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Who's to blame for my computer being offline? Microsoft, actually.
Posted by on 12/31/2009
ETA: Link included at the end of this review

I just replaced my 11 year old Compaq Presario with a brand new Compaq Presario. I've had good luck with these girls, so I'm sticking with what works.

For a month, I have enjoyed the computer, with its pre-installed Windows 7 operating system. Christmas night, I shut it down, and the next day, I restarted it and couldn't get online. I am not computer stupid, and Win 7 puts everything up front for easy access, but I couldn't figure out the problem. I scheduled a visit from Time Warner, my carrier, and they came out the next morning. The young man worked on it for three hours to no avail. Strangely enough, he could get online with my modem with his computer (XP operating system), but not mine. I could also get on with my laptop, Vista system, but not my new one. His conclusion: it's my new computer.

I called HP. For three hours I was on the phone with, of course, an Indian man with a thick accent, but he only had to repeat himself for me a few times and he was really smart and patient. Together, we ran down every test, every scrap of anything he could think of to make sure my computer was working. Everything checked. Everything worked. His conclusion: it's Time Warner.

The computer was giving me a 651 error and telling me it wasn't recognizing my IP. The HP tech told me to have Time Warner reconfigure my modem.

I called TWC. They told me they didn't need to because it was my computer's fault and to call HP. I was so tired and frustrated I actually started to cry.

Eleven hours I spent calling back and forth, and to his credit, the tech from HP called me the next day to ask me to completely reinstall Win 7. I refused because I have three expensive programs that would have been wiped if I had done this, programs I couldn't put back on without buying an external hard drive.

I Googled the errors and found a lot of people having the same issues. HP and TWC were both right. It wasn't HP, it wasn't TWC. It's Win 7. I figured I would give Microsoft a call and they could help me.

What was irritating is the fact that Microsoft will help you, if you have bought the Win 7 upgrade, but there is no free service for those of us who bought it pre-installed. They would have charged me $59 to answer a question, and I couldn't get to a phone number on their site unless I agreed to pay the $59. That sucks, Microsoft.

If you go to their site, there is a place to put a product key in for free service. There is a product key on my computer for my operating system, but the site wouldn't recognize it. I paid for the program with my computer, one month old, so I should get free service. With all of the bugs in Win 7, they should be bending over backwards to help people. I tried Googling a phone number and nothing would take me directly to Microsoft's help desk without cost to me.

Anyway, I went on Microsoft's forums. The answer was in the conversations people were having with one another, and as is, there are about four ways to fix my problem. You've got to love computer geeks. I fixed it.

Yesterday, I was in Kohl's having at some shopping, and the tech from HP called me again to inquire about my problem and I told him how I fixed it. He wrote everything down and his supervisor even got on the phone with me. I know people crab about HP service, but man, I got some seriously good service from these people.

Microsoft, I love your Win 7, but you need to accommodate your customers more broadly than you do. As is, I was going to update my Vista laptop by buying the Win 7, but I think I will keep my money.

I included all three of the companies I dealt with in my title so that this could be searched for this particular problem and perhaps the person helped by what I found. My complaint, however, has to be focused on Microsoft.

The link that helped me: Pay attention to Krull Kitty and Kinetic Artist's posts, the step by step . Hers is the one that helped me! You will notice, however, there are more ways to fix my problem.


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Posted by MRM on 2009-12-31:
Yes, definitely keep your money, and instead download your free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on torrent. Also, you will need a patch called "Remove WAT" (Windows Activation Technology) to make your Windows Seven genuine. Toodles...

Yours Truly,
The Computer King
Posted by Alain on 2009-12-31:
Keeping this review in mind when we shop for a new computer next year.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-31:
Sherdy, If you still have the links to your solution you should post them because it might be of benefit to a future googler with your same problem stumbling upon this review. Heck, I'm curious to the solution as well just in case the same problem slaps me in the face down the road.

I must say I love well written reviews that are easy reads. Excellent job Sherdy!
Posted by *Brenda* on 2009-12-31:
Excellent review!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-31:
another reason why i'm glad i never went past xp on my windows machine.
went to linux on it but never anything microsoft after xp

good luck in keeping your computer up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-31:
Very helpful Sherdy. This is excellent information. You gave Microsoft more of a benefit than I would have. This would have been a complaint against Microsoft and a separate HP compliment posted for their assistance. Good review!
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-12-31:
Good to know, I have TWC but I haven't installed my Windows 7 on it. Got it for 10 bucks for being a Microsoft retailer through their expert zone website. Now I'll know what to do if I have issues.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-31:
Thanks everyone. Stew, I will get the links into the review a bit later. I aim to be helpful, for sure. The problem is so new that the solution is not obvious. It's easy, but it's not obvious. I haven't had a lick of trouble since I fixed it! I can't completely complain about Microsoft because I seriously LOVE 7. They just need to do a better job of providing customer service. However, when you are the biggest game in town, you can pretty much be crappy and get away with it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-31:
I understand Sherdy. It's just disappointing when a customer has to get as frustrated as you did that it brought you to tears. You don't strike me as an overly sensitive customer so I know Microsoft had to have pushed you to the edge with their lack of customer service. Glad you are back up and running and THANK YOU again for the info. I look forward to the links so when I upgrade to 7 I will be ready. :)
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-12-31:
"Yes, definitely keep your money, and instead download your free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate on torrent."

this is theft and IS illegal.

