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Poor Quality Machine
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I bought a Kenmore Elite washer he5t from Sears in December 2007 for $1,300.00.

1. Within one month two buttons fell off
2. Within the first year it sprang a leak (Sears fixed)
3. Within two years the door seal failed (major water leak)
4. Within four years flow sensor failed
5. In 2012 the motor control modular needs replacing

So after owning this machine for around 4.5 years I have spent over 500.00 dollars fixing it.

This by no means can be called normal and will obviously make me never want to by from Sears again. The customer service was very unhelpful and in fact cut me off. Now they won't return my calls

Model 110 47089 600 serial cts4312563

I would like someone to call me and explain why I should ever enter Sears doorway again. Over the year I have bought many items but not any more.

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User Replies:
Bill on 05/07/2012:
I stopped buying Kenmore appliances many years ago.
At one time they were a trusted brand but no longer.
You would be better off going to a local appliance store. I would assume they would carry the better brands and stand behind them. After all, it's their future.
BlogZilla on 10/12/2012:
Wow, I feel bad for people that have wasted all this money on new technology that was supposed to save you money because they are water efficient.. Yeah, whatever. Good luck with that.

I would recommend LG for front loaders, and Samsung Aquajet for HE top loader. If you want a no frills regular top loader that isn't high efficiency, buy a Speed Queen. If you want a top loading machine that works like a front loader, buy a Staber brand machine. All of the machines I mentioned as an alternative to your Kenmore get high ratings for reliability. Unfortunately many of our appliance manufacturers went the way of GM in regards to reliability , cause they faced a marked increase in production costs several years ago, so they just switched to using much cheaper parts
Dewayne on 11/27/2012:
If you buy a Kenmore washer or dryer you are doing so at your own risk. January 2011 I bought a brand new washer he5t and a matching dryer he3t. The day I brought the set home I realized after setting it up that I would be returning the washer the next day for an exchange because it did not work. Then October 2011 I had to have the mother board on the washer replaced. Then just a few months later the mother board on the dryer had to be replaced. The repairmen had me sign a release stating that I would not use the dryer since the problem I was having could cause a house fire. Now a year later after getting the washer fixed I am having a new problem. It literally sounds like someone is beating the side of the washer with a hammer during the spin cycle. After researching the problem and inspecting the washer during a spin cycle I have come to the conclusion that the drum needs to be replaced. Meaning I have a piece of junk and need a new washer. Over the past year or so I have not had one good experience with the set purchased, customer service, or the corporate office. The only thing Sears has to offer is " we're sorry sir but you didn't purchase the extended warranty".  Well, I really didn't have the money to purchase one and really didn't think I would need to. After all it was a $1500.00 purchase and With this kind of purchase I thought I would get at least five years of good sound service. Now I understand it is outside the warranty but I did have nothing but problems since the purchase. I did speak to a guy named Gilbert at customer service and after going round and round I ask him a question. "what you are telling me is you do not stand behind your product unless an extended warranty is purchased?" his response, "pretty much." basically saying this product is not worthy of purchase unless the e.w. is purchased. After doing some reading in the forums I have noticed that this is not a new problem. I could go on about this experience however you get the idea. Never again will I purchase a Kenmore product of any kind. My purchase in Jan. 2011 made at the Sears outlet on HWY 153 Hixson TN 37343 was my last. Also in recent news I read where Sears could soon join the ranks of store closings and after my experience I now understand why. As it stands I guess I will be shopping for a new washer...and I have learned a good lesson. Investigate the product before the purchase and stay away from Sears...on a 5 star rating scale this product and Sears will only get zip!
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Kenmore Washer and Cook Top Stove
Posted by on
We have both a Kenmore top load washer and Kenmore cook top stove. We have always been strong supporters of Kenmore, as were our parents. However, both of these products have been disappointing. On the washer, the lid has to be "slammed" down to disengage the safety switch so the washer will run. The cook top stove, the simmer select burner has all together stopped working. Called Sears to make appointment for repairs, and will be charged a separate service call charge of $129. Would have been satisfied if they had waived one of the charges, but they would not budge.
Had a Whirlpool washer that finally stopped working after 15 years with no services performed, this is when we decided on Kenmore.
We will not be purchasing Kenmore products in the future and will advise family and friends to do the same.
Very, very disappointed in these products.
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My Washer Smells Like Mold :)
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ILLINOIS -- I bought a Kenmore 500 washer in December of 2009. Around a year ago (2012) it started smelling like mold, and you can even see the mold coming through the drain holes in the side. I have run strong bleach loads as well as cleaner and its still the same. Now, it smells so bad. This washer has always been used almost daily and has never been stored. I am going to have to buy another washer, I guess??

Anyone else have this issue?
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/23/2013:
Identify where the mold smell is coming from. In a top loading washer such as the 500, it is likely a problem with the drainage system. This is reflected through the washer taking an extra lengthy time to drain after the rinse cycle. Remove the drain line, cleaning it and tracing it all the way back through the washer. There may be something blocking the line, not allowing it to drain properly. Make sure everything is fully open and clean in this respect.

