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HP makes customers do more work
Posted by Sensualspirit on 04/20/2010
This is my e-mail I'm about to send to the Office of the President. (assuming it ever gets there since they blocked me from actually speaking to his office when I called).

It's really a shame that HP has turned into this type of company.

This e-mail is intended for the President - Paul Tsaparis

I have been buying HP products for years now & I'm SHOCKED as to how unorganized HP has become. I'm also shocked as to how much time I've had to waste every single time I call HP & how HP seems to like wasting customers' time by forcing them to provide serial numbers & model numbers each time they call. If it was the first time I could see the logic in this, but it's not, it's EACH TIME & the info is ALREADY in your system linked to my name & phone number.

Today I've wasted almost an hour of my time while I could have been working to build my company.

First I called customer service. When I had to jump through hoops again, I asked to speak to a manager. I was told I wouldn't be allowed if I didn't go get my heavy laptop & read off all the numbers again.

Then after hanging up I called Case Management & spoke to Trish who also refused to let me speak to a manager if I didn't waste my precious time by leaving my office to go all the way upstairs & get all this information that is ALREADY in your system. She gave me the 650-857-1501 number to supposedly speak to you, but of course that number got me nowhere.

Then I spoke to Sinchi who took down my previous case management number & put me on hold. The next thing I know, I get a Pam picking up the phone who had no clue what was going on & had no idea who was supposed to be handling me. AGAIN she asked me to repeat EVERYTHING. The pattern here is that HP is totally disorganized & doesn't respect a customer's time.

She transfers me to try & get Sinchi back & if memory serves me (who can remember what's going on when they speak to sooo many different people in a span of 20 minutes), Tina picked up the phone & then hung up on me.

Finally I called the Houston office where I was told I would not be allowed to be transferred to your office because I'm Canadian, that only case management handles Canadian issues. This is how Canadians are mistreated. One rule for Americans, another for Canadians & you are Canadian no less.

When I had a problem with customer service with Sony Canada, Sony US had NO problem speaking to me & getting the problem resolved within the hour.

Back to what happened to me...

At least the person I spoke to was kind enough to give me this e-mail address. We'll see if it actually leads to the Executive Offices & I speak to someone OTHER than case management who has failed to help me all because HP refuses to address my needs if I take a stand & refuse to waste unnecessary time by providing the same information that is already in your computer system.

I will be blogging about this entire experience because I feel other people who may consider becoming an HP customer should know that they will have their time wasted because HP has control issues & very disorganized. I'm sure your shareholders would also like to know this information.

Note: just from my quick search online, I can see that I'm not the only one who has had terrible problems with HP. There are TONS of other customers online who have been mistreated by HP.

All this because I called to get a UPS box sent to me so I could once again send back my laptop to get it fixed since now the mouse isn't working. I only purchased this laptop in August of 2009, have used it a total of maybe 10-15 times, & I've had nothing but problems with it since I brought it home.


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Posted by warddw1526 on 2010-04-21:
Why not write the serial number of the laptop down on a piece of paper, and keep it handy for when you call in? I am sure that they need the serial number confirmed so that if your product is getting replaced, they replace it with the same model.

As for getting a letter to the president of the company, he will likely not read it, and it will be forwarded to the case manager department. I work at HP as a technician, and that is generally how complaints are handled.

Also, HP Canada has a few different policies for return/repair/replacement than HP USA.
Posted by sensualspirit on 2010-04-22:
Last time I thought about writing it down on a piece of paper, but the problem was resolved & really, why should anyone have to keep that kind of info at their fingertips? If you have to, that means you are calling HP every day or week which means there are SERIOUS problems.

No one should have to be calling a company that often.

I know it's also because of how I was handled that this DEMANDING got to me. Then it brought back memories of the first time I had to jump through hoops for HP & waste my time arguing with them because they already had the info in the computer. I think this time is worse. Last time at least someone dealt with me & didn't say "no we aren't helping you" or hang up the phone on me or put me on hold & then someone else picks up & doesn't know what's going on.

