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Office Jet Printer 8710 Printing Horiz. Lines & 8720 - Ink Depleted When It's Not
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Ist I bought HP Office Jet Pro 8710. 1 year later: It started printing about 100 pages with black horizontal lines which I couldn't stop - or figure out why - so I tossed the printer, but kept the ink I had just purchased for about $150. Barely used.

2nd I bought an HP Office Jet Pro 8720. 6 months later: it said low on yellow ink. I put in my saved ink from previous printer, suppose to work with this one also. But It won't recognize it's full. Back to store, I bought new Yellow ink (which is expensive) & the printer won't recognize it's full either! So frustrating, expensive & waste of time. This is now also happening on my Magenta.

3rd - I called HP Tech support - (India & the Philippines), they can't hear me & are hanging up on me. Does anyone know of a US phone number for Tech support? Or can anyone recommend a good U.S. Manufacturer for Printers that I can buy from - that has Tech support in the Good old U.S.A. I don't mind paying more - since I've already wasted so much on HP ink; printers & time (costs $$$).

HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A All-In-One Printer Issues
By -

I purchased a HP OfficeJet Pro 8500A All-In-One Printer on March 12, 2011. The deal at the time is they would give you $50 for your old printer if you purchase a new HP printer like the one that I bought. The initial price at the time was on sale for $179.98 minus the $50 they gave you for the trade to bring the price down to $129.98. Seemed like a great deal… NOT.

Since I purchased this item I have had nothing but problems. The major issue is that it goes into sleep mode and it will not wake up unless you unplug the power from it and plug it back in. It is a wireless printer on a network and I can't be unplugging and replugging it in all the time to get it going.

Once you do that it also takes several minutes while it goes through a system test mode. In addition the fax system would not work properly and it would try to send in a page that was not there and then the fax would fail because it thought there was a paper jam when there wasn't. Even when you scan it wants to send in a page that you do not have, which causes and extra blank page to come up on your screen. I contacted their customer service center and they had me download software but it did not correct the problem.

On 4/14/2011 I emailed their CEO, and gave them all the issues I had with my printer. They then put me in contact with ** a service representative ** had me download new firmware that seemed to correct the fax issue but not the other issues. They then informed me that there is a firmware issue with some of these machines but it has not been resolved. He said he will send me a refurbished machine to replace my new machine. I was not happy about this. Regardless, I did the exchange and spent more of my valuable time getting this machine set up.

Again I had the same exact issues as the old printer. I contacted **, HP customer service and he had me push buttons on the screens to get it to open up to a special screen that consumers can't get to unless they know the secret sequence, to reset some parameters. No matter what I did, my machine would not go to those screens. Therefore, John said they had no choice but to buy back my printer. On 5/26/2011 I faxed them a copy of my receipt so that they could refund my $179.98 + $7.80 tax for a total of $187.78.

On 6/5/2011 I send ** the customer service representative I was dealing with and letter asking what they are going to do since I never heard back. On 6/8/2011, I wrote to their CEO again and wanted to know about my issue with Case # **. They called me and left a message to call them at 1-800-756-0708 option 7 and assigned me a Case # **. I contacted them and they put me back with **.

** informed me he would only pay me $129.98 and not the $50 for the Printer they bought and recycled, because he said my printer is being treated like a coupon. Staple's sends them back to HP. Therefore, I feel I am not getting a good deal. If they buy back the printer they will only send me back $129.98 of my money and now I am out my old printer which I can't get back. It is like trading in your old car for a new car that turns out to be a lemon, and then the company buys back your lemon car but they don't pay you for your trade. They are treating my old printer like a coupon and it is not. How would you like it if your trade in was treated like a coupon?

After talking with **, he said he wants to send me a $75 gift card for their HP store in exchange for my Printer. Sounds like a good deal but the same printer is now $199.99. Therefore, if I use the $122.98 plus the $75.00 can only buy the same printer which has firmware problems or a less expensive printer which doesn't have the same options that I want. To be truthful, I don't want another HP printer ever again. If I repurchase the same printer and it doesn't work they will only give me a gift card for HP. I am now stuck with HP for a long time dealing with their issues.

All I am asking is for my $187.78 which includes tax, which is what I paid for it. I really would like a class action lawsuit filed against HP because they should not be selling Printers in PA or the USA that have defective firmware. I am not talking software, I am talking firmware. This is so unfair to consumers and a total rip off. Trading in old equipment is not a good deal in this instance. I could have sold it at a flea market and made some money on it.

