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HP's Total Care Review
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Rating: 2/51

I bought a custom built Pavilion DV6 last year. Last month (one month before the one year warranty expired), I couldn't get the laptop to turn on so I called HP Customer Care. The CSR got it up and running by having me remove the battery, unplug the power cord, and holding the power button down for 10 seconds. I was able to power up the laptop. Toward the end of the phone conversation, the CSR asked if I wanted to purchase a 2-year extended warranty for $199. Since my warranty was due to expire on the 6th of April, I decided to purchase it. Little did I know what was to come.

On April 20th, I couldn't get the laptop to boot up so again I called Customer Care again. This was 16 days after the one year warranty would've expired. Had I not purchased the extended warranty, HP would've said "Too bad, so sad" and I'd be left with a one year old laptop that I'd have to repair.

Back to the call: The CSR diagnosed the problem as hard drive failure. I had expectations that a product such as HP would not have such a problem with a fairly new machine. In doing some research on the internet, however, I've found that this particular problem on HP's products goes back YEARS!

A ticket was submitted by the CSR to have the hard drive and recovery discs sent to me. I was told HP doesn't deliver to PO Boxes so I told him that it could be shipped to my work address, and emphasized that it was my work address and not where the laptop was. An appointment was set up to have a technician come install the hard drive on the morning of April 27th. According to HP, a FOUR HOUR window is required which means I had to sit around and wait for four hours. I had to reschedule and cancel appointments, including a medical appointment so I could sit and wait for four hours!

Two days prior to the scheduled date, I received emails and calls from HP asking if the hardware and software arrived. I also received what I perceived as an email reminder that a technician was scheduled to come on the 27th and that the service address was at my work address! I called HP Customer Care to tell them and the CSR told me, "Oh, just tell the technician when he calls".

On April 26th at 8PM (the night before the scheduled technician arrival), I received a call from HP telling me ALL the service technicians were "busy" and wouldn't be coming. I was LIVID! Not only had I cleared my appointments for the morning and it was too late to schedule them back in, I had received emails just two days prior that a technician was coming! The CSR kept telling me she understood my frustration and guaranteed they were doing the best job possible. Seriously?

If HP Customer Care thinks their service is the best, they are in serious denial. The CSR must've repeated the phrase at least three times before I finally said "Look, your guarantee doesn't mean squat to me so quit repeating it over and over!" I couldn't foresee my frustration level was going to increase...

The next morning, I called HP's Customer Care again and demanded to talk to a supervisor, however the CSR wouldn't transfer me until *after* I repeated the entire tale again. Once the supervisor got on the line, I had to repeat the story again! He supposedly escalated my ticket and told me a technician would be calling me within an hour. Guess what? Over an hour later, no technician had called.

I called HP Customer Care once again. By this time, I was out running errands and didn't have my ticket number and told the CSR that. What is the first thing he asked me after my name? "Ma'am, do you have your ticket number?" HP Customer Care truly does NOT listen. The CSR looked up my name and told me I had two laptops... one under warranty and one not. No, I have one laptop.

Then he tried to inform me that it's not their "policy" to have a technician call in an hour. That it takes 24-48 hours to set up appointments. I responded back that I didn't care what the policy was, that the supervisor I talked to earlier told me a technician would be calling within an hour. I asked to speak to another supervisor.

Supervisor #2 told me Supervisor #1 didn't escalate it my issue properly; that he just sent it to dispatch. After an hour on the phone explaining the entire thing AGAIN, he put me on hold so that he could get a conference call with a case manager. He asked me for a 2-3 hour time frame on Sunday, April 28th for a technician to come and for a case manager to call. He told me a technician would be coming to install the HD and recovery discs (on the 28th), making sure that the computer was in running order before he left. Guess what? No one called. No one showed up either.

By this time, my frustration level was wayyyy higher than I am tall. I was so irritated and tired of the service HP Total Care had not provided. I made yet another call to HP. The CSR put me on hold while he read the notes on my account (because I told him to... I refused to repeat the story again). After about 5 minutes on hold, I was disconnected!