great review sherdy. win7 is not all that.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-12-31:
Excellent review Sherdy. I have MSN Premium so I don't pay extra for telephones calls but there is a website on MSN, I can't find it right now, that offers advice on any problem. Obviously that's the one you found. These are strictly individuals and those guys generally know their business. If they offer the wrong advice, some other member will tell them to shut up immediately. It's quite interesting.
Posted by TwinkleZ on 2010-01-09:
Yes, nice job on the review. I, unfortunately, can only relate to the tears when it comes to HP. They now have technicians who are apparently in the U.S. so accents are no longer a problem although the robotic scripts are the same. see my review from earlier today if you are curious.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-22:
I'm glad people are finding this helpful! There must be a lot of people out there with this issue given the number of hits to this review.
Posted by HP Fan on 2012-07-11:
I have been using various HP products for years and have always found their tech service excellent. Mi¢ro$oft, on the other hand, has incredibly poor tech service and they have the gall to charge for it! Good for you for finding out what to do on the M$ forums!
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Customer Service? Could Have Fooled Me
Posted by CobraCat77 on 12/23/2005
I'm not sure where to even begin this debacle. I purchased a Presario R3000 notebook in September of 2004. Being the smart cookie I am, I purchased the extended/accidental damage 3-Year warranty straight from HP and sent in my registration card. About a year ago, the notebook's battery died and the computer was extremely hot. I dealt with it until a few months ago when the notebook would shut off with no warning.

I finally decided to call HP and get the multitude of problems fixed, thinking it would be a bit of an annoyance, but manageable. Boy was I wrong. My first call, I am told that my "1 year warranty has expired" and they will not be able to help me. After explaining that I bought a 3 year warranty, the nice Indian guy "Mark" (yeah right) tells me I have to fax the receipt, wait 24 hours, and call to confirm that its updated in the computer. So I do. Except that when I call to confirm, I am put on hold, disconnected, and hung up on over 8 times. I try for a total of 2 hours (angry at this point) before giving "live chat support" a shot. The lady I speak to finds my warranty in a matter of minutes and tells me that when my registration card was entered in the system by a technician, they mistakenly wrote a 5 instead of an S. I understand...these things happen. Still, no fault of my own. The lady says she will enter my registration correctly, and to call back in 5 hours to confirm. I wait 2 days to be sure.

When I call I'm given the exact same scripted nonsense about not having a warranty. I am told to fax the receipt again. I hang up, and call my friend who works as a sales manager for HP, merely to blow off some steam about how horrendous his company is and how I will never buy from HP again. Within 2 hours I receive a call from his manager who seems very concerned about my problems and works with me to send my notebook in for repair. Finally!

I send my notebook in and receive it in a timely manner. I'm thinking the adventure is over, when in fact the worst is yet to come. While they have fixed some problems, my battery still holds no charge. Livid at this point, I do some Googling and find out that the battery pack for my notebook was recalled several months ago for overheating the computer and not holding any charge after a few months (!). I was not aware of this because my registration info was entered incorrectly.

So in short I had a defective RECALLED battery pack, was never told that I may have one even after describing exactly the problems with my computer that the defective battery pack produces, and to top it all off, the battery was never replaced even after I sent it in for repair. I call HP, furious at this point, and am told that "my 1 year warranty has expired and there is nothing I can do to help you". Honestly, it shouldn't matter if my "warranty is up" because HP replaces those batteries free of charge. After telling the CSR that this is totally unacceptable, I am put on hold and hung up on.

My friend is unfortunately on vacation until after the holidays, so it is evident I will be getting nowhere in the meantime with HP. But one thing is for sure, I will NEVER buy from HP again. I'd much rather pay twice as much to deal with a company that is competent and treats its customers with respect.
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Posted by miketech on 2005-12-25:
Your story is interesting considering Hp recalled your battery about a month ago. I deal with HP sometimes on issues and sometimes they are great and other times they make me want to kill.
Posted by R2SoA on 2006-10-01:
I bought a Compaq Notebook R3240US on 9-20-04 that had a 1 year parts and labor warranty. Almost a year later on 9-7-05 I purchased a 2 Year HP Care Pack extended warranty from HP for $239.99 and mailed registration on 9-10-05.

On 9-30-06 I called to get help with loading hardware, and was advised that my warranty expired 9-20-06, and that it will cost me to get them to help.

It may be a mistake, but HP says the 2 year extended warranty that I bought on 9-7-05, actually was for the period 9-20-04 thru 9-20-06.

Also, shortly after purchase in 9-2004 the DVD burner was defective, and it took 4 or 5 calls before HP told me it was defective and sent me a new burner that I installed. Then, after working with 8MM video home movies for buning to DVDs, and several calls to HP I determined that the WinDvd (full version) that came with my PC was defective and HP or WinDvd did not support it. However, HP personnel led me thru REGISTRY CHANGES and crashed my system, so that I had to Format and reload everything.

HP is great to say I'm sorry, and know how you must feel.

HP would not provide a good copy of WinDvd so that I could burn 1 Hr and 40 Minute DVDs, so I had to buy Roxio Software, to burn a DVD that would be longer than 1 Hr and 3 Minutes(three minutes).

HP never failed to say how sorry they were, about my problems, and thank me for buying HP products, and apologize because they couldn't be responsible and replaced WinDvd that did not work proper
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How to get service (revised Dec 2008)
Posted by Disgruntled on 10/13/2005
Revised: Dec 5, 2008. I've tried to give readers hints as to how to get good hp service (as shown below) but have now given up. The company can't seem to be able to keep their service consistent so I'm now recommending that you consider purchasing future computer products from other sources. The following is from my original writing, it may or may not work anymore: I retired after 34 years of servicing HP computers. Here are the steps you should take to get service from HP?