Lousy Ink Cartridges, Poor Customer Service
By -

I've owned this HP printer for almost a year now, and have changed ink cartridges about five times. I have never had an ink cartridge print as many copies as the package claims it will print, but the last cartridge I purchased takes the cake. The package promised to print 200 pages. Well, I managed to print two documents totaling a whopping 26 pages before the ink cartridge ran dry. I contacted HP by email to request either a refund of my purchase price (14.99 + tax), or a replacement cartridge.

Well, first off--I already knew the "yield" of this cartridge-- it was printed on the packaging material. I did not need someone to send me an internet link so I could read the same damn thing again. Secondly, I can't run a "self-test report" without a tri-color cartridge installed along with the defective black cartridge. And believe me, I'm in no mood to run out and purchase one after my experience with their cartridges up to this point. I will NEVER buy another HP product as long as I live. I don't have money to just flush down the drain like this.

In Case Of Problems - Hp Won't Be There!
By -

I just purchased an Officejet 8500 PRO All in One Printer, and warn anyone considering a similar purchase to think long and hard. I have always used HP printers, and in fact have two others right now - and never really had an issue. But that is the point. I never really had an issue. Until now that is. I can tell you that if you have an issue - you are on your own!

I installed this new printer Sunday, and all seemed fine. Then I received a message that an update to the software was available and that I should download it to solve a number of known issues with my version. I did this, and all of a sudden the Solution Center software that controls all the features of the printer would not work. I immediately called Tech Support, and for the next 6 hours had two different techs taking over my computer to solve the problem.

The techs uninstalled and reinstalled the printer and software, went into the register to fix issues, and I don't really know what else. In the end they could not fix it - and to add insult to injury - my networked Laserjet 3600 was no longer networked and could not be accessed. So with their fine help, I was down two printers. They said they would escalate the case to higher level tech who would call me within 48 hours.

I waited two days, and after not receiving a call I again called tech support to check on my status, and was told the request for a higher level tech was again made and that I should expect a call either that day or the next. When I did not receive a call back, I called Corporate Headquarters for help. In my experience, headquarter people are generally more consumer friendly and want to do what they can to assist their consumers - but NOT HP!

I spoke with a Support person in the executive office, who did immediately connect me with a Case Manager from the Mexico Call Center. After reading my file, he told me that the Solution Center Software that runs the printer is a "bonus feature" shipped with the product - and HP did not support it. The fact that there is an issue with the Register is not their fault because I granted them permission to get into my system and work on it. So this is my fault.

The fact that after their techs finished monkeying with my Register and now my networked Laserjet no longer worked would necessitate my calling back tech support to have this out of warranty printer trouble shot - at my expense - because they have no responsibility there. Hugo refused to even attempt to do anything for me, just advising me to call DELL (my computer is a Dell thank God) and have them assist me with a full system restore -after which I could try and reinstall the printer and hopefully not start the process all over again. When I was less than pleased with this solution, I was told he was closing my case and hung up on me.

So HP's customer service has me overpaying for an HP Printer because of the name, Paying Dell to repair what they messed up, and then paying HP to get my Laserjet up and running - all the while praying that this will all work! What service! I did not give up yet, however. After all, this is a really large American Company. I called back the Corporate office and spoke to the Customer Service person I spoke with originally. Her first suggestion was that I replace my computer with a new one - preferably an HP (yea, right -in your dreams). She then said she would have another Case Manager call me back - and I said fine.

Guess what. My Good Buddy from yesterday called me back - and asked me if I had called DELL yet! He smugly advised that he was my case manager and I could speak with no one else. He kept saying that if I "would not work with him" there was nothing he could do. By that he meant paying Dell and then paying HP to fix the problems they caused. I was still not satisfied, much to my case managers surprise, and asked if he could at least see if there was simple problem in the Network setup of my Laserjet that he could spot. He refused.

I asked if he would assist me in removing all traces of the Printer and software from my system - and he refused. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and he said "supervisor's don't take calls" - and refused. He just continued to admonish me for refusing to work with him - said he was closing my case - and hung up on me. So remember - if you purchase an HP peripheral, you jeopardize your entire system and should anything go wrong - you are on your own. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horrible Horrible Customer Service
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I am a newbie to this printer and about a week ago I put my SD card from my camera in the front of the printer. It was the first time I had done that and on the computer popped up all the pictures, I was able to choose the ones I wanted to save and then email. Yesterday HP said they had some necessary updates for my printer so I updated. Today I tried putting my SD Card in and nothing popped up on the computer as last time so I called HP to find out what I had done wrong or if those updates had changed something.

