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Kenmore/Sears Electric Range Purchase
By -

Big Mama and me, we are your regular consumer. A little naive at times, searching for the best deal without getting burned is basically what we like to strive for. Big Mama is always ready to buy so when our 10+ year old Kitchen Aid Electric Range suffered a malfunction in the oven area, we said to ourselves: We are in the market for a new unit. At the time SEARS was advertising it's biggest sale of the year, "Take 20% here, and additional 10% there..." and guess what, We were sold.

We went to our local store and started a conversation with a salesman by the name of ** (let's leave it at that) and Joe turned out to be a middle age, very pleasant personality type of person. His style was very relaxed as he took us around and showed us the different Electric Ranges in the store. Wow! There they were, all the brands known to mankind and ** pointed out that if we opted for a KENMORE ELECTRIC RANGE, we would get an additional discount on top of all the exciting offers that had brought us there in the first place.

So I asked ** a very innocent and now that I think about it, naive question: "**, how good are the KENMORE'S compared to the competing brands". He said exactly what most sales representatives would have said under the circumstances: "Well, they are as good as the best out there". No hesitations, no signs of fibbing so I looked at the price and this one had an original price of close to $1,200.00 and had been reduced to about $999.00 plus the 20% here, the 10% for buying KENMORE, it's final price would be about $800 something.

This range had many features: heated elements with a simmer function, electronic oven control with kitchen timer, warm and ready drawer control, triple radiant single element control and selector switch, I could go on and on but I am sure you get the picture. Big Mama and me, we bought it. The last range we owned had cost much more and we really thought we were on the winning circle with this one! Initially we ordered a white color but thank our lucky stars, it arrived with some physical flaw, kind of like chipped in some areas and we traded it within 5 days for a black color one.

The reason I thanked our lucky stars was because we also found out that white and dirt are best friends and in no time this thing looked so dirty, we did not have enough cleaning solvent to deal with it. So we changed it, no questions asked and received our black range same model. After about 5 months of continuous usage (overall a decent range performance) I press a Simmer Select button that keeps foods simmering at a low uneventful heat when a BIG BANG (like somebody had discharged a very loud gun in the kitchen) jolted me out of my tranquility.

Big Mama was nearby and she nearly fainted and I kept saying, "What happened, what just happened?" with no answer, of course. I called the 800 SEARS number and this is how the story began. They offer to send a trained technician to fix the range and gave me a date a few days away. By the way, they asked me from the get go, "Did you purchase the extended service agreement?" and I said, "No" because I had not done it. I thought this range would perform at least the first few years so at the time, I opted for not buying.

So the Technician arrives at the end of the day, of course, Murphy's Law having a good laugh on us by now, he opens the range from the back and nodding his head says, "Yep, it is burned to a crisp, I am going to order the part and replace it". I should point out that in between my call for service and the arrival of the technician I tried one more time to turn a knob on the range and another very loud bang and I saw some fire or spark shooting out of this thing. That did it, we were out of a range.

The technician tells me, "The part is going to take till the 14th of May", I tell him, "So what do we do in the meantime, go to the Golden Corral every night and to Denny's every morning?" That shot right by him, he did not even blinked an eye at the fact that now we had no way to cook and feed ourselves for about 20 days altogether.
He left, I called General Manager at SEARS. General Manager asks, "Did you buy the extended service?" I said "NO, I DIDN'T". Have anyone heard an electric range discharge like a loud gun before? Well, this range did it twice and the technician unplugged the unit until the famous part arrived.

Needless to say my social skills took a dive and I wanted to whine and moan to no one in particular but I realized a little too late that we been had by an inferior product. On a side note: I called in desperation to the department that sells those extended warranties and they told me that I still could purchase one for about $367.00 Buckaroos! Which by the way, seems the way to go if I am going to keep this KENMORE/SEARS Electric Range in the house. Sorry it took so long, I had to vent out. I feel much better now and Big Mama and me, we urge all the nice people to beware when buying appliances in SEARS. I strongly recommend getting the extensive service agreement to avoid being left in the blue! Word to the Wise: Do your research thoroughly and buy the best!

