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Very Good Product
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We purchased a Sears Kenmore 700 Washer and the Sears Kenmore 700 Gas Dryer March 12th 1971 brand new from Sears, they are both working very well. We have only moved with them once, and service the dryer twice minor repair, the washer never, we paid $209.99 for the washer and $189.99 plus $29.95 for the 2 year warranty. Also we still have the original receipt. So come March 12th 2011 they will be 40 years old we both could not be more satisfied, these were a great products, we look for them to be still working at 50 years, keep up the good quality work. Thank You..

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We purchased the set in Dec. 2006. I was so excited to get it. As time went on, I started noticing things about the set that I didn't like. The washer does not clean well. It just ties all the clothes in knots and I have to shake them all out before putting in the dryer. I have recently noticed that there are spots on clothes that were not on them before washing.

Also, after drying them, they are so wrinkled that I have been ironing everything. I have kept the set because of the cost. Its not something you can just get rid of and buy new ones. I don't think I would buy another set again. The instruction manual says to make smaller loads if there is wrinkling, but that kind of defeats the purpose of buying a bigger machine to wash bigger loads.

There are better choices than Kenmore
By -

I purchased many new appliances for my home seven years ago, most of them Kenmore. I want to people to know what a poor performer the Kenmore brand is. It started with the dishwasher after one month, that one was exchanged for a Bosch (much better choice, no issue whatsoever). The stove continues to misbehave one burner is hotter than others they have to periodically be replaced and the oven element is now not heating evenly. The Washer is a complete failure and I cannot even afford to repair it again the control panel continues to select it's own settings.

The built in microwave oven handle has now broken off and there appears now way to re-attach it. It is such a depressing situation to have fairly new appliances break so often and really at a relatively young age. Please save yourself the grief and look at other brands, Kenmore is truly the worst and Sears does not stand behind their products after a year.

Excellent performance of Kenmore appliances
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SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- I recently purchased a Kenmore front loading washer and the companion dryer from Sears. The performance of both units is outstanding. I'm using about one third of the water we formerly used with our Maytag top loading machine. The clothes are gently washed and come out better because there is no gyrator. I stacked the washer and dryer because of a space limitation. It was a little difficult and really takes two people to do it safely. Sears charges around $100.00 for an installation and I think it's probably worth it. I like the way the dryer secures to the top of the washer.

With the washer in highest speed spin setting the clothes finish up almost dry. This cycle is noisy and involves some vibration so the time you do it should be considered in a multi occupant building. Still, the results are excellent and the clothes come out very clean.

On a major load we use only about one tablespoon of liquid 'HE' (high efficiency) detergent. You should really limit the amount of detergent with these machines. This is also another economy. I recommend these appliances. You can buy an extended warranty for them though and this is always advisable.
Good luck and good washing.

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