And this time I completely forgot that they were going to force me to give it to them. It's been a few months since I last dealt with them so I had forgotten & again, the computer was upstairs & I was down here working & making the call at the same time.

Nothing gets my back up more than when I'm told I can't speak to a manager. That's passive aggression big time & I don't tolerate control freaks. It seems everyone I talk to over there just likes to control the situation at the cost of making the customer unhappy.

I'm a very logical person. When a company forces a customer to do something for no reason at all, I get my back up. If you explain the policy to me & it makes sense to me (I'm a smart person), then no problem, I'll abide by a company's policies.

Policies should be implemented, I definitely agree with that, but there's also common sense. That's the problem with such large companies, they plow over the customer with all their rules that make no sense at all & are USUALLY put into place because their staff isn't that smart. So because their staff isn't smart, they make a lot of mistakes & the more mistakes that are made, the more rules that are put into place & unfortunately some of those rules just make no sense.

They do this instead of hiring people who actually have a brain & common sense. Companies need both, procedures & staff who can work around the "script" when a customer has a good point.

As for needing the serial number to make sure they ship me the right replacement, no one was replacing anything. I was calling for the first time to relay a problem with the SAME laptop. Again, if I had purchased another laptop then I can understand demanding this information, but no one ever asked me if this was the same laptop as last time or I had purchased a new one.

Also since you don't know, when you ship it back, there's a piece of paper & it has to have all that info on there. In fact the waybill number is then attached to my customer number. (I assume)

Even if they then made me put the laptop's info on there, THAT makes logical sense to me because the paper could get mixed up with another laptop. I would have had no problem with that requirement.

It does NOT make sense to me that EVERY time I call about the same laptop that I should be FORCED to give them this information when it's right there in the computer.

As for the President, I know he won't respond back, but his executive assistant should. I don't want to deal with Case Management b/c they were part of the problem.

It's just clear to me just based on my experience (not to mention everyone else's) that HP has some major issues & I'm really starting to feel like I made a big mistake buying their laptop.

I also remember last time there was a somewhat mess & everything was disorganized. First this person was talking to me & he never sent me his contact info, then someone else was talking to me or called me & when I asked for her I was told she was no longer in that department. I never knew who was a manager, which department I was speaking to, etc.

Even so, that to me was a minute issue compared to what happened to me yesterday, but it's all part of the bigger issue. HP it too big now & their products & support have gone down the drain.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Posted by Johnnyrock on 2010-04-26:
Unfortunately, it's the world we live in that profit is the only goal for HP (and most others) at the expense of good relationships with the customers. If you've already given the necessary info, they should give you an 'incident number', and have you answer the 'secret reminder' question that should be filled out at the initial customer/company event for that specific problem.
Any new problems, and they have to qualify us to protect them from any identity or physical theft liability.
That said: because of how poorly and arrogantly HP has customized the hardware and operating system, I am going to buy a Mac for my next pc, which should be in the next 2 years. I generally get about 5 years out of a MS pc before it's too
time consuming to patch all the issues. Heck, I'm still on XP.

On the Canadian issue: it's consistent with the USA's history of subvert/overt jingoism. We forced Mexico to sell us the western half of the States over 100 years ago, but now some are complaining about 'illegal immigrants'. ??

My mom would tell you to keep the numbers handy, if you were her daughter.

