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Never Buy Kenmore Or Frigidaire Elite Convection Oven Range
By -

I paid almost $3000 for what I thought was a high quality product from Kenmore. It is a Kenmore Elite Convection Oven with the nice digital display. I bought in February of 2008 and have had nothing but problems with it and now the GLASS SHATTERED AFTER BAKING FOR 15 MINUTES AT 350 F!!!

I have had the digital display replaced what will need to be 3 times now in (twice within the first 8 months) and now a third time (since I had to purchase the darn Sears warranty extension). Maybe this is destiny too as I was about to purchase a new fridge and dishwasher and was looking at Kenmore as well. But now, I will never ever ever buy another Kenmore product. I called customer care, and of course it's not under warranty nor any goodwill warranty coverage.

My advice to people looking to buy products from Kenmore... DON'T!! If $3000 cannot buy a decent quality product that is used maybe 2 times a week, then I just don't know what will... maybe I should build a clay oven and go back to basics!! I hope JD Power reads these reviews and gives Kenmore a HUGE BLACK EYE in quality.

I really want Kenmore to realize that they will never be considered a company that cares about quality nor about their customers. If this isn't poor quality then I don't know what is. If this stove had been 10 years old, and was being used and abused, then I could understand, but come on!! Less than 2 years old and hardly used!! Don't you people do any reliability testing? I'm an engineer in the automotive industry and while I would never argue that cars made in the USA have high quality, at least they are getting better and at least they provide a warranty period that represents coverage over infant failures!!! Kenmore Sucks... and that's sad!

As a new update, I did find a website ** that will help you determine who makes the appliance vs. who brands it. In this case it looks like Frigidaire manufactured the stove I have, so let's make sure BOTH companies get black eyes on this review.

UPDATE AS OF 09-23-2011 - ALMOST EXACTLY 1 YEAR TO DATE AFTER THE FIRST TIME!! The glass on my oven has shattered AGAIN!!! UN FRIGGIN BELIEVABLE!!! DO THEY TIME THIS STUFF? I left a message on the Sears service line this morning (they were closed) and I will keep you updated on what transpires! I personally believe they should replace the whole oven because otherwise I will be having to extend the damn warranty EVERY TIME for this VERY DANGEROUS TYPE OF FAILURE.

Kenmore no more... ever!
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Rating: 1/51

I used to be a Kenmore patriot. When we updated our appliances I bought all Kenmore... they rated well on Consumer Report and offered seemingly good options for a reasonable price. Sadly, Sears no longer stands by their products... once your year warranty is over, tough luck. Here's the scoop on my Kenmore woes:

KENMORE ELITE GAS RANGE/OVEN Model 970-3393. Paid $2000 in 2009. Poor heat to stove top... bringing anything to a boil is painfully slow. All other gas stove-tops I've used have had instant heat available... typically the beauty of gas. My Mom's 25 year old electric range brings liquids to a boil two to three times faster.

Oven heats 50 to 75 degrees lower than indicator. If a recipe calls for 350 degrees I cook it at 425 degrees with this oven, and even then it doesn't perform well. For example: three small chickens take 3 hours at 425 degrees. In my Mom's old oven, they take one and a half hours at 350 degrees.

The oven now has been setting off our Carbon Monoxide detector... perhaps this is related to the poor heating qualities?? poor combustion??? We are trying to get an expert opinion on that right now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Spills get in between the glass panels of the oven door and it is impossible to get in to clean it... Definitely a design flaw. I had read that complaint in reviews before I bought the oven, but really didn't think it was a serious complaint. I wish now I had taken heed of the warning. While it's not a functional problem it is annoying to always have a dirty looking oven.

KENMORE TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINE model 11026902503. Purchased in 2006. One year and three weeks after purchase it started to smell like something was rotting inside. Sears would not do a thing for me since the warranty was over by three weeks. They sent a repairman (I had to pay $150 for the service) and he had to remove the barrel and clean out the soap scum that had been caught inside due to poor design.

Feb 2011 it had to be taken apart again to clean out the smell and change the drive shaft. At this time we discovered that the barrel was severely rusted out on the bottom. The repairman had expected that the warranty of the barrel would still be valid for a ten year period as most machines are. Nope... one year. Once again, Sears did nothing to stand up for their product.

For the record... I have always left the door open after taking out the clothes to enable the machine to dry. The rust was not a result of customer misuse. So now Once again it has built up that rotten smell, but because of the extent of the rust it isn't worth the $150 service call to clean it out. Sadly, my six year old washing machine soon will become a burden to the landfill.

KENMORE FRIDGE model 6889. Purchased 2004 for $1200. Overall performance is good, but the inner plastic liner started cracking along the edges in 2009... five years after purchase. The cracks continue to get bigger.

Elite Series
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- 3 times within a year 2 times within a week. This is just a few days over a year old and nothing but problems. Costing me more in service calls again. This product last week when taken apart was all burned up "could have burned up house", had that repaired and 3 days broke again.

Never buying Kenmore or LG products again. Too bad I purchased 8 thousand dollars of their product. Will not again on new house we're purchasing for an investment. Service calls are 125. Had to use my Home warranty 2 times and 1 from Kenmore. Junk and unsafe product could burn your house down. Stay away from Kenmore products. Posting to Facebook and my friends will not buy Kenmore products now.

Rusting Stainless Steel
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- About 5 years ago I purchased an Slide in Gas Range from Sears/Kenmore and got them to install in my house. Due to my life conditions, I do not cook very often but I never had issues with the range. A few months ago, while cleaning it, I noticed some stains on the stainless steel surfaces that would not come off. Last week I was cleaning it once again and I noticed that the stains are not stains, it is actually rust and it is increasing in size. There are not scrapes or dents or any other physical damages to the surfaces that would allow for the rust form.

I contacted Kenmore about it and they basically told me that the warranty is only for one year and that there is nothing they will do, EVEN THOUGH STAINLESS STEEL is supposed to be rust resistant. The one thing I got from this, is one less brand to consider when I go shopping for my appliances.

Kenmore Oven Handle Came off During Baking
By -

This oven is only a few years old, and this morning while I was baking, the oven handle came clear off. Very dangerous defect. I had to catch the hot front panel to prevent the glass front from shattering on the floor. This product is a piece of junk - warning to anyone with children, this could really be dangerous. I believe we're out of warranty too.

I must have the oldest microwave in the world
By -

I was given a Kenmore Microwave oven as a wedding present (for my first marriage!) in 1984 and it is still going strong, never a single problem. 27 years! Wow. Thank you, Kenmore.

Kenmore Stoves
By -

LOUISIANA -- I purchased a high-end Kenmore stove with self-clean convection oven seven years ago. I am now replacing the control board for the second time, each time at a cost of about $600. I will never buy a Kenmore brand again.

Kenmore electric convection oven
By -

From day one the oven would beep that the desired temp had been acquired, but the thermometer we installed said it was not as hot. Called the repairman several times with no success. A few months ago the self cleaning broke, a few months later the broiler quit and now 3 1/2 years old and the entire oven quit. My Elite Dishwasher doesn't clean the dishes unless I pre-wash. I won't have any more Kenmore appliances without an extended warranty.

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