I called back again. CSR #2 said he saw in the system that I called a few minutes prior and that a request was put in to talk to a case manager. This CSR told me that case managers don't work on the weekend (remember earlier, Supervisor #2 told me one would be calling on Sunday?), that he didn't care what was said previously, they only go by what's in the system and somewhere along the line they had put in a request for my hard drive to be replaced on May 4th! Since the case was already "escalated", this CSR refused to give me to another supervisor because the issue was being "addressed" and that was the end of it.

On April 29th at 8:22PM, I received a voicemail message from case manager "**". What's with the late night phone calls? I work for a living and have to get up early. A second voicemail was received 12:32PM the next day from **. I returned the call at 6:21PM after I got home from work.

I did not reach **, but another case manager in queue who had an accent that I had difficulty understanding. When I asked to either transfer me to ** or another case manager who spoke clear English, I was told that I could communicate via email. I asked him how he thought I would do that since I have ONE computer that was broken. Then he asked, "What's the problem with your computer?" I responded, "Seriously? Have you not read the notes on my account?" He said, "I'm doing that right now."I hung up on him, frustrated once again.

On May 1st, I received a call from a repair technician located 3 hours south of where I live. Through the phone conversation, I learned that he thought the service call was going to where the hard drive was shipped. Keep in mind that I had the hard drive shipped to where I work because HP would not ship it to a PO Box.

When I received the email stating where HP "thought" the service address was, I immediately called HP and told them. The woman I talked to said, "Oh, just let the technician know when he calls." I ALSO told one of the "supervisors" during many round-and-round phone calls to them where the service address was... had to spell out my street address and city. Yet, they STILL had my work address as the place to repair my laptop!

The technician laughed at my complaints about HP and gave excuses as to HP's poor customer service. He said he didn't understand why they would want someone from so far away to repair the laptop. He said he'd contact HP and get back to me. On May 2nd, the technician left a voicemail message around 12:30 to confirm the repair on Saturday morning, May 5th.

Since I have added a second hard drive to a desktop PC years ago (not an easy task to connect two HD's, btw), I decided that a laptop couldn't be that hard. I opened the box HP sent me to find step-by-step instructions on how to do it! It took me all of 8 minutes to remove the faulty one and install the new one. Yet, HP wanted a technician to drive 3 hours to do this??? Installing the OS took longer... several hours to reinstall using the restore disks sent by HP.

On May 3rd, I used the box and packaging material that the replacement hard drive came in to return the failed hard drive. I put the return slip in with it and placed the FedEx return label (both provided by HP) on the outside of the box. I dropped it in the FedEx pickup box located on the lower level of the local banking center building. It was due for pick up at 5:45pm on the same day. I called HP and politely told them to cancel the technician and to note I returned the hard drive. Not surprisingly, HP did not contact the technician and tell him that the service call was cancelled. He actually wanted me to sign a paper that he did the work so he could get paid. Uh no.

The next thing I know, there's a voicemail from a lady at HP stating that I *just* cancelled the service call and to call them back. The number I was given was for AT&T! So, I called HP's Customer Care and the CSR could see on my ticket that I had called to cancel the appointment and that I had sent the faulty hard drive back. He "assured" me that he was going to see if the appointment could still be cancelled. What? It should've already been canceled!

I also asked about why I was given a number to AT&T. He said AT&T was their internet service provider and that the lady probably gave the wrong number. Interesting... I was put on hold while he tried to rectify the problem. After 5 minutes, I hung up.

When I purchased the HP Total Care warranty, I received an email stating I could and I quote exactly, "take full advantage of HP's award winning Total Care service and support programs, giving you the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing that HP will take care of you if you need help with your HP or Compaq products." Based on my experience, I did not receive award winning service nor did I feel HP "took care" of me. Not only did I get poor service, I was given false and misinformation. I spent hours on the phone with HP's Total "Care" and received nothing but VERY HIGH levels of frustration and irritability.