Have a good day!
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HP Tech Support - Highest Level of Incompetence
Posted by Fish Grease Hot on 10/27/2009
I spent 6 hours with HP last night/morn. Almost one with the on-line chat to fix a software installation issue. This guy asks me the same questions not once but twice, I then knew he wasn't an expert and I ended the online chat. Then I called the 1-800 for support. Wow, support like you will NEVER want again in life. I was trying to get the Photosmart Premium (All in one and 1 week old) to print to the cd/DVD everything else works but this. Tech gains control of my computer (because I trusted that he was an expert) goes in changes some codes, has me to reboot and install the new windows 7 software (at least 3 times). After one and one half hours of waiting for it to install I tell the "expert" that this isn't normal. He tells me that my computer may be having problems. PLEASE! Yeah, probably right after he's screwed it up. Didn't have any computer issues prior to contacting him. After another one and half hours of going through rigorous functions he informs me my computer has issues. By this time I am bouncing off the walls, he transfers me over to the computer experts. I tell them that I had no issues with my computer (2007/hp spent $1900.00- custom built)but this guy tells me that I needed to register my core pack and transfers me to a unit that is what...closed. Now it's 2 in the morning and I had to be in my office at 6 A.M. This morning I get up and figuured out what they couldn't. I called HP to get an address to send a written complaint and was told by the supervisor (Canada)that they didn't accept complaints and I couldn't mail one in. Keeping my cool, because now I am on in the workplace, I asked if there was an email I could send my complaint to and was told no. At this point I knew I was dealing with the highest level of incompent individuals. This is what happens when companies outsouce services, the level of HP Tech support service is in the sewer. I have placed my frustration on FB and twitter. Now I am contemplating cancelling the new HP ($1300.00 dollar) computer that I have on order right now. I guess customer service isn't valued anyomore.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-27:
Did you ever think to try fixing it yourself first? You know: google the problem and see if there are any fixes?

As for the chat, the tech probably was not incompetent. He may have simply accidentally closed the chat window and did not see what you had responded with. Hence, the asking again.

With the tone and attitude of your complaint, and the comments you made about the chat and the techs incompetence, I am betting you used the same tone with the techs.

A little patience and calmness go along way. Remember, they can't SEE your problem. They aren't in front of your computer. So they want you to try the things they know and most common fixes first.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2009-10-28:
But they could see the problem becuase they remotely took control of the computer.

There is the option of asking for a supervisor when speaking to a rep on the phone. I know that they exist, and if they do not satisfy you, you could ask for a case manager. They may not be able to get a case manager on the phone for you, but one should call you back.
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Don't buy any HP products
Posted by Miriam Marie on 09/20/2009
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- My computer was working fine until last week when the screen went blank. Called HP they told me that it was a mother board defect, didn't bother to email me or send me information that this was going to happen. My laptop is out of warranty and even though this was a manufacture defect, it is basically my problem. They will fix it but they have to charge me. It is a shame because I would never buy another HP again & will let everyone I know not to buy one. Why would they make a computer, know that the mother board has a defect & put it out on the market anyways. This is highway robbery. I am going to let everyone that I can know that HP scams people.

Until my computer went blank last week how was I to know to look at their website. They should have never put a product out that was defective.
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Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-09-20:
So it was out of warranty by your own admission, and you still expected HP to cover the cost of repairs? How old is the computer?
Oh, and if you go around telling people that HP 'scams' people, your'e leaving yourself open to a libel lawsuit. Something to keep in mind.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-20:
It is out of warranty. ANY computer can have a mother board or any other problem. Best stick to not owning one at all.

Ever notice how if the company does kiss someone's butt they are the best company. But if they say NO, they are the worst and the customer is NEVER shopping there again? LOL.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-09-20:
Well, sure. No is a forbidden word in the world of customer service. And if they don't go to completely unreasonable lengths to ensure satisfaction, every employee is automatically useless and the company should be shut down.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2009-09-21:
If my computer screen goes blank, I don't know if an email would help me. I wouldn't be able to see it on my screen!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-09-21:
out of warranty is out of warranty

you want free parts for life or something?

