purchased the computer and received the Windows 7 upgrade within 3 months of it being released. In August 2010, my computer began having diagnostic issues. I contacted HP and the technicians, after hours of troubleshooting, informed me that Windows 7 caused some diagnostic issues with the computer and I had to return the computer to HP to be repaired. HP returned my computer and said that it was good as new. Again, I attempted to add Windows 7 and could not. It caused diagnostic issues, again. I contacted HP, again, and was informed that since I had the computer for over a year, I could not have it replaced. I was livid. I told the representative that I have the same issue that I had when the computer was not one year old. HP was supposed to fix it and it did not. She promised to have a case manager view my issue but she did not know if my computer would qualify for replacement. I am upset that a company as large as HP would not recognize a computer that is a lemon and would force customers to keep a computer with an operating system that had to be reformulated because of issues (Vista). I feel HP has swindled me into purchasing a lemon.

Complaint Summary

I purchased a computer from HP that has a Vista operating system. The computer had to be returned to HP for repair. Now, the same issue has arisen.
Resolution Sought

I would like the computer replaced with another computer with the same quality with Windows 7. This computer does not have the capability to handle the Windows 7 upgrade. When I purchased the computer, I was guaranteed that it was compatible to be upgraded via HP and Staples. Each time I attempt to add Windows 7, within a few months, I have diagnostic issues. HP told me yesterday that I have had the computer for over a year and ignored that the problem happened before I had it for a year.

Additional Information
Date Problem First Occurred:
Product or Service: HPG60-441US with Vista operating system.
Model Name or Number: HP G60-441US
Date Purchased: 10/1/2009
Order Number:
Amount In Dispute: $500.00
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User Replies:
azRider on 01/25/2011:
'diagnostic' is a little vague. Did you load anything after the install of windows 7? if so, how do you know it was not the reason for its failure? the whole description seems missing the info to judge if its a os issue or user issue.
PepperElf on 01/25/2011:
wait... I'm confused

you're complaining that they called you back to address your complaint... and that they called your cell?

By the way is that number you posted the cell number in question?

Anyway um... most companies use the numbers you give them in order to contact you. If you don't want the cell being called, I'd suggest not giving it out.

And seriously if that's your personal number... I'd also recommend not posting it in public anyway. Not on a website that's open to the public. (especially if it's your cell cos you don't want to be charged for spam calls)

You don't know if we're sane. And web bots can easily just copy the number and store it for their spam databases.
jediknight7 on 03/08/2011:
jediknight7 on 03/08/2011:
princess87 on 03/28/2011:

well guess what your wrong...all that happens is laughter that comes out....it doesn't help ...and its not the case, their there to help and not get screwed over
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Eats Ink!
Posted by on
Purchased in April 2007 (1 year ago) in Europe.
problem_description : The black ink cartridge ran out of ink very prematurely. I printed 2 small photos and 85 pages and it ran out in less than a week of purchasing the printer. If I had known it would use this much ink, I would have bought another printer. I would like a couple of new cartridges. Thank you. By the way, I tried to register through your software and had trouble. It would not connect to your server. I will try again now though.

HP's response:
Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.

This is Norah from HP All-in-One Technical Support Team and I am
replying in regard to your query relating to HP Photosmart C3180

I gather from your email that our All-in-One ran out of ink very

I truly regret for the inconvenience caused.

The cartridge is running out prematurely because the HP Photosmart C3180
All-in-One ink cartridge capacity is ink only of 5ml.

I request you to buy a new cartridge.

From the link below you can find the HP local support center:


Thank you for using HP Total Care and giving us an opportunity to serve
you. Its been pleasure assisting you today.


HP Total care

My response:
I just bought a new cartridge; it cost the equivalent of $24! With an anticipated capacity of 210 pages as is stated on HP's website, that is over 12 cents per page and that is just for plain black and white print outs. That is very expensive! Are you saying that only the cartridge that came with the printer has a capacity of 5ml or that all model #336 cartridges have a capacity of 5ml?

HP's response:

Thank you for writing back.

Firstly, I regret for the delay in replying to your mail. Due to some
technical difficulties that have slowed down our response time
considerably. Most of the time we respond to emails within an hour or
less, depending on the complexity of the problem. We are sorry about any
inconvenience caused by this delay.

I really appreciate your efforts in resolving the issue.