The only good thing I have to say is that HP shipped the replacement hard drive and restoration CD's relatively quickly. HP's "Total Care" needs some serious help! I sincerely hope that I do not have any other problems with this HP laptop now that I have experienced HP's Total "Care".

HP Breakup
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- You can keep the $100,000+ of Hewlett Packard equipment I (and the companies I have purchased for) have spent with you over the last fifteen years. Though we've been together a long time, it has come time to part ways. I feel like I am ending a long romantic relationship. We'™ve been through a lot together but I still have a lot of good buying years left.

You see, you're just not the person I met fifteen years ago. Back then you were attentive and accommodating. When I had a problem you'™d work with me, as a team, and we'™d both be happy at the end. Now, however, it has really become all about you and I feel like as the years have progressed you have just taken one Liberty after another with me and now this relationship has become all about what I can give; and what you can take from me.

There are a lot of youngsters out there who have expressed an interest in trying to make something meaningful together and truth be known, I've really started to listen to what they'™re saying while my faith in you has just continued to dwindle. I find myself in a sad place as I know that tomorrow you will just go out and find someone else to fill the void while I will be trying hard not just to find somebody to take your place but someone who'™s truly worth everything I have to give; something that will last a lifetime.

Though it comes at some great personal pain to end this relationship to which I have become so accustomed, the promise of a new, happier life is with someone special is just too great an opportunity to pass up. So this is farewell. I am looking forward to a life without data loss, cheap and faulty components, and your deaf ear and cold shoulder to cry on. I really do wish you the best in life and will always look back fondly on the good times we had early on in our relationship. All I hope is that at some point you will see that in the end: It'™s not me; it'™s you.

The past twelve months of my professional life have been characterized by continuous hardware failures, inadequate support, and sub-standard products. It all began with a faulty RAID controller on a proliant server but in the end it is a $700 pavilion desktop that has me saying goodbye forever to Hewlett-Packard.

In 15 years of being an IT buyer and a SERIOUS brand advocate for HP, I have NEVER had this many problems with HP's products, support, and customer service. In twelve months I have experienced two major failures in my proliant servers, a bad hard drive in one laptop, the same issue in a netbook, and now a faulty SATA controller in a pavilion desktop. With each failure came the loss of priceless data and countless man hours' worth of work.

For the first time in many years I had to call HP support today and I am appalled at what HP considers to be customer service these days. The inbound call center was located in India and the support and escalation process with deplorable.

Now...I outsource to India as well and completely understand the economic benefit of $3/hr labor, however, are we really still learning that India and other countries are NOT the best place to centralize customer service operations?

My phone call began with ** (his assigned name I am sure) in regards to a dysfunctional SATA controller installed on the Pegatron M2N78-LA motherboard. I was informed by ** that in order to diagnose (yes you read that right, DIAGNOSE!) the problem, I would have to pay $100 via credit card. I was less than enthusiastic about paying $100 to diagnose a what is obviously a hardware failure in the integrated SATA controller on the motherboard of this unit.

** informed me that my desktop computer was "Out of Warranty" and that he was unable to help without collecting the $100. I informed ** that I would not be forking over $100 so that he could tell me my SATA controller was bad. ** then basically told me I was SOL and without paying the fee, I wasn't going to make any progress with him. ** and I continued to go back and forth on the matter whilst he consistently reminded me "There is nothing free in this world" to which my response was "The computer wasn't free".

After about 40 minutes of our back and forth banter about what I expect customer service to be and what HP is willing to provide "by policy", I asked to be escalated up in the process. ** informed me that his supervisor "Refused to speak to me" as it is against policy to do so under HP rules and guidelines. I fought ** for another twenty minutes about letting me speak to this Supervisor; who he named as "**" when ** figuratively threw up his hands and simply stopped responding to me.

That's right, didn't hang up (because apparently that too is against HP policy) but instead, just let me talk to myself for ten minutes. At the end of those ten minutes **'s voice appears again and his only words are: "Sir, I am transferring you to a supervisor now". I am placed on hold for just a moment and a new voice (self identified as **) appears on the line.