things break down after a while, it's part of reality
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-21:
I'm totally baffled as to how one could diagnose a motherboard problem over the phone. Especially a problem like this. For all they know, the screen is unplugged. Take it to someone local and ask them how much to diagnose the problem.
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Be Forewarned
Posted by Disgruntled on 09/06/2009
I am a 34 year retiree of Hewlett Packard Company and have read many of the customer reviews concerning HP Customer Service. Because of recent issues with my brand new high end desktop computer that I purchased from HP I have experienced everything that you have all written about concerning HP’s Customer Service. I have cut and paste “one liners” from your reviews and present them below for others to see. I concur with every word said; it’s all true! I suggest that if anyone is considering purchasing from HP that they especially remember the last entry below: “BE FORWARNED”

“Hp does not listen to the customer”; “It has been nothing more than the biggest hassle”; HP did not bother to inform their registered customers…”; “Once they have your money the don’t care anymore”; “The final straw…”; “The run around begins…”; “Displeased with HP customer service”; “They don’t call me back as promised”; “it is obvious that no one is thinking”; “six weeks of troubleshooting with no resolution”; “most inadequate, disrespectful waste of time…”; “I do not have time to call HP every day”;
“basically their warranties mean nothing”; “the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing”; “supervisors are condescending & patronizing”; “a customer service representative should never berate & belittle a customer”; “needs to insure that customers are treated fairly and appropriately…”; “tech support is too ignorant to find & fix the problem… too eager to drop the problem”; “so much for in house service”; “I paid money for an extended service plan and so far I have received nothing but a headache.”; “they didn’t understand the problem”; “how many times will I have to tell my name, product & serial number”; “I feel like it’s a circus when I call”; “the language barrier is ridiculous”; “how awful they are”; “they keep telling me how sorry they are”; “tech support angered me more than the actual problem has”; “it’s been a nightmare…”; “he hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor”; “when I told them to transfer me to the customer survey… of course they hung up on me”; “he won’t listen to me…”; the case managers aren’t technical… and seem unsure how HP support works at HP.” “BE FORWARNED”

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-08:
I have owned computers for the past 20 years, and have experienced such things with different companies. However, MANY many problems can be solved if people would attempt to become familiar with their product. Most of the time, it isn't the computer, it is the USER. Always get the warranty paperwork.

I have had nothing but wonderful interactions with HP and my brand new computer. (I upgrade every 5-7 years).
Posted by Cheri on 2011-08-03:
My new Pavilion Elite Purchsed in March 2011 has been returned 2x and still crashes, Internet stops working, DVD/CD drive will not open with the external button, can not retrive last back up I ran when I sent it back 2 weeks ago. Do not ever bother calling 1-888-586-7727 the technical service number HP sent with the last repair. YOu get GAM BOUAGARD voicemail and I called 6 times with not one returnrd call. I finally got a Joke of a case Manager that called me 40 hours after I got the new COS number and he was not even prepared. Gary did not even read the notes to know what I have been through. This guy told me that part of the warranty says that after purchase the customers should do what is instructed by the INDIA service department no matter how long it takes, even if it involves removing the Hard- Drive as it only takes seconds to do and is within the REASONABLE effort as staed in the warranty. Then he told me since it has been over 90 days he had to get special permission to replace it. I told him I do not want any HP computer just my money back so I can purchase a MAC. DO NOT BUY HP FOR ANY REASON. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.....
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Let HP Know Your Frustrations With Customer Service
Posted by Disgruntled on 09/03/2009
As of Septermber 3rd 2009 I've had over 54,768 people read my reviews. I have also read review after review of unhappy HP customers in dealing with HP's Customer Service Help Desk. The consensus, and I agree, is that the technical ability of the people manning the help desk is way under par. You, as the customer with a computer related problem have been dealt a new problem that is more frustrating; dealing with HP's so called Customer Service. You are almost guaranteed the biggest run around of your life when you telephone them. Let it be known to the top manager of HP, Mark Hurd. You can google "HP's CEO" and scroll down the page to make your frustrations known. He states: "Please limit your use of this page to ideas and suggestions on how HP can better serve you" I recommend that you keep your comments respectfully short and leave out the details of the computer problems you are having. What he and his staff needs to know is your frustration in dealing with the Customer Service Help Desk and their lack of knowledge and ability to fix your problem. Remember... if they had the knowledge and ability to help you find the answers in fixing your computer problem then you would not be frustrated... would you? Please be advised that the CEO will probably not read your comments but will pass them down to his staff that should respond and hopefully give you a call on the telephone. HP's Customer Service has got to be improved and only you are able to force that issue. Good Luck
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Posted by LEXI_1 on 2009-09-17:
I HATE HP! HP you Suck!!!!!
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Hewlett Packard Company Support Ph# 1800 474-6836
Posted by David10512 on 01/09/2014
DIFFERENT LOCATIONS -- Dear Sir or Dear Madam,