First I had to stay on hold for about 10 minutes then I was connected to someone I guess in India I couldn't even understand him his accent was so thick, I asked to be connected to someone in the US. He transferred me to someone with an equally thick accent in the Philippines so again I asked to be transferred to the US, she transferred me to someone else in India.

Still I was unable to understand them but after about 15 minutes I got it that they were telling me to hang up and call again and that I would be given an option to push to get someone in the US, totally untrue but I tried again. It has now been over an hour and I still hadn't found anyone that had any technical ability to answer my question that I could even understand.

So I tried again to make this call and got another woman in India in Calcutta that I could barely understand but I realized that I was never going to be able to speak to someone in the United States although that was where I bought my printer, so I tried to ask this woman ** my question. She was unable to help me until I gave her my phone number, email address, name first & last, type of printer, serial number and various other information that had no bearing on my question.

She kept saying without your number I can't help you. What does my phone number have to do with this question???? I gave her the type of printer and then called in my neighbors yard men to help me move all this furniture to get to the backside of the printer for the serial number. We couldn't find any number on the back of the machine that started with the letters she required so she told me how to print out a self test diagnostic page. Why did she wasted all my time with moving all the furniture, she knew it was very hard for me to get to the back of the printer I told her.

Even after all that it has now been over one and a half hours she put me on hold again for 10 minutes and did Lord knows what. She comes back on the line and I again ask her how to get the pictures to show up on the computer screen. She again asks me for an email address which I refuse to give her because I don't ever want to hear from her or this company or get there spam. So she says I will be unable to help you without an email address.

I refuse and again she puts me on hold. After holding for another ten minutes she comes back and says that there must be something wrong with the hard drive on my printer and to put something on the glass and print it. What that has to do with anything I don't know but I am a newbie so I do that and it prints correctly. Then she says to put the SD Card back in my camera to see if it is working.

Too make an end to this horrible experience I asked if she had any idea what I needed and if she was going to be able to answer my question. Nothing just total silence again. All in all every time I asked a question I got total silence from her and still after 2 hours I didn't have an answer to my question.

I called a friend and in 2 minutes she had answered my question. I could kick myself in the bottom for not just waiting till my friend got to work and calling her but I never dreamed I would get such terrible service from HP.
I suggest that no one ever buy equipment from them unless you have a friend that can help when you get into trouble. I know I will never buy another HP product

Hewlett-Packard Tech Support Worthless
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Rating: 2/51

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- Several months ago HP Tech support was called, because our printing was of poor quality, and varied greatly. Tech support phone number 1-800-474-6836 was called and the "technician" quickly told me that my printer was out-of-date, had a part deep inside that couldn't be repaired, and our printer would have to be replaced. Offered me a new printer at a "very good discount" and seemed disappointed and reluctant when I decided to confer with my spouse before making a purchase. A friend visited later, we replaced the ink cartridge and the printer has been working well ever since!

Today I attempted to "scan" a document which I needed to email quickly, and the printer window said the USB was not connected. Since we had been printing computer documents with no problems, we called the above phone number for Tech service again, and this man (maybe the same one) said the same thing, almost word for word. My printer was out of date, couldn't work with my computer, and he could sell me another one. No help at all to find out why my printer and computer have been working together just fine, but nevertheless when asked to scan, the printer reports that they are not connected.

Finding a phone number for Hewlett-Packard online, I called, explained my problem to a pleasant young woman, and she apologized for the situation, said she couldn't help me but would connect me with a tech support managerial level, and that I should inform them why she went directly to them. The "manager" seemed not to understand my plea for a tech support person that would not try to sell me a new printer, but help to solve the problem. She said she had no control of whom I would be connected with, and I might need a new printer! The conversation went downhill from there. Needless to say, we don't plan to buy another Hewlett Packard product!

Misleading information on the jacket of the product
By -

My spouse purchased HP photo paper specifically because it said #1 SELLING BRAND inkjet photo paper. Usually I use Kodak for my Dell printer. I can only suppose he thought this would be the better choice. The first page used an enormous amount of black ink and the picture was very very dark. My printer ink dropped by 7 pages from 1 printed page for available ink left. I changed settings and it was much better but the picture quality was not vivid at all.

At this point I contacted HP through their support chat line. They in turn said to talk to their technical support. Hello this is not a technical issue. Then they suggested that I contact the store I purchased it from because I did not order the paper from their web site. If I had I would have had 21 days to have it taken care of. I requested to speak to her supervisor and so that took place. This person simply said that their products, though they did not want me to be unhappy with their product line, was for HP products. I looked everywhere on the box to see where it said that info. I finally found the words on the back "Optimized for HP's latest inkjet" in small font.