However, the cartridge 336 model consists of 5 ml of ink volume and
capacity of 210 pages. The capacity of the pages are different If we
select the printing mode and quality mode. In case of fast draft mode the
output will be more pages. If the print quality is set to best mode then
pages will be less. All the HP 336 cartridges are similar to 5 ml.

If you have further questions, Please write to back to me with results
and I would be happy to assist you.

I look forward to assist you. Have a Nice time!!


HP Total Care

My response:
Hi, I'm using the printer sparingly no thanks to your outrageously highly
priced low ink capacity of 5ml cartridges and the printer already says
that the ink is halfway. This is on the 'fast draft' setting by the way.
Until now, I have always had good experience with your printers in terms of
quality and longevity of the cartridges. Now, I spent the equivalent of
$24 for a new cartridge and looked up how long it will last on HP's website:
210 pages. This means that it'll cost me 12cents per page- outrageously
expensive! How does your company expect to fight against the secondary
market of ink refills? You shouldn't practically force good, brand
loyal customers like me to look into alternatives.

HP's response:
Thank you for writing back.

From your mail I understand that you are experiencing with the ink
related issue.

Sir, this issue could occur when the dry ink time is

To correct this problem, increase the ink drying time in the print

In the software program being printed from, click File and then click

Select the option to open the print properties (usually Properties or

Click the Features tab.

Click Advanced features.

Use the Drying Time slider to increase the amount of ink drying time,
then click OK. This will slow print speed.


NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is invalid. If
this occurs, copy the portion of the address
on the remaining line(s) and paste it at the end of the
address showing in your browser until the complete address is displayed
in the Address box.

This is usually a paper related problem. Some papers do not accept ink
as well as others. This is especially true of transparency and some of
the less expensive photo papers. Perform the following steps to
determine or correct the problem:

1.Verify that the paper is an Inkjet rated paper. Paper designed for
laser printers and copiers can have a coating on them that does not
allow the ink to be absorbed correctly. Some store branded photo papers
may also not allow the ink to dry properly. Try printing on some
different paper from a different manufacturer.

2.Paper varies in weight. The weight of the paper will be marked on the
packaging. Heavier papers tend to work better than lighter papers.
Printing on plain paper that is 70 g/m2 (20 pounds) or less in Best mode
may put more ink on the page than the paper can absorb easily. Try
printing with a heavier paper or print in Normal mode.

3.Try changing the Paper Type setting to Plain/Inkjet and setting the
Print Quality setting to Normal, and then print again. If the ink still
will not dry, the paper is the problem.

4.Try a paper from a different manufacturer and see if different results
can be obtained.

Now check the functionality

If you have further questions, Please write to back to me with results
and I would be happy to assist you.

I look forward to assist you. Have a Nice time!!


HP Total Care

1 year later:
HP's tips have been helpful BUT I still use this printer sparingly and it hasn't ceased to disappoint me in how much ink it eats just for regular black and white printouts! Buyer beware! HP used to have all of my respect but it's lost a lot w/ its price gouging on ink.

If you can get this printer cheap and can get cheap,generic ink cartridges, then I do recommend it to you. The scanning/copying options do make it worth it. Plus, there are memory card slots.
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User Replies:
monlap on 04/14/2008:
We've had our hp psc 2410 for years but recently also noted that the ink runs out way too quickly on our model. It's an excellent machine otherwise. I don't know if this is happening because the machine is older. We've decided to try the refill option next. I didn't before because I always thought those were inferior but it's worth a shot.
Anonymous on 04/14/2008:
I think AlleyS nailed it. The poster completed their product research AFTER buying the product. I've done the same thing (picture me whapping myself on the forehead). I'd say about 99% of us do it...even the 'experts' at M3C who always cut the erasers off of their pencils...because they know they'll never make a mistake.
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Getting through HP support
Posted by on
After reading so many complaints over issues with HP service, I wanted to add some information that people may find helpful when calling HP support.

1. First. HP's US support is outsourced to India. If you call support, you will get someone who likely doesn't speak English. Or at least, not very well. This is the primary cause of frustration - trying to get a message across to someone who doesn't speak the same language.