** reiterates that because my computer is a few months out of warranty, I will have to provide the $100 necessary to diagnose my computer. I ask ** point blank: "œThis computer is just over a year old and the on board SATA controller has gone bad. Is HP going to be willing to replace this component or am I going to be expected to pay for it?". **'™s response was this: "If the on board SATA controller is bad, you will need to purchase a new motherboard at your own expense."

So: For this $700 computer I need to pay $100 additional to have HP "œDiagnose" the problem then another $300 for a new motherboard? I don't think so.

I am so disappointed, I really Liked HP
By -

I have used many HP products in the past, and was satisfied. When I purchased my very first home unit I had a horrible experience with my HP Pavilion dv9000 series laptop. From the beginning there were issues with the memory and frequent shut downs. Fortunately I had a warranty and used the support available. I was told by the technicians that the problems I was experiencing were errors I committed in usage. As a casual computer user I took them at their word.

I find now that my problems were in reality related to nVidia causing a problem with motherboard, memory, etc. Long story short, my machine went completely out of service just AFTER my warranty and an extension issued by HP had also expired. The unit was literally smoking. At the time I was in a bind, and purchased another machine and placed the old one in the closet.

A few months later, I happened to overhear a conversation regarding the almost the exact experience with the HP Pavilion dv9000 series. The gentleman informed me that HP had promised to do the repairs for free since it was an intrinsic problem with interactions of software and hardware. I was so excited because I really did prefer the Windows XP to the VISTA I now used, and erroneously thought that HP was concerned with keeping long-term customers satisfied. I do believe this problem with products and services is quite widespread, based upon the review of message boards for HP and for your competitors.

I have contacted the office of the CEO office previously and received a pre-formatted e-mail response...shoddy service again! I have tried the on-line chat (disconnected 3 times!). I have tried calling (several lengthy phone calls, and the poor men in the offshore call center were helpless to address the situation, plus the communication was strained due to my inability to understand them at times.)

The most appalling thing that I find with the whole situation is that when I finally spoke to the so-called supervisor, and asked to speak to his supervisor regarding my displeasure...I was told that "Upper level supervisors don't talk to customers, I have the authority to make this decision. The best I can do is a repair for about $300.00 US. Your machine failed outside the extension. You should have kept up with the updates on the extension we put on the website (Monitor a website for a product that is no longer functional...that is certainly an interesting way to spend my valuable time!). This is really not our problem, at this point we are doing you a favor."

I was also informed that to pay for the repairs I had to verbally give my credit card information to him. It cannot be reasonable in these days of online theft for HP to seriously expect a customer to give sensitive financial information by unsecure means!

I paid over $1500.00 US 3 1/2 years ago for a piece of equipment (not to mention the purchase of an expensive printer/FAX/scanner at the same time!!) and you are doing me a favor by repairing it for about half the cost of a new computer today? Even though this is a problem regarding the software and hardware that HP designers chose? I don't think so. I am requesting again that the repairs be made at no charge to rectify the problems I have experienced.

I have told this story to anyone I know considering a new computer or other technology. I work for a large university and am on a committee for new technology purchases. During our meetings HP has been discussed as an option, but several other people have also not had good experiences with customer care. Bad customer service damages your reputation and in the long run will cost you a great deal of business. In this economic climate bad experiences by even a few people can have a ripple effect on your bottom line.

I am requesting that you forward this correspondence to the appropriate person or persons on the board of directors. In addition, I hope this e-mail may inspire someone at HP to consider a review of your customer service policies, call center standards and to also take a hard at whether or not your choice to operate in this fashion will allow your company to continue to prosper in the future. Thank you for your attention in this matter, I eagerly await your response.

Hewlett-Packard Is Selling Extremely Defective Pavilion PC Models
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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I have a story to share about Hewlett-Packard. This topic has become huge. And despite tons of complaints, HP turns it back on loyal customers. And they continue to sell defective products, after tons of complaints about the models.