Finally, you're going to run a couple of cycles with the washer on it's hottest and largest setting. For the first cycle, add two cups of vinegar. On the second cycle, add two cups of bleach.

As long as your drainage system is clean and unplugged, your washer should now be back to running well and without the foul odor.
Suzy on 01/23/2013:
Try running it through a cycle with nothing but a gallon of white vinegar and water. I have found that works for the mildewy musty smell my new washer often gets. It is a different brand than yours but it is the only washer I have ever owned that has done that. I haven't seen mold/mildew anywhere else but going through a cycle with the vinegar and wiping down the rim of the basket with it seems to work. Don't know if this will work for your problem but it is something to try before you go to the expense and trouble of buying a new machine. If you do buy a new machine research for this problem before selecting one. Good luck.
Yumm, cookies!!! on 01/23/2013:
Do you remember losing anything black like maybe a sock or something? Could be it is starting to break down (rot) and that is the smell and debris. If someone is handy they could probably look up how to remove the basket and clean that area. I had a sock float over the top of the basket and get caught in between the basket and tub. Won't hurt to check that kind of thing out.
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Don't waste your money on a front load washer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TILLSONBURG -- After 5 years of use the spindles broke on the washer drum due to poor design not worth fixing $$$$$. Not broke from over use only 3 people in our family, going back to top load washer due the money value.
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ok4now on 02/25/2012:
Welcome to the Sears/Kenmore complaint club. Actually if your washer lasted five years you did better than most people. My Kenmore washer also made it to the five year mark then the main bearing went bad. Big $$$ to fix it (over $600) so I junked it and bought a Bosch.

The Sears appliance complaints on this site are horrendous. What adds insult to injury is the poor customer service. Missed appointments, rarely fixed on the first visit, excuses for extended warranty repairs, parts not available, the list goes on and on.

Cut your losses and don't take the bait on ANY Sears appliance. Buy something simple without the circuit/idiot boards that have a high failure rate. The top loaders (while less efficient) are less problematic than the front loaders. SearsCare should chime in shortly for damage control and offer their help. Don't waste your time.
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Kenmore Washer Broke After 3 Months
Posted by on
PRINCE FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- WOW, Never thought that Kenmore appliances would turn out to be JUNK. After 17 years we replaced our Hotpoint washer with a Kenmore. Imagine my shock and horror when after only 3 months the washer started spewing water out of the bottom.

And NO the hose was not disconnected. Furthermore I had to wait almost 3 WEEKS for a repairman to come out to my house. So on top of the money spent on the washer, there was a day of work without pay and numerous trips to the laundry mat.

Very disappointing, what happened to the Sear's quality?? I guess the Chinese strike again.
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 09/09/2010:
Kenmore top loaders are generally Whirlpools. Made here, not China. It's still a good product historically. You may never have another issue with the unit again for 20 years. Luck plays a part sometimes.
Nohandle on 09/09/2010:
I have the Whirlpool series Ultimate Care II. Granted I've had them probably 8 years, so that series might have been discontinued. The lid switch had to be replaced a year or so ago but basically no problems period. AGN, do check and make certain the plumbing line doesn't need cleaning. I've had this happen a time or two when water came out beneath the washer. Nothing wrong with the hoses. After a call to Roto-Rooter I was back in business.
SearsCare on 09/24/2010:
Dear AGN,

My name is Scott, and I'm with Sears Cares Escalations within corporate. Please accept my apology for my late response to your post here. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your new washer causing problems so soon and the fact that you had to wait 3 weeks for service. This definitely is neither normal nor acceptable. I definitely can understand your frustration and stress. We'd like to offer assistance if you'd still like help. At your convenience please contact my office via email at so that we can assist with resolving this issue. Please provide us a contact number and the phone number the washer was purchased under and we will call you at your convenience. In addition, include your screen name (AGN) in the email so we can reference to your case.

Thank you,

Scott J.
Sears Cares
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Kenmore oasis washer
Posted by on
I bought a Kenmore oasis washer in 06, this year (09) I have learned that it has become a demon. F2 code appeared and I have to replace the circuit bored. Now the washer will not go into spin cycle. I have had the new bored in for about a month w/ not problems. I wish I did research on this machine b/f I bought it. It takes 2 seconds to learn how horrid a machine this is.
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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 10/29/2009:
You said it took you 2 seconds to find out how horrid of a machine it was, yet it worked fine for approximately 3 years?
PepperElf on 10/29/2009:
how long do those things normally last these days?

I've never owned a washer myself. (apartments and military ships)
old fart on 10/29/2009:
We have a Kenmore washer that is about 25 years old. My wife, Mrs.Oldfart, is OCD about keeping ahead of the laundry pile so she does 2 or three loads a day and the old timer is still running strong., (the washer , that is)
"They don't build 'em like they used to"...
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
If the board is the issue,the part should be covered for 90 days...