STEP 1) call their help desk and log the call. You will be given a call number and the first name of a technician - save these on a note pad with date and name of technician. There is a 90% chance that this person will be from India. I know this is difficult for some of us to accept but please allow them to attempt to fix your computer; it's not their fault and having techs from India isn't going away anytime soon. If your computer is out of warranty expect to pay a fee for technical help - this is normal. Allow them to work with you in troubleshooting the problem. Even if you could replace the part HP will not mail it out to you. They will ask you to mail the computer in for repair. If a laptop then they might provide a shipping box for FedX to pick up.

STEP 2) If you end up making multiple calls to the help desk or have ANY PROBLEM with the person you are speaking with ask for a backline technician; this will be a person from the United States. If you receive your computer back from HP and it still doesn't work or are at the point of total frustration then ask for the Presidents Email Address and send a short email with only your frustrations - DON'T give all the details of your computer problem. The President won't read the email but will pass it on to a team of individuals who will call you and discuss your frustrations. Be nice to the person who calls you as it isn't his/her fault that you are so frustrated. In fact, hopefully he/she will be the good guy in all of this. Make sure you give them the impression that you are seriously thinking about never purchasing HP equipment again.

STEP 3) Don't ask for a replacement computer, let it be HP's idea. This is the quickest way HP can cool down an unhappy customer and I have seen it happen over and over. With all the models of computers that HP sells it is very possible that yours will be out dated and they will send you an upgraded model. I've often times seen where HP sends out a computer that is worth twice as much as the one originally purchased.

STEP 4) If you don't receive satisfaction from HP after all of this then think about purchasing from another company in the future and don't forget to publicize your experiences using MY3CENTS so the rest of us can benefit from it.

Good Luck.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2005-10-14:
Good post. Thanks for the advice.
Posted by Dr. Jeecheroo on 2005-10-14:
One problem: HP's Tech Support is located in some country like India or Pakastan.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-10-14:
Only a couple of things wrong with this suggestion: It's too logical and it makes so much sense! I've heard/read complaints such as: 'I've called dozens of times'--in reality, twice. 'They NEVER return my calls'--one day when I was gone, someone left an 800# for me to call, but I was too busy to do so. I always have a pen and note pad next to both my phones. This not only is helpful for notations when making calls, but also for incoming calls. Of course, I have an advantage over some individuals--I've been a non-machine court reporter for several years and can take down verbatim what is said in casual conversation. :) Very good post.
Posted by spiderman47 on 2006-11-22:
well I happen to fix computers including my own & even though the warranty is outdated by two years it still works perfectly, I bought it at wal-mart in 2002 it a
Hewlett Packard Windows XP Home Edition.
Posted by spiderman47 on 2006-11-22:
If I had my own business out in the back yard, I can fix
all of the computers,but some computers take longer to fix
than others,especially when you have to deal with viruses
& monitor flickering phone & modem resets, trying to
ping the address of the host computer.
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HP repair/customer service
Posted by Never Buy HP again on 09/28/2007
My husband and I purchased our daughter a top of the line HP notebook before she left for college. Less than a year later, during summer session at college, the notebook stopped working. Our daughter took it to the local authorized HP repair center and dropped off the notebook and was told 1-2 weeks for repair. That was July 6th. It is now almost October and we still do not have a working computer. The repair station was unable to issue a replacement computer because it was not the store we purchased the notebook from originally. That store has since gone out of business, and was not near our daughter's school. It took me weeks to go through the continuous re-routing of calls through non-English speaking countries to finally reach someone who spoke English and said he would authorize a replacement computer because the parts were on back order. After email correspondence we were satisfied the new computer would be comparable to the original computer.

The new computer was promised to arrive within 2 weeks. 3 weeks went by and we received no computer, no contact. I began trying to reach this gentleman again, only to find out he was no longer with the company and his replacement apologized for the delay and promised a new computer within the week. Again, 3 weeks went by and we had no computer or contact. I still do not know what happened to this man, but the 3rd man we are dealing with now wants to send us a refurbished computer. This of course is unacceptable. A new computer would take 2-3 weeks. We have heard this before. So, he offered to have a check sent to us for the cost of the old computer, but it would not include the software or extended warranty packages we purchased..(keep in mind the original computer was top of the line and not even a year old!)....totaling over $500. Again this is not acceptable. We have tried every branch of HP Executive Customer relations, but they refuse to call us back and when we do speak with the peons who answer the phone, they refuse to transfer us to anyone higher up in the chain of command.

This company is great in the art of passing the buck, but not letting any of it roll uphill. If anyone has any suggestions please respond. HP does not realize it, but both my husband and I are in positions to negate corporate orders of hundreds of computers being bought from HP. While I'm sure this is not even a small dent in this company's financial profit, I hope everyone who reads this boycotts HP. They do not stand behind their products.

Problems occur with all electronics and computer equipment, which we understand, but if a company does not truly take care of the customer they should not be in business.