The Core i7-based Elite Pavilion desktops from HP; namely the e9150t and e9180t models, are highly defective. Just ask me. I'm on my 3rd PC for example. After contacting HP repeatedly about the constant freezing and blue screen errors, HP is still yet to give me an answer. This isn't the case of just a "bad batch" on the assembly line. We're talking tons of people with faulty PC's. Just check out HP's own forums, and you'll see what I mean.

Here is a brief description of the process I've been through. I bought my first e9150t with the i7-920, back at the end of June. It froze right out of the box, constantly. Not to mention the BSOD's multiple times a day. So being past the 21 day exchange mark, I had no choice but to send it in for repair. It came back to me with the exact same problems. Not to mention a nice scratch on the side of my brand new PC, and it was missing the rubber pieces on the bottom. I'm sure they took great care of my machine while it was under repair.

Next, I convinced HP to send me another e9150t, this time with the i7-950 CPU. Whoo hoo! It did the same as the last. It was even worse than the first one. This one not only had the freezing and BSOD's, but it randomly rebooted, and the back fan ran at full speed 24/7. I again, sent this one back and had HP send me the e9180t model this time, with the i7-975 CPU. It froze at the HP setup screen on the first boot. Upon restarting and logging in, it went straight to a blue screen error. The odds of getting 3 bad machines in a row are astronomical. Not to mention there are plenty of others who are now on their 3rd PC as well.

There is an obvious defect, most likely in the Pegatron motherboard that comes in the e9150t and e9180t models (Truckee v1.03 and 1.04). HP has turned a deaf ear to it's customers. I've contacted the executive office on the phone, sent multiple faxes and emails. Yet HP has yet to even admit that they see an issue to their customers. Tons of us have emailed Mark Hurd, HP's CEO, only to get a call from the executive office telling us they don't have an answer for us. HP has even been reported to the Better Business Bureau about the issue, with no response.

These are high-end PC's that are extremely defective. After contacting Pegatron about the issue, they directed me back to HP, saying that it's their problem. Countless people have said that if HP would only acknowledge the fact that they see the problems and are working on a fix, that would give them peace of mind. But apparently, that's too much to ask of HP. I'm sure they are sweating bullets trying to figure out how they are going to get out of this one.

I'm sorry, but I'm not the kind of person that let's a huge corporation like HP walk all over me. Something has to be done, and I'm not backing down and going away quietly like they'd like me to. If you'd like to get a glimpse of what's going on, just check out the HP forum for example: **. Be advised that out of the over 1,000 posts, the moderator on the forum has only posted in reference to advising someone how to Private Message. At no time out of all the posts, has the moderator tried to give advice or help customers going through this mass defect. Comments have been deleted by the moderator.

Also, on Expert Day in the forums, a topic called "e9150t, e9180t" was created. Customers asked the "experts" if they knew if HP was addressing these issues. Immediately the moderator told them that they were not posting on the topic, (which was PC Performance), and locked the forum they created. Let me see, how is trying to resolve a huge defect in your PC, not related to PC performance? It's like they are desperately trying to hide this as best they can. Here are some other articles that I'm sure will interest you as well: **.

HP Pavilion DV900 - Repaired Twice By HP With Known Broken Parts
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- A little over a year and a half ago I bought an HP Laptop (DV9000). It turns out there was an issue with the companies' Motherboards (Actually many HP motherboards have this issue, which makes them fall apart easily. Just search around, their computers are crap). Anyway, I sent in the computer twice, the first time they just reinstalled windows but left the motherboard with known issues installed, the second time they replaced the motherboard with another motherboard of the same exact type (Even though they knew they were prone to breaking).

At this point my computer was out of service for nearly 20 days due to sending it in repeatedly. HP then had the nerve to ask me to send it back again! They said "Well it's out of the normal warranty, but we've extended the warranty by two years" as if they were doing me a favor! They had to extend the warranty because there is class action lawsuits popping up over their PC's and way too many complaints. Before they became complete lemons they tried to cover themselves.

Anyway I filed a Better Business Bureau Complaint after telling HP I wasn't sending in my $1500 laptop for a third time! They basically blew me off. Here is my full Better Business Bureau complaint against HP. Take my advice, buy a different brand, you'll see why below: I am so pissed my plans are to post this 1000 times on various forums and to build an HP Sucks Website with my programming and design Skills.