UPDATE: For the sake of being fair I must inform that after we called SEARS and complained about not having a range till the 14th, today Friday 4, the store manager called and to our surprise offered to lend us a "loaner range" until the other one gets fixed (something that is included when you purchase an extended service agreement!) so please note that they have acted much better than I anticipated and as far as Big Mama and myself are concerned, we will shop again in Sears. Thank you for reading, sorry took so long and I am glad I am in the greatest country in the entire world. Peace and Love.

Replacing The Front Panel
By -

YREKA, CALIFORNIA -- Using the oven like normal, I received an error message F2. I pushed buttons and the beeping finally stopped. I cleared and reset the oven as described in the manual. Following the reset parts of the panel would not operate the warmer drawer or warmer burner. The oven portion of the panel required tremendous pressure to engage the oven.

I called the repair service and they came the next day. The repair person did an excellent job of diagnosing the problem. However, the problem was the whole panel needed to be replaced and it was not from user neglect. It just happened. It is sad that the company cannot cover the cost of something they sold me, that should work. What ever happened to push buttons. The convenience of technology is going to cost me $411.00, this of course covers the $70 they charge me just to tell me I need to spend money.

This is ridiculous. I actually thought about buying new one. But that's ridiculous also because the oven is only two years old. You would just suspect that a company can back up a panel for a few years. Here's our product, and did we mention it sucks. If you by insurance you have about a $150 to renew it each year. And just like everything if you buy that insurance, the oven will work flawlessly. They get you coming and going.

Why can't they just make a judgment call every once in a while and realize to keep customers, you should analyze the circumstances and reality of the problem. I am very frustrated and will never buy their product again. And that's a promise. The cost of replacing an oven part that should work for more than two years, doesn't come close to the walking billboard I will become to let people know what a horrible representation it is for Kenmore to make me pay more money for their defective merchandise that graces the kitchen in home.

Venting does not provide justice, and it never will. But I at least feel better that someone might read this and consider their choices. Overall I believe Kenmore as a company attempts to please it's customers, I however do not fall into that category since the purchasing is over, and the repairs have begun.

Hidden Danger
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- On December 24, 2011 I was cooking my Christmas dinner in the morning. I had just put the Turkey on and left the kitchen when I heard a crash in the kitchen. Upon returning to the kitchen I saw the glass (smoked colored glass facing the room) had shattered and there was glass scattered out over the room. Had this happened 5-10 minutes earlier I would have been bending down in front of that same door putting items in the lower drawer and would have most certainly had glass shards in my eyes and my face.

Had it not been so early in the morning, others would have been in the kitchen and could have been very badly injured; possible suffering a loss of sight and scarring of their face. I went to the official Kenmore web site and documented a customer complaint and to date have received no contact or comment from them. I contacted Sears and was told I could choose between spending 75.00 or 129.00 (flat rate) for service call for someone to tell me how much it would cost me to rectify the problem.

My problem is that this should have never happen. In all the years (well over 30) I have been purchasing appliance (primarily from Sear/Kenmore products). I have never in my life heard of the glass on the oven door shattering. I also don't feel as though this is of great concern to the makers or the sellers. It doesn't seem to bother them that I could have lost my sight. I feel their only concern is getting me to pay again to fix an appliance I spent good money for in the first place or me spending more money to replace an appliance that this should have never happen to.

Kenmore Electric Range Handle
By -

I purchased a Kenmore electric range when we built our home. I did not want to go with Kenmore because of problems that we had with a washing machine, but relented when my wife wanted to get the range. Shortly after we bought it (within 3 months), the handle came off. I screwed the handle back on and thought that it was just something that was loose from the factory. That has since happened 3 more times and now, the handle is stripped out and won't screw on anymore. I measured the screws, and the side that keeps falling off is shorter by a fraction then the other side.

I called Sears to complain and ask for some new screws, but they said that they could send me a new handle and screws for $50. I'm done with Kenmore. Now my wife has learned the lesson as well. Don't buy their junk. Spend a little more and get better quality.

Kenmore Electric Stove Catch Nearly Explodes, Stay on for 2 Months, Start by Itself!!! I Nearly Lost My House.
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Rating: 1/51

PORT TOWNSEND, WASHINGTON -- Need my electric bill of this summer being paid by Kenmore and a new stove (the old one has melted).

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