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Posted by killerklown on 2007-10-01:
HP top of the line is still only junk.
Posted by pnp422 on 2007-10-05:
Just a suggestion. I too have had problems with a personal use laptop, with both hard drive and wireless card failures, as well as board problems. Went through the endless emails, sitting on hold ,etc. Finally I sent an email saying I was retaining counsel, as well as contact the attorney general of my state. Miracle of miracles, both times the message was sent, I received a call from a case amanger who qucikly resolved my difficulties, shipped either the user replaced part or arranged for a very quick turnaround (less than 1 week) on repairs to the laptop. I'm now on my third go around (yes their laptops are junk), which was resolved today by HP shipping the required part only two days after starting the warranty claim.

Don't know if it will work for you, but seems ot be working for me.
Posted by Captain Kosi Bay on 2008-12-02:
Why am I not surprised!....All I did was 'Google'(HP, Poor customer service) and hundreds of pages of links to unhappy people appeared. A summary of my experience, involves a Laptop which has stopped booting up! less than a month out of warranty!I believe this is a common problem something to do with the motherboard and Nvidia and yet surprise surprise my Laptop doesn't fall into the 'one time service enhancement' List. Haha. I was forced into having it repaired at my (considerable) cost and surprise surprise after over a month of sending it in and having it returned time and time again, it still doesn't work! Suffice to say that HP's Total Care service is a load of Rubbish! It's actually embarrassing! The real problem as I see it, is that HP are selling sub standard equipment and haven't the resources or the ability to sort out the problems. Instead they insatlled a Customer Service Firewall! It's called 'Total Care. I believe it stands for Total Catch And Route Elsewhere....This has been working well for them....It's extremely difficult to get through it, if at all! The thing I really laugh about has to be the Customer service Survey's....Haha....Hilarious!More corporate nonsense pretending to be interested....Haha
Bottom line for me is to say that every opportunity I get I will be spreading the word on how Bad HP really are!...I would hate to be an employee of HP, can you imagine the shame and embarrassement working for such a Poor Ethically challenged company! Particularly one with no Backbone!
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Extremely poor customer service
Posted by Sandy1260 on 11/22/2006
FOREST, VIRGINIA -- With my computer still under warranty with the company, I began having problems almost immediately. However, since I use my home computer very little, usually for minor work duties that I don't finish at work, like scheduling employee hours or figuring budget ( which doesn't even require an internet connection), I really didn't bother with it until it became really troublesome. When I did finally call customer service it was almost impossible to understand the tech support person on the other end. After struggling with that and after several request to speak with a supervisor, I was finally given a number I could call to reach senior Case managers. ( it appears that they don't like to give this number out until you finally become extremely angry and hateful with the lower management team, which I hated to do but it seemed the only way to get help. 1-877-917-4380 ext 79 is the number for those of you unfortunate beings who own one of these computers and are struggling to get help.)The first gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and sent me the software (he thought should have come with the computer) and should fix the problem. when it didn't I phoned him back and to my surprise he no longer worked for the company. OK, I get a new case manager. She was not as helpful as the first gentleman, but she did however, allow me to send my computer to them for repair at their expense.
I came back supposedly fixed...NOPE...not repaired so I tried to call the young lady and guess what...right she no longer worked for them..again a new case manager...computer was sent back again for a second visit and returned working fine but that only lasted a few days and same problem . I called again ( oh yes she actually still worked there) she tried to explain to me how they have been unable to locate any problem with my computer, and my response was ," well the repair center feedback has indicated that the computer was repaired, the customer problem was duplicated during full diagnostics. How can that be if there was not problem? She proceeded to tell me she did not know why the previously checked that box on the feedback. Huh, that kind of peeked my curiosity a bit. After she became aware that I had indeed taken out a three year extended warranty with best Buy the place I had purchased it from, she tried to convince me to take it there. I knew HP had a policy that if they tried to repair it three times and failed, they would replace it, so I declined the suggestion, and reminded her that although my warranty with them was about expired the problem had been ongoing for months and was yet to be resolved. I sent it back to them again at their expense... well I received it back today and the repair center feedback indicated No Trouble found, that was funny because it appeared to never have been removed from the bag it was enclosed in for shipping, ( you see I suspected that this would happen given the fact that they now knew that I had an extended warranty, and would most likely want to wash their dirty little hands of it), I had folded the bad in a certain way, and to my surprise it was returned to me folded EXACTLY that way. I took it out, and it won't even turn on now...a little odd, so I called one more time and of course they deny, deny, deny.
Customer service stinks with HP their computers are of minimal quality and I don' recommend them to any one. They do not stand by their word, they pass the buck and they just don't care.
It truly is pitiful, I am ashamed to have purchased this product and will never buy HP again. also I have informed everyone I know and work with of this experience, also my company just purchased 17 computers and not one of them was an HP.. I guess word of mouth does work. Hopefully the people I know will tell the people they know and so on and so on.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-22:
What's the exact problem? You don't explain that. Might not be the PC at all which would explain why it comes back with no problems found. Too many times it's the software that's defective.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-11-24:
I agree with PB. Without knowing what the nature of your problem is, it sounds like they gave you pretty good service.
Posted by isucceed on 2006-12-01:
Hey, Didn't you read what the woman said? how can you say they gave her pretty good service. Sounds like they are trying to deny there responsibility for there terrible product. I have had the same problems and more. too much to go into at this time but I agree that HP has terrible customer service and shame on them for sending the jobs to India. this alone is enough for a boycott. Anyway, let me say that I just went to edit photo's with Hp's Photosmart premier and there was a software error all right. It didnt work and it would not even shut down. It put me in a perpetual loop with pop up warning windows. even the x would not shut it down. I had to cntrl alt del to shut er down. so now i call them and they want $60 to fix it. puter is still under warranty. And It was supposedly re set up to factory setting because of another problem I had previously they could not fix on the phone, so they paid to have it sent to them. I tried to use the application recovery application and guess what? that did not work. I mean the window for the application recovery came up as a "ghost window" so it was useless. no controls visible. I could see through it to my desktop with just the outline of the window. like a real window. go figure. the application recovery needs an application recovery. I told one rep on one of the calls that I was having a problem with the editing software and she actually asked me what printer I had. I said nothing about printing. I was not even going to print anything. just edit for the internet. Now, another rep wants me to do a complete recovery to factory settings and spend an hour to get the same ghost window I got in the first place. It's like a nightmare. or maybe groundhog day? they are pretty much retarded if you ask me. this is just a scratch on the surface of what I went through with them. I am no computer expert but I aint no beginner either. There is no way people should have to deal with their crap. they make an inferior product. Defective software is unacceptable to me. I know it can become corrupted at times but hey GIGO. humans program garbage in and that is what you get out. I think they are more concerned with taking the money and running, who cares if the thing doesnt work after 5 months. Those top execs are scum just goggle them in the news. you'll see. when i first got this computer it came with norton and guess what. it was a ghost window. non functioning. they had me go into the program and add one character to a line of code and wah la. the window and the program worked. what's up wit that? I should not have to waste my time with that after I already wasted my time working to get the 500 I shelled out for this stupid thing. Life is a lie, you'll learn that when you die. there'll be not need to cry, cause you won't have any eye(s) Down with HP.
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Customer Service - the worst ever!!!
Posted by Penncountrygirl on 07/27/2005
PENNSYLVANIA -- I have 3 HP computers, and three HP printers. I WILL NEVER BY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT AS LONG AS I LIVE!!!!