"Complaint Description Posted To BBB - Posted 6/2/2009 9:49:19 AM: This problem extends nearly 2 years! In September 2007 and October 2007 my wife and I had to send a laptop back to HP to be repaired. The unit in question the HP Pavilion DV9000 CTO was known to have a bad motherboard which was to be replaced with a new motherboard model that would not have compatibility issues.

On the first occasion they simply did a software reset and sent the item back, on the second occasion they replaced the motherboard with the EXACT same motherboard type originally in the device even though it was known to go bad in a relatively short period of time. They also did not update the bios to even try to fix the actual problems. Now still under warranty in 2009 (The laptop has so many issues with the motherboard they had to offer an additional 2 years on the warranty) they want us to once again send in the laptop for repairs and another motherboard.

This has created a loss of wages as my wife uses the device for work and it has already been out of her hands for almost 20 days in total when shipping and repair times are included. HP has in no way attempted to actually fix the device instead relying on old worthless products.

Complaint Summary: Hewlett Packard has continually accepted a laptop back from me that has motherboard issues. The motherboard type is known to be defective. Resolution Sought: Replace the laptop with a working device (same specs or higher) with a non-defective motherboard and have us send the old laptop back at the time we receive the working device so there will be no lost wages from my wife's engagements. Or Offer a local service call to fix the issue by replacing the motherboard and wireless card with non-defective offerings."

Basically HP has NO ALTERNATIVE TO FIXING A LEMON DEVICE OTHER THAN TO REPAIR IT 3 TIMES. They will also NEVER escalate your claim. NEVER NEVER NEVER according to their own words listed above. They also will not offer expedited fixes on a third repair. That's right folks be ready to wait 14 days! Look for this same post 1000 more times and I'll post my new HP complaint site shortly.

After being such a loyal customer to HP they stabbed me in the back
By -

Over the past 15 years I have bought so much merchandise from HP, I've spent thousands of dollars on their electronics and up until now was satisfied with their customer service. In June of 2010, I needed to send my notebook (that I recently purchased from them) in for repair. The Notebook was out of warranty by one week so I knew that I would be paying out of pocket for repairs.

HP Tech Support informed me that my notebook needed several parts replaced (due to some coffee being spilled on the keyboard). HP promised to replace the several parts for a total of $400.00. I agreed and paid the $400.00 but when I got the notebook back I realized that several of the parts that were promised to be replaced were not.

Also they refused to give me my old parts back. The notebook was experiencing the same problems it had when I sent it in for repair. I spent another couple of hours on the phone with HP (being handed off from one person to another) and finally was given a ticket number to send the notebook back in for the repair that it should have had; that I already paid for.

An unusual amount of time for HP to contact me had gone by so I called them to check the status of my notebook. Another at least hour and a half on the phone between hold times and talking to several different people I finally got someone that could figure out what I was calling for. This tech told me that my notebook was sent out without being worked on at all, by accident of course.

I was assured that the notebook would be repaired as promised and in fact the technician whom I spoke with was going to call me the next day to make sure that HP contacted me regarding the repair. HP never called me. About a week and a half later I received my note book in the mail. I went over the repair sheet and noticed that several of the parts I was promised and PAID FOR were not replaced. The notebook was still not functioning properly. Back on the phone with HP I was trying to explain the situation.

This time one of the many technicians that I spoke with was rude to me and said that my computer was fixed and basically that was that. I became impatient at this point and told them that this is ridiculous and I want to talk to a supervisor. Reluctantly I was handed over to a supervisor after many, many minutes on hold. I finally convinced the supervisor that my notebook needs to be repaired and I've already paid for the repairs. I sent the notebook back again. No follow up call from the supervisor, in fact no call from HP at all. When I got the notebook back it functioned but not properly.

Still the speakers and the fingerprint reader didn't work, they were supposed to be replaced especially since it was paid for. I called the supervisor back and she told me to go online and I could download some sort of driver to make the fingerprint reader work. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from her, this was totally unacceptable to me and I told her so and hung up the phone.

