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I bought my dishwasher and 2 weeks after the warranty ran out it broke down. It is not on the recall list, so basically, I can pay 300 to fix it or go buy a new one - not the elite, Kenmore, - and pay an extra 200 for a new appliance.

Wasteful in my eyes and this should be a 5-10 year appliance. Are we getting cheaper products so we spend more? I would think, and I did say think, waste not want not.... What message is Kenmore sending?
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Anonymous on 07/06/2010:
what exactly is wrong with the dishwasher? If you do decide to have it repaired do yourself a favor and call someone other than Sears/A&E will be happy you did
Venice09 on 07/06/2010:
"Are we getting cheaper products so we spend more?"

Yes, and it's not just Kenmore. It's a no-win situation for the consumer. Regardless of how much you spend or what brand you buy, you just keep spending more to have appliances in your home that continue to work. Whether it be through service calls, extended warranties or replacements, it just keeps costing.
Helpful on 07/07/2010:
I don't blame you for being upset. It's frustrating when you expect something to last longer, but it doesn't. I don't mind the idea of an extended warranty on certain types of merchandise. Yes, it's extra money, but it can be a managed cost that pays off later.

I wouldn't hesitate to have the appliance serviced, if you really like the way it performs other than the breakdown. Otherwise, look at putting it into a new one. Realize, however, that if you're not able to do the installation yourself, there's the additional charge for that too.

Best of luck and let us know what you decide.
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