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Air conditioner nightmare customer service poor
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In the month of may 2009 we spend over 700 dollars for a window vertical air conditioner unit. Less than 2 weeks after installed in may of 2009
in the middle of the night I woke up by a very loud rattling sound
that came from the unit.
At first I thought it might have been the installation. So I double checked
everything to see if there wasn't enything loose, which was not the case..
The recurring problem would came back every couple of hours and would last for longer and longer periods of time until the day we had to shut it off..the noise was so bad..
We called Sears customer service who scheduled a service call.
The unit was taken away for repairs and only came back in late summer. During this time
no air conditioner in our apartment which is under a roof.
Finally it comes back, I re install it and again, the same problem .
I called Sears again which sent another repairman to come and to pick up the unit and to bring it to the shop. I received the unit when the summer was over...This month, in may I install it again
and again the same problem.. so I call Sears and told them that I want my money back, that the unit was a lemon, but they say that they need to be sure that the unit is unfixable before they decide to replace it. I guess Sears believes I am hellucinating.
So the repair guy comes again and just took it away today the 2nd of June 2010
At this point I am exasperated not so much by the unit but by SEARS stupid customer service rules. I should not have to suffer the summer heat because of a unit that is a lemon. I paid over 700 dollars.
In their shoes I would have replaced the unit a long time ago. It has already costed SEARS hundreds of dollars in service calls..
This summer looks like it's going to be brutal.
Would love to go buy another unit, but I have my money parked
in this unit which has been a problem from day one
and a customer service department that seems determined
not to satisfy the needs of the paying customer
I need a unit that works trouble free and rattle noise free.
Is that too much to ask?
Refund please

Complaint on Air Conditioner Sold by Sears
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Rating: 1/51

CLINTON, MARYLAND -- In 2007 I purchased a brand new Kenmore Air Conditioner and a new Furnace from Sears. My problem is with the Air Conditioner. Every year from 2008 to now 2012, I have had to have Freon put in this Air Conditioner. I am now being told that there is a slow leak in the "coil". My warranty, according to Sears, expired in March 2012. I am being quoted rediciously high prices to replace the coil, from $900 to $1400. I am disguisted and quite upset. I just had to pay $268 to have 3lbs of Freon put in. I am a widower on a fixed income who just became disabled and I do not have the money to continue doing this. I paid good money for this air conditioner and I think Sears or Kenmore should do something about it. I learned from several Air Conditioner Companies in the area that this is a constant problem with the Kenmore Air Conditioner. Something has got to be done.

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