A week or so later I called and left a message for the supervisor stating that the way they handled my situation was completely unacceptable and wondered what ever happened to HP's customer service because it really SUCKS now. I also left on the message that I would be contacting the CEO in hopes to find a resolution. To make a long story short... It was to my surprise that no resolution was made nor was any offered. All I got from the office of HP's CEO was a "Thank You For Your inquiry, we here at HP strive to keep our rate of excellence in customer service and we will direct your letter to the correct department".

A Couple of days later that same supervisor called and asked me if I were having a problem still. I told her "Yes, of course I am, nothing has changed, the notebook is still as it was when I last spoke with you". She stated that she spoke with the repair department and that my computer was repaired. I became too angry to speak with her anymore so I hung up the phone. I wrote back to the CEO's office and explained to them that handing my letter off to someone else didn't work and that I sent it to the CEO and that is who I want to read it or at least acknowledge it. Never heard back from HP whatsoever.

My notebook is still in the same condition and I'm out $400.00. I've never experienced such horrid customer service in my life. How unfair it is for HP to claim in magazines around the globe how excellent their customer service is. Unbelievable, I will never order anything from HP again. After going on the HP site today (only to look up their web address for this complaint) I see that there is a different CEO now.

Save Your Bread
By -

This dv6t select edition laptop has the 2.4ghz i5-450M processor, 4 gb ram, touch screen, in home warranty and the extra large battery offered. When I first started updating it and getting it ready for her out of the box my first impression was that it was rather slow and the construction was not that impressive. Finally around week 5 of owning it my wife starts using it daily and right away it started to crash if you lifted and slightly tilted the PC.

HP gives me the run around about a bad battery and or power cord and then supposedly bad power connection to the motherboard. At this point the computer was dead and would not start plugged in or on battery after 4-5 crashes. After more run around on the phone (not sure if the next day home service even exists) I'm told that instead of emailing me a FedEx label for me to return it to their service center in its original shipping package, they will fedex another box that turned out to be much the same.

After sending it in, I get a call about a week later that the computer is fixed and on its way back (it was just that the ram had fallen out of the socket which means it was never installed correctly) but that dust and a lot of use could cause this, but not to worry it was 100% Quality tested as well (true story mind you this computer maybe had 4 hours of use on it at a desk).

The computer arrives (looking like it obviously was not put back together correctly with bottom middle cover tabs hanging out on one side. It crashed again within the first ten minutes of use. At this point my experience with the case managers is that of complete horror. From the start they would not return phone calls and will only offer to buy the machine back for something less than I paid for it (I'm sorry their defective computer is somehow my fault).

Finally the last straw was with the manager of the case management department, who had promised to get an answer on a full refund and or different PC but has now blown me off as well and not gotten back to me with any update. I've never seen worse customer service in the PC industry. I had no idea that HP was this way also. I've purchased 4 HP machines for over $8K in the last 6 months and the others have been great. Never Again will I make this mistake.

I really did my research trying to find the right balance of power, performance and battery life for my wife who's a nursing student. I looked up reviews on CNET and in this process. Later to find out when I wrote a truthful review on it was tossed out because their fine print states that no comments about customer support and or service are allowed. Save Your Bread...

Poor Customer Service Quality, Not Living Up To The Warranty Not Repairing A Machine Under Warranty
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I bought this desktop computer a year ago from the HP website. It was purchased as Vista operating system with free upgrade to windows 7. Because of the economy I am in and out of my home for work relying on a laptop because the desktop is not workable. I have spent days on the HP computer service line a minimum of 6 hours per call. I had purchased the factory recovery discs, not made my own.

I was initially upgradeable to windows 7 and was running on windows 7 successfully but then couldn't get on the internet and then through many calls to customer service they had me go back to system recovery twice and the second time I could not upgrade to windows 7. So it was agreed that I would send my computer in for repair and they would make it upgradeable to windows 7.