I want to inform you about a terrible experience I've just had with Tech Support Ph# 1800 474-6836 in the Control Panel (System icon) information based in my current Hewlett Packard desktop Computer.
First of all I have been a Hewlett Packard buyer for the past (3) computers, buying one every 6 to 8 years and had plan to continue doing so. As I have purchased my first model in the year 1994 which I don't have the information on hand but the last (2) the model HP Pavilion 6645C SYS # D9948A SER # KR01326688 purchased in late 2000 and my current HP model # M9340F SER # CNX822119T Prod # KQ497AA-ABA purchased in 2008, HP Photosmart C4480 and previous Printers, Router and Ink Cartridges! (My info's in your base)
Last Thursday Jan 2, I was having computer problems pretty sure it was a Virus and I had attempted earlier for Techies Tech support to fix it first for a (1) time fixing for $59.95. They debited my credit card and proceeded by taking my Computer over by remote for 3 or 4 separate attempts spending much time on it from grade (1) thru (3) in experience. I am Computer savvy myself and told them basically what I had tried everything from Safe Mode procedure elimination thru Putting my Computer back in an earlier time thru Cache, Cookies thru downloading different Virus Tryout Programs. They could not eliminate what I believe is a Virus on my Computer & after the fourth try, they proceeded to credit back my card and advised me to contact the Manufacturer of my Computer thinking maybe they might know because of being the maker of it. I did not want to do a total System Recovery which I have done so in the past more than once when applicable because usually even though you backup your files usually you end up losing something you wish you had back.
So Last Thursday Jan 2, I called the HP above phone number and talked to a (Steven) I told him the problems that I was having and that I had Techies Tech support work on it and that they had problems and could not fix it. He just about guaranteed me that they could fix it and agreed for a onetime fee of $59.95.
Sounding extremely confident that the Hp Tech Support system could do so. He said he had heard of this problem and they fix them regularly. He just reiterated and continued to repeat again and again verbally that they can fix this. I proceeded to give him my card number and he told me to stay on the line as he hooked me up to a Tech specialist name (Tim). Tim proceeded to spin about 45 minutes to an hour trying to take my computer over by remote. I told him the Techies Tech support remote log in remote procedure was (logmein.com) but he said their software is different and continued to be unsuccessful. He told me he would have to call me the following morning because he couldn't figure out how to take it by remote; he said the next grade of Tech Support would be able to do it. I wanted them to continue because it says there in the Control Panel Icon information Open for 24/7 & 7 days a week. I said fine call me at 8:00 am the next morning Friday. The next morning a Tech support name (Jeff) called. I told Jeff basically the same thing I had told Tim and earlier of course told Techies Tech what I had tried. Jeff told me he did not see what else could be done. And he proceeded to try to hook up remotely trying his software but failed to connect. He then decided to put the Computer back in time but I told him that I had done this at least a half a dozen times much earlier thru my learned knowledge & experience. After he coached me to do this and it finished; there was no progress of fixation at all. As he had left in the middle of the procedure and he did not return the call. As I waited for Jeff to call back, I decided to call Billing or Customer service and Talked to someone name (Michael Alba). I told him who I was and what had been done so far and told him I thought I would ask for a refund because it appeared nothing was going to be done.