Canada's support, on the other hand, is in CANADA. Canadians speak English every bit as well as you do. And they have those cute accents as well! When you call through for support, keep saying "agent" to the automated system, then ask to be transferred to Canadian support. Be patient. It may take 4 or 5 transfers. Keep asking for Canadian support. Once you get to Canada, they can assist you in troubleshooting, and can set up many types of repair or parts dispatch. The systems are different, so they can't do everything the US team can, but at least they can explain it in a way that makes sense to both of you.

Keep in mind, though, you should use this as a last resort. If everyone who calls demands someone in Canada, HP will change the system so that it's no longer possible to get there. Don't call and demand Canada to order a set of recovery disks - the people in India can handle that just fine. But if it's complicated troubleshooting you need, it might be worthwhile to try it.

Before you ask, NO, there is no direct number to Canada. You have to call the US line and ask for Canada. No other way around it... unless you can call from a Canadian-registered phone, with a Canadian area code (Skype?).

2. If you don't like that support is in India, as 99.9% of us don't, don't take it out on your tech. Those in India will get very defensive, and those in Canada or the US (I don't think there actually are any in the US, though) are just plain sick of hearing it.

They have no control over it. If you want to fight for change, the tech is the wrong person to voice your opinion to.

Go to this website:

and send a message to the corporate team. They have the power to make the changes. If you tell them you refuse to buy an HP product until they provide support in the US (or Canada, or another English-first-language country), eventually, they'll have to start listening. One or two won't make a difference. Thousands will. It's all about the bottom line. Right now they save immense amounts of money by having support in India. If they start to lose an equal amount of money in lost customers, they'll be forced to reconsider that business decision.

3. Whatever you do, don't threaten to go buy a Dell because you are fed up with support in India. That is where their support is as well, and your threat will not be taken seriously. If you want to threaten to buy from another company, do some research and find out what company provides support from the US.
Dell and HP are about tied in market share (HP just recently pulled ahead of Dell). Dell has 58% of overall consumer complains against them; HP has 5%. So threatening to buy a Dell because you are unsatisfied with HP's support is really just a joke. Read more about that here:


Telling the agent what kind of support you would get if you called another company also won't help. First, the information you are providing is probably untrue. No one is going to come to your house and do onsite repair for a $50 printer, I don't care who you bought it from. Second, HP doesn't base their support on what others provide. Their support is based on what is economically feasible to provide for the cost of the product that you own.

4. Another good tip for navigating the tech support hurdle (not just HP, any support), is don't call when you're mad.

I know what you're thinking. You weren't mad until you called.

I agree, it's frustrating. Keep in mind, though, these techs have heard it all. Legal threats, death threats, threats on their job etc. They have built up a wall against anger, and when you call and take out your frustration on them, they close up. They'll get defensive. Yelling at the tech, no matter how much better it makes you feel, will NOT get your issue resolved! Yes, the tech may be stupid and incompetent. But telling them that will not make them want to help you! Save the frustration for when you get off the phone.

All big companies have a lot of red tape. There are always stupid, pointless hoops to jump through. The techs are there to help you through them.
No one said the system was great.
But if you are aggressive and angry with the techs, they'll be less likely to give you the information you need. They won't feel like helping you, and you'll get even worse support. This goes for Case Managers as well - maybe even more so!

So the big question here is... what DOES work?
When you call, be as genuinely nice as you possibly can.

A customer once called HP support. When asked "How can I help you?" He said "I'd like to speak to a representative from HP's award winning 24/7 technical support, please!" and he said it with a smile in his voice.

His issue was minor. It was out of scope. He was out of warranty. He wasn't covered.

He got free help anyway.

It won't always work, but it's a lot more likely to get you some decent assistance than "Get me a d*mn supervisor!"

5. READ YOUR WARRANTY. Most of the complaints posted are genuine, but there are many more "unhappy customers" that are simply trying to get more than they are entitled to.

HP phone support helps with *problems* with the computer. They are not a basics computer class. Don't call them to ask them how to burn a DVD, they don't help with that. Take a beginner computer class or ask a friend for help, if you don't know what you are doing. When you buy a car, it's expected that you already know how to drive, or will go learn. The car manufacturer won't provide lessons on that - and neither do computer manufacturers.

Don't call with a heightened sense of entitlement. You think you should get a replacement. The warranty says otherwise. In this battle, the warranty wins. If it's a repair warranty, you are going to get a repair.
Read it and find out what you are entitled to, and what you are not. That way, you know what to expect, and you know if you are not getting what you are entitled to. If your warranty says one thing and the tech won't provide it, by all means, ask for a supervisor. But HP didn't become #1 in the industry by handing out new computers like candy.