OldF,those old 'black face' Kenmores are workhorses...I used to do 'piece work' for a used appliance store in the 90's and those were the top sellers...It can be a b(tch changing the belt on them,but other than that they work...
qualityappliance on 10/29/2009:
F2 is a keypad error, sometimes just a bad connection between the keypad and the control board.

OF, 25 years old would be the old belt drive, rock solid machine. I have a friend that sells used and he still sells them. The last time I gave advice on one of them it needed a wig-wag and people just shook their heads.
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
lol...wig wag.People think your crazy when you tell them that's what they need...although you don't see many in the field anymore...
qualityappliance on 10/29/2009:
Oh come on Steve, 10 minutes to change the belt, maybe 15 minutes now as I haven't done one in over 10 years.
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
It took me longer than 10...maybe like 14 and a half minutes...
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How To Replace A Bearing In A Kenmore Front Loading Washing Machine?
Posted by on
INDIANA -- Does anyone out there have experience replacing the bearing in a Kenmore front load washing machine?

model 417.43042200

jerry k.
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User Replies:
jmk16133 on 05/18/2008:
well, the outer shell w/bearing costs $165-200.00 or so, but the bearing itself fraction of that. So, there should be better way....

thanks anyway,

qualityappliance on 05/19/2008:
About the only way to get just the bearing would be to remove the old one and take it to a machine shop or bearing shop and match it up. If you go this way don't forget to change the seal also, because usually it is the seal that fails and then the water takes out the bearing and in a lot of cases also takes out the shaft, which is another part that can't be replaced by itself, only as the entire basket assembly. Quite expensive repair, rear half of the tub +/- $220. basket assembly +/- $280.

ps. manufactured by Frigidaire
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Kenmore Refrigerator, Wall Oven, Dryer, Washer
Posted by on
In 2000, I moved into a new home with all new Kenmore appliances. The washer was replaced nearly immediately, when some minor outside damage also included inside problems. The dryer needed a new timer in 3 years. The wall oven had to have a new touch panel in 6 years. The refrigerator lost its compressor at 8 years. Then the replacement touch panel on the wall oven went bad in less than 2 years after installation.

Is there a good brand somewhere?
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SilverWngs71 on 03/15/2008:
Do a lot of research when planning any new purchases. I had a 10 yr old washer break down on me. I found another washer. My new washer is a Maytag. I did a lot of research in finding what model of washer I wanted.

Go Online to the Manufacturers websites and do comparisons of the models you like. Try to go to a local Mom and Pop dealer (not at Home Depot or big box stores-very little knowledge from sales associates at big box stores, they want the sale). Read reviews on the models that you like.

That's what I did when I researched for my washer. I am thoroughly enjoying my washer. It not a top of the line but it still works great and I have no complaints. Plus I see it this way, if something goes wrong with it, I put the blame solely on myself because I was the one who picked it out. If I am dissatisfied with it, I am not going to call the manufacturer and complain that I don't like it and ask for a refund or an upgrade. I KNOW that is not something they can do, as they don't have my money the store does. I will know the warranty is for one year and does not go any longer (check the USE AND CARE MANUAL-back page for warranty). I will know that Rust is a cosmetic issue. I will know the color of Stainless Steel is just that, a Color and Stainless Steel does rust. I know that if there is a malfunction with the appliance to call the Manufacturer (# is posted on appliance and in Manual) and schedule service. I will also know that most appliances made today have a lifespan of 7-10 years. The appliances of 20 years ago are not made anymore. Again, This is what I would tell myself if I grew dissatisfied with my appliance. I will be purchasing a home soon and plan to research ALL my appliances the same way. :)
Nohandle on 03/15/2008:
Silver, I did as well before I purchased my new appliances. Regrettably sometimes it takes a while for the complaints to come piling in and well, then it's a bit too late if you are purchasing based on the reputation of a prior model or company. I was fortunate.
dan gordon on 03/15/2008:
you got two to 8 yrs of service and your complaing! How long should they warrant their products for. Grow up
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Kenmore Oasis Washer
Posted by on
When it works it washes clothes but our brand new machine broke after two months - we are a suburban family of four (two daughters) with only moderate usage. They came and replaced the machine being unable to fix it and now 14 months later the second machine has broken. The service has been terrible with endless waits in the black hole of a voice mail system with numerous cheery but useless service reps repeating the same apologies, making the same promises. Now over a month later and four service calls and four sets of parts which have each take a week to get here (they don't have any parts in the field anywhere) they have in fact ruined the machine.

I'm sad to say a once proud another once proud American brand is now a piece of junk backed by a hollow support team. Short term profits might be good for Wall St. investors but in the long run this company is heading for the history pages.
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$1100.00 Repair
Posted by on
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- Bought this washer new 1.5 years ago. Within 3 months main board had to be replaced. About a month ago started making knocking noise, called for repair. Turns out the hub or axle that the main drive wheel is mounted on was worn out and needed to be replaced, which meant the drum had to be replaced. Cost $1100.00 parts and labor. DO NOT BUY THIS WASHER.
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User Replies:
ejack053824 on 05/18/2007:
Kenmore's suck anyway.
Anonymous on 05/19/2007:
Which washer is it?
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