Mr. Alba ID MA100569 told me he could not give me a refund because that they had spent a considerable amount of time with me on my computer. I was absolutely outraged at how he came to that conclusion as neither Tim or Jeff hadn't not only fixed my computer; they never even taken my computer over remotely and made an attempt at fixing it in the either case!!!

We argued back and forth and came to an agreement to let his highest grade Tech Support he said which I believe is grade (3) call me to give it one last try and call me that afternoon and maybe we could work something out he said if they were unsuccessful. I said fine.
An (Alex) called me later that afternoon. He was no better than the other 2 as he tried to connect remotely but could not do so. I explained to Jeff earlier the many things that I I had attempted earlier in fixing it and he told me "He did not see what else could be done"!
Alex returned me to billing or Customer service and a person by the name of (Damien) answered with authority. He proceeded to tell me the same that he could not give me a refund because of the (3) separate tech guys that spent time on the phone. All they did was ask questions, such as what was wrong with my Computer and attempt to connect by remote going thru different procedures unsuccessfully and never did! I believe the Virus won out and I have to do a System Recovery with Disks.

I checked my Bank statements immediately and it looks like they charged me twice on (2) separate charges which is even more outrageous!!!
I called my bank and disputed the charges and now we will see what the overall outcome will be. I was planning on buying another HP Desktop in 2014
I have never experienced such outrageousness by a major Computer operation in my lifetime!
And If I don't hear back from your office about your policies and your procedures changing from instances like this, because if you Google "HP complaints" and see similarities like my story and your Customer relations on Printers/PC's/ laptops etc. There's a good chance you won't see me buying another HP product again! And of course I will alert Family and Friends, Ect.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2014-01-13:
Meg Whitman is doing for HP what she did at eBay. Screw the customer, raise the fee's, provide nothing in the way of support. Well done Meg.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-01-13:
"First of all I have been a Hewlett Packard buyer for the past (3) computers, buying one every 6 to 8 years and had plan to continue doing so."

This statement doesn't really sound like what they want to hear. "Only" 1 computer every 6 to 8 years?" This isn't profitable for them.

Also if you were really "computer savvy" you wouldn't have paid a one-time fee of $59 for a virus removal. You were lucky that they gave you a refund the first time. What I can't believe is even though they couldn't fix it before, you gave them your credit card number AGAIN! Of course at this point its an elevated situation that enables them to keep your money.

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HP Does Not Disclose Full Costs of Repair Contracts
Posted by Mandahopeman on 12/30/2013
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I contacted HP customer service for assistance with problems I was experiencing with my HP laptop. I was told they could help me for an annual charge of $50. I was NOT told that they would also charge $14.99 per month, so when that charge showed up on my credit card statement, I complained.

HP was completely unsympathetic and unhelpful; after several frustrating phone calls, I learned that I could cancel my "contract" with them for a termination fee of $70! I will not deal with a business that places hidden charges on my credit card. This is completely unethical. (Yes, the charges were mentioned in separate emails that were lengthy and filled with legalese. No excuse: reputable firms tell people up front what they charge.)
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Will NEVER Buy a Hewlett Packard Product Again. This Company Is Trash
Posted by Jillys2boys on 09/06/2013
I purchased a Hewlett Packard Pavilion g6 notebook for my son last Christmas. The notebook was barely used, and my son came to me stating a line on the screen had appeared . I had contacted Hewlett Packard and they provided me with a box to have it shipped and repaired. I received an email stating that the notebook had be received and that I had a two year warranty. One hour later, I received a call from H.P stating to repair the notebook, it would cost $300.00. H.P claimed an internal fracture had occurred and the warranty was void, leaving my notebook unusable.