6. If your computer fails in the first few weeks.... take it back to the STORE! That is what return policies are for! Be proactive - buy from a store with a good return policy. 7 day exchange only, or final sale, can really come back to bite you.
At Costco, for example, you can take back your computer for a full refund, no questions asked, for a full 6 MONTHS after the purchase date. Imagine all the hassle that could be avoided by shopping there. No repairs, no shipping, no lengthy waits on hold. Just a full refund or a brand new (usually better) computer.

On the "being proactive" topic - don't buy your system at Wal-Mart! Here's the inside scoop:
Walmart dictates the price of the PC to the manufacturer. They are the ONLY retailer with the power to do this. Their price is significantly less than what other companies (Future Shop, Staples, RadioShack etc) pay. The manufacturers (HP and Compaq included) build PC's just for Walmart. Those computer have similar model numbers to other retail PCs. But don't be fooled - they are not the same. WalMart PC's are built with low quality, budget parts. The parts are often refurbished. They are not the high quality PCs you would expect from HP... they might as well be Acers. You get what you pay for.

That's my 3 cents. Sorry if some of it came across with some animosity, it was not meant that way. These are real suggestions that in my experience, actually work.
If someone out there can get better support with any of these suggestions, or avoid getting really BAD support, it was well worth it.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
Thanks for a great informative posting. I have heard of asking for Canadian support but I've never had the need to call.
teddybee_teddybee on 12/13/2007:
Hp laptop and windows vista is the best computer and operating system I have ever had. And I have had a lot and used a lot of different systems.
Wm S. on 12/21/2007:
Just a Simple tag-on: I agree that language can be a barrier. Lack of understanding is even more formidable! HP has a policy that ALL lower level personnel must abide. No one is allowed to help anyone if their equipment is out-of-warranty, even if the software is brand new! Thus a software glitch in installing their downloads is just tough luck! You must first purchase a new piece of equipment before any communication will occur. Your current HP product may work perfectly. So what? The company makes a lot more $$$ by No Service than by helping you out of the problems that are caused by HP. Hope you get the picture.


Keep criminals off the street. Do not buy from them!
Anonymous on 12/21/2007:
Hey this was a "very" good post and info, thank you!
anniea24 on 05/19/2008:
Costco went from 6 months to 3, which is still a great deal, considering most places are 2 weeks. Their selections change all the time. You can buy online from them, but then they will charge shipping, in my case they would. But great review.
Anonymous on 05/19/2008:
Thank you for the informational post. I am sure this info will come in handy for many.
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HP makes customers do more work
Posted by on
This is my e-mail I'm about to send to the Office of the President. (assuming it ever gets there since they blocked me from actually speaking to his office when I called).

It's really a shame that HP has turned into this type of company.

This e-mail is intended for the President - Paul Tsaparis

I have been buying HP products for years now & I'm SHOCKED as to how unorganized HP has become. I'm also shocked as to how much time I've had to waste every single time I call HP & how HP seems to like wasting customers' time by forcing them to provide serial numbers & model numbers each time they call. If it was the first time I could see the logic in this, but it's not, it's EACH TIME & the info is ALREADY in your system linked to my name & phone number.

Today I've wasted almost an hour of my time while I could have been working to build my company.

First I called customer service. When I had to jump through hoops again, I asked to speak to a manager. I was told I wouldn't be allowed if I didn't go get my heavy laptop & read off all the numbers again.

Then after hanging up I called Case Management & spoke to Trish who also refused to let me speak to a manager if I didn't waste my precious time by leaving my office to go all the way upstairs & get all this information that is ALREADY in your system. She gave me the 650-857-1501 number to supposedly speak to you, but of course that number got me nowhere.

Then I spoke to Sinchi who took down my previous case management number & put me on hold. The next thing I know, I get a Pam picking up the phone who had no clue what was going on & had no idea who was supposed to be handling me. AGAIN she asked me to repeat EVERYTHING. The pattern here is that HP is totally disorganized & doesn't respect a customer's time.

She transfers me to try & get Sinchi back & if memory serves me (who can remember what's going on when they speak to sooo many different people in a span of 20 minutes), Tina picked up the phone & then hung up on me.