It is now July 2005 – my problems began in April 2005 – so we are taking about a period of 4 months!!!

Problem 1: Computer will not turn on (it is less than 2 months old). They say owe well we’ll send you a box pack it up and ship it to us. So I did. They send it back, claiming that they tested it, and I get a computer back that is missing the memory card (therefore, it will not boot at all). So I call and of course they can’t just send me my memory chip they have to have me send the computer back to them again. So I do. And they send it back (supposedly testing it first) and I again get a non-working computer. So I send it back again, and they send it back again, and you guessed it, it still doesn’t work. So then I get to talk to the Sr. Quality Manager, HP Executive Customer Relations Management who guarantees me that I will get a working computer. So again I send it and finally they send me a working computer. But now they had the computer as long as I did. So I continue to use the products as I have already paid for them and one of the other computers dies….it has a CPU fan that failed and will not boot up because of it.

So I call…and again I am told that they can’t send me the part (even though I told them I could easily install a CPU fan myself). So I wait for the box, send the computer back….AND GET THE WRONG COMPUTER BACK!!!!! Then when I call I am told they have no idea where my computer is but they will have someone call me back. When they never called back I called them. They then claim my computer was at their service center the entire time (BULL) and that they haven’t fixed it yet (BULL) and that I need to send the computer I got back before they can send mine to me. Then the “Service Manager” tells me he can’t guarantee my computer is coming back to me…WHAT THE F***!!!! He refused to give me anything in writing stating I will even get any computer at all back!!!! Since I am doing the right thing and sending the wrong computer back I guess I can only hope and pray that I get something in return…BUT NO GUARENTEE… AS THE ‘SERVICE MANAGER’ told me THERE IS NO GUARENTEES IN LIFE!!!
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Posted by disgruntled on 2005-08-27:
I am a retired HP employee (34 year) and had similar problems when I called for service on my HP computer. At the time I worked for hp but didn't tell anyone at the help desk. The service was terrible. I didn't get any satisfaction until I wrote an email to the president of HP with my complaint. At that time I got a replacement computer that was of higher price than my original one. I suggest anyone who has similar problems with HP's bad service ask the help desk for HP's presidents email address. Good luck
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Goodbye HP Thanks For Nothing
Posted by HPISJUNK on 08/12/2008
Well, where to start. Bought a ZD7000 in 2004. Went to shop due to power plug problems in 2005. Graphics started going out in 2005. Lines due to the overheating problem that they "don't have". Called them. They said out of warranty...sorry. 2005 bought a DELL. ZD7000 became a paperweight. Got lawsuit papers in 2007 for the ZD7000 class action due to the overheating problem that they "don't have". Fixed after settlement in 6-2008. Became ZD7000A. 8-11-2008.... graphics problem again. The line thing again. Called HP to get hung up on. I was nice. DELL still going strong. Goodbye HP.

I will never buy anything even remotely associated with you, nor will I ever have anything good to say about your shoddy products. Good riddance. Nothing more to say.
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Posted by roshan on 2008-08-13:
Similar experience.. Good bye HP forever...

Note that I have 2 non-working laptops from HP - in warranty! :-( I need both fixed immediately or my money back! I'm going to file Credit Card dispute for claim and BBB complaint within 24 hours now.

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 5:55 AM, Roshan Shah wrote:

I forwarded this email to HP CEO Mark Hurd today - here is the screenshot of confirmation.

Hi Ruffell,

Escalation Case # 7500549057 - I have received no update yet!

- Hide quoted text -

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 5:25 AM, Roshan Shah wrote:

Hi Ruffell,

Thank you for your time to look into the issue of my HP Notebooks not working. I run a business and am currently in India.

