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Kenmore Elite HE3T front loading washer
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KITCHENER, ONTARIO, CANADA -- We purchased a new Kenmore HE3T Front Loading washing machine complete with Dryer from Sears in April 2008 and barely used the machines. The washer became really noisy by the summer of 2010. We had to hire a repairman to look at the machine as it was out of warranty and we were told that the bearings were gone. The estimated bill would be over $500.00 to fix. Sears and Kenmore would not take any responsibility for the repair on the 2 year old machines. As a result we will no longer be shopping at Sears or purchasing any Kenmore appliances.

Get the Extended Warranty With This One
By -

Bought the washer/dryer 14 months ago for around $1500 CAD. Seemed great at first. The machines are quiet and efficient. My friend liked them so much he bought the same set. After he owned his for about 6 weeks the dryer stopped working. Serviceperson came and looked at it, it needed a new main circuit board. Warranty repair took 3 weeks total waiting for parts and service.

About a month after that my dryer stopped working... Repair person determined it was the main circuit board. 3 weeks waiting for me this time. Machines worked for another 3 months, then the dryer stopped working again. This time it was a moisture sensor failure. 2 weeks for that repair. About a month later the dryer stopped again. This one took forever. They changed the main circuit board again, some other control board, the motor, and something else before finally fixing a connection problem. Total wait time 7 week for that repair.

Fortunately all of this was still under warranty. For every repair they give you a receipt that tells you what it would have cost. Some of the visits were in the $500-600 range and I had had about 8 visits so far in the first 10 months. On month 13 (warranty expired) the washing machine stopped working, this time I'm told it's a speed control board failure and now I have to pay for it. Total parts and labor $610, and another 2 weeks waiting. I'm on month 14 now, I'm not a wasteful person but if they stop again they're going to metal recycling dump and that'll be the last Kenmore pro.

Repeat Calls To Fix Odor That Comes From Machine
By -

I have contacted customer service repeatedly and each time it returns within a couple of days. The technicians have told me on more than one occasion, that this is just what happens with this type of machine. It has to do with the way/or where the pump is installed in these machines. Water will back up into it and then mold will start to grow. They are always willing to SELL bottles of some solution that is supposed to help but at 12-15 dollars a bottle, I am going to go broke. This machine should be recalled. At $2500.00, they are not exactly disposable every few years.

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