Finally I called the Houston office where I was told I would not be allowed to be transferred to your office because I'm Canadian, that only case management handles Canadian issues. This is how Canadians are mistreated. One rule for Americans, another for Canadians & you are Canadian no less.

When I had a problem with customer service with Sony Canada, Sony US had NO problem speaking to me & getting the problem resolved within the hour.

Back to what happened to me...

At least the person I spoke to was kind enough to give me this e-mail address. We'll see if it actually leads to the Executive Offices & I speak to someone OTHER than case management who has failed to help me all because HP refuses to address my needs if I take a stand & refuse to waste unnecessary time by providing the same information that is already in your computer system.

I will be blogging about this entire experience because I feel other people who may consider becoming an HP customer should know that they will have their time wasted because HP has control issues & very disorganized. I'm sure your shareholders would also like to know this information.

Note: just from my quick search online, I can see that I'm not the only one who has had terrible problems with HP. There are TONS of other customers online who have been mistreated by HP.

All this because I called to get a UPS box sent to me so I could once again send back my laptop to get it fixed since now the mouse isn't working. I only purchased this laptop in August of 2009, have used it a total of maybe 10-15 times, & I've had nothing but problems with it since I brought it home.

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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 04/21/2010:
Why not write the serial number of the laptop down on a piece of paper, and keep it handy for when you call in? I am sure that they need the serial number confirmed so that if your product is getting replaced, they replace it with the same model.

As for getting a letter to the president of the company, he will probably not read it, and it will be forwarded to the case manager department. I work at HP as a technician, and that is generally how complaints are handled.

Also, HP Canada has a few different policies for return/repair/replacement than HP USA.
sensualspirit on 04/22/2010:
Last time I thought about writing it down on a piece of paper, but the problem was resolved & really, why should anyone have to keep that kind of info at their fingertips? If you have to, that means you are calling HP every day or week which means there are SERIOUS problems.

No one should have to be calling a company that often.

I know it's also because of how I was handled that this DEMANDING got to me. Then it brought back memories of the first time I had to jump through hoops for HP & waste my time arguing with them because they already had the info in the computer. I think this time is worse. Last time at least someone dealt with me & didn't say "no we aren't helping you" or hang up the phone on me or put me on hold & then someone else picks up & doesn't know what's going on.

And this time I completely forgot that they were going to force me to give it to them. It's been a few months since I last dealt with them so I had forgotten & again, the computer was upstairs & I was down here working & making the call at the same time.

Nothing gets my back up more than when I'm told I can't speak to a manager. That's passive aggression big time & I don't tolerate control freaks. It seems everyone I talk to over there just likes to control the situation at the cost of making the customer unhappy.

I'm a very logical person. When a company forces a customer to do something for no reason at all, I get my back up. If you explain the policy to me & it makes sense to me (I'm a smart person), then no problem, I'll abide by a company's policies.

Policies should be implemented, I definitely agree with that, but there's also common sense. That's the problem with such large companies, they plow over the customer with all their rules that make no sense at all & are USUALLY put into place because their staff isn't that smart. So because their staff isn't smart, they make a lot of mistakes & the more mistakes that are made, the more rules that are put into place & unfortunately some of those rules just make no sense.

They do this instead of hiring people who actually have a brain & common sense. Companies need both, procedures & staff who can work around the "script" when a customer has a good point.

As for needing the serial number to make sure they ship me the right replacement, no one was replacing anything. I was calling for the first time to relay a problem with the SAME laptop. Again, if I had purchased another laptop then I can understand demanding this information, but no one ever asked me if this was the same laptop as last time or I had purchased a new one.

Also since you don't know, when you ship it back, there's a piece of paper & it has to have all that info on there. In fact the waybill number is then attached to my customer number. (I assume)

Even if they then made me put the laptop's info on there, THAT makes logical sense to me because the paper could get mixed up with another laptop. I would have had no problem with that requirement.

It does NOT make sense to me that EVERY time I call about the same laptop that I should be FORCED to give them this information when it's right there in the computer.

As for the President, I know he won't respond back, but his executive assistant should. I don't want to deal with Case Management b/c they were part of the problem.

It's just clear to me just based on my experience (not to mention everyone else's) that HP has some major issues & I'm really starting to feel like I made a big mistake buying their laptop.