I cannot believe that a notebook could be so fragile that if a person shuts the screen, an internal fracture can occur. The claims and customer service agents are condescending and I will never recommend any Hewlett Packard product ever again. Horrible product and horrible experience!!!!

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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-06:
You will probably get mad at me but I speak from my own experience. I do laptop and desktop repair. The damage you describe resulted from a physical force. I have only once replaced a screen that was cracked on its on. But that was due to excessive heat by being left on the front seat of a car on a very hot day.The screen was shattered due to heat expansion. Slamming the cover down can easily cause a crack. If it was dropped or something was dropped on it may cause a crack as well. Suggest you ask your son again exactly what happened.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-09-06:
I also fix computers and know that cracked screens are not covered unless you buy accidental damage insurance.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-07:
Unfortunately, screen damage is in most all cases not covered.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-09-07:
It can be a Sony, HP, Acer...if you physically damage it, its not covered.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-09-07:
this is terrible. you buy a suspected quality laptop that has a warranty, yet they find any reason to deny warranty work. rarely have i ever heard a laptop was repaired under warranty. laptops should be sold "as is" since many manufacturers refuse to perform any type of warranty work.
Posted by Jessica on 2013-09-07:
HP is absolutely the worst brand of computers I have ever dealt with. About ten years ago our brand new HP computer crashed and we couldn't get it to do anything. It was under warranty and after they sent us two separate replacement computers in a three month time span and they both malfunctioned, we switched brands and have never had a problem since.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-09-07:
I, too suggest you have a chat with your son about what really happened. Either the laptop was dropped, causing the damage or the cover was slammed down with force---as in someone getting really upset/mad at something that happened on the computer, etc. I have been frustrated more than once by something gone awry and slammed the cover down in anger. Luckily, not with enough force to cause damage. In any event, don't blame HP.
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New Printer by HP Has Huge Issues
Posted by Hotmailrhonda on 08/09/2013
CONNECTICUT -- My office purchased the above officejet June 19, 2013 At first when I bought it and hooked it up it would not connect via the USB wire so I had to call in and spent most of the day trying to change things around so that it would be hooked up through the wireless. Then I came into work on July 8, 2013 and the printer would not work at all. Called and spent most of the day with tech support and they could not repair the problem so they shipped me a new one. That, I received the next morning hooked it up and spent a better part of the day getting that one to work.

Now, approx a month later Aug 8, 2013, the new one they sent is now telling me that there is an obstruction in the Ink access door (there is nothing there ) I was on the phone with Tech Support again All day trying to fix this new problem they finally said they would order me a new one and it would be shipped the next day well today is the next day and I still do not have it now I'm being told Monday. This machine has Huge Firm Ware/software issues which tech support will gladly address but you will be without a printer for as many days as they so desire..........I did explain I work for a Law Firm with time sensitive documents and was told that if I wasn't happy I can buy a contract with their representatives so someone local can deal with it... welcome to HP - Oh and by the way when you ask to lodge a complaint they just put the information in their database for statistical purposes.
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HP Computer Tower Not Working
Posted by Joyceespo14 on 06/28/2013
After calling Verizon(it was not their problem). they gave a number to call for HP. Little did I know it was someone in India. After spending 1-1/2 hours on the phone with both Verizon & HP the technician told me that since my computer was bought in 2007, I should buy a new one. I did find a friend who knows about computers(maybe you should hire him) The problem was that I needed a new power source box for the computer tower and now it works. You should train your technicians so they might know what they are talking about. Maybe someone in the USA instead of India.
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-06-28:
To be honest you probably paid more than a new PC for the power supply to be bought and installed in a 6yo computer. Unless of course a friend did it for free and transplanted the part from a dead machine.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-28:
Replacement power supplies could be as cheap AA $25.
Posted by D on 2013-06-28:
To Tezrien-
To replace a power supply is normally only $93, I don't know where you can get a new PC for that do you??
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