Here is my Indian address :

Roshan Shah
11/125, Rameshwar Apts, Nr. Petrol Pump,
Sola Road, Ahmedabad - 380 063
Phone : 91-79-27471295
Cell : 91-9979853010

I am a Canadian Citizen and travel often between India/Canada I have 2 HP notebooks purchased in Canada. 3 months back one laptop stopped working and I contacted HP Canada and HP India in all forms. As a matter of fact, HP India even disabled my online support login in their ITR because they kept closing tickets and I kept creating new ones (3602638240,3602638172,3602608026,3602422876). I even copied HP CEO on last few emails that HP Support is not helping here.

On the other side, I was told on number of occassions that case was Escalated and HP Manager would call me and this never happened till today when I told that I'll not hang up on phone till I speak with a case manager and I was directed to you and finally we spoke. Even HP Canada is no different - I had 2 tickets opened and nothing happened(8014048251,8012888342). The worse part is that I as a Customer can't even review the ticket log. Hence I had to start recording the calls :-(

This clearly shows the flaw in how HP handles its support. If this is how HP puts a customer through to get their problem resolved with so much mental harassment, I think I have to really take this up seeking damages.

As promised, Here is the case manager in India I spoke to :

Upendra Kumar was the case manager. in.ced@hp.com

I spoke to Upendra 10 days back and he was not able to assist since HP India could not access tickets starting with 801. I am also not sure why did I have to act as a middle man here when this should be strictly HP's internal issue. I need an explanation on this as why I had to put up with all this and want both the laptops to be picked up, fixed and delivered back to me with no loss of data!

I'm certainly going to claim damages from HP. Would be very wrong if every customer has to go through this!

Posted by HPISJUNK on 2008-08-23:
Seems, HP likes to edit comments to suite them. I wrote exactly what I wrote here at my3cents and it has been edited. Hey HP What have you got to hide?
Here's the link see for yourself...
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Getting through HP support
Posted by Saoirse Beck on 12/08/2007
After reading so many complaints over issues with HP service, I wanted to add some information that people may find helpful when calling HP support.

1. First and foremost. HP's US support is outsourced to India. If you call support, you will get someone who likely doesn't speak English. Or at least, not very well. This is the primary cause of frustration - trying to get a message across to someone who doesn't speak the same language.

Canada's support, on the other hand, is in CANADA. Canadians speak English every bit as well as you do. And they have those cute accents as well! When you call through for support, keep saying "agent" to the automated system, then ask to be transferred to Canadian support. Be patient. It may take 4 or 5 transfers. Keep asking for Canadian support. Once you get to Canada, they can assist you in troubleshooting, and can set up many types of repair or parts dispatch. The systems are different, so they can't do everything the US team can, but at least they can explain it in a way that makes sense to both of you.

Keep in mind, though, you should use this as a last resort. If everyone who calls demands someone in Canada, HP will change the system so that it's no longer possible to get there. Don't call and demand Canada to order a set of recovery disks - the people in India can handle that just fine. But if it's complicated troubleshooting you need, it might be worthwhile to try it.

Before you ask, NO, there is no direct number to Canada. You have to call the US line and ask for Canada. No other way around it... unless you can call from a Canadian-registered phone, with a Canadian area code (skype?).

2. If you don't like that support is in India, as 99.9% of us don't, don't take it out on your tech. Those in India will get very defensive, and those in Canada or the US (I don't think there actually are any in the US, though) are just plain sick of hearing it.

They have no control over it. If you want to fight for change, the tech is the wrong person to voice your opinion to.

Go to this website:

and send a message to the corporate team. They have the power to make the changes. If you tell them you refuse to buy an HP product until they provide support in the US (or Canada, or another English-first-language country), eventually, they'll have to start listening. One or two won't make a difference. Thousands will. It's all about the bottom line. Right now they save immense amounts of money by having support in India. If they start to lose an equal amount of money in lost customers, they'll be forced to reconsider that business decision.

3. Whatever you do, don't threaten to go buy a Dell because you are fed up with support in India. That is where their support is as well, and your threat will not be taken seriously. If you want to threaten to buy from another company, do some research and find out what company provides support from the US.
Dell and HP are about tied in market share (HP just recently pulled ahead of Dell). Dell has 58% of overall consumer complains against them; HP has 5%. So threatening to buy a Dell because you are unsatisfied with HP's support is really just a joke. Read more about that here:


Telling the agent what kind of support you would get if you called another company also won't help. First, the information you are providing is probably untrue. No one is going to come to your house and do onsite repair for a $50 printer, I don't care who you bought it from. Second, HP doesn't base their support on what others provide. Their support is based on what is economically feasable to provide for the cost of the product that you own.

4. Another good tip for navigating the tech support hurdle (not just HP, any support), is don't call when you're mad.

I know what you're thinking. You weren't mad until you called.

I agree, it's frustrating. Keep in mind, though, these techs have heard it all. Legal threats, death threats, threats on their job etc. They have built up a wall against anger, and when you call and take out your frustration on them, they close up. They'll get defensive. Yelling at the tech, no matter how much better it makes you feel, will NOT get your issue resolved! Yes, the tech may be stupid and incompetant. But telling them that will not make them want to help you! Save the frustration for when you get off the phone.