I also remember last time there was a somewhat mess & everything was disorganized. First this person was talking to me & he never sent me his contact info, then someone else was talking to me or called me & when I asked for her I was told she was no longer in that department. I never knew who was a manager, which department I was speaking to, etc.

Even so, that to me was a minute issue compared to what happened to me yesterday, but it's all part of the bigger issue. HP it too big now & their products & support have gone down the drain.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Johnnyrock on 04/26/2010:
Unfortunately, it's the world we live in that profit is the only goal for HP (and most others) at the expense of good relationships with the customers. If you've already given the necessary info, they should give you an 'incident number', and have you answer the 'secret reminder' question that should be filled out at the initial customer/company event for that specific problem.
Any new problems, and they have to qualify us to protect them from any identity or physical theft liability.
That said: because of how poorly and arrogantly HP has customized the hardware and operating system, I am going to buy a Mac for my next pc, which should be in the next 2 years. I generally get about 5 years out of a MS pc before its too
time consuming to patch all the issues. Heck, I'm still on XP.

On the Canadian issue: it's consistent with the USA's history of subvert/overt jingoism. We forced Mexico to sell us the western half of the States over 100 years ago, but now some are complaining about 'illegal immigrants'. ??

My mom would tell you to keep the numbers handy, if you were her daughter.

Have a good day!
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Customer Service? Could Have Fooled Me
Posted by on
I'm not sure where to even begin this debacle. I purchased a Presario R3000 notebook in September of 2004. Being the smart cookie I am, I purchased the extended/accidental damage 3-Year warranty straight from HP and sent in my registration card. About a year ago, the notebook's battery died and the computer was extremely hot. I dealt with it until a few months ago when the notebook would shut off with no warning.

I finally decided to call HP and get the multitude of problems fixed, thinking it would be a bit of an annoyance, but manageable. Boy was I wrong. My first call, I am told that my "1 year warranty has expired" and they will not be able to help me. After explaining that I bought a 3 year warranty, the nice Indian guy "Mark" (yeah right) tells me I have to fax the receipt, wait 24 hours, and call to confirm that its updated in the computer. So I do. Except that when I call to confirm, I am put on hold, disconnected, and hung up on over 8 times. I try for a total of 2 hours (angry at this point) before giving "live chat support" a shot. The lady I speak to finds my warranty in a matter of minutes and tells me that when my registration card was entered in the system by a technician, they mistakenly wrote a 5 instead of an S. I understand...these things happen. Still, no fault of my own. The lady says she will enter my registration correctly, and to call back in 5 hours to confirm. I wait 2 days to be sure.

When I call I'm given the exact same scripted nonsense about not having a warranty. I am told to fax the receipt again. I hang up, and call my friend who works as a sales manager for HP, merely to blow off some steam about how horrendous his company is and how I will never buy from HP again. Within 2 hours I receive a call from his manager who seems very concerned about my problems and works with me to send my notebook in for repair. Finally!

I send my notebook in and receive it in a timely manner. I'm thinking the adventure is over, when in fact the worst is yet to come. While they have fixed some problems, my battery still holds no charge. Livid at this point, I do some Googling and find out that the battery pack for my notebook was recalled several months ago for overheating the computer and not holding any charge after a few months (!). I was not aware of this because my registration info was entered incorrectly.

So in short I had a defective RECALLED battery pack, was never told that I may have one even after describing exactly the problems with my computer that the defective battery pack produces, and to top it all off, the battery was never replaced even after I sent it in for repair. I call HP, furious at this point, and am told that "my 1 year warranty has expired and there is nothing I can do to help you". Honestly, it shouldn't matter if my "warranty is up" because HP replaces those batteries free of charge. After telling the CSR that this is totally unacceptable, I am put on hold and hung up on.

My friend is unfortunately on vacation until after the holidays, so it is evident I will be getting nowhere in the meantime with HP. But one thing is for sure, I will NEVER buy from HP again. I'd much rather pay twice as much to deal with a company that is competent and treats its customers with respect.
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User Replies:
miketech on 12/25/2005:
Your story is interesting considering Hp recalled your battery about a month ago. I deal with HP sometimes on issues and sometimes they are great and other times they make me want to kill.
R2SoA on 10/01/2006:
I bought a Compaq Notebook R3240US on 9-20-04 that had a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Almost a year later on 9-7-05 I purchased a 2 Year HP Care Pack extended warranty from HP for $239.99 and mailed registration on 9-10-05.