I got the computer back under the initial factory Vista working system. I could not reload my files. It could not be upgraded to windows 7 because of a hardware issue. That is with the discs that came with the machine which said it was compatible under the advisor to upgrade to windows 7. I couldn't upgrade even with my father's commercial upgrade to windows 7. I couldn't get on the internet which I was able to do before I sent the computer off. I complained and they sent me to a Case Worker ** at HP who told me I had to go through the same thing again.

Doing another system restore to factory conditions and then upgrading to windows 7 which I had done unsuccessfully with HP customer service prior to sending the computer in. Then and only then could I send the computer back for another repair. I checked their website. They don't build this computer any more so clearly there were problems with it and I think the t probably meant test. They were foisting an expensive product (1500) off on the consumer which they no longer offer.

When they sent the machine back it was not repaired but it did have the factory Vista preloaded on it. They did not send the machine repaired and then gave me a run around. I'm taking it to get it repaired locally which means I won't be out of a computer for 2 weeks and then find it not workable again. HP does not honor its repair. They give the customer a run around. Their technical service is a joke mandating a 6-8 hour call. The case manager wanted to send me through the same procedures I had followed that were unsuccessful before I sent the computer off.

In contrast I bought an Apple ipod touch, under warranty I took it in because it stopped working and they replaced it no questions asked. I was very impressed with apple's warranty and service. Next time I buy a laptop or desktop I am buying Apple because they provide the service and warranty. HP promises something it doesn't deliver because the upgrade issue is hardware related on the windows 7 advisory, why I can't upgrade windows 7.

I bought a laptop and ordered a laptop from HP for my father. I have done a lot of business with HP and I will never order anything from them again. Their customer service is terrible and they do not repair what they were asked to repair and they do not admit that they are at fault. They just give you a run around until you are forced to spend the money elsewhere to fix what they should have fixed.

Customer Service For HP
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My wife has a HP laptop I just bought her for Christmas last year. I have the same one just the older model and have had it for about 3 years and 1 deployment. I am a very loyal customer of HP and recommend them to everyone until now. I recently experienced my first problem with their customer service department. My wife's computer just recently lost a key on the keyboard. The plastic connector that holds the key to the laptop broke. No big deal I thought I will just call HP and order the part to have it sent to me so I can fix it.

Well after about 2 hours on the phone with an Indian or Pakistani girl I could barely understand, they said they would call me back in 1 hour. This is at 11pm. I was staying up late doing some work so I thought what the hell. 3 hours later no call. It took two days and I finally got a call back from a girl in India or Pakistan who once again I could barely understand. (I am not trying to be rude about this as I am an affluent traveler and have lived in the middle east for an extended period of time over 2 years). It was just really hard to get past her accent.

Well she takes all my credit card information and the computer information as far as date of purchase, serial number, model number, etc. She confirmed that yes my laptop is still under warranty for 1 year and it won't cost me anything. She says they will send me a box to put the laptop in, send it away and then they will fix it send it back to me and all it will cost me is the shipping and handling. It was only $16.00 so I said OK. I got a series of confirmation emails and they even gave me a tracking number. Well 2 weeks go by and no box.

I call HP customer service and after trying to explain my situation to the Indian guy on the other end of the line he tells me that I need to send my original proof of purchase of the product in. I simply asked him why no one would have called me or emailed me telling me I needed the receipt faxed in. He gave me some long run around story that hardly made any sense so I simply thanked him and hung up.

I understand this is probably not that big an issue to most and it's certainly not the worst customer service I have ever experienced but it just perturbs me that in this day and age we can't have prompt customer service and the fact that you buy a $1,000 dollar computer and can't get a 5 cent piece fixed is absurd. I am a very loyal customer and this experience just put a bad taste in my mouth. So I called my local computer shop and they can fix it for me for about $5.00. Guess HP won't be getting my $16.00 anytime soon.

I only bought my HP because I thought it was a great deal and wanted to try something new. My previous computer was an Alienware and I had great customer service. Which is surprising since Dell bought out Alienware but I think my next laptop will be a Alienware.

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