I spoke with the retailer I bought it from and they said they would up to 6 weeks return my money even though a few sheets had been used. TOO BAD for HP that they don't follow the return program the retailer stands by. I would think the manufacturer would be more anxious to make their product customer happier. NEVER would I buy a HP product again. Sadly I was considering a HP printer this Jan. 2010 or a Cannon. I think you can figure out who I will go with. I rank this company even more than the product now a (0) Note to HP, in this economy people do not need to be making unwanted trips back and forth to a retail store and get a product which was marketed misleading.

Mistreating consumers/Very poor customer service
By -

I purchased an HP Office Jet J4680 All in One Printer approximately one year ago for approximately $180.00. In this one year period of time, I have spent a MINIMUM of $366.00 in black and color cartridges. I'm quite certain the amount is even great, but I am supplying a low estimate. When I have tried using local ink/cartridge suppliers for a much discounted rate, I received messages on my printer that my printer cartridge was "incompatible" and my printer would not work.

To say that Hewlett Packard is taking advantage of their customers is an understatement. There are no discounts, there are no coupons; you pay full retail price with NO other options. Just as AIG, the auto industry, health insurance and other greedy companies finally fell apart, I believe and I hope that Hewlett Packard receives a similar "wake-up" call.

While searching on the HP web site, there is nowhere (that I could find) to even send complaints, feedback, or even any customer service reviews. This is very telling as to how Hewlett Packard regards their relationship with their customers. I will never purchase another Hewlett Package product again and will extremely vocal to anyone who will listen that they could buy a new printer at least twice per year just for the cost of refilling ink cartridges. I would have paid $100.00 more for the printer had HP been reasonable with their toner prices and upfront with their so-called valuable customers.

If anyone knows of a link, web site, direct company address, contact information of any kind, I would be very grateful to have this information and send my comments and more DIRECTLY to Hewlett Packard. If it would not place me in a compromised position, I would post my comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Our country was hit hard with the economic downfall and how does Hewlett Packard respond to such a crisis and millions of people in desperate financial circumstances? They hide from their customers and continue to charge outrageous, greedy, gluttonous and come dangerously close to gouging the American public at a time when many people have lost or will lose their homes, have lost their jobs, cannot afford groceries, have wound up homeless and worse.

If I am capable of locating the proper forum/venue to reach thousands or even millions of people to warn them of Hewlett Packard's despicable practices, I would feel as if I could be of some help to people in saving some money in these difficult times. Again, if anyone can provide any additional information as to how to "get the word out," I would be very grateful.

The Worst Tech Support Ever!
By -

ROSEBURG, OREGON -- I had to call HP's tech support line because my new printer would no longer pull photo paper threw the photo tray. I called HP's tech support to see what could be done to remedy the problem. The first tech person went through all the trouble shooting with me and when he could not fix my problem he asked I call back in 5 minutes. I did ask how I would be connected to him and he said that he had my support ticket and it would go through.

Of course when I called back the second time I could not be connected through to that specific person. The second person started to have me go through all the same trouble shooting and at first I went along with it because she said nothing had been entered on the computer about my ticket number.

At the beginning of this phone call I asked to speak to a supervisor, was never given one. When we got done with the trouble shooting I explained that none of the trouble shooting was working and since the item was less than 2 months old, with a manufacturers defect, I wanted to know if it would be covered under the 1 year warranty. Next thing I knew the phone hung up. I called back and specifically asked to speak to a supervisor and this time I sat on the phone for 10 minutes before I hung up again.

The final time I called back I was assured I would get a supervisor and what do you know I was transferred to tech support AGAIN. This time the technician admitted all my phone calls were in the system. I had previously been told no info was entered in the system of the problems I was having. She initially asked me to once again go through all the trouble shooting and I said no, I had done all that, detailed everything I had done and was not going to do it again.

I wanted to know what exactly they were going to do to honor their warranty. They did say they would send a replacement but if I wanted it faster that it would cost me over 37.00 for shipping. I did ask if the product replacing the one I had was new and she said yes. So we will see. It took 4 Tech support agents to fix a problem that the first agent should have handled. All four asked me to do the same exact thing!!!!!!!! The total time on the phone to get my problem solved was over 3 HOURS. Worst tech support ever. Will debate ever buying an HP product again.

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