On 9-30-06 I called to get help with loading hardware, and was advised that my warranty expired 9-20-06, and that it will cost me to get them to help.

It may be a mistake, but HP says the 2 year extended warranty that I bought on 9-7-05, actually was for the period 9-20-04 through 9-20-06.

Also, shortly after purchase in 9-2004 the DVD burner was defective, and it took 4 or 5 calls before HP told me it was defective and sent me a new burner that I installed. Then, after working with 8MM video home movies for buning to DVDs, and several calls to HP I determined that the WinDvd (full version) that came with my PC was defective and HP or WinDvd did not support it. However, HP personnel led me through REGISTRY CHANGES and crashed my system, so that I had to Format and reload everything.

HP is great to say I'm sorry, and know how you must feel.

HP would not provide a good copy of WinDvd so that I could burn 1 Hr and 40 Minute DVDs, so I had to buy Roxio Software, to burn a DVD that would be longer than 1 Hr and 3 Minutes(three minutes).

HP never failed to say how sorry they were, about my problems, and thank me for buying HP products, and apologize because they couldn't be responsible and replaced WinDvd that did not work proper
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Do not buy HP or trust anyone on 1800 hp invent
Posted by on
On September 9, 2011, my PC, HP Pavilion Elite Desktop stopped working. I called into the 1-800 HP Invent line and was told that the PC no longer has any warranty. I was informed by the gentleman on the phone that he could repair my pc if I paid for either a one time or year warranty. I asked what happens if you are not able to repair my pc? He replied that he would refund the charge. Against my husband's wishes, I agreed. After a few minutes, I was informed that the motherboard had gone on my PC. The call went on, whereby I tried to purchase a new PC, however the wait time on the Canadian line was much too long, and I opted to purchase an HP locally. However, before I hung up on the call, I asked the man (who had told me he was from Calcutta in India) when I would receive my refund, since he was unable to fix my pc. He replied that he would process it and that I would see it on my next statement cycle. After purchasing a new HP pc, last week, I called in to your 1800-HP invent line and was told by another person, that the refund was not done and he said that he would do so.

I then received a call back today from a man by the name of Richard regarding case # 7502111279 who explained that the charge that I was charged will not be refunded and that basically I should have known that these charges are never refundable. I explained, that is why I specifically asked what happens if my pc is not able to be fixed. It was only after the gentleman from India explained that he would refund my money if that happened did I go ahead with the service. Richard then went on to say, what you expect people to do this for free? That is not what I expect, but I do expect that people will live up to what they say. I asked Richard, how a company can have employees state one thing and do the opposite, is that was HP stands for? I encouraged him to go back and listen to the conversation, as I was told that my call was being recorded at the time. Richard's only concern was that I be told that I would not receive a refund.

Am I naive in thinking that a company stands behind its employees, when an employee states something, or is this how HP does business these days?

I am writing this letter with the hope that it saves other people the hassle and shock of how a company can promise things and do the opposite.

Just a customer....I would hope this still means something.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 09/23/2011:
The only thing I can imagine is that the HP rep assumed that you meant "what happens if you can't figure out what is wrong?" and that you would get a refund in that event. But the rep did figure out what was wrong - your motherboard is bad.

That's all I could come up with. He did provide a service, but the communication may have been severely lacking. It is hard to know if there was a language barrier issue, but it is possible.
At Your Service on 09/23/2011:
Overall, I like my HP products.