All big companies have a lot of red tape. There are always stupid, pointless hoops to jump through. The techs are there to help you through them.
No one said the system was great.
But if you are aggressive and angry with the techs, they'll be less likely to give you the information you need. They won't feel like helping you, and you'll get even worse support. This goes for Case Managers as well - maybe even more so!

So the big question here is... what DOES work?
When you call, be as genuinely nice as you possibly can.

A customer once called HP support. When asked "How can I help you?" He said "I'd like to speak to a representative from HP's award winning 24/7 technical support, please!" and he said it with a smile in his voice.

His issue was minor. It was out of scope. He was out of warranty. He wasn't covered.

He got free help anyway.

It won't always work, but it's a lot more likely to get you some decent assistance than "Get me a d*mn supervisor!"

5. READ YOUR WARRANTY. Most of the complaints posted are genuine, but there are many more "unhappy customers" that are simply trying to get more than they are entitled to.

HP phone support helps with *problems* with the computer. They are not a basics computer class. Don't call them to ask them how to burn a DVD, they don't help with that. Take a beginner computer class or ask a friend for help, if you don't know what you are doing. When you buy a car, it's expected that you already know how to drive, or will go learn. The car manufacturer won't provide lessons on that - and neither do computer manufacturers.

Don't call with a heightened sense of entitlement. You think you should get a replacement. The warranty says otherwise. In this battle, the warranty wins. If it's a repair warranty, you are going to get a repair.
Read it and find out what you are entitled to, and what you are not. That way, you know what to expect, and you know if you are not getting what you are entitled to. If your warranty says one thing and the tech won't provide it, by all means, ask for a supervisor. But HP didn't become #1 in the industry by handing out new computers like candy.

6. If your computer fails in the first few weeks.... take it back to the STORE! That is what return policies are for! Be proactive - buy from a store with a good return policy. 7 day exchange only, or final sale, can really come back to bite you.
At Costco, for example, you can take back your computer for a full refund, no questions asked, for a full 6 MONTHS after the purchase date. Imagine all the hassle that could be avoided by shopping there. No repairs, no shipping, no lengthy waits on hold. Just a full refund or a brand new (usually better) computer.

On the "being proactive" topic - don't buy your system at Wal-Mart! Here's the inside scoop:
Walmart dictates the price of the PC to the manufacturer. They are the ONLY retailer with the power to do this. Their price is significantly less than what other companies (Future Shop, Staples, RadioShack etc) pay. The manufacturers (HP and Compaq included) build PC's just for Walmart. Those computer have similar model numbers to other retail PCs. But don't be fooled - they are not the same. WalMart PC's are built with low quality, budget parts. The parts are often refurbished. They are not the high quality PCs you would expect from HP... they might as well be Acers. You get what you pay for.

That's my 3 cents. Sorry if some of it came across with some animosity, it was not meant that way. These are real suggestions that in my experience, actually work.
If someone out there can get better support with any of these suggestions, or avoid getting really BAD support, it was well worth it.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-08:
Thanks for a great informative posting. I have heard of asking for Canadian support but I've never had the need to call.
Posted by teddybee_teddybee on 2007-12-13:
Hp laptop and windows vista is the best computer and operating system I have ever had. And I have had a lot and used a lot of different systems.
Posted by Wm S. on 2007-12-21:
Just a Simple tag-on: I agree that language can be a barrier. Lack of understanding is even more formidable! HP has a policy that ALL lower level personnel must abide. No one is allowed to help anyone if their equipment is out-of-warranty, even if the software is brand new! Thus a software glitch in installing their downloads is just tough luck! You must first purchase a new piece of equipment before any communication will occur. Your current HP product may work perfectly. So what? The company makes a lot more $$$ by No Service than by helping you out of the problems that are caused by HP. Hope you get the picture.


Keep criminals off the street. Do not buy from them!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-21:
Hey this was a "very" good post and info, thank you!
Posted by anniea24 on 2008-05-19:
Costco went from 6 months to 3, which is still a great deal, considering most places are 2 weeks. Their selections change all the time. You can buy online from them, but then they will charge shipping, in my case they would. But great review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-19:
Thank you for the informational post. I am sure this info will come in handy for many.
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HP customer support is a sick joke
Posted by Ranee on 10/15/2007
I purchased a Pavilion notebook in Oct 06. In July 07, it quit. I sent the unit to HP, via Radio Shack, to be repaired under warranty. Because HP lists Radio Shack as an Authorized Service Provider, I assumed this was fine. After more than a month, I called Radio Shack to see where my laptop was, and they called HP, who said they could not repair my notebook and offered me a refurbished Pavilion dv2120. This unit arrived over 7 weeks after I had first turned the original unit in. I got it home and realized that the entire set of "quick-play" buttons was inoperable. HP tech support told me to send it back in for repair, which I did. I then called HP at 800-752-0900, to see if I could talk to someone about getting a new unit (not a refurbished), or other reimbursement. The first person I talked to took my info, heard my story, and said she would transfer me to a case manager.

I was connected instead to the lowest level of tech support. I said I was holding for a case manager, and that I needed to be connected to someone else. He connected me to a blank line. I redialed, gave my info again, told the story again, and was reconnected, again, with the
lowest level of tech support, who asked me once again for my info, my story, and then did finally manage to bring a case manager on the line, who wanted the serial number for the refurbished computer, which I did not know, having sent it in the day before. Then he informed me that my case number was connected with a computer registered to someone else.

Then he said that because I had sent it in through Radio Shack, I would have to talk to THEM, and that calling HP directly would not do any good unless it was about a repair. I am sure I sounded as dumbfounded and angry as I felt. HP WOULD NOT help me resolve an issue with my in-warranty defective product(s) because I used an Authorized Service Provider to mail them to HP? What? At that point I sent an email to HP CEO. A few days later, having received no response, I called Radio Shack the lady there told me they were just the facilitators. She called HP and they again, offered me a refurbished replacement which I accepted. A few days later I received an email from HP which gave me some hope that my cased was being reviewed.

Meanwhile, the second replacement laptop arrived at my local Radio Shack. When I went to pick it up, I noticed it was a 17" model. I had specifically requested a 14.1 inch. I had Radio Shack send it back. I then received an email from HP with a number and "passcode" for HP in California. I called them today. As soon as the "customer service" agent heard "radio shack" he refused to hear anything else I had to say - he didn't even let me explain the issues. He said that HP had a contract with Radio Shack and could not help me directly, that I would have to go through Radio Shack. When I told him that Radio Shack said they could not help because it was an HP product, and that I was looking for help from HP - the manufacturer of the product - he said, too bad. HP will not help. I explained that I thought Radio Shack was just sending it to HP for me - he didn't care. "They should have explained it to you", he said. He got quite snippy, actually, interrupting me multiple times, and I was almost in tears. He refused to let me talk to his supervisor.

I asked several times to talk to someone else; he said I was welcome to call back, but I would get the same answer. HP will not help. I will press Radio Shack next, but I have little hope. Due to HP's lack of customer service, I am still without a computer - almost 3 months into this debacle. I will never buy any HP product ever again - buyer beware!
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Direct e-mail for HP Main Corporate Office in Palo Alto, California
Posted by Sonnyboy110 on 09/13/2004
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- e-mail address for HP( this one will get thru to the Main corporate Office in Palo Alto at 3000 Hanover Street -- I know because a person in the Legal Department gave it to me for a response, so it works guys: now bombard em with angry e-mails.


That will go directly into the:

MAIN CORPORATE OFFICE at 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, California 94304-1185

and won't they be surprised at all the angry e-mails they receive.
Let em have a real barrage of valid and justified complaints; they need to hear what is happening to their customers: the very folks that they abuse, insult and deceive.
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Posted by mantha on 2004-09-13:
I like my HP products. I think i will send them a thank you email. Thanks for the email address!
Posted by liquidice on 2004-10-15:
HA, this will give HP employees something entertaining to read at work.
Posted by Hain on 2005-07-07:
Email all you want, what will happen is that each email will be turned into a case which will be assigned out to Quality Case Managers, outsourced to centers worldwide (including overseas). The manager assigned will in turn call you back and deal with the case depending on your options.

Don't view it as an easy fix, as a hotline to anyone who matters, or as a corporate complaint line. We dealt with Corporate Office on a daily basis, the emails are forwarded directly to Boise, ID to the HP outpost there, chunked up and distributed to the various call centers where the managers are stationed.

I was one for almost two years. Know the procedure in & out. Case Managers are given guidelines they *do not* deviate from under *any* circumstance. So the callback you receive will *not* be from Palo Alto, nor will it be from Corporate Office. And it isn't an automatic new system, even *less* of the time (less than 1% I'd estimate) it's a refund, and it's not necessarily going to be a ruling that is to your liking.

Still want to commence that bombardment?
Posted by jenniet on 2007-11-29:
I tried this email and it bounced back:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table
Posted by Saoirse Beck on 2007-12-08:
Hain is right. This might get you a case manager, but it really wont get you any further ahead. You could also contact the corporate team here:

but either way, it goes to a case manager.
Posted by Mazhar Siddiqui on 2012-01-10:
How can we get in touch with a Case manager?
Posted by dawn on 2013-12-22:
this was in response to a survey sent to us from Hp.
my scores above are for the other customer service reps. and supervisor lisa who dropped the ball promised to help and did not. Said she'd call us back after first conversation never did. When calling in with an issue so many different people you talk to names become a blur. But the worst (check your recorder for a name) her statement was the stupidest I've ever heard. she wanted to send FEDX to pick up the system @ a time my husband explained he had to have surgery. She told him to wait for fedx before leaving for the surgery. Really!!!!By the way Fedx did show up we where not here... DUH. Next morning ( day of surgery we get another call my husband explained he did not have the time to talk about this issue, time to head for dr.'s office (another stupid statement is made by your Rep.) Don't leave yet I'm putting you on hold I'll I be back in a few minutes..REALLY!!!! Fedx finally arrived picks up both computers...Let me explain something I have worked for a local computer company here for 14 yrs. As a purchasing and receiving manager I handle all RMA'S if I treated our customers the way your people did us I would not have a job. My husband decided to Purchase the systems through your web site instead of where I work as to surprise me for Christmas. That worked out great didn't it We had to return two defective computers to Hp and we @ this moment are out over seven hundred dollars. And Christmas is in 3 days. Of course I know there can be problems with new system's rolled out and for the most part HP has good products but to have 2 systems with the same issue is not good someone is not doing their job. The most disappointing thing is Your customer service. I guess the funniest part is after 3 days of calls, hours on hold finally get this taken care of I get call from a supervisor who wants to offer me a discount for 2 new systems. Alittle to late don't you think where was she when we needed help!!!!!! Will I recommend HP to others NO... Will any of what I have written mean anything to Hp probably not. Have I wasted my time telling you all this probably!!!!!
Have a Merry Christmas
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