With that said, I would sure recommend simply disputing the charges, assuming you applied it to a credit card.
Mike Finn on 07/19/2012:
HP is a dishonest, immoral company. Do not believe anything any employee of HP says, they are all liars. HP makes junk. DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS. If you buy an HP Product, and it has to go in for repair, go buy a new HP to use while your piece of garbage is being repaired. When you get your piece of garbage back, take the new HP back to get a full refund. If repairing your piece of garbage takes too long, you might have to buy several new HP computers while yours is in for repair. Just make sure you return the new PCs in time to get a full refund. At Best Buy, that is 30 days. The new PCs you return will have to be returned to HP to be refurbished and then sold for half off. Thanks HP for treating me like sh*t.
Brenda Howell on 10/14/2013:
This is crap. I was informed by a computer repair co. to call hp invent I did they said Since my computer was out of warranty I would have to pay 99$ for tech support and then I could get a restore disc.. After waiting another 20 minutes the poor English speaking person told me that he could not send me a restore disc because the computer is out of date... WHAT my response was that... just because I won't pay for the 99$ tech support you refuse to send me the restore disc. This is a bunch of crap. This computer stuff is way out of hand. I will never by from hp again. I can't believe they let this stuff go on. They must be making money or they would monitor the unprofessional way people representing there company are with customers.
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Bad Customer Service Bad Product
Posted by on
I ordered a new computer for my son through HP website I called and spoke with a sales person once the order was completed. I waited for shipment When I received the order the Xbox was Missing I called HP after 1.5 hours the issue was resolved and HP shipped the Xbox. When my son opened the computer the new computer was defective I called Hp immediately I was informed we had to go without a computer for several days I asked them to ship us a new computer so that my son would not have to go without The representative said the only way to do that is to process a new order charging my credit card I asked to speak to a Manager. The Manager refused to help after 2 hours I agreed to send the computer back following your unfriendly customer way. I looked the order up on line I found My credit card was charged $3.18 for the return I again called HP asked to talk with a Manager I told him This has been nothing but a hassle on the customers part he refunded the 3.18 and rounded the credit up to $15.00 great customers service $11.82 for my troubles now I see my Build Date is August 3rd No priority on the order. I am embarrasssed on your part I run a small Business where I do repairs and consulting I have recommended HP Workstations and Servers in the past no longer will I do so you lost a loyal customer .

I received a phone call from Andy no last name I thought we add a resolution to the issue Andy ask that I speak to him and no one else. The day after my conversation with Andy my Credit card was charged again I called Andy on Friday he stated that he was on the phone with another customer and asked if he could call me back I said yes today is Monday 5pm eastern time Andy has not returned my call. My credit card is over charged, my son has not received his computer. Do I need to take legal action?

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No more HP's
Posted by on
Purchased the computer in August 2010. By October it was randomly shutting down when powered by battery. When I plugged it in, it said "plugged in, not charging", then I did a battery check and was told the battery was bad. So I contacted HP and was sent a new battery. Everything was fine for a few weeks, then the same exact problem began occurring again. Called HP again, and was told to send in for repair. According to the tracking on their website, they had it all of 12 hours before sending it back to me, this time with a new power cord.

Again, all was fine for several weeks before the same thing started again. Called HP again. Rep told me a new battery would definitely fix the problem. This is when I began asking for a replacement to no avail. Got the new battery, everything was fine for a few weeks until....yep, once again I've got a bum computer. So after calling HP and finally being connected with their escalated customer service program, I asked for and expected a replacement computer. The representative wouldn't budge and insisted I send it in again. So I did. This time they replaced the motherboard.

All wss great til last week (May 3, 2011). Once again, it's shutting down randomly and the battery won't charge. So I called the representative back. Left message, never heard back. I called back today (May 9) and finally got her to call me back. But instead of offering to replace the computer she tells me that I must again send it in for repair.

This is the 4th HP in our household, and it is the last one I will buy. I am looking to update my son's, but I will not consider an HP. After two times having to send it off for repair, I feel I should be offered a replacement computer. They have had enough opportunities to fix this problem. I'm done.
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User Replies:
2ruthtech on 05/11/2011:
Unfortunately no manufacturer is going to offer you a replacement. Also you will find issues with each company with some issues. Most computers bought will be fine but some will also have issue unfortunately it had to be you. My suggestion is to consider a protection plan on the unit. While this is an additional cost it does protect against lemons and more than manufacturer coverage along with shipping!
Kurizumaru on 05/11/2011:
I had a similar problem with an HP Desktop back in 2003. I eventually sold it to a friend who wanted to rebuild it for $100. I now own 2 computers a Toshiba Satellite laptop and a Samsung netbook. I love them both. I recommend Toshiba for a laptop. They're good quality and mine is over 3 years old with no problems.
HappyCamper on 06/06/2013:
If you wanted to sell "Insurance", you should come out straight and upfront about that but to say that "No Manufacturer will offer you replacement" is pure baloney! Have you ever heard of the word "WARRANTY"?
Try and familiarize yourself with " Consumer Rights" as regards electronic products. Ignorance should not be spewed publicly, the way you just did. The OP should be visiting the "Consumer protection Agency" in his area. he will surely get a replacement. happened to me before, you just have to know and be willing to enforce your rights.
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